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Israel Gutierrez Pablo Tori, L. Dunkin thanks for being here seventy two hours since the Sean Jackson Dan. Then multiple explanations whether you accept them as a policies is of the story how the Eagles NFL one fellow NFL players responded and did not respond part of this story, and how the eagles punishment should go fine release or that strongly-worded statement enough. I'll have you consider how the franchise dealt with Riley Cooper and the N.. Word years ago. The lack of response players is a little intriguing especially not to compare it to just to consider how the League responded, that drew brees recently and also today news of the day. Steven Jackson in responding and support saw Jackson furthering with antisemitic comments as a whole lot to get through public tour your. Yeah I start from the fact that I was just watching on instagram. Live Stephen, Jackson stand up for comments that the Sean Jackson has already begun to walk back into Sean Jackson there's this question of his malice. Is it incompetence? How could you possibly quote Hitler or fake Hitler? And that was fine, but Stephen Jackson what he's doing must be condemned in the clearest possible terms. He's trafficking and insanely bigoted textbook anti-semitism. He's talking about the conspiracy about Jewish people running all of the banks in the world. He's going down that mode of thought and the reason it's heartbreaking. Is that simply because he is feeding a? A strain of true bigotry that resulted in the genocide of a population of people it's also heartbreaking because Stephen Jackson Tony has been at the center of the most impactful development in race relations in America the century. This is George Floyd's twin. This is a man who has fought for legitimate causes, and so the fact that he is now going to go down this road, and seemingly stand on it that to me speaks to so much awful about America right now, including the next phase of this, which is people pointing at him and discrediting the things that he actually stands up for that are in fact legitimate. Fears your view of right and taking this back to Sean Jackson. Started, this, and this whether you believe it or not, and I tend to believe Sean Jackson was ignorant. It was naievety that he didn't really recognize what he was reading or what it meant, but you put that out there and then Stephen Jackson has his response and doubles down on his response and now look what happened as Pablo just mentioned. You can't de-legitimize him now, because the George Floyd connection. Connection and now you just say Stephen. Jackson sounds like somewhat of a crazy person who is not an inclusive person who does not welcome everybody, and it begins with the Sean. Jackson, and his post, and so now you wonder what the NFL has to do what the eagles have to do, and frankly they haven't set a precedent on something like this in the past. You mentioned the Riley, Cooper. Saying the N. were Tony, and he was soon after that contract extension, and so is this the point in this time in this climate that we raised that bar and say Sean Jackson. That was despicable. That was unacceptable. Look what you've begun therefore. Hey, we can't have you as part of our organization anymore. Is that the time I? Don't know if that's the time, but if they decide that, it is the time I'm perfectly okay. Ignorance is no excuse. It's something we've said on this show before in the past and other stories. It's something we all believe. Initially. When this story first came out, I, this was beyond ignorance for me. On the Sean Jackson's part I was so lost the deep recesses up the Internet. And now we're seeing a chorus in support of him, and that's why this conversation is so important and we're back at it. Today L. Dunkin. You're incredible yesterday in your in your thoughts about how this is. A teachable moment has to be more than that, and also you said there is no hierarchy to bigotry, racism, sexism and anti-semitism. And I want to ask you to you this way today. We haven't heard from NFL players like we heard from NFL players in the past, condemning Sean, Jackson and I. Want Your view of that. Yeah I mean I think it's because there's a PA- pension to want to protect your own, and not speak out against your own community, and I'm certainly experiencing some of that right now because I do have an outpouring of support, if particular might my Jewish friends and colleagues that are saying, thank you for saying something, but also from some black people who were saying like how dare you publicly? Shame another black man. You're a clown and I think that it would feel hypocritical. I have for the last few months. You guys been imploring my white and Brown and. And other communities, imploring them to not stand silent in the face of oppression and inequality and racism. I have been asking them to be allies to be vocal allies, and to then on one hand. Ask people to do that for the cause of the defect, my community, black people, and then to say absolutely nothing when someone dehumanizes an entire other community is hypocritical, and and frankly it's wrong, and that's the point. 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Lastly I know. You're thinking of painting the nursery back to off white, but I'm actually feeling. This baby blue didn't think it was my color, but I m pulling it off, Gyco for bundling made easy. Go to GEICO. Dot Com today. Thank you for saying that L. token came across rail post in Players Tribune. Recently about a trip he made to Auschwitz and how he made all of his. MBA needs go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington C. With them whenever they went to a trip. Rudy to play the wizards and I pass it on to you today. He's talking about universal experience of humanity, urine and everything that that. has come across in the last two days unbelievable. We'll move on one more story though I wanNA. Get your take on. Today. WNBA how they responded to dream owner, Kenny Kelly Leffler, her denial and opposition to black lives matter. And the WMBA responded by saying. They have seen her being active owner in the day to day in the last nine months Israel. What position is the WNBA and right now? I think the WB actually has to do something about this has to find a way to get leffler away from from the Atlanta Dream I mean that league is full of intelligent progressive women that are fighting the Rhone individual fights, and then to have somebody with co owner in their title essentially say hey, you don't matter enough for me for me to fight for you to have this symbol of black lives. Matter on the court is something that I not only. Do not want on there. It comes across his her being offended by it. Leffler and we've seen a lot of hypocrisy in her words. We've seen it in her actions, and it's just when you have this. Many of the women in the wnba speaking up something has to be done. We're supposed to be outing. People who speak in codes or who have these hypocritic. Hypocritical axe right now, and this is clearly one of them. L. Dunkin. Yeah, listen. You are allowed to say and believe whatever you want to. She can believe that black lives matter movement is a terrorist organization, and she can believe that Lgbtq community should not have the same rights as people who are heterosexual and she can believe that. Legally caring black folks with with guns is a mob, but that does not mean that she gets the privilege of then profit off of those exact same communities that she would try to keep her foot on their neck period. It's a private situation here. They can kick her out of the League in the same way that kicked Donald Sterling out of the League for the exact same thing freedom of speech, not freedom from consequence. Public Orey, yeah. This feels like a higher up person. A person of great political power, great financial power, trolling the women in the WNBA and it seems pretty transparent that this is part of political gamesmanship. By the way, this is someone who is a part of a political movement that trolls as a matter of course, and so when you take those athletes athletes who have been by the way underestimated and overlooked in terms of their impact on the movement. We've been describing the WNBA has been a leader. Leader in this way wearing I can't breathe shirts in Minnesota. Before all of this, my a more stepping away from her job to free someone who was wrongfully imprisoned to take those women and ask them to swallow quite frankly. The trash being spouted by Kelly Leffler is offensive, and by the way we haven't even mentioned the insider trading scandal during the endemic that she made news for before all of this even happened so I think the WNBA has a very clear path year and involves her exit. Hello. This is your apartment I need some favors from you. Your cat keeps rubbing against the kitchen island and I can't return the favor. Can you give her extra pets for me after that? 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