348 - George Lazenby (Reverse Dollop)


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Do yourself a favor and YouTube Ted Cruz superpac footage. It's what it really shows you what amazing human cruises. We need these treasure. The end of these dollops these live dog. Somebody doing those little quick speech about a group of starting a climate change group to do something about climate change and for people that are having a lot of people that are upset and feeling debilitated and I wonder why and like they can't. They have. There's nothing they can do. And I think I haven't answer so be given those speeches, and then we'll try to start a group, you know, starting in November. It's gonna take a lot of organizing and stuff, but I'll be doing that Dan, each tour date. Yeah, deal right. Shall we? You're listening to the dollop that I do that. No. Now, do I did it now. So this is a reverse. You guys have been overstocked, didn't even do. The intro was this is a by weekly biweekly each week. I Dave Anthony, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Read a story from American history to my friend Gareth Reddell does not what the topic's be about. Hey, Dave, let me stop you because this one's a different one. We're going to actually do a different one doing a reverse Jesus talking about shooting your load. All right, look up. Look at my phone. Here we go. September. Fifth, my favorite day nineteen. Thirty nine. On the day that you were born before. George, Robert laszevski was born in Guben New South Wales Australia at the vodka private hospital to George Edward lasy and Sheila Joan Wasim. Uh-huh. The couple had been married earlier that year. Yeah, Sheila worked at Fossey's ooh, Fossey's which is like a target, and then his father worked on the railway, which is like a railway, we have those. So that's what that's just so far. This is an Australia, and by the way we should say almost of this as a live reverse dollop, but we weren't sure go at three Georgia's put it in the hospital because he was having issues with his kidneys as he would say. He was quote peeing backwards into them. That's right after they just wanted to point out, you're not supposed to do that. No, that's what that's what the doctor says. The doctor second thing is those a hell of a trick. It's it's a party trick for my next one. Oh, go back in. After multiple surgeries, he was left with half of a kidney doctors didn't think that George would live past twelve years old. So this made him decide he was going to live every day to its full three. Yeah, that decision leave fully your three kind of build with books die. You're gonna let Billy sleeping. Okay. Oh boy. What will tomorrow hold? I'm not collect bugs. Georgia's not an attentive student. He was bored by school. He felt that quote he had no use knowing where England was or where America was. I was in Australia and I wasn't going there. Science who gives a shit about science love this guy. It's basically how my school mantra growing up. I was like, prove it. This attitude led to the headmaster, having trusting George and always blaming him for everything bad that happened at school. Like one day, someone brought a snake into school and George was punished for it even though there was no evidence that he did it though. Yeah, I knew that guy. Yeah. Well, to be fair, it was George, but it's still there was no evidence showing Joey Joey. Mine was Gareth and another day someone brought in a bag full of bats and George got blamed for that to wait. Wait, wait, wait. Are you bringing a bed bagful of fucking bats. So getting bad? Well, are they alive living that for sure, you don't want to. To be fair creepy or to bring in dead bats, that's back. That's like what that man does. But yeah, and it was George George brought in Georgia before school went and collected a bunch of bats in a bag, and then he let them lotion school. For some reason, you didn't graduate high school wonder why. And so he said, fuck it and lies in be enlisted in the Australian army. He rose quickly to the rank of sergeant where he gained techniques in unarmed combat and how to maneuver his growing frame. He was now six feet tall. He's a big guy. That's not that big. But tomatoes, I'm a little guy growing frame. I just picked your big man picture of what you say growing. I subscribe to grind frame magazine, so going frame, I picture lodge Trump junior was on that. So when his spell of four months in the forest ended, George moved to the Australian capital as you know as Cambra Hamra just wanted to make sure how we pronounce it where he took up a variety of odd jobs before settling on becoming a car mechanic at twenty. So he's making dog shit moneywise. And as he sat in the car is getting greasy, he would watch the car salesman across the lot with great envy. They seem to have it made. They were suits. They talked to girls, they got nice cars drive in. They made lots of money. So George told his boss that he wanted Nate. He demanded to be a salesman. He said he knew he could do it and that the boss man wouldn't regret it. So the boss believed in Georgia's confidence and promoted. Sadly the boss was an idiot because George sucked at closing deals, he didn't sell any cars at all. So as Boston, I'm on a course called how to win friends and influence people. Now, this is a course that taught certain rules to follow in order to well runs. Wren's influence exactly. It's a very, it's a great title because it sort of encapsulates exactly what Ray course. Thank you. I want to one of our sponsors. I've always said that, yeah, it was written in the course how to win friends and influence. People was written in nineteen thirty one by Dale Carnegie or Carnegie and has since inspired many people like the first two names that are on the computer page. One, Warren Buffett, quote, took the Dale Carnegie course on how to win friends and influence people when he was twenty years old. And to this day, has a diploma in his office or to Charles Charles Manson who used what he learned from the book in prison to manipulate women into killing. That's actually the sample I'd us so you, you see, this is the guy I would use. I would use Manson over buffet. I mean, we're different. We're different people. The course was transformative for George and what he took from it was to just shut up and listen when he was selling cars or selling himself, whatever. So now in Georgia selling cars, he would just spew back whatever the customer was interested in talking about and it worked and he began selling thirty used cars a month one a day. This got him promoted to the used car sales manager at age twenty four at the time, George? Yes, that'd be twenty. Four is pretty good go-getter. You'll see. He'll see. George began dating a girl named Belinda whom he fell madly in love with. However, she was the daughter of a wealthy and respected Australian man who wanted her to marry up and Georgia's poor. So he hated George. So before they could get to serious, the father forced her to move to London. And once she stopped writing George letters from England, he wanted to get her back. So he abruptly just decided I'm going to move to London. Why not? So he packed up his things got an a boat that would take him to Tilbury England near Essex. Fuck you, dad, what's not his dad, I know, but he called him death. Yeah. Okay. I don't again, somebody look out because I don't think that's the case on the boat. George shared bunks with some fellow Australians who'd get to know very well mainly because of the post the boats puzzling route to get. The boat. I went to Sydney then to Melvin, followed by Adelaide's, then to Perth, and then Singapore next to Delhi, then portside over to Africa, followed by Italy next Marseilles. And then they went to Gibraltar and then Tilbury. So it's quite a route and by the time he got there, she had a new guy because, yeah, probably because it took forever. She was like, he's dead. I haven't heard from how they stopped at every port in the fucking world. That is definitely a thing you want to run over with the person on the boat before I, I'm, I'm definitely like a ask questions, second kind of person. But even that I like to think I'd be able to flag. So we didn't know what to do. So he got a job selling Mercedes-Benz is in London too, because the relationship of the girl was over. So he's settling into his new job. Well, had a little apartment and then one day when he's working, photographer comes in and he's looking for a car and George helps him. Now this dairy Anthony was a day that would change the trajectory of George Lazaridis right name. It's your name Darius. Whenever calls you. I know, but it's not a name that anyone has ever used. Darah Darah, Dave. Oh, they lose a sense. So we're talking for wants to take picture them because you see dairy George had become attractive over the years. Very easy on the eyes. Now, he's tall, he's six, two, he's got dark hair. He's handsome and the photographers immediately taken aback by Georgia's good looks, and he wants to take some pictures of him. Now, George assumes that this is some sort of come on and he wasn't interested. But the photographer said he would buy a car from George. If he would let him take pictures. I've done this. I would love to say this happened to you. So George agreed to take pictures, but in reality is buying, couldn't fathom why a guy would want to take pictures of another guy or him. So he blew the photographer off. Oh my God. And when the guy comes back, he comes back to the place and he insists he's like, you can be a model. He's telling Giorgi, thanks, George can be modeled. So George finally, relents and he agrees and they go and they take Georgia's first headshots. So through that George gets a call to go to a shoot, it's as I shoot. It was a last minute fill in because the original model had to quit because it was a shoot with a baby where he's kind of like holding a baby and the baby just kept pissing on the guy class and. With babies? Yeah. Or have kids. George, George, George, like I'll do it. So he goes down. He says, he doesn't mind baby. Piss. He's given the job. He's getting pissed on and the shoot goes, well, the photographer likes him the photographers, fairly popular. So it opens the door to more work quickly. So once George Lazenby got a UK based modeling agent, his career began to pick up and within a year of successful jobs last and be became one of the highest payed models in Europe. He's twenty eight years old. He's making forty thousand forty thousand pounds as a fulltime model in nineteen sixty seven. So he quits his job selling cars within the first eighteen months and and within the first eighteen months, he's also hired as the European Marlboro man. Oh, I was up for that. It's a big. Yeah. I wonder whether when you're actually pretty Manley. Yeah. Always look comfortable with a smoke between your lips. And it's one thing I always say I was. I was like, let's do sweatshirts. You know what I mean? Let's I wonder where this guy wearing sweatshirts and hike. He likes. I can pass sweat shirts. Yeah, that's his deal less. It's more Griffith park, less. I just think it's very manly. Yeah, yeah. No, for sure. Wearing sweaters on walking. He yells people on Twitter. He sure does. Georgia's career careers. A model is booming. His bizarre just posted on billboards all across the UK and Europe. He started a number of television advertisements before trying his hand at acting a little, but he didn't feel like acting was for him. Modeling was just looks and he didn't feel right saying lines. His only real foam experience came from a walk on part in an Italian. JAMES BOND spoof called espionage and ten years, great movie, it's a spoof. You've never seen rate film. It's not a film. It's just like short sketch. Wonderful moving. Okay. In one thousand nine sixty eight. He is making great money and he's making lots of sex. He is embracing the sixties in the sexual liberation. Sometimes him and his roommate, a guy named Ken Garrity. Another model from Australia would play this drinking game called the devil's triangle. I'm kidding. Not game. Not everyone on this guy's not going to be a supreme court, Justice, nobody everybody does it sort of Drake again, what am I booth and over here? So it was three something they were way down to the two of them would couple of guys haven't sexually the late a couple of guys having threesomes with one. Sometimes you slip in the dude you're it seems pretty well. No, actually it does seem hard happens. Yeah. Okay. Interesting. So Georgia, as he's fucking his way through London, he's up for a commercial role as the big fry chocolate guy. Sure. It was between hand another male model and when the company offered the deal, they said it would be thirty pounds a day and three hundred dollars for the contract. And George said he didn't like those numbers and that he wanted three hundred and three thousand pounds for the contract, and he was laughed off. But then later that day they call them and they hired him. He's doing his own negotiating eat in like a bananas way like, yes, absolutely. Yeah. And he just says it because he's like, why not? Yeah, he's got enough money, doesn't care. Yeah. And he's just. As well. Just give it a world, you know? So so he does that and they hire him. And so this sort of taught him always to look for a better deal and things. And the same thing happened with the wage gap between women and men in the industry. Women would make eight pounds a day, and male models would make four pounds a day. Fucking bullshit. S- unbelievable. The George told him he wanted eight as well or he would stop doing it and wouldn't you know it? Male pay went up to eight pounds God. Damn, right. Finally, day men. Finally, finally, finally the man or getting enough of women getting paid more, but it wasn't until he became the big fry chocolate guy that Gigi was talking about. He actually became recognizable. So I'll show you now. Dave, a little bit of the big fried chocolate. Five win the loss, not company mini, not jump the TV's that you could win the whole ragged low to these wonderful lies in the new big guy. Competition. I'm individuals is. For there is who shows up. Nick. So he basically got all that money to hold up chocolate. Basically, it would show up the whole thing. It'd be it'd be like some party or something, and then it'd be boring. And then he show up with a huge, huge crate of big fry chocolate and then the party would go. All right, yes. Yeah, he's real though everyone was happy. He appeared extremely tall in the ads partially because he was tall, but also because they would always higher smaller actors. Sometimes they even higher little people to make him look, you do a lot, is this you do that for the podcast. Oh, it's not. It's not a good idea for an auditory release. So yes, so so he's killing it. And then one day, Ken, the roommate he had who he would always have the triangle drinking games with as to favour of George Kennedy agreed to go out with an agent whose name was Maggie Abbott in London, but his girlfriend was coming to see him as well. So Ken was double booked. So he's in a panic and he asked George to go into stead. And so George goes on a date with Maggie and he makes a good impression clearly because a few weeks later he's in Paris and Maggie somehow calls him and trays like doing their job, and he's at some girls place, you know, having sex or whatever. Next thing, whatever, whatever happens at sex in between closed doors, don't say that and look at me time stop it. And, and she says, you tracks strikes like this girl's house, and she calls him and she's like, I want you to come back tracks down at the girl. So basically she calls she knows he's in Paris. So it's something like she calls a restaurant where she knew he was or she called a few restaurants, whatever. Somehow the guy. Somehow the guys like, yes, he wasn't home was as girl. She lives at two houses. She's a great example of what we used to do. We had to do before self. Yeah. Possible. Yeah, so so she says that she wants to come back to London right away. She thinks that there's, there's something there's a film part that he would be right for and he really didn't know what to do because again, he's like happy. Just modeling, he doesn't want to act. He doesn't really interest. Yeah, but this role Mr. pepperoni, the movie, MS, the pepper. So good big fry sergeant. So eventually sits down with Maggie Abbott, and she insists that he listens to her and she says, you know, this could be a big deal. She told him that she thought he could land a role, a big role, a move, your old, maybe the biggest role ever. Maggie Abbott told George that she thought he could be the new JAMES BOND. Yes, I agree. So you see Sean Connery down the first four films and he made the franchise enormous. But he grown wear the part in what came along with it and Connery found the plots to be redundant. He didn't feel like character bond over really grow or change come on. And in general, the public's demands on Sean Connery and his privacy, we're getting old to him. So he called it quits after four. So here the franchises in nineteen sixty eight bond thought study should battle cancer Sean Connery. No, JAMES BOND. Yeah, I was gonna say Sean Connery did that in Lorenzo. So maybe that's what I'm thinking of. What you know Mr. bond, I expect you to slowly deteriorate without a noticeable cure. What do you mean? Well, you see Mr. bond. This will slowly render your organs irrevocably repair. All we could shoot him. Again, we should evidently out of shooting shoot. So so here here they are nine hundred sixty eight boundless producer Albert cubby. Broccoli. Best best of all Harry Saltzman embarked on a frantic search to find the next. Nobody remembered airy cubby broccoli was brought. I, I do wish cubby broccoli came back in, but he's more of the silent partner. But they found it was not easy to replace Sean Connery. So they were seeing all these actors but never coming up with their guy. They'd seen thousands of people. They tested over three hundred, but alas, no bond, and Georgia's shocked when Maggie told him this. He said he didn't think he could do it. He wasn't even in sag Maggie said it was more of who he was rather than who he could be. She really believed he could do it because of his arrogance. Bond was arrogant like George, and she told him that she could not get them in for the audition, but told them just to go there and get in front of the casting director said he would try. Yeah. So he goes in announced a couple of days later, and there's an assistant who would not let them in without an appointment. George keeps pressing her. She keeps rejecting him, so eventually agreed to leave. But before he did, he looks around the room and he sees all these guys in suits who looked like they were all trying too hard. They were like stuffy and proper, and he was like, that's not what they're looking for. So George decided he would return, but not until he looked the part. So he knew a couple of things about how Connery operated London from his car selling days. So he went to our Sean Connery got his haircut down the street. Got the Connery like zero cake. Got the concourse. He knew Connery got his haircut dump the street. Yeah, because this is when London was imagine any four hundred magical land. Yeah, we've got one person in front of you bond. James Bond's in front of you. So he goes and gets the Connery. And then he knew where Sean Connery went to get his his Taylor right. Of course, he did. So he goes to Connery's Taylor and he says, he wants a suit. They say it will take six weeks. He says, he doesn't have that time. They did, however, have one suit there that Sean Connery had never picked up blow for a high price. They would sell it to George and George says, yes, they make small adjustment suits his and then just for safety, George bottle Rolex. So this for an audition? Yeah. Yeah, this is what I do. Like for me, I've gotta wear shirt if they're like, if they're like wear a blue shirt, I'm like, I can't make this. I'm not going to this. I can't make it happening. What about your puppet? It's not happening. And then so would that Lazarus showed up at the office again without an appointment. But this time he waits for the girl behind the desk to sort of Turner back and do some busy work. And when she does, George just runs pastor and it goes up to the casting room, love it. So he gets to the audition room and there sits casting director Dyson Lovell or Lavelle who the fuck art, where these names coming London Diaby is lavar. So George stood in front of him and when Dyson looked up, he saw George, but the bond haircut the Connery suit. The shiny Rolex and George was nervous, but just said cockily and calmly here you'll looking for the new JAMES BOND. Oh shit and Dyson likes what he sees so they start talking. And when he asked George, what movies done? George simply lied by saying he'd worked on films in China, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine, where we do all the film wherever he could come up with that could not be corroborated. We'll Gary. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And he's also using his tactics that he learned from how to make friends and influence people to sell the product of George Lazenby. So Dyson is impressed with George for whatever reason, just because he kind of looks the party's com. He's cocky, you know, and he before he has George read one line, he calls Harry Saltzman and he starts selling George to Harry Saltzman one of the producers, cubby Broccoli's partner and Saltzman says, bring him over. So they go right over there. And when George meets Harry Saltzman Harry Saltzman got his feet up on the desk, and Harry tells George to sit down. But George who again was just trying to kind of act better than everybody. Like Bon said, no, he refused to sit down. He wouldn't sit down in front of Harry's feet. Harry was taken aback. So he asked George, I live story and Dyson looking on. And at this point, George is quote shitting myself. He just told all these lies and he didn't feel like repeating them for fear that he may slip up. He didn't even remember all the countries. He said, so we felt overwhelmed. And so here Harry is being like, what's your deal? So he's like, what am I actually doing? Instead of answering he points the Dyson and he goes, let him tell you and Harry could not believe the attitude of this guy. So Dyson starts going off and he's regurgitating all this stuff about what Georgia's done to Harry. And again, it's all Bs, and by the end of the meeting, George was so noticeably different than everyone else they'd seen that Harry wanted him to meet with the director Peter. Yeah, who was location scouting? So George still has not read a line and these guys like you want a guy who's going to star in a movie to read a lie. It's true. I think that's fair. I think. Well, because he worked in Hungary, true, Russia, the great. The big empires been tested. This is a Bollywood A-List, her baby is the guy. Okay. So so Harry tells George to come back Friday to meet the director. But at this point, George is just freaking out. He feels very in over his head. So he just says, he can't, and they're like, why can't you? And he says, I'm doing a film in Paris. I just wanted to go. You just wants to go. And Harry is furious at this point because he's kind of fallen in love with him. So he tells him whatever you're making on that gig. I'll pay you that to stay in town. So the ni- lie just gets Georgia, five hundred pounds to not go anywhere, but he wasn't going anywhere. So, yeah, so Friday comes around and he goes to meet with the director. Peter hunt who is irritated because he'd been busy and Switzerland location scouting, oh my God. They flew in the director from the directors like getting ready to make the move. You know, a lot of wheels are in motion because it's gotta be livid. Yes. So they bring him back and hunt was a longtime bond editor, but first time bond film director, and he's feeling a lot of pressure. So he's feels like he's under the gun. And so when he's sitting down with George, Peter wanted to know what George had done film wise, his resume, and Georgia's very intimidated this point and he didn't know what to do. So he did something crazier than lie. Oh, he told the truth quote. I had a meeting with Peter hunt and I told him I didn't tell the truth. I said, I'd never acted before in my life, and I was willing to walk away then. And Peter just bust out laughing and ran around the room holding his belly. You said you can't act quote, Peter said, you fooled two of the most ruthless men I've ever met in my life. He goes stick to your story and I'll make you the next JAMES BOND. This is exactly how crazy Hollywood is. Yes. I mean, truly, really is this is how the till the end seems to be the Hollywood lesson about this. Wait until the very end. So when Harry finds out the truth that Georgia's lying, he's livid. He wants George gone, but Peter like George lot and he insists that he wanted to test them. So George did a screen test. Then another screen test, then hundreds of more screen tests. Heated around two hundred screen tests on my around four months. There were stunts tests and Georgia impressed everyone when they did like a horse stunt. He's a fucking man. He's good on horses. Yeah, he received refuses to wait for a saddle. They're like flying a satellite fucking saddle. He just gets up on the whole her spare back and starts to ride. I mean, again, Australian better, remember that he did swim tests. He did ski tests. There were acting tests. There look tests, George even claims. There was a sex test one day. He's in his room. They're like, put him up in a hotel, the door Chester, I think. And a guy shows up at the door with an attractive girl and the guys like she would like to meet you on Georgia's like, okay, so then they go into the room and George in this girl quickly start hooking up minutes past, and then there. You know having sex and the man is just sitting in the corner while George has sex with this girl and Georgia's like looking over like what the hell is going on, but you know, doesn't ask any questions and when it was over the, the lady and the gentleman get their things together and they both just left that's normal. And he later found out that that was test to make sure that he was not getting the studio had over. That's what you do it. Yeah. He was probably looking for his roommate, Kenny. It's not guys me kid. So towards the end of the four months, Georgia's getting very sick of it. George said, quote, I got to the stage where it was tell me or fuck off. That's where I was at. So then during a fight scene test, George accidentally hits and knocks out one of the stuntman good quote, well, he stuck his chin out and I knocked him out. I was supposed to miss Harry Saltzman stepped over steps over the guy passed out, stepped over him, grabbed my arm, took me over to the wall and said, we're going with you. George cockily replied, it's about bloody time which made Harry furious. And so George quickly started thinking, thank you. Sorry, he's still trying to be cocky. So george. Thinks he's going to be the next JAMES BOND. So he calls his mother and he tells her that he's the new JAMES BOND. And she said, that was great. And then she quickly was also had news and she goes, you licenses run out and he's like, okay, so there's actual driving license or as licensed to sell cars, his actual driver's license, Jesus Christ. What's he gonna do? Yeah. Well, I mean, that's it's just that he calls her and he's just like, I'm James bondage is a license was she's, she's grounded, she is grounded yeah, to the point that it's insane. So would that it was on George Lazenby chocolate model? Three way sex lever first time actor labrador daddy. Australian ache. My was to be the next JAMES BOND in the film on Her Majesty's secret service, fuck, yeah. So Harry and Peter, the director, Harry, the producer and Peter, the director or surely taking a gamble, but Georgia's cheaper labs and be took the gig for only fifty thousand dollars, which was a far cry from what Connery and was pulling in for the role. Plus they felt that Georgia is going to be surrounded by great. Actors like Diana Rigg and telly Savalas who were big names at the time. So go ahead. What if you got a bad actor just put it some Savalas as around them. Try just get little people, make them look big. George understandably could not believe what was happening. They told him to zip it not say anything. The announcement was going to be made public on the cover of life magazine. So on October seventh nineteen sixty eight, a press conference was held. Where Georgia's suddenly being asked questions, is that the reveal that he's bond and he's being asked questions about like what? It's like to be a huge star. And so he takes it all in stride and he told them everything except how he lied to get the part. He just pretended to be calm while he drank and smoked from the article. Quote Lesin be twirls a gun beside a potential bond girl Marie-France boy air. And when he's asked what excited him about the role, he said, quote, I'm really looking forward to being bond for the bread and the birds. Sadly the pope banned the pill that month with dad is the cover still quote, we got four pages on the inside thing is the pope in JAMES BOND of always had a thing. Yes, no women, I expect you figure out how to conceive a child without a pill. That's right. So then two weeks Georgia's off to Switzerland is start shooting the film. The producers insisted that they had to get rid of his Australian accent. So they brought a dialect coach trained him by putting a match in his mouth. So we had to talk with just a match, like investing jaws, take the OSCE out. That's how we talk. Yeah, no, that's how the ozzy's talk English. They're trying to get him. They're not even trying to get him English. They're just trying to get him not silo bloody FA. You know. So instead he's just sort of power. There's been a matinee in my mind. Would you take notice to. All right. Oh, I'm from ethic. I feel. Abject, I feel like the accent coach doesn't know what he's doing am from edge yester- over most. Government? Yeah. So it is I as shooting. He rolls up on a motorcycle. The security guard didn't know who he was did not believe he was JAMES BOND would not let him in. Insistent JAMES BOND if that doesn't just let them in. Nobody does that. Well, I mean. The roles opens his AM JAMES BOND part of the money. They were saying part of the thing that was saying was because he was on a motorcycle to like he's on maybe just like a shitty. Motorcycle. What ended up happening was they were like, you can't ride a motorcycle anymore. So they buy them. They buy them like an Aston Martin or so, there's just like he's like, he refuses to give up the motorcycle, but then we'll give you an estimate and he's like, throw the trash. I don't care. So there's a ton of pressure on him. But George decides that he's just going to try to be calm and enjoy it. People keep pushing to be like Sean Connery, but George insisted on being himself. George also felt like he was being asked to do more than Connery. So he kept saying, quote, I bet the other guy didn't have to do this quote some days I was doing, oh, that's good. Quote, some days I was doing stunts for nearly sixteen hours going from first units, the second unit, and I kept giving him that line and they were just filming and Portugal. Peter hunt came over and he said, say that line of yours. So at the beginning of on Her Majesty's secret service bond is saving this woman from drowning. Then he fights off these three men with oars and anchors. And as he finishes the fight, he says, listen, ever happen to the other fellow. And that's just came just gave him it constantly like, say that I'd set. He was right though. He was asked. He was asked to do a lot more than Sean Connery is doing a lot more stunts way more than Sean Connery. And the reason why was because Harry Saltzman knew that nobody had ever seen George. So if George died, they could just replace him with someone else and start over the loss would merely be financial. So they're like having him do all the stunts the camera shots in the movie. Literally think if he dies there, like if he dies making the movie, nobody's going to be like Sean Connery die. They're just going to be like, oh, this guy, you never heard of died, and they'll just get another guy to play beautiful human beings, Hollywood baby. So so Peter hunt, meanwhile is so busy running to Cameroon. It's full time that George is acting almost became secondary in the film. This led to rumors that hunt and George stop getting long. But what really happened was hunt thought that George was better when he was irritated. So the more that the during nor George, the more intense his performance would get so hunt was trying to get the best performance out of the first time actor by telling people, quote, the longer we stay away from George, the meaner looks and it works for the film, George remembers it quote. So he told everyone not to talk to me not to hang out with me. It made me angry and very uptight. Exactly. But apparently is good. George also didn't get a lotta takes or. Oh my God quote, what nearly every scene in the movie was one take. He gave you one take. He would tell me that and I would do the best that I could. It was another way it was another one of his ways of increasing the intensity for me. That's just trying to save money. It's got. I mean, at that point you're not if you've never acted like you probably don't know how to object almost. And then they're making that fake windy city heat movie, like it's like they're making. It's very. The one take at some point, George probably was like emission with me. This is an elaborate Paraic. I mean, we we did more than one take Merrin and that much three takes like not enough. No, but that's kind of where you are. If you're working on like a cable show your Rita forty takes, but but really you need eight. But you really, you need one just to be like, oh, it's this. These are the parts that sock. That's right. You know? And, but instead he's just doing one and he's not talking to the director, the director is pretty much ignoring you're supposed to. You're supposed to make movies. So George was definitely, meanwhile offset enjoying the perks. He took private jets around Europe to socialize while shooting. He claims. He drank a bottle of vodka a day. He smoked lots of pot. He had tons of sex. He barely slept. He was also getting offered money to just show up at parties. But the thing with that was that grew tired because deep down George knew that those parties, they didn't want him there. They just wanted the new JAMES BOND. At the end of the film spoiler Diana rigs character is killed, oh my God, they've you, would you do that shocking that they kill bond couldn't Bruin girls. So while they're filming Georgia's so caught up in this kind of death scene where she's dead and he's kind of holding her arms that he actually starts crying and he's giving like a real performance and he's it's happening. The emotion is there. He's proud of it and halfway through the scene, the director yelled cut Peter HUD script cut, JAMES BOND doesn't cry, and then he resets them. That's right. He was like, really? JAMES BOND doesn't cry. Yeah. But if you're if you're if you've never act and impressive, the big fry chocolate guy like we'll good shut up. Don't do that. The JAMES BOND is and cry trail. All in all the film was pretty good for a bond film. George wasn't the best actor, but then again, he wasn't an actor. He was good with all the action. Like I said, he did all of those crazy stunts. He was also forced to double lot of his lines after the film was shot which may be has to do with doing, hey, yeah, I don't know. In retrospect, maybe not the best of calls. In nineteen sixty nine. Wait. It came out in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine on Her Majesty's secret service was getting ready for wide release as the premier was approaching. Everyone seemed to be very happy with George and they knew they had their future bond. However, somehow George shot the whole film without signing a contract for anymore and United Artists wanted that taking care of mmediately the truth is they wanted to see how he did when it was all put together and when they did, they liked him and when they liked him, they needed him. So this job of getting them to sign the contract fell on the shoulders of Harry Saltzman. So Harry was relentlessly pursuing George to sign what is known as a slave contract. This contract tells you how you can act how you can dress where you can go, not just what you're not just for the movies. They wanted him to sign up for the next six bond films totally worth it. But George said he wanted fifty k. a pop put. George said he wanted to think about it, which shocked them you see, George was deep into. Being a hippie after he was done shooting. He grew his hair longer and he started sporting a beard. Fuck you and Lee leading up to the premier, and it helped him not get recognized this ruffled, some feathers with the studio and the producers. He was told to not attend the premiere. If he had a beard, they were like they were so like JAMES BOND does not have a beard. What are you doing? Yeah. And he, I mean, if you see, he's not. It's not like he grew like a shaman beard. He probably he probably to them. He went from JAMES BOND to the spin doctor. Yeah, and this is sixty sixty eight or whatever this is like they're, they're stuffy is like they see a hint of hippie on them. They're like, oh, no, stench. Stench hippie off. So he was told to not attend the premiere. He thought that was ridiculous and he still showed up with his beard. And now the studio was not happy with this violation, and they cancelled the publicity tour that they were about to send them on due to the beard cinema. They sent them all across the country and Georgia's living by the way. In in England for even up until recently. There's always a weird thing about beards. I think it's gone now. But like when when when is that Calvin Acas went to England in, oh, like this recently recently, like two thousand was like, what's with the fucking beard man like. Yeah, it's just a weird. Yeah. Even when English people grow a beard. It's not like the kind of beard that guys like you and I grow dough. Schrimm it trim. It looks like a professor. So they cancelled his press tour. So Georgia's pissed because he was very excited to see the US like that was one of the main reasons he was pumped up and so he he takes himself on a press tour. So he pays his way to go across the country. On his own press tour this. So he would just show up at like local news studio. This is the best and he would pitch himself. He would knock on the door and he'd be like. James bond. And since there was no PR behind him, it led to some fun headlines like quote, George Lazenby, the new JAMES BOND says he has taken quote, a beautiful trip on LSD. Both the Australian star of on Her Majesty's secret service tried the hallucinatory drug because quote, my curiosity was getting the better of me, but he added that he was under medical supervision. At the time quote, I realized the harmful effects of it. But to me, it was a beautiful trip. He said earlier, he said earlier in the day, Mr. Lazenby admitted to four hundred youngsters that he had smoked marijuana. So he's just he's gone rogue. Their worst night. He's gone rogue, and and he's full on hippie. He is now a full on hippie and really not bond what really not it's not. No. So when the film is released on Her Majesty's secret service, as you asked did get released, it is a film that is released. He is, yes, the films raise it was pretty big, hit huge it. Actually, it broke UK and US box office records. Okay. And people again, like they were not like even if you watch bond movies like it is a serviceable roll. It really is more about like the act. And like they always, you know, a few tropes. Yeah. Like all that shit. So so everyone's happy. They're like they replace JAMES BOND. So this puts the studio in an even more frenzied state to get them to sign the contract. So they're United Artists is breathing down Harry Saltzman snack and Harry's anxious. So he keeps telling Georgia sign it keeps telling George to sign it until eventually he just tells George, he will straight up, give him a million dollars to sign it off the books under the table. That's a million dollars amazing. But George c. love deal fucking loves his beard. You don't wanna. Do a dude loves his beard man. He was still by my fucking beard. He was still very bothered. Yes. What had gone on beard gate, the slave contract, the amount of ownership that it would take over his life. The one takes one takes, yeah, director not talking to you. It's all bad. But the truth is he also had a manager who let's just say was not a genius Ronin over here. Healy was his name, which is a great name to say a whole really. Really. Oh, Healy, Roane, and rear. So his manager Ronin Healy toe, George that he didn't think bond was going to have staying power quote. I had Ronan. I had Ronin over here with me at the time and Ronin says, quote, Clint Eastwood is making five hundred thousand dollars a western in Italy. You can do to of those and make a million forget about it. Ronin suggested with the films at the time like easy rider and the very hippy age coming on strong that JAMES BOND looked very dated. So with all this weighing on George. He knew what he had to do cut loose and he passed on doing anymore. That's right. Fuck bond. It's fucking shitty. Ancient franchises. Clearly going down the shitter you know what? A staying power western. Yeah, spaghetti westerns as we all know. The producers, the studio, the press the public, and basically anyone else who knew what the deal was was stunned just doing one JAMES BOND film was totally a shocking decision that I was fucking mind. So shortly after George, who is still confident is decision was quoted as saying, quote, I'm terribly impressed with Dennis hopper. I'd like to work for him. I also like Arthur Penn, John Schlesinger, and Peter Yates. What I'm going to do is look for a great director. I a good screenplay second book. Yeah. So even then like you can hear in there that he like it's easy rider, like easy rider was like the hippy movie and like he and this manager. That's the way the first writers twelve hours or something original cut the original cut. Yeah, there's a cut of easy rider that's just like on literally. Literally that easy. It's just them riding motorcycles. It's my people should be allowed to do LSD and make movies. I mean, I, I don't disagree with you. I can't fully sign off on. So so meanwhile, like everyone is like, what are you doing? You know, but he claims he has no regrets on leaving the bond franchise quote. I make better money doing commercials. And it's much more rewarding. Yeah. No, you get to carry a big crater chocolate around. Hold up chocolate bars. You headline khloe laszevski quits 007 quote, Monday, George Lazenby the twenty nine year old Australian chosen to succeed Sean Connery as the screen. JAMES BOND says, he is quitting after his first upload seven film laszevski who first drew attention with his appearance in a British television. Chocolate commercial was picked from five hundred hope hopefuls for the Plum bond part in the movie on Her Majesty's secret service. Now, laszevski has stunned the filmmakers by saying he's not interested in making any more films quote, they disregard everything. I suggested simply because I hadn't been in the film business like them for about a thousand years. His co-star miss Diana Rigg former avengers star is quoted as saying, quote, I can no longer cater for his obsession with himself. He is utterly unbelievably, bloody impossible. They fucked. Actually they did. They actually did. Wait a little bit, and she said she was like, if we're going to date, you cannot sleep with anyone else. And he's like, okay. And then like literally the next day he's sleeping with some girls and like the stunt coordinator opens the tent to show her him in mid coitus, and she's like, okay, well, this is over. But she's also like she's like an actress like she's like a legitimate like so for her, she's like, oh yeah. But for him, he's just like potty isn't gripe potty? Yeah, he's still the guy that's just looking for the night school thing to do. Yeah. I mean, he's JAMES BOND. It really is like it's just gotta be mind-bending. So despite the controversy brewing in the bond world laszevski was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in majesty's image on Her Majesty's time that abondoned been nominated for a Golden Globe. And with that, the search was on for the new bond again. So they went with this guy named Sean Connery. That's right. Connery came back for his fifth and final bond film diamonds are forever because Connery was probably doing it the whole time to get to get a bump. And so they went through the rigamarole and they're like, well, yeah, we'll show you. Well, they also probably there is also probably an element of being like we can't just have a new bond every film like, and there's some consistency there. It seems less weird to reset. For another Connery. But also he was convinced to come back for the role for one point, two, five million plus twelve point, five percent of total gross, which resulted in around six million dollars total, which is the highest salary for any actor at the time. Well, Georgia got fifty thousand. And almost got killed. And that was that Georgia's out Connery was back in during one interview. Shortly after saying no, Georgia's asked quote, which would you prefer to be a stereotype JAMES BOND or a car salesman like you used to be George smiles and says, car salesman luck. I used to be amazing. I get it. The craziest thing about the stories is still the fact that William buffet has that thing on his Warren Buffett, warm Williams is a little brother. I, he's very little boy. So George waited for his new hippie roles that him in Healy, we're waiting on. This is the thing that has managed didn't take an account is he wasn't a hippie on screen. Yeah, so so they never come and nine hundred seventy one George decides he's going to follow up with a role as Reicher in the film, universal soldier, but his attempt at a more serious production failed at the box office. Wait, universal soldier was a more serious production. A dramatic turn shows you how cartoony bond is. And I'm looking to do something grounded like we're robot soldiers, something that's not bananas, something that I can really sink. My teeth into bond is just not. He's not a grounded character. It'd be like a half man, half robot hobby. Reicher the half man, half robot. It goes a little evil. Is that cool. So Georgia's blackballed in the US and the UK five years later, his career in western cinema is seemingly over without any prospect is license renewed. Let me let me follow up on that. That's actually a tea that I didn't cross. I apologize done that. So without any prospects of work, George headed to Hong Kong in the nineteen seventies and starred in adventure film, fuck yes. And I'd much rather do this to be some bullshit JAMES BOND thing. Yeah, I agree. I can Hong Kong kung FU. He is such a hustler to like, he's just like, you know, I mean, dude wasn't even an actor and this is four years later three years later, and he's just like whatever is trying to make money and have fun. Yeah. So that George saw away with with the Senate majority saw way to make his name back in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. Bruce Lee was a huge star. So George Lazenby did what George Lazenby does. He chartered a flight to Singapore to meet Bruce Louis without any arrangements having been made. So he gets in with this PR girl that he meets at the Hyatt and she tells him to go to Hong Kong. That's where Bruce Lee was, which is amazing to not do that amount of research normal. Not to just go to Singapore and then be like, whereas Bruce Lee, but what kind of there's no Google. There's no research then is meaning a PR which I thought about this. And I do think there would have been a way to be like, oh, he lives in Hong Kong. I feel like you could find that out. I don't know, maybe not well, anyway. So yeah, he James Bond's it and he's talked to this girl and she tells more years. So he takes a bus to Hong Kong, and he gets the office of Bruce Lee and he walks in and he talks to a producer who told Bruce the George Lazenby was there to see him the Ambrose Lee sent him away. Yeah, you'd no interest. So George Georgia's down and out walking around Hong Kong during the Bruce Lee story ever happened. So Georgia's down and out walking around Hong Kong during you gotta listen to one of saying or the church is walking around during a typhoon. He's like, depressed, walk around at night. This is the sad part of the story. You walk around at a typhoon. So then a Mercedes Benz pulls up and it's Bruce Lee amd Bruce Lee tells them to get in. And so you kind of saves them from. Assu NAMI and and they go to dinner and they hit it off right away. And by the end of the meal, Bruce decided that he and George would indeed make a film together. Yeah, this is Bruce told his manager to give George ten thousand years. This is seventy three. Oh boy. Okay. He tells George, he tells his manager to get George ten thousand dollars, get him a new suit. The next day they set George up with a Bank account and he and Bruce Lee are talking nonstop about what the film would be. Bruce. Lee's calling him at like three in the morning. They're discussing characters. And then sadly, Bruce Lee died five days later. That's what I asked. That's why the year, because Bruce Lee died. It feels like that's one of those feels like there's no punctuation at the end double typhoon. It is. Yeah. Talk about us walking around in two typhoons in one week. Georgia is now the grim reaper. Yeah, he might have the the cooler. So over the over the years since. So that movie didn't happen that movie did not happen on a kind of the death of prisoners. Exactly. Yeah. Over the years since George has become a bit of a punchline in ways, but he still thinks it was the right thing to do. He doesn't regret passing on six more bond films, quote, do I have any regrets only when I was broke, but I did a bond film and that's all you have to do after that. When I was broke a couple of times, I thought, shit, I should have done another bond movie. It's so inherently also brilliant. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it really is. It's like he's just like a small town. He's I think that is the thing he thought in his mind was he was like worst case scenario. I go back to go back to what I was doing. It wasn't the worst thing in the world. During the eighties and nineties Lazovic was on General Hospital. He was on another soap opera called rituals, which I know you loved. He was on General Hospital. Yeah. Yeah. He signed a contract to do General Hospital and then even took a role on an episode of Baywatch where he may have actually played like he did stuff where he would like like he did commercials where he would play bond like for a VCR. Yeah. So it's kind of like this. I don't want to say sad, but it's like, you know, here he rejected the role of JAMES BOND, but he still do it for like commercials, but he didn't have to live it like they want him to live it. They wanted to be a different person. And that really is like even the stuff that his manager said, like to him, it was more like, I don't like what they're doing to me. Right. You know, he was like, rejected their system a little bit. So, yeah, so he did. He did all those things. He married twice. He's backing us, Jillian. Oh, he, he kind of went back and forth, but basically lived in LA mainly he married twice. You know, we lived in Asia for awhile as well. He had two kids. He developed a bit of a drinking issue which made them less than stellar family. Man. He even discovery at a daughter that he didn't know about until she was in her twenties when she contacted him and he right away, it was like, well, let's mate. George does take solace over the whole bond thing in a meeting that he had with surely McLean Georgia's son was sick and would eventually pass away and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. So MacLean said, quote, take him to a psychic. So George went to the psychic that she recommended while they couldn't figure out the psychic couldn't figure out what his sons disease was. She did quote, analyze my life. And when I said I gave up JAMES BOND, she said, quote, just as well. I said why she said you've probably had three wives in Beverly Hills in different houses, and you would be drug addict, and I thought quote, wow, it's a good thing. I did give it up. When you put it like that, definitely like wanted to hear something like that. And Georgia's still isn't done waiting as recently still alive. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He's he's like in his seventies, but he's still like he's so actually still around. He will still act. He's still around. I mean, he doesn't. He's definitely not fulltime actor. He ended up like for years, riding dirt bikes like he really did just kind of looks. What else are you gonna do? Yeah. So we like to road dirt bikes. Like I said, he did commercials, you know, anybody tries sailed like he sailed for like fifteen months at one point or something like that. Kind of living the life in a lot of ways. I mean, when you think about the trade off, you have to be. That is your life. I mean, his life. I would never be. I think Jean being JAMES BOND. Besides the money, I think that life sucks. The slave contract thing is contract, but also just being that famous the amount of time that on Her Majesty's secret service shot for nine months. I mean, these movies shoot for a they shot for like almost a year. So. And if you're doing six, if he signs up for six, you're talking about like the next ten years of your life fully defined as JAMES BOND, and you know, it's interesting. So. George, Susan done waiting. He says, quote, I'm still waiting for the right perfect role to set things right. I'd really love the chance. So I learned of this story from my friend, Josh Greenbaum documentary called becoming bond which people can watch a number of places. It is a great way to sort of hear it from George what he thinks what he went through. There's also this really kind of, you know, a lot of his life was kind of driven by a girl who got away at the end of the dock. Laszevski is asked what he hopes people remember about his life. He takes a beat and simply says, quote, I'd like them know that you can defy what is expected of you and write your own story. And George Lazenby did just that. Yeah. I mean, that's a fucking really good story. I mean, he's gonna do looks like a bond. Yeah, but but yeah, you the people who walk away from shit. So those guys that are the quality of life. I mean, they're the people don't get Holly Hollywood to play the game into be in that circuit and to live that life to me is intolerable like literally and tall on that level. I mean, even when you see, like, you know, obviously both probably know some people who are extremely that that existence is difficult very difficult as far as like having your own life. You know, certainly it like money money is absolutely something that when people say money like money takes away, a lot of your stress money eliminates a lot of worry. Money does a lot of that stuff, but it still there is a compromise you make if you are like I will be the biggest star in the world everywhere you go every every place you're being watched. You're never not being watched and imagine a man that imagine imagine if yeah, I mean how many people would turn down the opportunity to be JAMES BOND, but there's just not a lot. Even if you're getting even if you have a manager telling not he just was like, fuck your system. One hundred percent. Yeah. And my friend, Josh also told me that if I want to hang out with him, I probably can. So I'll do that. We do that. Yeah, for sure. I don't want that to happen. Yeah. So that is, and and when I heard this, like I was not sure if you'd because I'm like, you would think that you would know all like he's just like forgotten even the franchise because the next made a movie. He was the JAMES BOND. You hear about, like even I mean, I wasn't alive for like, you know, some of the other bonds like Roger Moore, if I think Roger, Millar Timothy, Dalton, I know Roger Moore, I know Sean, you know, who they think of Roger Moore hadn't come along and really taken over that role. I think that it would be more one one one and then you'd know him more. Yeah, because he rolled with it and they blackballed him and they were like they didn't wanted him raised Hollywood, so great. Yeah, makes you want to be a cubby broccoli. Sometimes. Call us the cubby. Broccoli story. Yeah. Okay. Now I recognize him as an older guy. Yeah, I've seen it. Yeah. And he's still, he's still gets like, yeah, he's, he's still like he'll be at award shows on Australia every now and then and stuff like that. But it's such it is. It's hard like. The feeling I get from Australia's at times like when you when I read their history. So this is a fucking guy. That's very Australia. Yes, truly, he, I mean, yeah, he, I mean, he really is like a small town kid, like even. There's a story about when he loses virginity that he loses virginity. And when he ejaculated, he thought is dick blew up. I've done this. So he has sex for the first time and he literally finishes. And then he tells the girl he's in a car, and he tells the girl it'd be right back and he runs over and he expects to see his penis as explore and he sees it there and he's like, okay, and then he just like, did kinda. Yeah, I know it did, but it can repeat explosion. Takes a liquid exploded, ten minutes later. Yeah, much like a gadget. The q. would give him. You see James, if you who's your prick, it would blare out. Well, it's a crazy story. Yeah. So now let's go to the land of him tonight. Yeah, tonight we're leaving tonight. Yeah, boy. All right. Then here on. Come to the shows in Australia, della podcasts, dot com. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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