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Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash David m that's indeed dot com slash David m. Tonight. Breaking news, the air disaster. A cargo plane going down witnesses seen the massive jetliner. Crashing knows. I the debris field scattered over a bay near Houston three people on board. And officials don't believe anyone could have survived the wreckage appearing to show the aircraft was a cargo plane for Amazon also breaking tonight, our Embi star R Kelly behind bars on sex abuse charges turning himself into police investigators saying some of his victims are teenage girls possibly as young as fourteen the escalating prices the new chaos in Venezuela. As humanitarian aid is blocked from entering the country. The military clashing with citizens looking for food and medical supplies and as parts of his country. Burn Venezuelan leader, nNcholas Maduro dances. On state TV the brutal blast blizzard conditions flooding and dangerous. High winds for tornado watch across. States more than one hundred fifty million Americans in the path. Sam champion tracking. It all rushing. The winners. The new ninety second rule at the Oscars. Why some stars may have to switch their stilettos for sneakers swimming seen it CBC news tonight and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas. And we begin tonight with the breaking news as we come on the air an Amazon cargo jet crashing in Texas. The devastating images just coming in that Boeing seven sixty seven going down in trinity bay east of Houston on approach to the airport at least three people were on board. And the search is underway for survivors. You can see what appears to be part of the Amazon logo right there. The FAA says it issued an alert after losing radar and radio contact with that jetliner thirty miles from the tarmac. Witnesses capturing on video would appears to be that plane on the horizon over the water just before it crashed rescue teams now. ABC senior transportation. Correspondent David curly. Starts us off debris on the waters in a bay. Just off the Gulf of Mexico tonight, highlighting the mystery of jet that disappeared off radar frowns, hindsight, muster so wall, share stress. Plus eleven flaws Souvaltzi's heavy solely sensitive snow outset. Contest for the question. Why did the Boeing seven six seven a reliable wide body? Jetliner crash into the bay short of Houston, searchers funding pieces no longer than fifty feet. Witnesses telling thirties the jet hit the water knows. I it. Looks like total devastation from the aircraft part. We will probably be out here for weeks. There was a crew of three aboard the seven six seven is owned by atlas air, which does fly for Amazon prime. It was nearing the end of a flight from Miami to Houston the question tonight. Why as it was descending from thirty four thousand feet. Did it keep on losing altitude just thirty miles short of the Houston airport. The airplane checked in at seventeen thousand feet with air traffic controllers. No mention of a mayday. There was some weather in the seven six seven very reliable airplane. Only a dozen and a half seven six sevens have been law. Lost in the past. The NTSB is launching a team to investigate this unusual crash. All right. David curly joins us now from Reagan national airport and David this just in we're hearing late word from Amazon tonight. Yes. Just a few moments ago, the company putting out a statement saying, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the flight crew their families and friends along with the entire team at atlas air and say they're supporting the investigation into why this seven six seven went down, Tom David curly with that. Breaking news at a Texas. David. Thank you next to the stunning developments in Chicago courtroom r and b star Kelly jailed, the judge setting bond at one million dollars the singer turning himself into police last night. You see him there on charges? He sexually abused. Four. Young women in kidding three miners. These allegations dating back as far as nineteen ninety eight. The judge ordering Kelly to have no contact with his alleged victims or anyone under age ABC's. Linsey Davis takes us inside that courtroom. Embattled Rb singer R Kelly hounded by reporters as emerged from Chicago recording studio overnight to turn himself into thirties, but he Kelly arrested and handcuffed charged with sexually abusing four young women. The singer appearing before a judge today on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. The prosecutor's office saying they have DNA evidence. And also what they call an incriminating sex tape of Kelly as they described the alleged incidents in graphic detail. Kelly stood without reaction. The victim Robert Kelly on her fixed teen birthday authorities say three of those alleged victims were between the ages of thirteen and seventeen when the incidents reportedly took place between nineteen ninety eight and two thousand ten the judge called the allegations against Kelly. Disturbing and ordered him held on one million dollars bond. Kelly was ordered to turn over his passport and not have any contact with the alleged victims or anyone eighteen years old or younger inside the courtroom Kelly's two current. Girlfriends as real Clary and Joycelyn savage who their parents both described as brainwashed hostages as rails. Parents sat just feet away from their daughter unable to get her to acknowledge them any reaction from the Cleris as far as seeing their daughter inside the courtroom today and attempting to contact her what could very emotional moment for them. They brought those two young ladies here today for the cameras. They brought them here in an effort to send the message that all is well with Robert Kelly and there's nothing untoward about his conduct. Our kelley's. Attorney vehemently denies the allegations against him will serve fighting the chargers while arguing for bond for Kelly and attempted humor from Kelley's attorney who told the judge he wasn't a flight risk because quote, contrary to the song he doesn't like to fly likely a bizarre moment right there in court and Lindsay Davis joins us. Now. She was also in that courtroom. Lindsey our Kelly's when three Grammys so many hit songs, and he wasn't able to post his bond what his lawyer. Saint tonight. Yeah. His lawyer told the judge in court today that Kelly's finances are a mess that he currently doesn't have any income coming in from tours or royalties unrelated to this heels more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars in back child. Support payments is due back in court on Monday, Tom or Kelly remaining behind bars tonight. Right Lindsey, thank you. And we want to turn out of the weather. Major winter storm on the move tornado watches across several states plus blizzard conditions in western Kansas. Look at that washed out roads in Knoxville, Tennessee, people stuck in a van had to be rescued by wraps and a Mississippi church. Deep in high water are Sam champion with the latest tonight more than one hundred and fifty million people in the path of a major winter storm targeting the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Whiteout conditions in western Kansas, causing accidents and shutting down roadways. Wind gusts topping forty five miles per hour. Whipping up snow making it impossible to see the same system. Soaking Tennessee Nashville saying it's wettest February on record over a foot of rain falling there so far this month. In Knoxville up to four inches of rain and several high water rescues like this one first responders using a raft to bring be stranded. Motorists to safety even this fire truck washed off the road during a rescue mission near Chattanooga, the downpours triggering mudslides. This subway restaurant crushed when the surrounding hillside gave way. Similar concerns in eastern Kentucky after relentless rain a landslide, sending tumbling rocks and earth crushing this truck. This is the worst that I've seen for as the ground saturation. Meanwhile, northern Mississippi flooding as far as the I can see many buildings like the inside of this church. Resembling a swimming pool. Water all the way up to the door nods. All right. Let's get right to Sam champion. He joins us. Now live on set at Sam you were just telling me it's going to get worse tonight. And there's more tornadoes out there. Yeah. We've just had to reported tornadoes in Mississippi, Tom, and there's real trouble for a lot of people tonight's let's get to the boards and show everybody the tornado watch and the flooding continues in the southern areas and look at this blizzard conditions. They're going from Kansas all the way into Minnesota. We've got about three inches now are falling in Omaha right now. Let's put this in motion now because I want to show you what happens tomorrow and even on Monday as the low takes the snow into the Great Lakes and the rain into New England. The bigger problem here. Tom will be win the moisture leaves because Sunday night into Monday, we're setting up a very strong wind. Situation with win watches now from Philly New York and Boston that's on Monday morning after the moisture is gone. Okay. We'll stay track. These storms through the week. Sam thank you. We turn out to the other big story. We're following tonight. The deepening crisis in Venezuela troops firing tear gas on demonstrators. New clashes as President Nicolas model refuses to allow humanitarian aid from the United States tonight. Breaking off diplomatic ties with Colombia and Colombian officials reportedly sixty Venezuelan troops have defected now, including a leading army major Saint he stands with interim president one zero here's ABC's. Julia McFarland tonight. Venezuela and chaos violence erupting on the borders. The national God firing tear-gas on protesters'. Civilians racing to save trucks will aid crossing from Columbia, catching fire. Look how it's burning. This woman said keyboard across things shut down. Actually, the along the border with Brazil of eight leaving at least one person dead. Demonstrators trying to hit us bridge moving lodge metal Farias. Suddenly members of the military. Switching sides one raising his wife live his head and surrender. It's been one month since one day to clad himself. Interim president he's recognized by the United States and fifty other countries in buffalo. Today. Go I do calling on the military to be as he puts it on the right side of history. A major event is Waylon army joining Guido saying to Chisholm, and I am in this struggle with the people of Venezuela. Massive crowds gathering in the capital Caracas in support of Maduro who still controls the military and the country the defiantly cutting diplomatic ties with Colombia Danzig on state TV I will never submit. I will never surrender. He said the United States is watching events in Venezuela, very closely national security adviser John Bolton canceling a trip to South Korea in order to concentrate on the political crisis. And today, the president tweeting that the people that were ready to reclaim that country and the future, Tom truly. Thank you. Let's turn politics. Now. The high stakes hearing set for next week on Capitol Hill, President Trump's longtime fixture and personal lawyer expected to pull back the curtain on some of the president's business dealings, even as the president makes his own headlines overseas, here's ABC White House. Correspondent Tara Palmeri tonight. The president's former fixer Michael Cohen giving new information to investigators about Donald Trump ABC news confirming a new. New York Times report that Cohen has told prosecutors about insurance issues within the Trump organization for swim. Nothing at the Trump organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump has been cooperating with the southern district of New York since before he was sentenced to three years in prison for crimes, including campaign finance violations for arranging hush payments during the two thousand sixteen campaign to two women claiming to have had affairs with Trump. The president has denied those claims Cohen who worked for Trump for over a decade wants to reduce his prison sentence. I've done with the lying. I'm done being loyal to President Trump this coming Wednesday Coen's back on the stand testifying publicly for the first time before congress about his relationship with the president. Michael Cohen his testimony now. Lawyer client, but you know, he's taken his own chances tonight special counsel, Robert Muller's office filing, a massive eight hundred page sentencing memo for the presence former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, claiming he repeatedly and brazenly broke the law for over a decade, even while on bail the memo does not recommend a specific sentence. But said Manta presents many, aggravating sentencing factors and no warranted. Mitigating factors. The president confident Muller's final report will clear him the nice. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction those know anything. So I look forward to seeing the report if it's an honest report, it will say that. All right. Tara Palmer joins us now from the White House and Tara I want to go back to Paul Manafort. There are reports that additional charges may be filed against Manafort charges. Not even a possible presidential pardon could save him from. If he was convicted Tom, President, Trump has repeatedly expressed sympathy for Paul Manafort. And now, the New York Times reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney. Is filing additional criminal charges against Manafort to ensure that he faces some jail time. Unlike federal crimes, stay crimes can't be pardoned. By the president, Tom terific you in this programming note. Much more Michael Cohen upcoming testimony tomorrow on this week guests include house Intel chair, Adam Schiff, a North Korea confirming tonight that Kim Jong UN is making his way to Hanoi by train. We have the new images tonight, his armored railcar spotted in China on that bridge and route to Vietnam he's heading towards that historic. Second round of summit talks with President Trump back here at home Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots accusing sex for hire bust in Florida. What we're just learning about the case tonight and the role undercover cameras may have played. Here's ABC's Acura cash tonight. New details emerging police say that used hidden cameras to record craft soliciting prostitution on two occasions. Does the video contained Mr. crap inside receiving the alleged ex the answer to that is. Yes, police say more than two hundred men were caught. In this thing. Billionaire equity firm owner, John Childs has also been charged with solicitation, authorities say more coming leading to questions about whether any other prominent names will be included our concern in this investigation centers around our possibility of victims of of human trafficking. This six month investigation includes charges spa owners brought women from China as sex workers putting them in poor conditions at orchids of Asia day spa. The seventy seven year old one of the most influential owners, the NFL combating the solicite Shen charges saying through a spokesperson we categorically deny that Mr. craft engaged in any illegal activity. The league says they're monitoring the situation, but some kind of discipline is within their discretion in arrest warrant could come as early as Monday, Tom Zachary. Thank you, and there is much more ahead on world news tonight, this Saturday infernal on the highway the tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of fuel flipping over spilling diesel what happened behind the wheel that may have caused this crash. Also, cut him surveillance, the jailhouse nurses, sear their violently grabbing inmate, and what may have prompted his attack and Hollywood gearing up for its biggest night and the new rule. You haven't heard about why this year's Austin winners may have to sprint in the stage with us. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash David m that's indeed dot com slash David m. Back now with the Oscars in a new rule that could cause some trouble imagine winning Academy Award getting from your seat to the stage and delivering your speech all in under ninety seconds. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzales with the Oscars countdown tonight, the red carpet rolled out and the curtain ready to rise on one of the most unpredictable Oscars ever the Academy Awards set to go on without a host for the first time in three decades, we want to create something that people want to just keep watching and go, oh, I didn't expect that to happen. And this year the winners in all twenty four categories will each have just ninety seconds to get from their seat to the end of their acceptance speech as the producers tried to keep Hollywood's biggest night to just three hours Queen and Adam Lambert expected to open the show as the movie Bikinian rhapsody advised for five of the award. Including best picture also in that category. A star is born. Dan's off, the deep end with excitement to see lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed the hit song shallow from that blockbuster. But I you can see they are still working to get everything ready before the stars make their way here to the red carpet Morrow night. Tom sue, thank you, and you can watch the Oscars beginning at eight PM tomorrow right here on ABC time now for index in two deadly plane crashes happening within minutes of each other in Mansfield, Massachusetts. A single engine says no crashing on the tarmac catching fire and killing both people on board and in central Florida, twin engined seaplane plunging straight through the roof and into one of the bedrooms inside of this home leaking fuel, but get this pinning a seventeen year old girl against the wall incredibly she survived and her family was able to get out. One of the pilots though was killed Russell following that major highway inferno outside of Salt Lake City, Utah a tanker truck. Hauling eight thousand gallons of fuel struck on the interstate by swerving car the tanker flipping over and bursting into flames spilling fuel in the highway and shutting down. Traffic for hours both drivers from taken to the hospital for their injuries trooper Saint drowsy driving may have caused that crash and violent attack on a jailhouse nursing Cleveland, Ohio newly released surveillance shows an inmate grabbing that nurse around the head and the neck you see it there. Officers jumping into help prisoners running back to their cells the nurse saying that inmate was mad because she wouldn't prescribe him sleeping pills and overseas in northeast China, the dramatic rescue con camera a woman dangling from the ledge of a high rise apartment building holding on for dear life smoke and flames point from that eighth floor window firefighters rushed into that place. Pulling her to safety improper use of an electric here who said to spark that fire tonight that woman is in stable condition. Finally tonight America strong when her twins arrived seven weeks ahead of schedule. She had no idea. What else would be early into Pika? Kansas new mom, Cindy Cooper, gut to surprises. Okay. Maybe three first surprise number one and two twin girls who came early. And then surprise number three. Her husband skyler, a staff sergeant in the US army serving our country overseas in Kuwait staff sergeant Cooper was supposed to come home this spring but his commanders, but that was too late showed up and said that found a way to get me home for the birth of my girls and get my bags back is getting on a plane that night, I not expecting him back. I felt immediate relief or any walk through the doors at since we're on the topic of surprises. Here's one more at home opening the door staff. Sergeant Cooper hugging. His three year old son Laden. Hey. Then his two year old son Corby, even the family dog getting in on the action a growing military family finally reunited, sharing the best gift of all each other. And we think the Cooper family for their service and for sharing that story. And we thank you for watching. I'm Tom yomas New York Jiemin this week in the morning, and I'll see you right back here. Tomorrow night have a great evening. Good night. 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