Madrid to offer De Tomas or Mariano to Frankfurt to make Jovic deal happen, Madrid look at Jao Felix available at 120 mill, Ramos wants 18 mill for next season or he could be in Paris next ssn


Welcome back to the Real Madrid podcast letsstarttoday with Kassab mirrow. He's been talking about the season so far and some of the potential big-name arrivals that are being talked about in the press and media now on pug and hazard, and that potential rivalry said immigrated, they have to be the best in the world there too. Great players pauper is compatible with anybody because he is a superb play. He would be welcomed if indeed he arrives on the trials and tribulations of is very Brazilian Marcelo. He said look a few months ago, he was being talked about as the best left back in the world of Gareth bale and the constant criticism from the terraces in Madrid said he's experienced he knows how to deal with it. But we do feel uncomfortable. When it happens. He has helped us remember to win many titles. Well, can they regain this lost grand this season next season? But release had always come back. We will be strong. Again, we have pressure. Yes. But that is normal. This is the biggest club in the world. Look at Yovich. I tried Frankfurt is a gain in the news. He scored one, but was outshone by doubt Felix of Benfica hit a hat-trick in their four two victory over on-track Frankford in Europa the world as we know is agent. Finally ramadan. He has met several times now with wral Madrid hundred also transfers on trade have visited Madrid as well looking for a likely replacement and there are two possibilities here. Marina and Raoul Thomas now remember there is still every chance on tracked could make the group stages of next season's Champions League. Remember they're currently fourth in bundy's league, but just three points behind Rb Livesey down in third place. Now, his father has added a few comments over the last twenty four hours. He says he's had many offers including one we know from Barcelona, but he wasn't interested in going there as. He doesn't think he would get as much gametime as he wants at present. Here's very happy in Bundesliga. Have whilst Yovich was on the losing team the twenty or so clubs who were in attendance last night in Lisbon to watch Zhao Felix, including by Munich arsenal. Spurs Chelsea Manchester United boss learn athletic event is and rail Madrid they all left drooling over the nineteen year old. Remember India's first season as a senior pro whose nasqad seventeen goals in all the games that he's played for this season's contracted until twenty twenty three at Ben fica, and they are desperately trying to renegotiate the terms of his dearest current release clause is set at one hundred and twenty million spare thought actually for FC Porsche who had as a junior for seven years before they decided to release him back in two thousand fourteen believing his physique wouldn't develop enough to stand. The rigors of professional football. He has the reminded some of of the Ben fica and sporting employees geeze greats from the nineteen Ninety-three Kosta was one Joao Pinto is another one stuff to remember the golden boy of Portuguese football. But do take heed of others have departed after one good season in Portugal. They have Saudi tree tales to tell remember Markevic. A went to Liverpool in his career hit decline soon after Renato Sanchez as well. He went to buy Munich. Here's another who struggled badly moving while z, Dan is very much of the here. And now Rowell's rise is being watched closely by various medias as he readies himself, not only for the collection of his UEFA pro licence in bay. But what could be a step up as well to take over the custodial team, formerly run by salary laterally by Josie, man. Well, Diaw is twenty five years of medicine. The forty one year old is one appearance for the Castilla. It was the same season back in ninety four ninety five where he went from the C team after scoring sixteen goals in seven games straight to the first team. Mary ended that first season with nine goals in the league in his first twenty eight games, he spent the next fifteen seasons. Of course, they're amassing five hundred fifty appearances scoring two hundred twenty eight goals before a successful move to Schulkin and he played his last game. As a pro for the New York cosmos back in November of twenty fifteen very well liked and highly respected and his career very much on an upward trajectory, plenty of news. Of course, be made about the mid week dinner and get together of the squadron shoes together by Sergio Ramos on Wednesday evening, Saddam wants to work on fostering as good a team spirit as he possibly can for the final run in seven games to go. Two point separating them from athletic in second place. And for once to get the headline writers way from the constant speculation of who's going, and who is staying absentees for the night Gareth bale, obviously as he chooses to be in bed by twenty three hundred every night. And that's well known, of course, Benz them and nab us were also not there. Now, what about a quick name neymar date? Well, his father was on French television and play down any exit from PS g in the summer at present. He said he does not want to leave PS g you can't have a Blair light neymar where that other clubs constantly being linked with him. Not done anything, of course to fan those flames now after winning twelve titles in his five years stay at Madrid. Tony Cruz exit is growing insurgency the twenty nine year old is under contract until two thousand twenty two is said to be considering all options, and we're Paul Paul borough. Of course, all Madrid's radar some form of deal with the two players, plus. Us cash is a highly likely option. They stumbling block from Madrid. There may well be Paul busy salary demands. Which would make him by distance the highest paid player at the club something, which will displease the captain rambles even more. He's already aired is views on hazards alleged sixteen million salary if he arrives in the summer and staying on hazard just for the moment. Here's quotes aband- Z Dan made on Radio Monte-Carlo picked up by everyone. I'm very happy Z damn returns because football needs Z, Dan for true followers. It is good news. He said actors Sergio Ramos and his dock and mood since the news of those huge salaries on offer newcomers this which dwarf his were made public. He wants a contract boost to eighteen million per season for his last year in Madrid not going to get anywhere near close to that. So he's head could be tuned in another direction that is toward Paris where PS g. View him as one with the drive to help them deliver on this Champions League dream Madrid. In the meantime of being reminding all of the buyout clause in verandahs contract. So if you want him stump up five hundred million, and you can have it on the message to VS, gee, if he wants him. Well, let us have Martinez, and maybe we can do a deal Davinson's Sanchez. It said as long had a dream of playing in Madrid in that Madrid dream may will indeed come true, but it may not be with wral Madrid Athletico said to be weighing up a potential sixty million deal to bring him to Spain next season. And finally this lunchtime. If Casimiro does leave this some of the replacement list does include a few untouchables one being of course in contact with this in mind Madrid art owning their attentions to Brucie Dolan's Twenty-three-year-old Meadville Judean vital who's been overtaken in the first team by axel Vissel. Andy. Thomas delaney. Now Dortmund would do a deal that looking to get forty eight million for a player Madrid valued at about half of that. And that just about wraps it up than for today. Don't forget you can catch up with the whole seasons news as it happened by going to the website around Madrid podcastone dot com or you can follow us on all the usual platforms. I ching Spotify Stitcher. Google Alexa to name just a few. We will be back on Monday to look over the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy football, whatever you're watching him wherever you're watching it this weekend. And I'll see you back here on Monday for me, Tim capable till bet Bye-bye.

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