Week 15 Preview, Patriots/Bengals Scandal, The Art of Coaching, CFB Playoffs


It's always a good week. Gm Shampoo and Mike is upsetting people on twitter social media so nice little back and forth with Scott Hanson at heart. You are I feel like you're lineman right. You like the mix it up a little bit on the line right. Let's get down and dirty. I wasn't bitter and I. It wasn't angry I was just making a point like I think you you know. It's the role right. I mean I was just making a point like I wasn't angry. I'm really happy I'm not. I mean I like Scott. I'm delighted but I don't need his commentary on the place election in question coaches. That's all I was trying to say. It's a little bit like stay in your lane. No your lane look. There's a great saying you know farm your own land. You know when you know what you are. I wasn't bitter but I mean you know when you when you're sitting there second guessing the guy's probably going to go in the hall of fame because he's not challenging something. You might be wrong. He just might be wrong. I mean I think Sean Payton those a little bit more a little bit. You know you who insulted him a little bit. Yeah you're insulting them a little bit. I did somebody felt a little bit. Yes you did yes you did. Let's get the attention of break down the game by the way my guys thirty nine Nineteen Keno One with picks. Okay thirty nine thousand nine hundred if you're doubling your wins and losses. That's pretty frigging good. I know people are like where do you give your picks out just listened to the PODCASTS. At this Thursday's I as a half hour. We're not gonNA take too much time. Just listen to and you know what I've been fortunate. I've been lucky I've been doing these. Power rankings so it takes the emotion out of it. I love. It's just it's cold ruthless logic. which will win you? Money to the topic at Hand New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick reiterating Tuesday morning. He had no knowledge a production crew filming the Bengals side during Sunday's game against the browns would spurred an NFL investigation ballot check said conference call. I mean I had no idea what it was about then and you know I got an explanation. I think the organization released that explanation or something similar to that. That's really all I know about it. NFL Network Ian Rapoport reported. The New England was approved by the browns for a video offer to be credentialed to shoot a behind the scenes piece on an advance scout as part of their. Do Your job video series. Mike you know the pats history surly your ties the Patriots People here this all those pages cheating again. What's your take on this? You know. I think there's really. It's exactly what the coach said. I mean what people don't almost standards so craft has craft productions which is his production company and he has people that actually work for the website and they produce things and obviously this do your jobs the video series. They produce there in the stadium but they're nowhere near the football department and they are no way connected to the football department and anybody. That's it's an works in. There has nothing to do that. Video people have nothing to do with the video people that work in in the Patriots handle the tape and I think they hired people it it wasn't they brought their own crew. I thought they hired Cleveland people to come in there and help them. They had a production guy so for me. I think it's a no story. I think that clearly this if they violated anything it's because they violated it through the craft production company which I think they did admit right. Yes and the football was gaining. No advantage like if you seriously think that you're gaining the advantage of filming the sideline first of all if I decided. Maybe I'll do it on my last podcast. If I announced to the world you know Bella check are caught for film and and all that stuff spy gate. Right if I decided to pull a Donnie BRASCO and turned state evidence here and get released. The names of the people who are notorious steelers of signals it goes in the NFL. It would probably be the number one episode recalled with a bang. You become Joseph deep still rat on everybody and I'm not a rat I'm not gonNA rat Rachi out but I'm just saying if I wanted to you know. There's some in the hall of fame that I could write out as well and I'm not mentioning names here. But and so that's why the radio communication became so important took away all that that ability to steal signals the ability to read lips. I mean now guys cover their mouths nobody really does I mean he claps but other than that. He doesn't talk so nobody's looks for him and the whole reality of it is all you're doing is is what personnel groups are on the field. That's the only thing the only thing in advance scout does when he goes to the game he sees who does the substitution. That's a he sees. How quickly they substitute when they snapped the ball? That's really important because when you WanNa do is when you're advanced counting a game you wanna be able to see when they step. They snapped the ball with eight seconds. Then you know in your game plan you want to be able to disguise your coverages to the eight second mark. Okay if they snap it quick. You know that you gotta disguise early if they snap but later you've got to so you practice that during the week so you get that from the game. Okay what else do you get you get substitution. You get the play clock that's it that's really yet. You're not getting anything else. I mean you could sit at home and watch the game you know I could sit at home and tell you when they're going to snap it. I watched the TV copy a games before we were play a team team because I could see it clearer. There's sometimes you get that close up. And what else do you get you watch the TV copies you know what else you watch. TV for the Snap Count Defensive Line coaches coaches watch the TV copies so they can hear blue ninety blue ninety set and then they go they get the rhythm on account and that's why they watch TV copy. So what's all being made. What's being gleaned? Leanne from the press box is really nothing. So essentially it's a non story and like you said. Belgium himself was like listen. I didn't know anything about it. Let's move on you think. The Patriots are cheating again because the people who don't like the Patriots. Okay fine but as you alluded. You're really not gaining anything by it. It's just information I know but you're right though. I mean in fairness to the people that are questioned us us. The Patriots have made their as my grandmother. Used to tell me you make your bed. You gotta lay in it right. They've made their bet Anytime something comes up like I think the most ridiculous Ellis Story and I'd like to hear your perspective of this deflate gate like I was in the building for deflate gate. Deflate Gate was a worldwide leader production. I thought it was is a worldwide leader through Ryan Grigson through the Ravens. I thought it was produced. Directed filmed by the worldwide leader because it became a story that was no story story that be all of a sudden manifested itself to where we lose a really good player a defensive Lineman in the first round and find money I remembered. Espn you couldn't talk enough whether you're doing radio TV. It's play the hits and Deflate Gate. I mean I was deflated talking about it every day. 'cause I'm like what really is the story and I went from thinking okay. This is not good. You shouldn't be inflating balls. Okay what does this mean. But the more I talked to former players particularly quarterbacks how much advantage is it is it an advantage China's yes or no yes okay. How much advantage is it not really okay? What exactly did this matter that? Oh we'll broke his phone. We didn't talk about Blah Blah Blah. The more I looked at the story Mike the more I was like I can't it. Was the classic mountain out of a molehill right. The Patriots Air and made a mistake. Absolutely Brady shouldn't have done it. Okay got it but when people were like give them a game ago Gimmick game suspension for this Manana. This is like a fine. Hey don't do it again Blah Blah Blah we move on when people were saying four-game it was crazy and then never convict convict them because the one St Somebody said to me well then. They said that o'brady wasn't cooperative. Define not cooperative. And why would you want to be operated situated. You want to say. Why would he give his phone away? Why why would he give his phone away to? Who knows what's on his phone with yourself? I mean who knows you know what I mean like seriously. You know. It's funny I wrote a column for the daily early coach and I think we have a hard time in this country really knowing what the truth was so day Bob Hope sitting at home in Palm Springs. He's ninety five years old having breakfast. I and he's got the television on and there's a news alert right and at Announces Bob Hope Stead. He's watching us. He's watching that. He's he's dead. Surreal moment right Serena he kind of chuckled it off. He thinks somebody screwed up. He doesn't think twice about an hour later. Dick Armey the representative of the House and Senate. He announces he sends his representative out there to talk about to the legislature. How Bob Hope's dead and how badly they feel? And what Bob Hope is a great American. What what he's done for this country going on the USO tours and all that stuff? Meanwhile Bob Hope's just finishing his muffin. Right he's assembling it for Judge Judy. The armchair can you see him in his row with his Walker. Now eight it takes eight hours eighty for the truth to come out like like at some point I think that story resonates in terms of what are we deal and then I went into the whole column about three levels of truth like what is really true and I think sometimes we report on things and I'm not talking to fake news politics here. This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about. Do we really know what is true. Do we really understand the problem with us is we. Don't learn the truth until fifty years later. Operation Mongoose wasn't on our minds in sixty three and it is today when Kennedy and Cuba. We didn't realize that you know we took weapons out of Outta Turkey so they would take weapons out of Cuba. You know we just we take time to hear the truth and I think take a lot of this stuff in the. NFL's the same way and people love that expression you know. It's not the cover up the crime but I remember what the with deflategate. What's the cover up? He just broke his phone. Like whatever. Okay cover cover up to me and like involves espionage people fidora's the communists or something. What cover up? Yeah anyways make me smarter. Are The art of coaching. Speaking of belching the Patriots fasting staying documentary on. Hbo They always do terrific job with leaves driver of course narrating. If you haven't seen a check it out. I watched most of it. And it's bell chicken saving having in-depth conversation just about their lives and there's a lot that they share Mike as you know on both these guys. Their fathers influences on their careers their tenure with the browns and the nineties relationships with others. I mean you've got is he. He knew some Kirby Smart Josh mcdaniels many more a couple of things before I ask about your participation or your involvement with the documentary one. I love how they started. You know they meet and saving because Haig. Ah before you guys from the camera. Can we just have our checks before he gets to the cameras. Can we have a minute but actually still have one camera recording which is rather surreptitious. But they started talking ball like travers narrator makes a point because you would think they go. Hey we have a minute before we start recording. It's like an a personal level. Like oh how's Terry how the kids while Blah but no basically go three or four primarily defense is not bag. A little better tackling was an issue. It was amazing to me like these guys are football lifers all the time. It was very very cool and I think it's funny 'cause whenever he calls the house or you know obviously 'cause my cell phone now but not the house. There's been numerous times where millie will say to me. Do you guys ever talk anything but football and the answer is we might say. Hey Bill. How's Linda Dylan? Or How's this or House. Amanda how you know how Stephen and he might ask me how mic is. Course I mix on staff now stood up to ask me that but you know we talk about it but then we're right into we go right into it and I thought the ending of it when bill got up and bill wants to know about how. Oh He's playing that front. I thought that was symbolic of really. What their relationships about? I think there's two things I think there's two courses that HBO could've taken. Can I think they should've taken to me. As a writer. The writer in me felt like they didn't go down the right avenue. Just like education of coach the Halberstam Book. I didn't think. Oh Yeah I love Halberstam. Yeah I love how I am too but I thought he could shape that book differently. I think this really is a contrast of two men. That are fundamentally different. But yet philosophically the same in the perfect example. This was if you go back and watch it. Was Bill giving the meeting. The coaches meetings in I. I don't WanNa get fucking hit on these screens. Okay and then Nixon. They're talking about you. Know we got to play it and Knicks Room is. I mean it's it I swear to God you'd have have to have a maitre d' to get a table in that fucking room. I mean Nick Staff meeting it was probably you. GotTa you gotTa Duke. The Guy Three fifty just to get a table right bills room. There was nobody in it right. There's like eight people around the table. Look you know. And that's the contrast between the two and yet as diametrically different as they are they somehow come together and share air a universal respect for their knowledge. Now when they leave each other. There's probably I would say thirty percent that bill would never do that. That built nick does and it would be the same for neck. Because Bill's going to be you know not have a bunch of checks nick's going to have checks. Bill's GONNA WANNA be more you know but they have a lot of similarities Larry's and I think that that's what they missed on. I think they could touched on that. Much better yeah at one point. A Camera Melchior Sabe where they will both Croatian. So that's cool crazies out there. Maybe were related on some level maybe distant cousins Driven by fathers certainly demanding father's coaches we over Belgium's data. In fact that book Halberstam. Wrote Education of a coach is in many ways. A Father Lawrenson tail. Nick tells us that attachment baseball soccer everything. He was only coach sports so you can tell they come from a coaching tree so to speak but one element I really loved Mike and this is useful for anybody in any profession. Is that before you become. Whatever you become a person of stature in your profession you have to put in the grunt work? There are no shortcuts and that story that saving Intel's about when early on we starting making no money needed to splice taped together to watch the defense and Belgium's starts given that knowing smile and laughing along like you don't understand how easy you just today to breakdown film back then you had to really love it. It really wanted and no matter what your job is your literature to Cap Yoder's win an Oscar at some point these guys all grind in their lives out and I thought that was very anybody who's ever coached you note. Haven't making peanuts when you start in football. There's an level where you are a grunt and you're gonNA take it and if you can persevere you'll become uh-huh someone and for both of those guys those memories and those moments never left them. It feels like no and they. They've they still impact to this day. I think what we see is like like I'm not picking on Kalam Delamore but what you guys like Kelly Moore or even Byron left which these guys that are ex players. Because they've played you know people think they know the game right and they really haven't done their ten thousand hours. They haven't done that grunt work and you could say well more was a GAAP DALLAS. I'm talking about grunt work. I'm not talking about picking somebody me up at the airport. I'll tell you about doing the pads for for days upon days. I'm talking about understand the the philosophy the reasons why people do things and we've missed stat tremendously. We don't have very many people like nick and bill that start out that way. You know nick now. Bill does and his program you know my son started personnel. You Know No. He moved into coaching and then he left now he stayed in coaching. But you start as a grat in my kids that that's one of the things that I want them to do is start on the ground you gotta learn the basics basics and it goes to the ten thousand hour rule but it also goes to what I wrote about in gridiron genius which is springsteen's ability to play born to run the same way whether it's the first time or the twenty seven hundred time you gotTa love what you're doing and those two guys you know. I think it was fairly obvious that no matter how much they win no matter how many you know what year it is they love the work. They love the work. The work is what would drive them you know and they have personal freedom because the work allows them mm to keep doing it. If you took the work away like my father's ninety three years old. He retired finally. We got him to stop cutting here barbershop. Mike finally stopped cutting hair almost more seventy years of cutting hair. He loved the work he loved the work. You know he loved the socialness of it. All He loved the work in Bella check in and save and loved loved the work and no matter what happens. You can't take that away from its expression if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life fervor cool. Belgium can save and curly on. Hbo Stay a tune when we come back a surging bears team taking on the role. Division rival the Green Bay packers will preview that game and a few other key. NFC matchups after the break right here on GM shuffle this winter trade in coal commodities. Go to the gym for live. Total body training reading in your home with Peleton tread with classes and training programs like running strength cardio walking and more you could always find new ways to challenge yourself and trust me this. This is not another treadmill. The New York Times has Peleton. Trade is like having a personal trainer. Come to your house whenever you like. And it's true runner's world a gorgeous Hip New York City. Jim Jim in the comfort of your own home. 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Taking the packers at Lambeau when the great matches biking all football you know. One of the great scenes in that Art of coaching is when Bella check talks what about when he gets on the airplane and he sees after game and everybody's lost and he sees all the coaches looking at their videos. And really you know. We got a tackle better. We gotta do something that reminds me of the bears and you know like look. Give Mitchell all the credit in the world right. He's played good the last two weeks but he's played against really bad teams. Like what Bella checks trying to tell the people as as you got to figure out why you win why you lose and it's not on the computer it's not in the stats like it's the art of seeing as much as coaching. And I think that scene is symbolic of this game here. Chicago Green Bay Look Trubisky. Played really well but he hasn't played against a team. That truly truly is a very good defensive team and not that Green. Bay's a great defensive team by no means at all but Green Bay GonNa be complicating. Green Bay is GONNA move people around re-based GonNa try to take away some things things I mean. They held him the three points. He's really never played well in Green Bay up there you know. Last year they won a game up there but the reality I think they're one in four. Since he's been there against against the packers and one and two on the road up there for me in my power rankings. I'm not picking this game so I'm not recommending it but for me in the power rankings. It's Chicago all the way. Take the points points I have. The line should be three and the south point you get four and a half so you gotta take the bears in this game you know and so I think that's the play but I think the part I really. They wanted to talk about. Why we're talking about this game is is? I think it's really important when you watch a player who's he playing against level of competition matters. And why is he playing good good. And why wasn't he playing good before I think that's the fundamental question is running the ball more. Will he run the ball in Green Bay that remains to be seen. Aaron Rodgers is seventeen and five in his career as a starter versus the bears. So he's always had their number and he's also got twenty three to two touchdown interception ratio this season which is incredible third-highest NFL history pursue this for trubisky numbers. Don't lie one through twelve. He had a total of ten touchdowns six picks and eighty passer rating last two weeks six touchdowns two picks anna the water and sixteen passer rating numbers Green Bay that remains to be seen. I think the other thing we have to really we haven't talked about this and it's kind of like because they're ten and three we don't. We haven't addressed it but Aaron Rodgers. The last five weeks hasn't been great. He averages six point two two yards per attempt. That's lower than what what Mitchell has been doing six point two two. That's not typical. I mean when he was going to the super bowl he was at eight to you know so his numbers. He's now overall for the season seven four but he hasn't been as dynamic namic in the last few weeks and I think that's really why I lean towards Chicago again I'm not recommending that in my four but I lean towards Chicago and that's why I think the numbers say take Chicago all right to the game actually are picking Seattle's ten and three there are on the road against the five and eight panthers and Russell Wilson is first nine games as the MVP for me. One hundred in eighteen passer rating twenty two touchdowns one pick however Russell has lost four games. Four touchdowns four picks eighty two passer rating now. He faces that Carolina Defense Fence. Would you like in this one. I love Seattle here my line. I think it's the line should be seven and a half the line right now six. I think you've gotta get it. Now get it while at six. You know we gotta get them now. While we got the muscle you know and take it because I think this line is going to go up. I think Carolina Carolina struggling offensively. Seattle struggled struggled defensively to handle the run. I could see Seattle plan well in the first quarter but I think Seattle knows they need to stay more than ever with the rams. Plan the cowboys this week. I think it's a problem but I do. I like Russell Wilson on the road in a really good road team. They lost last week. I think they'll bounce back. I think the wind by a touchdown frankie contains lead by the way for those who didn't catch the reference from Mike. Now now won't get the muscle one of the thoughts. McCaffrey Mike how good he's like. We haven't talked a lot about him because he was five and eight. But McCaffrey's got a hundred more scrimmage yards in seven consecutive games. That's the longest active streak in football. We're Carolina be with a Christian. McCaffrey I don't know but I think Carolina's in really good shape. The more I hear about this owner the more this owners thoughtful. He's these measures twice. He cuts once. I think they're going to be in good shape. I really do. I think he's going to reshape the entire organization. He hasn't done that yet but I think he knows what the needs to do. And I think he's going to get the people in there to help them do it so I think there's hope for Carolina along the way all right big game for the Dallas cowboys after the Eagles who the stirring comeback on Monday the night football against the giants. It's now eagles and cowboys tie before they look ahead to next week's matchup Dallas at six and seven is at home to eight and five. La Rams pivotal game here for the rams if they want to make the playoffs because obviously if the cowboys the only way they're gonNA make us they win the division the Rams. They'RE GONNA have to make if they win the wild card cowboys Owens six versus versus teams currently above five hundred this season. They're six and one against teams below five hundred. Do they finally beat a good team. You know this is to me my number so this should be Dallas. Dallas should be favorite. They were to start the week they were and now all of a sudden Dallas went from three point two and a half point underdog to now they're going to get a point and a half. I mean you gotTa Take Galaxy Right. You have to take them you get an appointment. It's your home dog. I mean they've had ten days off. I mean here's the thing I like about the game for Dallas. There's no kidding around around. Wade Phillips is going to play cover one. It's not going to be complicated. He's GonNa rush five play cover one and you may not be able to get the ball Amari Cooper because Jalen Ramsey might take him out of the game but ought to be able to get the hell out of Troy Hill the other corner and if you can block the front. which the cowboys can you can make progress the other thing I like about this game? I like the cowboys front. Having ability to rush the passer I think the cowboys will play better defensively than have. I know. It'll be an easy game for golf in terms of who were where they are but I plan on the road with some crowd noise and if they can get after Goff a little little bit. I'm GonNa take the cowboys here. I may regret but my model is take them. So I'm just taking myself out of it. You mentioned the cowboys defense. The Rams Stevens they've allowed fifteen point four points per game since it's acquiring Jalen Ramsey in week seven. That's the second fuse the NFL these men better and Dak Prescott got to play better against a good team owned four versus top. Ten total defenses this season Philadelphia and Washington so the news for the Eagles is also jeffries out. How phrases by the way? My era was like Josh mccown was going to be a wide receiver on Monday. Night that's how bleak it was all the injuries of and as you've said time and time again no playmakers but I give Carson wentz credit. I thought they were down out and they came back to beat the giants. Now they take care of visit us on the road against a redskins team. Yeah and now I mean that line has come way down that lines down to four now so it was it was it started opened at five. It's down the four of you can get it at four. I'm all over Philly here. I think Philly's should be over touchdown favored in this game. Here's why I mean. The redskins have lost. Some players. Caravans going on I R. So they're off their defensive lines not going to be as impactful their offensive line struggles. They have no real way to throw the football. They're going to have a hard time block it and to run the ball. Strictly with just a Adrian in Peterson against an eagle team. I think it's going to be really hard and I think the eagles knowing how they played them the first time we'll match up much better. I think philly coming off that game you know. They played like crap even though every announcer in Philadelphia gave him as for the game. I mean they're Billingham the entire game when they went to comcast and they did the grades of all the players. Yeah the three guys up there a a in a such homers right anyway so I like Philly here. I think everybody that contrary and pick here is Washington. I just don't see it I think Washington's while those teams that plays good for a week they try to keep the game close but anytime I think you can get Washington less than a five points. I think you should go against them every time. Good news for the Eagles Defense Defense the redskins ranked last in the NFL. Fourteen and a half points per game the season Dwayne Hassans. There's no matter who it is that they really struggled to score points. Yeah I and I think the eagles will get the pressure on them and I think I the they're not gonNA throw the ball. I mean I don't think they're going to be able to throw the ball here so we'll see. I mean Philly's not a good road team. I'm a little nervous about this one but I'm going to go with it all right. Lastly a six and seven Tampa Bay buccaneers against three nine thousand. One Detroit Lions. Maybe Matt Patricia. Right now is coaching for his job. At this point Bo scarbrough Bono's football fifty or more rushing yards four consecutive games. He's been good for Detroit but Tampa stories. Jim Is Winston the turnover machine that he is he leads the NFL and giveaways this season with twenty twenty. Eight and Mike Evans won't play. But I liked Tampa here. I think this line should be five point. Tampa should be. I think tap played really. Well now I know they turn the ball over and I. It's risky but I'm going to have to go with them here because I think Detroit just has David Blau a quarterback. I think that's not going to matter. They lost Marvin Jones at wide receiver. This week I think Detroit's voight struggles defensively and this is a really good offensive team for the Tampa Bay Bucks. I think they can even the game. You know Detroit starts out ten nothing. Fourteen I think Tampa has got the ability to come back and they play better on the road for some reason plan indoors. I think I like Tampa here to win this game. Yeah they actually ranked third in the NFL in total offense and scoring offense. This season the escort twenty nine point one points per game so Tampa Bay actually does have a really good offense. Considering the fact they are a sub. Five hundred team coming up next after the break. Mike Call that Joe Borough best quarterback in college football but whose second-best will discuss that more after the break today's episode of the GM Scheffel is brought to you by CBS HQ The brand new streaming sports news network. It's live twenty four seven and cost you nothing. That's that's right it's sports coverage that's always on and always free always it is unique. There's no debates. It's just talking about about sports to help you in every way possible. CBS H. Q.. Is the coverage that focuses on games tons of highlights breaking news as it happens and and you'd better plug in because we are now in the season of the NFL where a lot of stuff is going to happen. And most importantly fantasy advice. No it's time for the playoffs and fantasy. So that's what's let's go to happen. Stay tuned I know. It's the best place to be for tips and trends. You need to win bets. Yeah Honestly Mike Gambling picks else's together extra edges huge. Don't forget you can get access to all this great coverage completely free. I don't mean free for a week or month or fifths. A special cable package is totally completely free for everybody. You know what I mean you to log it just dealt with the CBS sports. It's APP on your phone apple. TV Roku Fire TV or other connected device at any time to watch CBS sports. Hugh no fake debates just sports for real sports fans and the great the price of. Oh yeah completely freight you don't even have to log in or Saab for anything del of the CBS sports APP CBS sports HQ Today All right we will open up the GM shuffle mailbag with a question from Ireland plus the College Football playoff is set that who do we like the Lsu Ohio State Clemson or Oklahoma. I it's time for Joe's question of the week Mike. You called it. No the college quarterback in college football has threes. They're stuck this season. Like Joe Berle has. I haven't felt the same hype though going into next year's draft that I have felt for borough. I'm just wondering who you guys think. It's the second best quarterback in the draft next year. The key is in the draft. Cause I think Trevor Lawrence's probably second best quarterback in football of course the star of the Clemson but I think just to her Braga with Oregon a case for Sam Eleanor occasions. Kostelic these guys. I'm going to go with Justin. Herbert you know big strong guy at Oregon. He's a senior. I think he fits the profile. Obviously to his injury hurts I still love Lawrence for next year. But Yeah I think after Joe Borough. I'll go with Herbert my. I'll go with Herbert too. I THINK JORDAN LAVA AT UTAH. State's really good. Although you know my my sense of this is is I think to should stay in school and other year I really do. I thought he was. You Know A. D. I thought he was impressive. Sitting there with Nick watching the tape I thought he was really you know we said. Hey I threw it here because the defensive back was turned. I thought he was really good in that not. I mean. It doesn't mean he's the second best quarterback but I think he's got to get healthy first. But you know I. I think Herbert the thing I worry about. Herbert's is just never see them. Let him play in the game. He doesn't really ever take over the game they always sprint them out. Do something and the fact is is that Oklahoma's the fourth team in this thing is really bad. I mean Utah. Oregon should have been the fourth team really but they screwed it up. We'll talk more about that in just a second but now time for the mail L.. Bag Tony in Ireland wants to know. My question is why no head coaches manage to win a super bowl with different franchises. Given the success of coaches and other professional sports how come it's more difficult in the NFL. Well you know it's funny. You Know Brian Billick wins. The superbowl can't get another job. You know it's weird right. Yeah like how is that you know and because people have a perception of Brian you know that he was more of a of a CEO than he was truly a head coach even though he was an offensive coordinator in the league. So you know. That's a really interesting question. I think it's hard to explain skies. Go like Bella. Check of didn't didn't have a winning record in Cleveland. A winning. You get second times but like Mike. McCarthy is Mike McCarthy Guy. Did you see that piece that they did on. NFL Network on Mike McCarthy how he's been working and studying stuff be interested to see like people talking about the flora would. His impact is on Green in bay. Rogers's numbers are pretty much identical to what he was last year with. McCarthy everybody bitched about his offense McCarthy's should get another one right well. He went another super bowl. I don't I don't know but I would think McCarthy will do a world of good for a place like Cleveland he would give him toughness he'd give them stability he'd give him an adult in the room. I mean Rahm Avera didn't win one. I could see him him. Get One too so I think it's a really good question. Tony I think. Sometimes guys that win super bowls like Barry Switzer. They've just done coached right. They just want to coach anymore by. Jeff Perlman's this book But the cowboys he's Barry Switzer. He says you know when the cowboys the Super Bowl. Nobody partied harder than Barry Switzer the stories in their own believable like it was the guy dafter so funny I mean. That's you know. And that was a day and age when when Barry was head coach at Oklahoma. That's me guys like Barry. John Robinson they weren't football guys they were. CEO guys they were just running programs. Nobody they were calling plays John Robinson on the headset is a college will preview it is. LSU Is Number One Ohio State Clemson and Oklahoma so Oklahoma gets in because they beat Baylor the big twelve championship game. Utah lost to Oregon in the PAC twelve championship game. Otherwise I think that you would have been at in Georgia loses to Lsu the SEC game. The sooners joined three unbeaten teams. Lsu Ohio State Clemson all look right. They all won the respect. It conference title Games it's going to be Lsu in Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl and Atlanta Ohio state is playing Clemson in the fiesta bowl. Both those games played on December twenty eighth and of Course Championship Game January thirteenth of the Super Bowl. Super Dome rather in New Orleans. I'm thrilled for Lsu. Mike I really hope Joe Burrow into doors Ronca keep this thing going and they can knock off Oklahoma. I have been hopefully win a national title. Yeah I mean look. I'm excited for two. I think it's great and the reality of it is is is Oklahoma. I think we're all learning a lot about Lincoln Riley here. How good of a coach is Lincoln Riley? I mean he's undermanned here when the program beat somebody one. Does he do the Goliath thing. When does he beat David? When does he you know he's not he's not at a sloppy school isn't like he's Utah? All this is his first foray in here. We're GONNA find out. I mean this is going to tell you a lot about how he sets up the game plan how he paces the game what he does differently. I think it's a really early good indication on what Lincoln Riley is going to be able to do and how he wants to play this game. He's not gonna be able to play. LSU The way he played Baylor he's not going to be able to play Lsu the way he played you know Kansas State. He's going to have to change what he does and he's going to have to teach manage the game in his head before he started practicing. This is how we WANNA play the Game Eh. You know and it's a little like bell check. Here's how we have to do it. And we got a practice tackling conditioning. All those things because when you play. LSU They're they're not going to. You can move the ball. There's no doubt but you don't WanNa get attract me just asked Alabama. Yeah it would have been. It's amazing to see Alabama not in college football. That's a rarity although without to a healthy obviously was a tough sledding. There for Nick Sabin all right. Lastly Thursday football five eight jets against the eleven into Ravens. Sam darnold against Lamar Jackson. It's great for football. The gallic the Mark Jackson everybody wants to see. Can you see the jets defense slow in this guy down especially on the road but yeah I mean the jets have a great run defense my power rankings. said the line should be fifteen the lines fifteen and it's going up to sixteen. I mean I think the untold story about the Ravens team is how good they play defensively. The last they haven't over twenty points since they started this win streak. I mean they've been really remarkable and how they've played and a lot of. That's Lamar control in the football. You know I mean look if Sam Darnold can make a few. I think the reality here is once Baltimore. Bigs you've played from behind the number one team in first half point differential now once they make you play from behind it becomes problematic. I would take the jets and the points. I'm not making this recommendation in but I would take the jets and the points but I think Baltimore winds. It'll be fun to at least see Lamar but I you know I got the jump channel tonight. I got the six or Celtics which the Abi angry the whole night and then yeah I got the flat back and forth the football and the other thing I wanna do is I want to watch the scene with the Irishman again with Joe Pesci. She's making salad. I think that's the greatest seen in the move to me. It's so good good like I bet. They shot that in one shot. Joe knows what he's doing this l.. Does he knows what he's doing behind account so subtle. They would've explained to me where the hell they were Why he was in some strange kitchen? Irishman it's interesting. How all everybody's doing their top five movies of Scorsese AC? But is it automatic that the Irishman gets in there. I don't know if it's automatic but listen I think raging bull taxi driver and Goodfellas or locks then it becomes a conversation of mean streets casino the Irishman and the Aviator Wolf Walsh. It depends on what era film. You're talking about but yeah it's being considered one of his best and it certainly the Golden Globe nominations sag awards. I mean it did very very well. Did you see the tweet. I re tweeted this week about the guy that ran into Joe Pesha Airport Mendez. Tell the story. So so a guy runs in the Joe Pesci at the airport and this little kid goes up to them. And says are you Joe Pesci. Now he must remember him from home alone or something like that right so the the guy. Yeah he says Joe Pesci asked the kid. Who's your favorite actor? And the kids smart enough to say Joe Patchy and she just classic Goumba takes takes out a water money and gives them a Ben Franklin right there on the spot this hair anything better than that really like. My mother's father came over from Italy. I mean spoke Oke knowingness blue eyed Italian. He always had to have a Ben Franklin in his pocket now. He didn't have any more than just that Ben Franklin but he always had to have Ben Franklin in this bucket a hundred within three dollars exactly when push us to Louis Lombardi the FBI agent. He says you know my best friend. He's in there. That's Ben Franklin. That's the truth right so I I thought that was a great story. It's like Pacino and Donnie BRASCO. And he's talking to Johnny Depp. Had address how to walk and he holds the money because he was on the outside. Come on let's go get a pair of pants like me. Well you you know it's funny From that movie right so I learned something from that movie so millie tune me into this so most Italians. We don't own wallets right. We have we have rubber for bands or money clip or money clip right money clips too cumbersome but it you're a true Goumba you're a true. You're a made guy if you're if you're rubber band. Dan is from the Broccoli at the supermarket. It's from the purple. It's from the per so when I go to supermarket I'm deadly in supermarkets like Milley's like kidding me shit all the time in their. Don't steal all those rubber bands because all my rubber bands of purple. 'cause I'm just hoping you know. I'm just hoping somebody's going to see me. Take out that wall and think I'm connected no pinky ring for me but the rubber bands so important. I'm going to go down a Mulberry Street. Check rubber bands like this two things. I've always wanted in life. I've always wanted to own donut diner but make it an office. That's really what I have a diner but set it up as looks like a diner. But that's where you work out of right and the other thing I've always wanted as a table. People like Clemenza the Godfather. I WANNA table in the kitchen. That's my own table. I think if I got those two things I've made it I mean I'm blessed to have four great grandsons. I love that yeah. I'm I'm blessed. I'm not complaining here how I'm not bitter and I'm not angry however that being said I would be too perks. I love to have a fat Clemenza one of the all-time great supporting characters. The when he pulls in there and it's a deleted scene and it's one of the greatest scenes of all time he pulls in there to have his dinner and they bring them out and they don't there's no the beautiful thing about it when he sits there when he he sits as fat ass and there's no words exchanged I why. There's no words exchanged like I want the sausage and peppers. No I want the tonys it no no no the plates. Just come they you just start come. I don't know why I was thinking about the other day when TESCO when they know. He's the one the tells Tommy Town. Can you get me off. Rolled Time's sake. And he can't do it. Sally he goes. Tell Mike I always liked uh-huh before you kill me. I didn't always like like. He's a good guy love it.

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