Clayton Johnson, Jon Batiste & Faye Dunaway?


The holiday season is happening. Were officially in it. Because it's you know. We're basically at or after halloween. Which means the holidays begun and the first holiday in my holiday season is josh birthday and so i got an birthday. I'm going to speak quietly. Because i got him his birthday gift on this year. I vintage store on solar only on seo stuff like that like vintage special very unique. I also discuss something on for our friend not for the holidays but our friend just had a baby and one of my favorite things to get on. Oetzi are these handmade baby moccasins. And i got her a pair for his tiny feet now and a pair for one. He starts to speed for a little while. I hope she's an okay. She'll get this by the time she hears this year. Gifts will have an extra meaning this holiday season. That's for sure and oetzi is where we go clearly to shop for extra special meaningful gifts that are handmade or handpicked for the people. We love giving a gift from at sea makes the people. We're giving it to feel seen. I think so. I think that's true. And in a world of mass production we love to shop at t gifts that are truly unique gifts that we can't find anywhere else from creative. Handmade pieces like those moccasins. We were talking about two one of a kind vintage ones glasses at. Bobby's getting josh for his birthday to things that are personalized adjust for the people. Were giving them to. I can't wait for josh to see these glasses. Got loved going to be so happy. To see a little moccasins. A little bits feedback goto dot com slash gifts to shop meaningful gifts for the people. You love this holiday season. That's dot com slash gifts. They wanted no welcome to who weekly the podcast. Where you'll learn everything you need to know at the celebrities. Who don't i'm bobby finger weber and quitting the daily mail. The opposite brian. Baumgartner in his twenty twenty top earner on cameo with over one million dollars for recorded shoutouts. I thought that was a pretty delightful finding and also it makes so much sense to me. You know in a way like a total who a favourite from a very specific show watched by old and new people old and young people not new old and young people. Are you new. In a way. There are new people. Gen z sort of their new people. There new there. Now are you new here. Yes and apparently he's known for making very good cameos like he puts a lot of care to them. Because apparently it's a full time job. It's probably more fun than making a podcast like his office. Ladies you know oh you mean like compared to his former co workers exactly if the end of the year payday. Where the same would you choose to make cameos everyday random people or do a podcast once a week with your old co worker. All i would choose the podcast cast over. Let's call it five days a week just doing cameo after cami. No preparation i. I would choose the podcast. I'm sorry like still no edit in come on cameos you remember doing Cameos are rough like year or one day. We've told the story you're at the mercy of people and it's a lot of work to come up with a unique thing for every person. They're all doing the same shed happy. Congratulations i'm just saying it takes like it's tough. It takes skill to be the person who's like really excited about a cameo each time and for how many this guy did like he really has the skill him. We talked about him. We talked about delay hill. There are people who put in the work but it really is. It's hard to put in this work duly. How did not make the top list. The top list was kind of weird. Is he michael. Rapaport rappaport which is why. Why why ryan. Baumgartner make sense. And i don't even watch the office. I'm like oh. I recognize that face. I know that character. I understand why an office. Dan would want this side character as the gold standard. Michael rapaport what are you asking him to say. Like what even is like his. Does he have like a catch. Phrase is a podcast right. That's like his his thing to. I don't know what the draw is eight. I don't know and then you have Shark tanks kevin o'leary which is yeah. That guy needs more money for sure. Actor sean astin. Okay okay Nostalgic perez hilton which is also kind of weird Sonja morgan from real housewives of new york that got to me and singer debbie gibson. That's really showing the age bracket of people who are paying cameos. I know there's more to you have a cure it gilbert godfrey which makes sense to me. Who's james murray. Do you know. He's a comedian. He's one of the impractical. David and anne who t- who i think are like youtube people you to comedian types. Some website estimated how much they made. Although i feel like this is not accurate and then when of happening was i guess the soup soup man from seinfeld was on this list and then he got mad that kamioka revealed what he made and what own. I was like okay. This is just too much drama. This is too much drama because this revealing this information is clearly like pr. you know. It's like well look. How much like like the offices brian. Baumgartner is making a million dollars on cameo like look what you. Meanwhile they take twenty five percent. So i mean they're also making a million dollars more than a million and where they reveal the new york times podcast like not. It wasn't like some bachelorettes podcasts. It was a high profile new york times. Not some bachelorettes podcast. And you know what i mean. Yeah okay. let's not put podcasts. Above other podcasts. On the same shady level here do you want to move onto comments. Yeah this is. Who's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions. Comments concerns share. You don't wanna talk about the lady gaga oreo go. You don't want to discuss it anymore. I wanted to talk about the league. Oriole i didn't want to dwell on the lady gaga or we talked about it for now a month in the four. What i'm saying is i clicked on the near time story. That was headlined we asked why does oriole keep releasing new flavors. It's a story about like it's actually really interesting because it's so obvious because it's like oh because it keeps people interested and always reminds people that the oj is. The best essentially is what the story is about. And so it's like we're constantly just releasing new flavors because number one novelty cells because their trash and because they keep the demand for the regular ones whatever and to be fair to that like assessment. It's honestly true. Like if you try a new oreo flavor and you're like yum yum. It's still like the best. The best one is the. Og like yes. Maybe a little mint a maybe into a little mint but not really. But i still go back to the original. Yeah oh totally. I think this is sort of the nugget here. It says sales or not. The point novelty orioles. According to mr parnell play a much purer role to help drive consumers back to milk's alleged favorite the one hundred year old patrick familiar as the plain old or in other words. The new flavors function as advertisements. The original sales were up twelve percent for novelty flavors. Classic sales were up twenty two percent. Okay that's not the point. I clicked this. Because i was like. I wonder. if they're gonna mentioned the lady gaga orioles. How could they not listeners. They mentioned it in the lead of the story is that why orioles would be topical right now. I get that. They're like topical always are so classic. But i mean we're talking about lady gaga orioles. Because i'm like when can i get one. Oh my god. I signed up. I'm an idiot. i signed up. I sent you the thing for some reason. I signed up for the website. Wait like the lady gaga. Stan army oreo website and it says as a lady gaga x orioles stan club member. You'll be you'll be the first to find out what any news drops and i'm like. What am i even sign up for like a specific stand website for these lady gaga. Although and that is what i am signing for and you can create these oreo grams in which lady says like gimme a cookie or whatever and then like send them to friends or actually can't even send them. I had to screen. I dislike screen. Capture that and send it to. You don't have that on the back end yet. Be careful out there. Be careful out there. Let's go into comments finally okay. Fine islandia bobby Longtime the center. Sometimes i call. This is the second time you discussed the chain smokers. And i think like less than two months and again you have called alex. Now hot one. I don't know if you have the mixed up or you guys actually that but he is widely considered to not be not one drew. The hot chain smoker. If you google chain smokers tonight. We're not eighty. It's babe we don't have the mixed up where we have is. We know who the hot one is. We know the hot one. We've known we now sorry. I'm looking at drew. Taggart like not for me. If he's for you that's great. I just gold. Which which chain smoker is the hottest. Let's see what comes back with this Not really getting any good responses here. No one's really written out. But if you google literally if you go hot chain smoker and you look at google images drew is a lot of them are together because there are a little joined at the hip but win. There is a solo photo. It is drew. The first image result is drew. I'm seeing a lot of them together. I can't make a really can't make a call from this one. I wonder together. My eyes keep very towards the hot one. So it's not the hot one. He's not he's not no sorry. We've made our decision. Our decision is final. Multiple calls multiple calls about wrong. You're wrong no in weekly cannon. We make the rules. And he's not the hot ones so we know the hot one is. His name is alex. Andrew alex's name is alex. Be much lady gaga. Oreo looking at photos of alex. Paul being like these people are crazy lady gaga oreos and my dream my fantasy right. Okay next call. Hey so. I'm sure they get this call like fifty times but chris. Massey is a person who's a who. He was an actor if zoe one and his brother tile massey's who from that so reason inquiry in the house so Make with that. What you will inch krenz. There is an actor deemed. Chris massey christmasy christmasy like in the hallmark slash. Lifetime movie. i got which now. I already forgot what it was on. Maybe lifetime maybe hallmark. Whatever and he is an actor. He's best known for being on zoe. win on. this show keeps going back to zoe one and one for some reason. I can't believe we have even another's away when one call what you should play just right after this because you have to connect them. But i remember his brother kyle massey. He was cory in the house. Remember that show cory in the house third. Yes his name was kyle. i guess. Apparently he had a brother named chris and they were also on the parkers. They had a music video called that they released under the name. The massey boys according to wikipedia. Don't remember this and prissy music of his own but he was known for being on. Zoe went to one and some ads. Commercials or whatever. So it's true. There is a kris massie. A chris. Christmasy bobby lindsay. It's calling. I am listening to your episode from this week. And you're talking about szanto jeffries. And i need you to discuss the zoe. Wanna one revival. That was like produced by her or she was involved with or she produced like the theme song updated the theme song by jamie spears and there was a lot of tiktokers. Were a part of this event and it was like very strange. Sort of like a not a revival but reunion band but somehow entirely focused on tiktokers. I don't know very confusing. I saw it On my news feed awhile ago and and needed to learn more so if you could discuss bath angle of jeffries. I would love to understand why she was involved with that project so Thank you crunch. Crunch love you. This is question slash comment. It's mostly a comment was like beyond like my time like i miss that i was. It was so far beyond our time. We didn't engage with that. But i understand it and also i remember when we talked about jamie lynn spears being not new show like Sexy knockoff knowle's sleep. Magnolias magnolia jamie. Lynn spears room. Zoe so i know care about her and i know people care about this show. I personally don't but apparently people hated this. This like the united. They did like a whole production. It wasn't even like oh we're doing zoom reunion. It's like g gorgeous. Was there who has nothing to do with the original so many had nothing to do. I guess it's like they put in people who cared about the original your naming like at like actresses who were the age that they watched zoe one. Oh one is that joe. Was that the point. If that's the point it's not made explicit in the video. Yeah it's a weird video. The video was is sort of massey is in it. They were capitalizing on. They were capitalizing on like kovic reunion trends or people were like we're going to do a zoom or union but this is also sort of tied by the press. The skits is that not only did. They reunite to redo the theme song. Which really isn't a redo. It's just like a slightly remixed version by shantelle jeffries. Who's a dj. Who did all that. She's in the video too but like unclear what her role is in zoey. One wanna one. No she was not so like. She's literally there to do the song like she's supposed to do this. I made the song. Okay interesting in the video. She her role is like. I'm the assistant director or something. She's like pretending to be a director. With jamie lynn spears. It's really just a video for this new remake of the song. The lyrics aren't change. You can see the comments which we'll get into in a second comments are confused. Because they were. I thought you would at least re-write the lyrics but they didn't and so i thought to answer to the main question that the caller had which was why shantelle jeffries i thought well. Maybe they were friends because they seem like they're the same age sort of similar vibes. No because i watched an interview with them. Or i wasn't sure if this is the one i watched the one i read. But jamie's like we had to talk over zoom and see if we had chemistry like jamie sorta reveals that it's not like they were old friends. It's unclear why shantelle was involved. It's also weird because they literally left out people who definitely would have been in this who were in the just and replace them with tiktok like victoria justice who literally just released a single. Did you notice that like she a new song a song and definitely would have done press like whatever would have reunited for the press. At least i mean. I don't know i'm just saying like austin butler was on. This show victoria. Justice was on the show and they missed a lot of them and kind of like quote unquote replace them as the common said with these like tiktokers you know. Yes so the comments read. It's going to read some choice. Comments that are up at the top of the page zoe. This happened in late october. They released this. Zoe went two one with my childhood. I don't understand why tiktok our so called influencers have to ruin it. This is a disgrace in an absolute disappointment. Cure rosa said. I can't believe you all couldn't wait for victoria. Alexa paul and kristen but got some relevant tiktokers instead cheap. Aj says i'm confused by whatever this was lexi h am i the only one that doesn't understand why josie watson this lexi h you are. Not reese william says as a huge fan of one. I was highly disappointed in this quote reunion guy. Haskins says you're not much of a fan and spiderman response to guy haskins and says you're not much of a fan if you like this childish nonsense to keep but real fans would recognize hard work and talent to recreate the song video. Really don't but like it is kind of crazy that they left out some of the main stars like a. I don't really know a ton about the show but like if you go to the media it's the people are mentioning like paul and alexa or whatever or like a main characters main. Not they're like second build you know and so. I was watching these videos of zoe. Promoting this video and along with chantal. Jeffries and i realized what was actually happening was that this is sort of like as far as i can tell. This is like stepping putting their toes in the water. They're testing the waters. To see. If a reboot will make sense because janey says this and one of the interviews halfway through on a play the clip for you here and the fans were very upset about it so we. It was great that we did this music video. 'cause we actually got real feedback from the fans. It's like what they want and they really want that. Oh jeez zoe vibe. So that's what we it was. When we're having those created conversations about moving forward with the show it was nice to be able to give that feedback like look. We have proved right here. Look at what the fans are saying they want. Is that what jamie lynn spears sounds like. That was my next topic of conversation. I did not know that was her voice. How does she still have accents. Honey i love it. Louisiana today live in louisiana or something also god. I just remembered. I was looking at this way one wikipedia and the guy who created it is like sketchy as fuck dan schneider member all those allegations like oh about shady with like young actresses because he created all these young people like this show. Like i don't like i just feel like this is absolutely not going to happen. I do believe that zoe is having talks. I believe that she's down to do it. But if i mean the lizzie mcguire reboot is officially not happening. I can't see them doing what i want you know. Why would they started on the lizzie. Mcguire even this video clearly shows if it's a proof of concept it's not what Hail hilary duff and lizzie. Mcguire reboot team. Wanted for that show. That show has its had it on. Its own kind of failure of concept if you have been following along. It's like hillary duff straight up wanted lizzy mcguire to like be a mature adult. Like you know what i mean and no one else did. And i think that's where things went crazy. Yeah but you can read about that if you want so we're talking about hey hobbies so I was just hit the pause hardware. You guys were talking about the jobs because Speaking of like children of giants Bill gates's daughter jennifer gauge is also a Like horse girl. She's an equestrian but also she also graduated from stanford which is like. I guess they're just like that's the path that you go on if you were the daughter of attacks billionaire or something anyway Apparently against each other according to this article for business insider anyways Inside french french. Yeah so eve. Jobs and jennifer gates have competed against each other in equestrian events which is crazy to me. Their father's competed against each other in the tech world. The tech sphere no. It's very pirates of silicon valley. Very very but we got a few calls. That are being like. Oh she's this girl's not the only nepotism and they're all covered in on the website horse and hound dot co dot uk. Because i was reading. I kept googling them in. this website. kept coming up. I'm being like. I have ten things you gotta know about jessica springsteen a gay you know horse horse lover and i was like i'm reading all these reading. All of these horse and hound horse and hound. I what does that make you think of. Oh nottingham go. Ding ding ding. Orson hound right to films. Great and I just was wondering whether you ever thought of having more Horses in it. Well we have liked to but it was difficult. Obviously being sent in space. I mean does this surprise me like horseback riding is like the most expensive maybe not the most. I'm sure people could name whatever just feels like the most expensive sport you could get into the costs involved in learning how to do this crap crazy now. I knew someone called my friend. Because i haven't seen them in forever. But i knew someone whose mother worked in horse sperm sales. And i was like what. Yeah 'cause horse sperm. And so they need someone to harvest. I collect collect ca because she collects it like you actually unlv. I mean that was among her. Many jobs the stables but it's so expensive like if you go to of course semen dot guests no guests. How much like a like. I don't even know a bucket. i don't know like a vial of vile of horse burmese. We're talking. we're talking like a around thousand dollars plus for every like well. Yeah book again. I don't really know out teams come. It's not that much and it doesn't surprise me. And i think they have. Obviously they have places you can go to breed your horses with. Yeah bucket of sperm. That you've i can't with the with what you've purchased. Yeah of course. I mean that's a whole industry very genuinely suggest you look at these websites because the they provide like will they provide. It's fascinating they provide like Entire history so it's like oh. This is helium. there's this particular breed of horse and their mom did this and their dad did this. And they like no all the the family history of these horses and like oh. This is good stock. This is why this particular specimen is thirteen hundred dollars as opposed to like some bullshit six hundred and fifty dollar bucket a sperm. It's it's funny. It's interesting and i was like. Oh well good business. Good business anyway next call. Hey lindsay bobby. I have An additional theory to kind of help support your case as to why tintern foul follows. Cheryl cole I do think that probably it wasn't a steak for the finger in a search in my only Kind of supplemental theory. I guess to yours. You know tina. Turner lives in a castle in switzerland. So is the search function of instagram. Like the have the geo location into account when i when searching coming because maybe you know since she's closer to the uk. In switzerland share cheryl cole is the popular than maybe share is at this given tignes. Maybe show called came up. I i don't know just just another theory Crunch crunch think we got tweets about this too great theory. I love this. This is this is great. These great theories. Totally i mean. We only tested the search function like within our own phones. Meaning like geo tagged to here. So share came up first. But you're right. Maybe if you're abroad. Maybe if you're in switzerland honestly do i even think that tina turner herself was doing the following. I don't know we don't know where the person who's doing the following we've been we've been over this with dion we've been over this with other people with their social media like eight. It's not. we're not entrepreneur. That tina was the one who even set this thing up. Should we actually use this as a way to talk about the email that we got. I'm not sure i don't. I don't want to reveal this person identity but somebody did email us a link to the social media company that seems to be the one hundred percent sure. It's the one who started the elf on the shelf. The celebrity on celebrity mean because literally they represent all of the celebrities who were the ones that started spreading this thing so clearly they were in the background being like okay. We're gonna post this here. We're going to post this here. Here's mark ruffalo. Here's nicole kidman. Here's what of that like we. It's clear lindsay sends me a link and i it feels weird even say the name of the company but like i not okay. Well she sends me a link to this place called digital media management and it's literally digital media management dot com and lindsey goes. Just watch the first video like no context out of nothing this morning. And i'm watching the video and it's this sort sizzle reel and as people appear onscreen. It's all the people from the terrible mean down to kate. Walsh and i was like oh. I immediately put it together. I was like these are the people who did the terrible mean. We have our proof. We have proof literally starting with elizabeth banks. It's just putting that there were literally called. Dm called digital media management. They're the most innis as we were talking about these companies being kind of unassuming on purpose. They're the most unassuming company that does this role. But okay we don't need to. I mean we don't need to but it was. It was to have something approaching proof. Go yeah. I think we're pretty much. I think we're pretty much convinced that this was a A scheme and. I hope you're happy. Let's move on to questions if you think you may be depressed. You're feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Better help online. Counseling offers licensed professional therapists. Who are trained to listen and to help with issues including anxiety grief. Depression relationship conflicts difficulty sleeping. Lgbtq matters trauma anger family conflict self esteem and more simply fill out a questionnaire to help. Assess your specific needs and then get matched with your counselor in under forty eight hours easily schedule secure video or phone sessions plus exchange ltd messages to communicate with your therapist at your convenience. Everything you share is confidential. If for any reason you're unhappy with their counselor you can request a new one at any time at no additional charge. Join the one million. Plus people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced better health counselor. Better help is an affordable option in our listeners. Get ten percent off your first month with discount code who get started today at better help. Better h e l p dot com slash who talked with therapist online and get help lindsay. Bobby a boy. I went to high school with is engaged to lana del rey I couldn't believe it when i saw the headline on page six He was the cutest boy in school. He played water polo though She was like a puppy dog. Like a golden retriever. But he was so nice And i'm really really happy for him and for lana I sure that he makes her very happy surmounted. But it's pretty funny to think of her hanging out with his family in modesto california literally the armpit of the world Good point bella. Thorne and who. The fuck is clayton. Johnson and wire here in london. That seems weird is know the top high. I just got out sorry long long. Time too distracted. But i just got an email from us weekly. That long ago raised engaged with them winning clean. Johnson and i scream because i went to youth group with him And i had no idea that he was standing on adult right He's an he wasn't army but he was definitely very hot and youth group. I think it seems like he moved to. La is musician. But i definitely had a crush on him and knew him as a team. And i feel i just. It's not interesting. I just had to call you by you. Know all right so we honestly don't even doing anything further like this guy is hot. This guy is nor me and this guy is allegedly according to us weekly us weekly is confirming it which is crazy us weekly us. We can confirm these two are engaged because a source told us. Even though lana del rey has not commented or said anything about it and then the other websites are all saying like allegedly allegedly allegedly but like e. news is saying according to people according to us weekly. She's engaged so like i don't really understand how they must have a very solid source because i'm just saying like they're saying the coffee tale like they started dating in august when they fall each other on instagram. Or something and maybe they. We think they met on updating app. We think we think they on riot which araya tracks and now. She's wearing a a ring on her ring finger. Which like some be. I'm like that doesn't mean you're engaged. But i guess like they've they've confirmed i think it means they're engaged the way she wore the ring. She wore the ring for attention like she grabs the mike because she was on jimmy fallon show and perform a song grabbing the mic. With the rang the photo of her sort of like doing bird wings where she's like. Ea and her hands behind her Everything's intentional like none of the none of the shots of the rings at the fans. Have our mistakes timmy. They read like very intentional. Like pseudo subtle reveals of the ring. If this is a lie like what the hell sorta of fucking lie at to come up with clayton johnson as the fiance came out of left field. I just don't it's too ridiculous to be ally. i knew whatever it is. I'm just happy. She's not engaged. That cop like that guy sean larkin. He was no good. I'd rather be with like a like a cutie. Little puppy dog nor me dude from modesto than that weird cop that weird famous cop who hosted the terrible show. You know just the worst and so does it surprise me at all that lana had a rushed engagement that she literally met this guy an app and then got engaged him a few months later not at all not in the slightest no. She's sort of revealed herself to be a real kind of like ignorant idiot over the past like nine months. I mean i mean. She's had a lot of bad press for understandable reasons. Why not just like have some like random normally hunk. Yeah truly why not so. Who is this guy. His name is clayton johnson. He is a musician. He has performed in many many bands in. he's got like the. He's a real hometown hero. This guy. he's done it all. I feel like he's been in bands with his two brothers as the caller said chantrey and connor. Chantrey is also a musician. Chancery gantry chantrey when you look at shanties bio i think he's like i think he's like a one of those people like one of those like working who's like guitarist for sort of whoever needs a guitarist because it's like totally played guitar applied he's played guitar for demi levato studio. He's a yeah and i think that's sort of a clayton. Johnson was up to two because he's been so many he was brought into this band. This very to weeny bopper band called Studio sunrise a lot of people. Because i guess stereos skyline opened for good charlotte third and maybe the jonas brothers or something like they were like lot of people really tweet like people we follow or whatever tweet like oh my god not stereo skyline. Like they remember them. If you were a disney tween in two thousand eight you were like oh you loved these guys. You loved these. I'm i remember going to see bands. When i was at that very precious age and the openers would always be the guys that you kind like follow and we're like i saw them. I i knew them. I you know like they were like i saw black eyed peas open for no doubt. And i like mike. Ip's like and it was like very early them. It's funny because they're yo yeah. It was early early for pre furger post for. But i think it was post burgh but it's funny stereo skyline. He's from a desktop but the band was from east meadow which is where my mom was born. Really yeah long island zone. are first known for the song uptown get around and it was in the suite. Life movie like the sweet life was zack. And cody on a play a clip of this terrible song right now because i cannot believe it inside ads. You never cool. Did a lot of members lot of members lot a lot of people so clayton was only in it for a couple of years. He was brought onto the guitarist. He's sort of like if we're talking about a classical handsome norms. He's the hottest one of all of them will he. They gave him the like kind of haircut to fit in with them but he clearly is a honk gave him the haircut to fit in with them to sort of like flat iron bangs with ski sides and sort of like feathered everything really weird very specific and they gave him that haircut and his like hungriness seemed to reject it like million the photos. You can tell him. There is definitely revolting playing the guitar in the background he left. I think literally a year after he joined because he wanted to start a thing with another guy from there. That went nowhere called black. And i'm gonna play this. Listen to this clip. I loved the description of this clip. That i found black because not much context from black. It's a failed little side project but the description. I found an interview with this website. Buzz net and buzz net is interviewing clayton. And who was the other guy. Some something Brian maddox talking about black and the description is last week. Michael danny vitale. And i interviewed the music. Do a black. It was so much fun being able to interview the guys in black considering. Brian is my boyfriend. Clayton his brother. This this is black first interview since leaving their old band stereo skyline. Hope you enjoy be sure to check out there. I'm using music. I mean the only black is recognized in band is b. l. a. q. u. e. Sorry yes they're the only ones lack nice. You can't be b. L. a. c. No no you are you. You're the hell out of here. I feel like the last thing we need to say about. This person is when. I posted the video on who yesterday and tweeted the the video. Someone who doesn't follow weekly the tweet and re tweeted it with a quote honestly. It's an upgrade from the men. She dated before which is true. That's what i'm saying. It's like i we. Have you know as lana fans who think a lot about her and like her music but are very confused by everything else she does in her live the mash mask etc the office yet but also the not understanding black lives matter notes app. She posted earlier this year. And all of that and it's we're we're always looking for like who's the real lana. What's the truth. Because she's kind of a nick ma right but like i guess ultimately what we always come back to us that she's like super nor me like her kind of taste and her aesthetic and her whatever like even though she put on this kind of like pinup girl five she always like it makes sense for her to live in southern california and data guy from modesto himmy like this kind of basic studio guitarist with pop punk history. Make all make sense like really really makes sense. Okay so this is future bobby. I couldn't actually end with that. Because while i was looking up. More footage of this guy clayton. I was like what's the earliest instance of these to being mentioned together. And i guess fans had put together. They were dating before the media. Did you know there are very good at finding photos and like connecting the dots so at some point it seems like lana stan's emailed this youtube tarot person who goes by clear path guidance and tarot on youtube. And they asked how lana del rey and clayton. Johnson's relationship is going if it would last and this person made a thirteen minute long video about it and here's a clip. I mean spoiler alert. They don't think it's gonna last. Hello everybody and welcome to clear path. Guidance and tarot. I'm gonna do update on land delray and clayton. I've had a few people email me wanting update on them. They are now. I guess dating i did a couple of ratings on them and Never felt anything going on. I don't know if it's because there wasn't and right now it's starting up. There was my dog every time i start doing video. He does this. So i don't know if i just don't feel that there's a connection here between the two of them I'm surprised that they're dating. I have gone online to see pictures of the tool of the. I can't find anything between the two of the high who weekly I have a little holiday time mystery for you So i work for a company in the us that is having some sort of grim and nominated person in for virtual holiday party. And we're not a big company so it's definitely a who and we've been provided clues so that we can slough out who it is I'm really bad at googling. And you're really good at googling. Might like to try to figure out who it is As like a fun little guessing game. Okay so the clues. We received two so far. Are it's a grammy nominated special. Surprise guests They've performed with the greats. Such as stevie wonder prince. Willie nessin nelson lenny kravitz and edgier in and they've been featured in ad campaigns for chase bank apple. Watch kate spade and coach to name a few anyways I would love if you could use your powers for good and helped me figure out who this who who is in advance of our holiday celebrations. So i can decide whether it's worth than multiple hours all right. Thanks bye crunch crunch. This call came in. I was like. I'm in national treasure. This is my moment. I have to find out who this person is like. This is such a fun game. I know you got on immediately. Like i didn't even hear this call and you'd already kind of started sleuthing who it is but then there was a twist. The caller provides all this information right. It's like grammy nominated stevie wonder prance willie. Nelson lenny kravitz. Ed sheeran. that's a weird variety of people by any on run. Any of a one off performance blah blah blah blah nominated. I thought was very important. So then like campaigns for kate spade apple watch coach. Okay so my gendered sexist brain is like it must be a woman so i start looking up ad campaigns i because i was like the number of people that they have performed with this too broad for me to really like find a needle in that. Haystack someone start with the ad campaigns. So i started looking at ad. Campaigns for apple watch like apple watch doesn't do many celebrities. I found a couple of that was like every apple. Watch commercial ever. I was watching it. And i see like selena gomez once it was like selena gomez. Maybe it's leaning us know. That doesn't really count nick. Jonas so nick jonas the first name that pops out and i was like fuck. It's nick jonas. I find that he's performed with some of the people that they mentioned in a way. He was grammy nominated. He's ever won that's him. I even text the caller. I'm pretty sure. It's nick jonas. But i'm gonna figure this out on the call me episode. It's famous is little too famous for what she describes what the caller said when they texted back they were like. I don't think our company can do nick. Jonas colleague was gracious to your prediction but did not think so. Yeah so what i do is what's so stupid is that i fall into this whole i sir trying to find like every possible kate spade ad that i can think of because i'm like kate spade is going to be the way in here still rough. It's not helping me out. And so i listened to the call again. I'm just like i need that. A hamam like what. Can i fucking do here. This is stupid l. look at all. These coach adds nothing. And then i realized i'm an idiot. They just named so many people right. They named so many brands including chase. Because i saw nick. Jonas also did a chase at. That wasn't anything that made me that. Meeting jonasson huh. I'm fucking it says right in the call. I don't want google so i'm like okay. This person is a who like the caller said because their company is not powerful cheese code. Exactly it's chico. The answer is right in front of me if you are a who. There's probably a very explicit and detailed bio of you somewhere. I bet you that this company is lazy and just pulled it from something. They googled and so i just typed in stevie wonder prince. Willie nelson lenny kravitz appalachian chase and then at the end. Grammy nominated and guess what i fucking found numb almost near the top google result. John batiste because somewhere on some website on the internet he gave someone a bio and the bio was all of that ship. Right and i was like. Oh it's him. I'm kate spade at his co. chat. I found all the stuff that he's appeared. And yes he is a fucking musician. He's a jazz musician. He is the bandleader on the late. Show the teams. He's played with so many musicians for because he's this extremely classically trained musician. Who played every co bears bandleader for a good amount of time. Yeah so i was like oh god this is a stupid. I spent an hour looking this and it was the easiest thing in the world and that makes more sense than nick makes much more sense. It's true yes it's so job. Tees up play some of his music here. It is gotta say stunning so enjoy Got to be him. There's no way it's not him to the caller tell us a for raw. I mean you have to know if you're wrong. But i think he talks us. Yeah he's everywhere in terms of like brands because he does do a lot of ad campaigns and stuff. he's also an actor he was in tra may. Did you know that. He developed his piano skills by taking classical music. Lessons and transcribing songs from video games such as street alpha final fantasy seven and sonic the hedgehog. Ooh he transcribed the my favorite. Sonic the hedgehog music the the metal level. What's it called lawler obsessed with. Oh it's called lake them. Metalzone medal level. Hold on i got gotta have. We played on the podcasts green hill zone. It's not green zone. It's called early enough. To scientist played is called green hill zone. The gianbattista played chemical plant. Yes carrying let's play it. Yeah tell me. That's not like a charlie. Come on like somebody. Cover the chemical plant zone level music. It is fucking amazing teeth. I know you're out there listening. He's from new orleans. Which explains if you're into jazz. Because he grew up around it but he literally grew up because so many people in his family where musicians but like we said he went to juilliard which really helps explain why he's performed with so many people i was google imaging him and i found him with the same. I was dating one. Because i google i google image him. I mean if it's who we have to talk about like if they're because like we always have if they are dating we must. I found the same person in all these photos. And i was like not to jump to conclusions but it seems like this might be his girlfriend turns out of this his girlfriend and she's sort of like pseudo famous. She's not really a who but she's notable who i would call gianbattista who this person who not the same. But she's notable her name asuka jawad. She's a writer. Actually remember comes out next year. And i saw that lizzie. Gilbert lizzy gobert loved it lizzie over it. Got the lizzy. Gobert seal of approval says this is a deeply moving and passionate work of art. Quite unlike anything. I've ever read. I will remember these stories for years to come because silica jawad has imprinted them upon my heart. That's like imagine wanting a better blurb so okay so she wrote this memoir about how she survived like a terminal cancer diagnosis when she was in her twenties and so now she's like a motivational speaker and she goes on the radio and talks about like what she learned from her. Brush with death. She did a tedtalk. That's very popular and famous. She launched some thing that got kind of popular at the beginning of the pandemic called the isolation journals. I went to the website. It's like a fully fleshed out blog slash website slash newsletter where she like speaks about isolation and loneliness in this way that's connected to the pandemic so it's like you have these two very creative people who were in this honestly very new yorkie cutie relationship I love a call just opens the door to to people. I'd never heard of 'cause. I don't really want to the late show and i never really. I wouldn't have been able to name this guy by nine. That's how i actually remembered him. I was like oh. Isn't that the like the guy who was the bandleader on the late show. Well thank you caller and also you're welcome galler that sam. Welcome collar the holidays. Can you believe. I mean. I know where there's a very Love lights hannukah situation. There's a very love lights on. Because you're not i see it. I believe it as someone who doesn't collect dribbles as marilu henner does and the movie Tonka and does celebrate christmas. I'm like really thinking about christmas gift right now. And it's hard not seeing your family. Not seeing your friends and i know a good one from personal experience. A great gift especially appropriate. Whenever it's hard to see people a story worth. I mean that sincerely it's an online service in your loved ones share stories through provoking questions about their memories and personal thoughts. Fun new way to engage with family especially those he can't burson which may in fact be all of them so the way it works. You probably used this by now. Every week they get a prompt telling him to like reminisce about something like questions. You'd never think to ask. And then the answer those questions every week for a year all those stories are compiled into a little book that they get. It's a keepsake book. They can give to their family. Their friends their grandchildren. Like whoever they wanna give or they can. Just keep it for themselves and you can give your loved ones. The gift of spending time together wherever you live with story worth get started right away with no shipping required by going to story worth dot com slash. Who get ten dollars off your first purchase. That story worth dot com slash. Who for ten dollars off. Highlands and bobby I'm sure you've gotten probably tons of cross about this. But what is going on with press hilton. He got banned tiktok or something. And he's crying to charlie demilio to bring him back. I don't get. I don't understand what's happening and i need to know and i don't read anything about it. Thanks chris. crunch. Give credit to president hilton at least for this small thing. Which is he's toxic on every platform he and were you going with this. Yeah well it just didn't. It's honestly incredible. I mean the dude has been toxic now for twenty years. I mean like nonstop everywhere at least everywhere. He takes his energy. He's like how can i make this place. The most toxic version of what it is tiktok is defined by the people who are on and present and it was like you know. I'm going to take what they're doing. Use it and then also add my own topic behavior and make it fully disgusting and so disgusting that all of the teams don't even know who the fuck i am. Realize talks guy am and then petitioned for me to get removed from the platform successfully successfully. And i think some people are like. Oh this says a lot talks just willing to remote to ban people for no reason data. It's like you don't know president. And then because even though i didn't really see what he was doing on tiktok i think i counted at a time and i was like i was never showed me this content again. Never shown me this content again. I have a feeling from knowing everything there is from what he's done before is that he was being terrible. He was literally bullying teenagers literally. Teenagers right what did he say he was like. This is inappropriate for fifteen roles like he was. He was truly being like the adult in the room. And it's like just like leave the room. Why don't you just leave the room instead of being the adult in the room. It is weird. Because i think about this a lot because like yes. Sometimes we in our where to people in our thirties and yes. Sometimes we talk about teenagers to like. And i am and you wanna make sure that you're not just like two old people like saying mean things about teenagers so something like this. I'm always like oh interesting. But i think press holton. It's like he's an anomaly like he always finds the way to be the most toxic literally can't help himself even in this even in this profile that he he did for the new york times he ends up being like wine. Press helton and like i can do my shtick anywhere. Like i'm bigger than one app. Like people will seek me out. It's like i'm excited for the feature. It's like i don't know. I after after sobbing in a youtube video to have charlie demilio reinstate him on tiktok. It's just like he knows that was a stunt and he knows that he can do this stunt over and over again until the end of time. I mean i think he's gonna dig on cameo because now as you learn earlier in this episode. He's making big bucks on. Cameo people are fucking hiring this guy to send messages to their friends and family but you know he's also got his website. He's got all this stuff in the book. He loves the attention he doesn't feel like it's negative attention for making video where he's about getting back on tiktok you know. I think that's the point like he's extremely the boy who cried wolf to me like he always will be. It's really hard. i mean. It feels callous away. But like you show me a video of someone like pouring their heart out and sobbing over the way they were treated and i might feel a little bit of sympathy regardless of who it is but he's burned so many times i don't i don't believe it. I just don't believe it. I'm like you know you know how this works would be doing this for fifteen years. It's hard for me to feel sympathy for this guy. And he well he does like also he's always for selling fake ernest society. Kind of like thing where he a good guy on. It's like come on like come on like you invented. This kiss gossip this type of gossip reporting that spread throughout the internet. That is now considered to be like fully toxic. And this is because of what you were doing it so weird. It's so strange. But he has actual fans he has real. He is a real fandom like. I'm looking at a video that he posted with the title is this is one of the most powerful things i've ever done and it's like he now he's going all pasi okay. He's going all policy and people in the comments like go peres like good energy way to have the good energy and i'm like who is out of your standing present and do all that money in the new york times story from a seventeen year old tiktoker with quote nearly twenty thousand followers. Their name is grace honeycutt quote. I think it was a good decision for him to be banned. He used his platform to just throw around drama which was not a good thing to use his platform for. It's like thanks. Grace honeycutt seventeen year old tiktok but nearly twenty thousand followers shot at the taylor runs. Who wrote the new york times piece about this. And think that's really. There's all the say. I don't know i find pres- hilton so fascinating i just i. You know there's a lot there's a lot there and she's still around. You only know if you know you only know if you were there You know when. I was in college refreshing that blog relieving his blog talking about it with my friends. And all that like. It's but even perez was. I feel like we had similar blog. Consumptions of that in the mid and even perez was never really my shit like you read it because it was there but like dealer was where i went like a it could be really nasty too but even then you recognize that there was a difference between those two things that perez was always a little meaner and nastier and it wasn't as fun of course but the novelty of how he did. It was something i don't know i don't want to discount it and i don't wanna i don't wanna be dishonest about my own shade shady consumption habits when i was like getting i until like internet got like celebrity gossip and like you know you know whatever it is yeah feels weird until like i just looked on the paris hilton hotel for the first time in forever. It just feels to scroll through that. It's still just feels so dated and lost in time okay. Let's play a quick game of who are them to end this high. Who weekly truly my favorite. Podcast i mean is vain low. A who or them and also how did he become. This person. does apple own him. They don't have anyone else to enter such a weird drive and he. I don't know just such a peculiar way to live one's life And i just can't see us as to how he became this person. Like why not just have other interviews sometimes apple. Okay thank you goodbye. I don't think it's a weird job. I think it's a great job. it's like. Yeah he probably has one of the best jobs and radio and this dude hosted a radio show on bbc for from two thousand and three to fifteen. Like he's like i think the reason why and if this kind of what asking why apple like uses him a lot is because he has this genuinely long and good relationships with artists and they want to talk to him and i think that's the number one thing that apple's spotify whatever would want in somebody to host a music show they're like oh we want somebody who will bring in the musicians. Who are excited to talk to low. It's like part of the album release rollout. I guess he's less. He's kind of less famous here. But i think all anyone who really listens to music like no who like knows who he is. Because he's always attached people's rollout str- at practice or whatever and i didn't know journeys from new zealand he's new zealand he's koa i- but as who are them. I guess one two three them them. Yeah how many radio them's are there in two thousand twenty not many. I think there's a lot of people who are like this person is a local them to me. 'cause like i grew up regional radio on the radio but like in terms of like a kind of yeah i mean. I don't know it's like him and like in in in the uk. I always think of grimmie. Nick grimshaw to as being low. Yeah yeah because he's always doing those interviews my hometown radio heroes sonny anderson who is now a food network chef sunny in the morning. She was a radio host before she was a food network. Chef mine was matty in the morning for kiss one. Oh eight mattie siegel matt siegel host of matty in the morning. Kiss one away. That was the morning show. That was the pop the pop. I think he's still hosting it. I don't know. I haven't checked in with him in a while. No he's still. He's still hosting it. Since nineteen eighty-one he's seven years old. I've almost i mean i use spotify. This is not as spotify podcast and this is not an ad. But like the one thing that because i'm not going to pay for fucking both of those things the one thing that's almost gotten to pay for apple music over spotify is beats radio. Radio is cool as hell. I liked that. They have presenters and apple radio rules and i. I think that's why apple people would do apple streaming over spotify. That's the only reason sponsor radio is kind of has it but apple radio. Pretty cool quinn. When gaga did her radio show. Nikki did her radio show yearly. They do a good job getting people to really sign up and give a show the our good friend. Sean is a big stan of the koenig show time price which is only on apple anyways right. Hi lyndsay. I'm bobby margot martingale. Who is them. Margo martindale who were them. One two three who get out of here. I think it's because people are up. We've talked about this before people always makes up with a with an with an. Oh ann dowd and out. It was a huge for a while. You remember this. I'm not saying it for the first time. But she's also like a character actor she's meant to she's always meant to blend in. I think more recently. She's having a breakout of the vibe. But that's always she's always blending in was previously on retainer than my mouth So i think they might have like enter your lazy. Hear me or veterans getting through I just want to ask you. Albert brooks was a who were them I would argue that. I don't know my son. Younger gen z ash. Kids might not ever have decide finding nemo dad But i think it's an potential at one time so curious to hear you to say turn food chewing food says the person who called doc about their retainer for the first half albert brooks who were then i. This is tough. Because i feel like even weird too young to have been around like during peak albert brooks time of the eighties. But i do feel like. He had a resurgence because he his movies run. The criterion and people were kind of watching all them on criterion. But i guess. That's like a niche audience. And that wasn't everyone but just felt like there was like this conversation around albert brooks movies of recent. That was extremely niche. That was extremely. I did watch them books movies. I'd never seen before and it was great. Great albert brooks. I guess most famously for me insist broadcast news. You know modern daddy nemo daddy ending your life right playing the daddy nemo is the millennial brooks reference that is it. Yeah that's it for us. Well the caller said that the caller did. But i one two three. But like i'd be willing to say he was eighties them. He was maybe early nineties them. I'm willing to believe it but right now. I don't think that it. Because we were talking about tina turner and cher where there were like warwick where it's like the half-life has longer i guess go the half-life our our brooks a little shorter right. I just feel like he's he. He literally made the mold and yeah still. I think that he's not like he's been a little forgotten in terms of like a new generation. I'm gonna play the clip of albert brooks singing that one song and broadcast news because it always makes me laugh among jews juicy portland resulting deal decisively. Such do i was watching i watched. What's the one where defending your life and this is literally ripped off by every single thing. That's come out in the past five years like it's the good place it's like so many things have ripped that thing off anyway. Sorry there it's just like it's hilarious. I will i really like the good place until the last season. When i grew to almost hate it and then i had watched defending your life and in that interim and then i almost hated it more because i was like defending your life. Does everything good places so much more efficiently and quickly and in a more heartwarming way. It's like oh you can actually do this without. Cgi dozen such a more creative way like how good the food is and how big a part of the movie that is. It's like to do you. Don't need to make it look crazy or any sort of graphics or like show. It's just like unique things to appear. You just need a lady to bring you a plate of eggs. They look amazing and him go. This is the best eggs every in my whole life last last. Watch defending your life if you haven't last Who were them. Hey ramsey bobby. This is sam landis time listener i think third time caller So i manage a boutique in jacksonville. Florida and the craziest thing just happened to me. And i had to call you guys. Because i the only people who understand So being jacksonville. We don't usually get a lot of celebrities around here but we just had someone come into the store a day away who is a legendary silver screen. Actress came in and see it was kinda crazy. She kept asking questions. And then when i would her. She told me to stop chattering like every time she would ask the question and she was telling me to stop talking Which is kind of weird but also iconic at the same time And it got me wondering is faye dunaway. Who are is then. Because i kind of had to recognize the name but i had to google her. Because i couldn't remember like any movies that she was it. And i know she's kind of like an older to use that word actress Issue who are them and then at what point does and all them become again. Okay thank you bye. Hey bobby lindsay. Sam i just called about fade away and realize that i forgot to sign off at the end so it didn't watch big fan all stopping chatterbox now and tvos lesbian by the idea of being like things in them be in her being like stopping. And you're like psychotic omega psychotic. Okay i mean again not to go back to the lawsuit where she was sued for calling someone l. homosexual a little homosexual boy but like i pay money for her to call me a little homosexual. Boy that doesn't mean that it's not harassment. It doesn't mean it's not harassment. I'm just saying personally. I would not periods right. I'd write her a check. She called me a chatterbox. I would hand her the cash register and say take it. Do i think that that person should have sued. The shed of her absolutely and i needed actually check on the status of that case because every few months i go to the manhattan supreme court search and see what's going on with it. As a few months ago was still going on. I need to. I need to update myself on that but faye dunaway. Who were them. We're going back to the albert brooks conversation. Unlike albert brooks one two three them. I think dante that faye dunaway doesn't go away. So that's how i feel. Data doesn't go away is what they say to ask you a question and then say stop chattering whenever you start answering it. It's so funny. I guess are using that more often like asking you to stop chattering stop chattering. I was just seeing. If there was any sort of interview with faye dunaway. were like. That's a word that she uses like and things. I can't find one but that definitely seems like like a fe as or something like that even though it was stoutly call stop chattering. I wouldn't be surprised if more people called in and they told me to stop chattering too. So if you've been told to stop chattering by faye dunaway call in. I feel like we're one of those like lake. One eight hundred like class action lawsuits. Have you been stopped. Chattering by faye dunaway called bobby and lindsay and who weekly six nine six one nine who them and we'll get you the money you deserve to call and laugh at it. You don't deserve it anyway. That's it for today. Thank you for listening to our podcast. Thank you for calling in. Oh my god great calls. We have a lot. I'm going to throw in anywhere from three to five call. You're doing amazing. He's at the just before. There was some good shit this week. Thank you so much for calling rate apple. Podcast we're still getting those good reviews. Love to see those labs getting those good young love. Even more tran. Yeah because we're doing so much good stuff. We got vip hotline for you to were entering calls over there. We're talking about hallmark movies in a bonus talking about them. We're talking about everything for when you just can't get enough. We got a newsletter with recommendations. Some people can get enough. I understand if you can get enough but if you can't get enough then had to the patriot. Not everyone can not everyone. I've had enough of this so okay. Fine by have a great weekend and We'll see you on tuesday by. We know who the hot one as we know the hot one we know this is the probably easing sweetie that texas toasted who are at them. My dad's company was the first to start selling texas Commercially and he was involved in a lawsuit against to another company. It was throwing texas toast and a federal judge help that basically. It was all bread. So therefore they couldn't i don't know have exclusivity of texas toast so even the federal court system agree in fact it's been nine years ago to the day and tonight i say was supposedly but with us from Wondering what is the canonical spelling of the title of the right crew. Christmas movie by by saying is it. The i b santa is a both. Bi is both be eat Boston guidance there. Okay crunch crunch. High who weekly Medium term medium time I'm calling because i saw that a member of little mix plus the group I didn't realize until this point that little mix was a group i was. They seem to person I'm just wondering If you yeah there who were them That's it much highlands zimbabwe so i was just in a live stream. Qna with ben affleck for the way back like halfway see thing and he took a quick simple dunkin. Unfortunately it was too quick for me to be able to snap a photo but the dunkin order has changed. It was a black coffee no milk. It was completely black so just in case you can our ben affleck's dunkin order his change.

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