Jordan Pearce is taking on the Supermarket Oligopoly for the good of the farmers.


USTRALIA is the land of illegally we have full major banks to major telcos to major holding companies for news and two supermarkets rockets. The problem with companies is that they tend to unconsciously collude and ultimately squeeze supplies through the dominant market control. This is a huge problem. Australian farmers and consumers have very little power to affect change. This is the problem the Jordan pace is hoping going to solve with his business farm-to-market empowering consumers to buy directly from the farm and cut out the supermarkets. Welcome to the fractional. Stop aww marketing podcast. The podcast profound is who are frustrated to potential customers do not understand they undervalue that innovative business solutions. My name is jarod doyle in each episode. I interviewed the founders who openly discussed habit tackling the seven pays of stop marketing controls dot about fashion. We aim to learn through collaboration and discussion. Let's get into the side so welcome to the episode Georgia and thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me jared to be on your show and you had to talk a little bit about farm to market well. I mean that's why we here and that's what people lead to Nour's. Let's set the context of of what we're going to be talking about in the business and you can give us the pitch that is farm to market. Take it away great so Fontham. Fontham is an online marketplace. The really BRECHFA cates a farmer's market that you would go to on the weekend where for the fact that it lists lists a lot of the vendors products that you would say they're on the Waken is available really twenty four seven online platform for you to be able to browse and on on some of your favorite products fame local products that you can have delivered to your door a great. I can imagine that as a lot of people must get behind that as an idea and really really rally behind it because it sounds like it's exactly what the will needs right now so you get a lot of positive feedback when he pitched that model yeah absolutely so particularly with a lot of the Mama's also with customers yet as Bain at amazing a man of positive feedback that have come through from Pharma saying that they they used to only being able to sell products to limited locations and the fact that they would have to sit up their online store. I feel like the issues choosing setting up an online stole themselves. They don't actually say benefit and doing that so yes you taking the the heavy lifting for them providing providing the technical platform payments etc so they can focus. I guess doing what I do well which is growing and rising local produce on their phone right yeah yeah that's exactly right so and that's the idea behind that we we facilitate the transfer online transaction. We also help them with the distribution distribution solder things and help them reach a water a man of paypal the consume they produce so and the one thing I love the most is the fact that they getting more money on a four bit projects that they would usually have to send to a distributor and get also writes four so not only are. They getting an easier process for getting their produce to market. They're getting more folded produce which I love. Ryan said just because you know like people don't really know how the whole system works. You took their about sending it to to add distributor or a wholesaler. What's the process they afraid typical femme. They said they don't negotiate with woolworths or installs or they do that. Directly sometimes or is it was or is there always like a middleman Samana Twain. That's setting the price for them. Yeah that's right. There's usually a middleman in the process I think calls them will less definitely deal with some very large farms directly and they obviously were in a way that supports the the supermarkets and what they require to in stores the alochol bomb really they don't deal with any big stores at Olenin. It's very unlikely that I would even deal with a local vegetable at I would most likely go through Alon halls Allah in in the cities all become part of a distributor which mice distributors really just focus on like the hospitality industry like restaurants Jason and catering companies and things like that are the fact that day being able to talk to people about their produce is not die loved doing that and then to be able to spruch the stuff that they're creating but they can create value in creating as well and then a carrot isn't just a carrot to carry from the Afam found and on the organic farming conditions and it becomes more than that so that's why Obama's definitely really liked the idea of platform you must say hey I was a bit ignorant to that sort of process and that the idea that Iowa's imagined when I when I sort of rally around the idea and I think the why what you'll business is the idea Komo to support farmers and I feel like you know in stray calls awards or any of the big supermarkets inter in in the world. I get the sense that they're the ones squeezing but it might actually be a a combination of the beasts of market might also be that wholesaler or that. You know that middleman that actually will middle company. That's the one that could also be putting the pressure on the famous as well so we kind of get an inam is me being consumers that it's it's the big supermarkets that putting the squeeze on farmers but I guess you're saying they're going to be squeezed twice and what you're Proposing is that you know right around the outside of that and got direct consumer. Yeah that's right so I guess in any situation. The MO- hands ends up produce is going to go through the mall people again a tight. You know a chip off the talks. Oh yeah the fear is that through to mock it. We just have a standard commission that we take. It doesn't really matter what sort of product that you have which is fifteen percent so the farmer knows and it's very clear and concise loss about when and a farmer is selling produce through platform and even to the Cheema what's being taken from the transaction from Assad sort of thing right hence I can see. That's a really compelling story and you know this Bain. Businesses have gone into this space as well as if people are played in this space. I guess for me part of your selling stories going to be you and why you do it so I mean what's the catalyst for you Jordan being the person who's going to say Pham as and give us that direct to femme purchase riches. What's your origin story as to why you're doing this. Yes Oh really I've got a bit of a background in farming and agriculture through my family. My father saw there'll Pharma's everyone would appear Niamey Mafia family still working in working around Afam so ed famous I mainly wait in shape and other grain but they go through the same struggles as a as a fruit and vegetable Pharma in the fact is that it constantly having to worry about what sort of projects that I get based on the weather and conditions and things like that and then when they do you get that crop off they really don't have very much control of where they can sell it because as very limited locations where you can sell mate or grind and things like that so I guess it's pretty much the same within the fruit and vegetable industry where you have set a supplies resin and wholesales within a particular area and if you can't sell it yourself. You really did your only choice where he can sell them to. You projects to invite Szekely what I wanted to achieve to alleviate the issues that you saying everyday is really created a platform that gives gives the control back to the farmer so I think back when I saw the the milk story that came out calls them will worse or having a war. I've however the price of milk in the process of a later of milk by bringing it down to a dollar that basically caused a flow in effect to a whole bunch of small woah dairy farmers that just couldn't deal with period Tom of taking such a big loss for every on that they send them to the district so basically only the big dairy farms could weather the period that we're getting such low yield full what their production will end. You know it was too expensive to close Dan for Jill them. I guess in a sense you gotTA. CAL candidates be milked right. You can't not milk a cow or just doesn't doesn't explode but I'm not imagine it's extremely unhealthy situation to be in absolutely so it got to the point where I would losing over months and months and months losing losing tens of thousands of dollars and I say that as being such an unfair thing where the corporations at controlling the way in the industry working controlling the laws of the laws Lehoud's of farmers yes. Oh okay so that's the problem that you battling. The battle is the problem that you're solving here. Is that we ultimately ultimately will industry particularly. We've got a bit of a Julius markets mothers coming in now but the problem is that these two supermarkets wailed eld far too much power in terms of setting the price and demand and they can cut farmers out and so that's the proposition the direct democracy proposition that puts the Pharma back in some kind of control and using that same mechanism like you were saying that local weekend markets but it's a twenty four seven proposition so that so that is really really the problem. You're solving it. It's not about other things you solve a shame around. You know it's fresher and I guess consume a happy to support farmers but at its coal you just trying to break down that I guess drop away of supermarket retail is that is that the correct way think about it. Yeah absolutely will definitely in that fact that it was a personal thing for me. I really like soil seeing really good amazing projects frahm Bama's markets and things like that but the biggest issue is they're only open for a few hours per week and there's limited supply. There's not every day every weekend because I have other things that they have to deal with on a regular basis aces so it's challenging for them to put all producing a truck and get to where they need to get to and then put it out for south three or four hours away not nine if they're going to sal whole bunch of produce and it's really giving them the ability to be able to have paypal purchase from them at any time at any time during the week so for me the ideal setting the platform was the fact that I really like to have an amazing projects sourced whenever I can an unarmed want to have to go into the supermarket the market and Buy Bananas or apples at abandoned sitting in cold storage for months at a talks. I I really understand. That's that's interesting because that's I mean that's a different problem and so two problems related so you've got me interested situation rights. You've got a marketplace talking to lots of Maka places at the moment. It's a desirable thing a two sided marketplaces says desirable for people to go into because you can explode it can also be hard to do and I say that because you know we started talking about a problem for Pharma's as a former vice problem and then and there's a consumer problem because consumers want to buy products directly from farms and they want to get it fresher as well and I just wanted to in terms of your primary problem that you're solving if your customized five hundred started correctly you'll customer is like your custom only pays you is alternately the shop Kashima me than I guess it makes sense ends that the primary problem you're solving is actually focused around me being the consumer and the farmer actually being. I guess the product side of Youtube started marketplace so in that sense that second problem that you articulated which is the desire people have to support farmers wall spaying intrinsically. The same problem is just a different way of looking at it and you know. Has it a guest that the real problem that Pham democats solves the primary problem that Damascus solves these for the consumer because that show customer. That's that's why you make your money and the problem. They've got that have any choice visiting S I I would shop at farmers markets all the time if they were easy to get to because you know you travel and two they were there all the time but not therefore I end up one of the majors so you know. I don't know if I have correctly but I think for me one of the things I was thinking about a marketplace applies. Who's WHO's the customer. WHO's the product I guess in your sense? The product actually is the farm onsite you do you can stack them high so to speak and then if your customer is is the consumer then it makes sense that the primary problem solving is giving them access to the farms not the farmers access to the customers. Does that make sense of I have. I got that right or is it. A is it more confusing them at absolutely jared idiots it is so there is a wise to two problems to solve in Dublin marketplace and ultimately you know at customers customers are the consumers of the food yeah and that is absolutely the probably the largest larger problem that we are trying to solve because the demand is Israeli the when you look at some of the issues of happened with lodged networks. Were you have the strawberry issue that happened. Iliad Elliott this year where there was some pins fanned in strawberry products that within Fannin supermarkets I ended up having a flow on effect where basically that hall supply plot shine in a hall style had to be Redone and all stories within that supply chain really get dumped so where you create the network Twain and we give access directly to farmers for customers this traceability back to where you're actually you'll actual orange or your strawberries wpro breeze being produced so and that's obviously that's the promise you've gotTa make to those customers is that you are buying direct from the Pharma gets the money. Directly traceable is trackable Hayes. The farmer is kind of clear. That's what I look at the farm's website. That's that's the bit that comes out and says hey here's the former here is the produce of his picture his name his story and so. I guess that's the promise is that you're saying hey. I'm going to be really clear and transparent and pasta that through. I guess Marley with that and I think if you can deliver on that promise people be happy. I guess the question is when it marketplace is always that fear around leakage linkage and linkage paying you know what stops someone from from going direct a by stories of directly what stops me from going direct wreck the second time instead of cutting said found to market completely out of the business model there yes so why we get around that is create an amazing platform. The people really want to use it. They say the valuing US validating the Pharma's Certifications Bay Organic. Oh by dynamic coal all the trust is in the oven. It's also in Fontham rocket. AAs giving the stamp of approval for the Pharma on the other end of the marketplace doc at place is way create the system to be so easy to use for the Pharma the vice often people back through APP platform so that's interesting so that potentially jumps into the my final pay which has propagation. That's that idea that that a Pharma might actually say hey. If you WANNA buy my produce use than the easiest way to do it is through farm to market. I mean have you. Have you seen that happen. At Pharma sided referring business to you yeah absolutely and with a lot of the foam is is that we do have they don't tend to have their own online store or what about a would absolutely refer people through L. Online platform because it's easy easy to select what you want in your box all it's easy to find where a particular deliver because ultimately when he saw up to a platform platform you put in your postcode if you can say a farmer on the platform bike into liberty so it's as easy as is raffling. Iran to try on fallen. Wadeye dykes delivery role. It's all their available straight away once you once vendors profile but either from from a growth point if you it's an exciting proposition to think that your customers find Pharma's Pharma's get excited about that and then they actually supply the model back in. It's it's serve a you know if it works. It's model grow itself in the sense that it's easier for families to refer customers found to market and those same customers become customers the other farmers in the whole network effect. Sasa takeoffs I that's I guess that's the Holy Grail absolutely and we've already had femme as refer out of Pharma's to get onto the platform. allman wave wave grind through that way as well so. I can imagine I can imagine the Pharma side of it yet the logical. It's kind of like hey is somewhere where we can sell direct right. Get a better margin control. Our destiny is like yeah cool. Sign me up but the super exciting is the idea that farmers refer customers or potential customers and saying hey we not really hot you know you can't just turn common by photos with the strawberries but he can't buy through farm to market so yeah we'll. I'd much prefer that that white in why I because we first of all we don't we take a margin that's inhibitive and it's they usually in the farm and they WANNA be able to focus on what they're doing and when they do put together orders they want it to be in one place and they have a list things what they need to put into boxes and have a list of the customers that nate to supply two and we give them a lot so they're not getting colds at any hour during the day by just get to the day when the packing night deliver on a fraud audio whatever they and they know what they need to supply so we take all of that complexity away from them so they can focus on what they do best and that's that's creating gripe produce and going back to the consumer side and in your customers. What do they look like at the moment. What's the PA- sign a makeup of a typical the farm to market customer. How old are they. Where do they live. What are they like. What are they. Where is it or do. They look almost exactly like the people I'm GonNa say down at the local baton we amok. It's farmers markets that I go to his exactly the same demographic. It won't be exactly the same I think the papal that OP OP purchasing from US tend to be moms that have one or more kids that have school sport on the weekend the really care about what the family or aiding love to get to the farmers market but just caught Mike it on a regular basis so ordering boxes from us and just being in the area that rain on the Gold Coast that we're getting a lot of retirees and things like that the the same thing I'd like to get into the famous knock but the enjoying their loss so if we can bring the farmers market to them they really appreciate it. So that makes a lot of sense. I think zinc clear in my mind. This idea that the real problem is that people would shop correct. They would go to farmers markets but it's entirely inefficient. If Yeah like you said you've got kids. I've got Saturday morning. Sports and we spend the whole Saturday morning driving between Nederland Salka type the markets are on a Saturday that it optimistic side. That's right yeah that makes sense that makes a lot of sense so they would go to farmers markets by choice but for some reason it's in con- that's the ideal customer and that's dragging throat so brilliant so thinking about then we're thinking about what's existing in the market so so how do you position than farm to mock it like how do people move kind of ready done it but so. I guess on one hand we're looking at you've got will western calls and Alex Trust. That's one end and your positions buy direct from farmers and are so you know. The other side is to get a farmer's market so you sort of convenience versus a supporting all the other side. I guess it's convenience but then it's interesting because you've also got delivery right so your calls and Willie's will do delivery and that super convenient so I guess what what are the key variables that you look at when you're trying to compare position as governor markets. I someone absolutely understands what you're doing. Yeah I think it's really with focusing on providing auditing that farmers market experience so people that really appreciate fresh nutritious produce particularly organic a lot of Alabama's the want the convenience of having it turn up to the door. I think there's a lot of people that have a very time poor and the mole way engage people in in and around the city ago costs. They're really came to to get on board with what we're doing so yeah and do you think it's a big driving factor the con- kind of support a farmer and by local like that exon of altruistic approach or do you think it's more like the organic in the freshness and the and the lack of any sort of the spe eight to your plate. I guess which of those factors is more important to us customers. I think there's definitely an element of supporting farmers and definitely getting and feedback through social media channels and things like that the people really appreciate united the fact that the Y. Platform exists in how we connect people directly eh with paypal purchasing. It's really bad convenience and getting that produced dino when it comes from the Pharma. It tastes bitter. It's Chris Baugh. You know where the produce is coming from an is going to be quality. Yes against in that sense. It's combined for me because it's better it's yeah can say it is is trackable. Amazon over the freshness taste the flavor all those elements and then the guest post purchase rationalization is and I've supported Afam which makes me feel good so opt. Dr Already made my decision what I'm GonNa do for me. Pose purchase. I also get support farmers. That's great like supporting. AFAM is probably not a primary driver the driver for most of your customers but it's a really nice post purchase rationalization for the season that you've already made is that fast. I'm Marie well with add a debt. Yes I- a papal they they decide based on their stomachs and what makes them feel better really so yeah. I think that's true of of so many businesses is that there's confusion over like primary decision making things you know. Why did I choose something and then. How do I rationalize afterwards so it's kind of like I choose myself from slightly selfish reasons. You know it's much more about what's in it for me but if I can get the Nice feel-good feeling afterwards that helps me come back a second time and I think if vive got that makes right. That's fantastic. You know that's it might not be you know any other products I might not buy a car because it's got sixteen airbags but I liked talking about it afterwards because it rationalize why maybe bought a car that wasn't entirely rational the first time so yeah yeah nice huge medicines so I guess loss Jordan just just thinking about finding customers and how you go about doing that. I mean it's GonNa be difficult because you're up against some pretty significant mocking budges from the manages into how you going to get your message out to these Bahamas market customers who are Time poll imagine. It's hard persona to actually find your marketing. Yes it is what will do to really connect with people that are looking for that top producers that will connect via social chlamydia so we really look at influences that have a strong food focus and connect with them so we create some exposure with their followers and and have a flow in effect and will will lookit working with the farmers themselves so though be you know word of mouth is amazing and particularly with a lot of these farmers markets if you do go to them. There is an element of the sign papers turning up. WE'LL TOM but there's a lot of people that a- coming there and asking asking the question to the farmer's market stall holders saying awakened by self out I come to the farmers market this week or next week or the week off and we're going to give them the platform and the ability to say you can source it on Fontham market so if you count on and in supermarket or if you're looking for something that's a little bit more bespoke or you're looking at something thing. That's fresher than you can get anywhere else. You'll be able to fond of at Fonterra market. Yes so that I guess if I was going to summarize that in my head what you've said is it's kind of like hustle. Oh really hard to stop with bill the customer base and then bank that propagation into your proposition so that it you know effectively peoples that have the farmers themselves the customers refer at around and feels to me like the farmers referring customers is going to be absolutely K. because you don't want to go out delivery TV appetizing so you've you've really got to sell it to the farmers so that they grow the business. I guess grow the business for you and you know and they look at it. It's not going to get rid of the FEMMES markets. I mean if I can get a farmer's was mocking by the same product. Pick it out exactly as I want. Choose executive dozen carrots and fifteen percent mole. That's GonNa continue to happen but as outlaws allies get busier as we are seek on well and I will get there. That's the market that starts to pick up for you so yeah we really good and in terms of like. I guess the Hustle Howdy the hell you hustling the Those first people at the moment is just getting at the bat is that social media is e mailing coaling how he's hustling. I fest customers into the platform survey using social media channels to grow L. Impressions in a follow through some online appetizing and then we're getting out there in meeting with bombers and looking at partnering with them to be able to toggle their followers as well so using some really influential local. Oh Cool Pharma group soul associations to then get on board with what they're doing and then grow supported by so we are also we've spent spend a bit of time in engaging with local media to expose out at platform and get a following through the local community which if you had really good response so we've had a little article in the or lodge article I should say in the Gulf coast bulletin way to get it onto the seven years loss weekend and I think old news outlets because it is a really knauss audio and the fact that we all supporting farmers and people happy to do that. It's a new idea that not really any other companies done in these structure before a lot of different media outlets a cane to get on board and share the message so which is really great yeah well. I think I think right from the start. You know it's really clear it's a really easy business to get get behind sort of emotionally say the vision you got yeah. That's something I really WanNa. Get behind that. Something I wanNA say succeed so you know I guess from my side best of luck with the execution distribution because if you get that big right then the funny people jumping on board for the journey so if there are people who wanNA check out farm-to-market I'm showing the website is the best place to go and get started from there yet. Absolutely jump on board putting you posed to to then signifier location at in your Amal and Password and and then you get access to the vendors that can supply you directly that are in your area is a little bit of a hurdle to get through and then you you can say what's available in your area so it's going to work and I guess just for the we'll put the link into the shines but it's farm to market dot com that a you and that's the number two in the middle of it. That's correct. That's correct. That's the one if got people that want to help you agile connect or even could imagine as many farmers who are going to listen to the podcast me if they aware and they wanted to connect directly with Jordan or help add in some way. What's the best way to find you online yeah so you can find me why mile linked in a can't was linked in Jordan g piece all give us an email shoot us an email at contact at farm to market DOT com today you great well. Jordan wouldn't look thank you so much for coming on and being open and honest and sharing your advising you tips and Eugenie Sipho. I think like I said you know there's a clear Joel Joel benefit. He could get it away. I can see people really aligning to the vision and the mission that you bet take united so look best to lock with engaging with those customers and delivering on the promise that's company can do. It's GonNa be fantastic but thanks for your time and I've really enjoyed it. Thanks jared thanks for having me on yeah really appreciate the Boston exposure exposure and looking forward to the future and no problem jazz jess. Thanks for listening to this week's episode I. I hope we're able to provide you with some great mocking ideas that will really help your business as always if you'd like to support me and the show just jump onto chains or wherever trivia listening to this podcast and write and review those reviews really make a difference and help me reach a broader audience if you'd like to connect the best way to find me of course he's on unlinked. Dean following me on social media just connecting and if you could ideas for future episodes or your Marketa and you'd like to appear in a future episode which is hitting on late did as well well. I'd be happy to have a chat. Thanks look look forward to speaking with you next week.

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