Pearl Harbor


Mm-hmm. Ed sat at his post on the dock on able to move paralyzed by some unseen force. The darkness of the night was oppressive as the lapping waves slapped against the wooden beams that held the talk in place out upon the water floated to hulking behemoths of steel and iron their massive shapes only visible within the dark skies and dark waters. Thanks to the movements of their crews in the night, thousands of sailors bustled about the deck in the dim glow of the orange light Ed knew something horrid was about to happen. He tried to avert his eyes. But he could not look away the great metal beasts grown as they turned in the water from deep beneath the waves at heard, no Ed felt the shattering and trim Lous. Clink of metal on metal. The waves erupted inflame the metal halls of the metal beasts blasting into shards and fragments of their former selves oil spread across the water the flames spreading with it. All edco it here were the dying screams of the men on board. Ed woke from his nightmare drenched in sweat. He struggled to tap down. His fear is visceral terror. It had only been a dream, but something was terribly wrong. Still shaking. It got dressed and went to work at the docks that morning the morning of December. Seventh nineteen forty one. Welcome to haunted places on the Parkhouse network. I'm Greg Poulsen every Thursday. I take you to the scariest areas most haunted real places on earth this week. Join me on a supernatural journey to Pearl Harbor Hawaii. And discover why to this day. It's haunted. Par cast were grateful for you our listeners, you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave the five star review wherever you listening. It really does help we also now have merchandise. Head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information, listen to more episodes of haunted places as well. As par casts. Other podcasts on your favorite podcast directory. On December seventh nineteen forty one. The imperial Japanese navy air service attack, the US naval base at Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian island of a wa who the horrific events were declared by president Franklin Roosevelt as a date that will live in infamy and ushered America into World War Two. I'm bad, quiet. Sunday morning. Eight battleships were more at Ford island along with some smaller support vessels. Just before eight AM a wave of one hundred eighty three Japanese planes, flew over Pearl Harbor, dropping armor, piercing bombs and torpedoes a second wave of seventy eight Japanese planes soon, followed. The US fleet was ambushed and decimated. In addition to Pearl Harbor, the Japanese also targeted other military bases on who including nearby Hickam airfield and Scofield barracks. Now the other side of the island severely incapacitating the US military's ability to fight back. In fact, only eight American pilots were able to launch planes and mountain air response during the attacks in just under two hours, the Japanese majorly crippled, the US's Hawaiian military installation, especially the naval force nearly eighty five percent of American planes on who were destroyed or damaged Twenty-one. Naval vessels were damaged destroyed or sunken by the time the attacks ended over twenty three hundred American servicemen and civilians had perished another twelve hundred people were wounded in response to Cimber eighth. The you. US declared war on Japan. Meanwhile, at Pearl Harbor destruction and chaos reigned a huge operation was underway. Locating survivors. Ronald shoved through the crowd as sailors clogging, the maze of small rooms that made up the third deck of the battleship USS West Virginia Ron heard someone barking orders to get top side. But he wanted to check the pumps when Ron hurried into pump room a one oh nine Clifford was already. They're inspecting the pipes. Suddenly the ship jilted, Ron and Clifford exchanged worried looks and turn to run for the door. In the hallway they collided with another sailor. He told them there was a fire blocking the ladder to the second deck, the three ran back into the pump room. The lights flicker then one out making the room pitch black. Luckily, Ron nura flashlight was and carefully felt his way over to it. Suddenly the ship lurched heart listening portside Ron almost fell but caught himself on the edge of some wooden crates the flashlight went flying, he crawled across the floor feeling for it. Ron found the flashlight and switched it on. He crawled over to Clifford and the other sailor their faces mirrored the terror he felt the ship was sinking. And there was nothing that could do about it. They furiously banged on a pipe hoping rescuers. What here? The ship lurched again and began tilting back the other way Lewis the other sailor cheered. But Clifford Sambre. He now knew they had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Once their arms grew tired. They started taking turns banging on the pipe with a wrench every fifteen minutes or so by flashlight they took inventory. There were a few tools some emergency canned rations, an eight day clock and old blanket or to a wall calendar and pencil. Luckily, the broom had a fresh water pump, but dark enhanced the sounds of the room in odd ways, even all the way across the room. Ron could hear Clifford exhale tiny puffs of air when you pronounce certain words, it changed their sense of taste to each byte of the beef stew rations tasted delicious as that Tang. The Saul helped calm their nerves. Ron did pushups he and Lewis Ramzi eager to get out. The emergency beasts to rations were getting old fast. They were confident they would be saved. And once they were free. They were going to eat to their hearts content get drunk at the bar play pooling sing Christmas carols Clifford was different. He sat quiet and motionless in the corner. Ron watched Louis. Markelle third X on the calendar when they turned on the flashlight to portion food three days, you could hardly believe it. They had been stuck here. Three whole days. They tried to cheer Clifford up. But his eyes were ceaselessly dour Clifford looked away and kept banging the wrench against the wall. They eight beats to for the ninth straight meal on forced himself to swallow the gelatinous slime he was never again going to eat it. Once he got out, the endless, single taste and Clifford's endless sadness started to get on his nerves. They were going to be rescued. They had to be. Day five the room stank of feces and urine Ron was very tired. But he couldn't sleep. It was hard to sleep with frequent banging on the pipe his ears rang. He wasn't sure. But it's breath felt shorter than before. And now as the pipe rang he thought he could hear the whispering answer of the ship to their pounding. Eight and groaned and lurch against the current almost as if the ship itself wanted them to stop, but they would be saved. Day eight the sudden circle of light from the flashlight hurt Ron size. When Lewis turned it on to check the time the clock at frozen Lewis wound the clock, then Ron turned his head away has Lewis Mark the calendar bronze is were filled with tears tried to tell himself they've been caused by the burning light at the flashlight. It was Clifford's turn to Bank ranch, but he refused they asked what was bugging him. But he could only say the ship over and over again the ship that ship. The ship Ron knew what he meant. He'd heard the groans that had turned to screams piercing their ears with each client of the wrench. He heard the ringing cries of pain echoing from the walls. The shouts that kept him up ceaselessly awake. As the wall seem to press ever inwards cold metal on their bare flesh muffled by the water that filled the halls. He knew the ship wanted them to stop to give up to die. He just didn't care. They were going to be saved. He would have stopped eating the beef stew long ago. If he didn't think they would be saved. Inhale? XL? Clippers breeding seem to get louder with every breath. Moron hated his attitude almost as much as he hated the beef stew. Ron wanted smashes stupid smelly face in. He ran his tongue around his mouth his gums felt sore his tongue huge someone shifted in the darkness. Clifford's long nails click on the door as he fumbled with the hatch locks. He muttered like he muttered for all the days before. Ron got to his feet Clifford didn't respond to anything. They said he just kept missing with the door. Louis clicked on the flashlight Ron shoved Clifford away. A punch was thrown. A hit connected. The two traded blows in the claustrophobic dark and as flesh hit flesh, a low per began to stir within the room Bush, ship was pleased. They finally begun to hit each other. They finally stopped hitting it. By the end of the fight Clifford lay in a heap. His eyes glittering feverishly, blood and tears spilling over onto his sunken. Cheeks his mouth, swollen and bleeding. He curled into the fetal position. He began to laugh high pitched ugly giggles. He chuckled about the ship killing them. Slowly, he'd rather end it and ended now Ron sat cross-legged beside Clifford and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. They all could hear the ship. They were going to make it suffer just as much as they had. Louis picked up the wrench clicked off the flashlight and started banging on the pipe. Coming up. We'll have more from the haunting aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Depression, isn't just sadness anxiety, isn't just worrying. It's okay to not be okay. Asking for help isn't a weakness. 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You'll love that's better health dot com slash haunted. And now back to the story. Battleship USS West Virginia took nine torpedo hits during the Pearl Harbor attack. She caught fire and burned for thirty hours due to her construction and the heroic self sacrificing actions of some crew members she sunk with an even keel allowing a large number of sailors to evacuate. She eventually came to rest on the muddy bottom of Pearl Harbor forty feet below the ocean surface. The initial hours of the rescue effort were Catic, but somewhere along the way rescuers realized that they were hearing rhythmic banging from the forward hull of the West Virginia. Meaning that there were survivors alive and to MD in the sunken ship. Higher ups quickly determined that a rescue attempt was out of the question. The diving technology of the day was limited and the rescue effort was already stretched thin. These men had been killed long before they realized it immediately after the attack centuries were posted to guard the shipwrecks in the harbor at night guards could clearly hear the three surviving sailors on the sunk in West Virginia banging to alert rescuers to their position. The noises stopped just before Christmas over two weeks after the attack. In the spring of nineteen forty to the US S West Virginia was raised and towed into a dry dock salvage crews began the grim work recovering the drowned from the ship to their horror. They found pump room a one oh nine completely dry. Evidence of eaten rations and a calendar. Marked off until December twenty third sixteen days after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. They also found three bodies huddled together dead from high poxy or oxygen starvation. Eighteen year old Ronald unto cont twenty year old Clifford olds and twenty one year old Louis buddy Causton. Old seadogs say that in the wee hours of December nights at Pearl Harbor. You just might hear the three trapped sailors banging away hoping for a rescue. But will never arrive. During the attack at Hickam, Air Force base, Japanese planes, strafed Hickam barracks. A multi-storey dormitory and mess hall. This attack killed one hundred eighty nine people and wounded over three hundred more the huge canteen. Located in the center of the complex was directly hit by a five hundred pound bomb killing thirty five soldiers at breakfast. Many soldiers were also killed while they slept in their bunks beginning in nineteen fifty seven. Some of the barracks were converted to administration over time. The entire complex was added onto and renovated into offices. It's currently in use as the headquarters for the Pacific air forces or pack calf for short externally, many battle scars and bullet hits from the Japanese attack have been preserved as a show of respect internally. It's been transformed into a maze of. Cubicles and offices, the pack half h q building has developed a dark reputation as terrifying events take place within its walls. Mike young the plug and the boombox he had grown tired of hearing the same big band CD played throughout the halls day in and day out his superior said the music was meant to appease, the restless spirits who still resided in the building fifty years after the attack, but for him the music ate away at his soul as he tried to finish his overtime, accounting work for the day. Mike walk down the hall whistling. Finally, he could listen to his own music. They're gonna Pearl Jam smashing pumpkins good modern rock. Mike clan. Stop the overhead fluorescent office lights were flickering their snaps and buzzes filled. The office with unsettling sound the back of his neck pre-cold as he got the distinctive sense that someone was watching him. He turned around. But all he saw were empty cubicles. Mike crack dismissals a nervous habit. He had never grown out of perhaps he could finish his work at home or even do it tomorrow. Yes. He could do it tomorrow. He packed up his things and put them in a satchel then speed walk to the vending machine in the break room. He always ended the day by purchasing kit Kat bar. He pushed the buttons glancing around as the candy fell to the dispenser. He reached in and grabbed the candy bar, but he jumped. As the back of his hand, touch, something wet and cold. He pulled out the candy and looked at his hand. His skin was covered in scarlet the dripping pooling wetness of blood. He screamed and dropped to the ground. His hand falling on the kit, Kat par. He heard a loud snap but kit, Kat bar felt hard and brittle in his poems. Trembling he pinched, the plastic and peeled at pack instead of chocolate and wafers the rapper was filled with long thin white bombs broken. And it's palm Mike jumped then rubbed his eyes. The chocolate was chocolate again. But something else soon pulled his gaze. The little green numbers on the microwave began to count up rising faster and faster with each moment. Mike shuttered as the digital numbers hit one nine four one the microwave deigned shuttle. That's it. He was getting out of here. Mike race toward the exit panting and horror with each step. He took east dared at the elevator numbers while he waited he could sense a presence behind him. But he wasn't going to look. Finally, the elevator arrived, Mike jumped in and frantically pressed the ground level button. Mike breathed a sigh of relief via elevator jerk to a halt the numbers shifting between the floors and the doors sprang open. Mike watched as deep red blood poured into the elevator doors he coward, and then cried and terror staring at bodies stacked on top of bodies some piles rising taller than himself. The scent of copper filled the air blood flooded the ground and scorching red sunlight burned through the multitude of bullet holes peppering every surface and every corpse in the room, then the gunfire Kane. The blood splattered upwards in a morbid ballet of gruesome crimson, the body shook and fell apart as they were blasted to bits Mike shut his eyes tight and cowered in the corner at the elevator the health scape swirled around him until finally the door closed. His heart racing his skin like ice. He heard a disembodied laugh reverberating throughout the walls of the elevator. He braced himself for what would happen next as he prayed to God. And hummed nirvana trying to keep his mind off the possibilities. When it arrived at the ground, Mike burst from the elevator and sprinted outside the guard in the security booth, just outside the building automatically saluted, Mike, then noticed Mike's wide agitated is his pales sweat beat it skin and creased uniform the guard asked if he'd seen Charlie Mike nodded tongue tied the guard nodded back then return to his paperwork. Odd paranormal incidents on Hickam Air Force base are attributed to a victim of the Japanese attack turned poltergeist nicknamed. Charlie Charlie likes to steal coins. Switch off lights ring alarms slam doors, and file cabinets and mess with Cox Charlie's favorite place to cause. Chaos is the old dormitory turned to pack f h q. In the days after the attack several buildings at Hickam acted as makeshift field hospitals. The barracks ended up serving as a temporary morgue more. The attack victims were piled high allegedly trained military guard dogs have disobeyed orders shied away and whimpered when forced to enter pack FAQ. Additionally, many soldiers have had brushes with Charlie. Well, most walkaway at harmed the guards prefer not to risk it and spend their shifts in a tiny on air conditioned security booth, just outside pack FAQ instead of sitting at the front desk in the air conditioned lobby inside the building. But at Pearl Harbor, even the outdoors can be home to the spirits born from that tragic night. Coming up. We'll meet more of these very spectres of Pearl Harbor scare you to sleep is chock full of by neural sound effects that won't jerky awake. Bill actually creep you'd asleep. Scare you to sleep isn't a podcast podcast. But I think you'll find their spooky bedtime stories soothing and also possibly Irving you'll hear quality stories from published authors as well as up and coming authors, be sure to check out the guided nightmare sewed where Shelby the host uses meditation exercises to make sure your is immersed as possible with your very own horror story, you can even send in your own horror stories to be considered for the show from ghosts in the bayou to serial killers in the nine hundred ninety s they've got everything you need to be scared to sleep for those of you who love horror and need a little noise to help you drift on. Off this podcast is for you. You can find scary to sleep on apple podcasts or wherever you find podcasts. And now back to the story. Airplane hangar? Thirty seven stance on Ford island at the center of Pearl Harbor, and what's the primary post for seaplanes at the time of the attack when their planes were destroyed Americans fought back from the hangar area setting up and firing machine guns at the invading Japanese after the attack some survivors temporarily lived in hangar thirty seven today. The vast forty two thousand square foot hangar houses the Pacific aviation museum. It features a rotating collection of vintage mainly World War Two aircraft preserved Pearl Harbor airplane, wreckage and movie theater for history hills. Some of the attack damage has been preserved hangar building the original bullet holes remaining as permanent scars from the vicious attack. The museum is extremely popular with tourists both the living. And the debt. Malo the head security guard shoot a large group of tourists thought the exit few employs also followed Lisa the tour guide. Kept a smile pinned to her face. And waved goodbye soon. She could go home and exchange or dress code skirt and pantyhose for comfy sweats. She stretched well Malo set the alarm and turned off the lights the museum instantly crude lonely, but dim security lights casting twisted shadows on the wall. The walkie talkie and her hip crackled to life as Milo radio to the rest of the staff at the building was finally closed. He winked at Lisa and stepped out the employee side door for a smoke break. Lisa walked down the aisle of planes toward her office. She loved the museum the history of the old fashioned aircraft. The wonder and children's is Lisa came to halt at the World War Two bomber exhibit. The mannequin pilot was no longer sitting in the p fifty one Mustang cockpit. Instead he was doing a head stand. His boots propped against the side of the plane to hold him up. This was not the first time the mannequin had moved. But everyone on staff denied that. They were moving it and the security cameras never seem to catch the perpetrator shiver skater Donner spine. Lisa tried or walkie-talkie. But it wouldn't park. She took a deep breath in then carefully. Lowered the mannequin to the floor. She'd have someone fix it in the morning. She looked around sometimes sound bounced so oddly in the hangar, she didn't know better. She'd swear someone was in the rafters. She stopped pointblank peering down the aisle in disbelief an old man in a war naval uniform sat in the darkness on a bench quietly staring up at a World War, Two Republic p forty seven thunderbolt. She hesitated for a second the intensity and the man's eyes. Was reminiscent childhoods, deepest horrors piercing an unwavering then she storm toward the Matt telling him they were no longer open. He had to leave. Now. The man kept his eyes on the plane in a sombre voice. He informed. Lisa that he used to be. It's pilot. She fumbled for her walkie talkie. But it still didn't work. The man kept talking a calm, but unsettling power to his voice. He spoke about the friends he'd lost in that first attack his survivor's guilt and the death wish that had driven him to become a fighter pilot. His voice was compelling almost hypnotic. Lisa found yourself walking the last few feet in joining him on the bench almost out of control the closer. She had gotten to him the more difficult. This man was to see she had a vague impression of gaunt wrinkled face. But it was almost as if the shadows continuously shifted to keep them in darkness. He continued to talk and Lisa found that her surroundings were shifting the museum started coming. To life planes, moving through the air walls fading into the background has her eyes were pulled back in time. Reliving the attack. Lisa duck as she saw soldiers. Wait mannequins with their pale featureless faces zigzagging trying to outrun the thunderous bullets being spat from a sheen guns on low flying Japanese bombers, but choking black smoke billowed up from the burning ships in the harbor. She cried as she witnessed the flailing mannequin splayed across the ground because the hospital overlaid with tents in the museum was overflowing with the wounded she felt the anguish of a spouse or mother as they found their missing loved one on the list of the dead. She saw the faces that went with the names on the plaques. She had pointed out a million times before she lived through the nighttime security lockdowns the rumors and paranoia of more attacks whispered throughout the island the. Fear of being trapped in this dark museum with buzzing propellers and the screams of dying mannequins. Lisa startled. Her walkie talkie was going off. Lisa looked over at the bench. The old man had disappeared. Lisa open the door from Oslo. He and the other security guards had found themselves mysteriously locked out of the building. She made security turn on all the lights, but the man had banished. She didn't believe it when Milo told her it was after ten pm it had felt like fifteen minutes, but she had spent more than three hours talking to the veteran on the bench. No one else had seen the them. Lisa continued to insist that he was real. But when they reviewed the security footage. She was alone in the Pence nodding and talking to someone only she could see. In addition to still being an active naval base, Pearl Harbor contains several memorials and museums celebrating the US military. The most famous of these is the USS Arizona memorial constructed in one thousand nine hundred sixty to the USS. Arizona memorial consists of us stunning white building built perpendicular over the vessel wreck in Pearl Harbor visitors. Take a ferry across the water to access the edifice. Morial is meant to resemble a bridge and is composed of three rooms the entryway vestibule for visitors to prepare for reflection. The assembly hall has seven floor to ceiling windows, referring to December seventh the date of the attack. There's also of viewing window cut in the floor where visitors can see down to the ship in total throughout the hall. There are twenty one windows any turn twenty one gun salute. From its very construction. The Arizona was considered unlucky because she was christened with water and not wine in nineteen forty one. The Zona had twice collided with other ships in the US fleet. In fact, the Zona was only still stationed in Pearl Harbor because she collided with the USS Oklahoma on October twenty second nineteen forty one. Enter schedule was altered to accommodate the collision repairs the day before the attack on December sixth the Zona prepared for a trip by taking on a full load of fuel approximately one point five million gallons of oil. During the Pearl Harbor tack a bomb penetrated the battleship's armor deck and hit them Unisys storage causing the ship to detonate. What was left of the burning ship sank in ten minutes with most of its sailors still on board one thousand one hundred and two servicemen died on the Zona the highest death toll out of any ship building or hanger attack that day, the shrine room in the memorial houses, a marble wall, which lists the names of those who perished on the ship. Many of the victims are still on board. The sunken wreck their final resting place after the attack. It was estimated that nearly half of the one point five million gallon fuel load was still aboard the back beneath them memorial. The record the Zona continues to leak oil over seventy. Five years later up to nine quarts day, a rusty giant with an open wound on the sole of America for ever bleeding. Over the years. Legends have surfaced about the memorial one. Well known story is that it's haunted by a sad. Regretful ghost allegedly in Arizona officer on lookout duty on the morning of the attack became distracted and briefly left his post while he was gone the Japanese attacked riddled with guilt. His ghost is forever tied to the ship. Tourists have snap. Some interesting pictures of the underwater wreck seeming to show a face peering through a hole in the ship and still a few have had bitter. Sweet yet comforting supernatural experiences at the memorial seeing the smiling faces of their lost loved ones form in the oil has it spills into the ocean. Surviving crew members of the USS Arizona can choose to have their remains placed on the battleship and be buried at sea. When they die spending turn ity with their crewmates. It's been over seventy five years since the devastating Japanese attack on the US military bases on a who. Who today the island is a popular tourist destination and operating military base yet the tumultuous events of December seventh nineteen forty one continue to reverberate in supernatural ways. Pearl Harbor continues to be defined by the dead as much as it is by the living. Thanks again for tuning into haunted places. We'll be back next Thursday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of haunted places as well. As all par casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you of asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at park cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time. Haunted. Places was created by max Cutler, it's a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It's produced by max and Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro. Paul. Molitor, Maggie admire and Carly Madden. Haunted places written by Candice Rogers. I'm Greg Poulsen.

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