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'Valentine's Views' podcast: Reviewing Giants vs. Bears


Are you troubled by strange hockey trades in the middle of the night. Do you experienced feelings of dread about n._h._l. Free agency have you or your family ever seen it new york rylander scheme if the answer is yes. Don't wait another minute. Pick up your mobile device and subscribe to lighthouse hockey podcasts from espy nation. Today are courteous and efficient hosts <music> are ready to serve all of your islander needs and worries lighthouse hockey podcasts for new york islanders fans yeah hello giants fans and welcome to a new edition of the valentine's us podcast here on big blue view radio part of the s._p. Nation family of podcasts. I'm your host ed valentine. Today's ace show is coming to you on monday august nineteenth. We're going to talk about the giants victory over the chicago kogo bears on friday night in their second preseason game. We will also play for you. Some clips a couple of clips from friday night. One one of daniel jones one of pat shurmur play a further clip of coach shurmur on saturday talking to media during a conference. Call the couple things to talk about from friday. Obviously you know another really nice. Impressive effort from daniel jones the sixth overall pick <hes> as i wrote it big lou view you know let let's let's calm down. Let's not turn this into a quarterback controversy. It might be in your mind might might be in the minds of some in the media but it's not in the minds of the giants in the minds of the giants. Eli manning is their starter. That's how how they're gonna go into the season. They'll see how the season unfolds. If they win. Games eli manning stays as the starting quarterback if they don't win games and fall out of the playoff race then you'll see a switch to jin. Daniel jones that plain and simple in a nutshell. That's how the thing is going going to unfold <hes> and <hes> you know. I don't understand why there is such a controversy over who should play and why people keep pushing the the jones or does jones have a chance to be the week one starter narrative because that you know plain and simple. That's not happening happening at this point so it is what it is. I think we should be happy that jones has looked really solid that it looks like there is a chance that that he'll justify having been the sixth overall pick <hes> that the future looks bright for the young man and so. Let's let's be happy with that. Abviously jones eleven for fourteen with a couple of fumbles on friday night made a couple of mistakes with the turnovers his first time he's is faced some adversity <hes> but <hes> you came through that really well. Let's do this right now before we even talk about other topics while while we're on the <hes> the daniel jones topic. Let's get into the clips that we have for you. I clip that you'll hear is jones talking about his turnovers and his night on friday august football. I mean particularly quarterback back. It'd be things that go and i've seen ever move <hes> guard against him to definitely think they need to learn from but when they happened together on a way to fund way make work so that'd be able to do that. A lot of big plays there on the on the two minute drive a lot of qalat people so fun. Put that together he of all security. I mean how upset with you with the gophers grace yeah i was <hes> i was very upset. I think those are eh two mistakes. You can't make and <hes> one time driving the ball inscription. I mean cost him to stay there and then <hes> kinda holding the ball in the pocket doc isn't too bad mistakes <hes> so definitely definitely thinks you find and with being able to make some mistakes that you did tonight thanks to show yourself and again you can do and you don't make them tape but i mean i think <hes> i was going to happen to is that we do realize <hes> not everything can be <hes> ah they're going to be some steaks and figuring that out sometimes and <hes> but i don't know didn't didn't try to make mistakes as i listen to. Daniel jones speak and i was in the the crowd of reporters that was around him on friday night as he made these remarks. It strikes me how humble the young man is. It strikes me that he constantly deflect praise to his teammates it it. It strikes me to be honest how much he sounds like eli manning when he does these press conferences and when he speaks and how much the attitude is is the same and to be honest with you. It's very impressive. It's what you want from a leader. You want a guy who doesn't try. Take all the credit. You want a guy who's willing to accept blame. You want a guy who's willing to <hes> to pass the credit praise his teammates. Give them some props and and i just i like listening to daniel jones. I think it's a very mature attitude. There is always always a smile on his face when he answers a lot of these questions so <hes> you know very very impressive to <hes> to listen to jones to. You're just the type of of remarks that he makes and the the sort of <hes> the the the unassuming way that he delivers these. He's remarks all right. Let's do this now. Let's move on to another clip. This next clip will be head. Coach pat shurmur on friday night after the giants beat. The chicago bears thirty two to thirteen and again. He's addressing the daniel jones chatter your time that indicate any false shirt issues the things you were trying to clean up. This guy got swatted out of his ears. Snap under center <hes> heart transplant call back humphries value out press. Will you just the first time jones seeing adversity obviously ashley how press volume that he was able to bounce back quickly shrug it often finish walk outside. Sorry are building seem surprised we're not i think he's been making good progress as he goes along checking all fox's play please privacy. These johnson also one hundred per per view. I would buy a whole year. Is anita season sort. One does apple or something. John and we're on the same page so much. I think i would say that a long answer. Those russian in this episode is brought to you by c._b._s. Sports h._q. So much sports t._v. Nowadays is full of made up trauma. It's a bunch of pat tapes from people who don't even believe what they're saying just beating the same topics into the ground but c._b._s. 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Forecast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means jeans and basically what i mean is this all already spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too fashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app love the line i ne'er from shurmur about daniel jones not calling his parents after making a couple of mistakes simply put that shurmur is way of saying look. He's he's mature enough to understand that he made a mistake or to end to deal with those and yet you have to like that you have to like the way that jones came back from the two fumbles in in the last couple of drives that he was in the game he helped the giants generate a field goal and and then <hes> in a two minute drive situation took the giants down the field for a touchdown so another positive sign another <hes> another good effort effort from jones in week two of the preseason and even though shurmur addressed the <hes> the question of is is there any way that jones could make it a week one competition for the starting job even though he addressed that on friday night you know by referencing the remarks remarks at john mara made in saying in saying that eli manning is the starter and saying you know this is the owner you know. The owner said that i agree. I agree with that. You know that even though he said that he was asked again saturday afternoon during a conference call not necessarily thoroughly if jones would be able to win the week one starting job but he was asked if jones was ready to play day or would be ready to play week one and to be honest. You know what that was. That was an effort to to get shurmur to say yes. He'll be ready ready to play week one. Which would then leave. Those who believe that jones should be competing for the week one job where should be the week one starter would then leave those folks with an opening to say well if he's ready. Why isn't he playing and you know the point of it is the point is is the giants believe that eli manning whether he's the same quarterback that he was eight to ten years ago or not. They believe that eli manning with his sixteen eighteen years of experience with two super bowl m._v._p.'s continues to give them the best chance to win football games and it will just see how that goes and <hes> if if the giants win games if manning plays well enough then manning will continue to play if they don't don't win games there will come a point in time where the giants will switch to daniel jones anyway. Here is what patch shurmur said regarding when win daniel jones would be ready to play lead by when daniel jones owns time comes he'll be ready <hes> with the understanding that his time is now that you're you're gonna have banning. You're starting quarterback it. Is he ready ready now have you. Have you seen enough to declare him ready. I think i i think when his time comes. He's going to be ready. I still think we've got a training camp left to to to push through we get preseason games left to push through <hes> i would say right now. You know we're worth three weeks for many of us being ready so you know that sort of where we're at. We got work to do and so that's that's how i approach that pretty nice job there by pat shurmur of deflecting that question at least. I thought he did a good job deflecting it. <hes> you know. Let's talk about a few other nine. Daniel jones things regarding of friday. Night's game thought eli manning did a nice job for four led. A touchdown drive threw the ball really well <hes> the first past that he threw was a really nice really well. Delivered passed to cody latimer twenty yard gain over the middle showed a lot of zip on the ball a lot of commitment to making that throw and and just thought manning look sharp you l. Let's let's be realistic. Obviously the chicago bears did not play any starters on offense or defense on friday night so there is that so yes you can make the argument well manning and the giants offense did what they were supposed to do. Big deal big whoop whatever but still still coming off of the the first game when manning in the giants offense went three and out in their only series. This was an improvement. This is what you wanted to see. This is what you need to see and he did throw the ball well. They did engineer nice drive so that was good to see. Take it as a positive sign and go from there. I i wrote a big blue view a little bit about matt nagy head coach of the chicago bears not playing any of his starters starters kind of thought that what they did was cool in a way they held a <hes> a sixty play scrimmage on wednesday two days before the game in a controlled environment with controlled situations got all of their starters the workday they needed and came into metlife stadium friday. Let the reserve players compete for roster spots and get some needed playing experience and i thought that was <hes>. I thought that was a great way to to approach things things to be honest with you. When it comes to these preseason games where where you just don't want to expose your your key guys to unnecessary injuries a few things coming out of the game for the giants still lots of intrigue in spots on the fifty three man roster still not you know not a whole lot of clarity. Maybe a little bit more clarity on the offensive line in terms of who the backups will be still wondering you know on on defense. It looks like there's still some spots available still trying to figure out how someone like reserve safety. Sean chandler makes the roster trying to figure out. You know whether or not there's any chance b._j. Goodson is going to make the roster looks like goodson could be an odd man out lots of roster intrigued there. There is a new fifty three man roster projection up at big blue view. Please check that out if you get a chance. <hes> check out our kudos and wet willies from saturday from friday night's game. Excuse me that was posted early on saturday morning. <hes> you know please continue to who <hes> to check out our coverage. We took a look at <hes> things that we learned from the game winners and losers in pretty much any any angle all that <hes> that we could think of to cover the game. We're trying to give it to you trying to give you as much information as possible about your new york giants and we hope that we hope that you're taking advantage of that. We hope you enjoy the website. We hope you enjoy the podcast and that you subscribe to it on all all of your favorite podcast applications giants fans <hes> the giants play again on thursday night. We should have a couple of shows shows between now and then for you. <hes> be as we as we get ready for week three of the preseason when the giants traveled to cincinnati to face the bengals as always. We thank you for listening and we'll talk to you soon bye bye. 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