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Sorry to Joshua Powell no she wasn't near Ward Lion Now your I know with almost every wife that disappears you know she was last seen alive the next day the entire Powell family was initially reported missing by family members didn't have to make it work it should just come natural making it work is way different than being jovial on a on Joshua and Susan married on January home at midnight the night before leaving Susan Sleeping and took the kids on a camping trip at Simpson Springs Campground in Western into thin air her purse car and foam were left incomes rolling in Oh Joshua later that day after being Susan's appointments to cover proctor and took the children out of Daycare Co Workers Joshua told police that he was asked or other accident it became increasingly suspicious when Susan did not show up at work that day at Wellsfargo financially Charles and Brandon had attended church and a neighbor recalled visiting them out the power residence before leaving around five pm the day and you camp at night to see all the beauty exactly when Josh will go back with the kids from the trip he decided to cancel all lamp check Nail God don't start that stupid y'all light Lisera no she's so frigging stoop now she's not in Utah Utah what time of year was oil the thing is that it was freezing outside and have recently snowed is to that his coworkers God some people look it all so stupid though yeah but then they would call them for looking at up to Ali hold of his wife's disappearance he didn't seem concerned at all and police recalled acting strange he told police that he left his home l. whatever she told friends ajaj was cruden controlling behavior the morning of December sixth Susan a hair because he asked about it but I mean how many people do you think really have paid bodies though such idiots so stupid no bit more as a lie that's a lie friends of Susan felt like there was more to the story than that was on the surface Susan expressed I needed to hide a body what would you in the snow will they find when the snow melts and still be preserved because disappearance Charles told a teacher that his mother was dead Oh yeah and at Daycare Brayden drew a picture of a van with three people inside them how in the world do you had hot Abbadi what what had you had a body uh-huh well Joshua was definitely not slick in a row suspicion amongst the family and officials upon investigating officials found blood on the floor born and how many marriages are non and your won't to get married so there's a few I don't know I don't know bring her back but she didn't return with them so their in laws my question later after Susan's just say on this point I'm not shut up along with distress letter she wrote to her friends at this are at the Powell home belong to Susan along with a life insurance policy of Susan's of one point five million dollars the bills maybe not exactly but we will get something for you that's why we keep you around is mature and in about a year or whatever tragedy that always has a weird way of Fargo financial little financial everything was left like she had really just disappeared linked to find fan blowing at a wet spot on the floor which was weird look could have had an Acura accidentally pee wee wee accident just asking not saying I need to not yeah not science high blood clotting hi Dan I say and if one that's a great time to carry little time camping extend the middle of the night that makes the warmest part of the day it just makes no sense of warmest part exactly hey it do I really don't either poor Allah let me say a L. L. A. Okay whatever to stay with his father for the holidays on January sixth he went back home to Utah with his brother Michael to gather things and to rent out his don't kill me because you won't get a penny you'll be paying a you think you're gonNA be paying now we'll get something for you uh-huh I'm okay and if you're going to murder your wife and cab your children around watch you should do is have a talk with them on the way back home telling what happened to shut the hand when question about the drawing he said that Mommy was in the trunk he just tell us bill an old I won't listen to me out too well one should have done it while you our younger but he talked about nothing shut a hill of earlier and family people say that Josh will return to Washington because he lost his job in Utah early two thousand ten wasn't enough evidence for the Cure Joshua well police decide to question him and Charles the questioning concluded that Susan did in fact go on the camping which I don't understand why she would really gre- go on the camping trip but maybe she was forced water they accidentally forget the the investigation continued on Joshua became increasingly uncooperative on December eighteenth two thousand ten Martin Down Stupid people really do that you know stone mountain snow and then they'll delve melt they'll mail with the snow Joshua took his children and moved to holly up to why Paul Up Washington oh I don't know tail down to shut the hail up and not tell anybody no you just make up and say that the boogeyman or now because then they'll say that fourteenth two thousand eleven investigators believed that they have found human remains in grave on Topaz Mountain your nephew Utah Joshua Joshua's father tried to make everyone believe that Susan had abandoned her family due to mental illness issues and had fled with another Joshua knew this area will having visiting there previously on camping trips after searching the site thoroughly investigators conclude as video whatever on the podcast anymore you might know what happens they found out he had been videotaping young girls including Susan without their knowledge Susan's family so she was a young girl uh-huh now you say now let me tell you Charles Tall shut the hell Do not speak a word this are you going to go and Tom out for the rest out by anthropologists all this was occurring Steven Powell was getting arrested and charged with voyeurism and child pornography wow a of his children would be to move out his family home and find his own place so he rented out a home in Graham Washington and then the WSB West the Boogeyman or the teacher will live Johnny was the book he looked like the heat like daddy more so everyone thought he just made it look as though he lived there to get his children back but in reality who was still living with his family supervised visits February fifth two thousand twelve was when the disaster happened he had then actually moved Ah Oh my goodness and he's okay daddy okay okay that might not know what happened to mommy into his home in Graham at this time as soon as the social worker wall to the front door with the Children Josh will open the door snatched the children locked out of the house in a few minutes later the house exploded into pieces during the nine one one call the dispatcher was no help at all and continued to ask her random questions and even began to get agitated with her when she was trying to explain what happened he kept asking her the same questions over and over again instead of dispatching police he could have gotten her location from the GPS but instead he like like other young young girls and in their season couldn't Lord Susan's gene enrolling in La but she's a strong lady she knows what she's doing whatever she checks her family wasn't that shocked with the arrest and thought it was good time for Susan's father to try to gain custody of the children in which he when he was Joshua did not get his children and it was made in January two thousand twelve that social worker bring the kids to see him for call their bullshit and publicly Sushi's family called their book yet well they didn't really say I call your bullshit but way yanking them inside he acted as though he was angry so the social worker decided to phone non one she was man. Yeah you've got the sun saying shoes and Trou- it doesn't turn out well Susan's family Last Housing Utah Josh Woodside Delivering Polio in the same house as the father with his father Louis is he got a big mouth but he meant the data must didn't tell them nothing about being quiet about it you would have thought that the daddy would have been leased needed that guess what there were no human remains and believe that it could have been just in ancient bureau site but that theory was quickly ruled out since father was a bother that's what I said was awarded custody of the children the way for Joshua to regain custody and no just saying like young girls and Sues Oh okay could you set including Nevada ignore now how call your boo onto their boss and rejected these false claims publicly September was father got it they thought it was a good idea for Joschka would get cuts in no that's not at all what I said I said Suzie okay now we can't say nothing about Tommy this yes or mommy oh never combine the life that's what I would remind me we'll come back to you rock thing Oh was awarded what do you have a question dia would you please read that so since Josh don't you what we got licensed y'all will get something from me but that's why we're keeping you around you wouldn't get nothing from US I know that responding to more serious calls and said that an officer would call her will the time that she ever got that call from officer took over five minutes asking her what her location was he told her that he would send someone there after and we're back I'm GonNa tell you during the break drew let me borrow the leggings and they are comfortable I got I could wear these carbon monoxide poisoning all that's horrible after hacking the boys he went into the kitchen turned on the gas stove there are also two gas cans at the back of the floor pay attention it is believed that Michael and Joshua were working together to kill Susan but to this day Michael Powell killed himself it is no Michael was the brother of Joshua I'm sorry sorry the family Ajaj was said that he contacted them while he was in the house to say his goodbyes February eleventh two thousand thirteen that was quite stored thank you thank you for your compliment and therefore quick break do your do there's no closure whatsoever nothing except for anybody exactly that's I think that's bull but that's crazy listen the Rafiq part is what happened in the house before them though Joshua had grabbed a hatchet and continued to be Charles should have been the number one operator kill them basically to me to me I feel like because by the time for police stupid Lalla Gate and shit around by the number one dispatcher even though that made no sense you know he was really know fricking hill now here's a loser Susan still remains missing so no closure there you thump thump Thum so sad your own anyway whatever and it's time for my story okay else that he emptied into the home might what's the purpose of doing it to the kids I don't know but he then lit the lighter and Bam I do I just wanted to reach through the phone and stabbed that mother dogs call he could've dispatched the police from the very beginning her gps but she gave him the address but then she was like how long does it you can look up this nine one one call but it's like ten minutes long it's two of them and it sucks use a mass I really feel like the nine one one operator roles emperor radim with it all causing deep wounds into their heads and neck alway always were not dip because at the hatchet g causes death was take and he said Ma'am sorry we'd have to dispatch cost for life threatening and and she said well this is life threatening assaulted long and not even know that I'm wearing things they look great they're comfortable and they're cool don't let him fool you adding get any he got him own self appeared there were calling Bam boom that's a really small bay they were gonna Bam knock better they were going again well all right okay surely some of Y'all out there it recognizes that song I never heard him it's a great folk song but it is Tom Dooley and most people that's all they know is a song but there's a story behind it it is about a real man named Thomas C Dula and Thomas Dula was born on June twenty second of eighteen forty five to a poor appalachian the Appalachian Trail Appalachian trail family in Wilkes County North Carolina eighteen forty five men in the world do people even anyway is whether any given me all I really do think spoke route that is both Josh and the kids were killed in the explosion how do we even know this stuff shriveling up journal and Wrecker is an archives that's a while and newspapers for are we also are members of new newspapers dot com which goes back they have newspapers from eighteen hundreds really yeah if you would like to use them for any of your research a young Tom attended school and grew up playing with the female foster girls and who later became Milton and her cousins Laura in pauline and he was born to a poor Appalachian trail family in Wilkes County North Carolina he had two older brothers and one younger sister as a child and as the kids started growing up Tom and and became intimate in fact and mother found and goes eight hundred ninety nine they're crooks there was a woman and her husband had whipped her and so she got back at him at suppertime and hacked him in the head with the and do y'all Fang but don't do it two hundred eighty seven they don't do it too much but anyway on absolutely we have a we have and if you would like ain't nobody born listen but if you are good for you yes you've come a long way honey the I think you can get some crazy stuff off you can't like some Alma Gosh in eighteen ninety his eighteenth birthday tom joined the confederate army he served as a private in company K in the forty second North Carolina Infantry Regiment until the war ended in eighteen sixty five it was a true backwoods boy he was a trooper letter Tom Dula was literate proven by the fifteen page account of his life that he wrote him being literate was highly unusual lot of bullshit may be Tom played the fiddle and he was considered to be quite the lady Abe's man plays the fiddle Tom did not escape the war unscathed he suffered various injuries Anna Stan as listener of war throughout the course of the war each of his brothers died in the war which left Thomas his mother sole remaining boy before the war battle of Gettysburg way but I felt am was supposed to be ambushed who he was caught in bed with exactly she married a yeah before he ran if murdered Laura foster because she was still in love with Tom and was jealous Laura was marrying him others believe that perhaps Tom New Jesus this is weird and cousin pauline foster testified that an had led her to the site of the grave one night dozen Laura on the morning of Eight may twenty fifth eighteen sixty six she quietly left her home where she lived with her father Wilson Foster forgave him the puck which is syphilis Omagh aw testimony indicated Tom believed law had given him Tom in bed together when am was only fourteen years old ooh thr- guess you grew up vast Batman three months before what happened that day many of the stories that have grown out of the folklore of the time implicate and Milton in some way some believe an or started and Mary James Milton a farmer and Cobbler who was a neighbor to both an Tom Melton also served in the civil war fighting in the yeah before he went will both men were taken prisoner and returned home alive shortly after arriving Home Dula resumed this relation suspected an had murdered foster but because he still loved and he refused to implicate her after he was arrested and took the blame for the murder X. who yet and they use a lot of access to all right anyway Thomas do he was born in June twenty second eighteen forty five and took off on his horse bill never to be seen alive again while it is not known for certain Tom and Ann for syphilis yeah wow as he also did pauline foster really witnesses testified in court that Tom made the incriminating statement he was going to do in whoever can ship with an given its reputation as liberty it did not take Dula long to also begin an intimate relationship with and philos- which he might have passed onto an oh my gosh so there's a lot of shit going on in Asia Tom Tom was a here everybody wanted Tom Speak Tom was doing an but thin an was doing second guy that she mary yes many believe that Tom may have caught the disease from pauline foster and passed it along to the other foster women they believed all that he caught it from war exactly whichever of the three kilter Okay Laura just poulain his kingdom for using who who exactly is falling pauline is an cousin okay so Laura right she an and Laura yes she's Christ Acting hundred Jesus the local doctor testified that he had treated both and Tom Paul he actually got up from Laura Laura is the one that got killed cheese the something else that twenty-something maybe well yet twenty seven I think the mind would be longer okay I just talk about Winfrey vacation yes I understand she had been stabbed once in the chest wow the gruesome nature of the murder combined suit yes I think the Tom and killed her were pauline per the doctor was the first one that was to treated for syphilis Oh my God what I'm thinking is pauline gave it a Tom. Tom Gave it to Laura now not Laura and is decomposed body was found in shallow grave in which her legs were drawn up in order for her to fit in the hole so it was kind of like she was cannonball in it will give an harsh poverty of his upbringing while fifteen pages I don't know my life story would last fifty days engine and led to the enduring notoriety of the crime and ops go through bone very hard yes isn't odd Colonel James Grayson under the assumed name of Tom Hall across the State Line in Trade Tennessee grayson would not really no fifteen pages yeah really not much to be honest with you okay well he didn't live for very long I'm GonNa tell you he was only thirty thousand over the end he will in his shame on her husband with Tom then Tom went back to an so am was with Tom and the other guy and Tom Os lean and oh yeah he was okay then that's three people it sure is exactly so then Tom gave it to Laura in then Tom then in return gave it Dan Dan he wasn't doing lor why not wholly no within you got me all confused I said so then Tom was with pauline beyond was doing an and let me Tom was laying out everywhere he was dipping to pee everywhere cow end the slang is unclear but he fled before her body was found when he was declared a suspect working for time born in eighteen forty five he was executed eighteen sixty eight Jesus this awhile that's only under foreclosure as a romantic rubble of Tom's but this was not true it was simply an incorrect inference drawn from the lyrics and with the low murder rate of place and numerous rumors that circulated in the small backwoods town when she was killed captured the public's in two thousand one Tom Dula was quote unquote acquitted of all charges after serious after Salaam you know because in the song says if it weren't for Grayson something yeah okay and became more widespread as the wow luck you just say it's got it from and all lanes and gave it to more than gave it to an remember Laura was who they thought go Mary Yeah The Bulacan bans represented him pro bono and maintained Tom Dulles innocence of the charges he succeeded Cottin was set free and on Thom Dulas Word Melton was acquitted of the crime so an Melvin was acquitted because he said that she had acts of the case were largely forgotten Grayson did however help the will county policy bring Tom Dula in wants his identity do you love was convicted and although given a new trial on appeal he was convicted again his supposed accomplice John All lanes yes that's the other girl he was doing way I forgot the one that died falling the one that got killed yes the one that got shield nothing to do with it I think they got this all he was executed nearly two years after the murder on May first eighteen sixty eight so he was she was discovering he got to be joking me but they didn't

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