Episode 52: Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, From Overloaded to Focused and Streamline: How Making Changes Saved This Business


Hey everybody welcome to try leaders podcast. I'm your host Emmy Kirschner. I am beyond excited to be having Sheldon Barlett back on the show again today. She is my. I repeat guests and interviewed her right at the beginning. When I started this podcast and it's amazing would just a year can do in changing your leadership in this episode Sheldon? I talk about how she had to really focus in choose one direction and one named focus on and that caused her to have a major pivot in her business. Now I love Sheldon Sheldon is vivacious vicious. She's amazing she's inspiring. You WanNa get up and just have a dance party with her. And I know you're GonNa love all of the value bombs that she has to share with you today. My Name Is Emmy Treasurer a serial entrepreneur and investor. The one thing that I get asked all the time is how do you achieve success in business and making each episode of the Tribal Leaders Podcast? You'll hear from entrepreneurs and visionaries share leadership has changed their lives. The lives everybody around them. Hey could you do me a quick favor? Take a screen shot of this podcast episode right now and Post it on your instagram and tag me and anybody else who you think could benefit from it. Especially if you've been finding value. I'm so grateful for you listening. Oh my God I am beyond excited to welcome back. You're already laughing. I love you address. Oh my God right podcast with that. Everybody uses not here Sheldon Barlett rumors. I Interview about a year ago. Remember what Number one will close that link rate in the show notes for everybody. Go back and listen to. We had such an amazing time sheldon. Is My friends. My mentor frequently. My inspiration you are the owner and the creative director and the creator of an amazing amount of magic for creative this TV and your whole premise is screen. You're raking dreams. Yes without further ADO. Welcome back I'm trying not to clap because nobody could see me crap. I'm clapping even though nobody can see or hear of so excited to be back. I mean you spoil me each and every time we need the average. I'm so grateful to be back on the show. So thank you so much for happening. Yeah thank you. It's been a year and we were recording. You said lakes and we're both not simply relying only growing and you can see like the goal line to you said you also pivoted so love like Divan just briefly. Yes so everybody had sense of your background and who are share a little bit about this. Tv Everything House. Of course of course so much for having me I am the host executive producer in essence. Ceo of a company called creative. We produce the Network and so my talk. Show my personal talk show on the network. Is this with children. But we also Twos fourteen anew over the course of this last year am fourteen additional digital shows For influential women that are primarily based here in the tri-state area in the area of the Philadelphia and respecting area and so when we originally started a year ago the focus was really about encouraging people to no longer whisper their wishes but in fact scream their dream and that's really my mission my personal mission the mission of creative and respectfully visit. Tv visit that work we supply digital content that serves our community and our community is really a community of remarkable women. Remarkable women in the world remarkable. You know is something that we've really are really utilizing so much in twenty twenty to really focus on women that by definition remarkable is means noteworthy worthy of attention and we believe that the women that are on our program and the women that Watch our Aram are worthy of attention and we're GONNA continue to create content for those folks and when we really started a year ago. I was really just focusing on this visit with child. It was my talk show that was on. I interviewed one to three people per day and that was really an ice. Spent the year telling these inspiring stories meeting remarkable women and what I found was. There was a handful of women that were really interested in telling their own stories off way Being able to produce their own content and so because I had the resource because I only equipment because it was all house of what we were already doing this Sheldon I began recording and producing independent content for other individuals. What we found was it didn't have the necessary source market or audience this this sheldon had so what we did was we would start to share. They're not only produce their content but distribute their content to our market. And this is it network evolved it involved in a pivoted way to say okay. We were producing our own show. Oh my goodness there is a need for other people to have their own shows independent shows how can I pull all of those shows underneath one umbrella over the course of the year a digital network was born and so that is just been an amazing ride but the pivot is real because now we're in evaluations face? You know what is working. What isn't working what shows make the most sense for what it is. My personal mission is and the mission of the company and how we control all of those things at scale God knows if you follow 'em you know she uses the word scale right. How do we scale regularly right regularly? How do we think about you? You know I have been thinking about you in this New Year in such intense way because you know. How do I continue to do this? In a way that serves not only our community but also offers a heightened level of content. And so that's been our really tough tough scenario but each and every day we create not only fourteen shows that are on the network. We produce Even this morning I interviewed for people here in the studio so we're constantly creating content again to support remarkable women telling inspiring stories. So that's what that's what I do and that's where we are now. That is pretty intense pretty intense. What's your biggest learning on? Pivoting an unreal. Taking in. Because I mean you've been doing that for a while and yeah while it was the one woman show. Yeah now you team. Yeah and I scaled up. You know the the biggest challenge for me you know. I'm I tend to in some of you may feel the same way is that I tend to follow the bouncing ball raid. Something amazing happens something so amazing opportunity every especially in our space right. I'm like there's always. Somebody wasn't amazing thing or a new concept or something especially being in the media space. I'm really being inundated with people that are always doing wonderful things but what my personality leads to is me being distracted by those things so one of my largest challenges. Right is is staying focused. Not because I don't love what it is currently doing but because there's so many shiny objects that are like the distance. I if I did this right. Yeah and your creative too. So it's easy to have there's plenty object and then be like. Oh I can create this. Look how you can expand over here and really If broadens your you're focusing your perspective on what you're right. I think to too wide or widely bright and and it and it makes it very it makes it dilutes what it is that. I'm doing and I find that following. The bouncing ball really distracted me from Mike or Values. I mean this year. We've identified what our value I mean. We won't talking in terms. I had identified. Longer whisper your wishes in fact screamer dream. It still drives me. We will from that. You still need to identify who your audience is. We identified as remarkable women. What is your product inspiring stories? I didn't have that right. I didn't have that language. I didn't have the at at concentration once. You adapt to that concentration. Then you have a job to do every right. Connect with remarkable women tell inspiring source. It's not as big as it used to be. And the challenge is staying really focused on your core values focused on what it is. You're looking to do suit and get your goals. But that's A. That's a challenge that I did not a lot of people think that those that are doing it are still challenged by. That's a muscle. I have to train every day to make sure that I'm not following those bouncing balls and I'm not being distracted by things right by the shiny object in the corner. Oh maybe I should do this instead or or maybe we should add this to the roster of things in which we offer like. It's so easy to create layers as opposed to focusing on your core layers. And that's always been a real challenge for me. Yeah personal Firing you qualified person inspiring story. I love motivation and movement. I really think in inspiring stories is what gets somebody to move or be motivated to move and I think that some people and even in the you know there was a lot of child in my mind challenged myself in the whole stream. Your dream philosophy. Because I do think a lot of people's but have nothing to say right and so for me. It's really important that this queen is based in action and intention and I think that that's what I mean by Iron stories that there is there is movement based on what I tell the story. It encourages you to move to do something whether it be physically personally professionally right. You want to show you watching interview near like. I want to in simplest forms by that. I want to attend that event I want to learn more about. I wonder reach out to that person when he email that person. That's an inspiring story. A story that encourages movement and motivation. And that is what we try to do. Each and every day and that's our definition of that And and that's it and that if it's not motivating it meaning it doesn't have a positive angle to it and it doesn't encourage some type of movement. It's not an inspiring for us. It's just for the sake of talking. You know what is the? What is the inspiring story? What is what does that angle. What is the what is the action as it relates to being positive or creating some sense of movement? I absolutely love love. There's so many people who you have inspiring stories. Where not only do you want to invest in them but again a change in yourself? Yes yes it is it is and I think the people struggle you know that You know I love branding. It's part of you know what it is that I offer and how it is that I work with people and I think it's who often people are focused on the product or service and they're not focused on the experience or personality. They're not focused on that. And there you know. And that's the difference inspired story that's motivation. That's what free to movement. Is You really focusing that personality in that experience and being able to have that shine through you know if you ever met in person chase a movement right now you feel it and you know that you're there for the right reason and you're grounded in your mission and it forces people inadvertently to be grounded in theirs or at least question why they are? They are grounded in there. And that's what I'm that's the inspiration right. If you look at Somebody Watch something and you say I want more of that. How do I get more of that? How do I buy Matt? How do I? How do I participate in that? That's really that's really where the magic happens. And we WANNA do. You WanNa do more of that. So inspiring stories is definitely part of our mission classic. What have you hard to let go onto that you can? And so yeah inspiring stories. Yeah I mean for me. It's really been it's I am and I don't know if any of you are this way I felt an oddity I feel more. I feel as if what I building is real. The more people I have around Ding versus the quality of people. Could I have around me so what I was doing was I was I was in? I was surrounding myself with anybody. Who would would would pay attention to what we've got going on in the grateful nature of it right and I was just so happy that people got it or that they were into it or they were excited about it. I wasn't really the quality of the people within my huddle all within the huddle of things in which I was working on and that is I let go of that and that was an insecurity of mine. It's like having a wearing a lot of close because you're insecure about your body right insecure about what I was building so I was surrounding myself with a lot of people. Right and bank is opposed to the right. People doesn't mean that those people are not part of our audience and our ambassador programs and other scenarios. They just don't necessarily need to be part of my intimate huddle in which you don't really manages or controls the trajectory of our business and I've let go of not just like not an angry way just have department allies. You know relationships that are serving. The growth of my business about is what I've had to let go of and not let go of the people is personalities but just as it relates to their role in what it is that I'm building and I think that that was. That was a hard hard thing for me right. You know when there's a lot of people around you utilize if it's real it's happening and so what you found yourself doing was working for all those people as opposed to working for your name and Your Business In the minute that I let go of all of that amazing things really started to develop so yeah let let go of those was a huge but hard very very hard right. There's emotion in that you know. There's a motion in in letting go of relationships that don't serve you any longer or having to be mature enough to identify that they no longer serve you. Right is is really really difficult. And so that for me is is what has been a real big challenge. I think that's brilliant because it goes back to what we've all heard and I think some of US really look at that more seriously and clearly. You're you're in that space where you are some of the people you're hanging out with and if you've got if you've got all those people within you're getting all those opinions there's a lot of conflict one hundred percent and again it becomes a bouncing ball right it becomes more of that action As opposed to use really staying focused on what it is that you're building it becomes really really a distraction and so you know my goal is to to be less distracted and be surrounded by the right people not just all you know in the intimate form and then we the community building to our audience and the people that enjoy the content that we're creating as opposed to looking to to to take care of everyone in an intimate way right. So what's your longer term vision as far as sharing these inspiring stories? What you hope to accomplish with your growing humidity gas so our goal is to continue to grow as a national minority female own digital TV network and really be able to tell the stories from a grassroots level up these inspiring stories and connecting people to a community of remarkable women in across the country and globally and to do that that means that we have to have our own application needs to live on an APP of its own where you can go and find these content and go find it. This is it with children and go and find really unique content. Follow the storytellers within the application. Follow these remarkable women. That's really one of the things that we'd love to do And we're really gearing up to do that's more of a short term bowl than even our long term or longer term goal is to make sure that we give various forms of content so right now are content is digital video less than ten ten minutes at a time but we really have just begun recording independent podcasts. For some of our remarkable and recording Audiobooks for some of our remarkable women women publishing books for a remarkable women. And maybe getting into what I would love to explore. I love the art form of documentaries. I love you know films. And and even you know sitcoms reality program really being a hub. In a home for really were remarkable women can find inspiring stories of all kinds in all different types of platforms. So that's really our long-term goal to make sure that if you come on to this. Is it network if you favor audio books or if you favor the written word or a few favor video were favored documentaries? That you know that you're going to get that content Once you log on or download what? It is that we're producing. May thanks. So really looking growing media empire a hundred percent unapologetically unapologetically and and the funny thing is is that I it. Three years ago. That would have been an egregious. You know kind of thing where I'm like. Oh my gosh. That's sounds so daunting like I'm building an empire you know aren't Meyer Small. But we we were building it you know and and what that will look like in five years or says what. It looks like today. I'm really embracing the challenge and and I think really staying focused on our values. Focus on you know really again. Remarkable women inspiring stories really focusing on that providing a platform for folks to scream dream. Really being focused you will afford. That's for that journey. To be more comfortable again if I if I avoid the bouncing balls at empowering the the shiny objects yeah so you've looked girl of people that weren't serving with you in your inner huddle on thank. What else are you doing to like even evaluate whether you're starting to follow bouncy shiny balls or I think the the key in that word you know you always have. These triggered said always radiate means so much is evaluating. I can't tell you the amount of people that do and don't review right so I I think that's the issue is you're just running through life especially in the entrepreneurial space like we're just happy to be functioning right like I get him because I'm just happy I got it right Yeah but the power is in the review. The power is in. How did I get eater? And that's what Israel transitioned is tough time has been for me because it's like if this or the show that I produce last year. Is that show working or I was just happy to have it right. And that is going to lead to lots of conversations with a lot of talent that you know have that are storytellers. But is that show serving us like we could continue doing it but we need to review it so that reviewing part that evaluation of what it is you're doing is monumental in your growth. It is not enough just to do and just to participate and just to put one foot in front of the other just to make you know just to create. We'll have to evaluate what you've created it serving yell and and our goal is to continue to do that. You know each and every day regularly and then act upon that review so not just review it or this is really awesome. Were killing it okay. How how do we elevate what's working well? And how did the eliminate what's not working brilliant? You're really looking at results. Reformer bounce driven and runs a hundred percent a hundred and in all fairness I kind of forgiving myself for not being result driven in the past. I mean you have to do right before you review right so they can't just reviewing without actually taking all of the things in which you were built to work for you and I think that's really what that's really what we're thriving and right now is it. Oh my goodness so. You're part of building the empire. Oh my goodness children you produce your own. Xiao you host your own show and you eight and producing fourteen other shows holy cow. That's a lot. I deserve the right to review it and I think that I wasn't affording myself the ability because I'm we're constantly on this treadmill constantly. I'm GonNa one day and he's not ready yet and I'm getting off track and I'm saying bill. Let's make better right because we're always in the carrot. It's never enough. It's never done it's never. I'm in the reviews face of light. Oh my gosh. I'm patting myself on the back. Forgiving Myself For my mistakes and I'm saying let's make this better. Let's make a better. Let's review it. And so that's that's you. Hit it right on the head when it's about the evaluation it's about that. Yeah it's that's the important piece. Yeah so I had an obvious question because you know that. I'm a planner meek and I love enjoying everything so are you schedule such a planner so are you scheduling that time in on a regular basis or is it something that like you moved the needle so far and then you look at what you're doing like how are you doing that. So you can review effectively. I mean I think I have to admit it was reviewed. Nothing happy New Year. Twenty twenty review everything right now that we've reviewed. I literally took break was uncomfortable. Though break was uncomfortable for talent uncomfortable for our team our number eight because but I knew that I had no other choice right. I had no other choice but to to to do the business service and take that break and to live in the pivot right. What is going to be? What is it GONNA look like? I couldn't pin it simultaneously. I had to be able to say. Rip it off like a band aid. We're GONNA make this move. Would ask for bigger and better. We're GONNA have committed to being a minority female owned digital TV network. That is going national. I have to say that loud I live at and so there was a big evaluation. There was a big review of the deal right now. I have to make sure that weekly checking in to review what's happening on an ongoing basis. I come from the restaurant world. That's where my career kind of started was hospitality in restaurants. We were only as good as the nights rang right. We were only as good as the weeks rang and then the month ring etc if we lived in the day to day and even in the day to day our profit lived in the ten PM to two PM time frame in the nightlife space. Ray said here off yet so I was comfortable in my former life. Living in the minutia of that living in the specific timeframe in which you need to make money on taking that skill set and applying it are we reaching remarkable women telling inspiring stories this week. Did we hit our benchmarks this week and I do that for fifty two weeks. I can ensure that I'm following my goals and reaching you know and getting reaching objectives. And that's what I'm committed to doing so it took time to to recap all of two thousand nine hundred and my goal is to do it week by week. Moving forward beautiful. I love that because you're right the consistency of doing it week by week. Yeah and it's going to completely build your empire. Oh thank you I hope so I. I know I know that. That's I mean this is the I mean. There's a reason why it is called Bissett because I'm planning on doing nothing else for the rest of my life and so he's working. This is literally it. I'm not doing anything else. What did we get? What a great way to for the for the boats the bridges everything. There's no looking back now. Zero zero looking back there looking backing and it's been an exciting ride and there's been a lotta valleys to the hills. There's been so many more valleys than than there are hills truthfully. But it's about reflecting on those and and having that departed to review and having that be part of the you know the evaluation and what does that look like in so yeah yeah right. I haven't talked to a business owner yet. The husband Hunt Valley and have that be the catalyst for incredible growth. Yes yes yes I mean. I'm excited for it and we feel it out. We feel the trajectory of it now and I'm grateful for the for the valleys. I mean we're still digging out of a few but But the fact that we are digging out of them is really going to be the testament to the strength of the business amazing so share with everybody where they can find you and how they can. They can watch this. Tv Yes okay so you can find us everywhere you can find at visit it. Tv So it's all what we're together at this is it TV We are all the social media platforms into. Give you as much content as we possibly. Can you could also love onto. This is it. Tv Dot Com for more information on the programming. The talent the shows and some upcoming events that we have we'd love for our communities live online and offline so there's opportunities to do both of those things and if you're interested in learning more about who I am you can follow me at Sheldon Barlett C. H. E. L. D. I N. B. A. R. L. A. T. T. level for being here. I you know I think this is the first time I'm hearing the clarification of the pivot. I knew it was happening I'm really looking forward to everything. Twenty twenty it's GonNa Bring for you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. It's been a journey but a journey that I'm excited for a journey that I'm happy to be on with friends. So thank you well. Same and everybody. Who's listening? Thank you for being here. It's been so much fun. I really appreciate everything that you contribute. And you found this episode to be Super Valuable. Do me a huge favor because this help us grow and leave us a rating or review on Apple podcasts. We'll see you next week as an entrepreneur. You ever feel isolated like you're just running away and not getting to the place for reaching the goals that you want. Maybe you realized you've just days weeks even months trying to accomplish something only to figure out that the answer that you have would have saved through all of that. I know I've had that experience and my clients have is wrong and that way. I created the tribal leaders to get the accountability the training and the knowledge base in a community of like minded people who are their support. Go ahead and check it out. The TRIBAL LEADERS DOT COM.

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