Money, Money, Money


welcome to the point for july first i've learned is on key co author of the point i'm here to go through these political spin to bring you the news you need to know tis the season for eight fund raising hall sunday at midnight marked the end of the federal election commission fundraising quarter for these presidential candidates campaigns quarterly hall is a great indication of how well kennedy is doing well organizationally in raw enters from supporters right now all the numbers we've been seeing need a bit of a grain of salt these numbers are just what is released by the campaigns themselves rather than the entire swath of information that is posted by the f e c this is information campaigns want to share and pete buddha judge had a big fundraising quarter to share with the world the mayor of south bend indiana raised twenty four point eight million dollars in the last quarter for context but a judge brought in seven million in his first quarter in that was considered a major success now now he's apparently more than tripled it we don't yet know how much the rest of the field who's raised but joe biden did hint at a fundraiser that he had raise twenty million dollars this quarter in his campaign sent out a vague email to supporters on monday did they blown their fundraising goal for the quarter out of the water by how much we don't yet know connell harris's campaign said that they had a massive fundraising boost after his strongest beat performance last week that was to the tune of two million dollar gain in just twenty four hours hours cory booker an hooley and castro say they had similar posted gains but again the bigger picture we still don't know a strong fundraising quarter will provide it crucial lifeline in this marathon campaign a kennedy must have enough money in the war chest to afford it to continue to run with a campaign presence in early voting states staff travel an eventually advertising it is not cheap to ronnie presidential campaign one person they keep an eye on elizabeth warren who's sworn off big ticket fundraisers so to what extent will she be able to keep up her massive campaign on small dollars which brings us to the point these midsummer fundraising totals will help narrowed the field of democratic challengers showing the people who can afford to continue the campaign and those who can't

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