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Hey body. A did. I am so excited because we are at south by south was home. I God it is. So is indescribable so huge iron city full of people. Oh, my God and food and drink, and there is a distressing amount of extremely attractive men and women walking around. And I kind of told my coworker that I would go up to every hug guy that I see and tell them that I have a fashion blog, and can I please take a picture of them? And I'm starting to realize that that's a really creepy and probably not going to do it. But it's kind of the equivalent of leg just lying, but it's sorta kinda like lying and then doing something without their consent. Which is not a cool. You know, you could do say, I really love your style. Do you mind? If I take a picture of you. Right. Because that's all true. That is that's all true. And I can say, no. And they say, no. And you say I respect that in the new ticket ride grill. Menu. And then you pitch a tent in your therapist yard. So you can talk to them every day for like six weeks. Yep. Yep. Yep. Well, we are very excited. Because today, we have a very special guest. It's Hannah marks the director of the new John green movie turtles all the way down. You know, she's the youngest female director for a major studio production. Oh my gosh. I am so excited to see. What nicknames? We come up with to distinguish ourselves. I know we'll be three Hannah's Rehana Zana's and Dino hell twos. She's twenty five twin she's a she's a buddy of made aby. She's a fetus, let's go. Listen, baby. Talk. Let's get ready to plug. Psalm ding, ding. How I is. Oh, hello. Hello. Hey, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. You are here for our live recording of our podcast analyze this. It's going to be the most fun for you than anybody else. My name is Hannah Hart, and I am here with my co host Hannah guild the us. I'm here to Gill and our own mazing guests. I'm truly honored to be the third hand. I don't think we've ever had on the show. Now, you might think because we have different last names. We'll just different she ate that way. Yeah. L over we should come up with like weird cool little nicknames like like, you'll be blue eyes, and I'll be green eyes and you're obey Brown. Arouna or that's as far as I got. Well, we actually I call Hannah Gelb, I call her gala lot, and it's funny because out of all the Hannah's we are the only two who don't need to differentiate with each other. But I'm always like Hannah Gulf. I'm on the other hand at so why do I say that I like that? We're all Hannah's that are Pailin drums. We all have the H at end. If there's a hand without an h at the end cover your ears for just a moment. It's not their fault. You know, it all. Yeah. Parents fault. They they do that to them. Do you have a favorite pollen dro- aside from Hannah racecars mine, that's a good one? This is riveting stuff. I've. I mean, this is what you get when you come to analyze this. I'm sure some of you. But you're right. I, well, let's talk about creativity. We can get started going towards the topic at hand we took a look at your beginnings. And we we have some questions. Yes. My question is how have you done so much and such a short amount of tone? Yeah. Very impressive. I mean, I started acting when I was five and my mom's started acting when she was six new I kinda just copied, but my mom and her brothers. Did they're all in show business. When you grow up in a creative household. Is specially one that has had some success in like people can actually do it. There's is there any pressure to like, you know, have a backup plan get a different job. I mean, I started at five. So I didn't really think about backup plans really five. You're just like, I don't know about my portfolio options. I just me five I definitely was planning on going to college. And then that never happened. So what would you study? I don't that was the problem. Oh, I'm on people go to college without knowing on a study. I mean, I had a fantasy of going to NYU and being like a very cool artsy. Intellectual New Yorker. And instead, you're successful. Okay. You could still do that. I told you that there's a gallatin program. I mean getting a masters all the time. I went to school for English and Japanese language. It's actually how we met abroad Jamaica's flu. Let's talk about coq incision. But I think about even though I have a career, and I'm able to sustain myself in a creative industry getting a masters, man. I'm like today. It was like I wanna be carpenter. Well, you said what would you be doing? If you weren't. What would you do if you were working in a different lifestyle thing? Can you come back to me on? Yeah. Definitely sites. The got would you? What would you guys, you know, as a twenty five year old, you probably don't mull over and regret as much as thirty two. You're so take your time with that. Don't worry. It's not that. I have thought about that a lot. I just have zero other skills. I mean, I told you I can barely cook. I don't drive I'd like I can't function as a human outside of show business and it depresses me regularly. But I'll figure it out you can get a driver's license. I believe in you. I think you can't I failed four times. I take them a danger to the. You know, it's not for everybody honoring like, why should I be on the road? Like everyone's like, you can still do it. But a why I'm just going to hurt people? Responsible you taking on social responsibility. Speaking of social responsibility, we saw earlier in your resume is that what it's called the near an actor portable. What is it called me resume you in a movie called slash? Yes. Tell us about it. Famous. What am my wife? What are your phantoms? My I don't even know what that means fans. Supposed to know what that means. I'm sorry. What slash about. No, no, no, not at all slash slash premiered here at south by two years ago. And it's about two kids that don't realize they're gay one's a boy one's girl, and they kind of fall in love with each other. So they're figuring out if they actually are gay and they realized that they don't need to answer their sexuality right away, sixteen years old. And in the meantime, they're writing a lot of erotic fan fiction and going to Comecon that's absu. That's what's lashes. Yes. Slash homosexual heraldic dramatic fiction hellos south. I mean, south by was the perfect audience for them to be think. So I'm really really proud of it. I think it was a really meaningful topic. And I love comic on it was just a fun. He's great. I bet. When I saw the trailer for that movie. I felt so exposed I was like I didn't know everyone knows about this. It's new it's new it's it's fine. They'll they'll get over it. They'll stop paying attention. The irony is that as a queer woman, I did date a gay guy in high school. We big each other kind of what the movie and what we made out. It was just like, okay. We went to months without having kissed yet. And we're like this fine. I feel good about this. This is nice. And then we made out once and then we watched gay porn together. And then I was like, do you think you might be gay? And he was like, I do think that. So for two months. Let's lie quietly next to each other. I was gonna say you should make a movie about this. But it seems like it'd be like a five minute film. It was fine. I was like you seem to really like watching this guy jerk off this other guy. Do you wanna talk about? I mean, I'm with it. I'm now watch anything with women. No. That's so unfair. I know. Okay. But we're here to talk about creativity. The house of creativity. So you grew up in a creative household, so that's hard because you don't have any gauge for comparison. Well, my dad is not an artist he does computer stuff, and he's just cool with you guys all being artists. I mean. Yeah, I think he he liked need one person who could time now that I'm like successful. Yeah. Probably pretty good where he was like, I don't know. But how did you guys as for me as a creative person? Marrying another creative person I often worry about. Hi, I'm not going to screw up my children. So how did your household make space for creativity in it while also giving you like structure and boundaries responsibility. Or do they not do any of those things which is totally fine. I don't know. I mean, I was home schooled pretty much my whole life. So I don't really I guess I don't really know what normal life is. But then again, everyone's got their own all got their own shit. I used to think I was like missing out on prom. But then I was like pregnant on TV at prom like four times. Strung that sentence together quicker. And you were like this is heavy. I feel I experienced different high school things just from like doing random shows. And I feel like maybe that's just as fun. I think. I think that's perfectly fine. So you have your creative hat and a lot of different buckets. And we have done you've you're doing directing you've done writing and acting. So do you. How do you figure out what you want to focus on because you'd probably have so much you can do and you have a lot of talent in all these areas. So how did you decide you know, what I'm not really going to do acting and when do more writing and then now you're moving into directing? Well, I can't sing her dance to that like ruled out that whole section I guess for me. It's like wherever the quality is or wherever there's something. I'm excited about all act. If there's something that's exciting to me, or I'm also just like a workaholic. So also work on things that are not exciting to me trying to not do that though. Because you know, you get to make money you gotta make that gotta make until you are accompanied a comfortable place. Yeah. Yeah. So now, it's like, I don't I don't care which version of it. I'm doing as long as it's something I'm passionate about. So it really feels like like in terms of creativity as a muscled you can choose where to flex it. I hope so I mean, I guess I feel differently depending on what day you ask me. I mean, sometimes I'll watch. I mean, it's hard to watch yourself when you're an actor. It's hard to watch yourselves in something. I was I'm here for a movie that I acted in. And I watched movie ones looking at my chins, the whole time. So when that is starting to have you. Have you been edited yourself drunk? If you wanna save you wanna talk about hard to watch yourself. It's just like, oh, it's like, you know, how when you go out for a night of drinking. And you're like, oh, man. I hope I didn't do anything weird's imagine being like, okay? I hope I did something weird. In the privacy of your own home published on the public see the internet's. I mean, I was watching it. And it was like I what I want to be able to watch it from an outside perspective. And in that in that way. It's definitely more fun to write or, but that's also awareness. I think is something look there's a good and bad to everything. Right. Everything has its own unique power and self awareness at its worst. We'll make you hesitant and out. It's best will make you constructive. You know, definitely forces me to get better constantly even just with auditioning. You have to sell tape so much. And that's I mean, it's mortifying terrible process. It's horrible. But it also makes it forces you to get better because you really are seeing what you're doing every day and how much you're growing or forces. You to be like, you know, I'm a I'm a good host. I don't maybe I'll just host something instead of auditioning right now. How do you guys decide what kind of content to make well Hannah has a real job? Literally this Tana's passion project our podcast. That's right. What what is your your side, your side hustle? Drank goodness for it. Because my real job is so boring. What is your real drag and not reveal its oh my badge? What about our category? I'll say I work in administration at a university. Why? Adleman is crucial Hannah's to get to work at like seven AM though every day. You know, I get up at six am all the time everyday for fun will puppies. What kind of but we're taking questions from the audience. French BULLDOGS because I'm a basic bitch. How them and they're designed an acute factory. My wait a minute. I just found out that French Volvo can't do natural birth a have to do Syrian. That's not true. One of my Frenchies was born naturally, but she is a weird shaped head. I'll come from soak. It looks just the oddly like Jahic kid is a little pointy. It's a little pointy. Wow. Okay. I can see why. Maybe I shouldn't have made you sit in the middle. Because you kinda of hide out what I'm talking about right now. It's not gonna change the podcast. Yeah. You do it. Now, we can look at you together. Like what your moms? Your mom. Oh. What for you inspires? How do you maintain your creativity? When it is the field you work in. How do you keep yourself from burning out? I started this rule for myself where no matter what I was doing every single day ahead to write a scene that kelp kept me writing when I was uninspired. So sometimes the scene, which is like Hannah feels lazy period that was the full scene. But at least it got me to sit down and actually do it. And then sometimes I would feel inclined to write more than writing more would lead to writing a whole movie, and that wouldn't have happened in less. I had that that goal for myself. That's great. It's almost as if doing a little bit of work every day over a long period of time will yield amazing things. Now that I'm saying it's not that a not not that exciting. That's a good way to like build that creative muscles. But I'm asking like, what do you do when you're being asked to constantly flex it? You know? But maybe it's just different when you're like, I do on content creator. You give me an example. Okay. So you have like right now. I'm working on a book. I'm finishing writing my third of that. Yeah. Thank you. My drunk kitchen holidays. I've never said it in front of a group before how to save celebrate the cook. Yeah. It's my third book second cookbook, and it'll be a good time. Awesome. So I'm doing the book, and I'm doing the podcast, and obviously making content, but I guess you're focused are you focusing on multiple projects at once you have to. Yeah. Because then otherwise, you're just devastated. One one falls apart. You've got to just keep doing everything you're not d do you feel ever feel tired? I mean, all the time. Yeah. Being twenty-five until much. I can't wait. Let's do this exact exact setup again in like seven years. Okay. I mean, I guess I feel tired all the time. But you also I don't know I've always had such like fear of death, and like always so much anxiety and been a hypochondriac that it's like you got to do everything right now. Otherwise, it'll never happen. You wanna talk about fear of death. No, man. I. Oblivion man. Like, wow, it's all simulation. What our friend? Geez. I'm sorry. I didn't know how to answer that question. I mean, I'm just trying to do everything all the time and try to balance everything and be a good human in a good girlfriend and a good dog. Mom, and you know, I'm doing my best. It's good to stay mindful of the things that enrich your life like being a girlfriend being dog. Mom, and like, it's yeah, I've got a not do showbiz all the time as I'm on a podcast with you guys. But run of a low. Life is so much more fulfilling when you have all these other things that you care about. And so it makes you a little bit busier, but it also makes you away better person. Yeah. Yeah. I'm blown away by the wisdom of this twenty five year old I'm already we want. We will vision you being twenty-five five HAMAs that we'd only say like three times we'd. Dan. I did I'm sorry. I mean, you can keep saying you're making me gray. Great, dude, he'll female director. I'm me. And we are so lucky to get to talk to you here at the patriot house at south by south west. Oh my God. Wait a minute. Speaking of patriot. We'll be right back guys. We have a goal. It is a patriarchal if we get one thousand patriarch partners me, and you are going to karaoke and dance to knock knock the amazing pop song by the Korean ban twice. Wait, not knock knock knock on my door. That's the one I've been watching it conservatively like sixty eighty five times per day. And at this point. I think I know the choreography pretty well. And I could definitely teach to you. I'm actually fluent in Korean. Oh my God. Well, only if we're talking about romance clouds. Well, the good news is that this only happen if we get two thousand patriot and partners on our on page guys. If you wanna make this nightmare become true, you can go to patriot dot com slash Hannah lies this small caveat. If if we do get there with. Like. Let's let's do an abridged version. Okay. We don't have to do the whole song. Thank you. But we do we do have to dress up. Yeah. Okay. And we do have to finish this. And we're back. In back in the day linear programming. You have to prepare for breaks. We sometimes like to pretend we're like on radio show, those just tuning in where here, the amazing young director and. It's so good to have you. Thank you so much. I'm honored to be here. We can I tell you a story. Yeah. Not that long. I was I talked with the production company at one point several times about writing a bachelorette movie for you. And I I drink for me Hannah for you. And I just remembered it oh my God. There. Do you know beachside? Yeah, I talked with them. I even had like a little Google doc PDF with a pitch. And I was like she'd be really funny. I was like what am I bringing to the table? I'm not sure, but. Well, you're recognizing it was called L O. God woman. Of my fiance. The I'll just. Do you guys want to do it to revive this acts? You know? Yes. You can you can do anything. Play yourselves. No, we're out. Episode Emma stone play you what if she inordinate thing play both of you. You know, we have a lot of problems with that in the community. Kind of merging thing. L is a producer. She says her back in shut up. I love it. You guys are all here for the conception of this movie. I know and. Alaso up to twenty Twenty-nine how which I know about Hollywood, you know, I don't Russian doll. It was on its on Amazon. Yeah. I just watched the first few episodes. Oh, yeah. I watched the whole thing. It's great. It's great took our out ten years to make that idea. I found out this morning make the idea habit. That's exactly what trying to like work in a creative yield, especially the Hollywood movie making machine at cetera. Feels like yeah, I was younger, and I read I'm so pretentious read it into whatever people really took me ten years this movie made. And that seemed shocking now doing it like all that seems seems Norwegian of. Yeah. You gotta really love what you're working on. But that's why the advent of digital media found such foothold in like in entertainment because it was able you're able to get into a constant production machine. Which is good and bad as all are all song. I mean, you can have your you can have power now, you can have control over your own life because you can go make a movie or short film, or whatever it is. You wanna do on your phone with your friends on the weekends? I mean that was what the do class brothers did. And now they have like a multi million dollar deal with Netflix on it, are you? So you're upcoming project shall we discuss short. Let's do doing go ahead and good just jump in. Their fifty percent is due. Well, I have I'm very curious. You obviously have a long career ahead of you. What do you have like some secret dream projects that you're like a book, you dabbed or like personal, and I are L? Okay. I mean, I wrote a robot movie robot love story that I'm very excited about. I wrote a movie about polygamy. I, you know, I don't I was working the hero. Literally, I'm like that sounds great robot polygamy even better I should merge. The two of them starting. We called the merger. Buttons here. Don't get it. I mean, I was working on those when I got one I got this movie and that this is my dream project. And I couldn't have ever imagined something better coming along. So I feel like I am. I'm living the dream guys for those you don't know. Hannah has been picked to direct the next John green film turtles all the way down as up that. But yeah, buddy. Which is so good at grey. Have you read the book that's a joke? She had to of course. Yeah. I mean, I've I've read the book like six times, I love it so much. I haven't read it when I first went up for the projects. I read the script. I and then I read the book, which I feel like was a really helpful process. Just because I got to see it from an outside perspective. And then I also got to see it as a fan girl, really really love it. I would you describe the book if someone's like turtles all the way without about many think it's just really unusual. It's so crazy to have like this really accurate portrayal of of OCD in a in a book that sloughed by so many people. I mean, it is it is a more niche subject, and it's darker subjects than most of these Waie films that we say, and that's why. I think it's so special because I think it's going to bring it to a bigger audience, and hopefully, inspire a lot of empathy. I started the book look. I love John. We're we're butts, you know. I couldn't read it. It was really like triggering oddly. Like, it was one of the things that you like, do you have can I ask you if you have OCD, Nevada HD, and I totally manifest having. Like, I'm like one hairpin like one like that. You know what I mean? And I guess I started reading it. And I was like I can't lead into. I mean to be fair all all try again. I'll probably end up reading it. But maybe I was in a weird fragile place. It is a harder topic. That's exactly why excited to make it. I don't think anything has been seen like this. Do you have OCD? I don't have OCD, but I've had anxiety my whole life, and I've always been a hypochondriac, and I feel like there's some crossovers. Yeah. You know, I used to always like out of a headache. I'd be positive. It was a brain tumor that sort of thing. And as a doesn't have that she as CD, but a lot of the times obsessive thoughts are about her health and about her own land. So I really related to that. And I personally have not seen theatrical release movie about that, man. How does your anxiety? Does it have a influence on your work or your creative process? Do you have to like talk yourself down or like because you seem like you're so good at working steadily. I mean, I think I worked because of it. I mean because when you have so much anxiety, and you are always afraid of dying. You you wanna you wanna work more? And it is cool because it makes you braver because you have to fight through all the things that are that are stopping you. And it difficult, but it's exciting your, conquering your fears. If I didn't have any fears that wouldn't be very exciting to conquer them. Yeah. Meisel thing. Yeah. That's a great soundbite somebody Mark. Just really dumb. No, you're saying brilliance doing. Thank you. God cast. It is. Happier. I talk to people also named him. I'm very aware of my voice. Get is fine. Okay. Sounds like a mummy. We're bet it's new. To do. Like, a sexy recipe you will as you get Petillo older and your vocal box becomes less tight. Man. It's out there. Well, really fun note about CD so certain like brain disorders are cousins have similarities, so there's it's really interesting because when people go and they start delving into the field of mental health psychology, psychiatry et cetera et cetera. You can actually see the tree kindness that connects it, so everybody's got different shades of something. Right. So someone's depression, anxiety or ADHD or OCD might manifest in a way that different for another person. But that doesn't change the fact that this is an experience you have to continually have. And I think that that tedium of maintaining mental hell is exactly why we liked to do this podcast to be like, let's just keep talking because guess what there's not a cure. It's not a disease. It's your life. What's that? That's why I am so excited about the movie because I don't think you have to have oh CD's relate to it. I mean, I love the book so much, and I don't see and hopefully other people will see some Larry's and what they're going through. What was the question? Nothing. Just commentary. I like what you said. No, I forgot what it was going to say something before the tedium of mental health. You said that everything just starts with a conversation when we were talking. Yeah. We've got to just talk about everything and that'll help with the stigma. I believe what I said was the greatest result of conflict is conversation as beautiful. Yeah. I know. Should just comes out of. Why does this like like twelve times a day? I often have to pause gaze throughout the day. And and I'm there you're there every time. Now, it's chilly. It's great that we're doing our podcast. We have a joke that. Out to make out. I'm like, man, I've ever just don't it. Now. Wait New Year's. Gam maybe allow. Okay. Say feel about this. Joe Joe Ella making him into a burrito lecture. Just put you in my polygamy movie. No, we're not we're monogamous acting classes. Go ahead. Okay. So we're all watch at Hannah's place. We're watching going absolutely great hosts or watching the ball drop for like. Hannah's face just comes onto my face, so forcefully, I fell down and onto the couch, and I felt a little on station. Not true. But it was like a very silly platonic. Like that. Exactly. All right. You can find. That's good. That's good. Glad you clarified. I. Headed to reston blessedly. It is not a factor in our friendship. We are merely. We are. We are merely sold buds on this circuits Indy. Which is great. It's nice friendship. Goes a long way. Do you affronts? Platonic friendship is one of the best things tonic. Love is one of the truce forms of love. God. I treasure my friendship so much so much. I totally agree. I think especially your friends with other women it's really early important. But I guess I'm just saying that 'cause I've never been like one of the guys like, you know, those girls, I play video games. I drink beer, and I do feel like I do all this things. But I would not say one of the guns. I probably one of the guys, my friend. But a weird put down of women when you're going. Well, I don't I actually don't have a lot of female friends. And my always really worries me like maybe like like how uncomfortable would it be like to be like, I actually don't have any male friends. It's so weird to discount a whole gender. What is this mythology that women don't stop talking how you ever met a white, man? That's daily life. I'm generalizing here. Obviously. I mean, we were three women talking right now. People come in all different shapes and personalities in general, do you have anything this not your first by south west is your it's my third. I came the movie last year premiered here here. Okay. Good. How's it treating you? It's great. I mean people like you guys asked me to hang out. Now, drink some canned wine. Yeah. You know? That's what you made it to the big. No. I love this festival because they're the first people to kind of I guess validate me, and my creative and Denver's outside of being an actress, I've got beers an actor gotten to be here writer director without south where I'm not sure I would have gotten this opportunity for the John green book. So I it's been a beautiful thing for me really really exciting to come back. I love it. I love it so much. We love you. Thank you for having me. Thank you signed for you in a marks. You're so my I've enjoyed speaking with you so much I feel like you're going to do such things. Thank you. And I'm so curious about your administration. I know I say. Say here's story. I am curious. One last plug, which is if you want to become a patron of Hannes you can sign up patriots dot com slash analyze. Again, two marks for being here. Even. Thank you.

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