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Introducing your host from New York here is Sam Rovers. Hey Guy Special bonus. Thursday show Thursday night Sam. Thursday live for everybody this week because we need it. We need to talk about some stuff. Usually this show exclusively patriotic. But I don't know I didn't WANNA hide this one behind a paywall. I'm sure they'll be some patriotic exclusive stuff going up this weekend but I thought a bonus show is required. Look of course the reason that we watch wrestling at least if you listen to this show and the reason that I'm assuming you've listened to this show is because we love wrestling because it's an escape because we like to celebrate the good things but some days are just bad man. Some days are just bad. Some news is just bad and it just seems like while. We're all stuck in this mess. This quarantined mess. Bad News keeps hitting us. This is not a good week to be a wrestling fan. Not a good week at all a lot of people that you know you ended up tearing about as cheesy as it sounds you. You spent years hours and hours and days and months and years watching all of these people getting invested in all these characters and finding yourself interested in their lives and listen to them you know cut interviews on on podcasts and Youtube and it and it becomes about so much more than just what's going on in the wrestling ring. What happens you know on the regular wrestling? Tv show that it becomes a part of your life and you watch it so much and think about it so much and are so invested in it that it just becomes a part of you. I think for all of us wrestling becomes a part of us. And you know when there's bad news. It hits all of us hard before we get into everything that went down yesterday. We should spend some time talking about Howard Finkel. I mean this one hit really hard this morning. I did PAT McAfee's radio show and just as I was getting off I saw the tweets come rolling in Of this recording just about an hour ago it was announced on twitter that Howard Finkel had passed away now in my opinion Howard Finkel is the best wrestling ring announcer of all time and there will never be competition to me. Anybody that grew up with. Wwe WWF that voice is as defining as any sound impossibly. Be for your childhood. I mean I feel like it makes me wanNA spend the weekend just watching royal rumbles. That he was the ring announcer for as he would As both feet go over the top rope and onto the floor like it's just ingrained in your mind right now let us all find out who drew number one. I mean it was as you think about your childhood and the characters that you grew up with and the moments that you grow grew up with but right there with them is Howard. Finkel is the sound that he brought and the visual. I mean we all know exactly who he is as soon as you see him. You're against the think. The thinks hear his voice them brought that Gravitas. Knowing that you were watching something that was important. He was the sound of wrestling for me. Anyway you know as a WWe kid growing up he was the sound of sports entertainment. This what sports entertainment sounded like. This is what ring announcers were supposed to sound like an every ring announcer sense Howard. Finkel that to me is the comparison. That's the standard bearer. I mean you don't really you know you see like Certain names being imitative other ring. Announcers you know they would have certain you know whether it's Tony Kimmel going. The rated R superstar. Or you know g an seen on on on Roberts there but Justin Roberts but nobody nobody has ever come close to having a voice as iconic to this sport as Howard Finkel so obviously I grew up such a fan obviously I grew up considering him an icon The first time that I met the think it was at a convention and I just walking around you know meeting guys getting autographs and I just kind of started in the game of interviewing people Wrestlers and stuff like that and posting them up on Youtube and as working on open anthony. I'm sure at the time. And I said hello. And he had stopped me and just said that he knew who I was and said something nice or whatever and I was flabbergasted I was there with my wife and I was like just you know who that is. That's the thing I mean. That's that's the guy that's the ring announcer and he was just as nice a guy as you could possibly imagine I mean so passionate about professional wrestling knew you could possibly know I remember growing up and when AOL was first starting and wwe had their aol site. You'd go to keyword WWF and you could go to go to the AOL just before the website before anything they would have out. Think think and Howard finkel would be in the AOL chat room and he'd be asking W. E. Trivia and every single time. He did it. I've been trying to get one of those prize. Packs trying to be getting one of those prize packs never got it but always tried going to live shows as a kid. I mean he would be the first face that you saw before the wrestlers came out. The fink was in the ring. And that's how you knew you really there in person and then you heard it in person and you're like Oh my God. This is the show so I met him and we kept loosely in contact after that which I couldn't I mean I couldn't believe every time I we sent messages back and forth. I was like this is the thank. You just always such a good guy. I mean he was. He would keep track of everything not only encyclopedia on wrestling Trivia. But he knew everything that was going on. That was one of the things that he did was. He just tracked down Who was saying what about. Wwe publicly and not in a negative way just going like. Hey let's just be aware of. Who's of of of what our brand is doing outside of ourselves? And that's what he did you go and look up wrestling stuff all the time When I started the podcast when it was Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast I was like in my head I had heard. Howard Finkel do a couple of like weddings here. And they're like they would go viral when he would do him 'cause against so iconic and I went you know this is like five years ago but I was like you know. There's a lot of wrestling podcasts. Out there and if I was saying that five years ago when I think now but as like there's a lot of wrestling podcasts out there that was when I was the king of the game by a mile and I said. I don't know what I can do that. Really GonNa make me stand out and make me different and I had this idea to maybe see if I could somehow get Howard Finkel to cut some lines for me and so I reached out to him and again talking about being flabbergasted when he got back to me and he said you know. I normally wouldn't do this but I'll do it. Yeah yeah sure I'll do it. I couldn't believe it I could not believe it and he did it or you know you went through. Wwe's PR and everything. And the whole thing. And I knew I as the steps as you were going through the steps. There's like at some point. I'm going to get hit back with like of course Howard. Finkel is not gonNA cut your podcast intro. He's Howard Finkel okay. Do you have any idea what that voice means? And I'd be like yeah. No I was waiting for this to happen but can hurt to ask and I really don't even like asking for stuff you know. That's not my thing I don't I don't I don't like making requests but I was like this is worth it and he did it and I will never forget. He got back to me and he sent me the lines and he was like I sent you two versions. The first version is just like an announcer voiceover type version and then the second version. I really think that up for you and I was like dude. You are the man the absolute man and obviously I've used them and if you listen I mean if you guys have been listening long enough you know that the Howard finkel lines when I rebranded the podcast not sam wrestling and I was sitting there going like wow I wanNA rebrand the podcast. Obviously all the imaging which is our word for the Audio Production. The intro the sweepers all the imaging has to be different because all the imaging at the time said. Sam Wrestling podcast. I wanted to call it not saying wrestling so I went through with my producer and we got a voice over artist. I'll say to cut the not sam wrestling parts and let's just hack up and at the time You know I don't think that I think was doing a lot of voice stuff anymore. Because his health wasn't in the greatest place in the world so I was like well. I'm not I can't I can't let go of this him of his voice on this on these interests like this. It's more almost more valuable to me to have his voice on than my entire vision for rebranding it and so we went in and we just cut up all the stuff that he had given me. I just took out everything that said Sam Roberts wrestling podcast and figured out. How did just make it work into the new production? And I'm so glad that I did because to me. I mean it still no matter what I do no matter how long I've been doing this. Show that voice on the front of this show to me that puts this show in a in a class in and of itself and then I jumped on the Mike and Somehow over the course of forty five to ninety minutes to ruin the whole thing for everybody but at the beginning of this show you go. Oh this is a big deal and that has nothing to do with me. That's because Howard Finkel is the one saying here's the show So like and I would add. I mean I told him every time I saw him dude. I'm still using that. Thank you so much for doing that. It means the world to me. Thank you so much for doing that. And I'm glad that I did. I saw him last. I I feel like it was re Wrestlemainia last year but it could have been summer slim in Brooklyn but I feel like it was last year's Wrestlemainia and it was the first time I'd seen him in quite a while and He was in a wheelchair at the time but he was just out saying hi to everybody and clearly just elated to be a part of the scene and just just elated to be in the mix to see everybody to be a part of the show. Even if he wasn't on the show I mean go back and look it at at the survivor series when Madison Square Garden. That was the show when the rock came back to team with Johnson against R. Truth in them is that was the C. N. punk versus Alburto del Rio Championship match and Alberto had a Rodriguez air to be his personal ring. Introduction guy and see 'em punk kind of as a goof on that brought out the thing and you can hear me and and it's different as in Madison Square Garden. That is the thinks home when the think came out at Madison Square Garden. I mean the fans would not let him start his ring introduction. They were cheering so hard. everybody was so happy to see him. I mean I remember for the longest time. He would the beginning of wrestlemanias that he could be the one person that was there on every Wrestlemainia if my memory serves me correctly for a long time he was billed as the first employee of wwe. Any made it all the way through his life. So you know we found out he passed away he was sixty nine years old as much an icon as anybody can possibly be in this world wrestling and I am I part on a personal level. I'm so lucky to have you know. Gotten to be in contact with him at all to have him have touched my life at all but on a much bigger level where all lucky that forever. We've got his stamp on so much of the wrestling believe got in front of us on the WW network everywhere else so rest in peace to Howard finkel man and I see already in the in the in the discord room grim reaper. He's the new. Wwe champion Yemen. Just amazing just amazing so rest in peace to Howard Finkel and I would never do bad. Howard finkel impressions for any reason other than this is the best Howard finkel impression. Luke gallows he told the story here actually of when of of when he was doing how shows and Howard finkel called him up to tell him he was gonna be wrestling came but he did it in the Howard finkel voice and never knew if that's just. His voice was doing his goof but it was really really funny so go find Luke Gallows Doing Howard finkel impressions it will. It'll bring a smile to your face. I mean speaking of Luke. Gallows the real reason that We're doing a podcast today. Making it public for everybody was because yesterday was black. Wednesday for shore for the wwe a historic amount of releases from the wwe in response to what's going on with corona and covered nineteen and so many businesses struggling. Look you know I don't this. Podcast is is never been about getting into the business of things because this isn't a business. Podcast is a wrestling podcast. Wwe's in this place. Where I think more than any of US know you know we know that that Vince McMahon and president trump? We know they speak right. We know that Vince. Mcmahon is one of the people who President trump is putting on a committee to help them restart the economy. That would lead me to believe that. Vince McMahon and the people who are talking to the president are aware that we might not be opening arenas backup anytime soon that maybe the estimate of when we get back into arenas are not quite as good as we thought they would be you know and I think that the the the WWe is looking at what they're doing and looking at the potential long term of the short term future meaning. We don't need to just set ourselves up to be able to function for a month. We need to be able to set ourselves up to be able to function for a lot more than that Unfortunately in that quest a lot and I mean a lot of talented people were let go released and furloughed from WWe. Yesterday and I wouldn't be surprised if there's more today you know I i. I was kind of trying to wait before I did a podcast to win. I think that everybody who's going to get released has been released but I do worry. That no annex t names were brought up. I mean I mean a very small amount of. Nfl teams were brought up yesterday and they weren't even really brought up. Officially they were brought up on those people's own social media accounts so. I do worry that there could be more releases in that department today. I have no idea. I've been staying far under the radar as I can with all that stuff But I have been reaching out to all my my friends or many of my friends who work there and it was to me before all the talent started to get announced when they just announced their first five or whatever. That's when I was like reaching out to people and just being like hey just so you know I'm thinking about you and Baba and I could not believe the amount of talented behind the scenes. People that were being let go or furloughed furloughed just means that I mean depending on how they're doing it sometimes people keep their benefits. Sometimes they don't but it basically means that we're going to let you go but you are still tethered to the job in a good way meaning once things get better. We're not gonNA fill somebody in. We're not gonNA replace you so should things get better will put you back into your position if that's something you want. That's my understanding of it anyway. So that is something to keep in mind. But there's so many first of all the list of wrestlers that were released shocking to me because the amount of talent and passion. That's on this list. The amount of people on this list that deeply deeply care about wrestling in all forms. I mean. There's many people on this list that I look at people that I would imagine would be involved in the wrestling business forever that that can grow with the WWe system. I think the unfortunate thing is the wwe system in the short term has changed. You know you also have to keep in mind that the WWe brought in a ton of talent part of that You know was theoretically because of competition. And they didn't want people leaving the company and so they would just keep them under contract but the other part of that was Moving to Fox in October. That's why they started bringing in a ton of new producers they started signing talent just like when they reach rebranded the draft several years ago. That's when they brought back gender Mahal and Curt Hawkins and Shelton. Benjamin same thing happened here Just in October With the idea being that you'd have two very separate brands and two very separate crews and so now you're left in a position where you're not travelling at all and all you're left with is a crew that legally has to be a skeleton crew accrued must be a bare bones crew with a fraction of the revenue streams that you once had Not traveling at all so I think that what happened is the landscape has changed so much since October that the WWe was forced to downsize at least temporary. And that's what I'm hoping man. You know I was really annoyed. There were so many people that were on twitter going like well. It's not that big of a deal because they are going to go to a w and it's like what are you talking about? Eight of us in the exact same situation. Eighty W is not running shows in front of audiences. Aws revenue streams are being cut off as well first of all. They pre taped a month of shows or so. I think so. It's not like they're going to hire somebody and bring him on. Tv next week. Second of all I would imagine the fact that they're experiencing this the same way everybody else is experiencing this. They're not going to sit there and hire twenty wrestlers right now. You know what I'm saying like. They're not they're not going to. Aws NOT GONNA go on a hiring binge right now because no company is going to go on hiring pinch inside or outside the wrestling industry. You've got AWA running television shows in empty arenas many pre-taped you've got. Wwe downsizing and other than that new Japan's not running ring of honor's not running and Mel ws not running. None of the indies are running so the reality is that you have to be sympathetic to the fact and just realized this is just bad news. At the moment you got a bunch of guys and girls that are in their houses right now not sure of what the next step is. GonNa be and they don't have an immediate response to it. They can get up a pro wrestling teashop starter YouTube channel. Start a podcast stuff. They can do from their houses but they can't do what they do right now. And that's that's the part that's so scary. That's the part. That's so sad for so many of these people You know I I heard some people talking about You know why don't they release bigger names? Nearly I too want somebody to lose their jobs so somebody else does. And I don't think it's the most constructive thing in the world. You know what I mean. We can just hope that. The wrestling industry gets healthy again. Because I think this is way more about all these individuals for me like I'm thinking about is these individuals so that's kind of what I wanted to do is go through the people that are either furloughed or or unemployed right now. I mean they're all employed right now but they're either furloughed furloughed or released are laid off or you know. I don't really know because who knows what we said to each person again. I think even the people that were released if they want to. When things get back to normal you would hope there will be spots for a lot of these people. I hope but I mean just a tremendous amount of producers According to PW insider over at the performance Santo Performance Center Kendo as Beth Assay over the performance center Kendo Kashin Ace steel and Serena Deeb according to pw insider were all let go of course Kendo Kashin Javanese superstar a steel Probably best known FOR BEING ONE OF CNN. Punks trainers And being a friend of his and Serena Deeb of course also with a C. N. punk connection. We know her as a performer. Best For her work in the straight edge society. She shaved her head and everything but She's not so much in the performance center since being there Over on the main roster Hurricane Lance Storm Billy Kidman. Irs released on tax day of all days fit Finlay Pat Buck Davar Scott Armstrong and Sarah stock all of them. I mean just ultra talented people. Lance storm had only been there for a couple of months. I think Billy Kidman's been there for a long long time and Billy Kidman. I mean they're all super talented producers. I don't want a single anybody. A Billy Kidman just a super talent so many of the women credit fit. Finlay for so much. He's been working with the women for a long time now and I mean you just went on twitter yesterday and you could see how much so many in that women's value fit Finlay and helping turn them in to the wrestlers that they've become payback is. Pat Buck is somebody that I am not worried about in the slightest. We've had I mean you guys know. Pat Buck is a great friend of the show is a friend of mine personally and like when you talk about somebody who's got a love of the professional wrestling industry and somebody who come hell or high water is going to figure out how to make it work for them. That's Pat Bach. This is not the first time that PAT. Buck has been close to a dream job. And then have it not work out. Payback actually had a dream job. This time and I know you he was. He was doing a lot over there. I think he's doing a lot more than you guys even realize he was on tv all the time but beyond that as a producer. But beyond that I mean the amount of input that he had in as much as he did. It was a lot and he deserves to. I mean he's he's a smart guy. He went in and created wrestle pro which is a big independent company. Here on the East Coast He and Curt Hawkins are behind creative. Pro- one of the best wrestling schools have not the best wrestling school on the East Coast That has Spots in Long Island and New Jersey Pat Buck knows how to survive in the wrestling business. That said I mean I think he's got a tremendous amount to contribute to. Wwe So hopefully he'll be back. I mean you could say that but everybody. Dari incredible Scott Armstrong. I Love Scott Armstrong. Irs Lance Storm Hurricane. You know hurricane is a guy who just a smile on his face no matter what he was working a lot with the Kabuki warriors. I believe he's done a lot too and he's got a great mind. There's another guy is just such a passion. All these guys have such a passion for professional wrestling that you're these these. This is the energy that you need around the product. So I'm really hoping for the best for all those producers As far as the annex t names I am not terribly familiar with. Mj Jenkins or Alexander Jaksic Who apparently were both released? I am very familiar with interviewer Deci- a Williams Russell and flow. I believe is the name that he went. Of course Probably most famously got to wrap Adam Cole to the ring during takeover but had since become a full-fledged member he was originally brought in I think is kind of Just somebody who's going to help produce digital content and then became a full fledged member of the broadcast team. He's doing interviews on annex t doing any of us on the Youtube Channel. He's also becoming a member of the annex. Uk broadcast team. So I I would imagine that. That was going to be a temporary one to. I really hope it is But Yeah I mean you talk about a kid. Living his dream At some point I'd like to really talk to him on the podcast just about his journey to getting to wwe not necessarily about not being wwe. Because I think he'll be back but about his journey to get there and who he is and everything just because I think it's a it's an interesting story And somebody that. I've been an advocate for for a long time Deanna paraiso released according to herself on twitter Who you know. This is a person who will be successful interesting ring again. This is a person who there would be no doubt if wrestling were running. Right now would already have her. Calendar booked up. But that's the problem. I have no doubt that Diana Peraza will be successful again in a wrestling ring. I just WANNA know when we'll be able to get a wrestling ring up again. You know what I mean we go over to the list of main roster superstars that were released and honestly as we're recording this podcast. I'm checking my twitter account. just to see If if there's more names being announced I just I went so yesterday morning I went on I went over my My mattel section of the Nazi cave down here and I was reorganizing. My wrestling figures and I had a section of figures that was the producers. So like my irs figure my fit finlay figure like all those figures I kept in one section of the shelf as producers and I had just made the decision. You know what I'm going to take them off the active roster shelf and I'm going to put their characters with where they should all be a chronologically because I have a show for the nineties show for the attitude era. You know all that stuff a couple of hours later. They all get fired. And I'm like what that's the last time. I reorganized my wrestling figures. That's for sure. On the list of wrestlers. The was it was technically a producer. He had been sort of Morphing into that behind the scenes role of producer but Kurt Angle was released from WWe Which I you know. I don't know Allie was producer. I'm assuming he was pretty good. Since he's got a pretty good brain for pro wrestling. He took to it like a like a duck to water so or a fish to water but ducts like water to So yeah I mean if not I you know I wherever he goes. He's one of those guys that can show up to literally any promotion and and be extremely impactful. You know be even if he's not wrestling and who knows maybe I'll pull out another match but if you were shopping. Eighty W ring of honor and new Japan impact. Any of these places It would be a big deal and it would be a good look for any company to have Kurt Angle. So we get to the active roster wrestlers and there are some surprises on here and not surprises on here and that's no disrespect to anybody We'll go down the list. Primo and APP ICHO were released Which I don't think it was a huge shock only because they weren't being Used they were kind of just There in the bullpen. So not a huge shock with Primo and epoch. Oh interesting that the revival was released only a week before this and you wonder if they were like. Oh maybe we can release a couple of guys and they realized it was gonNA have to be a lot more than that one that I'm A. I'm pretty bummed out about to tell you the truth. Is Leo Rush I've been a fan of Leo rushes since his working. Cw I was in the building for his last match with George. Nella the ladder match where I believe he knows sold They piledriver off the ladder or something like that and got the Internet all mad but I'm a big Fan of Leo Rashi. Certainly had an up and down relationship it seemed with wwe. I thought the stuff that he did with Lashley was great. I was actually always a fan of Lashley showing his but to the audience. I think the Leo Rush. Lashley stuff is probably the best stuff that Lashley's done with this run in. Wwe And I always thought that that ended prematurely. But that ended with with Leo Rush. I guess being in the Doghouse or having some trouble or whatever it was with wwe he came back and when he came back to annex T it was really cool to see the fan reception for him And it was really cool. It seemed like you know. Just a refresher. He was onto a five live. He went to the main roster disappeared for a while. When he came back he came back when annex t came to USA. And I it seemed like it was going to be a big part of it. You know when when he invaded smackdown before survivor series. He was front and center on that tank He was cruiser. Nfc cruiserweight champion. It was a little surprising that he wasn't in the tournament. You know we talked about that on Monday show but the world has changed again since Monday. So you know. I don't really know what happened there. But he had been cutting promos and stuff on the Internet About the fact that he wasn't in the tournament and everything I look you know I. Hopefully oh rush is still passionate about wrestling. And he's going to continue to wrestle because I think he's great you know. I really think he's great. I think he has so much to offer and he's already done a lot and he's super young. Was Twenty four twenty five year old piece of goal so yeah. I really hope that that as soon as wrestling is back Leo Russia's right back there wrestling aiden English surprise me and I think he's on this list because he must have still had a wrestler contract on an announcer contract. Because I didn't hear any other announcers being like oh but yet anyway. Who knows can't let me go. I worked for free. I'm just there one guy likes me. I read it on the Internet Aiden English aiden English. Was You know to me first of all I always liked when he when you went through that thing Where he started wearing tights with paintings on them. I thought that was brilliant but Eight English did an amazing thing. Aiden English was was locked in to a Gimmick. He was locked into a partner. The vaudevillians remember the Vaudevillians with Simon. Gotch so when Gosh was released aiden wasn't and that left him in a very weird place because the WWe audience had only gotten to know him as part of that team and usually and it's not like they were looking at this team going with that. One Sean and that one's Marty and I can't wait till they split up. It was no if you liked the team. You like the team. If you didn't like the team you didn't like the team but you weren't necessarily waiting for them to split up. It was a very married act and so when they split up it put him in a very precarious spot. Now he's got reintroduce himself and have the audience get to know him as a singles performer. And it was rousseff day that really brought him to that level that he needed to go it was it was reuss day and I believe the Reuss have day would not have been nearly as popular as it was. Had it not been for eight English singing day when Rousseff came to the ring you know? I think that that he was such a valuable part. Of what made rousseff day so special and even if Rousseau Day never achieved what could have an my opinion and wwe even have Russe day should have been so much more. It's still one of those things that nobody's ever GonNa Forget it. Still one of those things that wrestlemainia thirty four in New Orleans before anything was even going on in the ring there was a stadium full of people the superdome full of people chanting Rousseff Day. That never goes away. That's a memory that lasts forever and a lot of that is because of an English and he was able to get that done after having this career in a tag team that he was married to which is amazing. He went on after that. After the kind of Rousseff Day Act separated. He was like okay. Now I'm on this island again. What am I going to do next? And he took up commentary and he was really good at it and people really liked him at it too. He was the color commentator for two zero five live. I think I was Vic Joseph then would I think most recently I know with John Quavo. But I don't know if there's a little Tom Phillips mixed in there in the meantime inbetween time or not. But I mean he's really developed into a hell of talent in commentary and and I think what's great about him and commentary is he didn't come across as a wrestler who was commentating. He seemed like he jumped into the commentary world with both feet and I think that's something that not. Everybody has the guts to do but his ability to reinvent themselves over and over again. You know that. That's what makes survivors. I think in wrestling. So you know another one that I hope is back but but a super talent and good guy nonetheless I would say Mike. Maria canals not the biggest surprises ever. I don't know what it was about Mike and Maria. I kind of always enjoyed the Mike and Maria canals. The fact that Maria was the one that was in charge he took her name. You know he was doubting. I think it got a little crazy. I think it went a little bit too extreme when it was like. You know somebody else's the father of your kid. I like him better because his penis is bigger than yours. Type of stuff you know I always I was like where is this going like? How is this going to help anybody in the long term but they had been on? Tv In a while and when they were just wasn't probably what it could have been You always wonder if they'd gone to annex t I would that have been better I guess the legacy of Mike and Maria will probably be that Maria announced was the first pregnant champion in the history of. Wwe was she won the twenty four seven championship. Wa- pregnant. So that's a big deal of course Moore. Marie has got more of a legacy than that and wwe because Maria was wwe for such a long time before. Mike Got There but in terms of them as a package. I think that'll probably be the legacy of that package no way. Jose is one that you know. I mean lovable fun. Fun Acting Annex T. But I think if there's any takeaway it's the like nobody wants the kind of feel good party guy. You know what I mean. We learned that with What's his name? The South African Guy. How am I blanking on his name? Right now. Leo Kruger you know. I'm talking about and no way Jose the same thing but a but but a fun act nonetheless Mike. Yoda surprised me. I hate when news drops that it somebody that I grew up with. You know. We're talking about the finger earlier but Mike. Iota is a guy who has been a referee. I think as long as any of us have been watching you know. I hated finding out that Jim Johnson wasn't the theme Guy Anymore. That the the Brooklyn brawler wasn't working there anymore that The timekeeper wasn't working there anymore. I mean Earl Hafner was probably the first one but Mike. Yoda really surprised me because he was the last kind of legacy referee guy there and and yeah I mean you know. I think that he's just when you see his face. You know he would pop up in the undertaker matches and whatnot but Yeah icon referee for sure to say the least Sarah Logan going. You Know I. I don't know why she was so far. The only Female on the main roster to get released I always. I always thought it was really good. I remember when the May young classic happened. There were a lot of people whose opinions that I really respected. Jim Ross was one of them who said Really Nice things about Sarah Logan. I remember interviewing Charlotte on this podcast. And she didn't remember her name at first but she said that she saw the May young classic and wanted to wrestle. What was your name? What was your name and it was Sarah Logan. You know I think she came in with a world of potential the riot squad. I think hit in a big way and yeah I mean I still think she's got stuff to offer and I think that she will make any women's division and that's a I think like the wwe has women's wrestling on lock right. Now there's no place in the world with a better women's division than Annex T and I don't think there's anyplace besides annex t with a better women's division than Ron smackdown so you know whether it's ring of honor eight w the indies anywhere else. Sarah Logan's GonNa be just fine because there is a need for really good experienced female talent because that's that's not. Let's not take that for granted. Doesn't that many people who have experienced wrestling in front of a global audience in front of Arenas and in front of stadiums and Sarah Logan has done that? All these people have done that. So you know. I think that that's something to definitely keep in mind. That adds a ton of value. All these people but Sarah Logan is one who we will see. As soon as the wrestling rings are put up again Rowen getting released. It wasn't a I guess. It wasn't the biggest surprise based on what's been going on with row in but it was a huge surprise based on what was going on with Roman like a few months ago he'd been promoted before the draft to like main event level. He's literally main eventing shows with Roman reigns he was he was Daniel. Bryan's right hand guy. He was like this. We found this new niche for himself. And then you know the the only good thing is I don't think he anybody will remember him for the spider thing. You know what I mean. I don't think that will be the thing that we forget. And I think that Rowan's legacy will be it'll be why it's it'll be the bludgeoned brothers and then it'll be the Daniel Bryan Pairing. That ended up with him in a in a main event spot. And that's how we'll remember Eric Rowan. Assume unless he comes back and creates even more with his legacy. But I wouldn't be shocked. I mean man Harper and row and Duale together. I think people would be pretty excited to see Harper and Rowan. Reuniting Eric Young was released and Eric Young is another surprise. Because Eric Young as a guy you know who really in a time when Tina was not good at creating their own stars from scratch Eric Young was created from scratch for the most part and TNA and really rose you know. I think he made sanity something. That was very popular in annex t and just it just didn't sanity never clicked with people and I don't know which people but it never clicked with people on the main roster You know it's and it's a real shame. It's a real shame. Eric Young is a guy who's got his wrestling brain in his head like he wrestling his what. He knows he's hilarious. He's able to come up with a super creative stuff and I feel like that is what is going to be the next chapter in his career you know he might have a year or two left wrestling. Who knows but I do think that he's GonNa have a lot to contribute behind the scenes in wrestling and I felt like that's why he was still in. Wwe I felt like he would be there to kind of help guys as they came up in the wrestling ring. And then you know before too long kind of transition to a behind the scenes role there in wwe. But I still think by the way he'll end up there we start getting into the real real. Bummer is now we start getting into the these are all these one two three four five ax to them tag teams. I mean. I don't know anybody who wasn't bummed out by these heath slater. I mean you talk about being beloved. He's slater it is hard to hear about a guy getting released. When his gimmick is? I need this job. Got Kids because that says it all doesn't it? I think the one saving grace of He's slater being released is that the only reason he slater is being released as to fulfill. The prophecy is to fulfill the prophecy of the three. All of the three man band gender Mahal got released from WWe. He got himself into shape. He came back a new man. He became the WWe champion drew. Mcintyre got released from WWe. He got himself in shape. He came back a new man he became the WWe champion. There's only one thing left for. He slater to do spend the next couple years getting himself in shape becoming a new man. Get your ass back the wwe and get that WWe championship. He's get that wwe title. You got this. I want to see he'd show up and PWG. I WANNA see Heath do an indie run like nobody's ever seen. I WANNA see heats later. Become a new person. I want to see heath later. Get all the indy buzz that there is to get. I don't WanNa see he'd go to a W I don't WanNa see him. I mean he could pop into ring of honor but I don't WanNa see him in any promotion fulltime I want. He's slated to go on the indie run of the century. And get that just do. He's got so much fan support that is just bubbling under the surface. Get out there and get it heath. Come back and become the champion. The good brothers let go big. Algae Luke gallows and Carleen Anderson now. They've already set up. Podcast talking shop so I think they are going to jump right into that but you know what I mean gallows and Anderson. They kind of were ready to go. I think the last time that their contracts came up but the wwe offered him just a ton of money life changing money and they said yeah we use that life changing money and they use that money and they changed their lives. I think now. Now you're at a point. Where Luke gallows and Carleen Anderson have made their money and you know what that means. They are now in a position where they can go out and do whatever they want. And that's exactly what I WANNA see them. Do I want to see them? Go Out and do whatever they want. Because I feel like we're GONNA get they're going to set the world on fire we're GONNA get tidal wave of debaucherous creativity from gallows Anderson and it'll be uncontrollable but it'll be undeniable. And it's going to be whatever they want it to be. Because now can hawkins and Ryder Shock. First of all up props Zack Ryder for immediately. Putting out a shirt that says not. They're still here was his catchphrase for so long. Look we've had our podcast wars in the wrestling figure world we are enemies however when you talk about two guys living their dream when you is a wrestling fan think how cool would it be if I grew up the biggest wrestling fan in the world and then I got to become a wrestler myself. There is nobody to live vicariously through more than Hawkins and Ryder and their contributions to wwe are both different. And I think both different than people even realize first of all. I hope Mattel still going to put out that edge heads pack with edge and the Hawkins and Ryder heads. I hope they're still GONNA put out. That edge has pack but dude first of all you got Hawkins who we've talked about it when he was on the podcast before who happens to be just a great wrestler and has been used in that respect you remember when he was injured and he was out for a while he actually did Transition into a producer role for a little while Just because he couldn't wrestle But this is the guy it was Hawkins who along with Curtis Axel trained with the Rock in the ring. Prepping the rock for his comeback. Hawkins has become a young grizzled veteran in his own right. And then you talk about Zack. Ryder and the legacy is at rider. Is the Internet Championship? And if you didn't live through that I don't think you can appreciate it as much as you should. You know I mean. I think that that you look now. And the idea of wrestlers entrepreneurs and the idea of wrestlers having their own youtube channels and podcasts. And everything like that. It seems like old hat. But I mean Zack. Ryder started being the elite. Yeah that would the Z. True Long Island story was the beginning of wrestlers outside of a company infiltrating that Youtube world. As a matter of fact. I'll bet the traction did the Z. True Long Island Story Got Zack. Ryder's Youtube show it changed. Wwe's whole perception of using youtube and now youtube is a is a priority for them they one of the biggest channels on Youtube and I think that the exact rider deserves a lot of credit for that. I think that greater deserves a lot of credit for a lot of wrestlers using youtube and if those wrestlers themselves were not influenced by. Zack Ryder. The people that they were influenced were influenced by Zack. Ryder all the tongue in cheek stuff. Zack Ryder trying to get over a fence. Zach what are you doing? And he just looked at the camera and said I'm trying to get over all that stuff. People weren't really doing before Ryder did it And then they transition their passion for collecting action figures into a podcast created this whole community behind it. I mean you know. I think it's GonNa be really interesting. Because when Hawkins got released the first time rider stayed and Hawkins figured out how to make a living in Wrestling Hawkins and Pat Buck became a pretty lethal combination. I feel like you had rider to the mix you've now got pat buck. Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder Horns Waddell. You've got the whole clique. They're ready to adjust create a storm. And I think it will. I think it'll happen. You know I think it'd be really cool to see Hawkins and Ryder in a non. Wwe position and I hope that that happens. Pike has gonNA get wild there. I think that by the way you know. I don't want to rub salt in any wounds but I think that this might leave me. Is the only member left of the elite squad and I just an official member of the elite squad like two weeks ago? But I think that I'm all that's left now on the elite squad so I'm GONNA have to contact bill mckean that but Yeah Yeah I think that I think that Hawkins and Ryder Hawkins and they already have pro wrestling. Tease shirt stores up. They're both already enterprising entrepreneurial guys they both have this ridiculous passion for wrestling so Yeah it's GonNa get real interesting real real quick by the way But said bummer. You know here's the thing you don't ever want you love seeing. Maybe it's the way I present myself but I say you love seeing people's dreams come true and getting to live vicariously through them but for some reason. Nobody loves me seeing. Nobody loves seeing me. Get my dream come true. Everybody hates it. But you never want to see the dream. And for those people because you're living vicariously through them but you don't realize is there's a whole other side of it there's a whole other world outside of the wwe that maybe you don't even think about that. You're now going to be able to see these guys lived through fruitfully And I really think that they will drag maverick. That's another one who I was literally just talking about on Monday about being in the cruiserweight title tournament and how his passion for wrestling is like nobody. I've ever seen let me tell you story about drake. Maverick I WANNA say it was summer slam because I think it was Montreal. He knew a hole in the wall bar as myself. It was. Drake Maverick is Vick Joseph. I remember if anybody else's they're not but while we're sitting there were not at work. No wrestling's around we're just at this bar. Vic Joseph Goes. Hey Drake can you name? Every wrestlemainia main event in history and drake just looks at him. Like what are you an amateur? And he just sits there any names from one to thirty five every WRESTLEMAINIA MAIN EVENT. And then vic goes yeah. But you can't do that. Wwe Champions he names all of them. He is a walking wrestling encyclopedia. And He loves every ounce of the wrestling business. If you guys were lucky enough to be there live let me. I'm GonNa tell you. What a good guy. Drake Maverick is the last time I did. A live. Show is all the way back in last September and this is one of the reasons why I hate doing live shows because they're really hard to put together. I love doing the show itself but I hate putting them together because I have to do it all myself. I had our truth booked for that show and the WWE was coming to town the next day they were doing raw in Brooklyn I was in Manhattan at Caroline's The Sunday before and it was. You know we're building and is my birthday so I had mark Henry. I'd Kathy Kelly and I had our truth in my head and I confirmed like literally I WANNA say. It was Saturday morning when I confirm with truth and he went. Oh my God. I'm so sorry dude I forgot but wwe doesn't have me on the road. I'm not going to be in New York Fuck. I said I'm out of guest. I haven't really advertised. I didn't advertise. That are truth is going to be there but I wanted. I started and I go. I mean it's a long shot but I texted drake maverick because drake and I just hate dragging I gotten together. We got to know each other. Well we knew each other and TNA because we both friends with Josh Matthews. And that's when I first met him when I came out to hang out with Josh Matthews at a show and Josh was hang out with spot at the time and we just got to talking and we got friendly I spent more time with Drake Maverick he'd come in. That's how much he loves this stuff. He lived in Orlando. They asked me to come out to Orlando to do some commentary training and and because I'd never done it before and they just asked drake to come out and do it with me because it would. Tom Phillips was there they were bringing me out for it and they were like what we want him to practice with three people so drake just came out. And he's like yeah. Sure I'll do it if you need me. And he just came out and did it. I was like that's that's amazing as jaded people as they are there are the like. Yeah cool let's do it and that's where you know. We got a little bit more friendly and I texted him the day before that show at Caroline's and has came in. Are you going to be in town? Yom Shooting except for the twenty four seven championship as like. Would you want to do this? Live show twenty four hours notice. He was like cool. I'll be there. Sounds good and he was amazing. He told all these great stories. Anybody that was there. He was like such a highlight. He told the story of the twenty four seven championship wedding. He told he told all these great stories and just awesome and he wasn't even supposed to be there. You know the fact that he was there. Any talk about his passion. He talked about the fact that like you know if he was not wrestlemainia he didn't complain. He took it as a notice that okay. I need to work harder. 'cause I need to get their next year? And that's that was attitude with everything. You're drake maverick. Is Dude. He cut he put that video out. Now you know when it was announced that he was released tears in his eyes. Emotional dream job also needs to provide for his family any announced that he was still going to be able to be allowed to compete in the cruiserweight round. Robin Tournament. Dude that was a promo that was a Promo. He was cutting okay and the fact that he realized okay. They're going to give me a couple more matches. I need the world to support me going into this thing any and it was from the heart and it was real and he was talking about his feelings but it was a promo any put it out there and I mean I don't know anybody. That's not gonna be cheering every single thing. This guy does in the cruiserweight tournament. And you know why. He did that because he gets it because he just gets wrestling because it's just wrestling i. How do I turn a negative into a positive? And he knew even as emotional as he was in that video and that was real he knew how to turn a negative into a positive and he did it. And he's going to keep doing that. This is a guy who you look at him. You're like no. I don't think it's GonNa be you and he goes. Oh really I'm GonNa make sure it's me. And he goes out and he make sure it's him. I can't wait to see what he does next. And I wouldn't I will. I believe he'll be back in. Wwe and then. Finally one of the biggest surprises was the release of Roussev. The biggest surprise in the sense that there's such fan love for this guy but maybe not the biggest surprise in the sense that he has hinted on twitter in the past about not being particularly happy with where he's at. Look I think rousseff is in the dropped? The ball category Rousseff is a guy who multiple times. He's had the opportunity to be at another level. He drove a tank into Wrestlemainia. I don't know if you heard but you know I mean it wasn't the same coming off of Wrestlemainia. Thirty one. He built up. Seem again during rousseff day and it was just never. There's just so much rousseff gets built and built and built in as never quite fully capitalized on and I have no idea why that is. You know we can speculate all we want but I have no idea why that is. He's in a position now where he is in charge of his destiny. It's up to him to capitalize on it and I one hundred percent believe that he will. I think that this guy you watch them on total divas you want him in the rain you can watch them on total divas. He CAN BE A. He'll he could be a good guy. He can be menacing. He can be entertaining. He can be funny. He can be dangerous. It can be whatever you wanted to. B.'s rousseff is rousseff day and And I think that that's going to continue. And that's going to continue going forward. All RIGHT GUYS. I appreciate you guys being here. Hopefully we'll get in patriotic exclusive podcast Patriot dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling Before Monday and it will have a little bit better news. I was thinking about doing a fantasy draft now that we have all these free agents. I was thinking about what happens if I started my own promotion. Where would I go with all this new talent on the market? Maybe I'll do that as a Patriot exclusive and then hopefully Monday. We can get into some better news. Let's try not to be bummed out. Let's watch some wrestling Timothy Thatcher's in an X T. It's not all bad news. Let wrestling continue to be an escape. Don't allow it to be the bummer. That is fighting so hard to be all right guys. We will see you if you're on patriots over the weekend if you're not on Monday for more not San wrestling thanks. Everybody thanks for listening. Follow at not sale on twitter instagram facebook and you to rate review subscribe. This has been not sam wrestling.

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