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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen every night. In my dreams I see her. I feel her. It's lives my whole Andy Cohen of feeling charged. Stop by the power of love for my guess tonight and relieved that that's over. She sings about moments of golden flashes of light which is pretty much all I'm experiencing in the presence of this five time Grammy Award winning artist. Who sold over two hundred and fifty million albums worldwide and at the most successful Vegas residency of all time nine? Her new album courage is out. Now and she's touring the world through September twenty twenty. Welcome the one the only selene the era such an honor that you're here. Thank you for coming out so much prepared for you. Were so excited and so many great questions from all of you are. Our bar is currently empty but soon we will be joined by the Queen test ends in watch what happens lives first annual. That's the wig it is dragged pageant. I WANNA get started. I've now sung in front of you know what you're amazing me right now because you know what in like ninety nine a minute after the show started. Yeah Yeah you said it. All you've done it. where else can we go? Yes Andrea Russians for selena coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things things. I am obsessed with tonight. Signed for speed round of questions about your life. It's all coming back to selene growing up. which singers where your icons my thirteen brothers and sisters who were into the Beatles creedence Doobie brothers? Janice Joplin Stevie Wonder Classic Rock. It's really big. What was the first moment in your career where you did something and you thought wow now that was icon? It I think so. Well I don't I everything amazing. I mean it to have a career by itself is amazing to be part of two classics or says. It's almost pretentious to say that. But it's like no. It's it's I mean. They built that theater. Peter for you in Vegas. That's pretty icon you MAC Princess Diana. You met the Pope and you sang it. Bill Clinton's inauguration nation which public figure that you've been with has impressed you the most. Would you say I've had the honor of having many the artists come to Caesar's Palace to see my performance. Yes Prince came many times really Michael Jackson really. Just that has been a song in your career that you desperately wanted to record but it went to someone else because I would have done in any way you would get it anyway. Yeah any different versions but but you know what. There's one song that I didn't WanNA record. which was what? And I'm glad that they didn't listen to which was my heart will go on. It is true what I didn't WanNA record it. I don't know I it didn't it didn't appeal to me just didn't appeal to me. I was probably very tired that day. Wow very tired of this. Let's hold on writer. And he says let's try to make a little demo and I signed a song once this and they build the orchestra around. I never reciting it for the recording. Excellent the demo is the actual recording aunt. But after that. I've sang it about three gazillion. All right thank you very much fashion. Clean Salida slade. So many incredible looks over the years that we all over a big messy but I wonder if any of her past outfits maker. WanNa beg for mercy. Here's what verse Saccio Botchy. I'm going to show you some. Looks folks that you brought if you would wear it again. It's ver- Saatchi. If you regret it throw it on know about g here. You are in Nineteen eighty-seven serving blue jeans realness Initi- GonNa keep that or throw it on the botchy. It almost looks like the dead alright. She's sticking with the here. You are in gold sequins with this performance. Look in eighty-eight Saccio botchy. I'M GONNA keep it you know why because I didn't have wouldn't have money. Yeah and that was made specifically for me. I love it. You are at the nineteen ninety-two American music. Awards in White Tool. I win that night. That's I'm sure oh you did. I want something that night. I address you. You are in an evening at the net charity event in ninety three looking floral. That's very kind of you for saying that but this one can come Your shoes at the grammys ninety. Four what what is that. You know what that's not me first of all I don't I don't think it's me. She doesn't think it's her. Every moment at the world music awards. I liked that it looks like I assumed myself. Yes all right here. You are in too late tax in ninety six. Oh well it was not latex. Okay what was it looks like it. It was just a very tight paying. Yeah Yeah me too. I Love I keep it. I'm keeping your serving body at the billboard music awards in two thousand and three. When I were that I really pushing my luck because you can see and what was trying to say prove show all in the above but you know what when I decided to do something I assume it and I keep it? I love this nineteen ninety nine you made headlines all over the place in your backward suit turn box keeping that right. Oh my goodness. Everybody was wearing gowns. Yes but I feel feel that I was the rare one. Put It this way wearing pants on a red carpet us and the people thought I made a mistake because I was late and I put the jacket Reverse stupid and I'm keeping. Aw thank you very much okay. Let's go to the phones just in from Houston for Celine Dion a justin. What's your question? Komo my gosh. I'm so frigging out right now. My question is would ever consider getting remarried. and Are you currently dating. You're supposed to ask one question. I don't date I don't have a boyfriend and you know it doesn't mean that I will not find someone in my life if I do. That would be great if I don there will be because I'm still in love. I mean once Austrian love so much you know I've been living all my life with Rene is still within me. I see him through the as of my children every day. I'm so passionate about life and I'm so lucky to have my three beautiful sons That's beautiful I keep everything it. I'm not looking for that. Something that happens that you feel that comes in you feel and right now. It's it's if I would have someone on in my life. I would tell you because of an open book all my life but if I do I'll come back I'll talk to you about surprised about the tabloid rumors that so you were dating your best friend. I was not surprised. No I was not surprised is just that because we're best friends we're in show business and the tabloids this industry is made for that. Oh that's the way that best friends hold hands. uh-huh is my best friend and we have a good time together. It feels like today you cannot have a man holding your hand. Hand with anything about him is building as they go out together. They started things until said he. He's gay he's not my gay. Calm down right not trying to hide. Here everything's cool but we can hold hands go to the movies and restaurants people the great thing is you have. The great thing is that you're one of those people that everyone always roots for and everyone always always wants you to be happy and and roots for your happiness and so i. I love the answer that you gave. Let's go from Philadelphia. Hey Liz which question for Selene Dion on the courage store is coming to your city and all over the world next year. Hi Andy Hi Selene. Such a huge fan. I'm so excited to be talking to you. I can't wait free to come to Philly and February. I'm so excited we'll see you there. My question is what was your reaction when you found out. Barbara was in the bathroom. When you performed her song at the Oscars Alpha Real? Was it for you to later. Record your own let let me let me. What would you found out? How did you find out? She was in the bathroom. I mean people talk people talk. People people talk talk. Talk Talk Talk Barbra. STREISAND is one of the most amazing singer. Yes okay and your Sober actress on. I just love her so much and she's got she's got stage fright and I'm like Oh my God Barbara Ryan having a stretched stagefright is like while you don't be scared honey. You're perfect okay. But she's scared. So that's the reality so when she was nominated they've asked Natalie cold fortunately of their Natalie coal to perform and she got sick and she got sick and they asked you the day before they before they asked me to. And I said I've heard the song but I don't Song by heart and we said okay. I'm going to do it if I can have a stand with the sheet of the lyrics in the song and some people said that that she left to go to the bathroom. Maybe she didn't feel good. Maybe her bladder was full or maybe she she regretted. I don't know I don't want to talk on her behalf. I don't know I cannot say anything. Criticize and say yeah. She went to the bathroom. She issue she did people are but maybe she didn't feel good and what came out of the two of you did a duet. Yeah and you know what I love to using her song I love doing I just. I'm just smoke. Whether sh- she left the building or went to the bathroom or she she she regretted not doing it. At the end of the day I just hope that she's happy about the way that I signed herself. Well she was happy about cheap. Youtube recorded the great duet. Got Out more than me not more than you now. Amazing we had a great. She invited me at her house. We had dinner. And did you go to the mall. Downstairs yes gas at amazing. And that's why I keep everything yes you do. That's good you still have the backwards succeed. Oh yes I wanNA know. When you're performing at the halftime show at the Super Bowl? You sang before but I mean we are ready for this to happen would you. WHO's ready? The world is ready. Would you would you be into it I think so. Yeah but they I'm. I'm waiting for the day. Ask Well I don't have a phone you don't know if on comm incoming editor James James Courage out now. The world's tour you're going through September. Twenty twenty wow I feel era as whereas my heartbeat. Now it's the uncut as astor's Selene unbelievable walk. Let's go to the phones Jonathan from DC. Jonathan what's your question for Celine Indian. Oh my God Selena Gone I love you so much and I have loved you ever since I was eight years old. And I use to steal my mom's titanic. CD TO LISTEN INTO MY heart will go on on. Repeat all night while I slept and I'm so excited to see your show in DC. This march. I wasn't able to come in Vegas but now I would like to think that it's all coming back to me now and I'm so anyway my question to you is what were you most nervous about. Going toe to toe with the Retha during your divas his live performance. and was there ever a moment where you wanted to retreat to the backup singers and left her thing. There's been so much conversation about that performance. Formats were you were you when you were up there. What what was your attitude? And what was your first of all before the show. Yeah I read has asked everyone to cut the AC in the building. Yes I agree okay because this is like an instrument that you were them up and all that up and is reasons for that and lately people keep their studios pretty cold. This other reasons for that. That's okay I mean she's Okay Queen assault the quiz also. CUT THE AC please. Would you thank you not not now right now. Thank you and She comes to the code and everything just could the AC. She's hot that's it but the thing is that all the stylist all had are like whenever whenever I go. Whatever you call it trailer outside and every style is knocked on everybody's artists door and say would just like to know? What do you think you're going to wear tonight because we don't want to wear the same call same dress said all? You don't have to worry because we're not. I'm going to wear a dress. We're wearing pants and they weren't like so. That was my second time. Yes controversial you know like the opposite that nipple were expecting wearing a gown interesting so I said No. I'm going for with pans and a long coat. Little Pink insight and all that but the thing is that I for me for me it was like I was anxious. I was not nervous. I was feeling very proud. That asked me to join all those amazing artists. And like I said before before I was saying to myself when it's my line when it's my turn I'm stepping forward and I'm going to be one on. Would her. We're going to die. I'm going to do it with Aretha Franklin and you're GONNA you're not gonNA build it up. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah not to take over I I did you hear from her. After did you have any did she. Did she enjoy the performance with you know. Did you have any sense after that. We took a picture. Yeah I remember that she was like in this small little room and everybody wants so much of everyone and you. You have to feel that in Slyke. She's she's now she was not getting any younger and she's worked so hard and and you don't want to abuse of that time and all that and I said can I have sort of course I took in for me. It's so something treasury ashes of of course and Anyway so it was. It was a moment that I will never forget. Because I'm grateful to have been there for that Greg de email email. Did you ever hear about the ANCESTRY DOT COM report. That said you are related to Justin Bieber of the two of you ever talked about this. Listen to have since I'm related to everybody. Everybody everybody's things I'm related to. Everybody caller what's your name and from where Elwood's Alex from Massachusetts. Hey Alec what's your question for Celine Alenia on. Hi Andy and Selena. I love you. I'M GONNA take my mom to see you next month to celebrate her finishing chemo. And we can't wait. Yeah we're very excited. So he's so much coming and please give her a big kiss for me. Lots of lots of strength okay. Lots of strength thanks. A lot of courage So how on earth did you hit that high note all by myself I self. And what was the toughest part of recording that song. Well first of all. It was a very surprising notes for me because because previous weeks before I recorded that Song David Foster calls me and I was. Montreal was in California and Malibu and and He calls me and he said Celinda mine too. Because I'm doing I'm putting the song together all by myself and he said I'd like to know which key we should go for so so I go to the basement. I don't play piano can hit one key and it was like okay which I think I I said David I think that's pretty cool. Yep I think we got it okay thank you bye good luck thank you so much. I can't wait. I arrived to the studio. He says as you'RE GONNA you're GonNa Freak is so amazing but he said I have a little surprise for you and I'm like Oh okay and if the track was young and it's starting it's so it's so beautiful and he said wait at the bridge. I did a little something and then the key that we you have agreed on. He changed it to a key and a half for the modulation he was I was like. Is that the final key. That finishes is the key that we chose right now. He says it's a key and a half higher but I said David. How could you do staff right if you can't do it? There's other singers ooh and that's all I needed to hit the note. Yes I'M UH-HUH TORONTO. Last call that I very quickly. We have time for one more quick. Chris what's your question I put something in and then My question to you is what do you think if any favorite song from your new album courage what have been it would probably be. Courage would probably be because has represents the whole the whole album and he was so courageous to fight for so long. Yeah his battle and and before he passed he really wanted to for me because I took a year off to take care of him and then before he passed he really wanted me to go back on stage. Because you could see see my show In his bed on his television so he could see my short. Caesar's live every night. And you really want me to go back and he really wanted me to live move dancing and and I think he would be proud God of this salads and that's what courage is all about. The new album is taught courage the world tour semi beyond. Thank you saw how much we love you. We will be back. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. 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