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The Kist & Solak Show #152: Eagles Hit Rock Bottom Against Dolphins


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you by espy nation leaning green nation this is episode one fifty two is that beat around the bush eagles lose thirty seven to thirty one onto at the time the two and nine miami dolphins down in miami with a very heavily pro eagles crowd so can't even put it on the road but then and like i'm so far beyond being upset with this team is like a parent that's that's just disappointed oh and then i'll worry i've nowhere near that i'm probably close actually but i think i've spent all my energy earlier in the season being like ticked off and i'm i'm glad you're there because i mean the fan base number one has a right to be just just completely upset with what for this season has been considering the preseason expectations and even just the expectation coming into this singular game has been an abject failure i said earlier in the year this was a team that smelled its own crap in the off season and set it must be roses and we're at the point now where it's it's someone's gotta get fired someone's has gotta go this is ridiculous you get yourself in a in a prime spot with the cowboys helping you out against the cowboys helping you out by losing to the bills and you get to this spot you tonight you were telling me before the game before the podcast ninety four percent will win probability at the beginning of the third quarter ninety four percent that is on acceptable on so many levels give that many points to an offense in the dolphins that has scored what fourteen point eight as an average coming into this game unbelievable ben then your thoughts your offense has been really bad for the last couple weeks right and no worse way than when they play the seahawks you had alshon jeffery alshon how even nelson galore out and you had of course in struggling to lose he he really pushed him was accurate and he didn't get in saint pages while whatever you got sean and you're back for this game carson should be set lane is back there's no jordan howard but you're passing offense should be what you needed to be you're playing a miami dolphins defense that has not been great and you come out there and you are exactly what you know you hope to see now the eagles five out of the six i drives they had scoring drive right drives three touchdowns in the first six which is what you need to do to get off then but it looks great and then you know now you see opening turnover and you score and then the next drive you have incompletions nelson igor great war causing suppression kicker phil while it's ten nothing okay okay next time you get the ball back ten seven you drive down the field get to third into and you don't even you're not entirely sure where like the there's a miscommunication alshon going here and there whatever so that's the guy you're supposed to be on the same page with him then he fourth in two you get a false start right from your franchise left tackle slash thirty eight year olds i should have been here for more years than he should have been left tackle and you nascar phil and that play would have converted to dis- based on the coverage and when next they kind of let that play out completed to galore but it was dead meanwhile the touchdown you just allowed was a fourth and four which went cover zero you'd seven guys scrimmage you'd everybody else in isolated man coverage which is the coverage you you lost to the falcons on in case anyone was wondering he ran that again and you go forty three yard touchdown and parker then you come on the very next drive they walk down the field to get him into third incomplete pass jalen nells gets called offer pass interference i still do not understand how that overturned not important but very important i don't agree with it being overturned based on what we've seen the entire season even on twitter like did he shoot with a gun no than the place stands of reverse i thought it was defensive pass interference to begin with but if it's not called like that on the field i was i was shocked i didn't think the ball was catchable and secondly i don't think even scheduled newer was turned around the ball on the floor and that's a good point pass interference right well this is this is my thing when it comes to do this is this is my complete when it comes to legislating play in general right the fifty thousand foot view pacifist the defender interfered with the receivers ability football football if you know review the devante parker wasn't gonna catch that football and he was not gonna catch football i couldn't happen right uncatchable chevy pass interference anyway and then these special eighteen play heard round the world then you get fourth and goal from the three year whatever and you go from one excuse me they come out and super weird formation eagles line-up man-to-man across the board don't elect not to take time out right they get motion from the kicker everybody goes crazy for this guy josh sweat allows the punter leak out and it's a it's a touchdown so now it's fourteen thirteen in a game that you've wildly outplay your opponent yeah and then you know you do do your next two drives you'll walk down the field you throw it all over them carson doesn't magic on third downs and you score two touchdowns it's twenty eight fourteen okay by the fifteen yard touchdown on down that was to j. jaw on the scramble JJ scoring football points yup good job getting getting himself open presenting a target for for wednesday and then on on the very next drive after coming out of the half miami went for a surprise onsides kick which the eagles recovered put them in in in a good spot they start moving the pocket for went a little bit more you get the ten yard touchdown to alshon jeffery on third and five they worked alshon a lot from the slot this game which will be talking about during the film review show oh but you're at twenty eight to fourteen now twenty eight to fourteen does should be game against the dolphins i wipe the dolphins away from it because like the the the team named dolphins has the connotation of like they're tanking trying to lose which they've been a feisty not awful team past five weeks yeah so they're not like vo dolphins but this is baffling right after the battle home you got a ton of home built you've got like a ton of people in the stadium you got injuries they got a week autoweek secondary beat this team gone to twenty eight twenty four two hundred fourteen so even though you should be up on them by mortgage how you played your about where you should be and then comes the complete implosion right then comes the we can't even get them into third down on when we get to complete a pass interference penalty is that we have derek eric barnett dropping it his own coverage we have josh sweat dropping in his own coverage right then we get to drive down the field dropped by zacher it's on what would have been touchdown carson gets let's act jake elliott misses a field goal right then we get to you know three and outs because carson's throwing jump ball alshon jeffery instead of running i don't know anything that's worked so far for the last three quarters we can't buy a stop and our offense just kind of loses its mind like chicken with its head cut off right becomes back to what it was with seattle it becomes back to what always with new england which was like listen we need to score twelve points on every single plane as we're gonna lose right there's no semblance of the running game which i get jordan howard's gone on your offensive line is playing one of the worst front seven in the league and you draft a mile sanderson the second round so the running game goes away and then defensively we just stayed a man coverage for the entire second half and this is where i arrive at my final point which this whole narrative builds up to you just you're running out of reasons to explain why jim schwartz in the building it's not not even like fire gym shorts because i don't think you should find him towards this week because i think that you have four weeks left of you went off for you make the NFC east you win the NFC east you make the playoffs thanks has a terrible message to the team to fire schwartz before that we don't even think you guys have a chance of doing this at all anyway so we're gonna start moving on with next off seasons moves so i would not say defiant towards at all nobody should be fired this week but you're out of reasons to explain why he showing up to work because nothing changes when the defense starts performing badly i wore that very carefully because i've said many times i'm going to say again if you do not have players who can play man coverage with really only so much you can do the defense coordinator in this league and the eagles ronald darby and jalen mills early do not have corners coverage yeah i thought it was so funny that during the game like darby got bodied nils got bodied i i thought they were gonna throw the flies for offensive pass interference they would have been weak flags but a lot of people were calling for what happens when mills doesn't get touched and guess eckes in the back of the endzone like if need your corners to get those week offense a passer fearance calls you need better corners period mills was bad the savior of this defense mills was bad darby's argues there's gonna be dame yep we're mills getting burned does not result in a drop and it was the ryan fitzpatrick the game the difference in this game number one ryan fitzpatrick has no conscious whatsoever and will throw it up one on one no matter what the coverage all frigging day it's what he did last year to number number two jalen mills is played the same differences the quarterback threw it where he needed to be and the receiver caught it that's the only difference pure ronald darby like we it's been it's been what start we can and do he can't find the beat the cashpoint so it doesn't matter if he's covered site so all of this going to say you tell jim the defense isn't playing good enough we're gonna fire you jim comes back with you i have no corners play man coverage on the corner complain cowards on that fire corey unlim- fire some scout fire somebody but if used corners who can cover them i think it's gonna work just fine if it's been great for your data yes but eventually and i would define eventually as when the dolphins have gone on five straight scoring drives the first time this year taking out the kneel down at the half five string right then they want seven straight mike i'm saying i'm saying the point of breaking point for me deep partially when they took the thirty four point lead which was was it was touchdown drive touchdown drive neil touchdown drive touchdown drive i touchdown drive now it's thirty four twenty eight late or early in the fourth i was done at that point yes that would have been my breaking point i would've said i would've i would've expected NFL defensive coordinator say what if we tried anything else upright this this this is the point where i get to you is like how many times do you have to watch mills get burned by mike to understand the jalen mills can do what you're asking to how many times do you have to see ronald darby get destroyed taller receiver so he can't compete the cashpoint before you understand that he can't do what you're asking him to do how many times does it have to be malcolm jenkins making like some ungodly played dr otherwise nobody can win in short zones nobody can wins in the middle of the field we what more information do you need to tell the you do not have the defensive personnel to do what you want to do and if jimbo's been saying this for weeks he's he's been saying this for over a year and it's been problems from the firm office in general management problems in the position coaches that's fine but i start at the defensive coordinator and i say if you're the one going into the mike cover one every every down with him to pick up where we end is this is why is what is what is jim schwartz doing the building what does he is he cleaning something is he organizing something because he's not according to defense at least not during the day and to your point ryan fitzpatrick has no conscience rabbits patrick slings it down the field against man coverage with neither with with just recently just frivolously he just out there living his life the first two or three drives interception punt punt for the dolphins i said on the internet dolphins bodied in the trenches feels like feels like they she goes spread and try to win out of the gun one step three step drops should not have said that allowed this was the formula that fitzpatrick had with tampa bay last last year didn't tampa fitzpatrick went to the sidelines at hey i don't know if you saw ice threw for four hundred yards on these cats last year we did take time to install this game plan on the sideline ryan so no traceable it's really simple we just asked the receivers to run down the field there and then we said we could threaten them like brian mr florez let me try it once ray why i would i would actually happened like we're joking that happened on sunday insulin it happened on tuesday and the meeting room or fitzpatrick said listen like we just if you just ask this wasn't on third down this is what i like against them in like honestly like we still aww devante mean we've got him you know what i mean like that's going to because that's no secret everybody in the moment knows that salt i've now done unfinished i'm calling we can talk more specifics but but i'm i've reached the point where like a personally the philadelphia eagles scored thirty one points you're expected to win games score thirty one points offense having having missed field goal punt punt from the third quarter of the fourth quarter not great that's bad scoring twenty eight points after the first drive of the third quarter is excellent lint and not should have been enough what at twenty eight fourteen you have a ninety four percent win win percentage as ESPN tracker thing so like the offense fezzet gone defensively if you are willing to throw against this team you're gonna put up at least thirty it's been in the case since the packers game when the eagles beat the packers the packers weren't willing to throw if you're willing to let your quarterback pass the football all you have to do is hold the eagles offense under thirty yup and you're going to beat them the eagles after went out to win the NFC east they're gonna the redskins beat the panthers the rats are football down the field they showed it when they nearly beagles when we won the giants are probably gonna throw it 'cause i don't know who knows maybe coaching the team at the time but then the cowboys are we're gonna sling it up and down the artem this team and there's nothing like what do they do nothing nothing because at the end of the day they're gonna play man coverage on late downs they're gonna blit six or seven might downs and they're gonna lose them those downs over and over and over and over again there is no hope in god we are all going to die ryan fitzpatrick twenty-seven for thirty nine three hundred sixty five yards three touchdowns and the interception that came on the first play of the game where basically there there was a pig happening there and dan boy carson wentz for his end twenty eight forty six three ten three touchdowns in that hail mary interception if you if you can't win with thirty one points against the miami dolphins i don't know what you're doing there i am sure somewhere somebody's gonna be mad at the performance carson wentz had i thought it was a solid day at the office you throw forty six times you're up for most of the game you're in the ball nineteen times what happened the running game we were this was a run first team for the majority of the season you louis jordan howard all said you can't do it now sanders wasn't bad man i don't not necessarily get that either and look i said on twitter that somebody's going to get fired up to this game i don't care who my actual thought is i don't think anybody is no fire anybody when you're facing down four divisional games of the potential to win the division you're ready for a stat boy for this was from cowboy stats and graphics cowboy stats before week twelve the cowboys boys were six and four and per fivethirtyeight they had fifty nine percent chance to win the division since then they've gone to and then i have a sixty six percent chance to uh-huh because i've doing favors for the cowboys man this is really worst like here's what's uh showing if the cowboys had beaten the bills switch on thursday did i enjoy eating food and watching the cowboys lose to the bills okay yeah julia i don't care how bad the eagles are if they had the eagles losing to the dolphins oftens would have botched it yep there's no chance of winning the division it not no chance but it's pretty much over unfortunately we now have to watch the giants games in the redskins has gained a high yes my NS east hoax dead they are sack rosenblatt after the game talking about how multiple players saying that the eagles had a quote unquote great week of practice that's what everybody somebody says yeah i know that's what everybody says either one of the the the bees are also laughing pearson cena the dolphins are good football ball team much like can't say they're not after the beat you get out of bed football team because what does that tell your team you have to call them a good football team we only ever get beat by football teams that yeah protects us from being right by tra transplant bad football team all right let's take a break we're gonna be backyard and kristen so elect show right after this this episode is sponsored by stash a smarter simpler way to start investing with sash you can begin investing in a wide array of companies diversified funds for as little as five dollars stash offers unlimited trading 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basically every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app and we are back here on the kiss and solex elect show episode one fifty two brought to you by the punk folk espionage chablis degree nation michael kissed here with benjamin sollac bend let's dial in on some individual performance for the eagles number no one else on jeffrey who boy he's still slow still caught nine passes for one hundred and thirty seven yards and a touchdown somehow on sixteen frigging targets zakar struggling with a hamstring came out for point and came back in then had a key drop in the end zone had a couple of key drops in this game high leverage drops dallas dallas got her played well i thought six receptions sixty six yards are gonna whiteside we already talked about having the the the touchdown mouse sanders also having a touchdown so carson wentz three touchdowns three three different targets but also some key mistakes by some guys carson wentz included you notice a couple of roads that he missed in there as well but what did you think about the individual performance from the players on the offense it's been i said i'll sean catches he catches the football which is why he continues to be targeted yeah i thought it was weird that people really he had one bad game of drop in the football that it was against the bears if i'm not mistaken riyadh three drops other than that he caught the football just finding the dude has absolute mitts and he made some tough catches in this game he just looks super super slow anyway go ahead alex writes alshon is not an incredibly like like you know athletic anymore that's the reality you know injuries had beaten him up and he's gone older and that's just how that echo sometimes that being said he's clearly NFL caliber player is kelly NFL starter decided the best zero eagles roster carson the football it's it's also worth noting that he there's nothing he doesn't do that like devante parker does devante parker those of you who may be wondering just went for seven receptions one hundred fifty nine yards and three touchdowns i guess eagles now he did that moss and much smaller corners in getting those shots the eagles like they always wanna get alshon these one on one shots he's like working released moves worst they'd let them post up a little bit yeah but either way noah parker 'cause i saw eagles else some eagles fans i know beal gee put one of these in his re cabinet you can find it noah becker says devante parker was available for almost nothing in a trade each of the last two years eagles traded a third for tate in a forthr- avery number one every single one of you did not want devante parker on the trade blocs stop lying for all of this including me including you including how everybody don't want why because departure is not a good football player also worth noting we're getting these tweets off after devante lante parker had lent to release a career day to on departure as i just told you seven receptions one hundred nine yards and two touchdowns he has never had two touchdown game in his career he has never had over a hundred and fifty receiving yards and a game his career by the way you want another fun fact there mike buddy old how mike sickie tight end and five receptions seventy nine yards and a touchdown mike asked me if he has ever had seven reception game before early no already no nope nope he has caught one line passing touchdown before this game and it was lasting cleveland mike ezekie and devante parker both had games against philadelphia today that's where we that's where we're at with this defense and let me tell you this if you were really pounding the table for devante parker at some point and you say that i mentioned i will advance twitter search you and in call you out so you find eagle should train for devante parker where you bed you're in my mentions anybody and if you haven't had anything anything had anyway yeah so alison yeah i'll have like a good game which was fun he did he had a commanding he had some double catches but he like he made the pro tackles and like you know caught footballs had to one from wednesday was a frigging laser that he'd like double caught but like i totally get it and it was a really catch from laura so i mean he he looked competent today that's all we can ask for right lesson fund bragwell have a nice day very excited it's helpful to the team he's not back next year it doesn't matter got great day seven targets six sketches sixty six yards bingo out targeted out 'cause aggravates appre probably out snap them go out for a couple of series drop i think he tweaked the hammy on he came back in and they tried to get it out when you had that draws in the end zone when it was garbage time definitely matter but it was the drop inside the ten on second seven when the game was twenty eight twenty that was the one that really really hurt yeah he like i said beat up a little bit with the hamming but those two drops really really rough if you're gonna get a bad soccer at st that's when you have to start relying lyon guys that can all cycle guys like deja statewide side against that third down target that he's not able to handle deep downfield arts this is why like him i'm being out potential such a big deal he's not one hundred percent but whatever and then sanders remains getting better but they do not have as active of a rushing attack back when howard is out yeah did you don't have the same variety of concepts then you have the same a reliance on it which you know honestly kinda good like there's way less than ten runs which is nice it's good and bad yeah there is different but also it really would have been helpful to have a howard sanders offensive line macho drive their third quarter to lessen how often the dolphins kept getting the football get a couple first downs the old fashioned way as it were take some time off the clock and help your defense let's settle a little bit gets more time on the sideline so the eagles need help but watch seaver there's no line about that but al shawa future starter on this team to sean jackson's coming back digitalized kawai said it's gonna remain on this team they need more player than they neither their guys to stay healthy and they need their young players to develop so to me not the biggest problem they're all out of their mind it's all the defense line fell asleep a bit in the second half wasn't the case earlier in the year when people were complaining about the pressure when when a man can take a shotgun snap take a three step drop robin throw no pressures arriving doesn't happen we we had this discussion after the tampa bay game and around that time too and that was a stretch with the eagles in face a quarterback that was over two point four seconds akin's time to throw and when i started if it's patrick i found that seventy one percent of his throws in that week two matchup were within the top of his dropper one hitch i feel that you're gonna find a lot of the same from fitzpatrick in this game because again identify one on one gopher one online means the same thing that that foles would do to get up to cover one cool i've got one on one let's take that all day and that's that's what i was doing so despite the fact that the eagles had some very advantageous match ups and only the interior but also on the outside as well i mean the left tackle for the dolphins went down early i couldn't even tell oh you the backups name but barnett with them early and of course i got added about it but whatever i i can understand why the pass rush was a little quiet in the second half despite the fact that i i still probably wanted to see better we're gonna look at the film and and kind of take a look at that ben man it's it's so frustrating because we can say that the eagles still have a shot to to win out i don't know how we can say that this is this is this just a game by game thing man i we i feel like we gotta stop saying and i know it's a joke and i know it plays well on the time line and whatnot they're still will it's frustrating because it still reason for hope around this team this team is not a serious playoff contender at at the there's no way that you can say that so even if they win the NFC east somehow some way because the cowboys just fall apart which they they kind of are doing before our eyes a lot of talk about jason garrett going on with them but even if that does has happened i think it's i think it's a bit fool's gold in the NFC east is i mean really a bit of a joke right now and and it's frustrating with expectations coming into the season that this is where we're at because even with the injuries and other things going around the offense and defense started get guys back and they were solid four games and you have to do and whatnot i was still a little skeptical optical about that obviously for good reasons because we saw what just happened against dolphins by expecting this team to win out and play consistent complimentary football i the is just a apply trine regardless of the opponent right now so i i'm i'm really not i mean i would love to say look on the bright side but for me right now that's just an expression nothing nothing tangible in my eyes moving forward for the eagles i mean we're starting to get to the point where when you start looking at some replacements for this guy start i think someone in three words mentioned mock drafts and stuff like that like it's getting close to that season fellas easing a really really isn't it's it's super frustrating obviously that the coaching staff in the towel on this team is not going to be the same next year and it can't be i'm out here here making myself my defensive coordinator target lists yes nice yeah well that was always our thing where i was always like we are in relation shorts with yeah well now actually able to answer that freaking gladsden so schwartz saved his job over the last you know two to four weeks mainly only the two weeks because they were decent offenses are better didn't he goodness you know how skeptical i was about it the scoreboard and all that stuff not decay dropping passes and wilson overthrowing guys in the end zone man boy oh boy what up fr- frustrating loss of one that we definitely did not see coming but we shouldn't be that surprised by giving what this is team has a shona throughout the seasons but she the consistency of complimentary football that is that is just not happened since two thousand seventeen let's go to three words every week we asked you gentlest or if you're new to this for three words to describe the game that you just watched and of course will we talk about him right here so there's about four hundred responses right right now as i'm looking at it i i like this one at based gene gene wurley says butts for players usually the three words but for hands which i mean missile does apply to this game a little bit but butts players at the bri ninety ryan says only keep doug i think there's a serious if obviously not this week but about coming into this off season black monday is going to be a pretty tough for a lot of these positional and coordinators for the eagles they can not keep things the same they cannot spell their own oh crap and thank you just promote everybody things will be fine they need fresh new ideas in this building dr feelgood at map the outlaws seriously fire schwartz in short by scroll through all of these we're gonna see a lot of that i d k at four tomorrow underscore mouse says laugh out loud and then chronologically early eighty minutes later he responds to his own he says laugh through pain which i really enjoyed because he was like ha i'm laughing and then over the course semantics was like oh i'm really sad and then came back to make sure that we understood he was laughing out loud but he was really laughing through pain i'm gonna throw a flag on brandon league out in may he reign forever forever rain may forever rain excuse me history words is actually just one word and and it's no which is wrong yeah that's not how we do things you should know the rules by now also flag on tim koala at kuala underscore him he he says this the whole teeny hyphenated hold team sir i will not read responsible old for me once again ben fully once and then stop it stops after that okay so at matt grumbach the notorious MTFG says third atrocious effort i do do not agree but there is an interesting sort of question about now i mean like you keep expecting the rally early performance to come in and keeps coming i don't think it's an effort thing with this town it's the effort thing either but like it would be nice to see a game in which like like like geez thing where where it's like the eagles offense defense can't play well at the same time we're just everyone has their hair on fire like revenue they're going to be rising it'd be a moment where teams like hey let's all the be better than we were and not just us and some of us be worse i think that comes down to each unit as a team executing and would you execute and you're your fiery like that you have more fun at looks at it gives that look of it being like oh man they are playing with their hair on fire today there's a plane really good complementary football everybody's playing playing well again i don't think it's an effort thing with this team yeah i don't either but like it's it's weird bright yeah i mean they don't have the same energy that they had back in two thousand seventeen for sure that energy jeeze long gone i'm throwing a flag on ginger beard eleven again at p. fan ninety p. h. a. n. multiple responses and one i mean there there are several here fired jim schwartz wife fire gyms sports is kids at least fulls got bench like these are all forwards bad bad bad on smart we're not not gonna read those you remember last year when the eagles so they lost the the overtime game to dallas right on the douglas which by the like another thing i would have considered if i was going to stay in man dan coverage for the whole game is after the whole hey ronald darby can't get up putting in douglas messana up after legals lose to dallas on the douglas deflection they're six and seven this was supposed post like this was supposed to be like the season is over and then they win three and they go to the playoffs right technically the dallas game is when we were their backs are against the wall right they lost in orleans beaten your can beat washington to get to dallas they're supposed to be dallas and that was gonna be the game of the division and then they lost it and then they win in three in a row dallas loses a game that they weren't supposed to lose or something on the eagles win the division this dolphins game hannah feels like that they needed to win this stay in the playoff phrase right and then they lose it and now it's like all right now their backs are rudely really up against the wall so are they going to have kind of like a wake-up performance last year they had the foles the in fact this year they don't have that so that's the i don't know like what i'm trying to figure out why is this team keep coming out is kinda like being a died like nobody seems to want to win a football game there's no foles looks like you know you and i both now we are not the whole like foles is the solution people whose wh where where's the rally income from mars is gonna come from let's say it's gonna be karsan arson but it's never been carson before it's an interesting thought because it's like wasn't all foles was it doug's messaging really starting to hit home type of thing like doug has been able to pull this team at a bad stretches of play before and get them on a run this team is just not not able to do it i mean there were rallying all of two thousand seventeen it wasn't just this foles that was part of wants to point doggone good football you're winning you're having fun i just can't get themselves out of this out of this rut at this point and i said it earlier on the season season there's seems like there's a leadership issue going on with his team right now and i don't know who it is the coach the quarterback as it is the veterans on defense is who is it because whatever's happening i mean obviously i think change in that locker room needs to happen along with with the coaching staff as well and we kind of talked about that throughout the week like do they need to do with the seahawks did and get rid of some of these other voices in these veteran guys or whatnot and guys that were around for that in the further away from foles that you get by the way was benched today as you get further away from that maybe that starts to change in the team realizes okay it's not i just we're not just going to snap our fingers is going to happen yeah you'd really like to see the rally performance right yup that's my main thing is this is what this stretch needed to be we'll say i'm inches i'm really really really interested to see how they come out next week against the giants in primetime monday night football because it's not embarrassing looser the seahawks or the patriotism balancing looser the dolphins like this and in this fashion in any felon got over five hundred went into the bye week and i'm now lost three in a row at some point point somebody's gotta be like hey what if we stopped doing this one football instead you know at some point they're gonna have to have some sort of like smart now and if it's not not enough such that they like lose to the giants say that allowed then like it's not going to be just like fire this is going to make a lock room implosion you know what i mean i think of they beat new york beat the giants loose dallas and then quietly fired from towards whatever they get embarrassed by the giants or by the redskins loose foreign row primetime time ESPN monday night football at hall that's like that's the that's where they see this could boil over i know we've gone ten miles away from three words i was just going down that rabbit hole than that question about motivation made me think of somebody said no finger wag today which because finger wag is not confirmed to separate words i'll let it go it could be announced there's no real way of knowing leeann finger wag today at all for jalen mills who unfortunately every incompletion force was subsequently filed with a pass interference penalty sweet sweet child just a bad day man just a bad day i'll be looking at a lot of quarterbacks come draft time quarterbacks wide receivers man i'm about done i'm i'm about done talking about this team this game i'm gonna need twenty four hours before the film drops get that little grace period in there but i mean i don't know what else thursday on in the fact that it's just a massive disappointment ready for another stat yeah the eagles all manned twitter's not handle this one the the eagles are now owen seven and games in which they've trailed at any point in the fourth quarter of the season week to atlanta we three week six is minnesota we seven against thousand eleven twelve thirteen against england seattle in miami they have not been behind in the fourth quarter this year one which they're all in seven in those games games and they're five and seven that team's final way to lose those close games i mean i've always said that we could talk about carson being clutch blase blase blah i mean that that that's what it comes down to her are you want to use this to go after carson anger dreams yeah isn't what it was the model of this podcast what what is our national anthem is not hard to tell when the quarterback is throbbing the football team yeah he was a deputy definitely wasn't today boy ben all right that's that's it i'm done you're done round here the say goodbye to the gentle listeners thank you as always we're listening to talk show here on BGN radio would you appreciate swinging winging bhai even though i'm sure it was not a nice podcast listen to your continued support is appreciated by us as we look to the last four games the final poll of this dreadful twenty nineteen football season for the five and seven philadelphia eagles as i said the giants monday night football up next for you with the division division still woefully on the line the eagles looking to make that week sixteen game against the cowboys matter for those you playing for those who still believe if the cowboys at the bears on sunday night football and then home against the rams on sunday before they catch the eagles the weekend of the twenty second week sixteen so that's the upcoming schedule the fight for the NFC east i one to eight wins if you enjoyed the show please rate reviewing subscribe on whatever abuse in your podcasts makes you subscribe as well especially you don't wanna miss anymore shows which will have a plan to a plethora of them coming towards you this week we did not have falsely shows over the holiday a lot of stuff going on between the two of us but you'll get a full preview for the giants offense and defense as we return to our regularly scheduled programing he's been benjamin so like on twitter abbott nassau okay hey i've been marcus entourage k. i s. t. we will talk to you later this week we all we got we all we need fly eagles flying whenever the chief score touchdown that bar on the bottom of the screen it turns yellow at first and then it turns the i always think every chiefs touchdown has a flag on it that is gorgan yeah mahomes walked in sports macabre look at that thing x ray tweeted alshon and declined interviews went says players do hold each other and sounds so blessed by went says went says players oh beach other accountable and themselves martin frank says alcyone tomlin great pairing g

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