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Top 5 Comics Podcast - Episode 120 - Green Lantern


Hey, this is Mick gray of DC comics. You're listening to the top five comics podcast. Amanda, man. Banning. Dan, top consti-, guess people talking about comics pop culture in events with us today. We have Josh Forty-five. What's? CBS what's right for you? That's good stuff. Right. Today. We're doing episode number one twenty. Episode one twenty. Oh, yeah. So do different today. We're just gonna go over a couple. We're we're gonna talk about the green lantern grant more screen lantern. Grant Morrison pay Morrison. Yeah. I always do that Graham Morzine on. Why isn't that true? That's true. That's fine. But I mean, I don't like having ripped. But I mean rip is not I don't like that. And he don't like zek spin. And he don't. Excellent. That can't forget about his X men. I'm not feeling of like his sister Karen whose name now. I can't remember. Yeah. Usually, I remember that pretty good. But I'm renamed now, not a family or beak. I it'd be no character beak. Oh chicken head. I send like maybe it's not so much that he was making characters may more that they're being drama quietly. And he does look to real gross. That was his whole point which is fine. Whatever there wasn't my favorite time of X men. That's for sure I play a lot of that, man. I like just fine. We three that's frigging. Great Jilib barbarian. Great. So yeah, there's other things I like just find the does the invisibles valley on the invisibles get to see. C-i-s mckee. I. Now, if I collected or not that was the thing I like to Mazuz talk about today for the most part his Jay late was amazing Shelly. So he'll ideas are jelly that. I think it's the penultimate Justice league like storyline that brought the big seven back into prominence. I'm sure I read that stuff. I didn't have a footnote of who is doing it. He did do final crisis in like at okay has weird shifted then. But that's not kill the trinity in these us like sure go head. He's like cool, and they were like psych don't realize is going to do. And they're like, you know, you thought dissolves about idea like will maybe will that you kill the trinity. If you come on board. He's like, okay, then he kills him right now. Yeah. Maybe not. Yes. She was definitely shift in that book, but openly ones being fine. But yet like, yeah. So weird a situation or anything, anyhow we had a couple interviews from a couple of gals out the Colorado Springs kamikaze have I interview with Sarah from Utah pixies and with a Casey snow Mets Casey with a K both girls. Fantastic artists on building their time and talk to us during the show that was really cool both fantastic. As far as the arts concern, both great gca fine. Both online just the Google Casey snow, which is Casey with a K again or the comic pixies, and you will the find them. See I definitely check them out because they're fantastic. When Reynolds at the end of the episode here, so you move on to some degree lantern. Josh I got to bit of news. So he will go on start with the news. Then. I like to do that for that's the new thing, right? Detective one thousand. I guess it is now multiple riders now. Yeah. Psych as reminds DC comics. We do what we want. I kind of expected that from the get-go and was a ten dollar book. I win brought this one because you hate him. But Kevin Smith said that he wrote his story when he was high, right? Make sense writing Batman story while you're stone high A F. Yeah. Best Bevan story of a road. Now waiting is good, dude. So there's that now. Company. Okay. Supposedly, they're gonna kill rock raccoon. Yeah. I know he's we'll see. Maybe maybe that's Vano kill they're going to do a green ranger origin story. But is he that it's supposed to be getting Google powering number sixteen like Rita, like her one of her early early henchmen finds the coin yada, yada. There's a new trailer out you should check out. Oh, it is. Obviously not yet. Pretty good coal going to be good. I think it's going to be the best DC movie Safar. I'm pretty excited for it trainers. At least the one the first one is really great. So I think it's going to be DC's Ammon like is gonna be like it's not gonna be like. So part of like the universe. But it's also innocent you fun loving in my funny, and wholesome and good and different. But it's also going to be like it will be a part of it kind of share. You know what I mean? Freeman later at school mean at least the first Ray of across him. So. The second one wasn't aware. There was another one is massive rumor that they are working on a fantastic for video Venice for video game. Like abuse similar does vitamin game. Brian Southam about that. So it'd be cool. Right. Could bring them back into prominence. I think if I think if written properly they could be awesome series hasn't been bad. I mean, book wise, we're I think we're six issues in than the gist did wedding for the thing in Lusaka aleisha. Yeah. So like as far as stories flake stories been bad by as far as the forming has been anything on the shelf for like seven year gap there. They are. They are announced that they're going to do a long that man long Halloween Atta mated movie Yemi Ross contact by Thad last episode. He interesting that like to pick that one, and that's really cool to timing wise and speaking of animated January thirteenth as the release date to reign of superman. The second part of it as superman movie thing, that's cool. So I'm pretty sad about that. Yeah. I the first half was pretty good. So the second half. I I'm excited for. That didn't see a whole ton of right shenanigans. And there was some of his t's the new the newest previews catalog for marvel the ironman twenty twenty which army twenty twenty. So like originally was the story jumped forward they didn't patch twenty twenty books, and so we had this Arno stark that was iron in the future. Ninh fairly recently like during the marvel now timeframes carrying gilmore's was writing we had Arnold star show backup will lead to batch a weird origin story stuff that depending on who you are the you liked her you hated, but they recently had an show back up. I think it's either five or six of the Coinstar garment current series are nearly showed back up. So it's hard to say if this twenty twenty is like a tease literally for next year, which is crazy. That's the case or by some of their plan to Bill to and then have start probably middle year. Just as weird like one page tease. It shows like a bunch of technology stuff then like twenty twenty in iron man's with a weird. It's a weird teaser doesn't solicit on the actual like an adage anyhow. So if you're twenty start fan that the something kind of need to check out that Arnold stuff is really weird. But the, you know, whatever. Anyhow, so yes, that's it. Right. I didn't see wasn't like a bunch of. He anything else therapy. Crazy. There's some tease about like an Americanized issue. Dragon ball z by think it was pan. Art, hell, no is actually like a finger not. But the pictures look cool but articles unclear who's actually selling the published his own being punished by an artist. But means I guess Dougal data guess there might be more out about it now. But. As it looked county. Like, the pictures are really cool. So. Anyhow, I guess we move over to the the green lantern mock. Sure, right. Green lantern is being written by grant Morrison. They said yeah, artists Liam sharp. Liam did he's in a much other over DC to artists wise been around he's a British British artist. Some as thing I can't I always art from stuff, but I can't play anything super giant. I mean, he did a batch of the books for back whenever there was marvel Europe than they were doing those other books that were being printed in Europe and occasionally came over to America. So I I don't know if that's where he started or not the batch of stuff for them, of course, eventually worked into regular marvel. So anyhow, but our wasn't means good artists. So that's cool. Right. Yet. It's a it's a kind of a throwback to me anyway of the. The Jim Starling nineteen eighties like space style books like that. If that style like the announced definitely starting out in the middle phases. Crazy like and the character designs, I think I mean, I think you're going to go like what you normally do which is going to be really difficult for you to do to walk through the book because it's all over the place. But it's a I love gray Morrison than I love green. And so I think it's a perfect. It's like a match made in heaven to me. But it's like, it's super crazy. Happened in the back of came bag when I had it in there. I know wasn't the family saw. In the bag board on each on their books. You'll flattened back out the accurate when when I pull it out. I was like seriously, dude. This is exactly what I said. I didn't even take this out of thing. My that's how it was. I read the I read the on the show on Tecom, sir, medicine make any sense by bought this say like this covered. But I read the comic store, I never take it out. There's no way it was in there that way at the store. Mill fucking way because it was sit on was on the shelf. No was behind the counter, you handed it to me. Mirror. Now, I have a hard time he remained with impede aftermarket prices for varying cover with the fucked up back issue, managing painting different forms of charging normal plaza book when you did it in pretty sure prices his phone. Yes. No one now that wanted seriously even though the storm. Air. It's awesome ended out. So unfortunately, the smallest now. Some talking about different. Where to start this books all over the place fans, really hurt impressions of allow them. Like actual rate. A little bit. All right. So. I know that we usually do like a recap of the books like, but we're doing she's one end too. So we're kind of just I don't want to. I guess I don't want to necessarily ruin it for people some people to read the book. So we're not going to get like super crazy into the actual story. But it's a how Jordan story and it really takes green lantern back to the weird. Bashing crazy outer limits of space, and they're really gonna delve into that news the new ultra-violet spectrum that the that the introduced injustice league. Yep. But there's like multiple ones. There's like the radio in all these other like. Other spectrum types dealt with before the non Siebel spectrum like you can't really see. So and with it being written grant Morrison it really brings in like crazy. Mike is a green lantern that his head is literally volcano, right? His body's like normal person's body, but his head is a volcano, which is crazy just constantly erupting. Right. Which like, okay, cool. Like that might be the weirdest part of that. I that. I was now. That little bit too far. But it. It it starts. Brings help Jordan Mike back to. His his lantern. And now we saw that happen. In how Jordan the green lantern corps when they when the ended. It wasn't totally resolved. There's like he was part of the core. But they're like, yeah. Take a break. Dude, kinda weird. But whatever. Yeah. Basically the same picks up at the beginning of the Mike capturing the spider thing like crazy spider alien and a house out there yet. This is a whole bunch of other other green lanterns throw best I know or brand new, and they are the process cashing the spider thing to put on a prison transport with a bunch of criminals that there's any back to new Ella and like setup wise. I mean, the battles pretty crazy. I mean, there's a pretty funny thing in there where it's supposed to be funny. If it's like, a it's hard to see how to read it because the lantern that's fighting alien the the spider ailing gets his finger bit off like his reign finger, but yet he's still able to control. The green lantern power and the rain and happens to be his middle finger. So like, I don't know if that's like a screw you audience or like a is supposed to be joker. Like, what is supposed to be seems to be like, it's definitely intentional. That's the finger was bit off. So may I ask how funny whether it's supposed to be fire. Not don't now. But it's crazy. Eventually we join how back on earth, and he's at this point, basically like this deadbeat on the planet because he doesn't have his battery anymore. He still does rains rings got some charge. He fails some chicken, I don't recognize the girl. Really? So I'm not sure who she supposed to be. But he basically winds up apologizing to her when they when she first shows up home for dinner that he lost his job again, which if you fall held all he went from being the fighter pilot to be relaxed or court member, unlike abandoning all his like normal earth wife, so he could be intense by liberty quit having like a regular apartment or living anywhere ABC just flew through the galaxy doing green lantern stuff. And then eventually when the court take him out he had to find another job back on earth because they put him on earth. And he didn't have ring is. So you don't put anywhere. So he's had a couple other weird like other jobs that were like earth jobs for short periods of time, usually. In house Ahah buck the system kind of guy so doesn't go super well, just in general. But yeah, as far as the thing like while he's while he's they're dealing with all that nonsense and trying to make things okay with he's like. Yeah. Momo's enemy. I understand. Everybody hates me. You know? I hate me too. So it's kind of like he's not like, he's completely downtrodden or whatever. But he realizes it. The way you fix people as kind of a jerky. I guess would be the right way to describe. It also reintroduces the dark stars which we haven't seen them real leave for while. Yeah. And they were kind of the replacement green lantern corps after how destroyed the core on Donna Troy actually used to be a part of it and the kind of fell off for a while. And so they bring in. Star which is name is evil star evil star. His like he has like a. It's his version of a powering. It's supposedly it gets. It gets its power from Starlight yelich harvest is that our feeds off it. And so the dark darkstars wanted him in it to be able to I think get the darkstars repower in going again. But I don't know what their end game has he adds kind of a question right now. Like, how far how far they're gonna go. Or when exactly their plan is like whole, I issues base leaders group collecting, different pieces to build something. However, we don't exactly know what that is. And there's a pretty good catch at the end. It's like frigging crazy. And we have to assume that's what the parts before. But like the whole recollecting evil star who's been like imprisoned in green lantern prison out in the edges face. It's completely black in order to keep him from having any power gaining power the rescue him and bring him back to his ship to almost as leave him dead, which is crazy. After taking part from him to build whatever it is building in as soon as they take it off he ages back to his actual age. So yeah, has turned into crop Leo, man. Which is crazy. But the dudes like he's a psychopathy killed old plan to people. So yeah, he's terrible individuals because he deserves any two trillion people he was responsible for their deaths. So house kind of like help them out. But it's no hurry. He killed join people, right? Yeah. Because he thought like having a green lantern hospital any that's what he tells the nurse when he's leaving after like questioning him sort of see ads. It's pretty crazy because we haven't seen the character in a very long time Lansing, those characters in the longtime, basically just clean house, boom. So that's crazy. Pretty neat. But crazy, and then it kinda ends well into the cool reveal which I mean, that's like not really revealed. It's more of a it's a massive cliffhanger like cliff area. So it's pretty cool creepy in Erie. Because it's his super weird him standing at the moon on the moon looking at earth. And yeah, it's crazy. Yeah. I think that's well is at the I think that's gonna to actually. Yeah. Yeah. So end of one is a crazy clipping or to like, it's more. How no one is more like a reveal. But it's not like a reveal that Israel. It's crazy. There's no like actual answer. The her. As far as like books are concerned. I don't feel like it's a reveal or no sorry reveal lesson clipping here because like elected Gergen. And you're like what the hell is this, which is awesome. So mean read the book, so you can see what we're talking about. But yeah, even if you choose gonna crazy in too because like if you to go through whole bunch other hoops in like during those hoops where we deal with dark star again. The catching up with other characters in the universe. In like, the volcano has basically explained Hal, how oh you gotta take over this particular case because you've dealt with rockstar before we're taking you off missing the missing a prison transport because like all those prisoners like how found most of them again, but there's still a few missing. So like, he kind of cleaned up the mess that would result in the death of the couple of their lanterns, but they're still character missing from that. So that's what the court heading working on so grudgingly. Like the blue guys giving back his power or giving back his battery to having Morgan this case and in automatic leahey's. He's put on a different case altogether. Wease audience or shirt is gonna connect us because away started. But for how like this is the totally separate thing. Which is pretty like interesting like the way they weave it back as far as like a whole lot of stuff going on in. The first issue has a whole lot of stuff going on the second issue too. Just crazy. That's why walking through it. Like, we kinda normally news very difficult with these. If you if you like grant Morrison, and you're familiar with his work. You'll absolutely love it. If if you like something that's a little strange will different. You'll absolutely love it you. If you like. Crazy, Sifi ventures. You'll love it. But on the other hand, it might be too much for some people. Maybe I mean, it is it is a little joined with certain things work, not like bad, storytelling. But like deal with a lot of different things. At once. I'm actually surprised that these didn't decide to go the route with this. When I first read that they were going to do it that they didn't do that these black thing. Oh, yeah. Because it seems like that this would fit that. I can see that. Yeah. Beginning it can be it could be even more off the wall. And like if you let grant Morrison maybe that's why they didn't because he gets to crazy, maybe. But he like Brian has rela you didn't make a Batman story that sort of stays within the lines. It's kind of out of the lines and in number one happened in internet law. That's mine. Batman, down her one. That's about. But. Yeah, I I think if you're like, oh, yeah. Grant is make whatever because the Dan best. We understand is not any community by tone. So like keeping this continuity kind of forces in the plains certain lines. If you didn't have to the arrived, probably be maybe they were just worry that we'd get another like, Bruce, Wayne like, no, he brought were scandal waited on another one of those. Hell Jordan ham sandwich. Nonsense. Yeah. I could see that. I guess but. I think it's fantastic. There's a lot of weird stuff like that. It's a throwback to really old gland like really old not did not like five years ago. But like. The darkstars. That's forever ago will leave you start to like the reveal it the individual one. And some of the some of the characters dislike throwback to late seventies early eighties, greener and stuff like that. Well, design wise. Saying earlier love is ions are like very Jim Starling ask. I mean as far as like arts concerned in style. There's a lot of things like that on there. That's pretty cool. Dread stars. Jim Starling date has nothing to green lantern. But like a lot of the characters in their alien lies these characters look at the fifth at same genre timeframe, I'm just the design by talking about like just that the the other thing I thought was cool was. The on the kind of coming soon kind of thing they ended they that you don't you don't really see that used to seat. A lot other crazy spice patients in issue on Yama. Just like shows pictures of things that can happen in the next ten issues like when is going to happen or how is going to happen. He or anyone on what some of it means on those batch of pictures with. It's like straight up almost old school green lantern green arrow team up in. That's what it looks like it is that those show in Holly seen so. Yeah. See how the whole. Yeah. We we don't get a lot of those anymore. They're like that. But usually they I guess they did do one like maybe five or six years ago. It was a Batman thanksgiving picture that was was hitting many meaning inside of it. And it did. I mean like there's certain things that as we went through. It got explain to our meet a picture make sense NFL. There's still things are when it rains or. But that was a different kind of thing. This is like more on a preview post Romo says not quite these the new those these do that a lot null days. Yeah. Yeah. But like, they they they dumped down a little bit too. Like next is, you know, just like a clip like a one little scene from coming up next issue. But now that's like like a cover whatever when the other thing I like about these books in like, I think that the take that grant Morrison's going to the route. He's gonna go is you have this character in in. How Jordan who's he's been cop? And he's been a test pilot, and he's been a toy salesman. And he's been an insurance investigator something, and he's he's been all these different things. And he's like been across the universities seeing these utopias where people live with house in years, and then he like comes in ease from back to earth, and he's just. Angry, man. This is the sucks, and he just has this like weird like dark undertone to him that he's I've never really liked how Jordan he's my least favourite reminder. But grant Morrison writing him makes me like him more because it makes him more human. He's not like the perfect. I know he's been the bad guy and he's been paralleled solace up. But he's always been like, the the C golden boy green later, and like I've always been more of a cow Reiner fan where he had lot more tragic things happen to him in like I'm gonna how Jordan's just kind of. A lot of issues. Well, I think it depends. What time you're reading to like who's your? I like seeing them with Robbins like who's your first Robin like in. Well, how is not the original green lantern because was Alan Scott. Imagine green lantern with red Cape. Very different setup. Not the same Harley of all separate namesake. And you get the hell and like a hell then have the same things girlfriend stuff refrigerator. So like that's pretty hard core in all of his close relationships in either in like, brutal beating or like stratum murmur. So like his path is different than house, but how especially when the pill thing happened in. Yeah. It's been rat conned a little bit to make it lashes going crazy in more humane influence to become crazy. But like everyone he knew is killed like whenever when coast city was destroying coast city was destroyed by cyborg superman like when he blew it all up how win the green lanterns or went to the guardians. He's like, hey, I wanna use my power try fixes in like EML and out of that he just snapped. And then he killed everyone which pretty messed up too. So like as a thing is he was Subaru outta control. Mike. God that scene in. I'm real, Don. I think it is when he snaps semester net. Cow. Surprisingly enough sensors that a couple of times, which is kinda crazy, but he kills kilowatt. He looks away. He he looks away and covers his eyes night. I know like like you said while has been ret conned not it is, but it isn't a thing anymore. But it's it's man he he's he's a jacked up individual. Yeah. He's he's kinda nuts. Like, and he. NO Kyle's been all every color of the spectrum. Yeah. How like I'm interested to see whether how farther in a push this with him as a character. I think he'd be really cool. It could be kind of a possible a possible nineteen eighties like. Dirty cop kinda story, but Saifi up possibly vein with this with the in the in catch on the first issue to being without really winds of being. Who knows what exactly is going to happen with? It's it's crazy. In general banal as far as like rings are concerned. I mean, how's the only other ones had as many rings? We hasn't all of them. But he had the yellow ring or no. Oh, good. He had the orange ring. He had the blue ring. I thought I thought that's the route. They were going at first, but they didn't go that way. And now they gave all the Kyle on the NATO the choices that that was interesting batch of books initially all arranged together turning into a white lantern again, which while it wasn't the white lantern. He is basically white lantern. And of course, he sacrifices powers again, the fixed the blue par powers. So. Yeah. Which what she's done multiple times? He right took Zion powers to fix the core. Man. That's that's majority. What brain early back? That's exactly where we came back from the debt. Right. So like the storyline where they rack on part of the story was that they made part of the reason why how win so crazy being because the heroics was inside of the app. Perilous was being kept inside the battery or the green battery as a prison. They went so far as to make the white in his hair was caused by that to manage. But I mean, it's what you gotta do. You always have to be sure slightly flexible. I guess. Yeah. But if they bring all evac in like that. I mean, those two boys been a good dynamic like that could be pretty interesting pretty fun shrum. I don't like green narrow light. And I don't like how Jordan. So the fact that I when I told you like we should do the Duke manner books. You know, I Bryant let me that must mean. It's really good. Right. I think it's gonna be that underground hit that people are gonna be like, wow. I didn't realize this was is going on. And it's kind of flew into the radar a little bit. I think they didn't do it this massive flake media push for like, they do a lot of. Yeah. There wasn't a crazy like media butts on the did. Offer stores the possibility to midnight release in. So like if you're doing that, you're will get another cover that was a black and white version of the regular cover. I feel like there was another variant option if you order enough copies, you gave a store incident cover, but they do that with a lot of books. So it's not the midnight releases the crazy thing, but it wasn't as crazy as like doomsday clock. Doomsday clock had big deal about oh extra copies. I bought a blah in this one that didn't seem like the push at the same way. So why that is no idea because it has been a fair Manson's. We add just standalone how Jordan book mean they did a whole. Mix match things when we're doing the Hal Jordan Greenland from corporate the team book then during that same time we had a regular green lanterns running which he was in all that was Baz in Jessica cruises book. So like as thing how the sellman character. It's been affirmative is not happen. So I mean, that's really cool. I think it's neat. He has book back again whenever they do in the team stuff. Like, those are good books too. But it wasn't it wasn't the same. As like when he was the regular driver the hell of the green lantern book. So. I think it's cool. We're back to that. I mean. I kinda always liked it. When we had is the Ray of the green lantern than we have the core and Cordell with everybody else. So we might see that again. Book wise right now, he split up batch the green lanterns Jessica over me just league odyssey book and Vazza. I don't think is anywhere right now. And John Stewart was injustice league. Don't remember. I felt like we haven't seen guys since the hell, Jordan, green lantern Corp. But he's another one that doesn't always have a regular series either too. So as far as that goes, I guess we'll have to see what the next leg. This thing. Winds up being forget, a secondary lantern book or not. I love me, some guy Gardner and. I oboe like if I had to imagine grant Morrison writing somebody, I think that that's the route they would have gone because it fits because he's so lackey and crazy and angry and. Both. He's he's just a pistol, man. But like. Yeah. He just a just wanted to do that throwback to the nineteen. Fifties SCI fi. Like crazy weird like out there, which is awesome. Oh. Liam, what's we've shy. We in sharp sharp. Yeah. Yeah. Heat, man. His his are fits with grant. Like it. It's it's a really cool. Like, what's what's the guy from big, daddy, like, lamb and? Like native butter jelly. That makes lemon tuna fish that makes more sense. They said the movie, I don't. Yeah. Rob Schneider's characteristic. Daddy. I can't I couldn't tell you what the name of that. Character was the same alive. These the delivery the out all the time. Sicily. Vadly for the other pretty good as far as like teams concerned. Yeah. I think that's I don't know. I I don't know if you have done a better match or not like ultimately are wise, these artists as far as covers me variant company being great normal covers I don't know. I'm not such a fan of that almost. But I will say about the normal covers though because that throwback Nuss their covers our kind of that throwback where they have like dialogue on the cover light. It's true anything about that. Yeah. Kinda good either. I don't know. Like what's going on in the book is kind of like ish like the net. That's a throwback is. Well, Ryan like eighties style covers seven actually seventies. Covers. Yeah, they really do a lot of that. But in the seventies, they definitely fifties. And sixties. Straight of Dalarna covers buying thing about that'd be a match. Okay. Well, that makes me think differently of them. I still like the variance. But you know, I do like the first mission of one I got the. Frank quite different quietly covers. Yeah. That one's really really cool cover the second one. I'm not like as big fan of. It's it's pretty cool. So really good. It's a good coverage. Just not like. I dunno quietly. He's really sharpened certain things like those like us experts dove not such a fan of. But it wasn't. It was drawn as just his gross moons were gross hung out. Like, I guess that's the whole point of the series. Is try teach me not all mutants are pretty. But I'm like, I know that are running there's the morlocks at least they're cool and grant like I don't care about the walks. Mike, gray. That's why you get professor X's twin sister, which is creepy. Just weird his name. I still can't remember the standard Nova. There you go, man. Yeah. I did know you're asking for her name gross yet. Can remember earlier normally my eggs on like what I hate best. He Santer Nova sober not a fan at all that lady. Anyway. So. Yeah. Quietly aren't wise day on kick ass? Digging on superman, his Batman stuff. Pretty good to X men. Not my favorite. Justice league stuff incredible justly, so was pretty to like all sorts all sorts shoot man's frigging. Great. It has another one that has a really good story to and again, that's throwback that. Thank that old timey style to it was a classic Spacey. Superman. Yeah. Yeah. Which was really cool like his his lex Luther was really cool. Oh, yeah. There's a lot of things that were really cool like the phantom zone. Like everything we had worked was. Interesting. I mean, the sad story ending wise. But as far as like stories concern, it was pretty cool for like a not normal comunity book, but he really is by favorite writer. I didn't he just take takes things to a different place like his writing style, none necessarily comic, book wise. But Neil diamond reminds the like that style like where it's just he loves the characters, but he's not afraid to put them through this massive torture guy. Monds novels are kinda like that in a way like this like different it's out there. But they're yeah. They're Morrison is just to me. He's for sure might my favorite writer of all time. Like when he does something I make sure even if it's that CI vocals, wacky wacky is crap man. But it was it was good. It was still really good and see how he I like the invisibles like was he might have had something. For them. I think as one of the first books for image in now reverted goes Varney. And there was multiple Lincoln like incarnations of it is the couple of different short runs from. That's Mike my first band. I was in a named after that threat. And that's all the way in when I was in high school like twenty five years ago. So crazy weirdly dating myself. But yeah, it's no, right. I'm gonna be thirty eight years old soon. So when I was like sixteen years old. That's when I started that band. So it's like, wow. That's you know. Ago. And that's how long I've loved grant Morrison in his writing he's crazy. His invisible stuff is. I guess if anything this episode's more of grant Morrison tribute episode gas. I think we're kinda over overlapping though, never been done stuff into this. Maybe. Means far books are concerned that many stuff for the most part was good. I mean, I'll give you. Laters that went on because he wasn't one of the plays anybody else. Like, that's what into that series. Had you just played with the other series riders in babbling probably wouldn't have ended it why fifteen or something. But you don't know, you don't know the insides that like was it his fault or was other people's fall or was a disease vault because they just really didn't wanna let the rate like let him just do. His thing found is there's possibility of all things there. But I mean, don't get me wrong. Dude. I think the dudes is his own space in the world, which is fine. But like as far as like working for people he has his own plan that that point doesn't carrying doing. So I'm sure that's what caused wrinkles there. I mean, we know that when he was doing superman that armies do action comics. So the guys over in superman had a hard time because they would have questions about what existed intense suit. Now is happening earlier prior to the Cape in whole costume and everything in superman supposed to be the modern time like who is a. George Perez was trying to a story where superman with solitude in editors like, yeah, we don't know the purchases exist. So you can't do that. And so instead he's like in a weird room that looks kinda glassy, but like an office. And that's, but again, that's more of like, a an editor issued not like a writer issue, in may reasons that grant wasn't giving notes to people. It wasn't getting updates letting out the book as he's playing out. But again, the editor in chief should be like, hey, this the continuity that person's responsibility is much like I didn't like a lot of the changes that joke was cited for years for marvel kind of broad at all like together in like. DC like they keep doing the scene where they every ten or fifteen years or like, oh my gosh. There's a multi verse. Oh my gosh. There's just Warner's all my gosh. It was a multi were. So my gosh is just one that is go back and forth. And then like things circuiting too crazy like, oh, we'll just let everybody just do whatever they want. And then they come back, and they bring it back. Like, oh, no question figures final crisis zero hour, whatever you're gonna do that just bring it all back to. Just to one universe one or throughs. Bring all the the hawk men into one person. Like it just. That's these. No, that's that's an editor thing. That's not. That's that's a manager issue. Not a writer issue. It's like if you were in high writers, and there's four books that are all about one character. You gotta make sure they're on the same page if they're going over that that's not the writers fault. Doesn't answer emails then you fire him. Would you can't fire grant Morris? Sorry grant you Cam though. I technically ended up many thousand same thing. But he ended it by killing Damian. And he's like, I'm taking my towing going home. It'll be grant Morrison's fought. I think that's again. I'm gonna say it is greeted disagree. Nice guy in real life. When I asked him about Joe the bar Burien prior to ending bike. He's like not going to end well for Joe. And I'm like, I didn't think it would. And then like the last two issues took an extra three months to come out. The ending is kind of okay is not is not a bad ending. It's like a. I mean, it wouldn't stop like, oh, and then the world has rebounders kind of ending. It's like an ending that is suitable on is fine. He doesn't make you teary eyed like we three was we three ends very badly. But as a fantastic book folks, but it ends badly from characters were joined the Burien like that is a point where it coulda gone that way, but doesn't so like in my head. I think the spite me he did that. Of course, I'm probably wrong. It was only one conversation in the comic book show in San Diego. I don't know. Now, we're talking eight years ago. Probably so. Whatever. Really cool conversation. So like, I'm pretty stoked about regardless. But there you go. So so Cording to him. He's got about ten issues for his run where then he has a what he calls quote unquote, second season planned out as well, if they let him so this could be the Catania's you Ron and then from there, but they decided to do from there like his damn populism sherve rhyme. Sure sells a price today with whenever it happens with the next leg things. But that's kinda normal for books and writers, whatever so NATs cool. He's got that much like sort of lined out or planned out. That's awesome. In weirdly, grant, Morrison also says that his remand choice is Carl Reiner who's it makes sense to him. And but that's why he chose how Jordan's because he wanted to do character that challenged him interesting. So. Tung interesting that the come on. It's crazy. He liked. He liked Carl Reiner. Because when he's doing Justice league like it was. The way he wrote him the way he saw him. As like, hey, I'm Kyle Reiner. Like, I'm I'm agree manner. But like, oh my gosh. I'm getting to join the Beatles. When it joined the Justice league like I don't have the time. How Jordan wasn't around now head and so he was like he thought that that was cool that the like starstruck nece? Like, oh my gosh. This is superman and Batman like this is a big deal. So like he kind of his first relented experience was carrying her. Makes sense. It makes sense for the time line. He was writing Justice league to now. It's cool. The other is a lot of things on Colorado's really neat from like body count wise at that time there were there wasn't anybody else. I mean gamble was still around with as pretty much it like every other lantern was either not a lantern or dead mean guy. John both escaped execution of parallel, Jordan because guy was kicked out of the core knows running around in the desert being a warrior, which is really weird and John was like paralyzed in a wheelchair because mentally he paralyzed himself as you kinda wear too. But like story wise that's one of his most who survived. So that's pretty cool. And he he did say, he if he if has, you know, I think that he knows that they throwing him give him so much. So sure if I get a second season, quote, unquote, he really wants to delve into a green lantern flash thing have you call. So so I guess basically read the book in supporter because if you don't then we're not gonna ever get to see where he goes with that. And I think the science of the speed force. End grant Morrison could be really heavy really cool. Can you eat that are crazy not make any sense? Either way though, I think him in like a green arrow green lantern story for him to be pretty cool though that that that's going to be part of this is probably the first round on schools. Yeah. So anyway, as Ollie Ollie Queen will be part of. Like, that's that's one of the things that will be part of this Tennessee, Ron on. It's one of the things. That's it's bits. Mapped out in the story. Whatever in the back of fishy woman. I remember the pictures showing the show the scenes they've always had a good that team upsize been pretty popular. So that my as far as like things that particular DO cross a lot of boundaries in the seventies. And eighties at were things. Didn't happen. Another books, and we got the first like site kick junkie came from a story that was bad was green lantern green arrow like all that stuff on the drug problems and oppression of the native Americans. And like there's all kinds of stuff in the seventies. Those two like happenstance lead dealt with right? It's crazy. Nothing if anybody's gonna write that craziness Val. He makes the key. He could be that guy or I just like seeing him back on a book that 'cause is much as you talked about how you don't like his Newton's like you like through gross of while riding a space book were in alien can be anything like him, one of the main the main character so far in these two issues that have come out like a spider character. That's like disgusted by human beings. Like like like humans or disgusted by spiders? Like, you get away from me like your gross like in like that. Unlike the volcano head went her might Alan so crazy, and as he talks like intermittently in the dialogue. He's erupting. Right. Lease heads constantly rumblings of also is like super a heart ten hard to read. But it's like it's like that's kind of a weird way to go. Let's say asking one as definitely an interesting can take a character as thing in general. And then like the the. The dark stars. I always has been interesting with the vampire one is like a vampire that's crazy to which I don't remember that being thing has been a fair minutes as we saw hitting those characters. So right. Whether it was before or not, and he said, he's pulling characters all the way back from the house day bike original. Like creation of back like daisies in sixty days is random characters that he's bringing in at NC that law school thing. So we'll see where it goes right again. Like, you said read the crap out of the book in support it in it could get better, right? Cool well tone around the couples interviews from from Colorado Springs Comecon, this is from two thousand eighteen started late. Appreciate the ladies down talking during the during the show better part happy year ago. Sorry knows about earlier girls. Guinness's Casey snow and Sarah with a topic pixies Boone run this for you. Right now. Guys, Steve atop I cast here. The Colorado Springs Comi con two thousand eighteen there's a lot of words my mouth, and I'm here with Casey snow, but you seem Casey work, and we find your stuff at you can find pretty much everything at KC L snow from Twitter to face, the Chia twitch all this. You do like a fantasy element kind of thing going on right? Yeah. I do a lot of fantasy a little bit of inner. But most of the illustration that you vocalist rations covers insides all yeah. Let's drag of features lots of fairytale stuff. Thank you. Got you. I like what made you want to do this. I mean kinds of crazy people, but I guess I fit in. So I mean, I can try those little and I was an art teacher for five years. And I decided that I just really wanted to try. This didn't want to be fifty and look back and regret not trying it so. Now three years, and I've been freelancing and mostly successful. Like a slow rise. I had no cost like no our school networking or anything kinda starting from ground zero. Teach you what were you teaching teaching Seattle public school? It was kinda rough. It was one of those low income kind of harder schools initiative. Yes. This is offering and draining. I worked with great people that I needed to China source. Stay there for the rest of my life. So here's wishing to do. Oh, gosh. Now, teaching is such a great career. I totally don't at all. I just I don't think I'm cut out for that kind of teaching where you're just constantly being attacked by Chevron, not my favorite way of teaching art so many one back and listen to any community, college or something. But for now, I really want to it 'lustration sculpting in that kind of thing. Did you have any influences shoot things you look at it? You say I won't be like that. Is there anybody there's a couple of really big artists James gurney as one guy hit Dina topa eighties. He's amazing credible realist. Painter latches, another one she's like a creature designer she worked on all the Star Wars films and stuff. She's really cool. And it's like I'll find out how he has that say mutual. Kind of stuff. So I really like my work is really like that. But I really admire his stuff. No. Yeah. Anyway, that's just. Great. What's your go-to hero consoling? Song is actually times. I put a little love in your heart. It's like the only one I feel like competence singing for some reason on side like full Joyce. The world, you know? All right there. He goes. Well, Susie you. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So you're straddling deserted island, it only takes five items with you what five items would you take? Filter. I'm also a backpacker. So I kind of do this already. Mortification filter. Definitely like those emergency solar blanket. So I can find always be more and more have a shelter. Either one. They're both waterproof. Probably a lot of like a flip a really big stick a flight. Gwen case starting to fire from six method, his heart. A really big sketchbook. Yeah. I'd have to have a pencil. Choices. Choices. Good living. That also gives the last one if you looked at fac- land, would you write a chocolate owning when I write a check of Honey. I don't really sticky. I mean. Yeah. If it struggled color like actually made a chocolate that would probably not work, very long. What you're looking for. That's all those things hanging out. If you. Meanwhile at the hall of Justice. Stephen south by combs fogcast at the Colorado Springs comic con two thousand eighteen and I'm here with Sarah with the atomic pixies serve totally pixie same tactic. We can find yourself on that sees I right. Yes. FC signed fixed. He's everywhere. Right on what got you do. So I actually am in a group with me and my two friends who I also immediately live with roommates. So we like to create these together I have been I would say probably. Hongda and Japanese enemy really was probably what got me into it. When I was younger like sailor moon and all that good stuff. But everything's usually influences in I love sci-fi, Senate loves youthful architecture, and I love I don't know. It's everything influences, but probably anime Star Wars. Good choices pitchers. Stained glass designs, lawyer stuff, that's really cool stained glass and play. Like, I said architecture tournaments and freeze frown is a lot of influence art nouveau Alfonse influence. Worked with a lot of organic shapes. Smugly schools or was what do you usually you'd you are digital or do you? Dominant figure sometimes get sketched by hand, but more and more. We're moving into Phoenix entirely digital hybrid entirely digital. Seasons. Much more forgiving. I can mess up nine times. You don't ever know reason for? But I don't have to buy a new racer point which by leg by new pencils? Every all my thoughts. Spot. You work with that. We we do a couple of weird questions. What is your go to carry OT song? By the end Ryan's. I can weirdly bus that out of nowhere. Aren't gonna dead. Okay. All right. So have you restraining deserted island? He only take five items with you. What would you take? Oh, gosh, probably a notebook and pencil. Does that count as one item or two killers? I would save that is for sure on the list and chapstick because I'm obsessed and I can't have it. Else would I need? Like, really if I had those two things I would probably be okay. Oh my gosh. All right, okay. Modern needs. Okay. So last one if you lived in fantasy land, would you write a chocolate, Tony? So what does the chocolate pointing stage? Clint always because if it melts and gets weird, I don't wanna do that. But if it's just always chocolate solid chocolate. I've been I would write it so long as it doesn't know. Recruiters? I. We'll take you told me was. Awesome. I just like to go and thank again, Sarah and Casey for taking the time to talk with us. But can you check both the girls out if search from online Casey snow have Casey with a K, and then the Tomich pixies to find the Sarah's artwork in her friends and as far as works concerned. Like, I said both Volker fantastic. Like, they're really great artists. So she really cheat. Nothing else. Check him out. I wanna say another girls take commission so thrums will work because they're both fantastic. Yeah. Super appreciate the interviews girls. Appreciate it. So let's see today. Josh will before that. I was gonna say I did I forgot to throw it in the news. But his massive rumor that. That lay is going to actually be the one who finished was raise Jedi training. That's the big rumor, not interesting. So we could see that kind of come full circle and final what's going on with that. I'm really excited about the young Justice stuff is getting read we it's coming since like, they're trying to animated or you're talking about the book of the comic has should be like a book. Sure. Wanting to watch a bookstore. Look look for not a which learn today. Josh, Nah, I guess before. I tell you what I learned. I wanted to like those are some things to say earlier on in the episode on. Because I I the young Justice stuff. I was six PM I used to be huge fan when I was Frigel series is great. I loved it. I love me. Some Tim Drake so stoked on. That is my Robinson Drake my flashes while I west my green lanterns Chiron her and my superman has under his done since. That's me manigault like deal with it. That's my that's my preference in I think most people actually read while in west and got done wrong is playing people read very own to use lot older. So now, they originally nounce berry on the back confused me so much because people are like, oh, it's great berries back in the Mike, and he's cool. But when did you ever read very own, right? Because you didn't you read only west now are all back and there's multiple so. Yeah. In the flash wars co flashes. Where yet whenever that happened. Well, data Ray oath flash Fleischer. We got a couple of their flashes as well. So now there's a whole about that whole there's like three other ones now. But we have to Wally west we have one Barry Allen, we had a second on for a little while running around which you don't think he's around anymore. He was trying to yourself into the speed. God see I like flash where at some crazy stuff, and it was cool. But it had some crazy stuff. The flashes wise if you watch the anime cartoons the fighting flash is Wally the series called flash is very very wasn't in the cartoons. It was Wally. Right. So yeah, I always that was confused me with people. Unless you're like, oh, male late forties or middle forties. Anyway, you're up you're up and coming. I know you did some on episode with Ross fan coming so which attend in there a little bit. I don't think we actually mentioned the book in there too crazy that stuff, but I know him in me actually talked about that. Awhile back when they they got rid of the canceled a couple books in we we're both hoping that the next book that would come out with we both thought it would be like a young Justice book. But we weren't sure threat. Ensure not that's what it was. So we both kind of solve the future. But pretty DC heavy episode because both is DC. Yeah. Right. But town famous drove the boat coming marvel stuff, you know, got some cap tomorrow coming out soon, who of course, we have the movie in the finish time, captain marvel. Right. So. That changes things a little bit too. Which is crazy. Yeah. Other than that. What I learned today. I learned that whenever we do podcasts may get pissed off, and, you know, create problems, so. It's trying to date for cables on the floor, which makes no sense because they've already that normally now the don't yeah, super aggravating selene even carbon right now in command that might be normal. I guess I feel like I've seen that before about the digging for cable things really weird us what I learned today. Josh you learn that it's okay for two men to love each other. And on social way, I don't feel like that's that's weird. I don't I don't remember learning that, but I guess Moe's half the battle GI. That was weird. Yeah, we're gonna we're gonna work from that. So books watch Josh. That's where the young Justice comes in. Because you're excited to see here it inside this yet. So I told us to watch before what you learned. Yeah. Now, it's not it's after books to watch the show. I'm not do this up this show enough. I know that's why I was trying to leave things trying to move to watch. So I mentioned in the other show with Ross the laugh episode. There's the book coming out from image called little bird small stoked about it. Because there's a bunch of pages that came out in the newest preview catalog, save actual interior pages. Like, I wanna say five home. So Superstock about that. I think it'll be frigging awesome. Pretty excited about war of king, an award realms over at marvel, and he'd that'll be really neat. I'm sure I mentioned that before we're supposed to be eating played inside part of that story. So I did that a lot. I know that before because Roslea we crowd. Gluten something. I'm like, yeah. I know never see him ever. So. Yeah. He may say no him into that one before as far as other books that the here in the near future. Since sadie. We just had the potassium for wedding come out. Smidgen see where that goes to the next story lines was weak lack this story. So that should be pretty cool. And I have feeling that's see Hardesty whereas take place because he kind of dropped some announcement for it at the end of the defender story. So it's either me doctor strange or it's going to be in a fantastic four kinda thing. It's strange from the last batch of ads, but we probably will know for another two months. So look for Glock to story, either doctor strange or in the fantastic four with doom is part of it. Also, so match would be freaking cool definitely stood for that. The technicians with thousands Superstock for. Everybody to announce on their like, Ryder wise, even at their morons. Just want of them. Setting. That'll be really cool Tribu is if you wanna see the covers look like you can get into the low now because they have the normal covers all out since you. They look like Jimmy one is great. I mean, it's a wrap around. It's beautiful. So as the Greek Apollo one, not actually they're all really freaking good. The awesome for Michael show is awesome. I gather, they're all great. So I'm pretty stoked about all that stuff. Just in general, if you have any chance to checkout rags, the book chromatic press has another one super stoked on like it's getting to be a real pain to get a hold of because like print wise didn't expect to these popular. This is what I think because we're already getting ready to have a third printed number one to the second of the day. It came out. So I mean get on it folks because things awesome arts beautiful the stories cool, then county on the bar Burien came out last week. That things down the second priority to any issue to already second print doesn't come out for like another two half weeks. So he is really hitting hard people are definitely digging it more than I think most retailers expected that's super cool. So he I take check in and out if another house the art is beautiful in the first issue the story school too. So yeah, it was pretty stoked for it. All the age of X men stuff. Cool like I should be interesting him being inside of legions head and taking over legions powers on time of his own powers than some other people's powers make him even super super super powerful. And actually pretty time for the whole miss. Thank the is a night crawler book, they're gonna be doing like five hundred mini series the night crawler, it's like nasal collar. If the marvelous night car Nikoil. Yeah. I think that'll be frigging. Great. I mean, that's all reality or whatever. But if like, he's a movie star and bat s superhero guy. So that's cool. I think that's really neat. Plus they in with beard thing. That's awesome. And the return of psychos. Yeah. That's well. We didn't really seem like that sorta show back up or like that like how're y. Or what the reasoning it is? Yeah, that's supposed to be answered pretty soon too. Because the initial reveal your like seriously worth the hell. There's no like that hasn't been an answer yet threat, but should be pretty soon. Also, the returnable Vring wolverines posts have pretty busy month in January. And February the we haven't rejoined the norm Laxman stuff. They will be wrapping up the return of wolverine many series in just started a wolverine longest night, which actually that one. I've got the read yet. But it's a pretty cool things against what originally was is an audio like an audio book the voice acted and then they turned it into a combo. So like what actually is started out at something totally different. It's a mini series number one came out already. But he is like a thing. I would say it's worth checking out. There's audio commentary. You could into along with your book, which is cool. And then the gardens the galaxy like relaunch, I am brand new galaxy team cast wise crazy characters cosmic goes right air gladiator. Yeah. It's a it's a weird Mexa characters wilder relaunch that anti champions so champions yet. Tim's number one came out. It's it cast wise has got a couple of new characters in there. But majority of the original cast on the champions twos. Like miles is still there miss marvel still there. So it's kinda like marbles originally. Teen titans is the way I feel about it. But the first issue they came out and arts, great, I'm having to read it or anything. So to have the cartons cover that. I've seen those guard grew in moon dragon Nova at Morlock gladiator. Peter cosmic ghostwriters, silver surfer veteran Bill in on darks Dr dark duck of C talking about. Yeah. Anyway, it looks cool. I love me. I love the new at a Morlock design. I think it's super cool. So guy. Geico looked to finish the Infinity wars that's been now. Now, we haven't seen him in a fair minute either. So having him back the university, and it's really cool. It just been the. He goes in waves like science like were weird and some Coty in like too much time house knives. He's just really chilling. Cool. Like when they vary like when guardians I came back kind of renovated the Peter quail guardians like it was he was part of that team deals, and so when he was awesome to his Cosmo. And and they were on the girl quasar on the living in nowhere together. And they were like. It was really it was like the the book was written from point of view of like after the mission was over then they would do flashbacks during missions. It was kind of like a a debriefing, basically, those really cool, and he was part of that. But. Yeah. See where it goes. Right. I really liked the design that they did with him spell the style. Look to him. Yeah. At the time. Yeah. I don't I don't mushroom who actually did this did design. But yeah, I think the did that one shot is Mike Allred Allred aria heated the one shot in this far as the character designs. We saw educators designs account before that he might have been to load. How I can't remember who did those c- shut up on a batch of websites in one of the previews in like a really small pictures. So I don't remember who did that. I don't think it was Mike. But I don't know that. So I don't remember. But the one shot you're talking about was Mike Allred. It's very our design it all fits. Yes. What I mean? But in this cool, I think that's it. They all know, man. All right. You want hear more Josh? But in less of a PC manner of it wears a never been done podcast, which you can check out. Also, if you're looking at our website. The top of comics podcast website. There's a Lincoln there for it or just noodle. Never been done podcast. You'll be able to find it also hosted on Pottu Matic, and it's on itunes and everywhere that this show is except for radio public radio public swimming place. We're not the same listed, which if you haven't checked with Ray site, if you use the Android phone, you listen to us there. And ultimately, it might make us money anyhow. So I Don the price up. Whatever is not like, they're listening to it. Anyway. Well, listen to this anyone listen to like if you're into movies in directors and things like that and wanna wanna laugh, but you don't know you're not necessarily offended very easily because we definitely go in it in an offensive route not on purpose. But that's pretty on purpose. We occurs and pad yet a little cruzi. It's it's it's it's pretty raw. But also like I haven't even P E P out. Alright. Yeah. Cloak and dagger club dot van camp dot com. And CBS you actually edited it a video for us firms or single. So the music video which I think is gonna get really some time here in the next two weeks is so weak go to YouTube, and it's. Like to search cloak and dagger club on their in. It'll pop up the song is called stealing the moment. So show some CVS for that. And sure enough the band as well, but he you did really job. So I do appreciate that. And you look it up that way on YouTube is like the fourth choice down only because there's cloak-and-dagger TV show Taiwan valuable on her right guitar. Too key. No, you know, dude while he's they make you watching Kevin rider. And you'll be like, oh, I get it in your be like, I know what it is. I don't understand how has dinosaur building. I don't understand that either. Here's the deal. I'll make you a deal you dig through that back closet nonsense. Get me my white ranger figure in finding kit into me, I will say that word, but until then I refuse whatever. So that's all on you have cable too key check out checkout gun while you didn't forget what it was called this now, then that's not good. Oh, take a Kim writer. Yeah. There's like eight million Seve now eight million. There's a lot of seasons usual seeing how Rangers as I say if it's not the same same. It's the same company in Japan. Thanks. So maybe this as they don't really know that that'd be a rob question. This. Okay.

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