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Fill one hundred dollars and ba. Show the business podcasts. At always has your back every single day with our daily business lessons for the real world. I'm your host your coach. Your teacher omar's then home. I'm also the founder of webinar ninja. An independent software company. I started with my partner back in two thousand fourteen and in today's episode. You'll learn three tips. That will massively improve your sales webinars. Webinars are an incredible sales tool because it allows you to build trust quickly with your audience. Make them an offer and turn them into customers. This is nothing. New webinars have been around forever. They just came in different forms that in-person sales presentation or shopping channels on tv like qvc. Now we have the power to sell our products and services from our laptops with many studio right inside with a webinar software but when it comes to selling on webinars many people make a lot of mistakes that caused them to lose out on the opportunity. I've run over five hundred live webinars. I learned a lot of hard lessons. About what doesn't work. What does work and today. i wanna share with you. The three tips the three things that really are going to move the needle. We're gonna make the hugest difference in making more sales so let's get into it. Let's get down to business support. Didn't show comes from start here first. Online business might all new ten part audio course on himalayan learning this is course is going to get you from zero to one. That's going to get you from thinking about your business to actually watching that. Visits getting out of your head and into the real world. We cover things. Like validating your idea creating your first product pricing it marketing it financing your business even creating your business website and more check it out and himalayan dot com slash mba and use code nba to get a fourteen day free trial again. The tim timoleague dot com slash. Nba promo code nba. Laura things a lot of people talk about is hell painful. It is to run a webinar and not make as many sales as you actually anticipate or hope to. I've learned the hard way time and time again. And tweak my saleswoman a presentation over and over to find out what really works and today i'm just gonna give it to you. I'm gonna give you the three things that if you do today in your next sales webinar. It's going to change your results. It's going to help you get more sales. This is what i found in my own experience. So let's jump right into it. The first tip is many of us when we run a sales webinar. We have the format of doing some sort of workshop training or coaching followed up with a demo or presentation or sales pitch of our product and then we have cuny. The problem is is that too many of us will say the women are sixteen minutes. We will maybe teach for forty five minutes get into our demo and pitch and because we don't have much time left to answer a few questions and we may even go over time and the webinar about an hour and fifteen minutes in this defeats. The purpose of a saleswoman are. The whole point of this was webinars to make sales. Okay so it needs to be your top priority. And i been guilty of this many times. And i actually didn't learn what i was doing wrong until i actually started asking feedback from people that attended my weber my My co hosts. If i did a partner webinar and they were just awesome. He told me that. Neil going to longer babies to content heavy and that was my fault because i come from teaching background. I just wanna give give give and teach teach teach. But i'm actually doing my customers a disservice because i'm not giving them enough time to learn about the product of the solution. That's gonna really help them and give them chances to ask questions about it. So what i found. Is that if you're going to run a sixty minute webinar. I find that the best breakdown is twenty five. Twenty fifteen now. This may feel a little bit uncomfortable but trust me twenty five minutes of content of workshop. This includes your introduction your backstory all that kind of stuff and given them great information you should do your level best not to go over twenty five minutes at the twenty five minute mark. You should be transitioning into demoing your product transitioning from workshop to sales offer showing people. What your products. All about how much it costs what it includes and really selling it to them. We'll talk about some tips on how to do that in a moment. Now in those twenty minutes of me selling the product i spent about ten minutes highlighting the most result driven features. We'll talk a little bit more about that. A second revealed the offer. The price would includes and then sell them on the offer. Tell them what you know for. Example with membership includes the support they're going to have and the great content. They're gonna have access to so within ten minutes of the offer. They already know the price they have been given the offer and now i'm just selling them on the offer and then the last fifteen minutes. The webinar is spent answering questions. Fifteen minutes is a good amount of time for me to answer questions and it's not too far into the webinar forty. Five minutes past the webinar people are still hanging around. They've seen the offer and they have questions. Most of the questions are going to air about product of the offer. So you wanna make sure you have enough time to answer every question now. Why do i recommend this breakdown. Well because you don't wanna wait too long into the webinar to start talking about your product on your offer. Twenty five minutes is a good amount of time once you pass the thirty minute mark You're going to lose people's attention. I've tried all kinds of different breakdowns and formats. I've tried giving offers at the forty minute mark. I've tried giving offers at the start of the webinar. Have tried to giving offers at the thirty minute. Mark i found that twenty. Five minutes is the sweet spot for many reasons number one. You can easily overwhelm your audience with too much information if you spend more than twenty five minutes. Hey a ted talk is about fifteen twenty minutes and fill the information. It's filled with great ideas and concepts and the moments so you should be able to do it in twenty five so that's tip number one. The timing of the information not waiting too long to give your offer to offer and giving enough time for qna and not waiting too long for that either forty five minutes in. Let's get the questions answered next the offer itself. What i found works. The best is what. I call value sandwich okay. This is tipped to use the value sandwich with this. Is that you saw the demo or the sales offer with showing people all the great things your product or service. Your course your book your whatever will do for them and one of the best ways to do that is to ask your audience questions like what's your biggest pain point when it comes over no software now why looking to switch what he most about webinars where you get stuck in the reason why i asked these questions so i can show them in mind product how it solves those problems. How we solve the problems that they said themselves they have with our product. I hate the fact that i have to a hodgepodge of frankenstein. A bunch of pieces of software together to run a webinar atlantic beach offer email marketing software. And then the video technology well with women are injured. It's all in one it's built in. Let me show you now. The reason why i do this is so that it quells people's fears and answers. The question. does this product has value to me. Does a solve my problems and if you show them even with just one problem. It's usually enough for them to say. Sign me up. Because she showed me live. How your product can help solve a problem. I stated i had so. That's the first part of the sandwich. Then we stayed the offer like. Here's the price what's going to osu. And then the other side of the sandwich or other part of the sandwich is what you're going to get when you pay when you sign up again more value. We talk about all the things they may not be aware of. Hey we have. The women are ninja kademi inside of wepener. Ninja were has a library of training for you to check out seeing become a webinar ninja. We have seven day support that you can chat with rain side. The app we have member webinars free coaching. That you can jump on and ask questions and help. Every plan comes to the fourteen day trial. You get the point. You're product your services going to have benefits. It's going to have things that are included that you may have forgotten about. Just don't think are super impressive but to your customer. It is because they've never heard of it before. This is where you really sell the value. So that in the beginning of like wow cells all these problems this is the price and get all the stuff. Wow what a great value. So that's tip number two value sandwich tip number three make sales public. This one is dynamite. What we do on ourselves webinars that have worked really well is when we make the offer we say to them. Hey if you sign up during the webinar right now before we end this webinar and usually that gives them about twenty two fifteen minutes to sign up before we wrap up. That's why the offer early on is important. We say saying chat if you signed up and if you do so we will send you a free t shirt now. Your bonus your prize. Your gift can be anything like but the point here is that you're getting people in the chat saying hey. I signed up haifa. Komo are ninja encourage other people to sign up as well as a see the chat blow up it also gives them a reason to buy now. Why by now on the webinar. Maybe there's a special offer but this is an extra special offer to get them to sign up immediately while you have them in the palm of her hands on the webinar. Something small is going to make a difference. It's just something in by giving them some sort of Recognition shadow on the chat and reward for taking action is huge. We found that this really helps propel sales right on the webinar and even sometimes People will email us after the webinars over and say hey. I signed up right after the webinar anyway and can get that t shirt and of course we say yes because we're cool like that but the point here is that it gives people a chance to say. I want to be part of your community. I want to be part of this action. This sounds great. So you're gonna give a reason by now and you're gonna make a public you're gonna get your buyers to share in the chat that they've bought and they have signed up because i'm more on today's topic but before the olympic teddy sponsor webinars. We know how well they worked to generate new business for coaches consultants and other creators. We know that online marketing is ten times more powerful when you add webinars cheer campaigns. But what's the right platform to use. What's the easiest which platforms can seamlessly into the rest of your marketing infrastructure. And do it all at the right price. Take a look at our very own webinar. Ninja the user. Friendliest one platform ever create live automated series and hybrid webinars. Make them free or charge for valuable lessons. Sent automated investing to promote your are and follow up for more conversions. Showcase your unique value and do all without the hassle and stress of navigating pain in the butt software try whether ninja absolutely free at webinar ninja dot com and see just how easy and powerful webinars can be. That's webinar ninja dot com for a fourteen day risk-free trial guys to wrap up three major tips number. One timing of your webinar. Don't go past minute twenty-five without starting your offer leave at least fifteen minutes for qna because you're going to have a lot of great cuny. They're going to close sales for you for the product number two value. Sandwich when you're doing the offer identify what the problems your audience has show them how your product solves those problems. State the price show the offer and then give them more value about. Hey look at all the things that are included when you become a customer of ours and lastly game reason by now and have them share publicly in the chat when they become buyers so they can get that free bonus. There have a guys. These are actually the three most effective tips. I can share with you. That i've learned over years or seven years running webinars eight years when webinars or five hundred webinars total partner webinars hills. Women are so many. This is what works. Your job is to implement. And don't forget you can sign up for a free trial at dot com our software and give this a shot. Thanks so much for listening to the hundred. Show you lovely here hit. That's absurd bronze. You never miss a beat. You get the knicks episode automatically before going to leave you with this. The only way you're going to know the timing of your webinar is accurate that you're actually going to go into the offering twenty five minutes and finish your offer with fifteen minutes to spare is a hearse. You have to run through your presentation before your webinar. Don't wing it. It's going to cost you an hour. But it's a whether you can use over and over and you're gonna know for sure if your timing is right and is going to equal more sales at least in my experience. Thanks for listening and held genuine. Tomorrow's episode also. Then take care.

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