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Engagement Scoop with Mama Bella


What up everyone? Welcome back to the PODCAST. Get excited because this week we have our MOM Kathy Aka Gut to Aka Mama Bella on the podcast to talk about Nikki. Arden's engagement and speak of the devil. My demand artem is back to host a hilarious edition of everyone's favorite game. Show Bala brains all right here we go and Happy Wednesday Bella Army. I'm Nicole and dime Brie and this is the Bellas podcast you know. I am honestly super excited. Like I cannot wait to. Your mom has to say that means it's time for opening up so let's pop that bottle today. We are so excited because we are opening up with our mother. Call her Mama. Bela G G and we're opening up with her favorite drink which is a craft beer. I P A so cheers. Mama cheers or being on the podcast with us today. I love to be here. I know we're excited. We knew that we had to bring you on because we were getting a lot of twitter feedback and people really wanted. Let's hear your perspective of engagement. ooh since artem talk to you a lot about it and you know we were like we need need to bring mom in. Yeah People WanNa hear what you think. Yeah here the details details are probably have a lot to say it's good. We'll tell US start. Will what where. Where do you want me to start pre engagement? Well Yeah I guess. 'CAUSE artem came to you right right and he was so nervous I was yeah I saw. Yeah he was really nervous now. was really. Yeah and which is funny. I always assumed I made people feel relaxed. But he was not relax lags but it was so cute in and I just so appreciated it and oh my gosh is so supportive of it. I was really excited. But then we do not say anything to you Nicole and that was interesting but I don't know if you've talked at all about how he did it. But bree remember when we were walking working with the people at the Chateau and all of a sudden you saw his creative mind come out because he saw how they set the room up and you could tell he didn't like it but but he's such a nice person he never wants to hurt anyone's feelings but once he started to tell them what he really wanted in and talk about his vision. I was like okay now. I get why he choreographs and why he is such a great dancer because he just did such great final touches to the room. That made it so beautiful. I was like thank God because it for me to even say beforehand. I'm like uh this is okay the room and then what he did didn't transform format bree transformed because we all kind of walked down. And we're like oh no because what they walked us. I almost a storage area. So there's all these chairs yeah and all three of us were kind of like And then we walked into the room we were all like okay but artem was like well. This needs to change. Yeah it was really just needed the details because remember Nicole is a pretty large room. Yeah very alert drew so there was a lot to do in that recurring during the day. Yes so much sunlight in there. Think of all the windows. Yeah so everything was just so bright and I feel like that kind of made us look at it differently because I will say castles or prettier at night. Well some are prettier during the day. I felt like that was really pretty at night. It was beautiful at night. What happens is when they're not lived in one hundred percent of the time they become cold just because it is cold in there right it was freezing right but then it just transformed into this beautiful setting? Oh I'd love that and we were saying how cute his speech was after. Well bree was laughing about it but I thought it was leaked down own for dinner but when you quoted wedding crashers are you still sure. He quoted wedding crashers Asian. Lauren said it was like word for word. Yeah but he didn't know that what I will xay. Is I love when there's like an English barrier when someone of first language is an English and I love to hear them speak because because because it becomes so like innocent is the transformation of words. I mean English is our first language and we still screwed up but it was so artem was so Q.. You so cute and it was just knew he meant every word even if he did quote. Wedding crasher yeah. We'll Brie and I because we've been watching all the episodes for total Bellas and editing editing. We laugh quite a bit at artem screens screens. Because he just he uses the wrong words they sound similar of what the right word is like. What was the the reason one? He kept saint stirring but he meant another word. I think he kept saying stirring the pot but he was coming from the lace. Well he does. Satellite was awesome. I mean thing when he proposed to me it was like when you came into my life turned upside down. I'm like I don't think that's a good thing. But that's okay nobody he this gets words wrong. It's really cute so I hope it doesn't change. I'd love it element. I don't correct them. Good because I love it I love it too and I'm like this prime minister. We'll wait do you not correct him. Because you're confused yourself. I knew she was going to say that no because majority of the time I know but I like it okay. It's really cute. And what I love is when Nicole posted about the engagement and when you said how'd you stayed at like He. He loves my crazy easy or he to something about Nicole like the crazy side of you Mike. Yeah God's it's crazy. Yeah we'll see I felt like mine was so generic Eric but I still had the flu and I was in bed and then when artem posted. which maybe that's what he put in there His was so heartfelt romantic. Fix everyone's like Oh. Wow look at artem. Pours his heart out. Nicole SIS like been hiding since November. Here it is happy now for some show. It was one comment summit I feel like yours was very heartfelt for my heart out and like I'll be honest. You don't need with yeah with artem. I don't pour my heart out on social. Because is anytime I post artem ever want to mention my ex. Not everyone a lot of people do or they give him hate so I just don't really do a lot of that with artem to protect him with ours. Instagram pictures of supposed to say a thousand words pictures. Say maybe write. Ah Show enough. PDA You artem on right. And so that you don't need to worry about adding any everyone things. Brian and I are like separated because I never riposte them. And I might concept remind people. My husband eats social media. If I take random picture with Brian he will be like what's up for and if I say social media OOF OOF like I'll get the rally it's so you posted one. I think last week and it was so cute. I can see why people think it's the Brian Birdie show But everyone understands brain to let Brian also so mom. I have a question task. You're going to really put you on the spot especially Nicole all they. Do you feel like artem. Proposing to Nicole in France was too soon so this is what I will say in how I'll answer this question question and I don't mind being put on the spot I'm always put on the spot but win we caught wind of it. Bree I was thinking that way I was thinking gain. Is this too soon. I Nicole I was wondering if you were going to say yes yes and I was worried but once I saw you you too after no question right. It wasn't to send. This is how I feel too like. I think you Mon Mike. I definitely thought it was too soon and I just know Nicole and what she's going through and I'm like I don't think she's going to say I think it's too much for her. But when I see you guys together I feel like it's normal now like it seems almost like we've been married for I five years definitely not definitely no marriage vibes at all but that you know. Yeah I'll let you know when I start seeing that or eleven seven years you are married but now I feel like okay I get it but definitely I was worried going to France. I'm like Oh gosh. This is going to be dramatic while I said yes. Thank God Jim. His parents being there and she said now I know and also I'm really curious and I know our listeners are too because I don't think anyone's hurt from you. What did you think about meeting parents? Oh Yeah Arden's parents are great but wasn't it interesting. They speak no English. I know that was the tough part. But how much does artem like his dad. I guess mom artists He. I feel you on the same trip. Yes he looks exactly like his father and his brother looks exactly like the mother and he has his MOMS. Identical Isaiah knows Dad's head shape and like kind of profile. Look at pictures it will trip you out knows a nice okay. I'll go look it's more but right now I would say looks like his Dad's dad reminded me of a Russian Deniro for sure and his personality. Yeah so near crazy and then his mom's so sweeney okay. Yeah and was it just makes me WANNA be autumn's mom here for her like that's what I told her when she left. I don't worry you know I'll take care of him in the states but they were so warm and I guess. Even though we all didn't speak the same language poor artem was exhausted translating but I still felt like there was a great connection. Yeah I agree. She got your so beautiful to emerge cash suite. That was really nice but So I wonder what they think getting Nicole as a daughter. Well you know what's GonNa be really fun to watch is on Total Bellas. Think we get to see everything. May We're talking Mountain Mountain Subtitles Lincoln. No they're convert their site. Conversation didn't even think about a girl. I can't wait to edit that episode to know what they were saying on the side uh-huh yeah you know who dad got a kick out of. Jj I percents to wanted to sit by JJ land. Jj was so cute with him. Him there is a connection that I was laughing because when we did our last day in Paris for Breen is birthday how arms parents go down and go no more drinking. We can't work then. We won't survive Mike. I guess. That's what the Bella Fam- does do people have gosh hard to hang out of that. We'll seriously I know you go to France. On a wine-tasting tour alcohol is going to be involved I mean one hundred percent night is a lot but in our defense there. Alcohol percentage percentage is a lot lower than United States. Yes we really could keep going. Yeah always oh justifying yup like the energizer Ben I knew we were living Francine Honestly we but we didn't get wasted. We just enjoyed great wine meals. I think you did when night one night. I think our brother Her story your fun little details. Oh Yeah we need to make sure that makes total okay and you know you know how you to justify everything I'm going to justify defy it. You guys don't WanNa go out so you made me go out with them. I know I do feel bad. I gotTA JJ and he knows how to Hook you. Yeah he does he is fun. Well you know there's something else really exciting to talk about which you to have been on this train forever and I have not but once I saw champagne gate trending and I saw what it was is I had to watch so this season of the bachelor. Oh Gosh I mean I love train wrecks and they got a couple of good ones. They haven't we call them more hot messes and we don't know what they were going through in the moment. Excuse me I'm a Reality Star. who constantly instantly gets judged for my life and understand what alcohol does to us so no I can say train wrecks? 'cause I've been called it too. It's so fun to watch. Yeah Oh I do love the bachelor you know. I watch all seasons but I can't think of the girl's name but his first date in she's from the Midwest. She played basketball the ball. I love her. I think she's going to be in the final two probably look lay long dark hair tiny. She went to the date where the parents renewed the vows. And I could get a lot of heat for this but I want Hannah Ben Peter Back together. Why why I love you know? I didn't watch tennis season but I did. Watch episode too so I do see the chemistry but this is the thing. She didn't pick him. She broke his heart. She denied him yet. Eh You'RE NOT GONNA get over. No but they had the best chemistry on the show dead like remember. I told you I was the pilots. What's GonNa win? Yeah and when she didn't pick him. I'm like wait right. Was it that here. Here's the thing I mean. We all make mistakes or you go through things and things break-up and you find someone new and they had chemistry and they can find their way back to each other. That's just what I want. Although there's a couple of girls on this season that I really liked they focus on the train wrecks that the beginning but it makes it so fun me who was never a viewer. I literally tuned in for the Champagne. The fact that the girl roll with the whole champagne situation was awesome and hilarious. But then her saying I guess I would say I won't be a classy bitch right now. And then when she took her she never was. I mean you you can't you can't even raise too and the best is I can't wait for episode three because they're still fighting over. The champagne came bottle. I know I mean I want to say just come join Bella brains and like you guys battle Al for that long. Yeah but you know it's funny about that too. Is that when you watch the the episode before Peter set sits her down to just say hey you called other girl a bitch or whatever before that. Because I haven't even cried today and then Peter Site site. Can I talk to you and you just like writing so frigging funny. Oh my God we all talk about the fashion blogger. When he put her up on the table making out-turn what was she doing with her feet? Oh my gosh. She's a cute girl though Hugh I wonder if she wrap around him. Or let him dangle she looked at I mean you see all the memes the bad witch from wizard of Oz when the house falls under our feet are all doing the comparison. I tell you this I I will tell you this if this is what I love about Hannah be. If that would have been her she would own that Shit and she would post the picture. That's what I love about. Thank and she's GonNa come back later in the season. I think there's something going on because you know there's this guy that is notorious for calling it. He must follow the match. Naturally around in he knows who the final two are. He nails it every season. WHO's GONNA get picked? He can't do it this season. So there is something not I wonder I hope it's Hannity but who knows if not I hope it's the basketball girl. I will say when Hannah did come back. Peter was wrecked like you could tell he again. He's for sure so and I don't I didn't even watch their seasons. But just seen how racketeers during all that I was like. Oh this guy's still madly in love with their buddies. He's hurt fire. He admits it. You know I watched the interview with Entertainment tonight between Hanan him no Peter the Gal from entertainment tonight and Chris Harrison but needless to say he say he owns it and he goes and I felt bad. I didn't expect to fill that way. But when she he walked in the room is like holy crap and so I mean it is what it is you can't to be. I think they are but who knows or or the little basketball girl. I'm rooting for her. Yeah that's Cute No. I'm rooting for. I was rooting for just. I'm rooting for the hot mess. Because I need to be entertained. Even more Every week she better stick around for awhile okay wait real quick though I have a bachelorette little fan girl moment. I heard about this at work out right. So so Joe Joe so she had her season. Jo Jo Ann Jordan Rogers so I love them so I follow me on instagram. And I saw her answer story. She posted about Nordictrack and her trainer. The trainer cheese is John Pills in the background. No Way I responded to the story and said there's my trainer John Peel. You should give him a try and she responded so when we were training with John That day John. I said Joe responded to me. That is all my big highlight fight amongst here already going mom Joe just amazing right you guys. So what we're really saying is if you're not watching the bachelor you're missing out on all the fun. Chaos oh you need to start watching because I have a feeling we're going to start talking about it a lot on here. I don't even watch it but I am. Now hooked this season. Alright everyone will now. It's time for a brand new debate segment healer babies. Mommy going to stick around for it. I'd love to all right. 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We're going to be the pop culture referees to determine if someone was being a heel or a baby face okay so this week week were debating Megan markle and Prince Harry because they have stepped down a senior royals mood. Are they heels for abandoning the royal royal duty or baby faces venturing out on their own and protecting their families privacy. This is a hard one mom. Are you ready for this one. I'm ready so I'll admit I was thinking about this and for a while I felt kind of torn because I feel feel like the way that they decided to make the announcement I felt was Kinda Hewish in way because I feel like it should have been a private family matter. I in the fact that they didn't tell the Queen and the Queen so much for them in just keeping tradition alive and keeping their family You know together gather and having a roof over their head well castle but I feel bad for the queen in that way now. We don't know the exact details we never will but then when I think this situation and I go back and forth. I'm like okay. Well maybe Megan Harry. Are the baby faces in this situation. I think Britain will see it as heels and I I think us in the. US is baby faces. But I'm GonNa let us discuss a little bit and I'm GonNa jump back in because there are some things born so you don't know where you feel. I'm torn because I feel like mega knew what she was getting herself into like you. You know if you're marrying a royal. They know all their duties and I feel like when she made the vows day that she got married married in Westminster Abbey. Like you did the whole royal wedding so you knew you were marrying into the royal family and what comes with that and I can imagine the tax paying money for that wedding exactly so for me. I have to struggle with headlines all the time. Now I don't have a Princess Diana situation so I understand they were Harry comes from how that could be very scarring so for me. You know. That's where it was difficult but then I also see like maybe sometimes you you get into a situation and and you regret your. I don't know if this is for me and I don't know if I wanNA live this the rest of my life so that makes me then feel bad. I think there's so much we don't know so it's hard for me to say like killer baby-faced do I think it's amazing that they want to be on their own and provide their own money I do but but then when you see all the details and sometimes you don't know what to believe with the media like them buying all the trademarks months in advance before the made the announcement the whole footage of him him hustling the Disney guy for her to get the Disney voiceover. was she the next day flying to the US to do the Disney voiceover. I don't sometimes rubs rubs me the wrong way because I'm so loyal to my family and the reason why I didn't get married I knew maybe what was gonNA come with. That and I knew that I was ready to accept my cows and everything to go with it so I didn't go along with that to me. That was the breed decision. But I don't know so I look at the situation. They announced on instagram. That they were stepping down did not tell. The family did not tell anyone they went to instagram. Your he'll heels also. I find it disrespectful. I find it rude. I work with my family. We've done total bells forever. Every single family member has put their lives lives on a reality show. If I wrote on Instagram I am stepping away from Total Bellas. I think that'd be so unfair to everyone in that. Would Bella Fan damn well we could lose the show because of one hundred percent. I would never do that because I love everyone so much. Do I understand how hard it is to put your lives in in front of the public eye one hundred percent because we constantly get judged unfortunately social media tends to have more of a negative outlook on all of us. Whoever you are and I do look at the royals in my Dang they live in a fish bowl constantly being looked at they constantly have to be on? I can only imagine how exhausting that is and I feel so bad for Megan because because I know how aggressive headlines can be and it hurt no matter what it hurts and stuff they have said it is out of line but at the same time the way they did it to me is so he'll ish it's like the way he'll just cheat in a match and they just come out of nowhere and you're like what I don't like it literally literally the way they did. It made everyone go against them. If they would've talked to the family it could have been done differently. I think the world would have felt different about their situation. It was the way they did it well. And then when you have have the Prime Minister of Canada come out and say that we will pay for their security then I I'm confused of what what they really wanted to do by stepping away thought it was to to become fully independent right. I'm actually really curious to hear mom because I think there was a reason. They came out on instagram. I can't believe nothing. NAPPING was said prior to. I can't believe no one had a hint of this. So if truly they blindsided everyone on instagram. They were pissed about something happening. They did though blindside everyone well so they say so. Everyone says so. I see both sides like Nicole call. I feel bad for the Queen. That's a hard frigging life and Megan's had I mean they have not been kind to her so honestly I'm really early proud of him. I think it takes a lot of balls to do that. And I think it's cool. I really like them as a couple. It's not like they're going over like we WANNA raise our own money and still not not giving because they are both very giving people So being raised in a family business and this is on such a minute minute scale Gal but being raised in a family business and deciding not to be part of it. Because it wasn't for me you know even social media they didn't have social media we'll get married. And what her abby I never toll will I do to your dad about it. No I just knew. I didn't want to be there in this lengthy discussion. It just happened and I knew I didn't want to stay in the Imperial Valley. I wanted to go to a bigger city but at the end of the day you have one life to live live at the way you want. Who who cares what people think about Megan from the beginning that's rubbed the wrong way for some reason I I there's things I like about it and I do think the winding ending on? Never take away from her. I think she's very giving And she does a lot for charity which you just have to applaud someone who's like that but there's something that makes makes me feel like she's a status jumper. I don't know why I just get that from her. But maybe it's because I read too much of the headlines. What was the worst headline butter? Because I went in Google all the headlines. What do you think? Well I think there wasn't. She held her baby bump weird. That that's strange bait but that a- all those little things at big right that's what I think. People analyzed everything she did and she wasn't used to it and she had a lot latta rules just by look at the difference in how she dresses every time she came out in the UK. It was address. I mean she was dressed conservatively. You we know that it's like this is how we address. This is how you have to be portrayed now in Canada she is doing charity work and she's dressed casual and sheets herself south. She wasn't herself over there but it but she knew what she was saying. Forget let's see I guess for me like you know. A lot of people saw the situation with page this past week with one of our bosses slut shaming her on a massive interview page has had to deal with so many headlines of slut shaming of venues clean. I mean the comments to her I get. Were that makes you want to run and hide when I compare that to see what the headlines ends are. Megan markle from Daily Mail Daily Mail writes about ornament. I and paid Jan run in high page. She's a strong woman. She fights for what she believes in. She got women behind her. And we're trying to make a change at wwe truly for equality. I'm trying to figure out what was so bad. I get like like every week. I can't win with the UK. Give it time win. Over the Brits I felt like she. UK was hard on Kate too. Well but when you this was the thing I saw. When you compare the headlines Ryan's they're more cruel to Megan like hate helder bump beautifully? Megan held weird. which when you see them Motos I get where it looks weird but I never had a baby bump so I be negative so I see the difference to me? I know a lot of people say it's racist. I think to what a part out of it is. It's just that she's American in the UK actress ever thought and actress rubbed. She's not royalty so so I think that's where she was treated differently but I wanted to see Megan fight like be that American was something great in the UK. Made a change out doc different. I'll take Harry and run. Well it's not running. I think she's injured in combat America. But I I think the huge thing is she's like this is the life I want and I don't have to play by the rules other people give me. I don't have to be who everyone else wants me to be see. I'm with myself. No one knows what someone's going through in their silent battle. You don't right so everyone wants to make a judgment call on someone by what they hear through the press and and I think that's a very unfair and good for them that you know what they've got one life to live do it. You want your you also have one voice and I wish the story would been this. Megan was so bothered. She went to the Queen. She said look can't do this anymore. The more I just can't this is what I want publicly. They all are together. They do it the way it was done to me. Still so he'll ish and I guarantee soon wrote those words I guarantee wasn't them and it was just posted on instagram. I feel like that's cowardly and there was a reason for that war. Aw and I agree with both mom. Bree but this is the one thing I do remember before. She got married that she agreed to delete instagram. Agreed to never act again. She agreed on all these things becoming a royal so yet again why I say she knew what she was getting herself into. Oh and then all of a sudden she's like no I wanna be back in Hollywood. I don't like Daily Mail's headlines and then that's where I'm so torn on healer baby born because I get if she never knew what she was getting herself into and all of a sudden it's like Whoa. I didn't sign up for this but she signed up for it. Yeah but signing up for it and living it is two different different things you know anything you sign up to whether it's a partnership whether it's a business deal whether it's marriage you are allowed to change your mind and and I agree with that but I guess I agree with Brie where I maybe I publicly. They should be like you know what you guys are pushing us away from this country from the royals. How you bully us? We don't WanNa be here anymore and unless this changes we are leaving give everyone the opportunity to be like Whoa. We're we're bullies. We need a change. Let's make this for the better good. I guess that's my fight. Is they had a platform and an opportunity to create change to promote anti-bullying. Lean and they didn't do that and said they've caused so much more controversy that made people almost more judgmental when they could have taken an opportunity need to truly create change for the positive. Take it that way. I would think there's a lot of people that feel like I do. Like I like all the Americans feel like thank you and all the Brits feel like they're the heels and I and I see both sides because UK. It's their tax money. They know what they've done for. Megan Harry so so far and they feel you have to know that. Not all of great. Britain is writing the headlines. Do what I mean. There's a lot of people that took her in and lecture talk and embraced her. So I think you K- feels betrayed so I see where they see the heels and they loved their queen. Yeah and I love everything about royalty. Oh my God update. I'm Graham about it. But on the flip side there's a lot of positive that Megan did in the UK. You know what people are upset about the fairytale the fairy tales not the fairy tale anymore and people are sad about it and you know what get over it. Let them live their life. I think what makes me the most upset. I don't care about the fairytale. She Tore Poor Harry away from his family. He's he can fly. Regret it one day I do too. It's not as easy for the royals. They never go back. No remember Harry the entire time growing up up here. He's always been that person. Oh I agree. He's always been the rebel. I love it. That's why he is the most popular in the royal family. Right and it's because he's got a rebel Latitude William Girl. I don't know I'm Harry all the way. All I know is they'd better do a season of this on the crown and Netflix. We'll see the ratings go even the higher because we will all watch yourself shine. Waste over all right you guys so obviously breeze saying their their heels in the situation Mama Bala saying they are baby faces. Were not clear about you. We we need we need to know. Thank God I showed up. Honestly shoot you gotta give us one. But I'm still torn. Listen I think in real life. The baby faces is I think the way they did everything was hewish so you know what I kind of like breeze answer I do find the most baby faces but I think how everything was handled is definitely but I don't think you guys are going to do as slash. He'll know so this what we're GonNa do you guys. We're GONNA POSTPONE OUR I g stories and we you want you guys to vote hairy and Megan markle and their situation are the heels or are they baby faces and we can't wait to see who side you are. We're on days that is right and now it's time for Ghetto Rauma. Are you going to sing between equality you know I thought about it and then I forgot that I can hate your high note. You WanNa try it. No they're nasty rumors out there. We're going to kill him in his segment. We like to call Kill Room. UH I've really missed the sound of that me too all right everyone. This week's rumor it's coming from Breen is interview with with Kevin. Hart on his Youtube show called cold. Is Ball's everyone started headlining. Nikki Bella is caddy in the locker room. Why why okay? First of all Kevin Hart had asked us. Does it ever get county in the locker room. Breen I both by the way responded sane gene. Yeah you know of course when it deals with money and TV time there's cattiness. It was such a very light was such a throwaway line that you said yeah and I think I even said in any industry industry it always creates cattiness all of a sudden which I don't know if they're mainly wrestling headlines or what they're saying Nikki. Bella emits being catty in the locker. Room it's one hundred rid get this. It's one hundred percent wrestling headlines because they always attack you and I we could never do anything right in. There is which is fine by me. But when I saw some of those headlines I was like Jerry Nadler's headlines not only loved to talk about Nikki and I but just like we'll find anything to get clicks like guys come on on. Yeah so that's not true and I gotTa kill another quick rumor so I could do a double. Yeah because there's a lot the headlines and they just popped up on my feed about why Nikki Bella isn't wearing her engagement ring. Oh why aren't you. Oh well maybe when artem comes in hosts Bala Bala brains. We could ask him but he is not gotten my ring back yet from the jeweler but tell everybody why. You're the high maintenance high maintenance eight to get my ring size but I had them reset it. They weren't showing off the diamond correctly. So my sister walks in there. You guys. I was like well so this is actually how I'd like it to look and I will say you were right. Guy Said you were right to so it takes a few weeks to when she did this. It was right before Christmas Eve and all the holidays and people were going Outta town so she's been on weeks delay. Let me tell you something as a woman. We Wanna wear diamonds so weird. I've been suffering. She's been and suffering non aware it all right so a double smacked. Both those rumors is a double dropkick. Yeah no cattiness. My my engagement ring is coming. There's no secret story that no one knows artem and doing great so see rumors. You both have been officially killed. That's right and guess what you guys it's time for our favorite segment. We just love it so much. Deer Balas a SPA. I A quick break better. Help the world's largest counseling service has asked us to talk to you guys about something that's really import your mental health and how to reach out and get help. Think about this. You wouldn't wait to go to the doctor if you had a broken bow. Your mental health deserves the same attention. 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I m. p. l. i. safe dot com slash ballots to save on home security today simplisafe dot com slash Balas. Welcome back to our segment. Dear Bellas where we give Bella style advice to our listeners. 'cause who needs Abbey when you have to balance that's right and here's Today's Today's question fellas. My Name's emily and I was calling because I also work with Mister. We're or not but we're pretty close. There really really different. Though and I know the guys together I was just wondering how you guys kind of manage manage separating personal from business. Can you know if you ever get in by regarding business. And how you overcome in or what. You're a strategy as much ooh emily. That's a great question great question. You know it's funny because We've had other siblings. Ask US this too because I have to say there is a lot that goes into working with your siblings or any family member actually early but I will say Nicole and I. It's taken us a while but we have definitely figured out how we really have to separate our business from our personal You so I'll be mixed in together and also do a reality show. It's like yeah that's a business the same time we're putting our personal lives out there so it's hard not to judge each other or constant want to give each other advice and we just both always have to look at each other and be like agree to disagree. We live life differently. We look at things differently so we always have to kind of look at each other and say that but when it comes to business my mom made us take an assessment test because she owns a recruiting firm and it showed that my sister Dr Stronger Than Mine and my sister doesn't mind if there's twenty four hours in a day if she needs us twenty hours for work she'll do it where mine showed that. There's twenty four hours in the day then. I WANNA work ten hours of the day and I wanted to give some still like myself and we concept. Remind each other of that that you know. There's times we've gotten huge fights and business but I need to decompress. I sometimes have to step away from the chaos or I literally just. I get overwhelmed when I overwhelmed. I shut down and then Nicole's on me it makes me want to shut down even more and then it takes even longer to come out so we both have really had to learn that Nicole. Gist is more aggressive. When it comes to the business world which works? It's great. She stays more on our business partners about stash but me. I don't mind doing all the little other things. Especially if I'm by myself and I'm doing I and my office and I will work really really hard but I need time to just step away and just eat a meal. Look out the sky and the trees to take a breather author so that the Cessnas definitely helped her and I realized how to be business partners which was great right and I agree and emily. I want you to know like we still L. at times struggle through it like just because we've figured out a plan doesn't mean that we still have those moments where we get into fights bringing personal into business so I want you to know that if it still happens with the union sister. You're not alone. It still happens to bring you just need to figure out a way of okay. How do we get through through this and move on so it doesn't affect our business and that's where we realize it's hard for both of us to say I'm sorry but we've learned that we need to sit and talk just say why why we both felt disrespected? Say we're sorry and move on so I hope our advice has helped and you and your sister rucking your business as well as just loving of in each other. That's exactly right. Levy say sister. Thank you all right you guys so if you want a chance to hear from US give us a call at eight three three q bellas now. It's time for Bella brains this week Bella brains is hosted by my man Dan Dancer. foodie builder extraordinaire artem. Shed Vince. It really wish you pronounce my name correctly because Shit wins episode. It's it's age the pig winter like Chicago and just Egli. La Yeah honestly. I mean really an equal together right but anyway always glad to be back for another edition of Bella brains the Hilarious lers with to game show where we keep the score to see. Who has the stronger? Lebron's yes we're keeping track who wins each week and the first person to five wins ends a donation to their favorite charity. Paid for by the loser. The current score is zero to three breen the lead ads right. I'm really excited. It's time for brains bell brains okay. Who is living room? I hear bree. Okay I'm feeling smart today artem. Let's see this will help okay. So for this week Bella brains. I'm going to ask a question about infamous royal family really. I feel like you know so much about them right now. While I'm in the witch crowns I guess it should be okay. The question number one. How old old is the mighty win the bid the second? How many guests is joy? Get artem pretty much one. Your yeah I really hard. Yeah what does she ninety seven that is incorrect. Aw should they give three guesses fine okay. We'll do three gases okay. Ninety three that is correct. Yes coen little bit is ninety three years old question number to flush diamonds. NPR's we're not allowed to be worn during the day. At what time of the royal women get to ditch their heads and put the TR's on by six seven or eight pm seven pm that is incorrect. Okay question number three wed Ed to several members of the royal family currently live backing in Palace Kensington. Palace Windsor Castle. Oh my gosh I mean back. In the day it was Buckingham Palace. I'M GONNA say Buckingham Palace which is incorrect incorrect. Windsor Castle That is incorrect. What Kensington helps yes? That is correct. Okay really quick. What time of day do they get aware for it? Oh six PM. Gosh that's weird. I know I didn't know that to wonder if they are rushing. Go put him on so artem. What you're same as I got? One out of this is awesome. Good Finke shouldn't own Kensington okay. It's very tricky question But we'll see if Nicole more than one. Hopefully she does that. I'll go grabber okay. which is obsessed with royal so be careful all right? It's and the coal is back so this week I'm going to ask you about the mighty the infamous royal family. Oh Boy Oh okay question number one. How old is Queen Elizabeth the seconds? It's three guesses. Ninety five th that is incorrect ninety one ninety eight that is is incorrect. She's ninety three. Oh you guessed it yes we get it. You're on a roll to flush diamonds. NPR's a nod other allowed to be worn during the day. At what time the royal women get the ditch their heads and put their tr's on five six seven or for eight PM. Well I mean the saying goes. It's five o'clock somewhere so I'm going to save five. PM that is incorrect. It's six PM. I was GonNa say six now actually got it wrong. I said seven I thought dinner I was literally GonNa GonNa say six PM. But then. I thought it'd be fun to make happy hour joke. Oh that's so sad all right so the question three. Where do several members of the royal family currently live backing Gin Palace Kensington Palace Windsor Castle Kensington Palace? That is uh that she's ninety three zero. When I've been watching the crown they were living up Buckingham Palace does he talk about Kensington Zinta Palace? All the time I know it's I know anyways all right one to one that is it's five break equation that you did not made a joke all right so the next question question is out say should probably give you one gas. Whoever says I how many children in Dusk Queen Elizabeth second half three four four? Yes one again. Oh my goodness uh okay. So four zero breeze in the lead. Yes that's right Nicole. Whatever anyways join us again next next week for another edition of Bella Brains Bella brains ballot grays Thank you for hosting Bella brains. Now it's time for Bella Army. QNA as always tweet at Bella. The twins with the Hashtag Bellas podcast. And we might pick your question to answer on the show this week. We're answering a tweet from at Alexis baby x three She writes. How's your book coming along? I can't wait to read it. Love you both Hashtag Bellas podcast. Actually this question is perfect. Perfect because Nikki and I were just in. La Shooting the cover of our book why we wanted to put up photos but they said we had to wait for the reveal. Exactly so we're actually coming towards the end where Just finished our first big at it for book and Were looking to add a couple of other things in there actually. I'm going to remind my sister right now. He forgot send a couple of pictures yesterday. I thought about that last name. GotTa jump on it now but we're doing all the little touches and actually doing your book shoots wor. I'll tell you something. That was really funny. Our stylists Natalie's just insane and she had these doce Gabbana's suits and gas who left with one. I had to buy you guys. It was so so she bought the suit that she wore on the cover but the pictures came out. Amazing I was a little nervous. I for myself. I kind of wasn't feeling filling picture worthy of that day but the pictures came out. Great we worked with this insane team. Oh they're so good by insane. You guys always means great yeah easing. I don't know if that's a west coast they invite yes but nuclear excited. Because you're going to hear a lot of stories that no one's ever heard of us before we really dive deep into our lives and actually this season a total balance. That goes on air in April. You're going to really C s talk a lot about the book because we have to start talking to family members being like is this okay is okay. And and so but we're Israel so thank you Alexis so much for your question and that's it for this week's Bella Army. QNA thanks for tuning into today's podcast. Yes and thank you Mama Bella for joining us. It's always such such a special treat to have your mother on your really is and make sure to vote for the winner of this week's he'll or baby based on instagram. Tweet US your questions for Bella Army. Qna Hey with the Hashtag Bellas podcast and call eight three three Cupolas to ask for on air advice in our segment dear Bellas show us love by rating the show leaving even overview and hitting subscribe special. Thanks to my artem for being an amazing Bella brains house until next week. Remember to stay fearless. Always go remote. What if you drink along with us? See you next Wednesday and his birdie likes to say Moore.

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