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Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes? Set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. It's time to get up with a cavalcade of superstars the biggest names in sports all on the news this morning, LeBron back and better than ever. He went to overtime. You'll see it staff went for forty and a great game against Philly for Zia's went to Dallas and fans of the Knicks went flat out crazy. Plus Jason Garrett. He's not going anywhere. Got bad news from his boss nonetheless Kyle Murray, he's going to join us live could he wind up being the first pick in the draft. We'll talk about it and the greatest quarterback Gabar is playing in the Super Bowl the day after tomorrow all that. It's time to get up on ESPN right now delighted you're with us on this Friday leading into Super Bowl Sunday, my favorite holiday of the year Laura's here d-, what is he we got as I say a cast of thousands ready to go from. Lanta and other places, but we begin with a surprise two days ago whose officially out last night he was officially back LeBron James on the floor for the Lakers against the clippers after missing seventeen games. Longest stretch. He's missed in his career. That was the first play of the game a little rusty. Lebron two of seven five points in the first half fourth quarter. Now, the Lakers have a double digit lead. Lebron been watching James harden bang. He was not a twenty two from the floor and the Lakers were pulling away. But he would take a breather and the clippers would come back. So now, the lead is six Brandon Ingram the three. No, good LeBron. Yes. The lead is eight for the Lakers, three minutes and change to go. Forty seconds left. Clips have cut it to three. Where are they going for the bucket to tight about Tobias Harris? Yes, they took forty three threes in this game last night that one ties it for Steve bombers team still tied at one twelve ten seconds ago. Lebron is he gonna find a way to win the game five four three? It's out of bounds. Look Ryan clearly believes that it's out off the clippers, and candidly when you watch the replay, you're going to believe it too. But that's not. The way this was called. They rule it out on LeBron. He can't believe it. And we're going to overtime in the extra session watch LeBron working in the lane. No way he planned to play as many minutes as he wound up playing last night. But he was still out there in the overtime. Not sit down twenty four points. Lebron on the night Lakers. A two point lead. Now later in the overtime as any big man ever passed the ball the way LeBron does make dance land, Lance plus the foul and the celebration as the Lakers extend their lead. Look at him go clippers down three under five seconds ago. Lakers have the ball watch. What happens you Rondo can't get it in? So he tries to throw it out of bounds off of Boba doesn't work. Lou Williams is gonna get shot. But no, he's not Rondo appears as if from nowhere and blocks the final attempt sort of a dicey finish at Staples Center. But that's the way it goes LeBron finishes with twenty four points, fourteen boards, nine assists and the Lakers win and his return by three. Eighty percent right now. But the feel good to be eighty and just to be back on a floor on Pearl Laker's uniform again, that's what it's all about. That's what I'm here. And I didn't I didn't come here to to sit on the bench, and I love clothes. I love suits. When I didn't come here to put on the suit everyday come put on jersey. Some sure it's that's what I came into doing lead a team. You know, best way, I know how so you know, that's that's the frustration part. When you sing your team struggle. And you know, how much you can help them, and you can't do anything in a suit and tie. So you know, that's where. You know, that's where the negativity such to creep into the Ma. Nothing. I'm I know why. On inserting himself yesterday when it mattered the most according to second spectrum he was ten drives in the fourth quarter and overtime after only five in the first three quarters and he scored thirteen of his twenty four points during that time. So that was late last night. How about the news of the day yesterday? Kristaps Porzingis who hasn't played all year long recovering from the AC L in the left knee traded by the Knicks for the Dallas Mavericks in a move that absolutely shook up the entire NBA universe. At one point yesterday. Nine of the top twelve trending topics in America pertain to this. Trae the Mavericks get porzingas, plus a potential dream pick and roll partner for Luca Danni, plus three others the Knicks. Meanwhile, the key for them they free up around seventy one million dollars in cap space, and they get three players, including Dennis Smith junior. -ironically is the guy all the knick fans wanted them to draft a year and a half ago. So Chris porzingas was on Twitter yesterday somewhat busy. I he posted some the mo-. Jeez. Over this gif of him and Luca Danni pitch shaking hands after the teams play the other night. The Mavericks were just at the garden the other night and beat the Knicks. He then also later tweeted, a nice, thank you to the Knicks fans. New York will always have a special place in my heart. Grateful for everybody who made this journey so special for my family. And I now the nicotine president is Steve mills he was on a conference call last night explaining why they felt they needed to do this. Over time. It became clear to us that Kristaps was not completely on board with the plan that we had laid out. He's a great player, but this morning in a meeting he confirmed that he no longer wanted to be a Nick given the uncertainty of going into free agency with a player who feels that way. We decided to make this trade. It's just a feeling you get as you're watching how frequently he comes the practices. How long is around the gym different things that he's doing, and we just started to get a feel that this might be moving in a different direction. So after that Kristan forcing is went back on Instagram this time and has subsequently deleted this post. But he tweeted the true will come out that is no longer up he subsequently removed that so let's try and make some sense of all of this with the man who is in the middle of the news all day yesterday. And that of course is Adrian words Ascii, whoa, JR. How and why did this happen? The acrimony between Kristaps Porzingis. And the Knicks it goes back to the Phil Jackson era. It was never repaired with a new regime and. Kristaps Porzingis came into management's office at the practice facility yesterday and essentially told them I'm not going to resign with you. I'll sign the qualifying offer which would have restricted free agent made him unrestricted in the following year. The Knicks would have lost in for nothing. I I'd like you to trade me now and Scott Perry. The Knicks GM had an expectation. It was coming to this. He had talked to teams about Kristaps Porzingis. They talked to teams going back to last year about him. And they move quickly to get the deal with Dallas done. They wanted accomplish two things with them one. You know, get back as they got back. Dennis smith. They got a couple of first round picks, and they got off the money to create the two max salary spots. Look all of us in New York have been down this road before. But the Knicks now have the two huge MAC spots available. How confident are they that they will have a real shot at getting some of the big names who will be available this July. Well, listen, they they hope that they can be competitive, and especially with the guy at the top of that list. And that's Kevin Durant. And you're right. You know, they like they don't raise banners for MAC salary slops slots for cap space. I it's not a great accomplishment to be able to create Spacey accomplishment is to find players worthy affiliate. And there's a lot of pressure on this organization to do that. Because I treading Kristaps Porzingis Twenty-three-year-old player who, you know, not very long ago. They thought they were going to build around for fifteen years at the garden. You know, th they're going to be pretty fortunate to find a player of his caliber and surly, you know, at his age, but you know, Durant is the focus, and they're hopeful that if they were somehow able to convince Kevin Durant come that that would trigger another star player. But for Kevin Durant walkaway from Golden State, and what they have there. I think you will be a consideration. But it's not going to be easy to extract him from the warriors. I hear the skepticism in your voice, and frankly, I think a lot of people share it, and you can see an example of that. If you look at the newspapers in New York today, let me show you what the New York Post looks like this morning living on a prayer. That's the basic idea. And you see they've got they've got Zion. Now, that's the one they have a real shot at getting if they get the number one, and that one makes sense, and then Durant and Kyrie that genuinely is living on a prayer little later, we will play you what some of the phone calls to Michael K's radio show on ESPN New York standard like yesterday. It was crazy and speaking fans of the Knicks. This will be fun. We bring in Stephen a Smith now to talk to us about this Stephen is now you've had a little more time to sort of so-called this and think through it. What's your reaction to the porzingas trade? Well, listen, I'm not as down on it. As everybody else is don't get me wrong. Make no mistake about it to New York. Knicks have been a disaster for fall to long since two thousand and one only had really two winning seasons. As far as I'm concerned, they won in Atlantic Division crown a few years ago with Carmelo Anthony would Mike Woodson as the head coach, and they had a forty two and forty season outside of that they've been under five hundred religiously they've been more of unbathed, they've been pathetic, we all know that. And so when you are custom to it, and you see something like this. The immediate action is to be reaction rather is to be negative. Why? Because kristap zinc is a seven three he can ball. He can play when healthy. There is no question about that. And you don't see anybody clamoring to come to the New York Knicks of that caliber of player. So that is definitely reason to have reservations. But then when you take into account the fact that he's been hurt since last year. He hasn't played the game this season. This summer free agency is a huge huge deal with the New York Knicks to star of your franchise who. Who is supposed to be somebody? That's going to assist you in attracting, a marquee free agent is not only telling you. He doesn't want to be there. But giving indications that that's the kind of impression that he's gonna make sure to disseminate if you ought to New York Nixon and incredible Bod because as you approach this summer when you're talking about attracting those free agents, how are you going to pull it off when the guy that people will want to come and play with is telling you he has no intentions of staying. So the New York Knicks under the gun they recognize that and not only that we have to take into account. The fact that the Brooklyn nets are bawling three games over five hundred leased. Okay. And this is devoid of a star. Plus they've got they intend to have in space for two max players if you ought to Knicks. You can't lose out in free agency to the Brooklyn nets. You gotta do everything you can to make sure you offset that. So I understand the move being made off of that premise. I'm not excited about it. Because obviously, James Dolan is still. Overseeing the New York Knicks franchise, but Scott Perry is no for having relationships with plays, particularly Kevin Durant, by the way, and Steve mills done a great job of ingratiating himself with age. It's not to say that they're going to have a profound influence, but you never know what kind of influence there will when all is said and done with these max caliber players. So we shall see. All right. So give us a sense of which one you think they have the best chance of getting K D kyri Kemba Walker who a New York kid. Gimme the one guy. You think they have a real chance to get? I think they have a real good chance of getting kyri urban because if you listened to his camp, although they'll say he's happy in Boston. You listen to people outside and they say, no, that's not the case. That's not the about around the NBA. Kyrie Irving would be looking to leave Boston. The Boston was talking about trying to make a trade for Anthony Davis will Anthony Davis ain't that interested in going to Boston. Kyrie Irving, isn't there? So you've got that situation. Remember when Kyrie Irving looked at the fans in Boston and said, I want to be here if you'll have me those operative words, if you'll have me are paramount watt because that means are you willing to give him max dollars at one hundred ninety million dollars. If your Dan age, and you already got the Browns, the Tatum's the Gordon Hayward that you may not be able to get rid of this one hundred and thirty one million dollar salary. Al Horford, another guys, you're not gonna be able to get rid of those guys are rather keep those guys while giving Kyrie Irving this money or you may not feel it's necessary to do. So when you've got a guy like, Debbie GM, market smarter. You just gave fifty two million dollars to. So when you look at it from that. Effective kyri would possibly leave. I'll look at Kevin Durant. And I say this if the Golden State Warriors lose the championship any reason, I think Kevin Durant stays if they win and he's won three straight. I think he leaves. And I also know that folks in his campaign been telling the New York Knicks that they have shot how legitimate that is remains to be seen. But he does have a long standing relationship a very good relationship with Scott Perry. So I'll look at it. Kevin durant? Kyrie Irving were kyri Irvine being more plausible as an individual. But highly likely to go to New York if Kevin Durant commits to go into New York. So that's what makes it interesting right now, but they still have to compete with the nets. They have to compete with the clippers and to a lesser degree. They may have to compete with the Lakers Stephen ice from again, I take come new way live from Atlanta today. Ten o'clock eastern, Steve. Thanks. And in the midst of all of this big NFL news coming out of Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is not expected to extend Jason guaranteed contracts short or long term as the coach enters the final year of his contract. Here's more from Jerry. I think it's pretty clear how feel about Jason in terms of where he is right now. As far as the ability to help us win football games. I'll think he he looked the what we've done over the last few years, you'll see a pretty good winning record there. It's not enough. Not enough. NFL insider, Adam Schefter, had some fun. With big news of the day tweeting Jason Garrett is not believed to be part of the package going from Dallas to New York for Kristaps Porzingis. Adam also sort of moonlight as an NBA analysts shifty. I like this tweet a lot. It was very good by you. Thank you, Laura. I appreciate that. Yes. It's confirmed to he's not going to New York as part of that deal. Good stuff there. Let's talk about Jason Garrett in just what his future looks like now that we know is contract won't be extended by Jerry Jones. It difficult for coach anytime to head into the west Europe is contract as a sensually a lame duck coach. But that's the situation the way it now is the fact that they're not going to extend Jason gather puts an awful lot of focus on him for the coming season. And it basically sends the message that either you win and win big or you're not gonna return as the Dallas Cowboys coach. Now, there's been an awful lot of speculation around Jason Garrett in recent seasons about whether or not he would be back is the Cowboys head coach. I this is a clear message right now, the Cowboys are not satisfied, and you are Jerry Jones. There say it's not enough. And when the owner saying it's not enough, and there's not an extension with one year left on the deal. The facts are on the table. Everybody could see what's coming and the Cowboys win big. They're going to be changing coaches the pressure on for Jason Garrett. Thanks so much Adam Schefter for joining us. Thank you. The Cowboys made the playoffs this year. They lost the team that's playing. In the Super Bowl. Are you surprised at all that this was the move that Jerry Jones made I'm not surprised when I mean, this is Dallas Cobb was this is America's team their high expectations for the Dallas Cowboys you go out you trade for them. Amari cooper. Your defense was a top five defense. You have Zeke Elliot so all the pieces are in place for the Dallas Cowboys now, Jerry Jones attorney he'd like, okay? We need expectations on Super Bowl of bus. So we're gonna put you on the hussy. I continue to be of the belief that he is enamored with Lincoln Riley. And that is eventually the direction he wants to go. If they don't win big. Let me ask you this. When a coach is going into the last year of his contract. How does it affect you? As a player on the team changes nothing about my preparation. What I do. I mean, I've been a part of this these types of situations, and I can tell you as a player you just go about your business with all this relationship. You have with your coach. So as a player with the Dallas Cup with. I'm pretty sure guys like okay is Mel and nothing for Jason vary. But it doesn't change what I have. To do as a player and one quick note on on Lincoln Riley. Because I think you bring up a great point. He's just signed another deal that makes him six million dollars a year. And if he stays as long as they want him to do he makes ten million dollars years. So the money's inconsequential doesn't really matter at that point for for Lincoln. Look, I will believe that Jerry doesn't want him. When I see it doesn't mean just going to get doesn't mean he's going to get up and the Cowboys have a chance to have a very good year next year, which could make all of this moot. So we've had all of that. And by the way, the Super Bowl kicks off in about fifty eight hours featuring some of the best players in the game, including that one the patriots remained the betting favourite, but one of the big questions heading into this game. We'll be how Brady and the patriots offense will be able to deal with one of the best players on the planet of not the best in Aaron Donald who leads the National Football League in pass rush win rate this season feeding is blocked within two and a half seconds. Forty four percent of the time. That's remarkably fad, but the Rams live and die by his ability to do that. When it gets a pass rush. They win they allow what's. To the lowest QBR in the NFL when he doesn't they allow what is crippling to the highest in the NFL, but to make it as clear as we can when Aaron Donald is getting to the quarterback. Their defense is great when he's not getting to the quarterback that defense really struggles. And so with that thought in mind, let's go back live to Atlanta. Rabbi Louis Riddick is standing by wouldn't be a Friday without Louis Riddick on our show Lewis. You've been breaking down tape all week long getting ready for this game. Would you give us a sense of why Aaron Donald is such a force to be reckoned with? Ause? They mean would he knows sitting right there next year? It's the combination greenie of power and finesse and really just, you know, this ridiculous level of competitiveness that really helps him do what he wants to do here. You're going to see him start over the tax Bill guard Goto to the center and take the center and throw them into the quarterback and second that's ridiculous. This is his go move. This is his cross chop. Eight chops the outside arm and this grabs the back Pat of the garden flings himself by me. He doesn't so fast. It's ridiculous. Now here he throws an inside move. They start to double team him. He puts us through both double teams to arm flying batmans strip sack, and then he'd just Gore's the guy on the ground. I mean, it's ridiculous. What he can do. It's ridiculous that he's been doing it ever since he came into the league he doesn't take place off. He's a great kid. If you look at his body post pictures of themselves on Instagram than me, and he looks like a body builder. He's so committed to being great. He doesn't want to be good. He doesn't want to just be an all pro. He wants to go down as one. One of the best ever. And he's well on his way and the patriots have their work cut out for him Sunday. Yeah. We're very familiar with Donald's workout routine here on this show Lewis. This is the last time we will see you on get up before the big game gives your prediction and why? Yeah. I'm going to go thirty one twenty eight patriots. Why? Because I've been asked this question. I was asked this question yesterday in particular. Do you think that the Rams had the better roster one through fifty three? And I said maybe man for man from pure talent perspective when you're talking about height, weight and speed. Yeah. Maybe they have better players. But the fact of matter is the patriots have always been a team that emphasizes just that entire team. They emphasize football intelligence, they emphasize consistency and resilience over the course of an entire football game. And that's how they won for so many years Damian. We'll tell you they will wait, and wait, and wait and just keep plugging along until eventually, you lose it. They don't necessarily have to win it. You'll lose it for them because they take that approach. And I think that eventually is going to pay off for them in a win on Sunday. They tend to win these games close and Brady's five Super Bowl wins. He's lead a scoring drive. A game winning touchdown drive in the fourth quarter overtime in all five of them. So thirty one twenty eight sounds like it would be very much in keeping Louis. Terrific job down there. Thank you so much. Enjoy the weekend. And we will see you again soon as we continue counting down to Super Bowl fifty three which is just that. He something hours away as we continue with this brilliant move or a colossal mistake of former Knicks coach has his answer on the porzingas blockbuster. He'll join us live in just a moment. Plus Steph curry is made a huge black. He was awesome last night. They got great support from his teammates. And it didn't even make the first twenty minutes of the show. That's how jam packed. We are. He will see stepping more get up on ESPN. Get up is brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. And by Hyundai. Back dolby. It'd be a action from the night and seventy Sixers taking on the warriors who cousins making his home debut against you L NBA play Thompson out with an illness early in the first cousins, drives makes the reverse laying on Embiid. This would be a story all night long. They would be battling later on you see Steph curry what doing what he does best three with a little split jump there in the air that was fun warriors up five after one second quarter warriors down by three envied right here misses the three and cousins takes advantage, the dunk on the other end a watch this movie staring down beat out the words empty sense. I don't want any of that. That's not exactly what he said. Exactly, whatever. Semantic cousins looking on in respect after Embiid able to dunk on the fast break there in panic dunk from the big man warriors at seven at the half third quarters. A game is tied at seventy one. Indeed, MRs and look at bin Symond people forget he's six foot ten he goes up for the follow dunk. Seventy Sixers by too late in the third Sixers of five five they get the steel and Jimmy Butler for dunk. Sixers closed the third and a thirty six to seventeen runs of that. Frustrated, the warriors you see cousins and Draymond green getting frustrated in the huddle as well. They're pumping each other up into the fourth quarter. We would go two minutes. Let's warriors down seven Curry's shooting the three there, but it's blocked by Simmons next possession. He drives. What's again, this time by Mike Miskelly, great defensive play to end it. The Sixers win one thirteen to one. Oh four and this is something. You don't often see from the warriors. At least on this stretch stepped. It is hard to keep the win streak alive shooting ten of eighteen from three, but his teammates combined to shoot one of twenty from behind the arc in the losing effort that doesn't work out as well. As greenie back to the biggest news of the NBA, literally and figuratively. He's seven foot three and he's no longer. A nick. Kristaps Porzingis traded from the Knicks yesterday to the Dallas Mavericks in a move that really stunned the basketball world a lot of players going back and forth, including Dennis Smith junior going from Dallas to the Knicks. That's ironic because that's all the knick fans wanted the Knicks to draft a yesterday, not only was the whole world tweeting about this. But so were several NBA stars, including Joel Embiid. He had a variety of thought someone left to tell me exactly what they are. So he is amused. CJ McCollum probably not a good time to turn on notifications and leave do not disturb him. So he knows that people are going to be losing their minds. And then Bradley Beal here, come the fireworks L O. Well, they're most definitely worth those all over New York yesterday. And let's bring in someone who knows a little something about that. He was the coach of the next once upon a time, and obviously does a wonderful job. Now analyzing basketball for us. It's Jeff gone to who's in his car driving to the airport. Jeff, what is your reaction to the trade of forcing us to Dallas yesterday? Obviously it caught me off guard. But I think it tells you that New York either already knows the two players they can get or they're very confident that they can get two players in the free agent pool. And depending on who they signed will depend on how this trade is viewed in for Dallas, you know, little risky, but the draft choices. But you gotta go for it. And they've got a wonderful player in don's inch. And hopefully, you know, porzingas comes back healthy. I think they already know he's going to re-sign there. So it makes sense for them as well. Yeah. Jeff tier point having stars around the league view, the Knicks as a potential destination. You know, what it used to be that players only went to winning? Teams or teams that were winning at that time. It's one thing. But I think the NBA game is obviously changed a lot in the last ten years. And I think players have changed along with it. And I don't think they see things the way maybe older players saw or older fan sought. And so. I don't know how these players sometimes thank or what their priorities are. So certainly, you know, the is out there coming in the free agent class. I don't know what they're looking for. But I wouldn't be surprised if New York already has, you know, we talked a lot about you know, how agents, you know, there's there's tampering all over the place. The Knicks are not naive enough to not know that they have. Two players lying up or that they feel really strongly that they already have two players that are going to sign you. Don't trade your best player on the hope that star players may come. I think they already are smart enough to know because no one calls the rules. Just wear people stand as far as willingness to come to New York in the summer and quickly Jeff, and certainly everyone in and around the next we'll be talking about this through July. I'm looking at if he does come back fully healthy porzingas and Donncha, which is really good. And in Dallas, they will have space for another max free agent after next season. Could the Mavericks be on their way to building the next super team in the NBA? I think that's a little quick to say. But I I think don's which is really obviously outstanding porzingas when fully healthy is very good. And then again, just because you pay a guy MAC salary doesn't mean that you're going to get a great player. It just means that sometimes you pay big money. So they paid big money for Harrison Barnes who is a good player, but certainly not a star player. So it really depends on the person you fit into that slot. Having the money is one thing. Mike using correctly is a far different challenge as Jeff Han gone is on his way out to Golden State for the double header aren't they big game tomorrow night. I should say on ABC. Thank you. Jeff. Thanks a million for doing this. And we look forward to watching this weekend. And we'll talk to you again soon. Meanwhile, the double header is tonight, and that's on ESPN. And it's at the garden, it'll be the Celtics and the next. So we'll see what happens there be interesting to hear what the heck. Action is for kyri from the crowd. And then you're gonna get Yokich kitchen the nuggets against hardened and the rockets with the beards thirty point scoring streak at twenty four straight games covered. Such with NBA countdown at seven. I just wanted to be tied to play Lewis guys to be to the best. Don't be great. Others. Glad that I was on the same teams are defense. He is von Miller. His ninety eight sacks of the most in Broncos franchise history. He passed Simon Fletcher week fifteen this past season against the Brown is ninety eight sacks are also the most in the NFL since he led the league ahead of JJ watt. Enter the league, I should say he has more than anybody since he got to the NFL ahead of JJ. Watt is ninety eight JJ has ninety two von also second in disrupted dropbacks behind JJ watt and the Broncos defense nineteen hundred defensively when he is and isn't on the field. They held opponents to a fifty four QBR when he's on winning was off the number is eighty one he is quite simply one of the best players and one of the best guys in the sport and has evidence of that he joins us this morning as a nominee for the two thousand eighteen Walter Payton man of the euro award presented by nationwide. It is simply the most prestigious award an NFL player can win. And so I almost feel bad von that we have to start with this. But I have to get something out of the way a few weeks ago you. Were on this program here on get up. And you were talking about how you believe that you could play quarterback. I want everyone to hear this quickly before we get to anything else for me. I like to watch the quarterback I've always felt like quarterback a heart. I feel like I can throw it pretty good. You know, I'd get after the quarterback aside the quarterback. So for me. I'm a quarterback. I like to watch the throwing motion three step drop, you know, to read. I'm quarterback got a game is about the quarterback. So as it was are you telling me you could have been a quarterback von Miller. I'm telling you that my very first position in football was the quarterback in a play quarterback for like two or three years. And then I gained a little bit of weight, and I guess a Muslim got some toughness, and there goes my quarterback position right there. I heard you. And you said that to me, and I told everyone von Miller could be a quarterback. And then we watch this and the Pro Bowl skills challenge passing competition. I would you break this down here. I just had a date. I'm not making any excuses for any of that. That's all bad. But you definitely throwing the ball way better than okay. Don't be mad at us. It's not nice. So if you're mad at what he's idea idea, but we got to give you a hard time a little bit. And we'll give you another chance to redeem yourself from a passing standpoint. But one of the players that we do want to get your perspective on this game because you are an elite pass rusher in the NFL is Aaron Donald from your perspective, what makes him so dominant. When you watch him. MR perspective, you can't really dealt with team. You know, he's an inside. He's going to center guard, but he can easily get out there to tackle in rush. They began to so it really voice the double team, and he's not built like any other detox that has ever been in the National Football League. He looks more like a running back. He moves like running back in. He just gives guards in in centers hill. Always feel to me. There were some guys that all the other NFL players marvel at its he that guy now on the defensive side of the ball that all the other defensive players watch end marvel at. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Donald. And I'm a fan of the game. You know, first and foremost JJ was game as well. I'm fan of the game in Arizona. He's been hot for a long time. And he still has the flame. You have had experienced trying to do this. How would you look to stop the patriots offense? I think it all starts with pressure up the middle in tight coverage in the Rams are built for that. They have su- in in the middle and Marcus Peters, a key to leave on outside. And the key has been there. Akiva is gonna give the guys the energy that they need to be ready to go. And that's. I guess I guess that's my pick of golden. Those pictures that you were seeing there some of them at least were against Brady in the AFC championship game von Miller at a dominant game in the Broncos went on to the Super Bowl. So with that we set the floor who do you believe wins on Sunday? And why? You know, like I was saying liberty early. You got you know. You know, Russia. The middle tight coverage. Rams would be over to get. They're they're built for this on. They got a great offense. They can run a ball with the ball will got a great tight ends in between on the defensive style. Aaron Donald and sue and Marcus Peters in a key to leave them going with the gun. All right. He's got the Rams, and again, he is a nominee for the Walter Payton man of the year award presented by nationwide, which genuinely is one of the most significant awards in all sports. Good luck with that. Von enjoy the off season. We'll see again. Thank you. I appreciate it. Take care. That's von Miller, meanwhile, on planet earth, I want everyone to just take a look at what happened because I can't believe this is the second time. I find myself saying this, but they were bats in San Antonio this time they were a bunch of them. This is what do you call a bunch of bats a gag. Maybe a group belfry. I don't know. What would your thoughts? That's just not my Cup of tea. Not my Cup of tea. Bring this guy now with some little net. I don't know what it is that remember this happened member. What Manu Ginobili did with the bachelor and? He's just walking around carrying it. Like these found someone's contact lens Mata look what happened last night. Okay. But why did they have the mascot dressed up as Batman? Something is fishy here. I think we need to look baddie. Where in the world they planned to release the bats last night in San Antonio. What do we decide you think about is? It's not a rodent. It's a marsupial. But I'm ready for everybody to tell me, I'm gonna take the underground that baseball or football. It is the question to sports want answered from Cuyler Murray. And we will get that answer from any joins us live nine fifteen eastern from Atlanta this morning and tells us whether he's going to the NFL major league baseball both. Plus we've talked about them all week Aaron Donald going to loom large in the Super Bowl. Rex Ryan next. We'll tell you why he won't be the reason that the Rams win. But I little sneaking heavily talk week. This'll be Bilbao checks ninth Super Bowl as a head coach the most all time who was second. Marv Levy Tom Landry. Don shula. The answer is next right here on get up which is brought to you by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage is with you every step of the wet back in a moment on ESPN. Geico presents unhelpful home improvement how to a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills. So today, I'll show you how to cook. In a serious. Fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls. Just nail a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the Geico insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a Ford renter's insurance can be. Back with trivia. And this is a big moment because Hemos gotten beaten up all week long. This is Bella chicks ninth Super Bowl as a head. Coach D would the most all time who is second. A Marv Levy be Tom Landry c Don Shula who yet. He's got Don Shula Hanbo. I'm so sorry. But that's right. How come? For. This man. What made the Super Bowl as a head coach six times? He was two and four and those games. And I think Campbell is for six week. Dr Phillips give back to the Super Bowl, we district von Miller praising Aaron Donald there's a lot of love for this guy. The defensive side of the ball has been great and Aaron Donald himself out a lot of good things to say about these head coach, Sean McVay, take a listen. I think you know, you wanna thank the player. But I said, you know, once you came you change things around, and we still have a lot of success when you when you became a hit, man. So it's the leader. We have you know, to lead we have and in a way he'd go about his business the way the way work, and you know, the manager he got to be great to be the best to do it. And and they've been shown, you know, I'm happy to be part of this organization plan with this coach with his team. C J Anderson has been the Rams Lee back this postseason and don't expect that to change on Sunday. He's averaged five point eight yards per rush and his career against the patriots. That's the highest figure against the team during Bill Belichick's tenure as a head coach. Let's get a little more on this welcoming in our good friend Rex Ryan from Atlanta wreck SOGA to see you and tell us why the pats should be scared of this Rams rushing attack. Well, they definitely should be a concern. Whether you see the numbers at C J Anderson posted five point eight against the New England Patriots. But take a look at this run. When you're going to see this always misdirection with these runs. And now, they give it the C J Anderson, and he pounds and through he's a different style of back then girly. But now you get girly the most explosive back in the league. He doesn't need a whole lot. It uses the cutback lane off of misdirection, look, and they makes a house call against Dallas this next one. You're going to see how special Todd Gurley is here as he ends up taking a look at the vision. He has they have somebody. That's not blocked its corner. We'll good luck a corner sock gonna tackle Todd Gurley. So to me these type of plays that the Rams need to do ground. And pound we talk about it will this is going to be the way if they're patient and just keep pounding the football d woods there. He could tell you the same thing. Be patient. And if you've ball down to touch on what are keep running the football. And that eventually they're going to crack on defense. And that's the way to do it. You have a two headed monster now with Anderson and girly to me this is the formula to beat the New England Patriots. And this is the formula that has right up. Rex Ryan's alley for sure we'll get your prediction in a second. But I also would like to ask you about the news out of Dallas where it appears Jerry Jones is not going to give Jason Garrett and extension heading into the final year of his deal. So Garrett will really be your classic lame duck coach as a former head coach yourself. What is your reaction to that? This one doesn't look good for Jason Garrett in the fact that let's face it the Iran the offense coordinator outta town. And you're replacing what kellyn more no offense. But I saw him on the sideline. I thought that was my son Colin place twenty four years old. And it's like come on. Are you kidding me? I don't get it in. And I think when they made that move it just show that hey, okay. We're all in with you. We're all in with the. Yeah. It better worker audio sent into me Jerry Jones's expecting, you know, Super Bowls and things like that. You know last last year or this season. Hey, you got one playoff win. That's great. That's great for most people know, Pat on the back. No, you know. Hey, look, we'll give you a one year extension. Feel good deal. No everybody knows. It's is either a hit it or you're done. And I think that's the message that Jerry Jones sent in really not to just Jason Garrett. But the entire football team. Rex who's going to win the Super Bowl. Well, I tell you I look at how talented this Rams team is and they they got that great front four. And they got those know they brought them all in the play this game. You got the main corners. They can match up with the patriots. And then grounded pound all the way. But I hate the do and I've got to take the patriots. I don't want to. Everybody, but coaching makes a different Sean, John great coach, but he's not Bill. Ballot. Check. I think Bella check finds a way to get it done again. All right. There is Rex Ryan taking the patriots to win the Super Bowl Rex. Thank you so much. It's always a pleasure. And we'll see again, hopefully, very soon here as it continues. Thank you Rex Ryan with us live from Atlanta, look for I have spent a little time this week putting together some statistics, I've taken a close. Look at Tom Brady you see their Rex picking Brady to win the Super Bowl. And that to me is very interesting that he goes in that direction. And look this is sort of deja vu all over again for Brady and the patriots seventeen years ago they met in the Super Bowl. And that was the first time that they did that was the first of the Brady ballot tricks Super Bowls and there've been quite a few of those ever since. So I take a little time this week. And I put together a distant look at some of the things that were happening because it's just remarkable. How long it has been since that happens funny? You did that because I did that to really. Yeah. Well, I going to be better than yours. Now. There's no conceivable chance of that. Let me start with is he willing bound this off of you. When Tom Brady started his first Super Bowl. Dan marino. Was the NFL's all time leading passer he has since been passed by drew Brees Peyton Manning Brett farve and by Brady himself. Okay. That's cool. But when Tom Brady started as I Super Bowl in February third two thousand to Ohio State has since beaten Michigan, his all the mater fifteen times, I knew you would go with some sort of college football. So I'd better than that. When Brady started his first Super Bowl Tony Romo who will be announcing the game on Sunday was a junior at eastern Illinois. Now, he's all anyone's talking that's cool. And all but how about some baseball because my husband played baseball. When Tom Brady started his first Super Bowl. The cubs had not won the World Series since nineteen o eight. The White Sox had not won since one thousand nine hundred seventeen and the Red Sox had not won since one thousand nine hundred. They've since combined to win the fall classic six times. Good. I knew you would go with baseball though. So I had to up it. When Brady started his first Super Bowl, Hank. Aaron was still the all time home run leader. Barry Bonds ranked seventh all time with. Five hundred sixty seven home runs. Now we've gotten way off track here with baseball. How about this? When when Tom Brady started his first Super Bowl, the Seahawks were still in the AFC and the Houston Texans had yet to play their first NFL game after admit. That's good. Pretty good. Right. We'll finish it with this. When Tom Brady started his first Super Bowl, Darryl. Green was still an active NFL player. He has now been in the hall of fame for eleven years. Right. That's how it now. And you know who else was on that team stemming Woody was on that team. You know, where Jared Goff was where Jared Goff was back. Then Jared Goff was seven years. That's Joe God in two thousand and two. He was seven years old. He's the opposing starting quarterback in this game. Who do you think this one is who's that in the middle? That's very Sean McVeigh. He was sixteen years old ban. Obiang's going. This picture tell me this is who was at the age of twelve. That's gotta be grudge. That's grown d would know they would. No, I got one more. How about this twenty one years old next one? Oh, no. This is what that's would twenty four years old look at the ball right there. You control up for years. He was in his third season in the NFL, and he was spectacular. All right. As we continue Cuyler Murray is a lot of different things. And a lot of people are very much interested in seeing where he winds up. He is on the football field is he going to the baseball field won the Heisman Trophy? He's going to join us live and talk about it all stay with us. Get up on ESPN. Store studied Saturday for the UFC NBA at top rank boxing on ESPN ESPN, plus ABC. Here. Javer coming your way here on get up right off the topic. Timmy Legler on the huge trade yesterday. We will have Cuyler Murray live at nine fifteen eastern is he gonna play football or baseball, and then Damien Woody will tell you why the patriots will win the Super Bowl. Just after the half hour on continue on ghetto.

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