#1104 The Homeless Mitzvah


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I think what drives you and I- crazy is hubris and lack of contrition or something. I know it's, it's refusal to deal with reality reality terms like knowledge. What's there? It's very frustrating. When you go. Hey, did you see that blue sky? No, it's grain. No, it's, it's blue. Let's move on. No. It's great. Yeah. Very frustrating. It is frustrating. It's also it's frustrating realize county adults engage in that in that behaviour. And when we're talking about. Got to Los Angeles mayors homepage. And there's like the heading of how did we get here? How did this how did this problem happen? And number one as we discussed was stagnant wages. Oh my God. But here's what I love about it says one in five residents lives in poverty. Okay. That's why mayor Garcetti led the successful effort to raise LA's minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, which is lifting incomes for more than five hundred thousand workers. Okay. So is this the number one problem that we have that's created homelessness or grow? Right. Rected. Well, our hero, mayor corrected it by led the successful effort to raise LA's minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, which is lifting incomes for more than five hundred thousand workers. So I'm confused. You're giving us a list. Of how we got to the homeless problem. Number one is stagnant wages. But the second thing out of your mouth is our genius. Mayor fix that except for we have more homeless. So how, how could it be more if he's corrected for five hundred? What I'm saying is are, are you back to the racial adding to? But are you patting yourself on the back all simultaneously addressing a problem that's out of control in your town? At the same time, indicting yourself. Well, what I'm saying is re just read that sentence, and tell me what it means. It's, it's sent that the thing is how did we get to this crisis of homeless? How did we get here, number one, stagnant wages? Okay. So wages are too low. That's why there's so many homeless. That's why the homeless are increasing in number one in five residents lives in poverty. Okay. That's why mayor Garcetti led the underlined in blue led the successful effort to raise LA's minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, which is lifting incomes for more than five hundred thousand workers. Okay. So not stagnant wages, just to be clear, the underlining blue, that's a hyperlink reading printed off is e story. Okay. So then we do have homelessness, but because of Garcetti's bold and courageous move to tell businesses to pay people more than. Then the problem is now were reversing the course of this mighty river, or these are five hundred thousand of would have been on the streets. Don't know. It doesn't seem like whatever you've done to correct. It doesn't seem like you've corrected it since we continue to doing it. Maybe he saying, imagine if it remained at twelve seventy five an hour, how many more how many more home, how okay? So because most of those are people that for that fifteen dollar an hour job, it's, it's a kind of a it's an argument. I first off. I don't know what kind of argument you're making and also do people like proofread this shit and go. I don't know what this means. It's like I told you when I talked to the mayor of Calabasas, and he was explaining to me that kids had. More instances of say bronchitis asthma Asmus gone up and kids, but smoking has gone down. What's, what's his argument so weird argument to make? But I'm also curious drew. I feel like this is a two way street. Oh my God. If you were making a nonsensical argument, I would tap, you on the shoulder and go, I don't it seems like you're arguing against yourself here. I don't know what you're what are you saying? Are you saying, here's the reason we have more homelessness? It is stagnant wages. Here's what I've done to fix stagnant wages. I agree. He does the same thing in the criminal Justice reform category to see this. Now. Let's hear this even more problematic. California voted sweeping criminal Justice reforms. The hopes the promise that people being released from cars ration-, we met on the outside with services and opportunities funded by the savings that she by reducing the prison population that promise not yet been fulfilled. At a time when up to fifty percent of homeless Americans have a history of incarceration. So what they're saying is that the criminal Justice reform resulted in a fifty percent increase in homelessness. I don't I don't I don't really know what he's saying. I'm not sure he knows what he's saying. Mayor Garcetti responded by opening the first office of reentry since Tom Bradley was mayor and all ready connected hundreds of, formerly incarcerated people to job opportunities in the legal services and the mayor's new rose the second chances jobs program. So I are fifty percent of them on the street. Then he does the same with the veterans to which is like he saying, here's why we have this problem. But he's also saying, here's how I fix this problem. An eight hundred fifty veterans followed homelessness each month in Los Angeles since bear, Garcetti took office, more than eighty four hundred veterans have received housing and his ten thousand strong jobs program has connected, more than ten thousand veterans to full-time employment. Those are all non sequiturs those don't even connect. I don't think he counts on bright, people reading what he has to say because it's an they sing still make Senate. Yeah. They don't tell people what it is. It's here's what it is can I say this? It's sort of like Europe pitcher with a fifteen ERA like you, you give up fifteen runs a game. But you're spinning it like I get three outs for every one home run that I give up. And it's it's still a horrible, horrible statistic. It's horrible, why we're taking one yourself. While you're losing every game horrible. Why would you go that seems like such a maladaptive Roach because what you have to do? Here's what you have to do. If you're the mayor of Los Angeles, every single person who lives in your city is experiencing this homeless problem. Because if you own an automobile and a set of eyeballs, usurp him navigate the city and you drive pot past piles of humanity. Right through your the mayor, you must address this thing that is ubiquitous because everyone on the national news and it's a national story. Everyone's just talking about it every night. Okay, final finally, okay. She must address it now we got a problem. We got a huge homeless problem. Call the homeless problem that homeless mitzvah. There's a huge homeless problem when, when would we, what would homeless bid? So looks like when can we, we look forward to the homeless mitzvah? Maybe that's when they start living on the roof. The side mitzvah. So you have a homeless problem and you're in charge of the city with the problem, the homeless, Zuza, so people are going to want to know what caused the problem and you can't say my incompetence you have to say, here's what caused the problem. I'll list six things I won't include drug addiction. Right. Can't do that, because that would be too close to reality and since that's ninety percent of the problem. It doesn't crack your top ten but fine, I will then address this. And then as I dress, it, I will then write a little addendum of what I've done to fix it. Even though you're spitting in the wind because you're addressing a problem, you're basically saying. I've knocked up a whole lot of teenage girls. I however spearheaded the condom the free condoms for students ham, pain politician on the tip of the spear of the condom, and I believe that condoms are a successful way to void teen pregnancy, does remind me how politicians operate, so often, which is don't, don't do what I I'm telling you what to do. Here's what you do. It's not what he's not saying, I'm telling you what to do he saying, here's, there's a ton of teen pregnancy. But here's what I did for condoms. Right. And you're like well, maybe did do that condoms. Maybe didn't do that for cons, but you're saying it's not affected because you're saying, we have a problem at the top with teen pregnancy. So whatever you say below it may have been valiant effort that didn't have much effect. I don't know. We have a problem with teen pregnancy. You dress. The problem and then you talk about what you've done. We have thousands of veterans out on the street. I enacted a program where we take care veterans on the street. Go. It's. It's an unwinnable artists Betty didn't say anything about on the street. You said he got veterans jobs. We don't know if those are people on the street or not I'm just saying. How can you win an argument, where all anyone has to do is walk out of their house, and walk down the street and trip over pile of homeless people and you're going to try to explain it away? You know what I mean? Oh, by the way, listen, he's, he's building a case cuts to battle healthcare in nineteen Eighty-one. The federal government ended its role in providing services to the mentally ill. Okay. Well, in nineteen eighty one I was sitting in raise mom's apartment watching a video about an F eighteen touching. The face of God. It's been a while. It's been a while. Not only that what he doesn't tell you. That was the community mental health centers. They were not state hospitals. I, I know everything is under Reagan's. What it wasn't. I know I know it's not. But I know that's the argument fine. We had in Tonio RIA retarded in here for what felt like thirty years perhaps, he could have made a move or two. What I mean I get it. What year was the Korean war? I get it things happened at a time that, that was not now. And I would say, you know, if your argument is under the show and so administration, the economy is failed and in the four months since I've taken over, we've had not had sufficient time to correct these problems. That's an argument once forty years goes by. It's not really. I don't know how long you can count on that argument. You know what I mean? It's been forty years. Okay. Let's just say it's all Reagan's fault and all the Reagan administration. Let's say out grant you that now it's been forty years. What's, what's that? What are you doing? What, what, what are we going to do? We've had violin presidents in plenty of mayors. Plenty of governor since then and many have been democratic. What's up constitution does not give. 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They mail that. But it's, it's I get that. But it's designed to create a safe environment for your child and to give tax protects your child and various protections. Contract with a contract to help build a family. All right. So why, why does the government have to get to contract to contract? I don't look like. Chad. Yeah. Here's the thing about marriage. And here's the thing about polygamy and here's the thing about swinging. And here's the thing about tattoos just talk about it. And I don't know. And I'm just expressing my shelf. There's no harm in whatever. There's just certain things at work and certain things that don't work, which doesn't mean they always work are always don't work, but find large typically people that are married. Have better, happier more fulfilled live, healthier longer. And that's the tick, I don't know, the story about why do I need a piece of paper that says, if you wanna break everything down to that you can. But that's crazy. Because everything in life is pieces of contracts that are pieces of payment. I need a piece of paper. It says I owned this land, right? Exactly. I don't know everything on pieces of paper, that say, oh, the fucking land. I don't need a piece of paper me. No, I can drive a car. I, I wrote a motorcycle and I didn't have a piece of paper and then I got pulled over right? I got my motorcycle towed. So I mean, I remember like a little Doug Stanhope is where he was against marriage is basically equated it to, you know. Staying that. You bet the rest of your life, that you're gonna be lucky or just it's sign don't get married, then chats. Not clear thinker, but it's it's about the children. I not Doug care shat. I don't have a child. I don't walk. Probably shouldn't go off of comedic. Bits terms of. Conduct your life does Doug Stanhope, half one about not wearing a seat belt or riding motorcycle with no helmet. Let's hope not 'cause Chad takes all his cues from Doug stand up bits. Jesus christ. This why used to always refuse to do anything, but completely authentic stories in your comedy because you knew people going to conduct their life based on what you were saying, better be accurate. But I don't know what Chad. Don't ask us things that you don't want to hear the answer. Still just go. Do what you want. I don't care. But I'm telling you statistically people get married are, are healthier, but it doesn't mean it's going to work for you and protection. It's way to increase the probability, what you wanted to focus on education and family. This is a way to improve families, you commit to staying together, and you commit on behalf of the children, great protections for the children, and guess what? That's better. Yeah. But also, when you start going like I don't need the government to tell the government tells you everything as is the government is involved in every facet of your life, completely this notion of, like I don't need the government involved with. With the government's involved with everything all the time, you might as well, if you can have co-pathetic relationship with the government, the government isn't exactly creating the marriage, it's giving you the protections of the marriage, everybody, everybody who does the I don't need, so and so telling me what to do, always a fucking idiot. The women who go like, I don't need a man telling me what I can do with my by. They're always fucking nutty cuts and the guys who go, like I don't need the government telling me, they're always fucking idiots. These are week. These are people who have weak minds. They don't think clearly when they do the I don't need a telling me what to do. They're always have kind of defiance disorder mix with a sort of feeble mind. You know what I'm saying different than we prefer the government not to be involved with fill in the blank piece of my life. That's different than the government telling me. I would like to build on my land and not have the government. Tell me what I can and can't do with my trees that are on my land. That's a little bit different than than this. This is I find it to be a feeble, mindedness. You know what I'm talking about where they just trot, these things out because they're not real argument. They're just sort of feeling that there's kind of defiant, and they're just stating their defiance. Right. And it also argument feels like something they repeat all the time. And also, it's good for other dumb people around you because they not. Yeah. You don't wanna man telling you what you can do with your. It's not a man telling you what you can do with your body, snow Shen, or the government's going to I'm tired of all these big sweeping generalizations. We take these kids. We rip out of their mom's arms throw him in a cage today, or earlier in the week, Okaz Cortez says their concentration camps along. Yes, please. And by the way, just because you're dumb, and you repeat I now know by the way, when people are dumb, and, or lying and or not telling the truth, they stop. And they go like she goes, these are concentration camps on the board. And she like pauses and she goes. Believe me, just because you said a stupid thing twice in a row. Also. When you sort of are focused on the truth, and you're focused on. Things that are based on rally you tend not to stop until people to listen to you again. Like if you say to me. Your portion nine thirty five. I'd go that car one Daytona outright, nineteen Eighty-one, Bobby Ray hall driving. I don't then stop and go. I am telling the truth. Hey one Daytona. I don't do that. If I said it happened, you can look it up done, if you came upon ostrich you would go. I came upon these gates. They were holding people in a concentration camp, right? They were starving you'd go onto score and stopping you know it's a concentration camp. You know why? Because if everything out of your mouth, if our I if our I take is this bitch is nuts, then, of course you have to repeat yourself. People are telling the truth don't have to stop and say, three times, you do your piece mind her. Yes. Hurt thing wasn't suggesting concentrates, hurt thing was like. To stop and say, to leading free television service, streaming one hundred plus television channels thousand movies on demand, completely free. Pluto. Never ask for credit card. You don't even sign up. You just download the app and click and boom, a menu comes up, just like used to sing on your cable, or under satellite feet, and that cable has hundreds of television. Well, plus over hundred seven thousand movies, network television. All they're just crystal clear on your phone, or any device could be on your Roku. Amazon fire, TV apple TV, smart TV, PlayStation, essentially anywhere. You stream you put that Pluto, TV and boom, you have free legal TV than I say free, great way to watch your favorite television shows. Why would you wait you don't ever have to pay for television again download Pluto as I said for free and all your favorite devices? That includes phone Roku, fire, apple smart, TV's, placed anywhere and do checkout, chassis. TV gel, five one seal a bit of the Corolla documentaries there. The cruel channel check it out of Pluto, TV. All right. Maybe Gary find clip. It's always just a moment. Always funny. When people I, I like the part where people repeat it makes me wonder. So what they're saying is they're kind of saying something that sounds far fetched or they wouldn't repeat it right? Like nobody says asked me what I had for breakfast. Would you for half an avocado drew half an avocado like that doesn't sound outrageous? So I don't need to repeat it. That's her whole thing, right, though, is rhetoric and stirring things up, and I guarantee extreme rhetoric just because you say you're serious, or it's true or you repeat. It makes me think it's less likely. I don't know. We'll hear it. Here you go. Gary. States is running concentration camps on our southern border. Gun. Sorry. Sorry. This is CNN video. I didn't watch far enough into give me a moment. We just opened them raising the concentration camps. Who's this which is their Colonel klink down their running them would. What these why don't we speak to the people that are running the concentration camp? Well to be fair Colonel klink ran a POW camp threat, but it was a work camp, wasn't it? Yeah. But we weren't concentration camp. I just weren't putting prisoners to death. Otherwise LeBow would have went a long time ago. Yeah. No, he that was a prisoner of war camp. That was not. That is a luxury okay? Drew. You know, the difference between a federal prison Rikers island and club fed. Yes club. Fed is a prisoner of war camp were Hogan's heroes is concentration camp. God. That's rikers. Okay, good. I'm saying, okay, here it is. The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are. They're concentration camps. All about. Are you? She looked up the definition. Definition cuts. Well, it's exactly what they are exactly to be fair. They're not as many Jews there. But. They're probably more Hispanic. But it's exactly what they are. Okay. Sorry. And if that doesn't bother you I think most people would be bothered if we're opening concentration camps when you drew a half Jew. A place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners, or members of persecute minorities or deliberately imprisoned in relatively small area with inadequate facilities. That's a concentrate often forced labor forced to lay or to await Mathis acution keeps going, all right. Sorry, go ahead. I don't. I like we can have okay, whatever I'm gonna talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity say that we should not that never again something she brought to the gonna be pissed. They don't care about the but they're gonna pissed when this with that cares about the juice that on my show. They're not they're not interested. The Jews are pretty spineless. Sadly, and the Jews are on her side of the aisle. That's the problem they fucking have to go along with it because that's how they think. That's how they vote. They fucked themselves chooser weird. They're weird people. And that's always said. As the great Dennis Prager would say, if they only preached what they practiced. Nobody's more focus on education. Nobody is more family oriented, nobody's more. Law-abiding no-one no-one would tolerate. No, Jew would tolerate their kid dropping out of school or being involved with gangs or violence or any anything would never tolerate a second of it. And then they vote for a OC. It's weird. It's a guilt thing choose. And also, choose wanna be light because they feel like they're constantly disliked, and they don't wanna. Want to raise their voice. Did use are the easiest population to pick on? They'll push back the least they have the least intersection alley. They have no street crab. There's no anything you cannot. You can do anything you want to do you cannot do it to a black man or Hispanic or lesbian. That's you, you, if you are politician, and you get into it with the blacks or the gays or whatever you're throwing a rock at a hornet's nest you do whatever you want. If you're female, and your Hispanic female, you can say whatever you want about us, there may be a little pushback from, you know, smoothly tack or something. But. Moving on. It's not the you will not you're not gonna get this not going to catch. You're not gonna catch the ire of CNN or MSNBC by you Hispanic woman, saying something that's wildly offensive to Jewish population. That's not gonna work. Now you wanna go another direction. You can go another direction, but it's not it's not gonna work. I think they get sanctimony about minorities in about concentrations of power that you. Yeah. Well, what I'm saying is, is, there's groups you have to worry about and groups you don't have to worry about, and thus when Bernie Sanders is giving us an example, about professional athletes, getting paid ten thousand times, more than schoolteachers. He thus picks out baseball as his sport because he doesn't want to go the NBA, because last check I saw the NBA finals. There were ten men on the court and nine and a half of them were black. So he's not going there. See what I'm saying? Bernie Sanders as a Jew is not going there, because he realizes there gets you into trouble big time and fast. You know what I mean? Laura Ingram told LeBron James to shut up and dribble, and that they're went her advertising just left. So you learn quick, don't go there. Choose was the last time someone did something that you. And it's like oh they're advertising on. They've been boycotted. Now, they're out of a whatever. Noticed. I when I'm right, drew stopped talking. I know but there is a microphone in front, happy to say I've leading the words fall spring up black people in jersey. Because truce Jew, and drew doesn't like talking about black people either. He scared he doesn't even know he's scared. He's condition. You've seen grew five bring up black people. Shuts up right why he has a radio show and he doesn't want to go all Laura Ingram on his ass. So he shuts up to you should think more James Ingram unless lauraingraham. Now, have you noticed it? Drew has a setting which is I shut up, when you mentioned, the black population, have you guys noticed that drew, certainly deliberate when topics like this come up? I think he takes time stops talking. Oh, you stop talking when I start talking about the black population start choosing. My been trained dro-. You've been trained because you live in a society that punishes you for this group, but it won't punish you for that group. So you can say what you'd like about white men, all you like or Jewish people or Asians, when you start getting into black community or gay community. You have to start choosing your words and you don't talk because you've been indoctrinated and you've been trained and you have a job and you'd like to keep it. So you must reflect and the reflecting part makes stifles. You. You can play a tape of drew, every if I ever bring up the black community he shuts up. That's reflective. That's pavlovian. You've been taught you've seen what's happened to the rest of your colleagues and you shut up, that's the way it works. You can say drew a coward more what it's more of a training half low vian. He doesn't even know it. Perhaps, I also don't want to hurt anybody or their feelings. Right. You don't have any rabble talking shit about SETI. He needs his feelings. But if he was black. You shut up. I don't think so. Interesting. It wouldn't be ad hominem. That's for sure. You would slow it down. You would slow your roll big time. Yes. Hospital possible. I don't know. I do know. Okay. No, 'cause I sit next you and you're trained to shut up. So that's how it works. So you're ju- you're mail. It's worked on you. That's what I'm saying. She said something that is wildly offensive to the Jewish community and there shall be no blowback because who's going to blow back. Lauraingraham. It's going to blow back. But that's not mainstream. Right. She's not going to have to worry about what she's gonna find on. Good morning, whatever. Tomorrow's gonna turn on the few and have everyone calling are what they should call. Call out on anything, right? She can do what you wants. Okay. No problem. That's why you pick that. You have to be a little weave, you're talking about slavery. You better be a little more careful with what you just throw out there. That's what I'm saying. Okay. All right. Well, we've learned something we've learned that I'm a hero genius Adam Corollas unprepared. That's my stand up show, and I'm coming to town near union, that is Portland helium comedy club, July nineteenth and twentieth. And you can go to AMC role dot com for all the live shows, you want you can go to chassis and see my stand up special there, and I and everywhere else. Drew dot com. Get dark this life all there. So till next time and parole for Dr grew and check out Steve Austin show, Steve, awesome show back better than ever on podcast. One's next time and doctors say Mahala. This is Corolla digital. Ludo TV, the leading free streaming television service watch over one hundred channels and thousands of movies on demand, completely free. Pluto, TV never ask for credit card. You know, and even need to sign up to watch for free political is easy. It's completely legal and it's the best way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies for free in never pay for TV again, by downloading Pluto, TV, not sure what you're waiting for. You can be rolling in a matter of moments. Download Pluto, TV for free on all your favorite devices. Do it today, including your phone and Roku, Amazon fire TV apple TV smart, TV's, PlayStations, and anywhere else you stream. And also don't forget about my channel chassis say, S Y chassis channel number five oh, one it is the best it is pollu- TV. The economy tops, the democrat debate. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. Massachusetts enter Elizabeth. Warren says the Trump economy is great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top, but it has to work for everyone. Former congressman Beto aerobics at about the same thing, but he alternated between English and Spanish ten democratic presidential hopefuls are unstaged tonight, another ten debate tomorrow, house speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's proposing some changes to the four point six billion dollar border aid Bill that the Senate passed today to add new requirements about the care of migrants. The emmigration debate leads to a walk out at online retailer, Wayfair, workers object into their company selling furniture to the contractor that runs a Texas detention center where migrant children are held Facebook. Ceo, Mark Zuckerberg says they're grappling with what to do about deep fake videos? I'm Jacky Quin.

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