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The Murder of Lena and Tommy Peterson


Hey guys I'm Natasha CIANDELLA. From the kind dating podcast where cool guests and I breakdown one dating topic per episode and try to figure out. Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues we cover everything from how to slide in her? DM Sex addiction to friends with benefits. Here's the dope guests like Bollywood superstar. Sonny Leoni comedian. Laura Clary time person of the dear. Dr Wendy Walsh. TB writer therapist. We laugh a lot but we also get mad deep listening. Subscribe to Kinda dating on your favorite podcast APP or check us out at kind of dating dot dot com. Welcome to murder minute before we begin. Today's episode we have an urgent announcement. The State of Texas is scheduled to execute an the innocent man on November Twentieth Twenty Nineteen. Stacey Steitz was murdered in April of Nineteen Ninety six nearly one year later sheriffs arrested a twenty nine year old. Black man named Rodney Reed. He was charged with capital murder citing. DNA evidence matching reads DNA to a small amount of sperm found inside her body. Prosecutors successfully argued that this proved that read was responsible for her brutal sexual assault and murder. Rodney has steadfastly maintained his innocence. No evidence evidence exists that Ronnie had anything to do with Stacy's death Rodney was in a consensual relationship with stacy and the only DNA any of Rodney's that was found was from this consensual relationship the prosecution citing the DNA persuaded an all white. The jury of his guilt. Rodney was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Currently he is scheduled to die. I in just a few days on Wednesday November twentieth. The original suspect in the case was stacy's fiance. Jimmy Fennel a police officer with a history of violence against women after the murder of Stacey Fennel kidnapped a woman and sexually assaulted her while on duty as a police police officer. He was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. Despite sworn affidavits from witnesses establishing that Jimmy Fennel had threatened wouldn't to kill Stacey before and that he subsequently confessed to the crime and compelling Expert Testimony Establishing Rodney Reads Innocence Innocence all request to evaluate new evidence have been unsuccessful. The governor of the State of Texas Greg Abbott is the only person who can grant a stay of execution. We would like to ask our listeners. Who aren't familiar with the Rodney breed case to visit? Is it free Rodney. Read Dot Com. Examine the facts. And if you feel as we do that Rodney Reed was wrongly convicted. Sign the petition. Call the representative presentative or send a clemency letter before it's too late. That's Free Rodney. Read Dot Com F. R. E. E. R. O. D. N. E. Y. R. E. DOT COM. Thank you for your time. Welcome to murder minute on today's episode. Leinna and Tommy Peterson but I your true crime headlines a fifty nine year old Pennsylvania man was killed in his home and now a fourteen year old girl is charged with his murder. Police responded to the home of Albert Albert Chernoff. After a call from a neighbor they found chernoff naked and partially tied to his bed with a large head wound and several lashes on his chest. I he was pronounced dead at the scene. Chernoff was well known in the Philadelphia Area for his dedication to animal rescue. He had once been interviewed for for documentary called the rescuers and after his death the documentary's creator shared a video clip of Chernoff showing off his cat themed tattoos calling curnow gracious soul and praising his kindness on the day of his murder. Witnesses saw a female leaving turn offs property ready before police arrived. That female suspect was also captured on surveillance video from inside Chernoff home which was released by police. The the fourteen year old suspect turned herself into Philadelphia police accompanied by her mother and two attorneys. She's being held in juvenile detention until her next court appearance. which is scheduled for later? This month a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia District Attorney's office said that officials have not yet decided whether to try the the girl in juvenile or adult court thirty seven years after Connecticut woman was killed by a blow to the head from an ax. Her husband has been charged with her murder. Sixty seven year. Old James Krause Nick. Junior was arrested and charged with second degree murder for the nineteen eighteen eighty two slaying of his wife. Kathleen at the time. He told police that he had returned home from work and found his wife dead in their bed with an axe in her skull. All that acts which had been taken from the family's garage had been wiped clean of fingerprints. Police initially suspected that an intruder had killed Kathleen gene. Due to a window that had been broken from the outside the couple's three and a half year old daughter. Sarah was at home with her mother that day and told police that she had seen in a bad man in her parents bedroom. No suspect was ever identified and the case grew cold. Investigators reopened the case in two thousand sixteen gene this time with assistance from the FBI. They did not identify specific evidence that led them to charge krause neck but instead pointed to a variety of evidence that's including the timeline of events and DNA. James Krause. Nick was accompanied by his daughter Sarah and his wife Sharon as he entered his plea of not guilty he was released on bail and will be back in court in January. He maintains his innocence. Bob a twenty one year old Atlantic College student was found dead a week after being reported missing and her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend are now charged urged with her murder. According to court documents. Alexis was killed after getting into a fight with her roommate Jordan Jones at their off campus apartment in the early morning hours of October thirty first. Jones's boyfriend baron Brantley also jumped into the fight and he is believed to have choked Alexis to death. The couple then placed Alexis body in a plastic bin and dumped it in the woods at an Atlanta area. Park days before she disappeared. Alexis went to Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta to file a police report which alleged that Brantley sexually assaulted her that report listed Jones as a witness Brantley and Jones. Both twenty one were each arrested and charged with felony murder. Both are being held without bond and it was unknown. If either had an attorney those are your true crime headlines up next. Lina and Tommy Peterson but first a quick break. Have you ever looked at the back of your lotions and potions and taught what are all these chemicals and why am I putting them on my body. 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That's two hundred dollars worth of food size. Beauty fitness and lifestyle products for for just thirty nine ninety nine shipping is free. Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving visit FAB Fit Fund van dot com and use the Promo code murder minute. Welcome back to murder minute today. The tragic story of Lena. And Tommy Petersen in Nineteen Oh two in Lee township just north of Moines Iowa on the southwest corner of East Madison and East Fourteenth Street. SAP The modest two story frame home of the Peterson family. Peter Peterson was born in Sweden in eighteen forty four and had immigrated to the United States in eighteen sixty seven at age twenty three. He soon married. Mary Hoffman. Who was born in Iowa in eighteen forty nine and the couple went on to have seven children? The Peterson family were hardworking dairy farmers religious and well respected in the community friends and neighbors described Peter as steady and Mary as a quiet and unassuming devout methodist in nineteen o to the Peterson's oldest child twenty-seven-year-old Harry t peterson was married to Gertrude. attling and moved to sailor township but still living at home were twenty six year old Annette called Nettie. Eighty twenty-three-year-old Willis twenty two year old Laura Bell Nineteen Year Old Martha Mariam and the two youngest fifteen year old. Mary Magdalene Dillon. Who everyone called Blaine and thirteen year? Old Thomas Hoffner Cold Tommy. Lena was tall for her age age. Bright Witty Pretty and popular among her friends at school. Lena was planning to study literature at Highland Park College. Tommy was the baby of the family and was Peter Peterson. Favorite Song and Peter made no secret of this every Sunday. Lena and Tommy Peterson followed a strict schedule enforced by their devoutly religious mother. In the morning they attended services at Highland Park Methodist Episcopal. Church almost a mylan half walk south west of their home then in the afternoon they went to service at Union mission in nearby grandview and in the evening walked back again to their home church coach on Sunday April Thirteenth nineteen o two Leinna and Tommy began their usual Sunday ritual attending church in the morning morning and in the afternoon that evening. Lena and told me returned to Highland Park Methodist Episcopal. Church as usual. You some Sundays. They cut across the fields but that night they took the road when service ended at nine PM. Lina and Tommy headed home. But I they stopped at the Billy Waters Restaurant for a treat bananas and Coconut Candy Anti at around nine thirty PM Lena Tommy. We're getting close to home but they would never arrive. Sixteen year old. Fred Turbie was also at Church services at night and left around the same time at nine pm as he turned off of Madison making his way home he heard three screens. It sounded like some young people just fooling around so fred continued home soon. After sometime between nine. Thirty and ten PM I am. Twenty two year old Ralph Peck was driving his girlfriend. eighteen-year-old noma Mary Spear home to her Parents House. When Ralf turned his buggy on Madison and past the Peterson Farm? NOMA put her hand up for Ralph to stop it. She heard something. It sounded like a camp ground. But when Ralph halted the horses there was silence. Let's as they pulled away. The noise came again. Noma scared something was wrong. Doc Ralph Peck gave the horses full reign and the young couple rushed to no muss aunt. Lizzie an uncle Wesley's house which was closer in the no-man's home. They're noma and her aunt Lizzie. Bolted the doors and waited while Wesley. Day and wealth. Pack Heck drove the Buggy to round up neighbors Albert be called Damn Kerry and like Quinn to investigate Ralph Peck led the group to the location. where he noma had heard the strange sounds and the men fanned out to search in darkness? Here it is. Someone has been murdered. Wesley Day cried out face down in a shallow ditch on the north side of the road. About three feet from the telephone pole was a young man bloody and beaten unconscious his tangled hair was matted with blood but he was moaning. They turned him over but his face was so disfigured that none of the men recognized him nearby on the grass and the roadway a twenty foot trail of blood God showed a fierce struggle where the young man had been dragged from the middle of the street to the ditch as Ralph Peck. Cross the the road to turn the horse and buggy around and go for help. He cried out. For God's sake come here. Here's another body lying in the ditch on this side side. The men rushed over with their lanterns. They're in a three foot. Ditch was the body of a young woman. Her clothing clothing was disheveled and her hat rested on the edge of the ditch. Dan Carey recognized the girl immediately. Really it was Lena Peterson when he remembered that he had seen. The brother and sister passed his house earlier that day he realized but the young man barely clinging to life from the other side of the road. Was Tommy Michael Quinn. Then Road to notify Dr William Beck who then fetched Dr Woods and the two doctors rushed to the scene. Dr Woods grasped grasped Lena's head to raise it but her skull was so badly broken that his fingers went through to her brain. Dr William Back was the Peterson's family physician so he and Wesley Day went to give the family the terrible news. Peter Peterson was asleep when he was roused by a knock at the door when they informed. Peter Peterson the two youngest children had been murdered. He screamed murdered murdered. My God and inside of our home his his wife. Mary Peterson looked as though she were about to faint and then became strangely. Calm the two men an asked Peter to get dressed and come with them. The des Moines leader reported that when Peter Peterson arrived at the scene and I saw the bodies of Lena and Tommy he was seized with quote violent convulsions and had to be restrained as he cried. My God my God my Tommy. My darling boy murdered Oh doctor you cannot mean it. This is some horrible nightmare. You're joking why it's only been a short time. Since he went away so happy I cannot believe they have killed my boy. Tommy groaned as he was placed in an an ambulance and rushed to mercy hospital but just half a mile down the road thirteen. Tommy Peterson died laying beside the body. Thirty of his fifteen year old sister. Lena Peter Peterson told the ambulance to drive to the undertaker. The next morning the Peterson's hired hand James Conley accompanied detectives the Sheriff and the Des Moines Police to look over the field next to the road where Lena and Tommy were found in daylight. The murder scene revealed revealed itself on the north side of the road where Tommy was found. A small depression was filled with blood brains and tufts of of hair on the other side of the road in the ditch. Where Lena was killed? Long strands of hair torn out by their roots were intertwined with grass and matted with brains and dirt tracks from two people led south away from the scene one set of footprints. Were that of a small shoe or boot. The other of an average size perhaps some nine or ten and authorities followed the trail as drew the Oakfield separated around the swamp and doing together again. Then then nothing as detectives looked for clues on the scene. Dr William Back and DR M Smith examined the bodies at the funeral home. Tom had been hit so hard on the back of his head. That three or four fingers could be placed inside the fracture. His body had been pummeled. His collarbone was broken. His jaw was crushed and the wounds were rough and jagged as though he had been beaten with a brick the undertaker washed lane China's long. Blood matted hair once clean and dry. The full extent of the brutality inflicted on her was visible. Lina had been struck at least twelve times in the head. They also reported that her vaginal cavity body was badly lacerated. Discharging blood and a slimy substance. The Coroner William Back back issued a statement. That Lane Peterson had been raped and murdered so that she couldn't tell and the Tommy was killed trying trying to protect his sister's honor. The community was in shock. Farmers left their fields and traveled to the Peterson's to extend their condolences and help the Family Lennon. Tommy's classmates draped there now. Vacant desks asks flowers in the two schools were dismissed. Classes were also dismissed at Highland Park College where the students were were so excited and upset that they walked in large numbers to the murder scene offering to aid investigators in their search when hundreds. It's gathered at the undertaker. To view the remains mortician as Rosella ver was forced to close and lock the doors leading only friends friends and relatives. Pass the bodies of Lena and Tommy were then transported home to the Peterson House. Mary Harry Peterson sat calmly between the two caskets. Leinna on her left and Tommy on her right. It was only last last night that they went away smiling and happy with their mother's blessing. She said touching the coffins was last night too. They came to me cold and death. It is the Lord's will and his be done. But shock and sorrow would soon soon turn to anger as the community looked for someone to blame someone who was different an outsider. The press encouraged by law enforcement focused on the black coal miners. Who Rode streetcars from Des Moines to highland park and then walked on north to the coal camps quote? The nature of the crime caused the conclusion to be reached that that it was the work of Negroes The des Moines daily leader wrote although the police are not proceeding on that theory alone with Sunday off. They reasoned many of them would have been returning from the city at the time of the murders immediately. A A witch hunt for black suspects began on the morning of Monday April fourteenth a thirty two year old miner John Hutchinson Anson a five foot. Eleven inch one hundred seventy five pound black man with a moustache described by the press as being quote rather good-looking. Who'd looking walked past the highland park fire station a fireman noticed him and thought that Hutchinson looked unquote apprehensive and cautious as he boarded a streetcar to Des Moines? He notified police. There and Hutchinson was arrested arrested. The des Moines Daily News claimed that Hutchinson's shoes seemed to match one of the tracks at the murder scene that he had blood on his shoes and overcoat and that a button from female underwear was found under the flap of his hugh. When word spread that a black suspect was in custody being questioned a mob of angry whites gathered around the jail jail threatening lynching the Des Moines Daily News reported that quote Negroes were greatly wrought up by threats and that seventy five excited and restless? Black men had to gathered near the jail at the saloon. The Daily Daily News reported it stated that a large number of Negroes are still armed and that pockets which bulge in a suspicious way are frequently noticed. All of the men seem to be peaceably disposed but it is thought that at a moment's notice enough armed negroes would appear to precipitate a race war in response. The Mayor James M Brenton forbade pawn shops from selling weapons weapons or ammunition but only two black men. The yelling agitated crowd outside terrified. The twenty five prisoners is being held inside the jail. Jailer James Shortall armed with a winchester stood guard at their cells sells and declared that he was prepared to lay down his life. That quote the Majesty of the law might be enforced the Des Moines Daily News reported that at age thirty. PM Mayor Brenton addressed the crowd from the jail. Boys I ask you you in the name of the law and order to go quietly away and not stand here this way. You may incite a riot. There's no one in jail. Charged with any crime. Voice yelled out from the crowd cursing him the mayor replied if it wasn't for this crowd I'd trim you up up where you stand boys I ask you to go away from here and I'll tend to this sucker when I catch him on the street. Mayor Brenton ordered the streets patrolled from six 'til midnight and issued instructions to disperse any gatherings near the jail quote regardless of color or previous obvious condition of servitude. Weapons were confiscated. A few arrests were made and Mayor Brenton detained taint the man who cursed him. When Mary Peterson heard that a lynch mob had formed? She dropped to her knees and holding. Her Bible prayed aid that quote. The men might repent before it was ever lastingly too late and asked God to have pity on an and forgive the killer. Lena and Tommy's minister. HP Adams told reporters it makes my blood blood boil to think of the crime. I hope though that calm deliberation will result and that the law will be allowed to take its course the next morning the crowds at the jail had dispersed detectives interrogated John Hutchinson but he. He maintained his innocence insisting that the blood on his coat was from hunting. Small game and Hutchinson had an Alibi Highland Park. livery men John Matthews told police that Hutchinson came to his barn at eight PM. Sunday night to be driven to Marcus. Fill in that. The two were together together. At the time of Leinna Tommy's murder he added Hutchinson was a man of good repute. Hutchinson's Anson's White Co workers came forward in agreement. Police then decided to perform a microscopic examination. Up The blood on Hutchinson's coat. They concluded that it was animal. Blood and Hutchinson was released. Police leased then set their sights on two black men who were reported riding a freight train. East they were arrested and interrogated but released least when police admitted that they were detained only because they looked suspicious when two black men whose quote faces faces and actions according to the Cedar Rapids Republican indicated that they belong to the criminal class were noticed at shells Berg. They too were arrested. One man's coat had bloodstains. When they like Hutchinson's were determined to be animal blood? Authorities released the men on the outskirts of town but swore to keep an eye on them because they were undoubtedly suspicious vicious characters. Farmers began to claim that chickens meat vegetables and fruit were being stolen from their land and asked the sheriff to urge the mine operators to stop using quote Negro Labor because they claimed the average character of the colored laborer was bad and many were ex convicts an accusation they likely read in the Des Moines daily leader which editorialized quote. Many of these Negro miners are reported to have done time in southern penitentiaries before being brought north by the mind bosses the daily leader however acknowledged that many black citizens were estimable men and women who were welcomed by the community unity but no did quote it is the special duty of the colored people of the city to join in seeking the killer out. This has been murder order minute next week. Part two of the story of Lena and Tommy Peterson for true crime anytime download at the moment at APP or follow us on Instagram facebook at murder minute.

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