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You're listening to the gold digger podcast episode number two hundred and ninety. She's the reason I started podcasting. She's a teacher who showed me. The way in the online course course world. She's now a dear friend and she is the only gold digger guests to make three s three appearances on this show. My girl in one of my I Swedish friends. Amy Porterfield is back by popular demand for a two part interview breaking down the thing that she teaches best digital courses is is the digital course on your heart but you're not even sure if you're ready for it or maybe are new to the idea altogether. You've heard me talk about my courses in your kind of a million with digital education in what's what's out there but you've never actually taken a full step back to look at your own life ingenious against her. Hey maybe I could do that to trust me. I know the mindset I know that feeling feeling of curiosity and fear before I even launch my email is my inner dialogue. It sounded a lot like yours invoked in this episode. I'm revealing what my first launch really looked like before. I knew any and I'm also sharing the five programs that I could have created while I was still in my window his office in Corporate America car before I even had a business I mean it can all feel confusing but you know who walked me through it. Today's Gusts Amy Porterfield and in this episode part one of two we will help you discover all of the reasons why you're ready for a digital course. Get ready to challenge minds at blocks. Let's do this. Oh real quick and before we dive on in any hosting a super special training that you can join to learn all about the three behind the secrets to digital core success how to bill launch encroach a thriving digital course business without having to hire a big team without the constant overwhelm or the momentum crushing question. What the HECK DO I do. Oh next I am sending all of the people over there because what she's teaching changed my life and business trajectory four ever so head to learn learn from any dot com save a seat next to mine. I would never back this training unless I totally believed in. It and I'm kind of her biggest success story. If I d you say so myself I sincerely WanNa fled her training with the Genyk adjourn Vam so we can all learn from my mentor Migra together again. That's learn from any AMY DOT com. I'll see you inside of the training. You're listening to the gold digger podcast where we firmly believe that work doesn't have to feel like work. The self-made millionaire and Marketing Guru Jennifer Katcher will help you redefine what success looks like it's time to hear from the experts glistening on honest conversations and learn the best tips and tricks that helped others pave their own way and craft their dream career. If you're ready to dig gig in do the work and tackle your biggest goals. You're in the right place. Here's your host educator photographer and Mac and cheese levered Janika Ter- <music> okay amy you are no stranger to the gold digger podcast. You are the only guys that we've had multiple times and now it's like multiplying time. Hi Welcome to the show extra specials think you should feel extra special because you kind of are okay so I wanna hit some of the objections because we've been talking about online courses so much on my podcast and I know without a shadow of a doubt that there are still jill listeners here thinking. Could I really create a course in so I wanna just dive on in and say. Can anyone create a course like to have to be the expert expert of all experts because if I know my listeners they're just like me and I'm the one being like am. I really an expert at anything so help me out here. I love that you know oh your listener so well because I'm sure that's exactly what so many are thinking so the short answer is yes. Anyone can be a course creator as long long as you've gotten results for yourself or someone else such as a client or customer and you can teach how to get those results in a course course now as for being an expert. The beauty of an online course is that you just need to be a few steps ahead of those that you are serving in teaching itching because they WanNa know how you got those results and they want you to teach them so. Let me give you a perfect example one of my students coal. Yes please okay. Her name is Katrina. You Bell in Katrina was a practicing physician for ten years. That was her job so she got to a point that she was just completely clearly burnt out so she had gained fifty pounds over time because of all the late night she was working. She was grabbing food on the fly. She had nonexistent assistant hours to work out so she was busy and burned out and she had gained fifty pounds so she decided she wanted to feel better and get more energy. She went on a mission to lose the extra weight and she lost fifty pounds by just following her own regimen that she created for herself but here's the deal something interesting scene happened. She started to have women at work. Say How did you do a Katrina loses fifty pounds. We have crazy schedules. We work so much you the kind of work that all of us do. How did you lose this so she realized these women wanted to know and she started to do some one on one coaching with them but then then she thought you know what? I'm only one person. I want to instead do one on one coaching. I want to create a course now. She created a course to help other busy. Female Physicians Lose weight she in create a course to help everyone in their mother lose weight but the women she knew well because she was one of them and so so she created this course and here's my favorite thing. I wanted to bring up Katrina if you ask her. She'll say I knew nothing about creating an online business. I was a physician I didn't. I didn't know this world and she said I sure as heck didn't know anything about creating courses so it took her awhile to kind of to figure this out but then when she did she was off to the races she created her first course and her first launch was two hundred fifty five thousand dollars. Yes for a very specific niche each and a very specific plan that she put together and got her own results. She wasn't an expert she was an expert in her results and so from there she launched again same in kind of results when she learned how to make money with courses once you could do it over and over again so a bring up this because Katrina was her own transformation and with little knowledge Jeff Online business she was able to create this course she since quit her job as a practicing physician and has her own all my business that's crazy. I love love it. You gave that example because as you were starting at I was like Oh red flag red flag like she's GonNa teach. Everyone in that doesn't feel attainable but look at what she did. She was like in the hyper niche market. I always hear like the riches are in the niches because it's like you're able to speak to your people so well which is exactly what the goal of this is. I think that's so awesome and I love that example so cool. I want to follow this girl. I know she's Great. I love her okay so one question I have in. I think this is. I want to hear your take on this because I'm curious. What you think is for people that are starting out like. Can they start their business with a course or do they have to have a business focused on something else before they try to teach because I feel like this is a huge objection that people hit in there like Oh. This sounds amazing. I want to start this business. But would you start with it. Okay so I love this question. When I first started teaching courses I used to say you know what you should create. Your Business and maybe do coaching gener consulting or a service based business and then move into courses this was years and years ago but then when I started to teach people how to create courses I started watching my students since and where they were coming from and what their backgrounds look like and many of them started with a digital course because they had this transformation or they have this knowledge as they could share. They got clear on who they wanted to serve and they created their course because again. You don't have to be an expert. You just need to be a few steps ahead of those you serve so so you definitely can start with course now. I know I'm full of stories but can I tell you one of my very overwhelming okay. I've got another really good one array so this is a story about Amanda Ferguson in Amanda grew up really really poor like for eight days in a row they would eat corn bread and that's all they had in their house so this this is legit. Her family struggled and eight years old. Her Mom gave her this book about etiquette and inside the book. It said something like if you know the rules of etiquette you can go anywhere and do anything in life and as an eight year old she read this and she bat sold bring it on so what she does is she started to build a business going live every single day on periscope back in the day and then after periscope wasn't a thing she moved onto facebook and she called it like girl talk with Amanda where where she talks about etiquette nothing she learned from the book and over time she did more research so she started to kind of know her way around etiquette and what that looked like to teach so <unk> just this year so. I WanNa be clear just this year. She started a podcast and she became a certified etiquette coach. She did this while she is pregnant and and while she was a full-time flight attendant okay and her goal was to actually traveled to people and coach them on etiquette so that's what she wanted to do but when she had a baby her little boy really struggled with taking a bottle so she couldn't travel and her husband said while instead of going to them. Why don't you bring them to you online so without doing coaching and consulting without having this business. She decided to create a course so she created her first course to help other women learn what it means to master etiquette and I thought when I heard this topic I thought that is not a topic. That's going to be a big money maker. That's it's a different type of on topic here. I am having these limited beliefs and so she said listen I was determined because I was making seventeen thousand dollars years of flight attendant. That wasn't gonNA cut cut it. I didn't want the life that I had as a kid. I didn't want my baby to have this life. She created her course. I launch. She made twenty four thousand dollars second launch. Fifty Thousand Dollars Dollars Third Launch One hundred thousand dollars teaching women about etiquette. That's amazing as you were saying that I was like thinking about all of the programs that I've ever ever taken or programs. I've looked for to see day drew and I were driving home. We just like a little road trip in Minnesota and we took an online sleep course for babies. He's like we took the entire course while he was driving his home and then it's like nowadays i WanNa learn things fast in from from people that have gone before me in it was just it was such an eye opener of like the movement of the way that people are learning. I think a lot of people think like this online bubble is gonNA verse but in my opening it's only getting bigger like look at all. The universities shifting to online education courses because this is the way that people are going. I love that she did. I kind of wanted to take her etiquette course because I was at dinner and I was like which one is which I the I need to hear you girl. That's amazing okay so I love qualifiers and I think a lot of times people that listen interpark gas myself included. I WanNa know like am I in the right place. Like is this really for me because there's all these voices in our heads telling us why it's not so what are the three main questions that people can ask themselves to qualify their readiness to determine if they're ready to create a digital program okay. This is a good question because you really want to to make sure that you're ready to jump in number one. Do I have a few ideas for a digital course so you. WanNa make sure you come to the table with a few ideas now. Most people have thought about one or two things that they possibly do but if you don't have any ideas is Jenna asked me to come to the table with a few that I'll share a little bit later now a few ideas to help you with a really great profitable digital course idea so we'll jump come to that in a bit if you don't however that is one thing that you want to think about what might create now number two is. Do I know who I would love to serve serve so think of Katrina. She wanted to help busy female physicians because she knew them. She was them just fifty pounds ago. She knew you what they were feeling thinking and what they needed. So who do you want to serve. I want you to put some thought to that for sure. You don't want to serve everybody because you end up serving. We know so that's really important and the number three. Am I willing to do the work now. We are going to talk about a little bit later how to create read a mini digital course so you can get started quickly but you do need to block some time and say you know what. I'm going to dedicate the time here because it's worth it and I know I could create one thing and just like Amanda launch it over and over and over again so you WANNA keep that in mind that you are you. You have to be willing to do the work so good okay. I have a funny question for you but I I know you can answer this in putting you on the spot. I was thinking thinking okay. If this was Jenna eight years ago and I still net windows office set corporate America what kind of courses could I have created yeah because I think sometimes for us like we did million dollar launches but to go back and remember it'd be like before I had all this knowledge and expertise and I just thought of five different different courses that I could have created now. I cannot even imagine you corporate same. I was constantly all all that. I needed to look nicer and I was like I'm not going to invest in reading pros. No whatever that's another anyways is okay so here. Are the five courses that I could have created so one how to prepare for a job interview because at the time I was in. Hr and I saw all of the craziest interviews is known to man so I get given people just ideas in ways to prepare for a job interview to land a job number two. I was training for a marathon at the time so drew I hi we're training for our first full marathon. We're both working like fifty hours a week so we are cramming in training when he could have made a course or program on how to train for a marathon the thought that would have been awesome number three. I was planning my wedding at the time and we were on a budget like our entire wedding cars twelve thousand husband ours we had two hundred guests and we serve pizza and so I could have created a program on different ways that you could save on your wedding while still having an amazing thing and beautiful event number four I had just rescued a puppy and we had to learn a ton about her past behaviors and how to make her feel comfortable bowl increase boundaries and routines things like that and so I could have made a course about that and then lastly we were combining our lives because we were moving in together together and we were really struggling with organization and so drew who is very. OCD In his tendency is was super organized. He was like the Marie Rekondo of twenty eleven and we probably could have made a program about how to organize your life when you move. I mean like those are just like totally off the top of my head but think about it like there are audiences for all of those things there are in. Here's what I love okay first of all of that was impressive just for the record and also what I love about this says let's say and it came up with those ideas and maybe you can sit there and come up with your five ideas as well. You don't have to know exactly how you're going to lay it all out. Just yeah hi it started course and I don't know all the details just yet but once you sit down and you start fleshing it out and do a little research comes together so don't when I worked at Tony Robbins one one of the things he used to say all the time was don't go for the how right away. Let's just I think of it be creative and then we'll move into that so these ideas are awesome. I mean you could literally make course about anything. I just want people to see that because all of those ideas would save you time or frustration or making money or bring you joy and so it's like you don't think a lot of people get stuck on the courses because they see courses like the ones that you and I create an it's actually fairly easy to sell something thing when there's a monetary gain for the participant if they follow through on it but I think a lot of people get stuck because they're like. I don't know how to teach other people to make money but I I look at all the courses I've taken in my life or the online education that I've paid for and it's essentially to move faster or to bring joy or to save time in my life life so I just wanted to interject my crazy list of five things that I could have thought about you just reminded me of something when you said to bring joy so you are so right that don't let limited belief of I need to teach people how to build a business or make money for it to really work when my students created a course on how to create create caramel candy apples sixty thousand dollar course launch. She's really good in that area. She knows her staff and so she taught it so I want people to just be flooded with the possibility ability of what you can do with the digital course. That's so cool okay so this is a huge objection and it's one that I think my mind can tricked me into believing at times now. Now I know my audience has seen a ton of courses in one of the questions they're gonNA ask is. Aren't there too many courses out there. Hasn't it already been done. What about the crappy. Because what if everyone starts teaching and then the industry is flooded. What would you say to that okay. I love this question and I want to give you two points about this number one and yes yes and yes. There are many many digital courses out there and you alluded to this earlier. The reason for that is because they work so traditional channel. Learning is literally going away and digital courses. Give us you can go at your own pace. You never have to leave your house. You can go on a road trip and listen to the entire entire course if you want. I mean there's so many perks so I I want you to think. Oh this is on the rise. This is becoming even bigger and better and this. This is the time for me to jump in so one. I want you to get excited about that. I wouldn't teach stuff if I didn't know really see if I couldn't predict look. This is even and getting bigger so number one. It's where learning is going number two if you think yeah but amy. I want to create this course on. XYZ And it's already been done before imagine if Jenin I thought that funny Jeddah and I both have a course on this bill we both have made millions with our individual all courses so I want to point out that people want to learn from you so when you learn from Jenna all the things you learn about social media especially instagram. She is Jenny so you're teaching people how to put themselves out there how to find their audience how to grow their audience. You're teaching authenticity invulnerability in a way that people will only buy from you if they have a choice between your core somebody else's. They're your best friend or they feel like they are. They're buying from you so everything that you're doing is why people choose your courses over somebody somebody else. We are in a very saturated market so we can do it. Our listeners can do it. Yeah I love it. You bring that up because I tell people about that. All the time. I'm like amy is one in my best friends and it's so funny because it could have gone a totally different direction skin. What's so interesting. We've hours cheered each other on because the way that we approach approach things while the principles are more in the end result is hopefully similar. Our methods are different in the way that we approach is different than our voices different and the steps that we take are different and it's amazing because neither of us are hurting and we're Bo- serving people in a unique way where people that by program probably wouldn't by AMY's and vice. I which I love yeah me too. I am a huge huge advocate of blinders on run your own race in do your own thing and I'm not perfect at that. Sometimes I take those blinders off and start peaking and start feeling less than so I put him back on but if you stay in your lane and do your thing nobody buddy else can do it like you know. Nobody I remember in the mastermind that I was in. I think five of US had programs about instagram but it was so cool because all all of our coaches were so different and it was like it was just it was really cool because I'm like all doing great and we all serve different people and I think that's amazing so so fun so i WanNa ask you a question because it's really easy to say well. This could work for everyone but the truth is is that there are some reasons that people shouldn't shouldn't look into digital courses as the next up so give me a three reasons like why you shouldn't go into course creation and kind of explain to me who courses are not for because sometimes it's easy to hear like while everyone could do that but there are some people that might not be the next best step okay so oh who is not for number one if you. I'm going to answer this in two ways of you have no idea who you want to serve move in. If you don't know who your audience is so you haven't started to build an audience I would spend a little time there before you start entertaining the idea of digital course so you could do them at the same time so when just recently asked me amy. Could I build a podcast to attract an audience while I'm creating my course by all means yes. You could do that at the same time but you do want to start building your audience. People often ask me. How big does my email list needs to be before I launch a course? I always tell my students of Yovany Melissa list of two hundred and fifty people or more I can help you grow that list as you create your course. Just get the foundation set and you can start building your email list as you start talking talking about your course online so you'll want to get the ball rolling there so number one. If you don't know who you want to serve at all if you have no idea let's get a little clarity around that and then and you can move into digital courses number two. If you do not want to do the work if you literally are looking for a quick way to make lots of money money and you don't want to spend time diving into this and making it great just don't do it now. Jennifer created a digital course seven days so we know that I've never done that for the record that Jenin. I have different styles with that. She just rip it out but with that she's a perfect example of. You can do this quickly but it's also work. It's not like it's just a you. Clap your hands in its done so you've got to be willing to do. The work and you want to know who you're serving so those two things and you. You're not looking for a get rich. Quick overnight kind of thing. Can I tell you because what you just said. It brought up my first launch ever yeah I wanNA hear it was before war I was introduced to you and I had an email list of probably two hundred fifty people so when you said that I was like Bingo and I launched my I I course and the best part was that it was literally only voice recordings in my bed than it held this little handheld mic recorded my the voice and I was teaching and I sold the program for twenty five hundred dollars and Geno Jeddah and I offered offered three one on one coaching halls as a part of the place and I made a fifty two thousand dollars on my first launch and I really wasn't instead as a as an educator at the time. I didn't have a podcast didn't have courses. They didn't have a business item of my business and so I was just a wedding photographer who had done really well in wanted to teach people and so it is kinda crazy to look back because it was all piecemeal together but because I knew my audience in in the women that were burnt out that wanted to make more money but they weren't sure the steps needed to take like all twenty. Five of those girls made it through the entire program and wow on the phone an awful lot. If you add up three coaching halls for twenty five people it was a lot of time spent on the phone with people but that started my entire course creation thing thing with like Zero Ground Zero like that was where I was kind of nuts ounces. What kind of nuts for sure in two things. I love about that one you charge a premium price which I love not expensive. Anymore is really impressive number two. You did something that most people won't do you added one on one coaching and I tell my students if you're just starting out and you can figure out the bandwidth you offering your time. We'll do two things one. More people will be likely to buy if they get one on one time with you and number two. I bet you learned so much about your ideal customer getting on those calls and it helped me figure out what kind of courses I wanted to create create down the road how to eliminate the need for me to be one on one so it was honestly like a beautiful mistake in a sense because is through all those conversations got to listen to the pain points and understand the real needs but then I also got to set myself up for success the next time I went to launch launch something and to really build out a course that didn't require that one on one hand holding that could then be done in a group setting so it's kind of amazing to look at the evolution of doc because I literally did have a list of probably two hundred and fifty people and that was where I started kind of Greece. Oh good so good so <hes> let's see somebody's listening and they're feeling inspired and they are determined. They are going to create a course. Where do they even begin. Okay so if you feel excited and it's like you know what I could actually do this. I have some ideas for a course. The next step is to choose the type of course is that you would want to create now a lot of my students who have never created of course before they like to start with what I call a workshop course or a mini any digital course which essentially is you creating a two hour workshop either live or recorded and you're helping your students. Let's get a quick win. They're stuck somewhere in your same. Here's how to keep moving forward. Here's how to get some quick results so it's like a quick cash injection for you but also so quick results for them and it doesn't take a lot of work to get it up and running so this is sometimes a really cool place to start. ooh Okay so I I WANNA ask you all about how to do this because they think that this is an amazing place to star it doesn't feel super overwhelming you don't build up a million modules and sales pages ratings but also this is going to be a lot to cover so how we wrap this up with one final question and then tomorrow you who are going to walk us through how to create and launch a mini digital course because there's the bar excited to do this guys totally plan this so it's not like or Colloton pants but I had so much content for amy that I sent over. The questions and we're like there is no way that we can do all in one episode so I said all right. Let's do two parts so what are three things that our listeners should do in the next twenty four hours before they listen to part two which is going to the all about how to create and launch a mini digital course okay so here's what we're GonNa do if we're going to pick back up in twenty four hours right. That's when we're going live with with the next month's okay. This is what I want you all to do. If you've been thinking about of course and you maybe even have some course ideas. Let's get this into action and so to kick start. Your digital course journey. The first thing you're going to do is you're going to come to the table with our next session with three course topic ideas so the way you're going to do that. I'm GonNa give you actually two strategies to use all right number. One is from now until you listen to the next episode. You're going to do a no judgment brainstorm session where you're going to open up your notebook. Do It old school style. There's something about pen paper. That gets you more creative. I firmly believe this combining up your notebook and you're going to write down every single idea. You have for the next twenty four hours about digital course so you're walking around. You're in the kitchen. Grab the the notebook no judgment. There are no bad ideas here. Okay so that's the first thing you're going to do and then if you want to sit down for ten minutes and just think of those ideas you've had in the past what did with her five ideas while she was still in corporate. Take a little time focused time to do that as well. The second thing is I want you to think of your own transformation hands formation so I had mentioned a powerful way to come up with a course topic is to look at your own transformations in think about how you've overcome obstacles or struggles in any area of your life also consider the desires you've had just a few years ago you've had goals and dreams that you've met those goals and dreams and you've surprised prized yourself in the process about what you've been able to do. Write those down because those transformations just like Katrina could turn out to be a very profitable. Oh course so you're GONNA do a no judgment brainstorm and you're going to think of your own transformations and desires things that you've made happen in your own life and then come. I'm do the table and we'll talk about that. Many digital courses. I am ready. I am excited so get ready. Guys were dropping a bonus episode tomorrow Morrow with Amy Porterfield. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Are you amtra part too. I mean it was so much content. There was no way that we could fit it into for one episode and after we hung up I was thinking about a million other courses I could create. I mean amy literally said she's like you could make millions. I could teach people about going in gluten free. I could teach people about switching to all natural products. I could teach people about the five things I did for fertility to help me have a successful pregnancy. There's so many things that life has led me through where I did extensive research and trial and error and I got myself or others results man if this has an inspired you or fired. Did you up to really believe that you could start a digital online course making business. I don't know what will but maybe partout anyways head head to learn from AMY DOT COM SEGER seat at her webinar training. We are packing in so much content. She's revealing so many secrets. I know I wanna go on because she's going to be talking about the slides that you have to have in your webinars like that stuff fires me up so I'll see you inside the training again. Learn from AMY DOT COM and to non in two hugh episode number two of this two part series and don't forget that homework that she gave you you have twenty four hours ready set go thanks for listening to the gold digger podcast dive into the show notes for this episode and all past episodes at www dot golddigger podcasts dot com. If you love the show share it with a friend the more the merrier thanks for tuning in. We'll see next time. You Gold digger you.

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