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The FBI episode one sixty eight of the feed the official Lipton podcast. The podcast takes beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the everyday podcasters and taking you inside loops in the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Hello glad to have you with us. I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. We so appreciate you listening end to say thank you because this is time sensitive people we are giving away ten free tickets to. We are podcast. A virtual podcasting conference happening this weekend may twenty first through the twenty third. If you host with lipson email the feed at Lipson dot com. Share your show slug with me in. You have a ticket. This will be first-come-first-serve so get on it and you will get it and previously scheduled programming and that really makes no sense at all in this episode. We cover google. Podcast manager is doing great. We have a support widget people. We have a support. Where did oh my gosh an amazing podcast one and live by live? What luminary a is having some troubles? It seems the pre obituary of Google play music as rob calls it podcast addict. Oh my gosh. Podcast addict removed from the Google. Play APP store and of course we have so many other things as sprinkled in between and our world famous stats. I mean that's a lot. So let's get on with my conversation with Rob Walton. Vp OF PODCAST relations at Lipson. As well as my co host right after our first. Promo of the episode. I Know Dino. Did you know that he wrecks curl about four hundred pounds with one arm? Which is a fully stocked refrigerator or the Brontosaurus may have stomped on turtles to eat their tasty gooey. Insides THE PROBABLY NOT. They were gentle giants so says the. Breda either way you can rekindle your love for dinosaurs with us on the I know Dino podcast just search for I know Dino wherever you listen to your podcasts and that's know K. N. O. W. Like all the knowledge you'll have about dinosaurs after listening. Hello Rob good. Generic time of the day. I'll say oh happy may here we are time seem so slowed down? Does it like sometimes. It's not dude I wake up and I'm like oh it's the day went by so fast but alas some things are doing well though it seems to me. According to you that Google podcast manager is doing great. Yeah from the point of view of getting lots of feedback. People are happy that you know. There's a way to finally submit and way to claim their show and that the manager so Remember if you haven't claimed his show yet go to podcasts. Manager DOT GOOGLE DOT COM. To do so if you want details flown how email me? Robert LIPSON DOT COM. I have some Info I can send you or you can go back and listen to episode sixty seven of the feed over there. We've had some people going to claim existing shows. They knew Google podcast but could not confirm. What the exact feed url was and we asked Google about this and they said the following. Hey Rob when you enter the feed in the AD show flow our system identifies which feed Google serves the show from we then asked you to claim ownership that particular feed email their vacation. If the podcast believes this is the wrong feed. They can go through the support forum to flag that and then here's their relevant article but Long Short is we found something interesting. We've got out was for one. Show the feeding Google podcast. Was there show slug that lives in dot com slash capital our capital last cap less but when they tried submitting with lower case. It said it was not the right feed. But it did when the when the show example that we're all upper case so case matters when claiming your feed now if you go and try lower case ours it doesn't shop. You can try upper case but in this case when they submitted it actually showed. It said that that's not the right feed. Here's a feed and they were trying to. They couldn't figure out what was different and what was different was the process was capital. So just know. A lot of people have a lot of different fee structures out there Case does matter see we heard from a few people at submitted brand new shows it was typically taking around two to three days for new show to be added and live in about a week for to be fully indexed. I E. Any unique words in the title can be found for that show a search on at podcast. Dot GOOGLE DOT COM for example. We added attest show with a unique word. In the title that was made up word and it took around forty eight hours for the show to go. I've and it was almost seven days for that made upward to finally work in the search results so so just keep that in mind Does just like with apple podcasts? If you plan on a big public launch don't expect your show to be fully searchable or indexed for at least one week and again our recommendation for any new podcast is to submit to apple. Google spotify one full month before your launch date with your first episode or trailer episode. Live when you Smith you have to have one media file live when submitting. We did have a couple of people report that the our work showing for the show Google At podcast DOT COM was older artwork in had not too recent work. Google is looking into this issue. Hope to have an update on this shortly and for episode. But if your show is one that the artwork is in older version just note. Google is looking into it. Well that's very interesting. Good to note note people and now we have an email here. Hi Rob I was about to ask a question but I think I answered it myself guessing. You might get a few of these type of questions for the next episode of the feed. If not feel free to frame this question as a question from US question on the new Google podcast manager. It says we've had eight hundred sixty seven downloads in the last ninety days on. Lipson the user agent Google podcast Android says. We've had three point two K in the last ninety days answer. Looks like the podcast manager. Chart only starts at April eleven so not ninety days ago even if you select ninety days or three hundred sixty five data only commenced on April Eleventh. Also our distribution is so different to the average stats. We hear on the feed. For example. The last ninety days spotify with sixty one percent apple was twenty nine point five percent in Google was point eight percent or obviously really outperforming on spotify compared to average. No question here just comment. Thanks for everything you do. Regards Adamant Atom from what you will learn will adams thanks for the feedback and congrats on for the success. On spotify there are some shows like yours. That spotify is number one. I even seen a few were. Pandora was number one. It's not always apple but overall apple is number one by a wide margin again overall but individual shows numbers will vary like yours. Which is why I say this over and over and over be everywhere. Because you never know which anywhere will become. Your place could be teaser. Radio DOT COM. Who knows just be everywhere and you will not need to wonder absolutely you know and I'm GonNa make a comment because I haven't addressed this on my own but I know that this is an issue and I've spoken about this on this show before but we had an issue where we had to get this. She podcast we were kicked out of spotify due to a pixel not being exactly square on our artwork. So it's why we were kicked out and then we have to be score. Yeah it's hip to be square and I didn't know I don't know actually how long this was a problem in our or how long we were out of spotify I was alerted by crystal because she was doing some testing and she just happened to notice and I went in and I realized that was the case so we were resubmitted and this happened a bit ago. But what ended up happening with that resubmission? Is that it kind of Took away all of our search juice. Almost one hundred percent and therefore now when anybody's search for searches for she podcast in spotify. You just cannot find US blankets. Just naughty. We are now. Were not there. I mean we are in spotify but we're not there and therefore our consumption on spotify is very and I do feel that if we did show up it would add. We would actually be a pretty strong place for our show because we we are. We are kind of like the demographic of spotify we kind of fit into that even though were technical show. But we're very much not just your normal technical show and so I'm thinking like I wonder how much that search actually plays into it because if we never show up with any kind of searches no one is gonNA listen. You know I mean people. Here's the spotify link. That's a different thing. But that's that's not just organic finding us there right 'cause anyway. I'm just sharing that. Because that could be an issue for some people and while we haven't found a solution for that problem in spotify has been active booting episodes out of their system for Saying you know we're Episode title was planned Democ instead of pandemic So things where people are anti science community Offering up fake cures things like that. The episodes are getting booted. Even had a couple of shows the whole shows got booted from spotify. Oh Gosh Yeah. That was yesterday at two shows. Yesterday will recording on what say fourteenth fifteenth so fourteenth Two shows get booted out. Be careful what you say out there. no You WanNa throw some wild conspiracy theories about covert nineteen note. You probably not going to get an audience on spotify are actually. They're not going to let you get an audience on spotify. Which is yeah absolutely all right moving on here. Here's another email ag. Dot DT Y. Lips you rock. Your support has always been fantastic. Which is why you have been my hoes Philip. Four years I've been podcasting after a few initial weeks elsewhere. I'm also always happy to recommend you to perspective podcasters anyway. Thanks for the widget cheers and this is from Matt from the guitar. Speak podcast to be honest when this email I came in. I'm like Oh my God come on I head. I had seen her. I was talking about and they're like Oh yeah thanks and of course that was to our email that we sent out to Lipson users announcing our support widget and that email said quote we have updated our knowledge base and integrated a new support widget into Lipson Dashboard. So you can send us a message and search our entire support library while you are publishing an episode one. Where is the new support? Where yet? Well after you've logged into your lips and account the widget will be in the lower right corner to how is the support which it helpful. You can search our entire Support Library of knowledge base articles in. You can leave our support team a message. It is going to help Make helping you easier and faster. Deport widget is the best way to ask our team a question or search for the our entire library of support articles unquote and that was our email that we sent out. So if you're a Lipson podcastone you didn't get that email by the way you may want to look in your spam folder. For the morning of the fifteenth Friday the Fifteenth and find that market is not spam. Yeah absolutely now I have cable used it. I have used the the widget and I have also used the new so the new knowledge base article. Which is you find that over at Helpdesk DOT LIPSON DOT com. I use it a lot for supporting stuff on social so if somebody says you know. I don't know how to do insert whatever then I can. I go really quickly over to the help desk and I do a quick search in all that stuff and I used to do it before as well but I can tell you that the search for this new help desk is by far superior to what we used to have because there were some other in the one that we used to have. I used to have a little bit of trouble finding the right thing to search four. Sometimes when I didn't know exactly what to search war which is why sometimes people couldn't find that article but this one is awesome and that little widget is really helpful as well because sometimes we have very Type of support question. That really requires you to just read a couple of sentences to know exactly how to do what you're doing and it. It's just helping a lot just to be able to get that information disseminated out for the majority of basic questions in. It's just easier for us to monitor that stuff. It's the fastest way that you can right now to get help from support that said You can always end still add this to your email contacts support at Lipson dot com. So that's also a thing that has not gone away if you need any support and you don't want to like you're in a position where your email is the thing that's open you can always email support at Lipson dot com and you will be taken care of that way too. Okay you know. We were not the only one sending out helpful emails to sent one out as well. Who Do you want to read this one? And let's see if you can do all the countries. Oh my gosh without messing up. I think this is why you having read this yes. It's not very nice. Okay dear podcast creator. The lower some updates to help improve the experience for your listeners on Apple podcasts apple podcasts expansion your show on Apple. Podcast is now available in twenty additional territories throughout Africa Asia Pacific Europe Latin America the Middle East and Oceania. So these are the new ones here Afghanistan Bosnia and his hers if go Vena. Cameroon cut too low law. This is Kinda stuck. You know you can see that you're laughing at me and see that you're like those i. I had to do that one when I did it. On My. I had to do that one like three times for again. This is what I would have gone. This deal the LAVORI. So here's this guy's this tip of how I do this when I'm prepared I usually will find the word and go. Oh my gosh. I don't know how to say this and I'll just going to youtube and they have all the pronunciations there. It's the best and so they'll have like a little. I don't even know how they do this. Obviously somebody's spent a long time recording pronunciation on Youtube. Which cracks me up anyway. Kat Galore Laurie. Democratic Republic of the Congo Gabon. Georgia Iraq Kosovo Libya Mal Divas Montenegro Morocco Myanmar now rue Rhonda Serbia Tonga van. Out To van. Newark two and Zambia. You don't need to do anything. The entire catalogue of over one million shows in more than one hundred languages is now available in one hundred seventy five countries or regions sign into podcast analytics and monitor. How users are listening to your shows and episodes news category listeners in the US UK. Canada and Australia can now easily access reliable information and stay informed about today's most important issues and topics. The updated news category page on Apple. Podcasts is now hand. Curated and features providers and Joe's from selected news sources this collection as well as Kobe. Nineteen essential listening is frequently updated by Apple. Podcast editors be sure to check back regularly for new shows and special topics regards the apple podcast team unquote. Yeah and by the way when Apple says this collection is hand curated. What that means is no ratings and reviews are not going to game you into it right. That's essentially them saying. This is betted content that it's just like this is all right moving on here. We have a some news and this time farm variety about an acquisition. Oh my gosh yes podcast. One is getting acquired by a company called live. Ex- live they offer product for live concert events Which right now. There are definitely not a lot of Podcast one of course makes their money from advertising sales for the podcast. They host also not as much of that lately either live. Ex- live is publicly traded under the ticker symbol L I v X norm congrats on the sale podcast. One was mainly owned by norm. Patas but twenty percents. The company was owned by Hubbard Radio. If you are someone on Pike One and you decide to move on email me Robert. Lipson DOT COM. You know because sometimes that happens in these kinds of situations moving onto some other news on this time. It's from Bloomberg and quote Luminary Media. The money losing podcast startup has raised more than thirty million in in around and is seeking more funding as it tries to ride out the global pandemic according to people familiar with the matter unquote couch when Bloomberg. Has You your your your name. Luminary media the money losing gasoline cars. I read that that hurts me right. This now brings to one hundred and sixty million as the total amount luminaries raise so far luminary this way they are inefficient wealth distribution vehicle moving money from VC's podcasters but hey at least are slightly more efficient than Casper in that regard per luminaries future. Well according to Bloomberg their APP has struggled to gain ground. Which if you listen to the show in the past and later in episode you know a percentage they have and yeah And Bloomberg said only about eighty thousand people have stayed is paying customers. Think about this for a second luminary with all their push and marketing spend and celebrities like Trevor Noah could only get eighty thousand paid monthly subscribers. As I've mentioned before over five plus years ago when the podcasting space was much smaller Marc Maron head over forty two thousand paid subscribers to his premium on his own. I I have not yet. Seen an aggregated paid subscriber model work in podcasting people will pay for premium for a single show as Marc Maron proved. People will donate to that person they like but in aggregate with many shows people seem less likely to part with their money and giving the current environment. I see people even last likely part would said money right now. They are reportedly burning through or redistributing over four million a month while bringing in just five hundred thousand a month again. If looney luminary does fail in the future as is likely based on current trends it is not a negative on podcasting overall and is just their business model. That does not seem to work in the space. But in the meantime I do not blame those podcasters. That took three Usurpation of wealth. Why not just a shame? They will wind up losing so much of their audience. Yeah Yeah No. That's that's harsh. That is very harsh and it you know. There are some things that I wish could work. But even somebody like me. That is a a world. Gung-ho advocate and and understands the value of of listening to podcasts has having is having a hard time like. I forgot the name. Oh Gosh I wish I remember the name of it. I think it's kids. Is it kids? Listen I don't know if that's the website or if that's the APP so I'm sorry guys if if I'm misspeaking right now because joining the pure x one it's actually not a PX. It's an APP in his. It's a very specific APP. Where but I'm not sure. The APP itself is called kids. Listen I forgot the name of what it is. So the reason I'm bringing up is because it is also a it's the same type of model. So what they have is they have an aggregate. These shows for kids behind a paywall and it is absolutely beautifully. Curated has high-quality content. They've got some really great podcast for kids. I mean the entire life. It's just perfection for somebody who is like me who values podcasting and has children who know about podcasting and love podcast and they actually to listen to them on their own to have something available to them that they can scroll and find and discover on their own that's curated for them and I don't have to be browsing because as you know right now inside of most apps out there when you search for kids staff you often get families slash parenting stuff as well. That is not kid. Centric in this is a problem. I think throughout. It's it's hard to pull all that stuff out from categories that sad though it's a a monthly subscription and as much as my family is the optimal family to choose to pay for this. I have not you know I. I'm still not in. I'm like you know it makes me sad whenever I find those shows in a public feed. And then it says you you like you literally just get like one or two or you have a promo like in the apple podcasts door and then the rest of it is you have to go to kids. Listen to listen to the entire library and so much kids out there. I mean that's the thing that's the issue. The luminary as is so much podcast content out there. That's freely available. It doesn't make sense in aggregate to pay for an aggregated APP. And but in this respect the curation and the time saved is worth the pay but still not right. So that's a value add. But it's not a value. Add enough for me to choose to pay for it and it kind of breaks my heart to say that because I don't want I see I understand how important something like this is. I just find that. Maybe they need to find another model another extra value. Add maybe not just in listening to podcasts. But maybe there's gotta be another option another something that that helps me make that decision to open up my wallet. I'm not sure what that would be. But only relying on premium subscription for this to deliver content a little tough to little Hartselle a moving on from here into another email good generic time of the day rob. I was wondering if there's a specific length of podcasts can be. I've seen how long people think they should be. But is there a technical limit to the length that one episode can be? Thanks and this is from Mike. Not The somewhere of can be any length you want. We've had over six hours on a regular basis right then. I heard I heard of one that was over twelve hours long and I would guess you could go do one. That's twenty four even forty eight hours long if you want. It didn't had the editing software to handle that but we do not put any limit on the length of time An episode could be at Lipson. So it's really just you know again if you encoding it at sixty kilobits per second you could do a three thousand minute episode right. Well if anybody wants to test it out who knows what would happen but okay which software you can go to three thousand minute file. But I'm sure there's something out there. Holy monkeys totally all right. So this is a post of from a podcast group quote yet. Another podcast unsubscribe from this morning after the increased frequency from one episode. A week to about three. I appreciate you might have more time on your hands but I have less. Probably unsubscribe from about five so far due to this how about you unquote and this is an are from one of the facebook groups. I had one of my listeners. Ask this month if I could increase my mount of podcast output so I guess it depends on the listener and the value of the extra content. But I would not imagine. Most listeners would subscribe to a show they like because it's releasing more good quality content. It's like no I didn't want a dozen crispy cream. Donuts only want it six. Take the whole box and get it out of here so so that logic doesn't work in my mind. I think this person that posted this might just be feeling a little stressed from the whole situation that we're in today as they said they have less time but I would be shocked to find out many or even a significant percentage of listeners. Also felt that way. I mean they don't have time for the extra content. Just skip over it. Don't delete the whole show. Yeah well I have two two points of view here one about your metaphor there because there's also there is extra like so we're planning a garden we have. We're growing some food here in the house and thinking like what if we have like all of this extra food like there's only like you have to learn how to cook how to have enough food so that you can actually use it and it doesn't go rotten especially vegetables so if you have X. amount extra than you have to deal with it. It'll just rot and I know for me like energetically I'd feel like Oh my God. I'm wasting all those food so next time. I'm going to have to make sure that I grow just enough so that it doesn't go to waste and it's not too much so there's just that aspect another metaphor but then I also asked on twitter if you have been unable to listen to all the episodes of a show that you subscribe to. What do you do and I had three choices. Do you mark them as listen to do your best to get through all of them or the last one declare podcast listening bankruptcy. And unsubscribe and then I said other and so. We had some responses to that in most of the people would leave it in their podcast APP. Not unsubscribe and try to catch up at some point in the future. That was the general feel of behavior from people. If this is what's happening for lower people this is what's happening. Although there were a lot of folks that had a backlog of episodes to listen to and they still hadn't listen to them and these were two other points of view that I found one of them said quote. If I can't keep up with a show I usually unsubscribe especially if it has a window. Relevant some shows I keep some shows I keep older episodes in case I have some extra time. But that's rare and they need to be timeless and quote and then another response was quote. I've marked them all as I as listened to got too much. Diy To be getting done at home. Whilst I'm for load disappointed face and quote. You know everybody has different behavior for a lot of this stuff and you know one thing to keep in mind too is like it also depends. Well I was thinking it also depends on your lap of choice because when I manage Castro. I don't really have that the way that I've had a setup if your show or my favorite show was producing. I Dunno ten shows a week. I wouldn't really even know it unless it's in my like listen Q. Other than that the way that I have set it up is specifically so that. I don't feel overwhelm listening. It's very easy for me to add a playlist and very easy for me to be subscribed to hundreds of shows and not feel like I have to listen to all of them so maybe APP like setting your APP. Whatever will help you get through. Whatever it is that you need to do. But I don't think you have to worry about the majority of your audience. Unsubscribe if you release a few extra episodes during the pandemic I think that again. That was one reaction from one person and people like your show and they're listening to your show getting a little bit more of it is not going to be a bad thing. Okay so now we have a kickstarter project usually use the one that shares this. Well you you know you say I know you found this one so I was like. Oh Wow okay and you know it's called. I don't know how you pronounce this. Amano caster and go back like three times. That really spelled O. N. O. Caster. So may I know Kester? And they say it's a portable all in one podcast production studio. It's just one forty nine or one thousand nine depending on when you find it and it looks like it's like a mini road caster Is the way I look at it. from their site quote ish because I change quote a little bit. It offers four channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones smartphones and other sources. It allows the user to control the sound levels and add live vocal and sound effects to avoid difficult post production and editing unquote ish. I got the marketing speak against looks to be like a mini road caster. And if anyone gets this in July when they sail ship by the way this kickstarter so things don't always ship Please call him with review and you can search for M. A. O. N. O. CASTER AT KICKSTARTER DOT COM and Manno caster one word. Yes you think of it. Did you look at it over? Obviously and I kind of did this is hat tip to grant from the radio. Adventures of Dr Floyd and one of my favorite favorite shows. Now it is toilet paper that he does on Youtube and he's very famous on. Tick Tock know. Have you seen toilet seem totally not yet? Oh my God arkwright. It's a toilet paper. And he is so cute and he is irreverent and hilarious. You have got to go to if you don't have to talk just download talk and followed toilet paper Guy. Don't have talk so they don't even instagram. Go and find totally. Go into totally or you to you guys. My girls and I laugh hysterically over this. But anyway that said Grant sent this to me and then I asked him. What do you think are you going to do it? And he goes. I don't know because he said that the conversation out there is that and I know this is GonNa be a deal breaker for many of you including rob launch. It may or may not support Max so we don't know which one of those yeah I mean. I have a Mike here and they were like. Oh the firmware. You just need to connect to a have a pc in we got connected like. Are you kidding me? Yeah new you said You wanted. This might be for podcasters there. You're not going to get your name mentioned anytime soon. So therefore could be a deal breaker in that respect we don't know specifically but I did check it out and does look like a mini road Castro pro right and I mean I liked it cute. It's small it's compact. It looks very well designed. I just have the solution to that problem right now. Maybe if I didn't have the Road Castrol might have thought about it. A little bit more Now given the the question of the Mac thing that really breaks it for me because if it doesn't work with my Mac then it's just going to be a I mean I don't even know I I mean I could use it for live recording but that's about it anyway you guys check it out and let us know all right so moving on here you had you had a question about Show titles and all of that stuff bright and and they asked if you change it. Will that break the direct link to your show on Apple? Podcast 'cause you know you when you look at the direct link that apple send you when you submit your show has the title of your show right in that you are l. And here's the skinny direct link for your podcast and apple podcasts. For that you are L. It does not matter what is in the title part. You can change the title every day and that old link will still work because apple ignores the show title part of the link that said I always recommend using a link without the title at all. He doesn't even need to be there. So for example. If you grab your show link from Apple podcasts right now and you go in. You know it'll be https choice. Podcast DOT APPLE DOT com slash. Us If you know if they're sending to you in the US slash podcast slash. And then it's going to be your title whenever your title is slash. Id Five one xxx Whatever the number is I recommend. You changed your link to be this. Https PODCAST DOT APPLE DOT COM. Slash podcast slash. Id so the US part. I get rid of the title part and then I add in question mark. Mt Equals two and for San L. S. Equals one just to make the link work better? But you don't even have to add that last coating if you don't want to I do recommend it but key point is get rid of the Country Code. Get rid of the podcast title and that makes you link shorter. And then you don't doesn't doesn't really matter again. Those items are irrelevant. So I assume that if you aren't using that link though and I know I mean can you test that if you had a prior leading to whatever it was that you have hyperlinked to your website and then title? It'll keep just redirects even if you're using right they just ignore it so it doesn't matter what your title is. Now old links will keep working. That's why I just say. Just go with a link with the title at all because if they're ignoring it it's just making longer is just making your link longer and who wants a longer link when it's irrelevant information there you have it another nice little tip from rob walled coming your way but now we have some some very new. I guess there's a lot of us that have been waiting for this here. So yes for a while so This is per. Google play music. Kim podcasts google out the following email on on. May twelfth this email is basically a pre obituary for Google play music. Is that even thing music? So you WanNa you wanna read this earth email from Google all right so this again guys. This is from Google. Hello as you may have seen. We announced today that we're encouraging Google play music users to transfer to youtube music later this year youtube music will replace. Google play music with. That's a pre obituary. Then yet. You're correct with this transition. Were also encouraging. Google play music podcast listeners to transfer their subscriptions and episode progress to Google podcasts Tube. Clear podcasts won't be a part of youtube music the Google podcast platform and the recently launched. Google podcast managers tool will become our primary surfaces for podcast distribution analytics and management. Moving forward. Admins of your podcasts. On Google play music will receive an email with this information. But we also wanted to make sure that podcast. Publishers had a heads up about a few steps to take over the next coming months. I sign up for Google podcast manager. If you haven't already if you're an existing Google play music. Podcast portal user. You can do this easily via podcasts. Manager DOT GOOGLE DOT COM slash transfer. If you'd like to get better acquainted with the new Google podcast manager tool you can read more about it in the help center. Second download any data from podcast portal. You want to keep. You'll continue to have access to Google play music. Podcast portal until later this year but beginning in July you will no longer be able to add new shows. We encourage you to disable automatic submission to Google play music before July third. We've created a way for admins of many feeds in Google play music part podcast portal to easily transfer their shows to Google podcast manager. Head over to podcast manager dot com slash transfer while logged into the Google Account. That's active on Google. Play music podcast. Porto when you follow the prompts presented via that link you will be able to transfer any shows you manage on Google play music. Podcasts portal to Google podcast manager. You can get in tight here with any technical questions about the transfer process. If you have shows that have already been claimed in Google podcast manager. Those will be flagged in. You'll still be able to transfer the rest for more information about this process. Head over to the help center page for technical support request assistance via this form. And all of these guys are all going to be hyperlinked inside of our show notes. So you're welcome to check those here and continuing on. We're excited to take this step towards streamlining the experience of podcast on Google for creators and listeners alike as always your feedback is very welcome so please let me know if you have any questions. Concerns or suggestions. Best wishes Lily Lily. Thank you so much again. It is great to see essentially official death. Notice pre obituary of Google. Play music especially with regards to podcasting having podcasts in both Google play music and Google. Podcasting wasn't a men confusing. 'cause you could have two different feeds for German. Anyway it's all now about Google podcasts or podcasting in the google systems all about Google podcast from this point forward. Google sent out a second email on five fourteen with similar messaging and linked to transfer. Now you're shows the second email seemed to confuse a few people are producers. Who did not know what they should be doing. Especially if they had already claimed their feed and Google podcast or even if they had never heard a podcast so I E mail google the wrong quote We've had quite a few podcasters asking about this email from Google play music. And what if anything NEED TO DO If they know their shows already on Google podcast especially if they already claimed their show in the podcast manager is anything needed these cases who needs to migrate over there. Show on quote and there. They gave a nicer spots. And the response was yep no we built out the transfer experience for GP 'EM podcast portal users. So they could seamlessly transfer of their shows to manager if they click on transfer. Now they'll land on the screen on on the screen. She sent a little screen. Shot a consent screen then if they're shows in. Gps podcast portal are served from the same feeds as a Google podcast. They'll get to success screen and be able to see their analytic straightaway. Shows aren't served on the same exact feed. They may have to verify the feed that Google podcast uses to serve as shown in blue screen chatty idea and they need to go through the same email verification flow as they normally would ask your customers mentioned some shows might already be claimed We also densify this case in state whether all shows Have been claimed or some of your shows and then for more details she says. Please check the help center. Page Lincoln shots and I would encourage them to go through the flow to ensure they haven't forgotten any shows that were in GP M. podcast. And of course if you only have one show you're not gonNA forget about one. Show you just did it but for multiple shows yeah You got a lot of shows. You're managing you definitely go through the whole procedure. So there you go. Thank you Google for responses on the questions this past week. They've been very responsive. Yeah no they've been really great work with and excited that the Google ecosystem has now a clear path. It's all about Google podcast. And and that's that's nice and now kind of switching a conversation from an APP like Google podcast into this came to me via Pilar. Who is a listener to the feed? And she also spends a Spanish speaker so hat tip to her and she linked me a tweet from Suny S. U. N. e. At soon. Who is a Spanish podcasters consultant? He's kind of like the Jackson in Spain. He's very personable and super knowledgeable and he just loves to do all kinds of pocket. But you know I don't know maybe but he started podcasting in two thousand and nine so he's been around the block and he's he's he just knows his stuff. I really dig him but anyway he did this video. It's a Spanish speaking video which I will link to in the show notes if you guys want to check it out or whatever please feel free. But it's like he was just talking about these three in quo social media APPs a services platforms for podcasters and these are things that he literally was saying. Hey here's some stuff. I haven't really used them very much. But it's interesting that they're out there and I've never heard of any of these. One of them is called. Swooped S. W. O. T. and it's like an APP where the whole thing is like podcast with friends. Sweet is a social podcast player. That helps you discover shows with friends recommend episodes you love and never miss an episode on awesome podcast again. So there's that then there's another one called Echo Echo with three CS in the middle of what so e C. CCC Oh and. I had a hard time finding it just on Google so rob. Us thanked me. You kinda like thankfully shared this with me and it is a primarily. Only like it's like it's it took a recording up took a social media APP where you record mini bits of your voice and then you kind of share them with other people and it is. It's sort of like to listen to. Yeah you kind of like listen to other people's little blurbs and then you can respond to them with your it so I guess it's kind of like twitter but not with not with writing you talk it. The APP is news. I can tell us all in Spanish. Yeah the APP is is all in Spanish. Yes the languages in Spanish and I guess you have to speak Spanish to do it and then the last one is called the launch you which is also a Spanish. It looks like it's a Spanish startup and as much as I wanted to find out about this when I was a little like I didn't quite get it but all links in the show notes for anybody who wants to do a little bit of research. I know that there's a lot of people who are testers and wanting to see new things that are out there. So some of these are specifically Spanish. For Spanish speakers I think that Echo and launch you are slightly more optimized toward Spanish speakers and suit is open for everybody and this is just another way for podcasters or podcasting people or listeners to kind of get together and build community on that note. I think we can listen to our second promo of the episode which fits right along social media lab this cutters with the social media lab powered by a Gore Pulse where we bust the myth the rumors and the stories of social media marketing with science with my co host. Richard Beeston we published about twice per month through our podcast typically less than ten minutes long giving you data driven results to apply to your marketing immediately. Go onto social media lab anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Thanks for sending that in. Lipson news get back to some Lipson news here If you host with Lipson and upload or have uploaded with FTP which is about one percent of looks and users You would have received an email from us about an upgrade to our FTP where you now set your own password. Just raft EP. And and for those that don't have to file transfer protocol. It's a different way upload If you did not see that email check. Your spam folder went out on Wednesday may thirteenth in the evening. Us Timer at eight thirty PM EASTERN FIVE THIRTY PM Pacific again if you did not see that email. Check your spam folder. But only if you've been using FTP as only sent it to those that use FTP uploads which is again around one percent of Lipson users if you do upload with FTP. You have until around the tenth of June to update to the new activity settings which does now include a new euro for those not familiar with FTP. Again answer file. Transfer Protocol is a way to easily bulk upload files to your lips and account including one option where you can upload files to the quick cast folder and takes Info from the eighty-three tags and then automatically creates a post and publishes the files Upload via quick and boom you're done that's it publishes but most people use FTP for one of two reasons uploading really large files or a better way to replace a file with a new version in your lipson account. If you have to a file with the same name as the original to the folder called dropbox with small salty. It will instantly replace that file. Nothing else you have to do if you want more info on. Ftp UPLOAD and changes that we've done look for the EP tutorial and links for using FTP with cyber dot and files. Ila and win S. C. P. in the show notes. Fyi I'm on a Mac? I use our browser from my ft peeing and our system works great with our browser as well And then finally a phonics says you will need to update your FTP link to Lipson. Check with phonic on that same with audio both of those services use. Ftp UPLOAD TO LIPSON and if you're using any of the other APPs need to update the FTP there's boss jock which he can do. Ftp within there's twisted way of editor You just need update in those as well and again. We'll Lincoln this show notes for the FTP uploading tutorials and and the new features plus a how to use it with cyber dot files Ila and win S C S C K. Wake Up. Everyone like everyone I know. Yeah Okay here we go. This is kind of fun though. Tell us about this. I had a producer asking for a way to get an expert of all episode titles and descriptions from their feet they said Hey. Can you do it from inside? Lipson back in and I found a free tool that will allow you to do this from your RSS. Feed or anybody's feet. I guess you could if you wanted to search through their RSS feed it's assessed to CSV converter at scooter. Labs Dot Com and Lincoln the show notes. This is a nice tool if you WANNA get a database created of your past episodes or I guess if you wanted to search through somebody else's episodes in show notes So yeah it's just dropped the URL in there for the feed that you want and it will pull it all and I was surprised it worked really really well and I was like okay. How's IT GONNA handle all the different stuff but oh whoever's there knows their stuff knows. Rs feeds and was able to create this so thanks to overrun scooter labs. I know I like that. I'm going to have to like bookmark this as a tool because there are times when I've wanted to really badly okay. So then we have a movement of dates from podcast movement. Podcast movement is now moving to October. Not GOING TO BE AN AUGUST. It will now be in October. It'll be the same week as an AB NYC BUT WE DALLAS. So we'll we'll have more information on this but just if you're planning on going and hotel reservations in August year one. Update your hotel reservations to October. You can go to podcast movement and have the exact dates of when the check in when starts in all the stuff so you can update your plans. Accordingly so yes and now it just comes also. Podcast movement begins the day after she podcasts. So does also a thing. So it's like back to back from mid October is like all the podcasting things at least at this moment planned for mid October so from Arizona to Texas is not too long of hiking. Paktika drive it if you wanted. There's another email. Hi Rob. What does this election of full trailer and bonus episode actually do from the listeners perspective and ours regards in our it will determine where and how your episodes are displayed on Apple podcasts? If it is a regular episode make sure to pick fall and then only pick trailer or bonus if those posts are actually a trailer or a bonus episode and also make sure to include episode numbers for all episodes but season number should only be used if you actually you know have seasons again. This is all about apple podcasts ecosystem. These tools in do not influence how people see your episodes outside of Apple. Podcasts is highly recommended to use these fields for apple podcasts and apple for a while there the bonus and the trailer being thrown to the front apple has fixed that so that's updated now so it is showing where should be and make sure when you put the bonus episode and you put the same episode number that corresponds that bonus content to don't say you know episode. Eleven is is see. You put the episode. Eleven has eleven for that episode. And then you say the bonus for it is episode twelve now. Episode number on bonus should correspond to the episode that it's a bonus episode four and if it isn't specifically for one give it the same number as the previous episode released so if he comes between episodes eleven and twelve. Give it episode number eleven. Hope that makes sense and also use the apple title tech everything right then. Your show looks better in apple podcasts. How it's presented where the trailer episode shows where Your Bonus episode show so. I do recommend you use tax but yes it is a little confusing and it does absolutely nothing for you outside of the apple ecosystem right. That's the that's the that's the catch. Y'All that the cat okay. Here's another email. Hi Elsie End Rob Clean. Feed reversion is an absolute winner. We use it for an F. M. Community radio station. The only drawback is that both parties need clean feed installed and as you say only with Chrome Fire Fox has been promised for a couple of years now. Great cast guys looking to start one myself terry. So that's great. I mean we've gotten a lot of feedback from clean feet. You know what's interesting though? Rob This is the first time I don't. I don't seem to remember for the other feedback. We got last episode. Whether people said that you had to have clean feed installed as the user so that kind of a little bit of a deal breaker for me as in using this for recording an interview type show like if it's co hosted show but then that means that you have to ask your guest to do something extra and that's I'm one that believes it. When you're interviewing people have guests one. It's brewed to ask them to do stuff record and be will rely on them to. It's it's going to call you issues if you do that because almost none of your guests going to be as technical as you are And and they're gonNA mess it up so unless you're interviewing other podcasters it's really sketchy to get all those recordings correct and then if you interview someone and they mess up they. They are frustrated that they messed up on you. And you've lost the interview and it's just a bad thing so I have a little congratulations to give out and this is the maximum phone folks. I'm for the show bubble which is hosted on listen Which just announced. Its being adapted into an R. rated animated film by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. So just congrats. Just another podcast. I could turn to a movie or TV. Show yeah awesome. We're going to do a little bonus segment here about something. That happened the weekend but I still. You know if you hear any audio difference between now and what you heard before the first part when I was talking a previous in this episode was me with my Yeti pro plugged in with the acceler eight six now. I'm using the USB out of the pro into my macbook so just in case you wonder why this difference in audio but anyway this are some over the weekend the happened right after we recorded recorded on Friday. And then this broke on Saturday and this is me recording on Sunday and well let me read the email that kind of started this quote. Hi Elsie Rob. Not sure if the news has got two guys yet. But it's just come out. That podcast addict has been kicked off the Google play APP store for violating Corona virus regulations. I don't see how it's reasonable to expect aggregate or APPs to police all of the content for unapproved information. Absolutely supportive of shows. Getting pulled for spreading conspiracies and misinformation. But this is way too much. I think this is a rather concerning turn of events and it bit suspicious that it happens a week after Google finally gets their podcast dashboard off the ground. I suspect this is only the first of these. Google will go after their competition. Most of it being independent developers who won't have the financial muscle to fight it in court. Regards Dave Koto thanks for the email and we have another email here this one from the death of podcast addict higher up. Sorry to bother you with this but I just want to let you know that Google suspended podcast addict on the Google. Play APP store Saturday morning. The reason seems to be that. Kovic nineteen related content was available through the APP. Email touched the appeal process. Usually take seven days but with the current situation. They are warning that it can take longer. Do you know anyone at Google by any chance. You can get the word to the proper team so they can fix us. I cannot believe that they would really want to ban the APP for this reason as this would apply to any news APP. Podcast APP social networking APP Comma. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot stay safe. Thank you. And per the attached Google listed this as the reason for the quote pursuant to section eight dot three of developer distribution agreement and the enforcement policy APPs referencing Cova nineteen or related. Terms in. Any form will only be approved for distribution on. Google play if they are published commission authorized by official government entities or public health organizations Google reserves the discretion to remove APPs from Google play based on a number of factors including a high risk of abuse unquote so essentially any aggregate or APP. That has any podcasts. That mentioned covert nineteen could get the boot. I did forward these two emails onto Google as well as another on Saturday with twitter. String about this. Hopefully the folks on the Google podcast team can forward them to the right person in Google and get this resolved. I let heavier. No those emails were sent and he replied with this higher up. Thanks for the quick answer and for all your efforts to help me here. I don't think this has anything to do with competition. It's more like a dumb process that will automatically block APPs based on some algorithms results without a human taking a look at the APP I was about fund to finally reached ten million downloads. By the end of the month I can understand blocking ass. No downloads automatically. But they should at least have someone take a look at the warning otherwise and maybe try to contact the developer also blocking in APP Saturday to I am when most of their staff is on weekend break is not a good idea. Thanks again rob heavier your well. I glad to help Anyway we can. Podcast addict is an important APP in the podcast ecosystem. But even if it was a tiny applic- luminary we would still try to help as we do not want to see anyone booted no matter how large or small they are and yes. I agree hundred percent. I do not believe this is about competition. I am sure the Google has team had no idea or heads up on this. I don't think this is malice at all. I also agree that removing the APP at two. Am on Saturday morning especially for an APP with around ten million downloads. That is where some gray matter should have come into play and someone on Google side should have said. Hey maybe I should not remove the APP right now. Let's look into this and find out what's going on. Sadly those synapses did not fire and a bad decision was made by that reviewer and hopefully someone Google will take a look at this asap again. I do not see it as an issue about competition. Nora's heavier just a policy. That was too broadly applied. Where should not have been? Okay now back to the original recorded episode. Thanks you Chelsea for editing this end so this was something you had was at the last episode or last episode. Yes absolutely promo from the naturist. And then who sent me the show level image for the podcast and the first thing here noticed when looking at on hold on. But let's get a little back story here because I didn't even notice this until after we record it because I had you know I didn't i. I usually listen to the audio. But don't download it to my computer for editing purposes until later and so what I found is the. Id Three Tags. There were three tags attached to that. Promo which showcase their show art work and therefore I looked and I was like a WHO anyway continue. The natural is a nudist podcast. Yes Oh so the first thing I noticed when looking at our work was them sitting in front of the Mike and it was no. It was not that they were both naked but rather which out at me when I looked at it was aren't they have no pop filters for Mike. Somehow just seems wrong. That's the first thing I noticed not into naked people in front of the ex but the the lack of pop filter the lack of filter. Oh my God you guys so anyway go check them out and see what rob is talking about until we have an worst email of the week. Yes and it's a group of email so zoom multiple people allow. Oh yeah all basically the same and it's all basically the same one. It's it's basically goes something like this high rob. I have a couple of quick questions. Can we jump on zoom unquote? Why do we need to do video calls for everything now? It's as if eight weeks ago. Collectively people forgot this thing called the phone. It's still okay to do. Phone calls as a point of principle. I do not turn my video on when someone asked me to jump on quote on quote Unquote Zoom. I even have my camera covered by default now on my Mac just in case I forget to turn off video when I do call but really it is okay to still do audio. Only phone calls. Audio's why got into podcasting if I wanted to do video. Nickname like Ronin or something like that. That'd be fortnight videos. Oh my God all right. Listen y'All I'm also an audio only person but also with me it's banned with issues you don't under you're like actually asking somebody else to pay extra is what how. I view it. That's for me. Anyway I rat. It's so much easier for me like an Ivan checking. I've been checking bandwidth because I have a little tool that I use for my Mac that I totally could not live without. And I've spoken about this before it's called trip mode and so I turn off almost anything and everything and I monitor my usage because I do not have unlimited. I don't have a set amount of data that I can use a month and it matters like you just have to check it. I'm the privilege of Y'all have unlimited and fast speeds. I do not have so. I have to do this every single time that I do eat. Zoom call with video. It's at least a Gig if if I'm doing a call if I'm if I'm doing a podcast recording or anything like that. That is about an hour or so whereas with a skype that. We're doing here with rob where were just listening to each other. It ends up being somewhere around five hundred megabytes back and forth sharing You know the data so that starts to add up. It's like it's more depends on what it is and any time. The video is involved. It's so much more bandwidth for me so I would rather save my bandwith for when it actually really matters like if I'm crease streaming live to my audience I would then choose to show my face because it matters. That's A. Yeah that's another little thing. Okay so I have. I also have a worse email the week. Can you believe it? Rob See this here. Most is here it is so I have one. This one came into the feed. This is king came to the feet. Lipson DOT COM. Y'All hey here we go. Hi the official lives in podcast. I want to help you get your podcast started so I have developed a brand new five challenged shelby get started. It's totally free and you can join right here. We start on June first during the challenge. You will learn day one your ideal listener including who they are and where to find them. Day to standing out you'll learn how to nail the message around your podcast. Plus two one piece of content. You must create for your podcast day. Three your podcast name Dave for your podcast Format Dave. Five demystify the tech. If you have any questions at replying ask away name redacted. You don't want to give them any publicity. I mean could use his baby before episode one or two thousand five four. We'll see this is what I'm saying. I mean the only reason putting here more email. The week is number one. I do not think this person listens to our show. No okay number two. How the heck did they get that email address on scraped scraping? This is what I'm saying scraping some. Why would you WANNA do a podcast launch challenge with existing podcasters right so and I mean honestly I went over and there's a few giveaways for me where I'm just like? Oh man and I know maybe this I'm being really like high and mighty about this but if my God this is GonNa come invite me on the but but some point but don't use the Yeti in your in your pictures please as podcast coach person. Just don't don't because that's a dead giveaway and I know rob that you use Yati pro and you love it and all that but most people. It doesn't work for them. It just makes any whatever that's my aunt thing. Most people still use it. In on initial Stan. That comes with won't do that. All right. Moving moving So got an email here. You WanNa read this one from Gregory yes here. We Go D. T. O. D. D. curious of stats mentioned in the feed are also published in a blog or email already written out gathering data for presentation saying the stats will be easier than hearing them. Thanks googly well. That's something we might start doing and releasing when we release episodes or not. I'm more inclined to leave it just as in the episode. So you know you need to listen to find the INFO but I realized that lease seo opportunities on the table so again we might occasionally do a post where we release the episode with that Info. you know to coincide but for now. I will get out your pencil because after the Promo is going to be more stats info that you're going to need to write down good transition there rob okay so here we go promo number three before we get to our stats and this is legend from the Pacific thirteen minutes. Listen to legends from the Pacific Aloha. I I'm coming Walla Shero Jordan each week as I share historic cultural stories about the people traditions gods and monsters that became legends from the Pacific. Here's a story. From Pele. Hawaii's goddess of fire. One night. A man was driving through. Awad who's north shore's sugarcane fields. When he hit a woman in a white dress. The woman lifted her head smile to the man and floated into the sky. Listen to legends from the Pacific on Apple podcasts. Mahalo and who all right all right well. I'm not anywhere near that Pacific or the Atlantic. I'm in Kansas. And you're aware tornado. Alarms go off during a podcast recording. Yes we act one earlier so I up is country breakdowns for March and April. I should say for downloads. And now this does include again In all states we talk about so again. This is for April and when we look at where most of the downloads are coming from and as always United States fifty eight point four percent in April versus fifty nine point six in March Then going down the list here United Kingdom five point six percent Canada. Five point three Australia. Three point. Eight percent Sweden three point four Germany. Three point to France one point seven Brazil one point five Mexico one point three in Japan one point two percent. That's everybody over. One rounding out the top twenty Spain Netherlands Ireland Denmark New Zealand India Norway Korea Russia and Colombia. So those are your top twenty check your stats measure up with these numbers for April. The stats are all stats. That are being affected by covert nineteen And there really wasn't that big movement I think the biggest movement was the. Us dropped from fifty nine point six in March two fifty eight point four in April and then France went from one point. Two point seven actually went up last month all right now looking at user agents overall model downloads move down to eighty seven point one percent of all downloads in April going directly to mobile devices. Eighty seven point seven in March computer. Downloads weren't up to a point. Seven percent those changes definitely had to do over nineteen and people staying home home voice attendants plus set top boxes though that stayed the same point. Eight percent so people didn't go from listening on their phone to listening on their ECHO They went from listening on their phone until listening on their computer And that point two eight percent in April is identical to March. And pretty much where it's been for the last year. Ios android ratio in April was down to four point seven to one versus four point. Eight to one in March mobile aggregate APPs not from spotify stitcher or from Apple. Move Down a little April to twelve point. Eight percent of all all downloads versus thirteen point one in March and the big dog and aggregate or APPs is still apple with apple podcast APP and I tunes coming sixty point three percent of all downloads for April which it down a smidge from March is sixty four point seven number two for April was spotify at eight point nine five percent which is another small monthly drop for spotify but very close to marches. Numbers number three with stitcher. At two point two six percent number four was overcast. A two point two percent cashbox box at one point eight two percent podcast addict at one point. Seven one percent Google podcasts. At one point two six percent and podcast at one point eight percent in. That's everybody that was over over. One percent Rounding out the rest We had podcast APP pod bean player. Fm podcast republic and there was a bunch more not we had a cast downcast. Pandora tune in radio deesor attentive. Hod Breaker EXO player are S. radio pod Kicker Castro Himalayas. I catch radio public luminary in one hundred sixty million dollars and then pod culture and that's everybody above point. Oh two percent at point two percent for the case of Canary and Pod cruncher and there were others that were below point. Oh two percent in. Don't really weren't mentioned. As mentioned on the last few episodes I been looking at the downloads from the past few weeks and compared them to the averages from the weeks of January Twelfth Nineteen Th and twenty six and that's what I've been using as the baseline number for this and future mention and what we found was the week of April twenty six for the whole week Sunday to Saturday. There was a decrease around twelve point nine percent. But if you look at just Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday traditionally the biggest days of the week Downloads we saw a decrease of around seventeen point two percent and then looking at Sunday and Saturday we saw decrease around two point one percent versus the baseline for the week of May third for the whole week. Sunday to Saturday There was a decrease in Levin point four percent but if you look at just Tuesday Wednesday Thursday that we start decreasing around sixteen point three percent and looking at Sunday and Saturday. Only we saw a decrease around point five percent versus the baseline weeks and then finally for the week of May tenth which we are still in that week so all I can give you is the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday numbers versus the baseline an average In January where there was a drop of just eleven point two percent which is an improvement from the previous week sixteen point three percent and the week before that were seventeen so that was by far the best drop or the lowest drop for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday by far since this all started so things are looking better air trending better the last two weeks. And looking AT APPLE'S MOBILITY TRENDS. We mentioned on a previous episode. We can see lines driving. Request have definitely gone up. Still not where they were January but now just off about twenty to twenty five percent versus a fifty percent apple was seeing in in early April so transit direction. Requests however are only slightly better than April I guess meaning if people are going back out there doing so in their own vehicle and not via public or mass transit which makes lot of sense might also there you know if they are traveling they're also going places they know so it took you know they're they're not deciding here. Let's go try out this place. I would guess a lot of transit requests to our people that are traveling from one city to another right correct so but people even car quest. You do a lot of car quest when you drive around your own town Transit requests tend to be don't do transit requests in Kansas City but I do transfer quests anytime I go to any city all right. So where have we been? You've got some stuff. I know I have a lot of places I've been man. So I was in the group. Latino podcasters they have a the lesser manner and I got a chance to hang out with them. So if you guys are not if you are Latina and you speak Spanish or not. But that's how you self identify. There is a group. I'll have a Lincoln this show notes. You can join via facebook. There's also an instagram account. That you can follow as well and re Rita who is actually the founder. And she's kind of like the one that runs it mostly. She goes live on instagram or facebook and I went live on facebook with her for that. But it's a really lovely community is just starting to pick up speed. It's fantastic. I was also in another facebook group. A four mother's quest for the mother's quest podcast and Julia had a little mini virtual event That started on mother's Day and it kind of went through the entire week and they had it was really refreshing super easy ways to reconnect with As Mother's by working on a manifesto and the reason that I really liked this is because it was done if you only wanted to participate him email that's great. You got a really cute little journal that you can join if you're into this stuff. The Lincoln shown it's as well but then they she had speakers come in every single day and get this rob get this guess how long the speakers were in the group for half an hour now ten minutes because that's what all moms have you see so come in there and you do it up. You have like that inspiration but a lot of us. Don't have that much time. So we'll go in there ten minutes get the inspiration you need and also recorded in there as well right so if you go in the group you can consume it and be done with it on. I was also quoted on the pod mob newsletter which was all about social media marketing and I mentioned to awesome Lipson podcasters. The do an amazing job in social one of them is the milk podcast which talked about before and the other one is pantsuits politics because if you do not follow specially pantsuit politics on social on twitter and instagram. You are missing out in how to build community on social. They got it down. And then I rob. Greenlee was on on any be express With virtual session on podcast monetization. And I believe I may be wrong kind of but maybe not you can still sign up to get access to all of these on demand sessions that happened at NABC SESSIONS. Were open to everybody. So if you've ever wondered that type of sessions that are offered at this fantastic time to do it. Please look at the Lincoln a show not sign up and have access to all of these things in there to check it out you will not be. It'll be amazing because there's so many things in there that are like wow I didn't. This is so great that it's free. And Elsie we as in you and me and Rob Greenlee among others. Were in a post on Jacob media about will how will podcasting look like after covert nineteen? I said in the article that for the vast majority of podcasts that are not monetize ing Advertising Kelvin. Nineteen we'll have no long-term effect on them overall the space will move on and survive and of the number of podcast that will keep going up Both for the overall number and the more important active number of shows I also said those companies that their primary business model was all about advertising. Some of them would not survive just like we saw in two thousand two thousand nine. Now that's where we were Where are we going so where we're going actually rather short time here? We're going virtually we're going to be at we're podcast is going to be a alive event. It's going to be twenty first to the twenty third of May Lipton's one of the sponsors and we have a Promo code for you to get fifty percent off. If you like to get a ticket and the fifty percent off Promo Code is Lipson fifty so Lipson fifty however we do have some free tickets to give away and the first ten Lipson users just all you gotta do is email us at the feed at Lips. Listen DOT COM. That's that if you email the feet at Lipson dot com your Lipson show slug and if you know what your show sluggish go do settings in your account you'll show Sean but you have to be ellipse user and we have some free tickets to give away and so soon as the show comes out the I will say ten listeners. Say you heard it on the feed. We'll get you that and then we're going to give away some more so still email if you even if you hear it on Wednesday but again twenty-first twenty-third virtual vance to be live events. I'm doing an event. I'm going to be talking about thirty day. Launch for your podcasts. Which is not all that important to people that are pod guessing but if you're getting ready to launch. I'm going to go over every place. You need to go why you need thirty days to launch. Why it's not. Hey on Friday. I uploaded my show and Monday's my launch. No Am why he want thirty days to do a good launch. And where where does that is that but again if you want the fifty percent off Promo Code if you're not hosting Lipson it's you can use Promo Code Lipson L. I. B. S. Y. N. Fifty number five zero and that'll give you fifty percent off. Also we also have one. We are podcasting. Quick starts on June third at six. Pm It's a free podcasting quickstart. Tell your friends if you feel like. They need to start a podcast. Or if you want to like get freshened up in terms of the lipson interface or how we work or if you do not host your show with Lipson in our listener. This is a great opportunity for you to get it behind the scenes peek. At what we can do all right. I think that we are all finished for this episode again. If you have any feedback email the feed lips in dot com. You can email us there or you can send us voice feedback. You can call at four hundred to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred eighty four or you speak pipe speak pipe dot com slash the feed or finally you can just download our free apps for both android and I o s in the respective APP stores and you can do all of this communication with Immi and rob inside of the APP. So it's amazing. Go ahead and download those and we look forward to hearing your voices by sending your feedbacks and talk with you guys in a couple of weeks i.

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