HR 2: Is the Dodgers & Padres rivalry even a thing?


More spanking morales. What you need to know is brought to you by morongo. Play it safe. Good time scott. What do you got all right so today. What you need to know is the name vincent jackson and people. I'm sure have read the story. This guy was a really great. Nfl wide receiver. I say great. I don't mean like he's going to the pro football hall of fame but he had a really great career and he came from a small school. Northern colorado was a late round draft choice and really was a great explosive player for the san diego. Chargers went onto play for tampa bay. Made a bunch of money put up a bunch of stats had a career to be proud of found dead in a hotel. Well goodness that doesn't seem very normal. Seem like a great guy family guy what happened here and the police now have have said some things related to there wasn't foul play but there seemed to be a lot of alcohol involved and some other health related issues and the family came out and said this is the by product of the nfl concussions. Thirty eight years old way too young and my what you need to know is the. Nfl has got to do a better job of taking care of these players. 'cause i used to be very unsympathetic when they'd come sit down on radio row george and say hey man. It's all about these old guys and they got problems and we need to help again but they knew the risks. But when you see it in real life and he's thirty eight years old telling you man the. Nfl has got to do a better job for its players. Well you lived it in a way scott you. You did a show for a long time. Billy ray smith right who played in the nfl right. And i think that you know firsthand having worked with someone who worked who played in that sport for a very long time how it can be a mess for you physically mentally emotionally. After the fact. I used to say to my old radio partner all the time. Why are you suing the nfl when you made money and became a star in love the fact that you were an nfl player. Why are you suing them. And he would say 'cause. I don't know what i'm going to be in ten years and man was in a good thing that he sued them because ten years later life was completely different. And when you're fifty six years old and you don't remember what you did. Thirty seconds ago can't drive anymore got to. Have somebody help you with everything i'm doing. It's it's amazing. What football does to a human body. As i know you very much have been on the side of the players throughout all of this and i look i still feel like. There's a lot that needs to be figured out from the nfl. I just don't know if they have the incentive to do it outside of lawsuits and things of this nature well unlike much of the nba. The nfl does not view the players as partners and for decades and decades The nfl players did not do what they needed to do. As a union to do small things like contract. Guaranteed for you. Start to play again. So they're behind in a lot of this empowerment. Conversation had been going on around all the other sports but it's good to see them beginning to try to catch up because to your point. Scott this game is very very hard on the body and is very difficult to project. What's going to happen to you as the years. Go by after you after you retire and so the nfl in order for its continue to be a viable source of entertainment for people. It's going to have to resolve. What is doing to people with our chief people afterwards. So well said i was brought to you by morongo. Play it safe good times. I saw michael jordan's birthday today. We'd take calls today because it's got kaplan's birthday. And he shares it with michael jordan and jim brown and a number of people including paris hilton. Ed sheeran i like it sheeran. paris hilton. That's hot yet. Joseph gordon levitt an actor. As well larry the cable guy also today So we've been having people call us. Hit us up with your birthday. What day it is who you share it with a cetera et cetera. Hit us up. But because it's michael's birthday today i feel like you know you're talking about one of the greatest of all time in any sport really and we also have the greatest of all time i think arguably in any sport in serena williams facing naomi osaka today l. a. And it just kind of reminds me of like when you look at jordan jordan. Had that one rival right like he. He faced kind of everyone right at different stages of his career. I guess initially maybe isaiah those guys but then it was the knicks for a little while and it was the pacers even for a minute and then he never faced anyone but the jazz more than once. But in sports there are so many of these great rivalries. And i feel like serena i know soccer is kind of like what we saw with brady and mahomes right like you know the the young goat and the older goat right kind of colliding here that those rivalries for whatever reasons especially when you focus on individual matchups are more intriguing to me than contemporary rivalries. Yeah like i'm more intrigued by the future versus the president that i am about two guys. Top of their games. At the moment. And i don't know why it just feels like the drama between who's going to win uncle father time or youth would be served expressions going to win. I just find that. More compelling like if if zion lebron eventually faced off in a couple of years that would be more compelling way more compelling than any katie lebron matchup right at least like a passing of the torch situation guy and whether or not or young athletes odor athlete. Because here. we have serena in osaka. Osaka won the us open. Who's one trillion open before like. She's she's doing the damn thing and she's making social stands and she's got marketing deals and she's one of the richest athletes in the world and she's coming for serena's thrown and she's already beaten her before. Yeah yeah good. Well i think. That's fascinating to kind of ponder. I'm with you on that. I feel like that's an interesting topic in itself. Like who would you want to see. Lebron eventually face off like who is the young lion that will face lebron down the road. I see i go the other way. I do contemporaries because to me. One of the greatest rivalries and i was a child and really. It's what got me into the nba. Was magic and bird right. And i feel like there's so many dynamics there with magic and bird because you you know you were you were either a magic guy or you're a bird die. You know what i mean. And i was people and they were all of demographic you can imagine and i was and i was a magic like you know when you when i imagine when. They faced off in the eighties. I'm like six seven years old. I time i'm really understanding sports right. And i'm watching the lakers. And they're running up and down in the passing and magic was so crazy. He literally was magic on the floor right so it was impossible to not love what you were seeing from him. And you know the celtics were good. But larry was flashy occasionally but you know they played the game you know very traditionally and a lot of ways just was boring for a kid so i was in love with that. So i do like the contemporaries. Although you've got my mind going on the young versus older athlete you know those well. I thought yeah since we had that whole mahomes brady thing and now. You're talking about this tennis rivalry. I feel like i'm missing. A big story here serena to me is the goat of women's tennis and don't maybe maybe women athletes contemporary women athletes The other young lady you've talked about. L. z and her having like social justice She's spoken out. But i don't know much about her tennis career other than a couple of things that you just said that she i. I feel like. I'm missing the whole story here. All right. we'll go to google trump brands tennis fan. I'm not a tennis fan. Tell me just give me a tennis fan and give every especially. Here's the span. Here's go because i told you. Obviously that she's known for. I very let you know that her name recognition is beyond the sport that she plays right three time grand slam champion. Right i don't follow women's tennis. Excuse me all right. But i just told you that. She's beyond her sport. That's like say. I don't know mohammed ali. 'cause i don't follow boxing. I know she's not an obvious novel but that's analogy them using. That's all well i mean. Listen i just i. i'm not alone in this okay. I'm not alone in not following women's tennis so i'm trying to say look. This sounds really interesting to me. I'm a serena fan. Even she's the one personality in name that i feel really like i know her career and i don't know this other young ladies career and so now i'm interested and i know they're gonna play tonight and you know what i think i'm gonna watch you go there. You go so we're sold eight seven seven seven ten. Espn we got a lot of people on hold that want to chime through here on their birthday who they share it with cap shares birthday with michael jordan and jim brown ellison's on fire today just by the way just by the way. He's had like three phenomenal lines today. Just throwing it out their heads he. He's singing. I love it. I love spicy. L z carlos. What's up carlos. Hey how you doing. What's up Well my birthday is february twentieth. Say happy birthday. The cat by the way joe. Happy birthday to you coming up. Thank you thank you. I share it with kurt cobaine. Riyan charles barkley mitch. Mcconnell the list goes on it's a it's an english there but that's pretty good though in room. We have a beagle party. Okay so if you could only go to dinner with one of them. Right like charles barkley. Kurt cobaine riyadh mcconnell i. Also trevor noah was in there. I believe sydney and they're looking at it now. I mean ask. Google it myself cindy crawford. That's a good one too if you could only go to dinner with one of them who are you going to dinner with with. Yeah man and to carlos thank you buddy. Be good stay safe. Let's go to rain harbor city rate my favorite harbor city. I love arbor city. Talk to about harbor city. Also i need. I go down there all the time because i've got one of my favorite taco places but before i get to my favorite taco place glow Let's talk. let's talk about your birthday. tell me about your birthday speaker. I'm not on speaker guys. Okay no no you're good. You're good handheld. Mary nice turbot very nervous to glue so in harbor city. Since you're there oh absolutely. We go to work at kaiser at harbor city like a block away basically. Yeah exactly right and you know you're harbor city good stuff. I live in the south bay. Come on man. hey will help you. I work in the orthopedic department. May i never see you there. That means you're hurting. Broken positive love. I never see you there all right so birthday. Is april twenty-seventh okay and shared with ulysses grant as freely from kiss cool and the very talented lovely rizzo feeling good. It's hail taker pretty good. Liz oh well now's the you're on fire today but keep it up. He's infla- go. It all started with ray. Thank you brother. Be good okay. Let me grab one more. Sneak one more in anthony in la anthony. We got because we got going on the border fellas. What's out of you're paying just looking twenty. Get that money earlier. But you know my name. Laura i know but you know what are you registered. Oh yeah listen. I'm sort of about three weeks ago. You gotta register mission and you texas number. Four zero seven zero five to try to win some money. We've got one hundred eighty on the line tomorrow. So what do you got today. i'm locked. My birthday is march eleventh. I celebrated release. I know to terrence howard on the big filler. Ad anthony davis. Oh i love it there. You go i got i got terrence howard story that i can get to later but we gotta break but and thank you so much. Stay healthy stay safe. We appreciate it coming up next. Mom's gonna come up. I want to as roma when her birthday is and who she shares it with and is she one of those aisher. I celebrate my birthday for a month. People because i don. I love moment but you guys do that. Celebrate for mondo laura. Do you think that's a woman thing. Now i definitely think. I definitely think it's a lady thing where ladies are like. Hey it's my birthday for a month and guys are all like whatever you say. Yes yes it is. March is not our former produces rated for. Oh that yes. Roj was one of those celebrate his birthday for month. He goes like vegas for like six days person. All right we're going to break most coming up. We'll talk some hoops with her. We'll ask her about her birthday. He's hurting his kaplan. Didn't hear the shout out at the beginning now. He's just lashing out of everybody touch it but it's such a bad bit that we haven't had an open phone line for the entire time that we've done it right. I mean i don't know. I let the people decide. This is the show. The people morales remember that we used to do the show for the people. Just do for yourself. Wow wow this now. Yeah populist now on this sodano momo's here hello momo. Hey what's going on you know. Listen if you want chris morality to like you you just have me on every day because he he writes songs about me and stuff and there you go there you go and elza this song. That's playing. I know you requested it. It's been a rough couple of days for you. Obviously we mentioned at the top. You know we're happy to have you back. But i know it's been a rough time for you here. Yeah i don't wanna talk about it. 'cause i'll follow pizzas. I just appreciate you. I got you. Yeah i saw you social media now. You had a friend who passed away and this is a shout out a tribute song. I love it. That's great for sure for sure. So may rest in peace schommer. We got a lot of basketball stuff to talk to you about however we have been talking about famous birthdays. That you share with people okay. So you're birthdays. Nineteen so here's what you got. Okay kennedy benedict cumberbatch okay. That's not bad that's good. That's good We've got john jones of the have. We've got tougher. Grace remember toepfer. Grace grace is pretty good. Yeah actor vitale go. Have you on chance lamarcus older married. Oh the market okay. So we'll either one. Who's made married to tally which one is married to her. I don't fit the league victory so it is him so you wanna look man. I think that we got a winner. Here stuart scott came over. Yeah yeah yeah. I was gonna say who. Who's the one there. But yeah you share birthday was too. I thought you were going to say riley curry. Remember curry's on that list. Yeah def daughter. She's very famous now. She probably got more instagram followers. In all of us right no question by the way. Did you see that. Chris paul commercial with with little. Chris is not so little anymore. That's freaking out where's donkey. I'm like what the heck little chris with donkey and he's not little. I mean usually trampoline. But he's done guest spill. I can't handle it. He's not little anymore. Man whose commercial is better is it. Chris paul's state farm commercial or damian. Lillard hulu commercial because damian lillard. He's good commercial is so good. I saw in my head all day. It's so good. Dave is a really good rapper. like he's legit. You know and my you know. I have a friend. Her name is lisa robinson. I don't know if you heard her on. Brian windhorst podcast a little while ago. She's like legendary rock and roll music. Journalists is written for vanity fair now covered. Everybody you know since the rolling stones okay huge. Nba fan so. That's why i've gotten to know her She says of all nba players who are musicians or wrappers or whatever you know she said dame is the most legit she's like. He's a legit rapper. For sure. Yeah smoking's momo basketball. Let's let's talk real quick. Ad like what. What do we know. That's new like do you have anything that should be worried like. What is the level of concern. Here what is the treatment that you hear. You're hearing about like what do we know. Well i mean. I don't know if i know anything new to be honest like from the last few days. I think there were talked to somebody today. They weren't really that concerned. Like usually you could tell and people's voice like in front office people right like you can kind of tell if this is like oh man. We're we're worried about i. I really think that like if it was the playoffs you probably tried to play through it. It's it's it's like one of these things that could get worse so they want him to. Just sit down because that you know the way it was described to me is more like this is a team that that is gunning for the playoffs and go back to back and so everything. They're doing even even down to like you know. How are they worried about how they're playing right. You know from night tonight. It's been a little uneven Even down to that. They're they all fit it in the context of we gotta be at our best playoff time. And so what does that tell you about how. They're approaching the injury how they're approaching the rest of the season so as me that he's gonna sit tight for about a month. Yeah as well he should my. My only concern is where my main concern actually is sitting for a month as we're approaching the rutgers stretch that we've had so far in this young season There's a good chance. Utah sustained themselves. There's a good chance to clippers. Continue to sustain themselves. I think we want eight out of nine and we still only one game up on them. Are we risking we here. Are you on jumping on. The clipper a no. No no no. No no pronouns tolerate pronounce. So i guess. I'm just curious as to whether or not pelinka's waiting for the buyout market. Or if he's quietly still looking for another large body recognizing that we can't lose a lot of ground otherwise i wrote to a repeat significantly more difficult. So here's what they're balancing right now. They kind of like the team they have and they don't want to cut anybody and that's the quin cook was odd man out at the beginning of the season right. Remember he was last to be added here. And if they keep the roster's the size they are that's you know he'd probably be the first to get cut right like to add somebody back in You know jared dudley untouchable. He's like that was literally heard that phrase like derek. Wbz pretty untouchable in terms of. They just want him on the team. He's just he's just that glue guy so If they if they add anybody if there's somebody on the buyout out market then you're you have to factor that with k. We'd be cutting somebody else that we like 'cause they really like wing cooked to it. Really they want wolf him and dudley on the team even though they don't play that much so i don't feel like they have. This is overwhelming sense that they need to add to the mix. I think they i think they like what they have. They just need to be healthy. And you know the there there. There's a little more talk about trying to get the players more integrated in the way. they wanna play they. Were you think they were happy with the win last night or was it last night. I never know what it is. Yeah what day is it. When was that. i don't know. Is it wednesday thursday Yeah right. Yeah yeah i. I know it's wednesday today. That i call into your show That's usually how that but then your show moves around. Sometimes because you know the laker sometimes so i messed up that way too but the No i think they were happy with the way they played and i think that's what they're looking for right now is how are we playing. How you know that matters right like you can feel because you've got to win and it's kind of an empty win because he didn't play right I think they were happy with how they've been coming together. In this in the ways those new guys in acclimating recently i would say after last night's game the game that could saul played. You should be happy. i think. The way mantras harrell is very quickly becoming. My favorite player on the lakers. And even wesley matthews is coming in and making some big place ramona. Did i hear you correctly earlier. Say that if this were the playoffs you think anthony davis would be trying to go to. It's like it's like that kind of a situation like you know it. It's too tolerance. So it's it's not something that they're like okay you you you go to have like. He can't do anything right like if he had to. He could try okay I don't think he would feel good right. I mean he re aggravated something. That hurts But this is like the thing i just. I'm so nervous guys. I cover the kevin durant thing up in oakland in oakland that during the final right like i went through that whole thing i learned about all the the muscles in your calf which attach the achilles and they done it right like. That's what's getting. That's what's making me nervous and having clash back. But they don't seem as nervous as i am. Okay i'll just that's the way to play it. Okay fair enough. Yeah motorshow bird mama. Momo love having you on thank you for hanging out with us always appreciate it. Yeah of course everybody else. Good yes yes. all right. Perfect perfect we're just to do it now just to piss morales off. That's not how you get what you need from chris. I don't up a little almost actually said the word instead of crap. But yeah i don't care. Wow yeah no. Chris chris chris responsible than positive reinforcement. I think i. I think you're just gonna keep getting worse and worse lead ins if you good agonized. Want it. That way with thanksgiving heated. Very quickly there. She she's mama momo coming up next. Let's get into some of that. Because i think there are some interesting things here because we feel very nervous and mobile feels nervous but they the lakers do not feel nervous. So let's let's discuss that a little bit on the other side. Eight seven seven seven. Espn if you want to hop aboard we're back in four minutes bailey. School player news to be sent there for monday's elevator. Masika ranchera you nice. Some for scott and those. Are you familiar with recent different on this. I do believe that when watching narcos mexico. I have Seen and heard this jam. That's right. I am not familiar. Well i am enjoying yet he is. He's the king of ranchera music basically And you know he was an actor I think it was like fifty albums or something like that. That he also put out he he was. I mean is was is an mega star. in in medical Loud is he from halley. Sco originally from highly families from grammy's he's won a bunch of grammy's like he's the king is a big part of narcos mexico. Anybody wants to remind your mexican knowledge. Say come on is that the only you know is mexicans you know mexico. I don't criticize my learning judge me. I'll just saying his is kinda bad. If every mexican references about a drug dealer fiction is drug dealer. I learned something all right. You know. I like. I like dark. We we can do here because. La is obviously a large latino population. Initially mcdonnell I feel like for lhasa. We should have a segment called for lhasa. And laura can allow that can teach you something cool about mexican tradition agent every day. What do you think again capable of doing that. You think you can you. Can you handle it. Can i know your stuff on your plate. You are got to babysit all of us and great. So that's already enough And the callers and all that which by the way there is a funny story before we recap our momo you text us the calls and all of a sudden it's weird like when we're taking calls earlier i texas a hey are there any calls and You like oh my god what happened. Who did you text instead of me. So i actually ended up texting one of my classmates and she didn't respond right away. But and i'm like why are the guy's not going to call you guys have a full board of calls and i gave you break times and all this other stuff and then i get a text from her saying. Oh my god. What with all those names mean. What does that mean. what about the bron. I'm so confused. Land that is funny So are you hit the wrong text chat. There obviously happens a lot to me loud. are you in a segment for rasa. Each and every day man. Why not okay. Cat needs help here a lot of help. I'm i'm gonna. I think you're gonna be more impressed by the day. Usually narcos only referenced. Anybody that's latino. That's kind of the lena was so selene. Selena problems maybe offered just a little bit. I mean we were going to go. I was going to have to go You know all julio cesar chavez on us sir boxer chevy when he's not narcos so i don't know if you go in narcos oh do you drink. The beer is three two. Or no not really. Oh okay i mean. I figured that you knew everything about how this go. Now through. Also know a lot about About columbia as well. Sure i right so mama was on with us and we short segment here. We gotta we a break here in a minute in a couple minutes but you know she feels like us right about. Anthony davis concern right healthy concern but the sense is she says from the people she talked to you about it. That there is no concern. So l z. Does that kind of make you more calm about this situation. Absolutely because when. I'm not concerned about an injury and one thing i do is sit out a month cadillac. That's great. I mean come on i mean what did he not concerned. I mean first of all you know the the idea. When i was really surprised. Ramona said that she thought that if this were the playoffs he'd be giving it a go. You'll have to excuse me okay. L. c. I know you like to tell people in advance. Hey i'm not a doctor me neither. But here's what i saw. I saw a guy go limping off the floor who've been dealing with an achilles problem who then the next day it was being reported as a calf problem. There's obviously a lot of problems in that leg. And so yeah. I'm really concerned. Because every time he comes back thereafter. I'm going to be like. Oh man got okay. Just jumped up atlanta god. I hope he's okay. I m. I would be very very concerned. Yeah i'm still concerned. You know what i'm saying now. I'm still concerned should be. It's an achilles like like like that's a significant. We've talked about this before the heart. The brain another parts and aquiles. Those are the things. There's no such thing as minor. Those are always even if it's a little even if it's modern professional terms it's major to everyone else so you're telling me the future franchise player going forward is batting achilles injury yes i'm concerned and yes. I want them to be patient with him. And no i don't want him to rush back and no i don't care if we fall down to the eight seed as long as we get in with you healthy and you know the other thing is about the team you know. Well you know what people are telling me is that they're not really that concerned. Well i know. I'm sure you guys would agree working around teams enough. Maybe you won't agree teams enough. You know that they're not they're not exactly forthcoming with with information. Like oh yeah it's really bad. Let me explain it to you. It's not good. Teams are like yeah. We're not. We're not too worried about it really. We're gonna skim some time and let them braxton. We're not really that worried about it. I don't buy that because my experience having worked around. Many teams teams like to either Not be honest about the injury situation or downplay the injury situation so i'm very concerned. Let's open it up to the people. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn does momo telling you even though she's concerned and all three of us are concerned and there is a level of concern about anthony. Davis does her telling you that her sources are telling her now. We don't feel we're not concerned. Does that ease you a little bit or are you like us in kind of like i don't know for buying it. Eight seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven. Seven ten three seven seven six. We'll have that for you on the other side. We'll take calls by the way if you missed earlier. Our buddy sean powell from ontario three hundred sixty bucks if you want to win one hundred and eighty tomorrow. Text the word mission. That's mission to four zero seven zero five also coming up next free agent frenzy trade frenzy the offseason. The nfl is a frenzy. And we gotta discuss that with your calls also coming up in just a few moments or stick around. We did hear yes. There's no question sadly though that's where it ends. Yes yes yes. We did hear that and we have some breaking news in the sports world. We do yes jeff passan. Our pal is reporting that ferdinando that these junior of the san diego padres has agreed to a fourteen year. Three hundred forty million dollar contract extension sources tell espn. Wow that's the same. But you know escot you know normally when we talk about these baseball deals and nosy. You've had a lot of discussions about these. We're talking about guys kind of in their late. Twenties signing these ten twelve. Thirteen year extensions. This just turned twenty two years old. That actually is a really smart move by the team kaplan on one hand it is on the other hand. It isn't and here's what i mean by that. We've been talking a lot about anthony davis and he got that five year deal and now we're talking about an injury in year one and we're all wondering what are the next four years. Look like tat. Tease is an incredible young superstar player. And getting him now at this early stage of his career for what looks like a bargain at twenty four million dollars a year. Because i mean let's face it. Mike trout or mookie betts. We're talking in the thirties. Close to forty million dollars a year so on average it seems like a great number. I just always get worried about these long deals fourteen years. He's getting that. Money is getting that money whether he is the superstar that he's projected to be or not. He's getting that money. It's a long long time to commit to somebody. I think l z. I wouldn't have done it. But i guess if you're you know san diego and you know this is found money in your you know trying to compete with the dodgers and you want to show everyone in the league that you're serious about competing the first way you gotta do. It is by showing people the money. So this is just simply about locking up a young town though obviously. That's a fantastic move. This is also a signal across the bowel letting people know that. Hey we're here to compete. We're real. We're real long time because remember manny machado. Contract was a ten year deal and he'll be going into your three of this deal. So figure seven years to go and tattoos now for fourteen years which i didn't even look to see when the deal actually starts so they tear up what he had. It starts right away but man you got machado and tat tease now for the next call it seven years under contract right. I mean look. I think that his deal is one of those rookie deals. You know what i'm saying like. I think that that's the way you have to look at. This is why it's smart okay. Because they bought out a bunch of his arbitration years right because he he made five hundred and seventy five thousand. He's scheduled to five hundred. Seventy five thousand this season so it will start in the twenty twenty two year when he's twenty three years old. Okay or he. He'll be he'll start the season. Yeah twenty twenty. Three well in theory. Hold on i'm trying to think. Yeah he'll be twenty three. They have bought out one to three years of arbitration plus. He's unrestricted free agency. That would come up twenty six so i think from a business perspective. It actually is really smart. Be smart for both correct. Because he'd be getting paid crap or having to arbitrate all the time to be arguing about money or haggling about money and this was a key to finish fourth in the mvp voting last year. And you talk about marketing though like from a marketing perspective. He's the kid. Now that's on the cover of mlb the show caress. He's that young. Good looking guy with the cool dreads. And he's he's got a commercial now. Latino right that's thirty three percent latino and and so if you're the padres this is a guy now you've invested all of your marketing dollars into as well. I mean he's he's now the franchise for the next fifteen years Yeah yeah but that's the type of guy you're supposed to make a commitment to. I actually think it's smart. I remember andrew friedman. Did something like this with evan. Longoria many many many years ago when he ran the tampa bay rays and remember. Evan longoria played. Like i wanna say like twelve games or something ridiculous like that in the in major league baseball and he bought out a bunch of his arbitration all his arbitration years basically and a couple years into his free agency and i remember back. Then people were like. Oh he's crazy. Friedman is nuts and it worked out for that stretch of that contract is longoria was very good. They got to a world series. You know what. I mean so in tampa which is now. It's only happened twice. So i think that if you can identify that player that i think you make that move. I think it's smart. Can't imagine can you guys aren't glad you imagine real quick somebody coming to you and your twenty two years old and you've made half a million dollars and you've already become a superstar and they say to you. Look we wanna sign you for fourteen years at three hundred whatever. The numbers are plus million dollars. Right like you're a kid you're like a child and somebody's gonna give you three hundred plus million dollars and the next fourteen years of your life are planned out so to speak. That's a monster monster commitment. We're talking about it from an organizational standpoint thinking about the individual player like damn man fourteen year. I'm going to be thirty. Five twenty two. That's a long ask commitment and that is a lot of money and it is a no brainer. because if you're gonna put three hundred plus million dollars in front of my face right now. And i'm a kid making five hundred grand. Signed done for sure. Let's go to hector. Hector what's up. Hey guys. I wanna touch base in aska elsie. Why he's been so hard on lately. I just recently moved down to san diego. Cyber listened to cap and his his material is actually pretty legit kind of noticing a little bit of a has been kind of bullying capital bit. You hear that material. L z legit material. Thank you. We're just trying to tell them. And there's more to the tino culture the narcos. Yeah i mean without. When i would have to agree you gotta do a little bit more. You're in san diego. Many gotta do a little bit more but Then the lakers stuff out. Oh man i think this is going to forge the lakers Through a fire and the the nba is not going to want to watch to deal with the latest. If they come out of this healthy with a healthy lebron and healthy surrounding core by the time whenever he's ready. Are you worried at all about eighty or no. You're you're good with it. You know what i it's i am. I am worried just because it is a killer related. I mean we saw we. Also what the black mamba went through You know K d went through last year Thank god he's back on the court but Yeah i'm worried i wouldn't say that but You know just gotta kinda let them rested rested up eight. Thanks appreciate it buddy. Stay healthy stay safe. And we're giving cap hard time because this is what happens when you're the rookie on this right. Listen believe me. Let me tell you something right now. Let me explain something everybody. I've been in the radio business and today's my birthday fifty one. I've been in the radio business for twenty five years. It's ridiculous. I can't even believe it like twenty five years ago about not fourteen years right. There's no way twenty five years ago said to me you'll still be in the radio business twenty five years later right now man. I'll beyond that other thing. You weren't talking about fernando tutsi senior back right exactly. Let me tell you something. Thick thick thick skin. see what. I'm saying rhino skin is what i got right here. They go go exactly so he handled himself tough guy. Okay but by the way breaking news powered by valvoline instant oil. Change almost fifteen minute. Drive through oil change visit socaloilchange dot com for locations and coupons. By the way our buddy. I in eagle is gonna stop by at six fifteen of the yes network. He is the broadcaster for the brooklyn. Nets obvious you see him on. All sorts of stuff like ted cbs. Or whatever he's everywhere calling football and he's everywhere he's great so we'll chat with him. A little bit about this lakers nets matchup. But we'll take your calls. Are you worried about a d. Mo-mo says that people are telling her mother we're not that worried or their tone right doesn't feel like they're that worried. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven. Seven three seven seven six plus the craziness of the nfl off. Season has really begun. And there's a lot of different things being thrown away from free agency with. Jj watt shawn. Watson's next move all that coming up just a few moments as well stick around. We're back in three minutes.

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