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SFN Episode 303 - AUTHENTICITY, ATHLETICISM, AMBITION w/ guest host Joey Grant


Live from the lows powerful sitting in the world, New York. This is startup financial news with your host Julian Meyer. All right. Good evening, everyone and welcome back to another episode of SF start at financial news today is April seventeenth two thousand nineteen. I'm your host, Julie Mayer and folks welcome back to start a financial news. Welcome back to the program. It is my pleasure to be here with you this evening. And folks, we have a very exciting show tonight. We have a very fun show. A show that I'm excited about came together at the very last minute here going to be bringing on a super interesting guest. Phenomenal entrepreneur great friend of mine, I'm going to give him a ring now and see if we can't get him on the program as we've been texting back and forth. So hopefully, he answers, and we're gonna have a great show. Joey what's going on brother has gone Julian? I'm doing good. I'm doing good said joy, and we've been going back and forth a little bit tonight and senate's tax. And I'm glad I caught you obviously, you're working. The entrepreneurs hours agreeing to record a podcast with me this late at night. So I appreciate you taking the time, man. Seven between, you know, the twelve and the toll the toll thirty in the one to one thirty. So what's funny? It's funny, man. Because one of the things you've said on the show before in previous segments is just that the kind of deal hours. You always hear these stories about these successful entrepreneurs and how they wake up at four thirty five o'clock in the morning and check the news and the markets, and we always say, that's when you finally have the wealth and the richest because then you can check the markets. But for those of us that are still grinded out for those of us that are still quote unquote in the game. I mean, your ten pm to three hours that's the ideal time because you're not getting any emails. You're not any phone calls unless it's from people like me. But you know, it's funny. Right. Just those hours. Think I think I've tried to do it. You know, if you're ever, you know, you'll be entrepreneur new getting the little struggle thing. You'll start maybe going on you to you know, what you see ios do out. They make the five the in went through a little bit of that. And I did it for you know, probably a week two weeks, and I can't commit to some. But this is, you know, this isn't me like no way exam. I work better at night. And so as you're, you know, finding success in anything you're doing I think just I think everybody's different, you know. And for me, I'm not I don't think there's a one one one right way to do it. I think it's just kind of you know, were were you think you're? Able to communicate your thoughts the best you know, taking and getting that zone. Exactly. Yeah. For sure. So anyway, so Joey actually that'd be great topic talk on. So may we dive a little bit deeper into that? But it's your first time on the program. I'm excited heavy on the program. We wanted a brief hiatus because we were doing some things to the show. We actually grew pretty exponentially last year when from zero to twenty thousand subscribers in a pretty short period of time. So, you know, Yemen. Yeah. So it was it was trying to kind of a revamp. And one of the things we've been focused on now in this kind of new quote unquote season of the show is just bringing on more guests bring on more entrepreneur bring on more people from across different industries from across different backgrounds. You know to give insight in the show, just, you know, Joey before introduce you here, I told you a little bit about it tonight, and the brief chat that we had. But you know, it's called. Financial news, and the whole premise, the whole idea was that you know, when I was going through and running these companies as a startup CO when you're looking for news as an entrepreneur, you're kind of bartered with things from like CNBC or tech crimes your Bloomberg. Whatever it is. And it's really tough because ninety percent of the stuff in there is in relevant to an entrepreneur. That's you know, in the early stages even in the later stages, they need very specific news. And so it was taking me hours to compile the stuff. And I was like, you know, what why don't we just turn this into shell? We'll do some news. We'll talk about what's going on the world startups. It's going on the world of finance and how relates entrepreneurs. And then let's just make it a fun conversation authentic straightforward kind of show where we have real conversations about real entrepreneurs go through and really at the end. I mean, pretty much anybody that's chasing dream. And I guess that's actually perfect transition introduce you. So folks, Joey Joey grant is here with us. He's a really good friend of mine. He's a super solid entrepreneur is amazing athlete. We have connected. Actually post are UCF as even though we're both UCF grads, and yeah, go nights. There we go. So Joey, maybe maybe like introduce yourself a little bit to the audience before we before introduced the segment. Sounds and you know, friend of the program, you guys hurting your first, that's a, you know, foreshadowing, Joey, thank you. No. But I appreciate it. And thanks for having me on rents and the success. And you know, I think. I think your subscribers and the amount that you've been able to grow as testing to you know, kind of you being real in you having something that you know, is impactful and meaningful. So thanks for having me. It is completely my pleasure on. I don't know if I said that the right way. I know we appreciate all the kind words, man. You know, how it is? With any new venture. You're always going to have the doubters hater. So anytime we get any kind of love from the audience from the guests. It's big. So we preach you, but. Get started sleeping and doing your thing. You know, it all figured out man, absolute, that's what that's what her ship is about as figuring it out. Absolutely. Absolutely. So Joe you wanna give them you want to give the audience here. Just a little bit of background shirt who Joey grant is maybe a little bit about what you're up to these days. Sure man, so Julian's ensure was probably a bit too kind. I didn't fact attend UCF with Julian I believe I can say that because I think he was in roughly the same time, but I played a plead for the football team. I was a center I formerly was about three hundred pounds now about to twenty so people really don't which I guess is good. But was heavier back then off it's a line. Is there one of? Yes. The Bill is Julian remembers that to Lilly behaving. Absolutely. Yeah. It gets pretty cool experiences from that. While I was playing Spanish my undergraduate degree after myself more year and had two years to kind of you know, continue to. Accelerate my learning and enhance the education, which which was a goal going into school and finished up an MBA my junior year in a masters in sports management senior year. So was able to be the first football current actor football player mid to dual graduate program called the divorce Vanja Gruden so was able to do that went to Johnson and Johnson did medical devices for subsidiary Ethicon. And there was a stint in between me finishing up my schooling and playing and going to work for that. I work in recruiting at UCF to help bring kids back to the university, you know, compete with schools within the state for the best recruits to make the best team from that short stint. It was about eight months period where coach. Show Leary Kosheh time hired me on. And that they heard it in coach scout frost to worked with him for, you know, couple months into his tenure at UCF and help them transition. But I accepted the Java changes. So once James banyan from they're kinda had on April. And parents are entrepreneurs in, you know, invinci- million with the world, and, you know, honestly, similar work ethic, the football, which lead, you know, my job at Johnson and Johnson to feel you know, I wouldn't say a little boring, but you know, it's just a different type of work ethic in you know, if it terms not to cut you off, but the term some of the corporate guys will be on that we have had on here that have become entrepreneurs uses they say lacking something was lacking. Something was missing. Yes. Then for me. It was like James hits. I told like workers as the best job. I literally. Could had a twenty two years old. I mean tension Neo four one K matching I was an idiot league. But for me words, like I didn't have the sole things that I thought we could fix, you know, sales wise team wise, how we structure compensation plans, you know, you're just kind of told to do something, and you know, I can figure out a sales compensation plan make money as a sales guy. But you know, it was kinda limited and within a big company. You just a lot of it is put in the time. And there's nothing wrong with that at all in that is you know, the way, you know, a lot of things are done in earned. But for me, you know, it was like, hey, you know, I've been. You know, taught in learned some really cool ways to interact with customers different CRM's to be able to, you know, facilitate the relationship organize it save a lot of time. And I could relate it back to football. And so there was kind of, you know, little sport thought, and I mean, sorry not to cut you off again. But I mean, this is already great content, man. But what you're saying? And tell me if I'm writing saying this, but we've had other guests on the show here where you know, they've had a story background and trust me joy we've had entre preneurs that their first stint. I mean, we're relatively same eight. We are the same age. I guess, but we've I is in their fifties. And sixties, and they say that it's kind of this realization, it's kind of like seeing the light where there. Yeah. No. Julian knew how I thought. Julia was you know, thirty three five in that is not a bad comment. That is like, you know, he's been there. The the the the linguistic confidence, you know, and stuff and then the learn use twenty six or twenty seven hundred no, but right there, but you know, I mean, yeah, Joe. I mean, and that's the thing is that, you know, it's funny because you know, it it's one of those things in entrepreneurship where it's funny, right? It's kind of like it's the purest form of everybody being on the same page -ociety where we were just talking about this. I don't wanna dive too deep into this today. But in society where everything has to be so damn politically. Correct. These days, right? It's tough to find these really genuine experiences really genuine groups and one of the things that we talk about on this program, as you know, when you find those real entrepreneurs when you find, you know. The guys and girls that have you know, seen the light? If you they said, you know what there's something lacking. Here I can do more or there's something else in other way to live, and yeah, I'm going to be taking significant risk. I mean, it's one of in my opinions. I wanna talk about how this relates to your background in a system and all that kind of stuff, but it's weird with entrepreneurs. Right. It's kinda like we're all on the same damn Plainfield. It's so strange. It's it's so funny because I think as you grow you start to learn more of who you don't wanna work with. And who you don't, you know, not that? There's anything wrong with them. But you just understand the way you like to work. What clicks does it? And you know, it's kind of like a, you know, this is going to be corny. But like a real recognize real type thing. Holy shit. Did you just say that Joey we holy shit. This is why I gotta get to sit down with Julian corral. Sorry, folks. Total sidebar joy when you get to Miami. We have to sit you down Joey Julian Julian literally said that he literally said that on Mondays episode. He said because we were having conversation about unfortunately, again, I don't know if we'll have too much time to dive deeper into this topic. Our conversation was revolving around him, and I get an I'm sure you're starting to get this. If you haven't already gotten this, but we get hit up by kind of the next generation of entrepreneurs, quote, unquote, the younger ones, I don't mean by age, but younger in terms of their experience, and you know, they kind of you. But you know, but here's the thing is a lot of times. I'm sure you've got messages like this, even from, you know. High school athletes are people that are trying to make it in that realm as well where they kind of send you these messages out of the blue that are so rooted almost in arrogance and kind of entitlement. And that's exactly join saying is that it's strange because it's really easy when you're playing the game ethically. That real recognize can't I cannot believe you just said that folks this wasn't planned, Joey we we didn't plan any of the shell. This is all natural. This is off the cuff man says this is right off the short. So anyway, I'm sorry. Keep cutting you off in interjecting. But maybe maybe you could tell the audience here a little bit about, you know, without going to depth because I know you have some stuff you're working on right now that's still in the works and all the kind of stuff, but maybe a little bit about kind of what your current state is as an entrepreneur. Give a little background company to yours. You know, I, you know, I think it's easy to compare something, you know, not to overplay the Uber of this. But that this of this. But a lot of times when you're communicating it's easier just to get something people understand, even if it's a little cliche, but I often explained it as kind of like Salesforce for for college programs, and and for athletic recruiting. So if you think about, you know, the processes that you have whether it's sales process or working with technology software CRM and to be able to automate processes save time money have a further reach your access of potential candidates. There's a lot of advantages, and so understanding football and those processes from you know, having grown up there. That's really that's really where the focus was. And so, you know, poor that as well, as you know, we wanted to do a new chair. Aching. So a lot of a lot of programs. They have you know, eight basis we wanted to to go step further than database almost like a search engine for athletes. The ability, you know to. Type in what you want by their height weight. Or maybe a specific skill set. An will turn players and information on the players, and you know, not that it's invading any anybody's privacy was so ever it is kids and athletes who want to be recruited who are actively, you know, seeking the promotion, and so it's really generates kind of win win fact where you know, there's there's just more awareness of more access to players more access to information. And you know, it's it's fun because it hits home at a lot of levels in terms of just my background and being Fords and football. But also in recruiting general, I think you know, I could probably swing this around and related all the way back to the real recognize real. But at the end of the day recruiting everything man, you know, I'm have if I have a company or meet you wanna start something. And we have this great idea. Means nothing unless the people are there to execute it with the. I'm sorry, ma'am. But this is so weird. I mean, you're literally taking the words out of the conversation that we had on Monday, which is so great because I was trying to explain to people on the program. You know, Joey just like we were talking about one of the things that one of the things that we've been trying to focus on with the program is just to remind people that at the end of the day business. Entrepreneurship pretty much anything you do about the people ideas at the end of the day are just that there is nothing more than that. And without the people on the execution. Like, you said, I mean, how can you get anything off the ground? You can't. It's of that in really any any team environment. You know, it doesn't have to be sports. It doesn't have to be business. It's any group of people can achieve a common goal raises. It's as simple as that. And you know, it's with what we're able to do. It's finding the best said in that really hits home for me and multiple ways for specifically in a lot of times, those are people's chances to, you know, do something that hasn't been done within their family or to you know, really advanced their their their life. Even if it's not, you know, money degrees, right? Being able to he around successful people on you know, your success in success. I the Jan, you know, there's there's there's big effects, you know, at outside of just the recruiting. Right. And that she sit man it said. At the end of the day. It's about these teams in those synergies and actually think that's a perfect transition points. Just for the audience to see you guys know, join us felt really excited to hopefully, he agrees to have them come on as a recurring guest, which I think is super interesting because we'll be able to follow, you know, a lot of what you have going on. You know as you go through phases of building this. And then also you have a super unique background. And like I was saying before when I was, you know, on a little five minute, call discussing the program, one of the things that I do think we've done a very good job on the program is expanding ourselves outside of just talking to for example. San Francisco tech, founders we try and bring in people from all different walks of life with all different kinds of backgrounds because at the end of the day, entrepreneurship can be related to pretty much anything or anyone that is chasing some sort of dream and a real dream not something they've made up not something. That's somebody else's dream not something that is an idealistic dream. But something that they found inside them. Just like we were saying before where you see the light. And you're like, you know, what I can do something more and. Again, I think that's just a really good transition point than for the audience. I don't want you guys to where we're going to have plenty more of Joey coming on to talk about his business and what he's doing. We're gonna keep tabs on him with that. But Joey transition because I think it'd be really interesting for the audience. We have a pretty wide listener base. We have people that are entrepreneurs that are running companies we have intercapitalist that listen, we have people across the globe. And we have people that are just genuinely interested in entrepreneurship, but more than that the topics that we talk about in the guest that we bring on and. I mentioned in the past week. Brought on authors brought on actors we brought on all these different kinds of people psychologists that have brought different forms of insight into the different facets, the different sides, entrepreneurship, the real human element entrepeneurship. And I think that, you know, discussing a little bit and talking about maybe how you can relate it to your days of playing football on what it takes to be an athlete. What it takes to have to be on that grind. Because it's not easy. Right. People. See, and they're like all I could play hockey I play football. I mean, you see it. When you go watch pretty much any sporting events the way people I big hockey fan. So when I go to Rangers games. I can't tell you how many people that I go with that. I know for the life of them cannot ice skate, and I grew up playing ice hockey, and they're yelling at the Mike. How could you miss that? I could you slip in. I'm like, well, not so pretty tough shot to make. But you know, so maybe we could talk a little bit on that show in your background. Do you think that being an athlete student athletes? Do you think that that has related into in anything that you've done today? And maybe we could just start there. I I think honestly. And I know we spoke about this a little before. But I think it relates almost Qripoli too much from being honest. There's so many synergies because it's not, you know, it's just principles of life, really my opinion. And I think it's so funny to go back to your comment of entrepreneur entrepreneurship since you know, when you hear it at first and. You don't start a business just for the money right were due to solve a problem. It's to provide an actual solution. That's needed. It's nice because you wanna be you know, this or that. And I think it's so funny and Dow plays out, you know, now, I've always seen it for the folks at home is, you know, if it's not a true passion, and it's money play. You know, about, you know, one year one to eighteen months know, you serve doing some that about, you know, hundred thousand dollar salary, right? And it's ever for the money. You know, this is not the smartest way to to build capital. Right. Right. Exac his and so that that that wears on people in a kind of, you know, saints makes that kind of old adage true, you know, it's the passion. It's navision. It's you know, the kind of greater purpose not the in the quick cash. You know when you have money. Yeah. There's always opportunities for that. But if you're a true Burkle southern. You know, it'll it'll each. Yup. Absolutely. I mean joint one of the things that is specifically just kind of selfishly have always wanted to know in as the host. I can do this. I can ask the question. So one of the things. Yeah. Yeah. One of the things I've always been curious about is. You know, we talk all the time. We were just talking about it in terms of the human element, the people side entrepeneurship, which seems to be somewhat forgotten these days, it seems to be a little bit shallower. But regardless it's still, you know, always about the people at the end of the day. That's what the real entrepreneurs knowing, you know, having someone of your caliber that has played sports at the level that you've played at which you're the first person we've brought on you know, to have a chief such a high level of success from an from an athlete standpoint. I know you don't just speaking with you and being friends and getting to know a little bit more some of the cool experiences that you've had you know, because of that. But one of the things I've always been fascinated by is this concept of synergy, right? It's that one plus one doesn't always equal to if there's that additional element that you can never. Put your finger on if you get the right partner, the right co-fund, if your business, for example, and all of a sudden, you're doing things exponentially faster, you're achieving new heights that you couldn't achieve before loan. But then there's also the bad side of it. Right. There's the miss hires the people that you should fire fast. There's the people that it's happened to me in the past that will steal from either the the risk of that then. So you know, there's the good in the band sites. And I just I wonder if you could maybe speak to our audience because they know they would love this type of people that listen. Lawsuits. That's right. That would that's another. We got we could do a whole episodes on lawsuits. Joey, we'll do a whole episode, my friend. But no. So so with the synergies, I mean is that something you know, that you had to deal with in terms of being on a football team. And do you think that any of those experiences did they shape in a way that you've been able to put those things into practice from business standpoint, right because that's trying to on the show draw parallels. Not too close end in if you're talking there's a couple of things, you know, that high think we've already touched on that. I can relate back to sports, you know, if it's something where you know in uncommon or on ordinary group of people people were expected come together to do perform at an optimal level. You know, I on from central Florida. You know, I don't know took the cly economically. What my family is classified as, but you know, middle upper middle class. I guess, and you know, my two gourds next to me were from, you know, the inner city of Miami, right? Right. And not that not that there's you know, these are to my best to my best friends still today super close, but it's the, Hugh it's the human side of life. Right. It's different socio economic levels that we all have to grow up, and and Joey just not to cut you off. But one of the big themes recurring themes, we have on the show here is this whole concept. Of player hand. Right. So I mean, you know, you have cards delta, right? Knowing yourself what you're good at. And you know, specializations what has driven the world, you know, in terms of, you know, I don't I don't know what is called comparative advantage. I think is like the what they teach in college. Where it's like, you know, I make six axes you make successes, Johnny. Freddy makes more axes spears. You know, once the tradeoff, it's always specialization writing the right strengths what you're get. And then exchanging thoughts exchanging those, you know, bettering any weaknesses for group think or for a team, right? And it's it said super cool. And when and when it's a good team, you know, it's. You know, what's what's understood doesn't need to be said that you can feel it and the more that you find what it does you like, you know, I think I mentioned this to you earlier or not earlier on the show, but you almost learn more who you don't wanna work with rather than and you just kind of figure out who you do because it's natural big time. Big time. No, no doubt about that. And so yes, I mean sorry didn't mean to cut you off there. But you were saying, you know, in terms of, you know, getting, you know, you're you're thrown into this environment right being on a sports team. And oftentimes you throwing this environment in a career or job and even more. So with entrepreneurs because you're kind of selecting that seem sometimes you don't always select the right people. So again, I'm just kind of curious in terms of you know, where you're at businesswise in what you've been doing. You know, the parallels from what it was like that team aspect right Krisher? Well, I think no. You know, what I'm doing now eight I think. As an entrepreneur, you're always when I think about my journey. It's always like the moments that Shaffi to be were met not so much where on that. And but you know, what shaped me and projecting that forward to my strategy. Also know my experiences in blessings that I've learned so you know, I think. When we're talking about. My experiences, and you know, I think about more. So in the times where learn a lesson because that's where you know. It really comes full circle. The me this football, you know. And so yeah, there synergies every day in terms of communication teamwork. But I think I think more so it stuff like, you know, accountability, you know football. If you. You know, some goes wrong in play light. There's film like everybody's watching me not do my job. And I am fully accountable. And so as an athlete, you have to have this kind of crazy level of emotional intelligence or Q were just, you know, you're constantly in a people are freed of criticism nowadays that as an athlete like that's the cost of doing business. You know, that's like the the love language rate. It's right. I have to be super critical of myself. No, you know, my hand policemen or my technique wasn't as good as it should be in. If I want to continue to progress like I have to make it better. So you're constantly valuating yourself, but you also countable whereas in entrepreneurship, right? It's you know, part of the reason that I loved Jane Jay was, you know, there's no crater bet that I would take personally myself 'cause I know how I work, right? And I I've been experienced enough to understand, you know, how other people work. And it's I wanna be accountable. If I'm putting in, you know, eighty hours a week. I wanna be able to receive eighty hours, I don't wanna have to be subject to compensation where you know, where I can work twenty hours and hit my number just as if I were sixty hours same number. You know, Joey note, no shit. I mean, I I'm not bullshitting anybody that listened to the show knows. I do not have the time nor the desirable should on the shell. But I just got a little bit of the chills because I'm you did touch on two huge things number one. I think you're inspiring a lot of people that are listening to the program that sometimes feel stuck right? And they feel stuck in these positions. And they don't realize that look at the end of the day. What you just said what you just said who better to bed on then yourself. Not only that I'll take a step harder jewelry. If you want this really to come. You know, back full circle to all of our conversations laid on without talk about. You know where? Let me take about how the you know, how to connect this fully. But like as you're talking about stuff like accountability, you know, the journey of an entrepreneur everything that can goes into. You know, what what we do? You know? It's like every day you wake up in things. Are you putting out fires things are things are going wrong? Nothing going, right. Exactly. And the day that it does go, right? You get hit with something that evening, but it's going to go. You know, it was so funny. I was I I was just I was exchanging emails that the gentlemen of Brian algae. And he is the CEO company Kokusai also company, but my partner was former workers of them in our first time exchanging eagles legitimately ever just been introduced, you know, work, you know, just talking through some self. And you know, he he's done this awhile. He's I think co he's a he he's Portland with Jason Cal Kansas. And now the launch fund so he's extremely active, and you know, an Email. He said nears. You know, he gets you know, it starts off in his heart, and then it's like super super hard. And then when it's like fully build, it stinks, man. But it's incredible. You know in that is kind of. The funny truth, but you don't but yet. Yeah. No sorry. Joy. I mean, not to cut you off against poject. But I mean, you're just on Sunday. Good things here. I mean, you keep touching on what I think fundamentally we can call self-awareness. Right. And it almost seems like it almost seems like that's a trait. Like you were saying it's just not as common today. And I think a lot of that is because social media you see so many of these people that they swear by their brand being genuine swear by them. You know, living in dying by what they post them, everyone you see behind the scenes, they're miserable. Or it's fake or you know, a lot of his doctor. And I think that that's you know, kind of it's led to this kind of confusing. Jen confused generation if you will wear on the one hand, you pretend that everything is genuine and that were self aware and that were so transparent. But it's also doctored and sell literally at the first outs of outside criticism or feedback or even internal criticism of feedback. Right. Where you have to look at yourself. We don't even want to anymore. And so what I wa. Wanted draw back to his appoint said earlier about film. Right. I think that's really interesting film. The fact athletes like, you, you don't have a choice, you have to look at that film when coach wants to sit there and look at that film and the team is there you have to do that. So you have two options, you can run other crying Nacchio part of the team more or you can sit there take it understand from it. Learn from it and get better. And I mean, do you think that there's any advice that I don't want to keep you too much longer? I mean, we're already thirty minutes on the segment, I'm sorry. But I think this might be this. This might be a good, you know. Elliot awesome. Let's. Three hour type dude let let's keep going. And so what I wanted. I've into that. If you're open to I just wanna talk a little bit about that. And that whole concept of self awareness. And I mean, Joey, maybe maybe just some advice some tips even give because we have a lot of these entrepreneurs that they come to this program for stuff that they can put into place tomorrow. Right. What what can you tell them on that front? Chip at you touched on earlier, and it was my bring it full circle. But will hit a now? Tell you you know, when you're talking about people hit. Yup. Right. Let stickle who makes you'll entitle right over there trying to contact you. And you know, I was watching something. I forget who it was. It was the guy found Justin Bieber scooter Braun scuba on. Yep. She from though year, and he said something that is so true that I didn't come up with. But I'm gonna share because this is an experience that I know Julian will agree with. But people are always concerned about finding the people who have success, right? Who or who, you know, are you know, they've they've made it through. I guess the the muck of you know, jumping in entrepeneurship and knowing kind of what it is Ray. And they always want to, you know, contact people and. Those people have you know, made it, right? So they're going to give you vice and everything, but the only way that you're going to get where you wanna go is just by doing it. And you gotta learn your muscles. And you got to you know, you got to kind of go through it, not bad mentor. Ship is an incredible right or talking with experienced people is incredible. But if that is your only source of trying to be successful, as you know, having somebody else, you know, do what you need to do for you. Then you know, that's not the answer. But what is the answer is the dudes that are doing it around. You were you talk with them. And you know, that you guys are real. And maybe you're not there yet, Brad. But you guys are on the same path. You're not gonna talk every day. Right. It's not a social hour exam. You know, if you talking once a week twice a week. And if there's any tidbits or anything that you guys can do to, you know, enhance your guys converse. Nations your knowledge than everybody's getting better. Right. And it's the people that are with you, not the people who are made it like that. That's the biggest thing is stopped trying to find, you know, your savior and look at the guy next to you. You know, that's that's doing the the same thing. You are. And you know, what you'd really like what he's doing, and you respect it. And you know, he respect their diversity of thought or they're, you know, take on their business, your business, whatever, right? And that sense of Camry. Join me when three that kind of what gets you this whole in the Roddick journey of, you know, entrepreneurship to switch a little bit more into you know, business Motiur. I mean, you have to be surrounded by you know, these like minded people or you can respect them one of our favorite things that Julian Koran I talk about which he was on the program Monday. Is this whole notion that you know, were best of friends, but we also compete to the death. When I see him do something. He's one of my best friends in the world. But I'm like, all right. I gotta go get my now, and we love to be in the same room working together in the same office because it's real time feedback. I'm watching him close at Ilam saying man, I'm sitting on my ass here not making my calls. And I think you're drawn on something so important, which is you know, stopped trying to put yourself in this position. I did a little video rant on this earlier today. I think a lot of the, you know, I I guess the entrepreneurs today when they're coming up is a lot of it is kind of this false bravado. And I think they think they have to put on a shell. And I think maybe again that has to do with where we are social media and all that. But you don't you don't really have to put on a show right showing? I mean, it's it's like not tight back to sports too much. But you you have to be right. If it's a show, it, you know, the show doesn't last you know, it may get a pilot. But you know, we're not extending you. And you're not gonna you know, the levels of success that way. Just depends also on the person. But yet now, I'm I'm completely with you. It was so funny as literally just on the phone with blades, and I I was telling him, you know, we're, you know, as my roommate all throughout college, so very very close. And you know, I was joking around. But you know, we're dead serious. And we're talking about me going out there and playing goals, and I told him the only reason I even play golf is just to beat you. I don't really enjoy that. You know, like I'm not playing with my dad every other week. Yeah. It's literally just to beat you for eighteen holes like in the most fun loving way possible it out GIS competition at it's finest. And he's like a, dude. All I wanna do just beat the crap at you like smoke you. Right. I think any competitive friendly way on the golf course, not physical alone. I think there's something so, you know, crucial in what you're saying there, which is this whole notion of, you know, competition is good, right? And feedback is good. And you know, not feeling good about yourself. Sometimes because you have to improve on something is, okay. You know, we can't take those things. So personally the way we do today to where it lets, you know, I think I see more people today. Broken by little tidbits of feedback by little errors that they make by little mistakes, they make and not taking that as a learning experience, which is an entrepreneur, you know, you learn very quickly. If you play this game for any amount of time. We'll be call here on the program. Joe is going around the block with startups. And you know, I know a little bit about your background entrepeneurship is and I don't want to dive to deepens any of that. But I know that you've been through the ups and downs ready on that side of things, and you know, you have to embrace as clear. As it sounds. You have to embrace the failures. Right. You have to embrace the challenges you have to embrace the issues that arise you have to embrace the mistakes that you make that you have to be held accountable for and it's good. It makes you a better entrepreneur. Just like it makes you better athlete. Because the, you know type back to sports in this case, you know, when I came out of my playing days in college. And once Jane j you know. Nobody climbs Mount Everest. You know to stand on the peak. Right. You take your picture, and that's your memory. But you do for the jury. Right. You do it for you almost, you know, getting your toes frozen, all but you made it through because you push yourself right in football. It's like, I enjoyed the process, man. I enjoyed one like watching film full ten pm being able to out strategize out think, you know, look at tendencies understand completely the objective. And you know, what we could be getting so much show that on Saturdays when we played, you know, it was it was just an opportunity to go out and have fun man and demonstrate all the hard work. Right. But it's the process that creates you know, winds and create success. It's not you know, you can't wake up on a Saturday run out there like. On college football player. You know? No, it starts in the summer with five AM workouts. Right. It is. You know, it is not sunshine and rainbows and in any any open. And yet, you can create a very nice life. Right. And and it's not to you know, say that their life is this Harvard. They get what they are. Ryan. It's you know, I mean, Joey, I think which is process, but which what you're highlighting here is again. I mean, this is again, no bullshit this podcast gold on how this happened. 'cause I called you late at night. And this was totally unplanned. But this is this is working out, man. So we're definitely we're definitely going to have to have you on his recurring guest. But but no, I mean. Yeah. But you know, one of the things just that I wanna select out of that. What you just said is, you know, this whole notion of it's what you do that. Nobody sees. It's what happens behind the curtain. It's what happens. It's the training the effort the process, right? It's. Yeah. If you want to be the most motivated, any listener on this podcast. Okay. Any listener. Okay. Gary Vader, Chuck, great, man. I love it. Love the digital media. Love the strategy. You know, but if you're looking for what I call like, you know, she's language hustle porn. You know, something to get you motivated, something, you know, and everybody needs it. I love it, man. It's great listen to Kobe Bryant talk about. Daska ball. Listen to any segment, you know, of him and anybody's thoughts of anything, social, you know, I completely understand that excetera. I'm just saying that the monoplane guests. But you know, I he's he's incredible his intensity is, you know, his attention to detail. And yeah, of course, he's a top three player of all time. But his take on basketball. I I guarantee is not what people's take on it with think of him as when he talks about watching film, and you know, his Jim habits, it is truly incredible to see what authenticity passion commitment can can create an person. Even if you're not most talented, or the smartest or whatever. It's it's truly will. No. I mean, thank you for so one quick thing. Joe jesse? No where no holds barred program of we curse of time. And there's nothing you don't ever have to be frayed about our our listeners of credit. Also, the m were were were all just authenticity and honesty. But I wanna thank you for bringing that up because I know that, you know, from the demographic of our listeners, we do have a lot of people that are genuinely interested in sports and other hobbies that mean, you know, try our best to highlight. And that is the first time on the show over three hundred episodes in that anybody has mentioned going and look at Kobe Bryant stuff, and I think I might have to myself because that that's someone that I never have seen his content. Translate it back to business. He's already made more in his business feels than his entire salary in the NBA combined which is enough. It's when you look at when you wanna talk about now another whole up so that we can do which would be amazing. You know, there's the HBO show ballers, right? And that whole concept of what happens with, you know. What happens with what happens with athletes in terms of, you know, a lot of them do get underwater financially. But then you have those ones where you look, you know, like Magic Johnson shack. Kobe like you're saying where you don't even realize it, but they have a hand in everything. And they've got businesses that are churning revenue left and right. And you know, they just went about it smarter than everybody else. Here's I don't wanna be the recommend guy. But no go for Joe. This is what the show is all about with Magic Johnson Irvin. Magic Johnson a maverick Carter of uninterrupted, which is a LeBron James own media company nother athletics or business where there's a huge trend of this. This is this is going to continue in a very big way with you know, the knowledge about influencers, and you relate that to you know, you relate from an Instagram to a real life, a like professional athletes scenario ranting, you know, connections social influence for a product for business on any who that was a little rant of dare have any thoughts on that. And sorry as little known. No, no, no that. That's that's perfect. That's exactly we're looking for here. I mean, and you know to related, but yet Johnson thing request. Yup. To shut out. He does this does this interview. And you know gin. It's it's something. That I think listeners would not expect, but he's not talking about the championships. And all of that was obviously amaze in his career, but it's really him talking about he sought out the owner. You know, I forget it lessens boss, daughters genius. You know, he saw sought out the owner of the Lakers and wanted to learn about business. That's what he wanted to do. He said, please teach me about business. I know basketball's not forever. And I wanna learn from you, and he was so adamant that it rubs his teammates the wrong way to where they thought he was just kinda like, you know, teachers Ted, you know, kind of goody two shoes type of guy, but you like I don't care. I this guy is an incredibly successful, man. I wanna learn about business for him. You know, and that was the site of Magic Johnson. I don't I've never seen. I'm not sure. That's but is widely known isn't. Isn't that something interesting just end of itself? I mean Magic Johnson or not as that you have people on this earth that just have it the have been embedded with entrepreneurs we say, they get it. Right. And you know, I've heard I've had this conversation. So many times with people that get it, and I've never ever in my life. Once come across a way to explain it other than just they get it. And you know, it's it's the strangest thing because you have people on this earth that you know, again, nothing against them. They are very content with you know, doing what they're told. And even if it's not their parents telling them once they're old enough or guardian telling them society tells them what to do right go to school get a job and get married have kids. You know, do you know that they follow the quote, unquote life path? But then you have this other group that they just kind of go out and get their own. And there's nobody telling him to do that. There was nobody telling I'm assuming Magic Johnson to go. Seek out the owner of the Lakers and say teach me business. That that's just getting it. And that's the edge that you have to have. That's the and I'm gonna get a little heated here Joe because if something gets on my nerves with people, it's no, but Joey they don't cut it, man. I'm telling you. It's funny. Just going back a little bit to this entitlement thing today. You know, we deal a lot of times on our end, you know, with the this next generation of entrepreneurs thinking that something was handed out, and I've had people legitimately tell me they make a sumptious about my background. I gave talk at UCF few years back. And I remember I had some girl come up to me. And she said about how lucky I was to be able to pursue entrepreneurship, and how she didn't have it that easy, and she had some work three jobs, and I stopped. And this accuse me I spoke to about an hour said you really don't anything about my background. You have no idea that I had to work three jobs three jobs while I was a freshman in college just to support myself and get this first business off the ground. How do you where do you get off with the sawdust in people they jumped to these assumptions they jump to these conclusions. And at the end of the day. The only thing that they don't. Is is that we're doing one thing different? And we're going out, and we're seeking out the opportunities working, Joey what time is it right now. It's one twenty four in the morning, right. And we're not complaining when not complaining there's nobody complaining here. That was what I thought was crazy about you know, my job at J is I mean. Not to disclose too much about salaries or anything. But, you know, I'm working in medical device sales, which is probably which is very near its lucrative out, your, it's, you know, into the six figures, well, like pretty well into it for some positions, and you know, giggle having credible lifestyles in it's nothing but complaining right about the new com structure, you know, this is on back order and know, they're not hitting pulled up. And it's you know, it's not the people who don't really want to be doing what they're doing. And there is not you know, there's a very Glacken white goal for them being there. And it's not a true. I don't know. Yeah. Jewish in where they're they're. They're in it. You know? It's just it. It's convenient. It's like it some. Yeah. I mean, and it's something that we see I think every day is entrepreneurs, you know, I know that, you know, just knowing you in the amount of time that we've known each other that you get it. And that you have it. And I can you know, only say that the further you get down this path, and the more you build out a career entrepreneur that the strangest thing happens is that, you know, just like we were talking before you realize what a small world it is in terms of the dealmakers. And you know, how you get these things off the ground. Yoon, you treat people right? You get connected. He gets to the inner circles, and you know, that's how you know business built on relationships. But then you have this whole other crowd that Joey no matter what you do. No matter. What gonna honestly think that something was handed to like. No. I mean, I have over here. I mean, just like you were saying before. And I mean, the just tied into the whole. I guess theme show which is going back to lettuce. You know sports. I mean, God do people think that there's no practice you just show up on game day and you play. I mean, I don't know where these people get these ideas. It's fascinating to me. Joe fascinating. That's the thing. It's just like, I don't I don't really think about a much, you know, I guess you have more interaction. But I feel like I don't know if I include myself, but I just don't put myself in a position where you know, you get on the, you know, I listened to and I know you do more media stuff. But you know, I I like to be around people that I like to be around and or have conversations that are stimulating not just like Abba. But yeah, there's I think when when I do have conversation, and it's just, you know, I disagree so much to the brain where I have to, you know, really, tell them like now, you know, it's it's crazy because not try to always think that you know, they have their experiences. I and at the end of the day, it's, you know, there are people get it in their arguable, and I aren't even know could get it. But I think people just had their different things. Some people like you and certain things other people like you and others. Very it's probably could be an argument that what we're doing is not as good because you look at the percentages. If you look at you know. It's it's it's I think most lucrative, but it's our fate. That. We know we know were willing to do just like in football, right? If I lined up against somebody. It's not an opinion. I'm gonna win or you're gonna win. And there's no better feeling than seeing everybody else and just as youth. See a guy than sports just say. Yeah, I'm here her sixty minutes, and in others, nothing that you can really do about it. So you know, 'cause I've prepared because I've right. It is truck ration- again. And I think that's what it is. I think what Brealey irks me the whole situation based on the conversation. We're having just it's it's not that one is better than the other. Right. We're not here to say that, you know, being a football player is the best thing you can do being an entrepreneur is the best thing you can do working to change as the best thing. No life is all about choices. And you know, you take and choose. But it's Joe it's the complaining you don't think maybe this comes from. Of I thing when like I'm not trying to put it in your exactly exactly. Good thing. Please. Like, I've promise I don't care. Right. And I think a big part of maybe, you know, like you were saying before why it's a topic that I focus on a little bit more because you have to understand running a firm. You know, like, I do which is, you know, venture capital on. I mean, it's like being the most attractive that are like bad. But they want to argue that there. Promise you that is a great comparison. That is that is a great comparison. And you know, the other one that I always use mean sales training. They always relate things back to date in the more that I've, you know, grown in my career, the more that can relate business in general, you know, dating concepts and topics one of the things that we talk about his running a financial firm, which is heavily heavily oriented to doing venture capital deals. We kind of you know, I it's like being the most attractive girl a bar, for example. Right. Everybody wants to come up to you and show off and impress. You. Nobody actually wants to talk to you. You know, they just wanna show you all these things about how great they are in. It's you know, it gets it gets old. And a lot of what we deal with at our firm is just entrepreneurs that they're putting on the show they're coming to us, and they're making these pretend claims, but the minute that we say, look you have to do this this this. Here's the hard work. You have to put in they they almost turn their knows about us. I mean, I've had people flat out fended to me on exploratory on like, listen, I'm going out of my way to do an exploratory call for you. If anything you want v. Eighty thousand dollar round. I'm over here working on ten million dollar deal this week. So I mean, it's the complaining jelly, and it's the entitlements. The the the fact that they don't realize that people work we work for these songs. And it's it, and that's why I think when you get to a point where you're having conversations with people who have done the same in their own, right? It just fits better. You know, like a piece of a puzzle molded Shaked the right way to just okay? Yeah. This is this is normal. You know, this is I agree that your said long. But I mean that is Joey this is so first of all I got I got I just looked up at the timer here. We're getting close to the hour. Mark we try and keep the episodes to twenty sixty minutes. I don't know how the hell. It happened guys. No light. Join I did not plan. This. He sent me text early this afternoon. I got back soon as I got the tell we just started talking. I was like, hey, I haven't on the podcast. You wanna come on, Joey I have no idea how we've got an hour in all ready. But I think it shows that we have to have you on a recurring guest, and I'm very excited. No, I think this is. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. This is going to be great. I mean, you're you're alluding to it. I mean, folks, we do have a little surprise for you. Enjoy mention Blake earlier, but you know, hopefully, we can get that scheduled sooner rather than later here. And, you know, see where that conversation goes because I think this is a really interesting avenue to open up the speaking with athletes speaking with people that, you know, have had to put in the work put in time put in the effort, not complain and show up every day. No matter how they're feeling no matter what it is inside them that is motivating them or not motivating them that day. And you know, I it's draws so many parallels to entrepreneurship, and so yeah, Joey, I'm excited about that. Man. That's gonna be fun. And it's going to be great to have you on a recurring guest. Man. I think you can do it live on stuff here. I'm just happy to be here. I'm glad that we were able to catch up. Yeah. No. Get some athlete perspective on the, you know, the start up by Nanteuil, maybe not start up Nanteuil wold and young man. I'm excited. I think it's gonna be awesome. And I mean, we have one recurring guest. That's the legal guy. We have one recurring guest. That's VC guy. We've recurring service business guy. So I mean, this is like perfect. It was cod given aware came from this totally random, but I mean, absolutely perfect and Yemen. I'm super excited, but Joey one of the things kind of the way we like to end all these programs is by really giving some. Direct insight into tips tools. Tricks, any advice that these entrepreneurs can put into place on the very day. They're listening to this podcast. What I want to ask you today is for anybody out. That's listening, and maybe you could give a little bit more general advice on this. Because it's a super interesting topic. We have a lot of entrepreneurs today that are former athletes right that are former university athletes high school athletes, and that's their passion. And just like you. They found ways to tie that into a business to an opportunity, and it's an it's an emerging market. I know you see even more than I do because you're on the front lines of it. But what would you say to those entrepreneurs that are out there that are trying to make the transition from you know, maybe they've been a high school athlete or university. Ethnic said. Okay. I wanna go down the business round. They have a startup. That's in the how would I call it? Maybe letting tech space run the athlete services industries. What would you say to them? Are there any tricks anything you've learned? Along the way anything you can any advice that you can impart on these listeners in terms of what they can expect or what they should be prepared for when they're building. These businesses are trying to chase. These ventures. I think it's I think it's the understand. No. Probably the balance between, you know, being competitive and wanting to realize excess sued also understanding that success is, you know, earned and it's a process, you know. So I think with any athletes are anybody in general in this obviously applies to athletes from a competitive standpoint of trying to be the best trying to be first. But, you know, just from a human perspective of you know, anything in life worth having her. You know, nothing comes easy. You know, if it's too good to be true. Probably you know, that's a big one. That's probably everybody. I actually I think that's a really good one to bring up because and maybe you could give even just a little bit more insight on that. But you know, I think a lot of people that. Use their passion as a basis for their entrepreneurial ventures. Sometimes, unfortunately, don't always take time to vet the people they're doing business with because you'd out they wanna believe that these people have a common interest or shared goal and Joey businesses the harsh cruel cold world. We say all the time on the shell. And I mean, what would you say to those people that maybe they're coming into the situations trusting everybody out of the gate. I would say, you know, that big a big, you know, thing for me was come in from world of athletes, you know, another very braggadocious Persian. Or if I'm saying something, you know, it's it's true. You know, I don't go out of my way to kind of praise list over anything. And so you know, when I came into the business world. You know, I kind of felt I kind of was naive in the sense that, you know, people said something I was like, oh, can I? Yeah. Wow. That's impressive. You know? There is no I just can't took him at their words because that's how I would use my word, right? It's true Orden mortally night, you know, factual. And so, you know, usually listeners of people who, you know, talk the most about what they do or, you know, about their success or the ones that you know, probably aren't doing it. It's always the people that you talk to her forty five minutes, and then the forty five minute, Mark. You're like, wait. What what what are you doing and its like own? Yeah. You know, I do this. And it's like, whoa. This guy's the Ratu. Student met at school, Joey that is gold right there guys pay close attention to that. That is Joey that is fucking gold. Hold on a second guys. I mean, this is something we have. Not honestly talked about enough on the program. And so Joey on our next episode. I'm probably gonna want to bring this back in what you just said. Right. They're the ones that talk the most and are trying to brag themselves up, and you know, are trying to oversell you on something. And the fact that you bring Joey I see this all the time. I was talking before about the entrepreneurs that I deal with and it's funny because we work with them in the early stages. We get them these strategies and take one trip to San Francisco one trip to San Francisco, and they meet these five or ten people to come out of the woodwork. And I'm like, listen, be careful because a lot of these people are sharks, and what ends up happening. Sometimes they go for it. Because they think they're getting information to face valley. And Joe, you know, what they come back six months later, and they say, hey, that person screwed us. You think you can help us, and we're like well now we've gotta rebuild from square one. It's it's it's it's very hard on do something. It's much easier to start over. It's like reading code, or, you know, just the opportunity calls, the, you know, you get to a point where there's no it's this is your first deal. You know, maybe you're next level be successful. You know, definitely understand the concept of sunk costs as well. And and not that saw Saint costs means, you know, you you've lost. It means that, you know, lessons been learned, you know, but I think it's important, you know, that self awareness to carry it everywhere could good times the bad times all of them because you know, your every strikeout is closer to home run. So human brother, man, that's the truth. I mean, the self awareness again, and you know, nonsuited beat identified on this episode. But I mean, guys, we have spent I mean pretty much entire episode here focused around, you know, this whole notion of self. Fairness and not being critical on yourself to the point where you're beating yourself down. But also not being so, you know, anti confrontational with other people with yourself that you cannot take short of criticism because just like Joey's consent yet. Your friend has spinach. But she looks so pretty dress. And it's like, hey, you got some spinach in your teeth. And it's like, why would you see that? And it's like trying to help you. But then you know, she takes his dog. She's like, hey, thanks for letting me now. So I was grim special cheap absence. Absolutely. Sometimes sometimes Joey I mean, maybe this is where we leave the episode tonight. But sometimes the the fact of the matter is the true, cold hard fact of the matter is is that no matter what and not sometimes. But every time no matter what whether it's in business, whether it's in life, whether it's sports whether it's in anything any topic that we touched on this program. Joey Finkel agree with me that the truth. The honest to God truth is not only the best practice at all times. But it's the fucking easiest one. You don't have to you don't have you don't have to worry about somebody finding something out. There's no hiding doing real can business. There's just simply there's no tie or because there's too many things and decisions that have to be made to you know. That's why that's why the most common way starts fail because of a conflict people talk about that my opinion enough, but you know, it's very real and. You know, it's about. I don't know it's about communication, and if there's not that base level of trust, you know, think of any foundation, if it's if the foundation is insecure in terms of trust communication, you know, how as you you know, distance maximize error, right? The more you pylon too bad foundation. You know, it's can be catastrophic. Absolutely. And I mean, it's just can you imagine? I mean, Joey with I mean, again, we're sitting here at a very late hour in the evening, you know, working grinding away. Could you imagine if you had to keep track? I gotta get up gotta meeting seven, and and then I got one at nine and that I need a survey can be you know, what is it just basis doesn't take him? I think me soured. But yeah, but and to Rava my point on that I mean, look at look at the amount of time that you're spending just taking these meetings in the hustle and grind. Could you imagine? If you. Had to keep track of lies. It would be impossible that no way to do with this. There's no reason like you were saying to, you know, saying thing that bolsters your image, or that's Brian basis. Because then you gotta keep track of and it's like God. I know sometimes I rub people the wrong way on the show Joey because it's very straightforward. It's very honest. It's off the cuff conversations. But at the end damn look if you don't like it two things number one. You don't have to listen to number two just being honest. We're just being real we're not here to sugarcoat anything. We're just telling the real side of this shit. This is how it is. And you just at the end of the day have to be honest with others with yourself because that's the only way to win at this game. Aftermath have to and and it's not again, it's not all bad every every in nut to not to be hypocritical on the five AM wakeup ups any older individuals. You know, I think a good place to take some stumper men is, you know, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg any very influential leader or person with a gold. Try to be successful. They're always allocating time to better themselves right through podcast through talking with other people. You know, I absolutely love. I could talk bitterly for another hour, man. Because this is stuff that I think having a conversation. You know, I'm I'm passionate about it. It's something that I enjoy. It's it's why I do it. And you know, it's it's it's it's often cool, and you don't really get the opportunity when you're in it to take a moment. Rahab a conversation about it. And just you know, appreciate what the. Work is for in the aspect of building something with people, you know. Or would entrepreneurs truly is? Enjoy. That's what's honored. Have you hear the the, you know, the funny thing with the show is that we've never really tried that hard to get guests, and we've always had amazing success with the guests. We brought on because again were not I didn't send you some agenda. That says, hey, Joey makes you don't say this makes you don't go into this. Hey, don't send it. It's like just let just let it fuck and fly, Mike. Let's just roll with it. And you know, let's just and you know, I I don't want to dive into this. Because this is something we were talking about we bring Blake on. But you know, one of the things that we were talking about before the show bound, you know, some possible topics to discuss on the kind of stuff was how right companies like barstool radio, for example, have gotten where it's just it's honesty. It's it's genuine it's straightforward. And you know, it doesn't always rub people right way. But that's life. That's honesty. That's the truth doesn't sometimes it hurts. You don't. But it's ten times better to know where you stand at any point in time and from business standpoint, it's the only way operate efficiently. I agree. I agree completely in. It's not just business. It's it's anything. It's anything in the world that, you know, people were court at, you know, whether you're an artist and use edition, you know, it's. It's hard work. So I mean, that's it's hard work. It's hard work. It's the grinding. I mean, Joey looked I could go for another hour too. But I mean, I know you got early you got an early day. I got an early day. And I think it's this is a great stopping point to leave the listeners wanting more and just want to reassure audience. Guys. Do not fret Joey is going to be back. I know that this episode is gonna get a lot of good feedback. And I know we're gonna get a lot of requests to have you back on the show. Joey sell on, you know. I don't wanna put. Yeah. No. I don't wanna put you on the spot him. But I mean, you think you'd be willing to commit to be recurring guest here on the program. Hey. We'll just we'll just work office in verbal. But no, Joey I really do. Appreciate it, man. It's an odd hour, it's entre preneurs hours. He took time out of your damn sure, you're busy got meetings tomorrow. But I mean, men what a what a fucking great show just in terms of value for these entrepreneurs guys take this stuff seriously, Joe he's been there. I mean for those of you that are looking are building your businesses that you're coming from the story backgrounds realized that not everybody is an entrepreneur actually, most people that are successful and entrepreneurship don't come from some background in finance or some background engineering. We come from. We exactly them you can you can make it from anywhere. If you're willing to put in just like, Joey said, the hard work, the time, the dedication the self reflection and most importantly, being honest with yourself and others at all times. And so Joey gonna wanna thank you for being on the program. Any last words that you want to give to listeners tonight on this program. Will I thanks again for having the honored that, you know, you're inviting me to do recurring guests, I I think we'll have, you know, many exciting conversations to come. Because again, I think is just all I think there's you know, just actually stuff to talk about. But as far as any last things, I have to say to to the listeners, you know, take note that you're listening, right? You took time to put on a podcast, and and better yourself, or at least learn more about something you did it, and whether he was just on a drive, or whether it was purposeful allocated the time, you know, it's something and everything starts something. And you know, that's the book in every endeavor that is going on in the list of world. So that's that's really insightful. I mean. Yeah, guys. That's true. We've never actually brought up kudos everybody out there listening. We don't just appreciate you guys tuning in. In for the sake of being listeners scribe to the program. But I mean. But but no, but I mean kudos kudos everybody out there listening because you're right. Join me they are taking time out of their day to do something that you know, other people might not be there taking time to listen learn from people like yourself that have been there that are there that are going through that have experiences that they can draw and I mean, one of the favorite things that we tell clients from dealing with. These entrepreneurs is look great entrepreneurs learn from their failures the best entrepreneurs learned from other people's failures learned from learning about those people in their stories, you know, and so that's a great point, man. That's that's a really good note to leave it on for nights of Joey. I mean once again, thank you so much for taking time to be on the program. I know we discussed it, and I don't think necessarily have any, but I always offered up because folks those just so you know, I mean Joe is taking time out of his day to be on the program. He's extremely busy these here with us. He's here with you. So we always like to say, you know, if there's anything you wanna plug anything. To promote anything you wanna share? You know, now's the time to do it. So yeah, I I am diligently at work on my own company have a bunch of stuff going on buy-sell outside of, you know, just just the company that on founder CEO, but investment type stuff just continuing to better myself whole not a distracting from anything. I think it's again learning. But no, it's. You know companies in sports tech in we're doing some really cool, innovative stuff. But I mean. I mean about you know, the listeners I'm here for you guys. And you know, I got cool stuff going on and everybody out there that spreading on their thing. You know, use it as motivation to, you know, get good somewhere where you're gonna talk podcasts. And and give somebody inside four creation. You know? That's that's what it's about. So enjoy swinging sitters or the plug, and maybe the one little shameless plug if you don't mind that I hope you're okay with his that. You know, somebody listens to the program and have any interest in, you know, connecting with your working with us. We have an Email start financial news gmaiLcom listeners often Email stuff to do be. Okay. Five forward along some of those conversations who's cool. I think that'd be awesome. Arguments. I'll open hell EM. Joey, look, thanks, man. Stan the line real quick. I'm just gonna type the program briefly here. But again, thank you so much for time. Folks, we, you know, we want to thank all of you for tuning in for listening for joining us on the program tonight. Again, we've been having a conversation tonight with just a really good friend of mine. Somebody like consider to be great entrepreneur just like he was saying before someone that, you know, we recognize, you know, in the real realm of entrepreneurship, and you know, some of that as an incredible background story. A lot of insight. A lot of information a lot of knowledge on so many different topics that run parallel and are directly related entrepreneurship. And so I mean, it's been such a fun episode. You know, thank you again. Joey, thank you, everybody listening. This has been another episode of SF N started financial news today is while it's now actually physically Thursday that's long on the program. But for the sake of this episode, it's Wednesday April seventeenth two thousand nineteen. I'm your host Julie Mayer that you close Joey grant. And folks, we right back with you here for another episode of SF N shortly. Have a great evening. Thanks for listening to stand up by full news, Jillian Mayer. Don't forget to subscribe for the most up to date startup news.

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