Sexiest Podcast Alive, with Matt and Viviana from THNK1994


Hello, everybody. And welcome back to an all new episode of Dirk cast, my usual co host. Megan Reynolds is taking a much deserved vacation. So stepping into her place. Are I say this to a lot of people who come in here, and they do all rank? But with these two it's actually true, my favorite gusts that we ever have only. We have Matt Viviana from the Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan nineteen Ninety-four museum. Thank you for being here. Inky for having. This is very cool. I always get really excited mostly because I just like hanging out with you both. And this is a way to do it just like during the day. We know how to party, you know. And it's really fun to finally have recorded. You know, we're all wearing boas. Hovered in body glitter. Yeah, it's true. You went to one of those AM raves. The sober raves. Yes. So in this episode, we're gonna talk about Matt and Viviana 's latest exhibits their upcoming exhibit, which is about the wide world of celebrity fragrance. And then we are also going to talk a little bit about the people's sexiest man alive. Current and past. Maybe a sexy show. Yeah. I hope so. My goal with every time. I sit down here in your bath. I come in like leggings, a cat hair covered. Robin Byrd first of all though. I wanna talk about some pop culture things that happened this week. You're gonna be my sounding board. One of the saddest parts of my life is that I'm Gucci girl without Gucci gold. But thanks to posh Mark, which is a website where you can buy and sell gently used oftentimes luxury clothing items, guess what I can wear Gucci. I can wear Prada I can wear any of the designers. I want look out red carpet. Here. I come posh. Mark carries clothes for women for kids for men posh. Mark has tons of brands to shop from and there are so many deals, you won't believe it, and it's such an easy way to buy fashion items or sell them, if you happen to be someone who maybe needs to get a little bit of money pretty quickly. You can download a free posh Mark app to make it even easier. If you see something you want you can make an offer on it. Because maybe it's still too expensive. And maybe that person is really really desperate for a little bit of cash, and you can share your posh more closet handle and tell your friends where to find you on the app in case you have to be like share from clueless. And have you know, an. As in closet, or maybe you're me and all of your closet is just worn out T shirts that you bought it H M because you sweat it through your other one guess what? Either way you could share it. Why you want to share my closet, but you could listeners Dirk cast will get five dollars off their first purchase. If you just enter the invite code dirt cast one word when you sign up. That's the invite code dirt cast. Chris pine shows dog. Jed it's called outlaw kings. It's on Netflix now. Oh my God. Okay. So we can watch it today. Yeah. He shows full pipe. Okay. And we can probably Google and see exactly what happens to watch the rest of it. Right. Just look at the still can show. What you in this moment? We'd love to see it. It's like from faraway. And he's it's after he liked climbs out of a lake so it's like a little shrinked up. But not I mean realism real available. You know, western I believe it takes place in Scotland. And he's like a Scottish rogue. Oh, I watch humans that. Yes. So I mean, I'm just kinda showing a blurry still. Wow. Yeah. I love it. Yeah. I mean, I think it could be more artfully done. It could be hosted up. He could be racked. Kind of like, maybe just like a silhouette olive benef-. Like, I'm going go like. Sorta like we recently watched sexist city movie through fresh eyes. And there's a great scene where Samantha sees a guy in an outdoor shower. It has it has such a beautiful. Dick. Remember them showing like not the full. But you get it for like a split the route. Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm your next door neighbor. And my dog ran up on your deck. And then the other movie, Richard Gere, American gigolo. He's naked in that. And it's a similar. It's like that. Chris pine one where it's a realist thing. He's just looking out the window. There's nothing. Yeah. There's just just a little cock. Yeah. Hanging out. Yeah. We like it. Absolutely. I feel like I just want to. I mean, maybe you guys feel differently. I think like an out of context an out of a sexual context. Dick is not very attractive to me. Just because it's like it's not like we're going to figure out. And so I think there's like a little bit of like less of a thrill seeing guide changing. I think every time you see it's like, oh my God. It's just like it's so new that like, it's even like people think of doing it, you know, and you only see women. But it's definitely a surprise each time. Yeah. I mean, and I respect it. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's I think more men should feel say feel free to do it. But that's what causes problems. Back up. Yeah. I I support him. And I just want to say Chris. Thank you take. So you're gonna show your. Yeah. Dogar? Yeah. And movies should do that. And they should have a law that for like a year every movie has male nudity where it's just like in. We're Julian more, and that Robert Altman movie where she's wearing a shirt, no pants movie was that sex. No, that's not a Roman. I forget the name of it. All remember is that there's this emerge. Julianne Moore semi like a fight and she's got a t shirt on. But no pants. Yeah. The Winnie the Pooh look. That is also interesting because I feel like as full frontal nudity becomes more common. Like, everyone has to make the decision like cubes or no poops. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be a global conversation which I feel like if I was doing nudity. I would be like the pew would out like a low coverage will censorship. Yeah. I would like I would go the phone line yards. And just like Cohen pinker, something, you know, crazy. Good merkin. That's just a wig with two holes cut into it that you step into like. Fully bodies talking. Yeah. It's a look anyway. Oh, I have a fashion show idea. Yes. That I think could blow up here here here for it's just shirts that have very standard coffee slogans on them. That's it don't over think it but just like copy. Mcabe coffee or things like, but then they're like tucked into jeans and dirty sneakers. Yeah. I could actually see Dior doing something like that. I think that it's one of those things that actually could really. I know pasta's like five hundred dollars or something. Ever. Yeah for I'm a real bitch before. I think that's a great idea. Season one hundred or whatever. Yeah. Coming up. All right, right. A letter making Markle did. Exactly. Just take Megan Markle came tell me like what's your favorite Meghan, Markle fact that she carries. She carries around hand warmers. I guess for when she's out got it like greet people. And then one time she was greeting people. And somebody was like, I'm sorry. My hands are so cold and she took the hand warmer out of her pocket, and she gave it to them. What magic giving STAN Lee dead. Yeah. Yeah. Ninety five years old level on different. Opinions. He vote comic books. I don't. He appeared in his comic book movies. Great cam. Great cameos. I believe he got a accused of sexually harassing his nurses. So there's little doubt. Right. Why? But convenient true, but you know, that doesn't erase crime. No, no, ma'am. No, ma'am. As here, Cialis said to Stephen hawking posts death. Great, right. Thanks for your input. Oh, we have to save. My totally forgot. Preemptively tweeted that Stephen hawking was done. Gal. She was great. Unlike the recent celebrity big brother because every time somebody like asked her about Scientology's, you'd be like, no, no you've figured out. Don't know anyone. What do consists off the best way for someone to find out? What it is is to read a book on it book on. Like, many many Scientology. And or there's a TV channel now called Scientology dot TV. But what is the God? Then we all go to gourd always have been. Is there a God politics? Not unless you want to. It would just be like that's just want to learn. Read a book here. Now, there's no boobs you were here. It would be his would be like this. If I really want to know what a Christian was. Really believed. Yeah. I would. Did you see it? It was it was it was a train wreck. It was crazy because it was they plan. Stormy Daniels is going to be in it. So the whole show is presidential teams backed out. So they clear were just like, okay. Make cure CLA the president. Then it turned into a big brother season where it was built around cure Cialis being president which was like it made no sense. But they couldn't change it. Because all of the things that spent money on at least in the earlier episodes where presidential theme. So like, she became the president. And then they had these challenges that were in such bad taste almost like hard to watch. And then like one girl didn't want to take part in it and curiously Allie explained to her she'd like had to and then in her confessional, shoes like cure. She was once she joined the group she felt better. She didn't want to I. But when she joined the group, she immediately felt like a part of something like, yeah, you're in a coal. Didn't wanna talk to her friends and loved ones anymore. Yeah. He just got a little clearer. In Portland recently, and we had like a brunch as little day drunk, and I was I would go find a bathroom and meeting them back at the store, and then I pass by their Scientology's enter and they got me right on the street, and they were like high because I have a list on that you can see from the window of their like. Their menu. Don't be promiscuous. And I'm just looking at it. This guy came out. And I was like, hi, hi, he curious what are you doing? Where are you from? I think if I had one more drink. I would have liked just kept on talking to him. He just won't Sumer this go. Carpet. I'm doing it can do it. So I can see out happen. Yeah. I like always joke that I would be really susceptible to a called. But I actually think I would maybe make it I would have like two weeks of like fully drinking the Kool aid. And then I think I'm such a brat that like when people tell me what to do enough. I'm just even if it's good advice. Family. So I think that would kick in at a certain point kind of overrule the communal sense of safety, you'd be a bad. Apple you'd have to be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Putting that trailer where they were taken with Scottish just like scream. We'll place. The hottest club. A friend of mine tried to do it just like for story, but they clearly googled her. And we're like, oh, you're journalist. And then wouldn't they wouldn't they shut her out which seems like interesting where it's like you got nothing to hide. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Another topic. I would like to ask you guys about Guerande is now the only person I respect one hundred percent agree. We just hope she just keeps on going. You know, just do whatever you want and then write songs about it. And we're just we're here for it. Did you see the video of her pretending? She has an Australian accent and just like running around outside. I saw I saw a minute of it. And or like a second of it. And it is very fun. She's just she's pretending. She's like, I guess Steve Irwin. And she's like, oh look at and over there. Just charming do. No wrong. Listening. He. Ryan. She could hear them. Come on. Right. Come we go? Here we go Liles a little bug. Those guys that's a good sauna means reindeer? Dish on on there. I haven't seen on a few days might means. The young prince. No kidding. This. Right. Did you? Oh, she'd then we miss it. Thinking about how far she's comes since licking that Donut and saying I hate America. I remember that day remember nine eleven. Yeah. Oh my God. Acres on the side of buildings and stuff. It was like 'Grande licks doughnut says she hates America. But yeah, now, she's just the empress of America feel also like what coin times when that was news. Like, I feel like now it's just like a thousand people have died. No one was remembering because another thousand different thing that happened this afternoon. Then Donald Trump told them all to go fuck themselves. I want to simpler days. Yeah. What year was that? When she looked the donor. I for some reason I was so recent. But it's fifteen. Oh, wow. Yeah. Good for her. I support her and that she should do more often. Yeah. Lik more doughnuts. Everything are Anna 'Grande. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. So last week we talked about in. Thank you next coup is love who's pain whose patients I now have a better theory than what I had last week. Please tell no I think love is big Sean Payne is MAC Miller because of yeah tragedy, and I think patients is Pete Davidson, but not because it took patients to be with him because they had no patience and rushed their relationship. Oh, okay. I always rate as patients for MAC because I felt like there was probably like a lot of like struggle with and stuff like that. But that makes so much sense for that could be too. I don't know it just like, I think I said something dumb last week rose like doesn't make any sense because they didn't exercising patients and then on learn train, right home. I was just like, oh my. Oh, my. That's just a theory feel free to call in. And let us know. There was a period of time where I started a conspiracy theory that she was an actual baby. She's now she's now a small child is walking and talking on her own very proud of. Tweets using the ponytail causes her constant pain. No. Yeah. Somebody else try to highpoint hill. And then at her is like, how do you do this? It's so painful, she's like, oh, well, I'm in constant pain. The art. Love it. Joan Crawford would pin back or neck. It wouldn't be like Turkey might be a rumor, but I did hear that. She would do that like take next kin and then pin it back behind her wig stranger things have happened. That's true. Another thing she did that maybe love her recently. Someone tweeted something like Arianna Grandes new music makes me never wanna talk to men ever again. And then she retweeted it with the caption. Thank god. I was just like you're adorable. She's a cool girl. She's a cool girl. Who knows how cool she is. And it's so relaxing, you know, she's not pretending. She's not like a cool young rockstar. And she's just a sweep by on top of it. And she looks great. And also, apparently, Frankie Grandes threatful. Now, it was this great picture of him on a JetBlue flight body makeup. Like he's in first class. You could tell from the seats and he just like had full body makeup on his chest. And he's just sitting there win for set phones fabulous. He's like someone who really knows what. What his places which is like, you are just the sibling of someone talented, and he's gonna ring that out as much as he can. What it must have been like for him because he entered celebrity brother, and then he and the ground. It was just like, you know, like, a Disney girl, and then he leaves big brother, and she has become famous famous. It all happened. Experience. Dang. So he's like growing from that every day. I feel. Yeah. Growing to find love in trouble. I looked up on Instagram is replicates and one's a doctor and one year. He's doing just fine ladies, so we should all fire. So lucky feel like if you're in trouble with a doctor and a lawyer your days, you just spend them like doing those like things they have at the gym that are like those like ropes that you like wind up. Like your every day. You just do that for hours and then. Exactly. I mean, bad news. I guess if they ever split because one is very litigious. But like good news. If you ever get sick or a lawyer, call number one, you know. Yeah. Constantly. I need a lawyer. Victoria's Secret their head of marketing, Ed Razek, he made it very clear that he doesn't want plus size models or trans models Billy ever to be on the Victoria's Secret runway the second that I read that about two bras at Fendi. Victoria's Secret angels fashion show is so freakish to me anyway, it's feels like an antiquated notion of like smoking hot big. We can see naked women whenever we want such a relic. And it's like it's still at every show would be the same people who'd be there like years ago a decade ago like the guy played Smith. Jared is there? I bet. Just like front row. Yeah. So here's what he said. So it's like why don't you do fifty? Why don't you do sixty? Why don't you do twenty four? It's like why doesn't your show do this? Shouldn't you have transsexuals in the show? No, no. I don't think we should. Well, why not because the show is a fantasy? It's a forty two minute entertainment special. That's what it is. That is the stupidest non-answer in the world like your shows a fantasy, truly whatever you want. Is it forty two minutes. It's like an hour with commercials. But also, it's like Victoria's Secret in a decade. I think it's literally for seventeen year olds by like the sprays. You know? That's the last time. And then they had another thing in article where it was like, we're never gonna be your third love weight because there's another brand like for everybody third love, and they're like where your I love, and it's just like who are you like a record executive nineties like gonna make it edgy. Brand that's primarily used by women to be like, this is what you want. Yeah. Sort of sometimes I like like when people say these things because I think it just like shows who they are good to know. Now, we know we know shop venti. Yeah. Shop Fendi also like maybe Carly caution quit. Yeah. Maybe all these models should quit. Okay. Let's do that. Let's tell them to. Number happen. She's literally married to a cook. The good one. But also like is there a good one? Oh. I now want to move onto some celebrities a little closer to us you both. Wow. Are you mentally knowing Barnes? A doctor analog. So you guys like moved from your space in crown heights and are now doing pop ups like that look really like she she the socio, but still t h k yeah, of course, like our latest one was anyone toward double crossing her legs. Can you explain what that is? Absolutely. So Laura Collins who did Olsen twins side from the hopper. Rod see and real house is pointing fingers she had noticed that a lot of times in towards the front row. She would not just cross her legs. But double cross her legs. Yeah. It's a statement in flexibility, and just you know, armor, and modesty and power to power move. It's like, you know, I'm gonna go one extra. So she painted twelve. Incredible oil paintings life size twenty four by forty eight. We had him display this very narrow gallery space. It was her first one I'm gonna Hatton, and you would walk down. And we we added was we added some cats on the floor. That you would be on the catwalk. I'm in the room. And what we also dead. And this is crazy, but we hung the paintings very low, which you just don't do. No. I just don't do walk in here. Like, this is their low crazy crazy lart, but it's like you're walking. And then she you're looking down at her. And she's looking up at you. And yet she still has the power, and you are a model. So we want to give people the experience, you know, model if we ever can. Yeah. I mean, thank you. Also, like the double cross is so weird. Because like if you try to think of it, you're like, how does that work? But it's like a knee and then an ankle under the CAF. Yeah. It's like it's just a little behind like you're doing what Matt can do it. But the experience like when you do it. It's everything you would imagine. I can't explain it. You know? Tried try now I have weirdly, flexible ankles, okay week. So they. Yeah. I can do it feel like I feel very secure my crotch feels very protected but rooted perhaps rooted, but I also feel like to sit like that for like an hour would get a little bit uncomfortable. It's hard on the knees. I have like a steel plate in my leg. So when I do it where are you going to pop out? It's like the tension at home. If you. About about steel police or call your doctor. Yeah. And then get your lawyer to sue these guys. I can't do it. But it doesn't make me less of a woman. So no. Makes you more of a woman us. Won't be contain. So coming up though, you guys have something very exciting. In the east village, and it's with artists. Miriam Carruthers and it's going to be the fantasy art of celebrity perfume ads. And she is doing these, hyper real illustrate of ten of the most iconic celebrity perfume ads in the world. But there are so many white diamonds, of course, will be represented mother. The mother. So it's not going to be like Charlotte's there and Ford Dior it has to be like a personal sent. No. Yeah. We focused on ones where it was their scent that they were releasing like, this is the experience of me. Yeah. White diamonds was like the big. It was the first one's really blow it out. But I still feel a rent actually was that. Yeah. But she was approached by like, I think it was Cody is the brand to just basically I always use involved so much in it. And it was just like feeler end perfumes feeler in the ad. And then Taylor was the one who was like the kind of blew it out. More was like, yes, this is white diamonds. Someone wants gave me a tiny bottle of white diamonds. It's like a joke gifts. And it is like if you just open the bottle at your house will stink for. It's a lot has lasting power though. That's why it's such an important fragrance because a lot of times the celebrity ones are like they're just like sugar water. Right. And they don't they don't have any. It's just like it's so it doesn't stick around for that long. Yeah. Perfume I ever smells like when I was just walking through like, a Bloomingdale's or whatever. And I was like this is who I want to be. This is me was Hilary Duff's with love. It was just such a fabulous fucking sent. It was. So it was it was mature. But it was young. It was exciting. It was. It was just it was fun. Good sent in my mind. I imagine it being very like candy now. No, it was I was a very womanly said. Good for her. She you know, she's kind of a renaissance woman kind of. In the ad because we thought about doing that one. But it's just like her piano. And then there's like the with love on the thing. Do it. We will not be represented, but it'll be in my heart, of course. And you're representing it now. Yeah. So I mean, only so make it. But if they do send it so many era when that one came out, that's what they really exploded. Again. With Jennifer Lopez put out glow. Yeah. Like a few in the middle between Elizabeth Taylor. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez was the one who kick started it into hyper drive Britney. Of course, Britney is thought of mmediately she's the Queen of celebrity perfume. She has a new one coming out now Braga. Braga of progress of Paris is in their know, how here's we think is like a mean lady. So we don't try to we try to not you don't want to even give her the space. She's like she's like a love Trump. He probably do that to those women. I know give you it's like it for years ever in his known this because there's a storage locker. She didn't pay a fee on in the mid thousands. And all of this stuff was found in there. And like among it was recordings which I don't understand. But like recordings of her in like multiple situations. Just saying the worst thing about every group of people you could possibly imagine. Why you keep those weird rich people where they say it. And then they haven't unrecorded then they keep it or. So weird that family. It's always really interesting. When like Kyle Richards on Instagram whose course Kathy Hilton sister will like shout out her nephew, Barron Hilton. She's always just like happy birthday baron. I'm so proud of you, and I'm like. That airplane meltdown and like tried to attack stored like I used to work at the Hilton. And he wants tried to check in without any money or I d but the guy was like, I need idea or funny. And then he's like, no my news. The fucking building. Kathy had to call. I'm like arrange it. Hers Houghton is like a Jillian air because of her perfumes. Yeah. And like Kerr national perfumes and stuff like that. How they sell really well overseas. There's a few people who it's like, oh, I didn't even know you had a cent, but it's overseas like the twins have won. I think one of many but not like a row it's like just like no actually it's from years ago, and it just has their image on it. I do find the Kim Kardashian. Bottled which is like her silhouette apparently to be like almost pornographic. Oh. We'll send be incorporated into the absolutely. It's clear what it's going to be experience of walking into a Macy's. You're gonna come in. We're gonna spreads. Yeah. It's it's going to be the first art show. We think that you can smell. I think we're going to get like a law. You're gonna wreak they'll be counters filled with perfume bottles. So it's going to be just multi sensory the artists who runs it. Who's who's doing the art? She actually she's a collector of celebrity perfume. So everytime. We see. Here's your brings us like Kate moss. Purview. Good. Yeah. Little famil-. So we are well equipped to I. I don't know what they're all gonna smell like together in a tiny tiny room. But that's something that you're gonna experience with. Yeah. I love like an exhibit. That guarantees you a migraine. Fragrant sensitive. Respect for you. If you are. But I'm just kidding give these guys all of your money fragrance sensitive common than be like the star of the moment. And just be like, I can't be around. A total breakdown. Good idea. They make about you in that moment. Well, you guys did a grazing Adamy exhibit across the street from sir in West Hollywood. We went to Hollywood I had to celebrity sightings. I I saw route side of a hardware store. Lisa Vander pumps party planner. And then the around the corner, I saw at least parents husband Ken in a car. And then I was smoking some using celebrity very loosely in this. I mean in my world yet we saw Tom right from Vanderbilt rules, tons of all you saw. And then yeah, we told everyone about it when we saw people, and they acted like it was like you were like I saw mailbox. We. Celebrity though because right outside the exhibit some random person, I guess Kiana Reeves and was then they took a picture with him, and then tagged the exhibit Kiana refashion sites went wild. We got our site. Almost crashed coming from Mr. Reeves dot com. I think I've up in variety to. They can't a ruse there. He absolutely was not. But we told everyone like a good light of perpetuate. Yeah. That's how the businesses, you know, he just pretend. Kiana Rene's would have been nice Bruce Willis had one. What was it called private life? Life or something like that like my private? Yeah. I bet. Yeah. Not enough. Like alias men. Have their own personal. Yeah. But there are a lot of good men ones. What we we saw it bowl. Oh, I mean, Mr. worldwide, of course, Derrick jeeter had one. But I don't think that he's still does. I don't know what that's like smell the pit bull one. It's got it. I did. I mean, I don't think I don't think pit putting his name on anything that was less than one hundred percent. Great. Great good. Johnny depp. Perfume would dislike smell like ground up cigarettes and like for melda high daily pissed himself. And so one does this open. This is going to run a very exciting time December twenty eighth through the thirtieth summer twentieth right before New Year's Eve, you're in you know, but it's not on news eve. That's no, no, no. And you'll just come on by it's free. You'll you'll by painting, probably, but if not you'll just, you know, smell some stuff, it'll be fabulous. But we are excited to another one because we got to in Manhattan, and they're both small spaces. So we are excited to another big space in twenty nineteen and put lots of stuff places, you know, as as we do, right? So this is like also I'm excited for you. Because our listeners may recall, but you guys were literally living in the gallery space that you were renting before yes. Which didn't have a kitchen kitchen knowing we lived in the same room, essentially, but it was just like different levels for awhile. One of you is in a haunted basement. Yeah. And that did not last long because of flooded. We are now in an apartment with two bedrooms, the doors close. Okay, we've haunted furniture. Oh, yeah. We had to haunted up. We got some like used furniture. We thought it looks really good. But it's every time you lose something about planer. Never come in. Terrified of antiques. He is because he goes on them. I don't know what it is. But he has a phobia of antiques, and he can't stay at old hotels. Oh my God. Well, we're safe at least from Billy Vaughan. But it's looks jury us it's still very Niro. But but yeah, it'll does the trick. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm also even happier. Because now we're gonna talk about people's sexiest man alive. So this year people finally listened to the masses I'm gonna say the masses of like twenty thirteen. Made eaters Elba the sexiest man alive, and I'm just so happy. I think it's a great choice. I watched the wire. So I've known him for a while. Sure. Stringer bell. Yes. So this is very exciting. Debonair debonair big shoulders, you know, just fabulous across the board. Yeah. Does he is he promoting anything right now because I feel usually it lines up with a marketing he opened a cocktail bar in overseas. Like in his home of England or England. Yeah. Show bars. So I think if you go there, you might I don't get to hang out with him. Or maybe not. I don't know. That's the other thing that you have to remember about each us all of us that he's a DJ. And then that kind of makes it like. But you know, the man can wear a suit. He can do Jamie anytime they couldn't affected up harder than they did last year though, with Blake Shelton that was a terrible choice. But that was something that like clearly like Blake's people and people lobbied for where it was just like he had an album to promote. And he was on the voice, and it was just like he is our generation's Charles Manson. No business sexiest man alive. You'll remember Charles Manson people sexually. What a what a gum up that one. Yeah. Blake Shelton for like the personality alone. Give us back Wednesday funny and going your way out of your, but Nick Nolte was the sexiest man alive once and he is rumored to drink his own urine to stay young. Really? He's on TLC show. My strange addiction somebody did that there. I have to qualify that. Because this is something that I have thought is true for years. And when I do go it all that comes up is an article I wrote. That he doesn't. It is the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life. I'm somehow inception. A weird dream when tricks. Just sold it hard. Oh my God. We're talking through you. Spirit. I mean, one thing our producer. Rachel noted is that the winters are getting older usually they were in their thirties for the bulk of them and now like the last four up in their forties. We gonna go to fifties. I think it's because like men feel like they need to be relevant for longer. It's like how men have to believe that like the lowly the trope exists because it means there's still sexually viable. That kind of is the same when it comes to like this where it's just like, it's aspirational. Yeah. But like you're not passed your peak. I don't know how many like trying to brainwash. People alive issue, but they expect us to buy it, you know. And by the fact that that'd be like. Yeah. Their nails are less hot. There's a lot of sub winners. Oh, okay. So like this year, they did like a sexiest Chris. And it was Chris Hemsworth who didn't show dick in a movie. He just for that. Sexiest Michael was Michael Jordan get with that sexiest Tom Tom hardy. So they just go through every name. Paul the rest of the issues. Sexiest men include John Christine sqi. I would not call him sexy. Excuse me. Okay. There's would you. He did like a workout transformation or something that Jack Ryan. Yeah. Then I feel like if you do that. It's just part of it is at some point. You're going to be on one of those lists. I also think it's about like a words campaigning for a quiet place where it's like we gotta get his house getting out. Okay. I don't know how the sausage is made. No Centenario from all the boys. I loved before have not seen it. But I'm aware of him. He's very charismatic. Bradley Cooper, who you may know from the film called a star is born when she saying that there's a picture of him photo of him with. I think it's sukey Waterhouse. Yeah. And they're in a park, and she's laying in his lap. And he's reading Lolita. Like a high school like drama teacher. If you if you hired high school drama teacher to stage, a 'paparazzi photo to show that you were in love with somebody. This is what they would come up with like on. Nobody ever does. Maybe like really cynical about I break, that's not real. So whatever for whatever reason they decided we're going to stage a photo shoot. And you know, whatever reason that we need to have it. I guess. I pray that that's not real. Lease don't real. Maybe. That's just what he's like. I don't know. It's so stupid. Who got Chadwick bozeman who is Sex's Chadwick? Henry Golding who's the very handsome man from crazy rich, Asians, Assan Manashe who is a comedian was a Netflix show special Ricky Martin who I feel like American crime story for sake back and on is on their sex. Troy. Right. And then Prince Harry was Crohn's sexiest Royal, but it's like who else would. You have a single Royal. It's hotter than Prince, Harry, Harry's. The hottest Harry is losing his hairy. It doesn't make unattractive. Yeah. No. Yeah. No, no. But I mean, you have unlimited money, right? Like, so what's the choice to like just go with it? You know? I know here's you is not like there where you can just pay the money, and it's like it goes away. Right. I do think like, you know, calling the big guns. You know, you like, I'm there's cutting edge technology that I'm sure you are the one who has access to like two of the best rugs. In hollywood. I think our Ted Danson hairpiece. He looks great. And he was also so smart in that he aged it. So that it looks natural or it's like he matched it to the rest of his hair as opposed to keeping it like dark Brown. Yeah. And then I think Steve Carell has a really good one. See I did not even I can't not even pay them bulbs because they they did very, well, if you watch a lot of cheers as I have you can really see like thin out. And then suddenly get really lush again. Oh, he did. Cheers day. Yeah. And then in the office, it's also like the first season. His hair is really thinning. And then clearly like, you know, how people just like get more thin in tan and better looking as their show becomes more successful. His like full. But it looks great because he doesn't Felton pepper. He knows. Yeah. So send that to Prince Harry. Yeah. Breach out to one of them. People are just cable said that there's always a backlash says every year. So maybe will inevitably yell at us. What were you thinking? Honestly, that's just part of the fun. Sees a presser because he put Blake Shelton on the cover of. Fucking. Adam levine. Oh, yeah. I saw Adam LeVine. And then there's another crazy one. The no go Harry Hamlin way back. We all know what about that things to you? You told urine thing you just made this. I can't say it legally, you know, I can't say what the rumor is Harry Hamlin. And then like Hollywood crazy was it Hollywood days and nights. Site. So don't go too deep into it the saying, there's a blind item. That's very telling. But who's to say, isn't that something? That's not me. I'm not saying anything, you didn't say a thing. Definitely haven't said it multiple times. The very first one was Mel Gibson. And like he turned out great. That was the first one nineteen eighty five Mel Gibson who never went on to tell the mother of his child that he hopes she gets raped by a pack of n words. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. Good pick doing what is he making? Now, he's making a movie writer, he's in a movie Mel Gibson. Yeah. They're like always like Mel Gibson is back baby. And it's like oh. Mark Harmon nineteen eighty six. Oh, wow. Harry Hamlin eighty seven JFK junior nineteen Eighty-eight. Yeah. Yeah. Sean Connery nineteen nine also held to just he old. Then Sean Connery was fifty nine also domestic abuser. So cute. Ninety Tom Cruise. We all know is the most sexually charged person. Swayze was a nice enough fellow impedes. Not alive people on here. At the time. That's going to happen run think fair. Nick Nolte as we talked about. Maybe. And then in nineteen Ninety-three was Richard Gere, but paired with Cindy Crawford is sexy. Sexiest couple. Oh, that's fun. They should do that. That's fun. Do you think they were gonna give him sexes, man? And then like she was like new to. Yana Reeves next. Then there was we met. Close. But his thing was weird. And that there was none for that year. And then people like filled him in later retroactively awarded him. This would have been nineteen ninety four a was such a crazy year. There's probably no time for a cover that you're for sexiest person because that was. Tanya? Mary Kay, Letourneau America changed. Yeah. But the last time. Who really was the victim? And all counter Reeves, really know. Right. He was just like is peak speed have you seen speed two cruise control? No. But I should a great movie one is like not anywhere near. It's good. No way different way. He's not in it. He was like he was offered the script like, no fees. We have a podcast good for her. And wanted you to promote that at some point. So now is the moment. Now's the time. We we talk about, you know, stories like good for her or not my business or cut it out. But Matt one of the feed to music to be our theme song. And then he sent the wrong file, I sent a different track from the speed to soundtrack. And then the person who is helping us edited they use that. And they won't use the originals now he just go. But it's like, very it's like a Caribbean music. And when they arrive at the crew. What I wanted was the speed to main theme, which is such a club banger. I mean, if they released it today, it would people would be like this fucking changing music like this would it would dictate music next five years. Oh god. Doc, good. But you can't hear it on our podcast because we've never was high. Listen to this podcast. We'll get the headed get it from YouTube all the files end up being called speed too. So I couldn't tell which one I was sending and I have the whole thing on my phone to listen to when I want, but I I get it romantic four dot com slash good for her for her. After kiono after Ken was Brad Pitt Denzel was in nineteen Ninety-six George Clooney, nineteen Ninety-seven height VR, seven oh end. Batman and Robin. And that. Harrison Ford was the next year hot one. He's he's every video of him where he's like there's like pop Rasi taking his photos. It's very hot this is he's crashing point. Yeah. Me anytime MRs still with cliff Lockhart. He is. Yeah. How do they mean? She's built a drink on him at a Golden Globes after party, I think on purpose a meet cute. Yeah. No. She actually was throwing it like. Richard Gere, then won again in nineteen ninety nine that works for me. Brad Pitt won again in two thousand Pierce Brosnan two thousand one that was the year of golden I think wow, years bras or one of his bond movies without your two thousand two benefactors. Hopefully that would have just been the Geely. Wow. David these others the hugest movie in the world. I mean. For point one. Yeah. And then they were like he was wearing these big suits everywhere. I and then she always they were very like Elizabeth Taylor. Burton fantasy put that together. Oh, yeah. And she would do like a very Elizabeth Taylor like on her dresses that were members like one like Oscars. And it's like this vary. Elizabeth taylor. It's blue like shoulder off the shoulder one. And then they were just they were so tan the only real couple. Yes. There's like this pop video where she is dating somebody else. And then he has sent bene- flick one of them over to give her flowers. So she gets these flowers. She's like who are they from? And it's been Aflac God, she's leaving like a date with somebody else. It does seem like it was like was not like planned or anything. That's so romantic. Like this. On the Ritz. Johnny. Still still holds up. Wait is he was on there for that's like two thousand three pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp was the one who made the sexiest man alive. Yeah. That no, ma'am. That's got all of so many of these guys are like now such leases Jude law two thousand four. Sale. Didn't figure out his hair because he went bald. Right. But then he got a rug. I think. Yeah. His because he now looks like ten years younger did ten years ago. Yeah. So he was probably I'm going to let it age gracefully. And then he was like. These slept with their nanny goat. I'm sure every member photos. Somebody took from like NYU across the street down to Jude law. Doing naked yoga. No, I do. Wow. Matthew, mcconaughey? Hey, two thousand five. Ten days. Yeah. George Clooney again in two thousand six I make sense about Dame and in two thousand seven he's five years after benef-. Yeah. He just had to way by this time. Yeah. But he got there. Good. Good old Boston. Boy, the next one Rachel produce. This is he Jackman. I can see her and she just shakes her head. Jackman who is friends with the other Kushner? Which is. I saw that. He was like, we just don't talk about politics. All right. Fuck off. Yeah. Yeah. We let you host so many of our musical word shows and his d'amerique. It's just not also not I guess shocking. I was shocked hurt it. And then I was explained to me like no all these people used to hang out with her like most libraries. Like you're used to be. He's the only one who's like. Yeah. I guess we still hang out. He's like Ryder. Meghan markle. Once we're like a blog post about how like Lanka was her most admirable friend or something really that was like when she was on suits and blogging a lot. Yeah. Probably just stress needed a topic. Kind of get this out by four. Johnny Depp, one again in two thousand nine what was that? Oh, what a mistake. I mean. That's that's deep into pirate territory. Yeah. Ryan Reynolds in two thousand ten. He's just like generically handsome, man. But I don't know about him is probably like Amityville horror Ryan Reynolds than he would have Jeff definitely just gun real. But ripped and that makes sense, you know, but like just the way. It's like, oh, you don't have to tell me. I can't get into totally forgot about. That's right. How did he what did he do? He did he leave her for Scarlett Johansson. Yeah. I mean, they broke up. He moved on to go Johannesen. Yeah. But like I mean, he was nobody before Lantis. He was two guys a girl and a pizza place. Yeah. He was nothing. We'll just friends. But I mean, that's in affairs movie. I think I've talked with this before on the podcast. But I have like weirdly seen every single episode of two guys girl because it was on when I it was like on like instigation on lifetime when I get home from school. Oh my God. So I always watch to back to back. Yeah. And so like it sort of feels like, oh, my friend, Ryan. He's really gotten to he's gotten so full of himself. He's not that same one guy of two. Okay. We're getting close two thousand eleven Bradley Cooper that was the your hangover to came out. Gotcha. The next year was Channing Tatum. Is that when the first? I think so he should have been on there that year. Yeah. They knocked it out of the park that year that they put any Tatum. Could not have done it. Better credit credit? All right. Then the next year was Adam LeVine. And then all this. I wrote remain article out of moving that you're that. It was basically about how I found him. Repulsive. And it's like one of those things that like the time as a young writer. It was like, oh like being mean is the same as like being funny? I will say it was really funny. Like, I just called them like a sentient leather wrist of. As like an STI that you get from sitting in a hot tub. And so like all of the stuff I was saying like accurate, also like, oh, he's like a human feel. Yeah. You know? I don't know. So it's to say ended up being like the basis of a G Q profile about him where it was like is Adam LeVine, the asshole that the world thinks God you change the world with John too. To the haughty prince Lou. The he had a KMart clothing collection and a lot of the clothes had that vibe. Yeah. And so it definitely checks out with me. There was one really cute shirt. But it's also like at one thing. Yeah. Sure. Chris Hemsworth was the next year. I'm guessing that's when Thor came out. Okay. Gotta be unless it was a an indie crimson Christians. And they were just like we need another like blonde beige, ma'am. Yeah. Here's one. How do you Chris David Beckham was the next year, which is like what was he up to back? He did like an ATM line or something for a while. So maybe that lines up that is crazy. Feel like I don't want to be that powerful. But I guess they seems like it should be like a like he should have been like in a bend it like Beckham era. Yeah. Like, that's when he reached stateside, maybe Pasha's calls like do it. Somebody probably told her it hadn't happened yet. Crazy. Yeah. Yeah. She's like. She's like. Calling jeff. Victor. Do that two thousand sixteen was the rock, which I get the appeal of the rock, but I also find the idea of his sexiness to be like terrifying. 'cause he's so huge just like throw. You would never come. Lift you. Yup. You'd feel so tiny. I do want to be like carried in like. Baby. But it's like more I would want his maternal instincts. Clichy seniors amazing acting work. Losing those dogs? Wait, he likes saved his dog from drowning in the pool. And then like a week later it a some mushrooms in his backyard and died my God final destination about his dogs. It was I mean, it's sad. I just think it's I think the Mountlake celebrities whose dogs die is weirdly higher than like the average for the hire. Somebody should take care of it. Right. Like, I dunno by Lambie or whatever. Dog is still alive. Apparently. Nick Nolte piece. Show me the dog. Now, Lena say about airy Hamlin nothing to say. Then Blake Shelton. And now, he's yourself. Thank you guys. Both so much for coming either. Having always a blast. Everybody should listen to your podcast, but for her good for her the podcast, come to our next exhibit with you may get a whiff of it and visit our website, we just launched emerge of the month club. So we we can be in your meal box every month. So come check it out. And there's some good stuff on there Maui. Yama could be able shirt that. I really am. I on. Oh, he's a Brittany notebook. There's an middle twin shirt with art on it. It's very cool. But. Surprises surprise you. Thank you so much for listening to cast and thank you to Viviana Olen, and Matt hearkens this episode was produced by Rachel withers and was mixed by Jamie, Collazo, Bonomo Fiji is our executive director of audio. Our theme music is by Stuart would wanna send us a tip. 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