148 - Robert "The Butcher Baker" Hansen


Alaska the most remote part of the United States so much uninhabited land and total areas twice the size of Texas with over three hundred and seventy five million acres bigger than Texas California and Montana combined and it has less people living there the North Dakota just slightly more people in Vermont. You can really get away from people in Alaska so many places where you can find yourself with nobody else around for miles and miles and miles an Alaska resident Robert Hanssen anchorage-based Baker chose to use this uninhabited remoteness to his raping and murderous advantage for over a decade in late nineteen seventy s anchorage police began receiving steady reports about missing prostitutes and topless dancers initially Shirley disappearances caused little concern. Such girls were notorious for leaving at a moment's notice usually without telling anyone where they were going but then their bodies began to be found and soon Alaskan police knew they had a serial killer in their midst. I will take a look at Alaska America's forty-ninth state and its most notorious serial killer Robert Hanssen Aka the butcher Baker today on time suck breath. Hello meet sacks happy Monday. Welcome back to the cult of the curious. Welcome back to more true crime. After a brief historical Michael break. I'm Dan Collins Aka master sucker Ak the suck Lord Ak profit of Nimrod and neither a butcher nor a Baker unless Tater tot casserole counts. I can beat the shit out of one of those crew mushroom soup green beans ground on beef tater tots lawry's seasoning salt three hundred and fifty degrees and then get the fuck in my belly where you will not stay long because you will tear my insides apart. 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When fascinating one Robert the butcher Baker Hansen Robert Hanssen was a serial rapist at least thirty victims that survived a minimum of seventeen women were raped and murdered Hanson like too many others was a serial killer who got away with serial killing because he didn't come across like a serial killer to the people around him seemed like a nice guy a family man donut Baker who makes delicious as chocolate cake doughnuts and hunts women in the woods in a perfect world? Nobody in this world at least Robert Hanssen has done that has lived that reality handsome handsome was an award-winning hunter who put his hunting skills to use on human beings. He was also very successful bakery owner so weird local police buying donuts made by the guy they're thinking about. You know how they're going to catch while they're eating those doughnuts doughnuts. The majority of today suck is going to take place in a big old time of time line. We're GONNA jump into after hearing about today's. 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He's born to a Danish immigrant Baker named Christian Hansen and his wife Edna and he'll soon become a insecure troubled angry monster of meets AC jobs were scarce Estherville a quaint little town roughly six thousand people the town mostly famous for four hundred and fifty five pound meteorite that fell to Earth a few miles north of Estherville in eighteen seventy nine so in nineteen forty two and rob it was three his family headed west. They moved to Richmond California just north of San Francisco on the San Francisco Bay where they would live for five years and in Richmond Christian and Edna would quickly tire of the hustle and grind trying to pound out a living in a much more populated area uh they longed for the comparatively simple life of small town Iowa and they save money to move back to open their own bakery nineteen forty seven the hamptons return to Iowa with their now ten year old son and the two year old daughter and they settled in Boca Hannah Silo Small Town One hundred twenty thirty five miles northwest of moines founded in eighteen seventy within the county of the same name Pocahontas was one of many towns created during the rapid settlement of the flat fertile mid West Corn Belt after the civil war the town was named after that famous Virginian Indian princess who's benevolence and interventions on behalf of the Jamestown settlers in the sixteen hundreds had made her the symbol of the American Indian welcoming Europeans into the new world the basic ethnic mix of the town and its surrounding farms established by German Bohemian Scandinavian Irish Immigrants Lots of Immigrants Roberts Dad was one of these immigrants Pocahontas epitomized the wholesome small town Americana of Mid Twentieth Century America lifestyle portrayed shows like leave it to beaver father who knows best pocahontas had town grain elevator. The railroad came through town had a cute little main street with a hotel a blacksmith machinery and car dealers grocery stores produce short stores produce shores. There was produce source receive lettuce somewhere corner downtown. You could stand on the banks. Just admire the greenery now there's hardware and repair stores had a nine hole golf course sixty by one hundred twenty foot swimming pool built by the Works Progress Administration during the depression on Main Street. There was also the relative theater showing the latest in Hollywood movies Showbiz in Nineteen forty-nine Pocahontas got a donut shop the October Twentieth Nineteen Forty Nine edition of the Pocahontas Record Democrat carried an ad for Robert's parents new bakery saying Mr and Mrs Chris Hansen announced the opening of their home bakery inviting people to come in and get acquainted and inspect the modern bakery and enjoy free coffee and donuts. I love to encourage them to inspect. It is picture small to be like Oh just just walking back looking to machinery really so that's where the little donut holes. That's the thing that makes them fascinating. That's amazing Chris. Hansen learned the baking trade in his native Denmark home of the Danish sweet. Ask bread with some cream cheese made some cream cheese. Maybe some fruit compote in the middle before immigrating to the United States at the age of twenty the Danes Masters of the pastry. If you had to pick one nation to buy tasty s bread from Denmark not a bad choice followed closely randomly by North Korea origin of the Apple Fritter <hes> you ever had a North Korean apple fritter you haven't lived in constant fear and poverty and sadness sadness unless you had a stale moldy North Korean apple fritter. That's the first nourishment of any kind you've been allowed to eat after being beaten for several days in government cage but seriously Chris hands was a skilled baker and his bakery on the main street of this small small town in Iowa thrived also this critique not the same Chris Hansen of to catch a Predator same name very different era very different person <hes> when they moved to Pocahontas the hands and family lived in a small apartment above the family bakery and at two who A._M.. This is nowhere wake up to him to A._M.. The Hansen's get up actually they were going to be four to two A._M.. They'd walk downstairs and work would begin the bakery did well enough to allow the Hansen's to buy a modest three bedroom. House is two or three the houses from the edge of town putting a whole four blocks between their workplace and their new home and this new commute to work drastically changed the hands and family life now having to account for distance traffic since they no longer work directly above the bakery the Hansen's Hansen's would often have to head out for work by say one fifty eight A._M.. Said too in the winter when it was important to put on more layers of clothing sometimes the Hansel and have to leave it like one fifty seven A._M.. And something that Chris is frustration with this new commute is what leads Robert Becoming a serial killer for two to three minutes every morning he distorts around the house just yell just you know just yelling save right now all we had to move to the edge of town now. It's killing me Edna. I'm a city man had no. That's not true acquaintances recalled the Hanson House was very well kept always very clean. Edna was a meticulous housekeeper. Chris Hansen was described as being a hard nosed authoritarian figure in old world father very religious and very strict sewer fund Hashtag fun debt another one of those parents over and over we come across this type of parenting in the suck. I very religious plus. Very strict seems to create so many monsters. I can't think of one CERTA killer I've read about that's where when researching your childhood I've come across something like he was raised by laidback firm but fair loving parents who made them go to church on Sundays until he was thirteen and then he's not forcing them instead they just hope that he would carve out his own relationship with God for they were wise enough to understand once he was an adult and left their home. They wouldn't be able to force him to bend to the will of their God as they interpret it so why cram their religion down his fucking throw it in the first place which probably just causing to resent later and have a lot of anger issues. Chris worked himself and his family hard especially his only son Robert Robert started working around the bakery shortly after the family opened it in his responsibilities and ours steadily increase as he grew older getting up to work for several hours before you go to school probably not gonNA enhance anyone's junior high or high school scholastic experience Robert would later express resentment over how hard he worked as a kid saying when I was young boy I worked in my dad's shop and I'd get maybe thirty five to forty five cents a day. When I got to be a sophomore junior senior I wouldn't even get a dollar a day that would work out to about ten bucks a day there at the end when adjusted for inflation so he did have good reason to gripe about this in addition to being angry over feeling like you had to work too much kid was paid enough for that work Robert Hanssen also also had a severe stutter which added further frustration to his childhood he'd stutter his whole life and he'd villages stutter? He's part of the reason that the girls he was interested in weren't very interested in him. He stuttered so badly junior high and high school he tried to talk to a teacher or classmate right literally not be able to get anywhere doubt made sense and he ended up just walking away mid stutter humiliated and of course this being the nineteen fifties win. Bully shaming wasn't something anyone really talked about he was I I'm sure well and we'll learn ruthlessly sie macht. He also was a real big dude. I imagine he was pushed around the hall more than a few times and book slapped out of his hands. Maybe those book kicked down. The hall bit tripped all that fun stuff stickers put on his back. Kick me that kind of thing. Maybe it's Cook kick me you while they were if they were creative credible. He's also once you got into high school. He developed horrible acne to make life just a little bit sweeter he had acted it would leave his face severely scarred the rest of his life and later years recall his face is being one big pimple boys and and girls alike made fun of Robert. I stutter acting but it stung more. When the girls made fun of him he was fairly girl crazy very frustrated they didn't care for him and he came to hate all the cruel pretty girls he coveted but could not have had low future serial? Oh killing motive Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding scholastically Hanson was an average to below average student. <hes> I guess blow average to average better way to phrase that it's possible he would have gotten better grades. If he just didn't have to work long hours in the bakery he suffered Cnet Age old dilemma of the donut. Make your son you know too many maple bars not enough calculus too many chocolate fashions. None of social studies too many cinnamon sugar twists long johns plays donut holes strawberry frosted lasted Jelly donuts coolers not enough you get the idea one Robert High school teachers notice. He always seemed tired in her afternoon. Typing class often fallen asleep she figures because he had to get up too early to work in his father's bakery this same woman I would also many years later expressed a lot of regret lot of guilt over the method. She chose to try to motivate Robert to stay awake in her class. She said when he'd fall asleep she would encourage his classmates to sing along with a pretty cruel little ditty. She whipped up where she just sing rope uproot Robert to pay both face. How are you such debts grace? You full face looks like tomato paste. Wake up you lazy pile. I Love Human Boo Hoo waste so you know pretty not cool reflect on that song years later she could see <hes> she said she could see how it could have come across as insensitive or hurtful to Robert Show also said that when he wake up and hear that songs start crying she wishes she would have you know maybe not pointed at him and laughed. Yell things like Oh looks like the cheese is melting on Roberts Papa prepare to face and then she really regretted literally running around the class fucking high five and everybody after that now she'd do that. I'm pretty sure teacher behaving that way would have been frowned upon poke on his but you know it. Some of his classmates probably did shit pretty similar to that you know he was mocked. Savagely basically Robert's childhood pretty Shitty <hes> some people have the inner strength to overcome that later life some people choose to look back at high school and thinking what does clowns but not Robert High School would haunt him for the rest of his life he had no real friends in high school was described as a loner. He later say the school was hell and that all through high school if I knew there was a possibility that I have to say something in class or make a comment I would literally break out in sweats and of course getting excited made my stuttering worse Hanson went out for basketball all four years of high school but failed to win a letter each and every year same thing with football aw crushing it dude was crushing it outside of school work in the bakery when Robert did have free time you go out into the woods and daydream about rape and murder actually not kidding he did start to fantasize about raping and hurting killing all the girls would made fun of him pretty early on in life started dividing women in his mind to good girls and bad girls bad girls who made fun of him should be punished. batgirls who weren't sexually interested in him should be punished. He also haunted fish became pretty good at archery. Great not a good Combo for for some some women who meet later on. I imagine all started fantasized about hunting. Those bad girls Robert loved being out in the woods out alone in nature. He was good with a gun. He was good with a bow he felt powerful. He wasn't riding the basketball or football bench. No one was making fun of his acne knows. Now is making fun of a stutter. I matched him just killing a deer and then his yelling take that you fucking stupid to dare guy could get you too. Damn it by the way I only feel okay making fun of his stutter because he was such a piece of shit getting bullied no excuse for what he would later due in May of nineteen fifty seven hands and graduate with thirty one other students about like my high school riggins where I graduated with twenty three kids and it's tiny high school. A yearbook got his name wrong senior year Roberts name was misspelled handsome with the know. How insulting is that under his misspelled name was a slogan worry never made men great? So why should I worry years later. He didn't seem to worry too much about getting caught for taking women out in the woods and hunting them back to his misspelled name in that yearbook for a second. That's so sad to me that speaks volumes about how truly unpopular he was. He graduated with thirty one other kids a class of thirty two so in their high school but one hundred twenty kids total putting the yearbook book most of whom I'm guessing lived in town most if not all of their lives you don't misspell the starting quarterback's name in little school like that you don't Miss Belda the prom king the captain of the cheerleaders you don't misspell the name of any other kid who hangs out with those kids or the or the name of any kids you at least talk to an adult or at least know casually which is ninety nine point nine percent of our kids like I went to a tiny high school and you know everybody is not big enough to break up into cliques. I feel like you only fuck up the name of kid like that if that could barely exists you I mean maybe he's an honest mistake. I know that could have easily happened. I think more likely they gave that little shit about Robert or even worse one final insult on his way out. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but this this is what Robert seemed to fill these kind of things. Things he felt like people just really hated him. <hes> Robert joined the army reserves in nineteen fifty seven after graduation. He did his basic training in Fort Dix New Jersey where he became proficient as a marksman he then went to Fort Knox Kentucky served for just one year before being discharged arched. Actually some sources say he was discharged other say he completed his active duty after year news on reserve duty status for several years after that. I'm guessing in the Army Roberts drill sergeant may have mocked him as well right. I mean I don't know that to be true but I've heard that many drill sergeant especially back in the time when Robert was young pretty fond of aggressively breaking men down to verbal abuse before hopefully building them back up. Look at your bad private Hanson. Is that look clean to you you pizza face fuck fuck something like that. I imagine you heard something like that before. Leaving his brief active duty stint in the military Robert had his first sexual encounter with a prostitute and I'm GonNa say this was his first sexual encounter with a woman in general and then he had many more encounters with prostitutes institutes encounters. It rarely left him satisfied. He was frustrated with how quickly the encounters would be over. He would say it was just wham Bam thank you ma'am. He wanted more time with these women time he would you know force on these women later this poor sick bastard. He just wanted him so badly to want him. In nineteen fifty eight after leaving the Army Robert would return to Iowa and again work in his dad's bakery again crushing it and Pocahontas a few months later he gets his own apartment bug on us and according to someone who'd be interviewed years later he'd have high school boys over to his apartment and talk about guns hunting and who or what he didn't like in Pocahontas so you know he's just becoming cooler and cooler the cool guy super cool guy doesn't have friends in high school and then moves away and then comes right back and then hangs out with the new highschoolers <hes> you know I knew I knew a couple of kids like that. where I grew up always the cream of the crop always the best? I always good for them for not moving on with their lives in nineteen fifty-nine Robert starts dating a woman who is mentioned in all kinds of biographies but is not named in anything not named any articles about Robert Line <hes> I found the the best to biographies I there seemed to be out there about this dirtbag and she's not mentioned by name and knows in one of the sources referred to as a girl who graduated a year after he did the daughter of the town chiropractor that same source said that this chiropractor is family had little contact with the community outside of his practice then on December seventh nineteen sixty Robert Burns down his old high school's school bus US garage clearly angry about high school clearly harboring grudges as retribution for the abuse he wants received Robert Takes a sixteen year old employee. His father's bakery talks this kid into helping him set fire to the school bus garage not only do this successfully burned to the ground they also destroy three of the seven of the schools buses just took to take that Popa Polka to pick to take take to take cookie kick. God Damn it very frustrated unfortunately for Robert. He's accomplished turns himself in Rats Robert Out on March twenty ninth nine hundred sixty one Robert Hanssen charged with arson. His bail is set at two thousand five hundred dollars three days later his mom edna goes to the courthouse house bails him out that night Robert Mary's the chiropractors daughter in a ceremony at Lutheran church the newly woods leaving a week for Florida for their honeymoon returned to live in Robert's apartment while he waits trial after that man what a fun wedding that with the a kid getting married in front of your new inlaws who now know that their daughter is getting hitched to a vengeful psychopathic arsonist they must have been so thrilled anyo stress and anxiety made Robert stutter worse. Those vows must have been something else else to watch is II promised to those to love you for forever. I promise not to set a set anymore for five forgot the damage. That's the star everybody no more fulfill fires. That's September Hanson indicted for the arson charge. Considering the case against Hanson waives his right to a trial plead guilty he would later say I guess I burn down the bus barn because I hated the school with the divine passion his words divine compassion. I would do whatever I could think of to get back at the monster school. That did Bob Hansen personal wrong. Dude clearly can't move on from high school in a way Yeah Robert would never move on on October ninth nine hundred sixty one Robert was sentenced to three years at the state reformatory at Anisa now known as the animals state penitentiary in Iowa shortly afterward his his wife divorces him and most home of the National Motorcycle Museum which by the way looks pretty awesome from a psychiatrist diagnosed Hanson is having an infantile personality disorder based on Robert Subscription of fantasies of revenge and Destruction Hansen revealed psychiatrists imagine doing vicious things to girls who rejected him or make fun of him. He talked about wanting ready to blow up the town. Water Tower talked about one shootout the light to the town police car he was obsessed with getting even he hated this town and late nineteen sixty to another psychiatric assessment. Don Hansen states the while he still had an infant infant infantile personality his antisocial attitudes had diminished this report coupled with his record of good conduct earned him early parole on May Day nineteen sixty three the winner that Hanson or before excuse me the winner before Hanson was released his his parents had closed their successful pocahontas bakery and left town the shame of everyone knowing that their son was the town arsonist was just too much for them to bear. They purchased a stony point resort on Leech Lake in Minnesota two hundred miles North Minneapolis Saint Paul moved up to northern Minnesota to get everything ready for the coming fishing season. The Hanson resort was located in the Chippewa National Forest on a peninsula on the south side of the big one hundred ten thousand Acre Lake when Robert was released from Atomosa he took his parole in Minnesota went to work get his parents resort spending the first week helping paint the boats and cabins and putting out the docks when the season began he guided fishing parties he loved it. I'm sure it was a little bit tense between him and his parents but you know he likes his new wilderness environment in the summer of sixty three. You also met the woman who become his second wife Gloria Deacon. She's one of the girls as folks at hired to clean the cabins. She was also from Pocahontas. Her parents ran a motel. Their glory went back to Iowa University that fall while Robert completed three and a half week short-course the Wilton in school at cake decorating and Chicago soon after that Robert got a job at a bakery in my not North Dakota through a friend of his parents he and Gloria got married a month later. Then Robert got into some kind of trouble. His new job came back to work his parents resort. The troubled son returns turns based on what kind of trouble getting soon I'm. I'm GonNa Guess that Robert fired in my not for stealing something Robert loved stealing stuff almost as much raping killing and setting things on fire shortly after returning home Hanson got another job at a big bakery free chain called Cox Bakeries and the couple moved to moorhead Minnesota. The chain doesn't seem to exist anymore but there is a cox bakery and donuts in El Paso if anyone working at this bakery listens to time suck please talk the owners into hiring me me to write some radio jingles for a new ad campaign. I have so many ideas I feel pretty good about Cox Bakeries running a new contest this summer whoever can eat the most donuts in ten minutes gets free donuts for life so come on down to comb street find out how much cox you can Vince Side Yourself Cox. Put them in your mouth. Nothing's GonNa Kick Start Your Day like socks bakery and that's why guys would smell the Cox Beker in donuts set down that bag addicts buddy and instead why why don't you eat a bag of Cox Becker on. It's just think about it. That's just that's just spitballing. Put even more work in to it if you hire me anyway Robert supposed to rotate among the bakery chain thirty two shops scattered throughout the Midwest filling going in for regular managers while they take their vacations. His first assignment is a two week stint rapid city South Dakota when he gets back from slang so many doughnuts and mabel bars in rapid city when he got done stuff and rapid city to the Gills with muffins and Pumpkin bread he and Gloria decided decided they didn't like Robert Having to travel for work and they moved to Minneapolis. You get a new job Robert was done with Cox. He swore off Cox the rest of his life after that. You don't want anymore Cox's life Robert and Gloria lived in the Collins Trailer Park on East Seventy Eighth Street in the suburb of Bloomington Gloria attended the University of Minnesota. Now Robert worked at the Mercer Bakery and Uptown Minneapolis on West Fiftieth Moore Bakery since nineteen fifty-three tasting better than Abaga Cox Merle work views well Robert it was hired by merged to be a foreman and cake decorator his new boss founding to be an excellent worker. The people were also discovered quite a temper apparently liked to go off on people working under his supervision all the time very he'd snap pretty easily but always polite to his boss so the captain two years later on February twenty second nineteen sixty five Robert gets into some criminal trouble again a Bloomington policemen arrested hands and for stealing some fishline lures worth eleven bucks from a sporting goods store. He had the money he I just didn't want to pay for it as it turned out Robert Gotten really into shoplifting stealing stuff for months Roberts interests in shoplifting is best summed up by that Jane's Addiction Song Been Cau- stealing. I enjoy the simple as that well. It's just <hes> simple facts when I want some thin and don't WanNa pay for red then. I'll walk right through the door. Yeah walk ride through the door. Just it's like the Song Dude just enjoyed walking out the door and stealing some shit liked it truly truly is for the rest of his life when he's not incarcerated just loved taking stuff glory Hanson persuaded the couple's Lutheran pastor to vouch for Bob and he's first shoplifting charges were dropped but Robert was not done stealing not even close couple months later Roberts Bakery boss comes in the shop early one day fines Robert is in the office. He broke into the office by using a knife on the lock. Hanson is rifling through a desk drawer that has cashed for customer change inch this guy would later say he was obviously furious. He said I called the county attorney about pressing charges but then Bob came to me and he said he'd been offered more money to work at the northside bakery that simplify things. I told him just to go ahead and take the job and that's Larry's to me you're going to you're going to jail asshole. Wait wait what you got to. You got a job offer some good for you. Did you tell your man Best Luck. Get on going out here mad. I want you here anymore so maybe he just wanted to get rid of Robert now. I was just good enough may maybe he enjoyed thinking about you know Robert Stealing from one of his competitors that may Robert was arrested again for theft took a to the softball from Montgomery Ward arrested for that so random e at his new job he'd actually started bragging to other employees about how he could go into a store trying to suit and walk out of the store where it in the spring of nineteen sixty seven Gloria graduated from the University of Minnesota. She and Robert assigned to leave Minnesota. They both loved the great outdoors. She and Robert chose was to to move to stay with the greatest amount of wilderness and outdoors in the U._S.. By far they decided to move to Alaska in June the couple stuff's their belongings in ten into a new pontiac heads for the Pacific northwest hit and all kinds of campsites national parks along the way they stay in the Grand Teton National Park. Take mountain climbing lessons they spend time and joined the beauty of Glacier National Park Glacier is beautiful by the way Holy Shit has ever beautiful Linda and the Kids Kanter two summers ago incredible highly recommend love everything about it three out of five stars and then they drove up through Canada to Alaska arriving in Anchorage mid August anchorage the city my sister Donna was born in city. I went to kindergarten through second grade. In Lhasa would provide Robert with plenty of room to hunt. He ended up Hun all kinds of animals in Alaska including of course sadly human beings Alaska's five hundred ninety one thousand square mile area equals one third of the lower forty eight or forty eight states combined total land area. It's huge as I said at the beginning and so full land and no one else is living on wilderness. We can walk for days and days and never run into another person plenty of room to take somebody out into the wilderness. Let them scream all they want. No one will hear hear them and <hes> and killed them. No one else around for for miles and miles and miles Alaska's nine hundred sixty seven population was is only two hundred seventy eight thousand total people to understand Alaska's population proportion to its size imagine Manhattan only having eleven people total on it and most of Alaska's people live in or around Anchorage. The rest of the State so rural anchorage is located in South Central Alaska at the northeastern end of the Cook Inlet Basin a thirty seven thousand square mile area shaped in a horseshoe by Quinton of mountain ranges on the West. The ALEUTIAN range extends one hundred sixty miles to the north to overlap with the Alaska range curves across the top of the basin on the East Ital- Keaton amounts go from the Alaska range to the metronews river valley across the valley. The Chew Gach Range stretches to the South West along the Gulf coast of Alaska to the keanae mountains which buttress the basin from the rough Gulf waters on the south and the tides of Cook Inlet on the North Alaska is a relatively new city came into existence in Nineteen fifteen when President Woodrow Wilson proposed a rail route to connect the interior coalfields of the metronews SCA and the Nana Valleys to the Ice Freeport of seward Alaska Anchorage was the stage area for the project and overnight attend city of two thousand railroad railroad workers and a handful of merchants sprouted Yup and then on July Tenth Nineteen fifteen there was an auction of six hundred and fifty five town site lots and land the land comprising today's Fourth Avenue area of Anchorage City planners tried to keep new community from becoming a den of sin stipulating that the lots are not to be used for the sale of liquor gambling or immoral purposes violation means forfeiture of property however anchorage would still become a rough frontier town full of all kinds of gambling liquor and prostitution ironically. It's tedious area would be that area that the founder of the town tried to keep from being C._D.. By nineteen forty are anchored had doubled in its original population with the arrival of Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base extended sixfold or expanded sixfold all to thirty thousand people by Nineteen fifty making it the largest city in the territory think about that a city of thirty thousand being the largest city in all of Alaska still a territory also Alaska did not become a state until nineteen fifty-nine in one thousand nine hundred sixty four southcentral Alaska hit by the greatest recorded earthquake ever to strike to North American Continent Anchorage shook for five terrifying minutes as the quake reached nine point two. That's a big one on the Richter scale. My my dad lived in Alaska at that time on Kodiak Island where my with my grandpa bill where he was a pentecostal minister and he remembers the quake well. I actually have a memory of feeling a much smaller earthquake in Alaska and I was around five. I remember the floor shaken in our apartment. Some of my mom's knickknacks rattling rattling on a shelf. I remember my mom getting scared. Which of course made me scared? My grandpa bill would later live in Cordova Alaska. I spent a week with him. My Grand Carol there when I was a kid and he showed me a stretch of old highway that have been folded up and busted in that sixty four quake. It was crazy. Just seen <music> asphalt turned into what looked like part of a roller coaster anchored survived this huge quake Alaskans are tough. Ask people and by nineteen sixty seven anchorages one hundred eight thousand people made up thirty nine percent of the state's population and the next fifteen years is number of the city residents would double the Hansons had no trouble finding employment in this booming Anchorage Job Market Hunger for people with trade or degree Robert went to work as a baker and a cake decorator for the Safeway Bakery at nine thousand gamble and and Gloria got a job teaching on government hill life was good for the Hansen's and Alaska. They rented an apartment by Safeway. They soon moved to a better one on Dawson Street. After only year of renting the young couples able to buy a duplex on Sixth Avenue and South Mountain view were they lived in one half of the duplex. Read it out the other. Mrs Hansen became active in the Lutheran Central Church. She and Robert went hiking camping climbing fishing together. Life was way better for Robert and Alaska than it had been in Pocahontas. He and Gloria Korea made a custom T. shirts. They wear that said we love Alaska. Of course they do that but he did. Love Alaska Robert Threw himself into archery and bow hunting joined the Black Sheep Bowman Alaska Archery Association in Nineteen Sixty Nine Hands Hanson got into the Pope and young record book twice shooting a fourth-ranked mountain goat on the key peninsula bringing down to thirty third ranked barren ground Caribou the pope in young club by the way is an organization dedicated to bow hunting which continues today and includes its <unk> own world record book for North American Game In one thousand nine hundred seventy Robert bag the third largest dall sheep ever taken down by a bow and heads of all these animals would line the walls was den and I feel like later if he would've been able to get away with it he would have also added the heads of various women it alongside them dude loved his trophies visual reminders of lives he'd take nineteen seventy-one Robert and Gloria prepare for their arrival of the first child. They sold her duplex at a substantial profit mood few blocks north to a larger house on Thomas Circle and Robert took a job at another bakery and then the Hansons had a baby girl and this girl's name does not seem to exist on the Internet. I get the feeling she doesn't want to be found cannot blame her. Even on genealogy websites on the on the death database find a grave Roberts Roberts Children's names are not listed. Neither is his wife Glorious Name. I'm guessing after he was arrested. Gloria refused interviews changed. Maybe her name probably changed name of her kids and I can't blame her. After the birth of his first child the Hansen's began to go their separate ways no longer going on wilderness outings together as a couple of continue to participate in Church and social functions but their lives do become more and more separate outside of that in the separation will give Robert More and more time to fulfil the darkest of his urges also nineteen seventy-one Robert brought down the biggest install sheep ever taken down by Bo Hansen signed the pope and young fair chase affidavit earn. He swore that no firearm was used Hanson also bagged his second ranked barren ground Caribou year dude love to hunt and he was very good at it but he would never enter his name into the pope in young record book ever again he kept on Dean by the time of the winter of Nineteen seventy-two he changed or seventy one seventy two. He changed his prey to women in the early seventies anchored had an extremely rough tenderloin district for all kinds of ice largely run by Seattle Mafia boss Frank Collar Curio. We centered on Fourth Avenue again. That's what the city began where those lots of and sold back in Nineteen fifteen to be used for anything but this now that's what they're you know being used for young women are flooding into the area and the hopes of making some big money dancing full nude strip clubs that also operated as brothels these clubs had names like Wild Cherry Arctic Fox booby-trap tits and tots tits and toss was Alaska's first Strip club in Preschool Combo where the kids can hang out colored grape juice <unk> grilled cheese sandwiches their MOMS dance naked next door and give only guys Boehner's and of course there is no place called hits and that was just an excuse to throw one mile jokes into the time sick one one real place was the great Alaskan Bush company. Maybe the best name for a strip club ever imagined there was so much Bush the seventies as places actually still in operation although in a different location and I'm guessing with substantially less Bush I may or may not out of spent much time in your website verified that fact began list of Frene. Ah One of the girls currently working at this place as an entertainer goes by the stage name of Paisley clearly a nod to reverend Dr Joe Paisley clearly catering to the microphone hi Christine Demographic Anyway as the population and disposable income skyrocketed anchors during Alaska's big oil boom the bigger strip clubs skimming tens of thousands of dollars each month or more sometimes in cash. This is why the mob Bob got involved. There are a lot of cash money nineteen seventy four construction on the Trans Alaska pipeline would bring a lot of money this district <hes> this pipeline would carry oil roughly eight hundred miles and uproot obeyed top the you know the northern tip of Alaska down to Valdez East east of Anchorage there was an oil boom and with an oil boom comes a lot of blue collar jobs paying a lot of money young dude's making some sweet oil money looking to blow some cash on coke alcohol strippers and prostitutes in the wild party scene of the tenderloin district of Anchorage so lots of prostitutes flow into meet just demand some of these prostitutes would become Hanson's victims and the fact that the often worked from this area made it that much harder for investigators to solve the cases when girls went missing law enforcement had no idea if they just returned wherever they live before Alaska or if something terrible had happened to them also as one might imagine the underbelly of Anchorage was also violent. Please were kept busy with plenty of beatings on robberies firebombs more than a couple of murders between nineteen seventy nine and nineteen ninety-three police responded to two hundred seven disturbances. This is just a booby-trapped club loan in -nother -nother pretty good name. I applaud by booby-trapped in this chaotic world Robert Hanssen found his new pray pray. He figured the police wouldn't spend a lot of time looking for went missing and sadly he was right in angers. Red Light District Robert soon realized he could easily find women who for an offer a hundred dollars cash would go just about anywhere with him but I more legal trouble in November of nineteen. seventy-one Hanson gets arrested for an incident in spent in this Benard neighborhood of Anchorage on November fifteenth eighteen year old Susie Hefford was driving home to relax after work on Monday on Monday afternoon a Northern Lights Boulevard. She stopped at a red light and in the casualties kind of pan of her surroundings is met the the eyes of a man in the car next to hurts she. You just gave little reflex courtesy smile the light changes. She drives home to an apartment she shared with two roommates and it's been hard and then she thought no more about it. Just some random dude. She happened to smile at for like a second random new name Robert Hanssen Robert However thought a lot about it. He followed all her department. After she got home started taking a shower. There was a knock at the door. She answers it. There stands thirty two year old Robert Robert Pretends you've just trying to find somebody else in the apartment complex. Just Oh Casey your phone booker second on the table by the door susie. Let's look I feel like <hes> down must be unlisted. <hes> then he tried to start up a conversation tells you how many was new anchor didn't know any people which to go out with them on a did did did due date. No thanks susie. He says I'm engaged and hand leaves. His casual approach didn't work and he's pissed. She had rejected him just like all. Those girls rejected him in high school. He's GonNa show her now. He decided to try more aggressive approach next week. He decides he's going to have to make her going to have to make are going to have to make kick it. Kick dammit following Monday. Susie leaves your apartment five fifteen a m to drive some friends to work. She dropped him off drive back home. Where Robert is waiting for her in the darkness like the fucking weird creepy is as their cars headlight beam supercross yard when she turns into the driveway suzy the man in an orange cap hurry behind neighboring building she parks her car and the car gets out? Suddenly the man in the orange cap steps steps in front of her points a gun at her face of course Robert he snarled shut up sweetheart or I'll blow your brains out. She instinctively screams Cox revolt revolvers scream again. I'll blow your head off and that's when another Suzy Susan Scott who is in a back bedroom ironing blouse hears her scream outside she hurries into leaving room looked out a window sees a man standing with a roommate in the lighted area at the base of the stairway stairway <hes> she can see this guy's holding a gun. She opens the door and yells. What's going on suzy? Are you alright. When she doesn't reply she closes the door calls? The police roberts nervous now he walks away from suzy and then just wanders off down the street moments later the cops arrive and then moments after that they find him wandering around the neighborhood. Hanson's Hansen's vehicle is located a loaded twenty. Two caliber pistol is found in the driver's seat. Another officer finds these orange cap in the snow they find a three fifty seven magnum revolver nearby the cap revolver some of his hair sent to a crime lab for testing gene suzy positively identified Robert than a grand jury charges Hansen with assault with a deadly weapon. His trial is set for January of Nineteen seventy-two while awaiting trial. He is arrested again this time Hanson is accused of having picked up an eighteen year old prostitute named Barbara Fields outside a bar in downtown Anchorage kidnapping her and then raping her at gunpoint. He's accused of Time Barbara up than driving her eighty miles away to an empty field out on the Kenai peninsula. He made her strip naked fondled handled her for about fifteen minutes like there was on a date together like a consensual date as opposed to her being held against her will then hazard dressed again drives her to a motel called sunrise in takes her to a room ties her to a bed and rapes her then he drives her back to Anchorage told her he would kill her baby told her he would kill her parents if she ever ratted him out to beliefs and then just let her go and then she goes to the police and unfortunately the district attorney ends up having to drop her case when Barbara becomes too scared to testify and fails to appear in Court Superior Court Judge James Fitzgerald and Sentences Hanson to five years for drawing the gun upon the first woman basing this punishment on a psychiatric evaluation that revealed enhancing was still obsessed with revenge he was obsessed with revenge revenge on any woman who reminded him with those girls back in Pocahontas. He wanted to hurt him. He wanted to kill judge. Fitzgerald conceded Hanson was dangerous. However Hanson was still able to get out of jail quickly despite objections from the prosecutor due to another more forgiving psychic are psychiatric psychiatric evaluation? He immediately applied for parole gets out quickly only stayed in jail for three months in jail from March to June in June nineteen seventy two hands and assigned to a halfway house upon his release. He receives psychiatric treatment until November over in December. He's let out of the halfway house on a work for low program in the confession. He gave to investigators later. He stated that the very first night he was free the very first night he goes down Fourth Avenue starts crews in the area watching prostitutes fantasizing about who's going capture one of them again also that December a petite blonde eighteen year old anchorage resident Celia Beth Banton a freshman in Anchorage Community College Goes Missing on December twenty second three days later on Christmas afternoon. Her partially nude frozen body is found in a ravine twenty miles south of Anchorage. Her hands have been tied behind your back. Robert would never confess to her murder but is strongly suspected of having killed her a map would be found after his eventual serial killing arrest with with little asterix as little XS on the map. Many of those will be revealed to be the location of known Hanson Murder Victims and there was an ex worse <unk> where Celia his body was found all this is going on Robert's still happily married his wife Gloria stays with him despite the recent very strong kidnapping rape allegation despite the recent conviction for assault which was obviously a rape attempt. Do not do that anyone if your man gets arrested for attempted rape and then because a witness doesn't show up in another incident of obvious rape pick up your shit start a new life do that right away wishing somebody will change and become better is not going to make them better when people go that dark. No part of me believes they'll ever really be good again. I feel like they've gone past the point of no return. It'd be hard to start over but at least you won't be live with a rapist who will almost certainly rape again and again and again you'll be giving a cover story to rape is that they can use in court to get reduced. Charges Reduced Sentencing just always a good family guy <hes> he won't do it again. I mean that Kinda stuff happens all the time. Despite newspaper coverage of the recent charges against Robert the conviction rape accusation there was a preliminary trial for the rape allegation. Robert doesn't seem to suffer much of a status drop in the Anchorage Community Either Co Worker Erman night would later recall all we took it with a grain of salt because Bob was a hard worker the best cake decorator and he had a little girl so we figured he had a good marriage what you took his conviction and other near conviction with a grain of salt a fucking stupid like like it's so strange how we meet sacks can rationalize things sure I read about the kidnapping rape charges. Yeah I news arrest of pulling a gun on that other eighteen year old girl but I also knew the guy decorate cakes like nobody's business so so good really tasty. How can you decorate cakes so so well and be married and have a kid and go around kidnapping Arabian you can't you just you just can't do it? I would love to see that type of logic used to defend somebody. In court your honor we all know my client has been charged with multiple rapes and murders and if there are witnesses and a ton of forensic evidence and even the signed confession even looks pretty rapi with this comb over and it's thin mustache and t shirt says spread those legs will kill you but your honor please check out this week. I mean really look at it. Look at the detail. It's the leaning Tower of Pisa and German chocolate form each section. Has the Boston cream filling layer inside tasted frosting looks like Italian marble tastes delicious chocolate. Do you honestly think the rapi serial killer could make a cake that delicious ambulance it is impossible your honor I mean this. This was a cake of an lady with her tits. Cut Off then yeah three minute sell. If it tasted like mold you'll gym sock that someone severe case Athlete's foot war someone who you know <hes> just like to walk around barefoot on a floor of just nothing but dog shit and calm before eventually putting a sock back then yeah senator death row. This cake is delicious art so please let my cake maker go the summer nineteen seventy-three hand in all likelihood kills again after his wife and daughter had backed Minnesota's spend the summer with his wife's parents while glorious chilling in Atlanta Ten thousand lakes on July seventh nineteen seventy-three a seventeen year old girl named Megan Emmerick disappears from Anchorage hands would never confess to her murder but he is still considered the prime suspect in her murder then in late nineteen seventy-three hands and has an encounter with a seward police with these police while still on parole for assault they find a stolen boat motor and it stolen depth finder with the serial numbers filed off aboard the Christie. 'em about that handout hands it contended he bother stolen goods through private sales but lost receipts and then he passes a lie detector tests and he's not charged consequently with no record a bad behavior or misconduct during his general furlough he's paroled in December of nineteen seventy-three then nineteen seventy-four hands chance in all likelihood rapes a sixteen year old girl in Anchorage but that crime is not reported thirty five years old still getting back those Pocahontas high school girls ten years after this assault this victim would tell her story to Sheila Toomey who is writing the series of articles about the hidden victims of violent crimes in the Anchorage Daily News in the June Twelfth Nineteen eighty-four story. This victim was given the pseudonym Leila Leila's said on a brisk September night. She was walking home to Gamble Street after a party as she across the street Hanson waiting in a parked car rolled down his window asked if she wanted to ride though she didn't usually hitchhike this man was soft spoken and polite. He didn't seem threatening she accepted Leila told to me he sort of looked like the perfect dork. I thought he was a dud at her house. Robert Hanssen wouldn't let her out of the car pulled a gun when she tried to resist as they drove away leader remember enhancing getting very talkative asking about her boyfriend. Did you sleep with him. How many boys did you slept with? She said I had the feeling he'd done this kind the thing before Hanson made her take off everything except her blouse and then he forced her to perform oral sex on him while he held a gun to her head next and this is so strange he made her flash. A passing motorist guy just loves flirt with getting caught lesbian reckless something Ding hands and did this to further humiliate her. He'd been humiliated so now he's making this pretty girl humiliate herself after after several hours of sexually assaulting young Lee Hansen drove around trying to find as he told her another girl to make us do things creepy <hes>. He didn't find anyone that he drove around. He didn't find anyone then he drove around aimlessly for a long while Leela said I thought he was trying to decide what to do with me next and then he did something else super odd in very unexpected Robert Handily the gun and said okay now. You can do whatever you want with me or you can order me to drive you to the police station. What the fuck I mean? Did he want her to kill him head to go to my hand. Leader told to me I could have shot that bastard but I thought it was a trap that the gun wasn't loaded and I think that's <hes> probably true that that's what I would have thought these tricking her you know or is this further humiliation. Did he want her to find out that the gun wasn't loaded. He wanted to know the he just done when he done to her. Even though she could have ran away when he hit I pointed that unloaded gun on at her and then Hanson let her go threatening. If you go to the police I'll hunt you down. The terrifyingly responded. Just let me live. I'll never tell and then she didn't tell for many many years didn't tell until he was arrested on July Fifth Nineteen Seventy Five twenty-three-year-old any three year old. Mary Kay Mary Kay Phil Disappears from Stewart. Anchorage seward Alaska Excuse Me Seward is one hundred twenty six miles south of Anchorage. Another suspected Hanssen victim fills husband was away from home when she disappeared working at prudhoe the new oilfield filled in the North Slope Finding out his wife was missing. He returned home. Put out a thousand dollar reward for any information as to Mary's whereabouts appearance it went unclaimed hands and later admitted he was in seward. The Day Phil disappeared but denied involvement in her case nevertheless nevertheless the police do believe she was one of his victims. Also in nineteen seventy five another prostitute complained about Hanssen to a rape crisis center and then the center reported the assault to the police but Hanson was lucky again because this victim also refused to cooperate with law enforcement she didn't want to testify was a schoolteacher who had traveled to Alaska to work at a strip club to make extra cash that summer and she didn't want the publicity of rape trial she claimed Hansen drove into the foothills of the Chew Gach State Parks Chew Gach State Park work is fucking Alaska rapier gunpoint and then let her go Hanson wasn't charge even though the officer the time. We're convinced he was guilty. They just didn't have enough case also nineteen seventy five as a teamster Robert Hanssen took a second job as a laborer on the loading doc Alaska cold storage and the Hansons had another baby this time a son whose name also appears to have been hidden and there were also saving to buy a larger home due to crushing it build this family making tons of money killing a rape and whoever he wants to rape despite doing well financially Robert already steel stealing a lot of things as well Robert KLEPTOMANIAC will get him <hes> back in court here real soon and July seventy six Robert and Gloria pretty thirty seven thousand dollars down payment on an eighty eight thousand dollar house on Old Harbor Avenue in Muldoon Hansen's since parents come to visit in September Cedar sons new home how proud they must have been to the raping murdering Little Fire Starter and then Robert went back to prison for of all things stealing a chainsaw from Fred Myers plot twists did not see that coming. I mean can't get a rape charge. Stick on the sick fuck. We also ends up in prison for five years for stealing a chainsaw Robert would later say when he shoplifted he'd come close to ejaculate in his pants said it gave him the same sexual satisfaction that he got with a prostitute. Just Oh shit look at this sets a sexiest to to to to chainsaw. I didn't even have to pay for it. Makes me. Sahar makes me Suha make you can get it before going over the details of his chainsaw theft conviction one final sponsor time sick is brought to you by the great courses plus sometimes meat a break from the constant news cycle. Sometimes we need break from constant darkness. I talk about the great courses. 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Security Guard Jesse G SMITH WATCHED THE SHOPPER ACT suspiciously in the sporting good section at the chainsaw display the man's pockmarked face turn one way then the other the exam to saw it appeared to Smith that the fellow was looking to see if anybody was watching him Smith watched Hanson take a chainsaw through closed checkout lane and out of the store he pursued apprehended Robert Hands in eighty yards from the entrance then a week later Hanson's indited for Felony Larceny in a building the district attorney could prosecute the offense as a shoplifting misdemeanor but chose a felony charge because of Hanson's previous convictions at his arraignment Hanson pled not guilty released on five hundred dollars bail Hanson took immediate steps to prepare for a defense <hes> went to see psychologist Dr Alan Parker the same man who examined him when he'd been charged with assault back in seventy two parker's evaluation back in seventy two would help him get out of jail early Parker's findings and he's now would not help his case after administer administering a series of tests Parker wrote the following evaluation emotional and personality testing indicates a markedly disturbed man who was somewhat antisocial paranoid by nature and with a relatively weak ego there are indications of severe heterosexual conflict both with a desire for women and a fear that he will not be able to relate to them he is capable of acting out impulses and he's aware of many of the impulses within in his personality. He has a great deal of free floating anxiety since Parker had also done the analysis of handsome back in seventy two he was able to now conduct a longitudinal analysis of Hanson and he wrote the re-testing indicates the presence of disintegration of personality to a highly potential psychotic level or high schizophrenic scale high manic scale and high antisocial scale. There's some narcissism and magical thinking involved in this also also disintegration of personality to a highly potential psychotic level. I'm not a psychiatrist but that sounds really really bad like I don't think you can feel good about somebody getting that diagnosis just good news. Everybody Dad's GonNa be fine turned out. He's not clinically depressed. He is just he's okay. He's totally psychologically healthy other than suffering from a disintegration of his personality to a highly potential psychotic level on January nineteenth nineteen seventy seven before for Judge James K singleton handsome pleads guilty to theft of the chainsaw and then the judge chooses to wait to sentence Hanson deciding to wait on the results of additional psychological tests on March twenty second nineteen seventy seven another psychiatrist Dr after McMahon testified he diagnosed hands in his suffering from bipolar affective disorder a variant of a manic depressive disorder. The doctor Distinguished Roberts affliction from the classic Manic Depressive Pattern by the absence of any serious depressive episodes Hansen's impulses he said were poorly controlled during his mood and energy upswings in which he would develop an abnormal preoccupation with a single activity Dr McMenamin said his KLEPTOMANIAC was a manifestation of his monomania and his determination as a trophy hundred was socially acceptable example of his model manic behavior where he'd be looking to do things no one else had done in order to consume energy McMahon also said that after his third session with Hansen mcmanamon I keep flow Novas mcmanamon also said that after his third session was Hanson it was evident to him that Roberts Antisocial urges were escalating so he prescribed thorazine to put an immediate check on those impulses mcmanamon described thorazine as a tranquilizer and then the doctor switched Robert Lithium stating allowed him to function normally while learning how to control his antisocial behavior. If only that would have been true judge singleton sentence Hanson to five years in prison but then just two days after after sentencing Hanson's attorney you filed a notice of appeal and his appeal his appeal would be successful on August Eleventh Nineteen seventy-eight Supreme Court of Alaska deciding to be lenient with Robert ruled the record before us reveals a man suffering from clearly diagnosed mental illness that until recently offered little hope of recovery Hanson psychiatrist prescribed a course of drug treatment and therapy and reported to the sentencing court that Hanson had been cooperative and had a positive attitude toward the treatment the court expressed optimism optimism about the treatment Dr McMahon was giving his patient and considering Hanson stable home and work environment their decision concluded that he'd be put on probation for the remainder is five year sentence and released from confinement immediately and then just a few weeks after his release. He's from prison Robert Hanssen murdered a woman at summit lake on the Keanae Peninsula. She was the first of at least seventeen women he would kill between the fall of seventy eight is to rest nine hundred eighty three just cut God damn it Robert had initially sentenced to five years. He served only one also in nineteen seventy Hanson applied for pilot's license on his application. He said he was taking lithium. A drug use you control bipolar disorder. He was denied a license because of this so then he's took the test again just found. fault filed a new application saying that he was on with him and he got his pilot's license so wheat there would only be one more legal complaint filed against hand from this time until he was eventually tracked down for multiple murders the loan complaint was filed by yet another prostitute she claimed that he he held her hostage in his camper in anchorage and she'd become convinced hanson was going to rape and kill her nude and desperate she broke a window in the trailer got out ran down the street screamed as she went to police got involved but again nothing came from the case no physical evidence and it came down to the word of a kind of somehow so respect to business against out of a prostitute we'll talk about that a little bit more detail in a bit later in the timeline in nineteen seventy nine robert hanssen finds another woman he wants to hurt on october fourteenth christie hayes was dancing at the embers a club in downtown anchorage she had just gotten laid off from tin tots she was luckily able to be rehired at embers <hes> she did a table dance for fellow who's sitting by himself nursing a beer he flashed a role of money in with a stutter asked if they can meet later i'll be off in twenty minutes she told him he said good we'll meet outside look for gold camper actually probably more like they said look for the gold camper <hes> later after he got into the back of the camper <hes> agreed to perform oral sex hanson pulled a gun on her he forces her to strip that he bouncer or binder with some snare wire fearing for her life she begins to scream then when hanson threats don't shut her up she becomes more hysterical worried that someone would hear her screams call the police hanson jumps out of the aca the camper into the cab drive out of the wilderness as he maneuvers the pickup to the streets of anchorage to get the glenn highway christie manages to squirm out of her bonds now besides screaming she's pounding on the camper walls hanson slammed on the brakes causing this poor woman woman to just you know fall forward and bash your head against the wall hens and then gets out runs around to the back of the camper we can't get in because christie's locked camper door i am loving christy she's a fighter christie then crawls deciding glass window beside the between camper and the cab lock the cab doors as well unfortunately driver's window israel partway down hands and sticks his arm through to pull up the lock as fast as she can christie than cranks the window up trapping roberts arm really loving i'm kristie fight chrissy fight hail christie in enrage hansen freezes are by breaking the window then he yanks naked christie out of the cab throws her on the ground so <hes> so shipped over right it's all it's all done now ron christie motherfucking hayes not done after getting thrown naked to the ground haze bounces back up to her feet run down the street and despite being barefoot spike in her head bashed into the camper hanson cannot catch her he chases her gives up after a couple blocks runs back to his camper throws christie's closed on the ground drives off naked with the badly bruised face christie hayes keeps running screaming for help eventually find someone to help her and reports the assault to the police unfortunately not able to identify her assailant from mugshots provided to to her but she gets away she lives no word on what christie hayes do with the rest of her life i like to imagine that she stopped working this strip club walked away from prostitution became a really successful martial arts instructor who specialize in teaching women how to defend themselves from attackers hailu safina believe that we don't know it's true but we also don't know it's not true that same month in october of seventy nine hands and picked up a sixteen year old girl outside the fourth avenue movie theater drove around in the wilderness with the intention to raipur but when his captive told him she was homeless and hadn't eaten for two days he let her go without assaulting her case he decided she wasn't like the girls who mocked him rare moment of humanity for hanson he actually took pity on somebody took pity on a sixteen eighteen year old girl he initially totally wanted to rape then i ended up doing i guess i don't know kind of a good thing later that fall however things turned out differently hanson cut a deal for sex with young woman who would be <hes> come to be known as recalled the exclude any thought to have come from anchorage from kodiak island or come to anchorage from kodiak she was wearing blue jeans sweater brown leather jacket high heeled red catholics zip up boots when she got into his gold camper hands it would later recall i can't remember she was a prostitute or a dancer i picked her up downtown told her i was gonna take her to my home i was heading up e clinton road nurse several offshoot roads there when it became obvious to the woman that hansen wasn't driving her to his home as he said he would she told told him she wanted to go back and then he told her we're going a little further and she said well i'm not and he pulled out a gun pointed at her and said yes you are you will do exactly what i say and you won't get hurt continuing north on glenn highway towards connect river he turned into clinton road heading east towards e clinton lake full range combined with the summer runoff from me clinton glazier to make the lakes streams and water levels berry high many of the capillary roads and trails off the main road contained water hazards the one robert turned onto did and it quickly became a muddy swamp and got stuck robert had used as winch to try and get his vehicle free while he was working on that too when he kidnaps started try and sneak off into the woods he held her to stay put and then she started running he ran after unfortunately she wasn't business fast as christie hayes and he caught her and grabbed her by her hair then she reached into her purse pulled out a big black handled buck knife <hes> buck knives made right here northern idaho by about ten miles from suck dungeon post falls only own if you myself very good knives she swung her buck knife toward hanson unfortunately he was able to block it block the blow grab the hand that held the knife that he tripped her to the ground she pleaded don't kill me and then while she was on the ground face down he plunges the knife into her back and he does kill her eh he buries her in a quickly dug shallow grave in june of nineteen eighty roxanne easily to twenty four year old woman disappears from anchorage another hanson victim twenty-three-year-old joe joanne messina goes missing from stored in july despite the butcher baker murders seven years earlier beginning to nineteen seventy-three when when hanson's finally caught he initially claims that joanna messina is his first victim side note about joanna joanna was forever known to troopers as the bear lady this was because when an investigator named john lucky and found her dead body at her hastily are hastily dug grave site he also found a very alive black bear walter j gilmore author of butcher baker the true count of an alaskan serial killer and the director of trooper academy in sitka wrote this of the incident if you've ever been the object of a two hundred pound black bears attention especially one intent on protecting its food source you know that these beasts can be troublesome while some people believe black bears there's are less dangerous than grizzlies that's not true and alaska and even less true if they're feeding as lucky and his fellow investigators stared down the possibility of becoming another link in the food chain they determined they had better scare the bear away scare tactics didn't work and the bear became yet more menacing and protective of its food they couldn't let the bear destroyed their evidence so the only logical course of action to take was to destroy the bear black bear is a protected species in alaska so to kill one is tantamount almost almost a homicide the wildlife in alaska moreover have some pretty zealous protectors in the form of fish and wildlife police also somewhat derisively known as fish cops although it was quickly evident wants to bear had been taking care of that we had a homicide on our hands the hue you and cry that was raised focused almost exclusively unluckiest destruction of this bear needless to say that element of the case became an unwanted distraction a such an alaskan detail homicide in vectors having to deal with a bear we're on a crime scene investigator having to deal with people losing their shit over bear being killed people worried more about the bear than the woman that also feels very alaskan to me it will be another two years before the troopers got a break and join us homicide one thousand nine hundred handsome really began to ramp up <hes> killing of anchorage area prostitutes is m._o. would be pretty consistent after paying for their services he would kidnap and rape them that he'd fly them out to a hunting cabin he'd bought in the connec river valley in his airplane he would then release victim into the woods to stalk and kill them with either a hunting knife or a two twenty three caliber ruger mini fourteen a semiautomatic weapon similar in appearance to the military m._16. and while the body count continue any rise it was hard for investigators to link all these deaths to one killer prostitutes were disappearing from anchorage all the time not just because they were being killed you know as i said earlier to do the due to the transient nature of many of the people passing through anchorage at this point in time people people pop it in to make quick cash and then go back to where they lived it wasn't easy to determine why someone would suddenly disappear also complicating the investigation hanson's rape and murder tactics generally left very little evidence in one case in nineteen eighty he allegedly shot the dog of woman he'd murdered to make sure the dog would lead anyone to her shallow grave and the fall of eighty more young women continue to disappear on september six nineteen eighty lisa for travel a forty one year old white female is lasting in anchorage her death s. will later be traced to hanson in january of nineteen eighty-one robert opens a new bakery at night and ingram in anchorage no reason to let constant killin getting away your bakery career so fucking weird to me murder rape and donuts who knew they can go together this has been such a strange episode of research keep finding myself both disgusted and also kind of hungry for doughnuts keep thinking we're shell like i wonder if he did make a really good donut what a weird thing if you're a detector trying to solve this these murders but also detective who really really loves hanson's donuts you know what if you made by far the best donuts in all of alaska and then you catch him and you wanna celebrate by grabbing a dozen fresh donuts from god damn it can you make a few more fresh i don't us prison robert the money to open his new bakery by using a thirteen thousand dollar cash settlement he received from a false insurance claim he'd made bob and claimed at his home was robbed at thieves stole his hunting trophies allegedly after missing hunting trophies were then and found his backyard he said he just forgot to report through covering i wanna try to do that i wanna go hide my truck somewhere report is being stolen get the insurance money and then he's go pick up my truck again just driving around and then if i get caught just i forgot chow augustan it that's right i did get the insurance money to buy neutral i totally forgot about that the hey listen can we just not worry about it and the hey what about this next time somebody does steal his truck then you don't even have to pay me even even steven maybe nine hundred eighty one great ear for bob hanson still happily married gloria despite all of his past legal problems has two healthy kids new bakery businesses prospering he is considered a successful and respected member of the anchorage community does anyone think that life is still fair after after hearing a story like this can you possibly think that life has any fairness to it or the karma is real also ninety one two more women disappear after robert rapes and murders them twenty two year old andrea ulterior and twenty-three-year-old three year old sherry morrow sherry morrow we'd been a dancer and anchorage three years from club club the wild cherry would be her last booking friends described the 5-foot-6 blonde is a pretty girl quiet and shy her roommate saw her as a lonely troubled twenty three year old who just wanted to meet the right guy and get married i kept telling her there were only jerks coming into the club's roommate said sherry was gullible easily talked into anything when sherry was last seen leaving a friend's house around noon on november seventeenth choose wearing jeans baby baby blue ski jacket param boots arrowhead necklace wire rim glasses that framed or blue eyes she was going to alice's to ten cafe to meet some supposed- photographer she'd met who's gonna pay her three hundred dollar for posing nude some photographer who smelled i like doughnuts shortly after meetings intended victim at the cafe robert hanssen blindfolded mara with ace bandages and while she knelt handcuffed and helpless on the floorboard of the front seat of his brown subaru he drove her to the connect river he eventually turn left on glenn highway following winding road past cultivated potato fields and then drove through some brush flats onto a sandbar along the riverbed henson then let sherry out of the car but before he could get the handcuffs offer she freaked out started kicking started screaming creaming deciding to let her cool off hanson just walked away took her to twenty three caliber many fourteen <hes> walked over sat down by a tree and just let her scream eventually she ran towards hanson hanson later say he would just sitting there on his ass while she stood above him kicking him screaming and then he said i just pointed the mini fourteen up towards her and pull the trigger just loves the toy with victims hansen with bruises on his legs from being kicked by sherry then took a fold up spade that was part of his murder kit now dug shallow grave and the silt and the sand rolling maros body into the whole he removed her arrowhead necklace for souvenir love taking little reminders little trophies off his victims before he covered over the corporate he bend down pick up the span to twenty-three shell-casing toss it into the grave then he walked back to his car fondling her necklace two weeks later he'd collect another trophy on the morning of december second andrew ulterior left her apartment to meet some older man she just met for a shopping spree boniface mall oh some due to smell like doughnuts andrea who stays aim was enchantment dance at the bush company she hadn't felt suspicious about this older man probably because you know <hes> sometimes wealthy guys like this would just take her out and buy stuff she put on jeans red sweater gold chain with a fish charm <unk> pearl ring black leather jacket she gave a roommate another dancer who went by the state team of magic see you later hug than andrew took a cab to the boniface mall in disappeared and then robert did to her what he'd done to so many other girls by this point alterior ended up handcuffed and blindfolded hansen drove to connect river area turning onto a service road <hes> off the palmer highway he headed for an isolated spot by the river railroad bridge told her he'd raped a woman there the week before and according to hansen and everything had gone fine let her go side note robert did continue to let an untold number of victims go he drive women to these remote places rape them repeatedly and then oftentimes if you decided they were good girls who had done what he told them i'm good girls who hadn't made fun him reminded him of those minerals back in iowa he drives him to anchorage chatting them up in a friendly manner like like he hadn't just tied them up and raped them and then he just let him go still in the car hanson fondled theories breasts for awhile well again like they were on some kind of consensual date because he's fucking crazy then he held a twenty two browning automatic pistol tour head very unlike forced her to perform oral sex as definitely part of his big pattern gun to the head forced oral sex soon andrew told she'd go to the bathroom the out of the car robert ladies gone the hood andrew walked off ways you're the bathroom robert did the same unzipping his pants starting to urinate suddenly hanson her annoys pivoted to see andrew running back reaching for the pistol she managed to get her hand on the butt of the revolver beforehand and got a hold to her so close she came so close rubber grabbed the gun by the barrel twisted out of her hand through it back on the hood andrew started quantity acne scarred face of robert he snatched the gun off the car and shot her and enhancing got a canvas duffle bag folding shovel out of his car are filled with gravel from the railroad bed after lugging the bag out to the middle of the railroad trestle he went back failed series body he tied the duffel to the dead woman's neck pushed it and the body off the bridge and into the river then he walked back to his car fondly in the pearl ring and fish charm necklace he'd taken from her body due to a booming bakery business in january of nineteen eighty two robert was able to buy himself a new plane a piper super cub this will be the plane he would use for transporting the rest of his victims to he's remote cabin on the river as modus operandi would now be picking up a woman along fourth avenue binding her hands at gun point then flying her to the river where he would raper and then decided he was going to flyer back and let her go or shoot her the river was his favourite kill location was still close to town yet remote enough that he could haunt the women without anyone around to hear their screams for help it was also a place with hundreds of sandbars easy for him to land his plane place to collect more trophies his dan was loaded with dead animal heads from those hunts while his basement was accruing more and more trophies from his human hunts thank god he kept these trophies destroys would soon help investigators finally convict him on may twenty six ninety two another of hanson's victims to luna twenty-three last year in anchorage her case similar to sherry mario's cement hanson good time strip club like sherry morrow sue had agreed to meet hanson alison to ten club although luna was not offered money for nude photos she was paid or told you are going to be paid three hundred dollars for an hour of sex soo's roommate roommate eventually reported that luna did not appear for work on may twenty six that she had not been seen since and then sue sits reported her missing finally anchored city police and then alaskan state police began to accept that many of the city's dancers weren't just heading back to wherever they normally lived somebody was killing them the police realize it since nineteen eighty six dancers d- had disappeared completely from fourth avenue clubs dancers who had told no one there were leaving town an anchorage police quietly formed what they called a dancer task force to look into the disappearances then on september twelfth nineteen eighty two two off-duty police officers were hunting and found his shallow grave on the banks of the river apostle break in his new case according to the book butcher baker the two men had little luck hunting seen as darkness began to fall they decided to call it a day these guys were cutting across a wide sandbar when they noticed a boot sticking out of the sand upon closer inspection they saw sticking out of the sand <hes> it was actually partially decomposed bone joint once wants their minds register what they were looking at both men backed up from the scene the last thing they wanted to do was disturbed contaminate so any evidence after making noted location both men made their way out of the gorge back to their camp back to anchorage sergeant raleigh port had been assigned to cover this investigation instigation a decorated vietnam veteran port was considered one of the top investigators on the force he was meticulous with every crime scene known to spend hours going over the smallest areas before disturbing the body port had photographs taken from every angle carefully examine the body itself trace evidence before having a bagged afterwards he pulled out a large screen to begin sifting through the sand around the body took several hours for him to finish fifteen but in the end it totally paid off lying on the screen before him was a single shell casing from twenty two or to to to twenty three caliber bullet port was familiar with this type of ammo knew that i was using high-powered rifles like m._16.'s many fourteens a._r. fifteen s back in anchorage are preliminary autopsy revealed that the victim was female of undetermined age had been dead for six months the cause of death was three gunshot wounds from the two twenty three caliber bullets ace bandages found mingled in with the remains causing affected investigators suspect as victim blindfold at the time of death breath took a little over two weeks finally identified the body she was of course sherry morrow who had been reported missing a year earlier marlin shot in the back three times the cartridges found near the body suggested she had been shot with a twenty two twenty three ruger mini fourteen hunting any rifle strange elements of all the body was found fully closed there were no bullet holes into clothing leading investigators to believe that sherry banenky when shot then redressed after death angered felise also knew by now that sherry marles murder was not an isolated it incident however they didn't want to spread fear they want tip off the killer by going public so when discussing marles murder with the anchorage daily news investigators said they doubted it was related to the disappearance of at least three other women since one thousand nine hundred they said we don't believe we have a mass murderer out thera- some psycho knocking off girls privately the absolutely believed this you know they would be right alaska state trooper sergeant lyle hogson was now assigned to determine whether or not sherry marles murder was an isolated incident one one theory hubris he pursued killer going back and forth between fairbanks and anchorage another investigator lieutenant patrick cosmic later explained this theory saying at the time the dancers were disappeared in anchorage evidently to meet the same fate sherry morrow other women were being killed in fairbanks it was natural take a look at those cases to see if there was any connection the attempt to establish a link between the fairbanks and anchorage serial murders was both extensive and expensive with our investigation relying on some of the most sophisticated computer your systems available to time in the fairbanks serial murders the killer tied the victim's hands behind their backs and we thought that was a key similarity to the anchorage murders a high caliber weapon also used and the fairbanks killer blue the women's heads off in attempt to destroy their faces the bodies will close to the road moreover with no effort to hide them the f._b._i. psychiatrists told us there was something ritualistic about the killings but no apparent connection between the serial murders in fairbanks and anchorage the is also told us no. There was no concrete link between the killings in the two cities. Even the autopsy results pointed in different directions in nineteen eighty. Two Surveys Tiller was identified. His name was Thomas Richard Monday. Monday was suspected suspected of killing six women but never arrested on the day his arrest warrant was issued. He drove his motorcycle into oncoming traffic and killed himself. No one from the other vehicle was seriously injured and he saved the taxpayers a lot of money by doing that so thanks for you did at least one kind of good thing. <hes> you know kind of good thing before you die. I guess there's just thanks Thomas. Thanks Thomas Richard Bundy weird similarity to Bundy after realizing anchorage and fairbanks murders were not connected investigators reduced their area of Invest Investigative Focus to just anchorage and the surrounding towns but they still didn't have a decent suspect then on April twenty fifth nineteen ninety-three Hansen struck again killing paula golden a seventeen year old girl then finally Hanson would slip up investigators would realize they've that found their man on June thirteenth Nineteen ninety-three nineteen year old anchorage frostitutes Cindy Paulson was on in Anchorage Street corner which was approached by Hanson when she agreed on a price with him he asked for oral sex she got into truck while she was going down in him she looked up and saw the barrel of a three fifty seven magnum looking back down on her and then Robert produced a pair of handcuffs from underneath his seat and snapped him onto sandy's wrists Hanson would brag later he had gotten good at the process of handcuffing them at gunpoint. He had way too much practice then he drove to his actual home. Get more reckless now. Maybe part of him wants to get COT. Maybe just getting cocky thinks he can take these girls who his actual house and still get away with it. He forces Cindy inside drags her down to the basement. Excuse me once down there. She saw all those those trophy mounts on the walls. Robertson handcuff cindy naked to a pillar in the center of the room where she was repeatedly raped sodomized for hours casually took a nap after five hours and Hans Basement Cindy had to relieve herself Behan was asleep warned not to wake came up should appear on a towel Robert finally woke up. He made Cindy get dressed. Then Rehan cover drove her to the Merrill Field Airport or he pulled up alongside his small blue and white aircraft on the way there Robert told her there were gonna fly to his cabin and the Alaska Wilderness told her he'd taken lots of girls up there quote for fun Cindy saw her chance to escape as they arrived at the plane one hundred got out she pushed through the driver's door ran towards the lights of Fifth Avenue as she ran she could she could hear Hanson shouting. Stop you bitch. Stop Opera. Kill you or more likely sis to stop you Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo bit stop. I'll cook could kick off took a kill. I'll kick a guy sending never looked back. As he reached the road she saw truck's headlights approaching her wave down still in handcuffs the driver thirty six year old Robin Yount slammed on his brakes any jump back into the truck screaming. He's going to kill me yount sped off with <hes> with her in the truck as instructed by Cindy he took her to the Mush Inn Motel spice founded by some relative of mine <hes> I I would open the most mouth the most mouth motel next when he got there cindy demanded to be allowed to out yount drove on to where he worked and then immediately called police Sergeant Glen Floaty said of Yount hadn't called the police Cindy would have not reported it yount through phone. Call put Hanson back into police scrutiny need more good citizens can't do it alone. Good good job you out next to the former brewers baseball Masher Robin Yount. You're my favorite yount Robert Yount second favourite down to Robin Yount Officer Greg Baker. The Anchorage Police Department called Room One ten of the Big Timber Motel Hotel. When he entered the room he came upon a deeply agitated Cindy Paulson her hands still secured in front her with hand? Gus should a single demand. Get these handcuffs off my wrist he did then he took me to a hospital to have a sexual sexual assault exam completed on her the examination revealed vaginal bruising the shackle marks around her neck and wrist corroborate her corroborated her story of being abducted. She was taken to Anchorage Police Headquarters to be interviewed. Cindy managed to give police detailed descriptions of Robert's house his car his plane his looks. I didn't take the police long to find him. When police interrogated Robert he told him he was going to take out for a nice romantic? We can get away. He said he was shocked that she wanted to escape this lunatic said and I'm reading this verbatim. I'm not adding stutters. This time. These that I'm reading are actually written in. He said I told her you know I was GonNa take her out. I wanted I wanted to since I told you the truth. I was going to take her out and we was going to spend the weekend together but I I couldn't fly at this time because is it was dark and you can't fly the airplane in the dark. That was the reason for waiting <hes> then I waited until that <hes> I could see out that it was beginning to get light so as I could. I went and got her and I put her in my car and I drove out to the airport. I drove her up to the <hes> to my airplane and I got out and started to put the seat of my airplane into when I got putting that seat in the airplane she she got out of the airplane ran around into the hanger there Polar Airways and a left that I left and drove to my home <hes> then she says pause I went in. I drove back back to my home. I mock this guy that is kind kind of how he spoke reminds me Evil Evil Elmer foot. I kept thinking that during the research I hope you can help me Mr game warden. I've been told her because she web. It's Mongooses. Pigeons dirty skunks ducks. You tell tell me what what season it we. We is killed a Web. It's killed its overall Hanson cooperative polite not demonstrate any characteristics it suggested guilt although strangely calm for someone else falsely falsely accused of what he was accused of hand gave a detailed account of his movements claiming that his wife and family were away in Europe and that he had been with two friends John Summerall and John Henning at the time he was accused of raping Cindy both men when interviewed did back up his story hands and readily agreed to police searched his house car and airplane signed waivers agree and all that stuff Hanson had begged those guys by the way to back him up telling them the process who has mad at him over previous money disagreement with try now to <hes> falsely incriminate him and destroy Roy him he guilt trip these guys into giving him an alibi talking about they didn't his wife and kids would have their lives ruined. When police searched his house it became clear from Cindy's detailed description that she had been there and that she had also been in the car however once again it came down to this he said she said the word of a respected local businessman this time with an alibi against that of a prostitute with a police record and then upset that the police just didn't believe her over Hanson Cyndi refused to take a lie detector and and that convinced William Dennis to close the case however another officer Greg Baker the policeman who taken these complaint did still believer thank God and he kept thinking she was telling the truth keeping Hanson in mind as more women went missing waiting to catch him around this time anchorage investigators received an F._B._i.? Profile on the man killing these prostitutes the profile said that the killer would be inexperienced hunter with low self esteem have a history of being rejected by women and would feel compelled to keep souvenirs souvenirs of his murderers such victims jewelry or even body parts the profile also said that the man would likely be in his forties and likely married toolman WHO's deeply religious oblivious to his crimes. Obviously Hanson fits this profile perfectly on September second ninety three three months after the rape and kidnap Cindy Paulson a third grade found on the banks of the river the victim identified as another of the missing topless dancers this time seventeen year old polly Goldie Paul had been murdered in the exact exact same way as Sherry Morrow also been redressed after death officer Greg Baker still convince Hanson is the man looked into Hansen's background now and personal life back in the days before Internet databases made this easy Hanson eventually found the paperwork. We're GONNA handsome revealing his prior convictions prior charges against him and then the butcher Baker case set illegal president in nineteen ninety-three when psychological profile and was used as the main basis for issuing search warrants on Hanson's property a report detailing Greg Baker suspicion a copy of Hanson's criminal record or sent to Sergeant Glen Floaty of the Alaskan State troopers who is heading the topless dancers taskforce floaty agreed that Hanson should be considered a suspect and he began his own investigation to Hansen's background the more he learned the more he became convinced he'd found his killer and float he decided to reopen the Cindy Paulson case in an attempt to obtain evidence against Hanson Sergeant floaty putting a Shitload of work determining hands and had to be the guy you're the muscle inside his skull schoolwork and overtime for weeks and weeks dude investigators computer now could do in a few minutes floaty conducted a systematic review of the state's missing persons data slowly and methodically he developed a matrix of possible serial murder victims one that included pictures of the women in their files the dates they were last seen anything else you could come up with Elvis fit. It went on this list classic old school detective work now that we watched and so many true crime movies love it floated would later state it was tedious work sorting through their <unk>. They're disrupted lives. There were women who had followed abusive lovers and presumably left town for good leaving nothing but a few darkened one minute photos behind there were teenage runaways some missing one night found the next many more cast has to drift to become who knows what from this traffic tragic assemblage floaty was able to compile eight similar cases what floaty was looking for was a pattern and he found it with one exception. The victims were in their twenties. They range in height from five five foot four to five foot seven way between one hundred twenty one hundred and twenty five pounds where slim and usually busty whoever was kidnapping and or killing his young women had a definite type and when Cindy Paulson's file came across his desk floaty immediately really saw she fit this type floaty reinterviewed Hanson's friends henning and some all about Hanson's alibi informed them that he was threatening to charge them with perjury. The threat worked both men admitted they lied help Hanson out that you know hands and told them you know he was in this embarrassing domestic situation. When both men retracted their statements in order was issued for Hanson's arrests buck in Heo Nimrod investigators followed Hanson to his bakery asked him to come with them to the police station for questioning on October twenty seventh nineteen ninety-three they did right after they bought all remaining doughnuts and asked him if it was possible to preserve them for months and slowly enjoy them day for day later <hes> they didn't do that but I wish they did all right buddy hands in the air? You're under arrest. I actually wait hand back down. What's it what's in the oven right now? Holy Shit that smells divine is that maybe how long until they're done okay all right fifty minutes. We're a sit here some coffee you mind popping him out then Tau don't go anywhere because we're going to fuck and if you have to take those memoirs when he was arrested hand never even bothered asked why they wanted to talk to him agreed to go along calm and collected at the Anchorage Trooper Station Sergeant Flosi stage-managed interview room following following pointers from yesterday. I think this is so cool. The effort they put into this handsome was placed in an interview room carefully setup for this exact interrogation. I love it. I love stories about people doing their jobs so fucking thoroughly and well I got a hard work Boehner right now rock-hard over thoroughness there were maps of the connect river along the walls pictures of the gravesites the victims on the desk there were files and folders with the names of Hanson's family friends acquaintances Robert was intentionally left to sit in a room dedicated to him. Sit Sit there. Get you know get uncomfortable letting look at the maps. Let him look at all. The pictures of the names let it all sink in that they fucking had him. They watched him through a two way mirror little while later Flosi insurgent Daryl Gaylon entered the room room began an interview with Hansen that would last for five hours while Hanson's being interviewed another team of officers searching his house plane they find weapons throughout the house but the weapon they need to find the one that he used those murders they can't find towards the end of the interrogations irrigation after all this work was starting to look hand might actually get away with it. He's not spilling any beans but then right before calling it a day. One of the officers search and Hansen's home discovers a hidden space tucked away in the attic rafters behind some wooden paneling in his trophy room police find items of cheap jewelry. Worry more trophies would soon be traced back to dead victims among the significant items Hanson had kept a fish necklace that had been custom made for victim Andrea out-of-area. They're also newspaper clippings and driver's license to some of the victims the various I._D.. Cards the police found the most damning evidence of all the Ruger mini fourteen hundred rifle Hanson to use to kill multiple weapon multiple weapon. What am I saying multiple women? It was hidden under some floorboards. Well <unk> Done Anchorage P._D.. Get this motherfucker Yeah Yeah Yeah a ballistic testing would soon proved that the gun or did they found the gun used to kill Sherry Morrow and others and then the Cherry on the evidence Sunday investigators find an aviation map of the Anchorage region dotted with twenty drawn on Asterix Hanson XS. These three of these correspondent was sites where bodies had already been found Hanson of course initially denied any connection with the murders but when confronted with insurmountable title evidence he decided to confess he admitted that the Asterix on the map where the gravesites of prostitutes that he had murdered and then hands and told investigators that he hadn't killed every girl didn't kill them all is it that made him a decent dude is it they'd understand that he only killed. You know the bad ones. He claimed that he only wanted to sex girls complied their phone home. Nobody whoops all in good fun and then tell them that they if they resisted if they rejected him that he'd forced into strip at gun point and then make them run. They told him some more even <hes> Yup. We're told him more disturbing shit. He said these naked and afraid women would usually be given a head start and then that Hansen would stalk and hunt him like an animal sometimes the sadistic fuck would allow them to think that escaped them track them down again capture them rape him again again then make him run again this will continue until they were too cold exhausted to continue running and then he'd shoot and kill them on November Third Nineteen eighty-three in Anchorage grand jury returned four indictments against his piece of Shit <hes> they were first first degree assault and kidnapping five counts of misconduct and possession of a handgun theft in the second degree theft of deception insurance fraud is bail was set at half a million dollars and don't worry more charges or coming. These are just the quickest ones they could make stick on November Twentieth Nineteen ninety-three ed ballistics tests results came back from the F._B._i.. Crime lab in Washington D._C.. Officials determined that the shell casings found at the grave sites had been fired from Hansen's rifle the firing pin the extractor markings were identical on February eighteenth nineteen eighty-four therefore Hanssen pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree murder in the case of Paula goodling Joanna Messina or join Masino Sherry Morrow and the Ecclesia any Hanson had his defense attorney Fred Dewey arrange a meeting with Anchorage D._A.. Viktor Krum during the meeting chrome offered Hanson a deal and this where the story gets shitty again in exchange for a full confession in exchange for helping investigators locate all the bodies the D._A.. Agreed to only sentence him to twelve years in prison in one thousand nine hundred ninety two he'd be paroled early for good behavior in nineteen ninety five. He would open a new bakery in fairbanks. A bakery closed when Hansen retired with a lot of money in two thousand eleven now eighty years Old Hansen lives lives currently with his wife Gloria in Fairbanks and unfortunately that takes us out of today's Times timely good job soldier kidding of course out fucking suck doc. That's how the Senate now in exchange for a full confession prosecutors guaranteed Hanson that he would only be charged with the four cases of murder that they knew of that he'll be able to serve his time in a federal facility rather than a maximum security institution. The deal also stipulated that the press would not be involved which I think is how Hanson's kids were able to be kept out of the papers after both sides signed off in the agreement Hanson gave police at twelve hour confession during which he admitted to killing seventeen women and burying their remains in the wilds outside of Anchorage here is Hanson Hansen describing one of his typical objections minus the stutters just take forever if I did it that way. It'd be another two hours. I pull out a gun. I think the standard speech was look your professional. You don't get excited and you know. There are some risks to what you've been doing. If you do exactly what I tell you you're not going to be hurt. You're just going to count us off as a bad experience and be a little more careful next time who you are gonNA proposition or go out with. I tried to act itself as I could to get them scared as possible. Give that right away even before I started talking at all reach over you know and hold that head back and put a gun on her face and get them to feel helpless scared right there. I'm sure maybe it's not the same procedure for you. You always try to get control the situation so some things don't start going bad. Maybe I've seen some cop shows on T._v.. Okay let's try to relate to them. It's a lot like what you do. It's like you know you like. I mean you arrest people and you know put handcuffs read on the rice and stuff and I put a gun to him and said enforce them to suck my Dick. It's like it's it's a very similar similar profession. If you look at it for way that doesn't make sense Hanson also indicated that he began killing his earliest nineteen seventy-three told investigators that once he had a victim under his control an open the woods near his cabin hunting then was like going after trophy Dall cheaper grizzly bear for a little more inside the mind of Hanson. Here's a portion of his confession to District Attorney Victory Viktor Krum chromos. Why did you drive out to the road instead of just going to a hotel or motel in town this talking about some of the early killings Hansen says you know if you go to a motel or something with it? It's more or less like a prostitution deal. I'm going and or you I you know. I guess I'm trying to even convince myself. Maybe I wasn't really buying sex. It was being given to me in the aspect that I was good enough. That was being given me seats at fucking psychology of like he's still in high school. He still just wants girls. He's attracted to just give me what I want. If I can explain that a little bit better gentleman I love when pieces of Shit you terms like gentlemen even like when they're talking about. The most victims always makes me extra angry. Someone's like okay. So you know a lot of times I would just bug raping for hours and just you know make them think that they were GonNa die and talk about how they're a piece of shit and I was going to you know find their family later and buck and kill them too. I mean listen gentlemen. Sorry about the language. Let me share some more details of what a piece of Allison of crap of crap he says going back in my life way back to my high school days and so forth I was I guess what you might call very frustrated upset all the time yeah I would see my friends and so forth going out on dates things use the term friends who are very loosely and so forth and had a tremendous desire to do the same thing from the scars and so forth on my face you can probably see I could see what girls wouldn't want wants to get close to me and when I'm nervous upset like this here if I try to demonstrate if I think about exactly what I'm going to say and if I talk slow I can keep myself from stuttering but at the time during my junior high or high school days I could not control control my speech at all. I was always so embarrassed and upset with different people making fun of me. They hated the word school. I guess this is why I burned down the bus way back in Iowa. I can remember going up and talking to someone a man or woman classmate or whatever start to say southeast start are to stutter so badly this special younger years I would run away crying runoff someplace and hide for day or so the worst was that I was the rebuttal of all the girls around the school and so forth the jokes if I could have faced it I know now I could have faced it and laughs along with him then it would have stopped but I couldn't at the time and just got so it controlled me. I didn't control it. I mean he really did let the anger and shame getting shot down in highschool build a rage inside of him that would lead to killing women. He was that angry right over twenty years after graduating over childhood. This may have fuck high school junior high it six years seven. If you count sixth grade nothing in the big scheme of things. Get the fuck over it. I don't feel serve this guy. Oh boo-hoo you got bullied now. Use that his excuse to to kill people go fuck yourself and then Roberts said why he chose prostitutes for victims. I didn't start to hate all women as a matter of fact I would venture to say I started to fall in love with every one of them. Every one of them became so precious to me because I wanted there. I wanted to friendship. I wanted them to like me so much on top of things that have appeared on top of things that have happened I don't want to I'm not saying that I hate I'll win. I don't quite to the contrary if I guess in my own mind. What I'm classified is a good woman not a prostitute? I do everything in my power any way shape or form to do anything for her and to see that no harm ever came to her but I guess prostitutes are women. I'm putting down his lower than myself. I don't know if I'm making sense or not. And you know when this started to happen. I wanted you know it happened. The first time there you know and I went home and I was literally sick to my stomach over the years I've gone in many topless and bottomless bars in town and so forth and never never touched one of the girls there in any way shape or form until they asked it's like it's like it was a game. They had to pitch the ball before I could bat. They had to approach me. I saying about <hes> I get off at a certain time. We could go out and have a good time or something like this here here if they don't we were playing the game right. They had to approach me. I've talked to I suppose I made it a point to try to talk to every girl in there. Sometimes if I thought there was a possibility that she didn't say the first time but she might come back and say it again now invited a two or three table dances with her and comment to her how Nice you look and everything else. I try to keep it in a joking tone. Gosh you know you sure would be something you know for later on but that's as far as it would go until she then had to to make I guess play out my fantasy. She had to come out and say we could do it but it's GonNa cost you some money then she was no longer I guess what you might call a decent girl. I didn't look down at the girls dancing what the hell they're trying to make a buck and then float he said but when they proposition you that made things different and then Hansen said yes. I don't totally buy this prostitutes explanation. I think he chose them because it was easier to approach them. It was kind of see the goods if you will see what he wanted. It's just easier to get away with killing them. He's all this is all him. Just trying to somehow make himself look like less of a fucking monster as part of that plea deal Robert agreed to help detectives uncover where he'd buried. Many victims is a task Hanson seemed to sickly enjoy the butcher baker showed investigators seventeen gravesites and the connect river valley twelve of which were unknown to the police during a helicopter tour the gravesites he would frequently become visibly excited reliving the murders over and over his head handcuffed hands it would plough through chest just high snowdrifts and triumphantly point out graves victims us love this so nice he dropped to his knees and dig furiously with his bare hands while died with a broad grin on his face. He's a fucking psycho by the end of Nineteen eighty-four eleven bodies had been found of of a probable twenty one ten of which have been formed unified then on February twenty seven nine hundred eighty four Robert Hansen who had not shown a flicker of remorse to any of these women sends to four hundred sixty one years plus life without the possibility of parole less than three hours later sent to the Lemon Creek Prison Juno Mr Hansen told Alaska State troopers he'd also raped more than thirty additional women that he didn't kill more trophies wanted to make sure those extra thirty rates were put on his record years earlier. He wanted people to know exactly how big the animals worthy kill with with bow now he wanted the world to know how many women need hurt when he was sent judge Moody citing Mr Hanson's previous records of abduction and either attempted or actual rape of prostitutes said regarding our how our culture views prostitutes. I cannot think of a bigger indictment of society than we have here. This gentleman here has been known to us for several years. He said we've turned him loose. Several times prostitutes it complained about how hands into treated them long before he was apprehended with the police. Lisa doubted their credibility because of their profession assistant district attorney Frank Rotschild added three of the four murders Mr Hansen pleaded guilty to were committed in the period that he would have been in prison had he served the full five years Rothschild. The child also told the judge before you sits a monster in extreme aberration of a human being who has walked amongst us not even his wife twenty years had any inkling of his dark evil side his crimes numb the mind in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Hansen became came one of the first inmates in the new maximum security Spring Creek Correctional Center in seward move there because it was discovered that Hanson was collecting material including aeronautical maps that indicated he was trying to escape from Lemon Creek after two years of having children harassed school. Mrs Hansen fouled from four four divorced from Robert Cavaliers. She waited two years. She moved with her two kids to the lower forty eight states and I'm guessing change their names and then no one enhancements family ever contacted him again and on August twenty first I two thousand fourteen Robert Hanssen finally passed away. He died aged seventy five at the Alaska Regional Hospital in anchors due to an undisclosed lingering health condition for his final meal. He had to chocolate long johns. One Vanilla Frosty Asti was sprinkled on half of it. A French crueler glazed old-fashioned and his final words were. I'll see you all got damn it Australia. Ah Fuck it that takes out of today's time suck timeline good job soldier. You've made it back to be clear I of course made up his final meal finals words that is a real story of the butcher Baker and it was the most active serial killer in Alaskan history. One has to wonder Robert Hanssen ever read Richard Connell's Finals Nineteen twenty four short story the Most Dangerous Game The book Recounts Story of Steamed Old War General Board with trapping animals. He lures a big game hunter to his island forces shift to be wrecked then challenges him to a competition. The point of the competition is is it the general will hunt the hunter for three days and should he elude him. The general will allow the hunter to live in the end. The hunter emerges victorious though the tail alluded to the fact that the moral ambiguity of hunting show. Perhaps never be resolved since Connell story was published nineteen twenty four the concept of a man hunting man for sport is captivated people. I mean just think about the hunger hunger games movies you know thankfully that's just fiction while unfortunately Robert Hanssen was all too real time now for today's top five five takeaways time by away number one Robert Hanssen became known as the butcher Baker because Baker and people like litigation so the press out of the butcher butcher again weird Combo murder donuts number two hands and committed the only known killing spree in which multiple women were flown into the wilderness released and then literally hunted like animals. Thank God we don't know of other serial killers doing this <music> number three hands case set up legal president nine hundred eighty three when psychological profiling was used as the main basis for issuing search warrants on Hanson's property since then psychological profiling has become a big part of the hunt for the twenty five to fifty serial serial killers walk in the American streets at any given moment number four because of these sex worker stigma the prostitutes had they received less help from the law and their murders were given arguably much less press than they would have been given if the <hes> would have been quote unquote normal women hands and got away with rape many times because he like so many other serial killers preyed on some of the most vulnerable some of the least valued members of society. We gotta work on reducing that stigma reducing that judgment <hes> longtime friend the show would like to add to that message in his own words a guy who really truly uses his own works by by flavor by by no reason looked down on working girl we all we all somebody's full. We'll make a beggar. Thank you better than a hooker slang in college. The sugar use the diabetes push not getting paid to touch the strangest taint. Don't automatically make yourself sank rationalize a murder and rape Paul Robert Hanssen all sour grapes because he wore no. Oh good brewer romancing chicken Joe's way of saying that now being a prostitute doesn't make you better than being a prostitute and instead of judging them. Maybe it's just focus on yourself. I think you also just took a shot at Bob Stutter number five last takeaway didn't mention Mr Hansen was the subject of a decent two thousand thirteen film. I watched to kind of get into the mindset for this suck. The frozen ground stars Nicolas Cage as an Alaskan state trooper investigating this lanes actor John Cusack Zac portrays Mr Hansen Vanessa hudgens plays a prostitute victim in the film. It's revived. It's not amazing but if you are really interested in this topic you might want to check it out. It's it's fun to watch Nicholas Cage just play Nicholas Cage at almost every movie. He's in including this one takeaway Robert Hanssen sucked another example. How not to live your life? Do make tasty doughnuts. Don't hunt people in the woods we we're having a lot of dark laughter at Hanson's expense past few hours here and stuff done just to Joe and I just thinking about how you know he would be like during consensual sex what he was like a dirty talker with his wife what what if he stuttered so long they would go from present to past tense situations like do you could care get you cook a careful because you care. If I could care for Cook. I just came. Oh my God. What a piece of shit thanks his team? Thanks Lindy Combines High Priestess Carney veldkamp jesse guardian of Grammar Governor Reverend Dr Joe Paisley Time Suck High Priests Alex Dube and the guys at bid elixir danger brain axes apparel. Thanks Zach S- assist a script keeper keeper flannery for Dr Because being the research this week next week on time we tackle a subject that we consider the trial of the century when it occurred in nine hundred ninety four former national football league superstar broadcaster actor O._J.. Simpson tried on two who counts of murder for the June twelfth nineteen ninety-four gruesome murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman over ninety million people watch the final verdict of the trial and about as many were watching his famous White Bronco when O._J.. Took police on one of the slowest chases and L. A. History while there's a ton known about the case and trial itself we wanna take an in-depth look at O._J.'s life before and after the killings of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman that's what I'm curious about. We'll still touch on the trial but there was so much life led before and after it this time so it gives no murder mystery we know O._J.. killed his wife and a friend this up so it will be the story of O._J.. Simpson's rise from poverty to record breaking athletic greatness then his unforgettable fault. We'll also follow O._J.'s unfortunate life choices after the trial of a century from a series of stupid crimes a handful of accidental admissions of guilt to his epic and not at all ridiculous rap song and video put out in two thousand six join us next week for a time suck on O._J.. Simpson that I've been looking forward to for quite some time and now some time sucker updates even mind all these from a few weeks ago so nothing since last week's revolutionary war suck times I update comes in from kick ass sucker. I'm GONNA leave her name anonymous because I don't want her to get in trouble. She writes his sucker nece. The mother Sucker I may or may not be a normal mom. I am the one the drops the Kiddo off in the morning is my husband needs to be to work earlier than hi anyway. We listened to a lot of podcast on the drive and sometime in the middle of a time suck but I do that. I just don't want to turn off <hes>. I'll keep listening. My little man is named Jack. He's five years old completely obsessed with the Mothman episode. He loves creepy Shit. Although although Jack Anyway my husband also <unk> suck but does not like it when I let Jack Listen because obviously the content is a little mature and also because my kid remembers everything and it would be out of the question for him to recite the clean wing commercial at a family function. Jack loves good commercial and recommending good products. I feel like I'm a rebel because my parents wouldn't even let me watch P._G.. Thirteen movies until I was twelve so even though I know it may not be appropriate in the end my knee rebellions my denial the P._G.. Thirteen movies has made me say fuck it for real though it's hilarious how many times times I hear myself say to Jack Now. That was a bad word. Please do not repeat it or suck. Master isn't adult and can swear you are a kid so he can't or just don't repeat any of what you just heard. It could be drinking game. Actually and Jack always ask mom. Can we listen to time suck I. I won't tell dad reason finished analyst Michelle Suck Bike. He likes Free Shit and he was very interested in the discussion of Burns Shit or that's right the smell of burnt poo and before you went to the bathroom aid to remind me that human poos the worst smelling poo. I'm getting a little A._D._D.. Here but a tangent on that suck actually wrote a scholarly research paper from Undergrad degree on whether or not exorcisms do more harm than good in that they should still be performed. I was inspired after the exorcist family rose came out which is based on Michelle Story. I did most of my research at night after work and even though I found myself you know or I find myself more than a little agnostic. I had a hard time reading hostage to the devil. I would think damn so like if the devil is real is what I'm going to make me more susceptible to the devil. Am I going to get possessed. I is it too late to find a new topic. Start a new project where the folks that I picked this topic if you're able to follow my train of thought you're one of the few and rock on thanks for adding to one of the many random things might get an I bond over also me and my husband just not altogether anonymous. Thank you non animus fund mom fund onto me sound like you communicate a lot with your case which is so important obviously glad time so because a place where you and your son can enjoy the same humor where you and your husband enjoyed that same humor as well even though it's not at the same time and <hes> and I know you did sign your name on but I wanted to give you a chance to deny sending this if your husband gets mad like come on I know it's you know you don't know you don't do all kinds of little jacks out there talking about planes talking. About who would you want you calm down. You don't know soon to be Dad J._D.. Toner sends in some hilarious fake angst born out of temporary but real panic J._T.. Rights Dan you bastard. I took a break from the podcast of others now catching back up. I just start on the last suck of two thousand eighteen. Will I do some side work to earn a little extra cash because my wife is pregnant with their first child. We go tomorrow morning for our initial long appointment with the O._B._G._Y._N.. To learn what to expect what insurance pavers what will be responsible for etc and you're here talking about how process peanut butter so terribly bad for developing fetuses we believe processed foods or a legitimate concern and you had me freaky in the fuck out because my wife loves peanut butter one of the only quote unquote vices and eat all the time. I'm here thinking that while she's eaten healthy during the pregnancy now we're actually doing our future child to a likely life with no limbs fuck you you stupid asshole. I hope my unborn child still has some type of cock. Even if it soft fuck you cheeky low soft shame cock style when he comes of age. It's a weird hope for your kid. Hail Nimrod you hilarious bucket. Here's to hoping for a completely healthy strong Dick Lusa fearing worshiper to pay you back for this worry with some sweet sweet league. No Shame Cock fucking wants this kid his J._d.. Toner thank you J. T.. I forgot about that one. I forgot about how eating peanut butter makes makes us that your kid doesn't have a limbs. I've told somebody ridiculous lies. I was thinking for a second you were talking about when I told people well if you did this one thing you'd end up with an aunt baby they'd have an Exoskeleton next update and congrats on the upcoming baby for Real <hes> next update from the awesome sucker Justin Anderson messages like these motivations to do the best job we passed possibly can here Justin writes dear Lord Master Dr Sucking Ten Walker bojangles retriever of his mighty turds. I like that one. I'm a huge fan of stand up. Comedy is because this loved I started listen to it became a great fan of yours. In around two thousand twelve your Pandora Stations Asia's led me to find such great artists as Chad Daniels K. Trevor Wilson the first sucker listened to his H H Holmes. I've been hooked ever since the black doll you suck was one. I waited a long time for you brought a level of clarity to a subject that they've been waiting for an unbiased handed show. It's light. I I have read many accounts of the killing most written from the perspective of someone trying to solve what is seemingly unsolvable many writers taken on a horrific murder Truman capote. You are no Truman capote that affair Dow bojangles. I'm sorry okay okay. Dan Is way better than Truman guy. Whatever I was distracted back the episode? I'd never heard the story without a writers biased honestly the first time I heard Elizabeth smart story without someone claiming to know who had killed her or Elizabeth Short yet lose. I think it was another Elizabeth Smart. Though <hes> you taught me more one podcast about the life and death of the unfortunate MS short than any three novels or shit movies thank you I've been curious for years and now I can bury my curiosity just kidding. We will always be curious. Well thank you because I'm always worried that in two hours we just can't fit enough and I get worried that I don't Wanna add so so many details that it becomes what I myself could listen to early on which is overly detailed podcasts that just I just tune out because they're not engaging but then also I get annoyed with so many podcasts and they're just literally just skimming off a wikipedia page and just kind of half half ass throwing details out throughout a lot of banter. I can't follow that either so I'm happy for you. At least we're walking the line in a good way that makes me feel real good and now before we get to full of myself pronunciation update from Lisa Thompson Clap from the Black Dahlia Episode Lisa Lisa writes dear Lord Suck Master Supreme. He who's most unholy now that the pleasantries are out of the way. I've pronunciation correction for the Black Dahlia. Suck imagine my surprise when you mentioned my hometown. Oh Yeah you say it's LOMPOC LOMPOC California when you're talking about the Vandenberg Air Force Base you countless others pronounces Lompoc when it is in fact LOMPOC. The pronunciation issue is one of the bane of my town's existence even people from neighboring town sade incorrectly so I had to jump on that one anyway my husband and I been longtime fans your comedy after discovering the last year and weekly listener low you do keep on Sucking Hill is Athena Halos Athena. Thank you Lisa. Thanks for that correction yeah. Sometimes you just tricky unless you're unless you're there and last a very negative review you know I'm sharing this booth. I almost always choose to share positive messages because I don't want to encourage negatively. There's plenty that on the web you can find it. You honestly most messages. We do get a positive but you know plenty of people. Don't like you know what I do and I want you to think I'm just like Oh everything concreted we love me. I know they don't and I decided to check out a recent ratings and reviews at times today and just the general consensus is and one person's specific hatred made me laugh so hard <hes> I know a lot of you are also creative types and while you obviously so you WanNa create our you know someone holy someone in addition to yourself. You know possibly lots of people. It does feel good. Just never forget that you can't please everybody. You just can't no matter what you do so don't let the negativity of certain people get you down. Just you gotTA learn to laugh at it and I for sure cannot please jake nine two seven eight six with up to one star review and wrote the dramatic final Straw as a subject line that alone. I was like Oh okay <music> final Straw and then Jake wrote the Black Dahlia is the last episode I'll listen to within the first twenty minutes about ten minutes was him joking around his long unfunny tangents in fact the first thing he talks about in this. This episode is a joke I get the joking lightens the mood you can help listening but come on about a murder then you actually you actually don't get it then and spend five minutes joking about her. Dad being a miniature gold miniature golf maker seriously listen from sixteen forty five twenty ten and tell me this is funny at least get the story going before joking left and right. I also never heard someone laugh at his own jokes as much as Dan. This dude is gone gone too far with it. I honestly don't know how people can join US anymore. We'll jake first off. Why do I think it's okay to joke about murder because that is how they do it? In Hollywood second showbiz third is listed in the comedy section of the PODCAST fucking half wit. What made me laugh this review almost as much as laugh my own jokes is the specific time co detail? I love that he hated this episode so much. He's listed in episode. He's listened into for free by the way he goes back and makes time coat. She's like fucking. Where exactly do I hate this the most from sixteen forty five plus ten now? I hate that but not I don't quite hate that it's okay to twenty ten got undamaged. Well Jake Jealous of one thing about you. At least how much free time you have how much free time you must have to to just write needlessly specific one-star reviews also jake. If you're mad about what I'm saying right now. Go Fuck Yourself. Do you not supposed to listen anymore and thank you for the last. I may not be able to give you any but you've just give me some money in addition to the last I give myself I think I'm pretty hope I never see you. You sound like a real bummer to be around feel icky. You'd probably we just get my poor through angry. Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama mother time. We all have a great week time Saugus. Thanks for the many of you who do enjoy this show. Thanks for letting US have fun here. Don't hunt anyone this week. It's really not nice. Keep on making delicious donuts if you do make them and there's one more thing coupon coupons Sasah.

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