#311 Robert Saleh, Jared Goff, Eagles, Steelers/Ravens & Ask Zac


Oh my goodness. Good morning. Good afternoon. Whatever it is for you. I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is Zach shomler. This is strong opinion sports package. 311. And today I'm wearing a really dark green shirt. I'll be honest. I shamelessly I decided to pick Comfort over look today. I am I guess is it's too dark to really stand out against the dark blue background where I'm about to move the studio all around and fix and stuff and make it look better out if it'll look better it'll sound better in my opinion. And so am I don't know screw it. I don't even know if I'm doing any breakouts from this episode like on YouTube. I think a lot of this is going to be a full podcast, which is you better listen to the full episode cuz I don't know that a lot of the stuff I have to say is going to break into little biased statements. I'm going to kind of go around and ramble and have fun with it and enjoy football. I I want to start today kind of bragging actually. This is nothing to do with sports, but I'm really birth. Out I fix my washing machine. I spent the early part of the week doing that where I like I pulled it all apart. The drum was all exposed, you know at lean the top part the head leans back You Pull It Forward. It's like a Kenmore something and pull up on YouTube how to do it and what to do and pulled it all apart using tools and I fixed it and I just pay a proud. I don't want you to know that your favorite sports hosts. Hopefully your favorite. I'm not your favorite wrong with you right just kidding you can like whoever you want do whatever you want. But I fixed it. I was really proud. I fixed the washing machine. I wasn't alone. Shout out to my girlfriend Elizabeth. She helped me. We you know, she was holding stuff for me and took me and but she she was actually sometimes even giving me directions cuz she was watching the video along with my steps doing it. But yeah fix a washing machine kind of my one of my favorite moments of twenty-twenty were like, yeah. I caught something a proud. I did it like yeah like a really bad. I felt good. I want to dive into sports today. I want to talk about and this looks kind of good. I'm rolling my sleeve up looks shockingly good. It's got the white underneath and who I like I like how this looks I wish the shirt was brighter. Like if they show it was blue and we're like every single episode cuz it's comfy. It looks I think it looks pretty good the way it fits Mike my body and my cut but I wish it was like a lighter color so I could wear it more often on the podcast jump in today on Sunday. The Forty Niners beat the Rams. They beat them twenty three to twenty the Rams won. It was a close game. It was twenty two twenty with three minutes at eleven seconds left. Both teams actually had a possession at the end of the game. The Rams had the ball, they couldn't do anything Jared Goff Mister thrower to to throws the two key throws at the end of the game. He'd missed and took it move the ball. So the 49ers got the ball first intent on their own 20-yard line with 2 minutes and 10 seconds left. And the 49ers backup quarterback, Nick Mullens drove him down the field with the help of Deebo Samuel Forty Niners drove into field-goal range the kicked the game-winning field goal as time has expired and the 49ers won. They beat the LA Rams a big win because man La the Rams looked like a playoff team and the Forty Niners are decimated by injuries. And I think my number one take away from this game. First of all, I'm really curious to kind of see as time unfolds. What the future of Jared Goff is you remember? He's the Rams starting quarterback and he's a good point in his career where he's in here five and he's fine. He's very much fine. Right nothing. I can't really go. He's awful. He's making terrible mistakes. I can't really harp on that page and I wouldn't like he's fine. Right and his job is probably not in danger. He's the starting quarterback of the Rams. He's safe. He feels good. He solid and Jared Goff is very very talented dog. He occasionally makes a throw that makes me go. Wow. That's a it's a dime occasion when I watch is Jared Goff I go. Oh boy. That's beautiful. And he's got a great coach Sean McVay. The coach of the LA Rams is a great offensive coordinator. He's just a I think I also like the way he manages people and players season like a good players coach and I I do feel like at times Sean mcvay's genius as a play-caller as a coach as a designer of an offense as a coach in general overseeing the whole team occasion. I feel like the genius of Sean McVay gets wasted because he's coaching Jared Goff. There are occasional moments when I go man, what's going on? How do you miss that? Throw? How do you do? How do you do this? How do you it's not I can't be like man. She took it stretches of his career. He's terrible. It's nothing like that like these he's nowhere near trubisky. He's got way more a way higher ceiling way more Talent as he good stuff and Jared Goff occasionally I go well, but I do sometimes. And then can go man. Does Jared Goff want to be a great quarterback? Like what is Jared Goff want? What are his goals? Cuz he seems happy. He lives in La he's got a nice house. He Got a good job. He's very secure. He's made money. He's Jared. Goff is very very safe. But sometimes he plays like a guy who knows he's very very safe and he doesn't appear to be hungry to take the next step forward. I I I might be reading it wrong. I don't know if person I'm not trying to attack the guy but you certainly I haven't seen a lot enough progression and growth from him on the field to go. Wow. He's clearly working his butt off diving into detail watching film trying to get better every single week. I don't see that I I almost feel like there's a this is again. I'm speculating here. It feels like there is a bit of complacency. Which Eric. He's happy. He's good. He's solid wage. I remember a couple of years ago, Joe Flacco the Ravens quarterback felt safe, but then he was mediocre for too long. And he got replaced if you're safe, and you feel safe. That's a problem. I think I don't think Tom Brady's ever felt safe in his life think Tom Brady is always felt like I have to grind to get after to keep my spot to fight harder and keep going off. And I'll never forget there was a moment. When earlier this year the Washington football team played the Rams and Alex Smith played in the game as a big deal kind of probably the start of is what we'll be back Player of the Year award season for him where he really he came back. He had some good yardage. He did very very well and number Alex Smith is coming back from a horrifically leg injury. And Jared Goff is actually the person that pointed out I talked about something after that game. But Jared Goff is the person that pointed out. You know, what Jared Goff pointed out after the Rams Washington game. He said Jared said man off this made a lot of money. He doesn't need to be there. And Outlook Jared goff's totally right? That's a good assessment. Oh, wow. I mean Alex if it didn't need to come back and fight that hard. And and maybe that means something maybe it doesn't I don't know but it's interesting to me that Jared Goff was thinking that in that moment cuz I certainly wasn't thinking wow, Alex Smith doesn't need to be here. I was I was inspired by the way, he fought back but I never thought man. I never I never occurred me. Like if Alex mid doesn't want to come back and just want to play again. He doesn't have to why is that what Jared Goff thought? Maybe it's coincidence. Maybe it means nothing. I'm just saying stuff out loud, but why was that in the back of your house might? I don't know. And it makes me curious. Where is Jared Goff going to be five years from now? I don't know. Does Derek Hough want to work really really hard to take a step forward to get to the next level as a quarterback? Is he hungry? Where's Jared Goff going to be five years from now is going to be Joe Flacco a guy who felt very safe played mediocre for too long gets replaced. Is he going to take the next step forward? I mean, I think it's very rare and and it's not I think it is very rare in a quarterback's career. After year 5 to take another big step forward usually by your five, you know who they are. And that's what they are the rest of their career. It's it's really hard to keep getting better. After that time. It happens. I'm not I'm not trying to say Jared Goff can't get better but it feels like he's plateaued and it's I guess I would ask em and spins where Jared Goff is where he's at right now. He never gets better from this moment. Is that what you are for the next ten years? I mean, you're not terrible. He's he's fine with occasionally playing very good, right? That's not the worst place to be as an NFL team. But Jared Goff doesn't ever get better again. Is that what you want long-term? I don't know. I don't have the answers here. I know that's what I would want long-term and it certainly would feel like man this amazing coach. Sean. McVay wife has a quarterback. He's plateaued. He's not really fighting to keep getting better. And that's just disappointing cuz Sean McVay, I mean imagine if Sean McVay coached Patrick Mahomes or a guy with a talent like Jordan love or just in her if he was the coach of the other team in LA with Justin Herbert. Oh my goodness, right? Yeah. There's so much more physical Talent there. And I guess I'm just curious is I'm asking a question here. Is Jared Goff Rich complacent mediocre and happy? How hungry is he to keep getting better? I don't know. I'm asking questions here, but I'm curious to see what's going to happen in Jared Goff future down the road. Is he gonna keep getting better is he is he just Plateau to this was not going to be that the rest of his his career. I don't know but I'm really fascinated to see what happens in the future of Jared Goff. So the 49ers beat the Rams and I got a couple of times with a 49er. First of all Deebo Samuel made a huge impact coming back to play for the 49ers. He's been out since week 7 had a hamstring injury. I believe I think I'm getting that right hamstring injury. I know it since week 7 he had in this game against he had 11 catches for a hundred thirty-three yards had a huge play on the 49ers final touchdown and field-goal drive to give them the lead obviously game-winning field goal. He had this big play. We're caught us right after the catch got him into field-goal range had a couple other plays were like, yeah one play where He was he broke a tackle and made a huge run after the catch. He made some good catches. I really I walked away very very impressed with Deebo Samuel and I really like him. I think he's awesome and he he's really he's great in all aspects of the office where they're it's running the ball, whether it's blocking whether it's catching passes. I mean, he really does everything on Deebo Samuel the name that I think doesn't get a lot of respect around the league but Nash and is he an impact player for San Francisco? Now, do you know where the unsung hero of the 49ers is the unsung hero of the 49ers is Robert Saleh. He's the 49ers defensive coordinator, and he does not get enough credit in my mind. And eventually he's going to get job offers and eventually there's got to be people saying hey Robert Saleh. I want you to leave San Francisco be our head coach. And personally I hope that Robert Saleh. I mean if I if I control the world if I was God, I would say Robert Saleh never leave Kyle Shanahan. I really liked them together. They are a great pair. Kyle Shanahan gets a lot of the credit and most of the critics he's head coach took Robert Saleh and Kyle Shannon. Let's not mince words. They're our team. They work together. Kyle works the office, Shannon calls the plays and Designs The Outfits Roberts Allah is in charge of the defense and man. He's got a sweet gig off where I mean, they're better together Robert Saleh Kyle Sheehan and they're better as a team working together on the same team than they would be separately. And it does feel inevitable that some day. These two coaches are going to go their separate way eventually Roberts. I was going to become a head coach in my it's gonna when you're this good for this long eventually. It's going to happen. But I really hope not I really really hope that I mean man, they study it reminds me of the coaches at Clemson and I think what I'm about to say is going to get aged very crazy cuz at some point Brent venables is going to leave South Carolina and I guess Clemson's where coaches in South Carolina. He's going to leave and he's gonna go the head coach somewhere else on his own cuz Brent venables is an incredible right now. He's the defensive coordinator of the Clemson Tigers Dabo swinney's head coach and Dabo Swinney and Brent venables together. Oh my GIF won national championships. Literally, they're phenomenal phenomenal pairing. Add Clemson as a highest-paid coaching staff in all of college football. They recognize the value of Brent venables. They pay him to keep him around, a great coach and I really want to see the same thing happen with the 49ers in Robert Saleh pay him to keep him around do not let that guy walk out of your building. He's a great defensive coordinator. He had some of the stuff he did against the the Rams this week. I went. Wow. I just it's brilliant. I mean, there's a reason why San Francisco would beat the Rams twice this year. I'm always a playoff team. San Francisco might have been before the injuries, but man even a backup quarterbacks and all kinds of injuries on offense. The Forty Niners defense has stayed really good. And even with injuries on defense, they're still still really good. Like they're keeping they're just they're they're are really good unit together and it starts at the top with Robert Saleh. And again both Kyle Shanahan Robert Saleh are better together than they would be separately. But also I would warn Robert Saleh Robert Saleh ever decides to leave and is considering to go going to be head coach somewhere. Remember Robert Saleh. I would tell you you're a defensive-minded head coach if you're ever head coach. You'd be a defensive head coach in a quarterback driven League quarterbacks or you need everything if you don't have a quarterback and we've seen a lot of good defensive coaches. Go to the Gobi head coach job, not heavy quarterback and get fired and not have success. Why is that? I get I guess cuz the quarterback matters right but I would point out as long as you're working with Kyle Shanahan on the same team. There's always going to be somebody taken care of the quarterback. The quarterback position is never something Robert Saleh needs to worry about as long as he's the defensive coordinator with the same team as Kyle Shanahan coach. Because man, Kyle's offenses. They always run the ball very well. That's good for the defense especially in San Francisco. They run the ball very, well. Kyle Shanahan was like a wizard at creating running lanes and running the football. You learned a lot from Lana. So running about helps our defense against Kyle Shannon always has good quarterback who's winning games with a backup quarterback, Nick Mullens. He's beating a playoff team l a i I go man, Robert Downey. You want to leave again? I the longer Robert Saleh and Kyle Shanahan Stay Together the better it is for both of them. The more successful day will be and the way they would look if I'm Kyle Shannon. I am kissing. I'm doing everything I possibly can to be very kind of hey Robert you need lunch. Hey you want to talk? How can I would do a job and keep the guy in the loop and keep him around cuz man, he makes your team so much better and her Robert Saleh. I hope you recognize man. You're lucky to be paired with Kyle Shanahan who takes care of the offense. You always have a great offense all wage. score points to help your defense and if I was Robert Saleh, you're going to be are you ever going to be in a hurry to leave the 49ers to leave a great coach at Kyle Shannon with a good quarterback who again, it seems like no matter who plays quarterback. They're they're well-coached and successful. And you're going to leave San Francisco for what the Jets job the Lions, but Lana maybe Atlanta that at least have a quarterback there. I don't know. I I really truly believe that Robert Soliz got a good situation and it's going to be really hard to find a better situation than he has in San Francisco. They just bought a a pay him more keep him there. But I really want to see Robert Saleh stay in San Francisco. Keep that job and keep doing it for a long time. I beat this to death, but I really truly believe that. now Kyle Shanahan right now in my opinion I believe he's the NFL coach of the year and a lot of people have been saying well, it's going to be Brian Flores the coach in Miami or Mike Tomlin who's undefeated in Pittsburgh or even sean McVay in LA and those aren't very good answers. Although I would point out that Sean. McVay is lost not once but twice this year to Kyle Shanahan, so I don't know how you could pick Sean McVay over Kyle. Shanahan makes no sense to me. So the Forty Niners are five and six they're they're don't have a winning record right now. They have beat the Rams twice this year. And the 49ers have been decimated by injuries just plagued with them. And they played three different quarterbacks this year Jimmy Garoppolo. CJ beathard and Nick Mullens. I mean, they've had a rotating cast at every position even quarterback and it's incredibly hard in with the backup quarterback. Let alone your third string quarterback and make that work and they have they've made it work to some degree and I mean they beat a ram seem that's likely a playoff team with a backup quarterback and so impressive to me. And they beat a Rammstein. That's a playoff team with practice squad players. Oh, yeah, Kyle Shanahan's doing a great job. And so in my opinion if you get to 8 and 8 if he has a winning record in San Francisco with what's gone on in in the 49ers franchise this year to me if that happens if they have a winning record in San Francisco, I go east Coach of the Year. How do you how could you possibly dispute that? And even with a losing record right now in five and six, I still go. That's the most impressive coaching performance. I've seen all year teleport overcome with they've come to keep fighting way. They fought to still be competitive at this point in the year with the amount of people. They've lost I I just I really find it unbelievable and I think the best coaching job we've seen all year and 20/20 is Kyle Shanahan wage. There's five games left. We'll see how it stands at the end of the year. But right now even with a losing record, Kyle Shannon is in fact my NFL coach of the year as it stands right now. Okay. The steelers-ravens game finally happened six days after was initially scheduled a member of supposed to be on Thursday then Monday then Tuesday, then yesterday and Wednesday the game finally happened. It was earlier in the day like a matinee. If you didn't see it here a couple of my favorite moments. It was kind of an ugly game. But these were the moment that stood out to me number one Trace McSorley the Ravens third string quarterback had a 70-yard touchdown pass due Marquis Hollywood Brown really cool moment. I want to give a shout out to trace McSorley. There's actually YouTube channel or account. I guess that always comments on my videos on YouTube saying hey, I tend to be transmitted so early I love it. So hey, what's up Trace McSorley. I hope you comment on this video. You're awesome. I love you. Thanks for being around. I also would recommend go. Listen to the song Trace McSorley Song by Maddie brush. It's fun. It's silly look it up. I listen to this morning. I was like, this is just I was reminded like oh, yes was really really fun. So seeing Trace McSorley who's kind of a meme do very well. Oh, that's awesome. I love that. And I didn't do didn't do very well. But he had a long touchdown that to me that that's very cool. There was also a fun sequence in this game where a funds may be the wrong word. Interesting, maybe crazy weird odd. The Ravens have the ball. second-and-goal with 26 seconds left before halftime and they run the ball they get stuffed and there's a big pile at the one-yard line. So second ago from the one-yard line twenty six seconds left. They run the ball good stuff giant pile on the ground dead and the Steelers just keep laying on the ground. Like we're not getting up there just laying over each other like interlocked on the ground just like oh we can't get up where it's too hard where we can't possibly get up here in a pile on the ground and the Box just tick tick tick tick ticking away and twenty seconds go by Twenty whole seconds. The clock is out of three seconds before the Ravens can finally run to play cuz the Steelers just literally laid on the ground not getting off and the Ravens couldn't stop the wall again 3 seconds left. They snapped the ball. They throw the ball to the end zone. It's incomplete halftime halftime. The clock is run out. It's halftime and arguable you can argue with that. It should have been a penalty for delayed game by the Steelers defense. And I and I If that had been called a delay a game penalty would have totally understood I would not have argued it would have been like yeah that makes sense to me but it also didn't mind the no call and I would say that anybody's mad about that. No call I would I would argue with the rebuttal saying that the Baltimore Ravens did a really poor job managing their managing their time off before half-time. I was watching the 49ers Rams game and going into the final drive for the 49ers. They needed they have like two minutes and ten seconds left on the clock then to drive 80 yards to try to get zone or kick a field goal and Kyle Shanahan still had all three timeouts available. They had all three timeouts tell the final moments when they needed to use them. And so I point out that part of football is being able to manage time and managing your time outs and before halftime by that moment the ram the Ravens had wasted all them if I said Rams I meant Ravens if I said Rams. And the Steelers were smart. They kind of had a Savvy move for their stayed in a pile. They made they slowly got up as if it was hard to pull the bodies off of the pile and I would not again. I would not have argued if there'd been a penalty in favor of Baltimore here. But I also thought it was okay. There was a no-call partially simply because man the Ravens didn't do a good enough job managing the clock and taking care of things and you decided to run the ball with 26 seconds before halftime on the one-yard line. Like I is that the smartest thing, you know, he's throw the ball once before he tried to run I don't I just didn't understand and agree with all the clock management by Baltimore and so I didn't have a lot of sympathy for them when maybe they got screwed over by the clock. Now this was not the prettiest game Lamar Jackson did not play RG3 started for the Ravens RG3 was seven 412 passing had a meager 33 yards passing with no touchdowns had a pick-six through a bad interception got taken back for a touchdown by Joe Haden and the Steelers won. So now the Steelers are 11:00 to no. And a lot of people walked away from this game concerned about Pittsburgh saying man the Steelers they barely beat Baltimore, they 1:19 to 14 like what's going on? And I don't know like my dad literally called me. My dad was like well Zach don't you think the Steelers are not very good and I'm like, well Dad no offense. You don't know much of anything about football, but my whole thought was meant the Ravens off our Their their division rival the Ravens coaching staff knows Mike tomlin's coaching staff very very well Pittsburgh and Baltimore. These are teams that play each other twice a year for years and it's been the same coaching staff for years. They know each other intimately and pretty much anytime you get a Steelers Ravens game. Even on a year where one team is bad and one is good. It's always interesting and competitive. They just know each other too. Well, they're not have a good game one thing. You also have to remember context to your matters. This was a weird game. When's the last time the NFL played a game on a Wednesday? Can you I don't remember as it happened before it might have literally never happened before yesterday. So I it's a weird situation you got covid-19 and people in practicing who was going to play people the day before got taken off out of the game for the covid-19. Kansas City, for example that's we're losing Bud Dupree is going to really matter later down the road playing against a really good team what you need every single horse you possibly have in the stable. So it's an unfortunate choice, but I didn't walk away from the Ravens game going man. The Steelers are terrible. They struggled on offense. They a drops look out of sync. They haven't practiced very much. They're playing a team that knows him very well. I don't know. I really I don't buy into it, but I also think you have to remember Part of what makes a good football team is being able to overcome your bad game. Every team has a bad game or two every year. A really great team can overcome the bad game. We see this in college football every year. We're even the Alabama's and the Clemson's of the world have a bad game where something goes wrong and they're not perfect. You have to be able to overcome that moment and keep it going and what I learned from Pittsburgh as well, even when they're playing badly. They can overcome that and they did every year A Team a moment ABS or team plays badly. They're really really good day. We saw Pittsburgh's and they were okay. They got through it. They won the game. I don't know. I look at Pittsburgh and go they got a great head coach Hall of Fame head coach Hall of Fame quarterback. Who's still playing pretty wealthy Big Ben is getting really kind of shafted here. People are very much understanding how well Big Ben is back playing they've got a ton of weapons on offense. They have oh my gosh. They have Ray Ray McCloud. They have James Washington. They have what's the name of that guy from Notre Dame Claypool Claypool. They have you just makes you a stir. They have two good running backs. They've got an Eric Ebron a good tight and it's like so James Conner the running backs. There's another Benny Snell the running back mean there's just good all over the Pittsburgh offense. They've got a good offensive line. They got a phenomenal defense even without Bud Dupree. They're going to be really really good. So yeah, I just people keep saying like Pittsburgh do some. Good Quarterback coach weapons offensive line defense. I don't know how you doubt this team. I just I go. Yeah, they had a bad game. Every team has have had game the key is to get through that bad game and win anyway, oh Pittsburgh did so I don't know they're 11 to know and 11 and it was nothing to sneeze out of me people for whatever reason people like, well the teams that play or not very good. They won. I mean in the end of June in 2020 during covid-19. The ways they're winning are different and interesting and I I look at Pittsburgh and go they're a good team and I respect that. now in Monday Night Football the Seahawks beat the Eagles twenty-three 217 and first of all the player the game unequivocally was DK Metcalf the Seattle Seahawks receiver. He had ten catches 477 yards really the big story line off game was DK Metcalf. It wasn't a very interesting game in my opinion. Apparently before the game. The big story here is that apparently before the game Philadelphia's defensive coordinator. Jim Swartz went up to DK Metcalf said look kid. I was in Detroit with Calvin Johnson. You're not there yet. You're not Megatron yet. And Jim Schwartz as tried to kind of say he was giving him a compliment. I kind of understand what he's saying. Look you're going to be Megatron someday, like maybe he just holds Megatron to the same respect. I get it. GK apparently was angry. Like what do you mean? I'm not Megatron. Okay fine. Let me show you. Okay. I just stupid why Jim Schwartz felt the need to say that I do not understand and and so yeah, the biggest story from this game is Dick and Metcalf got criticized and then had a big game. Although I don't know it's as big as people like this kind of stuff happens all the time people talk trash constantly. It just happens at this time. You talk trash on the guy did really really well. So the story gets told that many how many coaches talk trash before game and the players are talking trash about it has a bad game or does nothing is insignificant like happens all the time. So I don't I don't think it's like the biggest deal in the world thing Pittsburgh. I think Philadelphia is really mad. Like, how could you but I it's not that big a deal to me as people are making it out to be but it is dead. The most interesting thing from this game now again other than DK Metcalf for me. This was not a very fun game to watch. They had ESPN. It's Monday Night Football. They have three-man Booth. I hate a three-man booth timings awkward. It's like winter people going to talk. When is it my turn? It doesn't feel right to me. And then the Eagles are just not a very fun football team to watch any time. I see the eagle wage. There's two teams right now that when I see them on the on the schedule I go. I don't want to watch that game. It's like I said three now, it's Chicago with Mitchell trubisky. It's the New York Jets and it's Philadelphia. I don't need any of those teams. I just they're not good. They're not fun. It's not exciting and there's a lot of bad football being played. Now on offense in particular the Eagles are they're struggling with their offensive line their strong a pass protection. You gotta kind of injuries. They don't have a lot of Talent OR weapons and I'm reaching a Breaking Point with the Eagles quarterback. Carson Wentz where I'm just like I I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this. I don't know. It makes me sad. I don't know when we're going to give up on him Carson doesn't look confident. His fundamentals are a mess and I'm starting to wonder when I watch him now and back of my head. I'm always thinking like In the backup quarterback Jalen hurts to better. Can you do a better job at quarterback? Can he be more accurate? Can Jalen hurts make better decisions? Probably and I'm I'm curious at what point is Philadelphia going to reach a Breaking Point and put Jalen hurts out there rather than Carson Wentz. I don't know. I know that Philly is in no hurry to replace them are expensive quarterback. I mean Carson Wentz is under contract at least until next year. There's an out in 2022, but they're also paying a lot of money. So if they're going to bench and they're paying a lot of money to not play that's long and confusing. Maybe they trade him. I don't know but I I personally would be like, let's get Jalen hurts in there maybe for the last five games of the year. Now. It's further complicated because they're in the playoff race in the NFC East which is even weirder. They shouldn't be they're terrible, but I I just meant I I'm ready for Jalen hurts personally. I want to see it happened. I think have to figure out what you have so that this offseason if you want to deal cars and went you can I'm sure somebody's going to be like, I'm sure that off the page or two like hey, we will give you a first-round pick for Carson Wentz. I mean that kind of deal could happen with Philadelphia and they gotta decide whether they want to take it or should take it. So I I don't know I think you play Jalen hurts soon as possible to figure out what he has but I also guess I would I guess understand you have them in practice every day. So if Jalen hurts is doing phenomenal and practice you would think that they would play him but also politics play A Part all the time. So, who knows? now do you want to say this group in Philadelphia and we'll give a shout out to Nick Foles as well. Nick Foles Carson Wentz the head coach the general manager. There were like they had a great year in 2017. They won the Superbowl. And with how we Roseman Doug Peterson Carson Wentz a Nick Foles played at the end of the year. Is it possible that that's just the best it's ever going to get in Philadelphia. They won a Superbowl time is worth a good it's awesome and it's over. I don't know. I'm asking questions here. It hurts now, but maybe at least they want a Superbowl and maybe that's the best it ever was going to be was that 2017 year where they want at all? I don't know. I don't really I don't have confidence that the Eagles are going to fix what they have. I mean, they're they're they wasted bad draft picks on receivers. They have the injuries go lower their aging Carson Wentz looks like a mess is a ghost right? I don't know. It's just a lot of stuff is going wrong in Philadelphia. And I don't I don't know that they can fix it with one or two moves. It feels like a bigger change is going to have to happen in Philadelphia. I think it starts at quarterback Carson Wentz. I don't trust them all. He's way too inconsistent of a decision maker again. I want to do with Jalen hurts house. I mean Jalen hurts is not as physically gifted maybe but man Jalen hurts is a good Vision maker and can run the ball. You can run a lot of interesting running games stuff. You probably wouldn't run with Carson Wentz. Oh, I don't know. I'm ready to move on from Carson Wentz least for this year and see what Jalen has. I don't we need to figure out if the Eagles going to keep their coach or their general manager? And it feels like a lot of changes are coming very very soon in Philadelphia. I just I want to change to happen this year now soon so we can see what they have in jail and hurts. All right. I'm going to take a short break when I returned want to talk about Tampa Bay and Kansas City will talk about the page where it's surprisingly beating the Arizona Cardinals and then we'll take a break again. We'll do it as exact at the end of the show. I think is a good question about like the Marvel Universe and there's another question. I'm really fired up about really it's going to be fun to talk about. I don't know. My name is Josh, I'm going to take a short break when I returned. We got other good stuff down the road. Hope you stick around. My name is actually taking a short break and I will be right back. All right. We are back over doing very very well on Sunday, Kansas City beat Tampa Bay 27-24 the Buccaneers lost to the cheesecake and it was a very solid game. Now. First of all, I want to say that I just love watching Kansas City play football. They play at such a high level. It's really fun. It's enjoyable especially during twenty-twenty when you got covid-19 injuries, not a normal year. It's not a lot of high-level football being played all over the NFL and so watching Kansas City feels like a treat every time I get to do it and it's again because of that unusual year covid-19 Ruiz, it's hard to make any kind of prediction. But I will say it's very likely and I think I would almost almost I don't want to guarantee again. You can't you can't guarantee anything this year. I would be shocked if we didn't see Kansas City against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game in the NFL down the road home is his amazing. By the way, every time I watch the guy play I walk away just going man. This is just incredible. He does something every game and I'm really not something. It's it's how we play is just generally He's A Step Above everybody else. I mean when I watch Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, there's an occasional moment while I go. Oh, wow. We're in a cage really something occasional game where I go Russell Wilson was unbelievable or Deshaun Watson was unbelievable. But when I watch Patrick Mahomes, it's every single I just go she did what how he makes so many things that are difficult looking just effortless and easy. And I get he's just he's the best quarterback in the NFL and he's just a whole nother level above everybody. It's just so impressive to watch him every week and it certainly helps on a great team. I'm not trying to say like again if Russell Wilson was on break the city or Deshaun Watson on Kansas City. I don't know what we'd be saying about them. It'd probably be another thing of every week. It's unbelievable. But you have to just give them homes credit. He really is the best and there's a reason why he's life the way he is he's not overhype. He really just deserves all the praise and admiration adoration. He gets now. I want to give a shout out to Tyreek Hill in this game against Tampa Bay Ridge Hill at 13 catches. He had 269 yards three touchdowns. Just a ridiculous game for him and Carlton Davis. He's not a terrible Corner was really trying his best to God. I recycle and often Carlton Davis had some solid coverage, but when Patrick Mahomes just throwing literal perfect passes and at times as good as the coverage was a lot of the time Tyreek Hills catches were just even better. I mean he is like sometimes there's moments where Carlton Davis couldn't do any better and it was still a completed pass cuz it's a perfect throw into a tiny window Tyreek Hill ripped the ball away or I just he was winning contested situations so many times. So Shadow Tyreek Hill had a great game. And I mean he I just feel bad for Carlton gave his trying to guard him doing the best he could and he really was not match on on Sunday until they double-team, Tyreek Hill. Now Tampa Las to Kansas City and I don't hold the loss against Tampa Bay because they were supposed to lose in my opinion. That's a game like Kansas City is a better football team. I'm surprised it was as long as it was it was a three-point game. And right now the Buccaneers are really struggling with details where I mean particularly in office with the wrong routes or not getting your head around like on hot routes. We're off we're Antonia Brown for example is out of the backfield just didn't know if they Blitz I got to get my head around and wasn't looking for the ball. They've got some poor Blitz pickup and receiver. Mike Evans is a great example to where he's the guy that God has really struggled this year with Tom Brady and a lot of that in my opinion is because he's never been asked to do a lot mentally police. He's never asked you this much mentally where there's route adjustments and hot routes and you get your head around and there's all these little intricacies of the game the Tom Brady plays with that. I don't think Mike Evans ever had to deal with Mike Evans. Has always been his game has always been defined by his athletic ability. And so Mike Evans having a hard time adjusting to this offense into Tom Brady and all the little details that are necessary. He's like, I just go deep and you throw it up to me either I think is that element of that that's causing Mike Evans some problems early on that's why he's catching up and having a hard time with it. You gotta remember to Antonio Brown is new like literally joined a couple of weeks ago Leonard fournette joined the team late, right right at the training camp would have been happening Tampa Bay. They made too many mistakes to beat Kansas City in this game. They lost. I was like, yeah, of course, but I will say I mean credit needs to go to Tampa Bay. They're ever so slightly very very it's a slow process but they are making progress. I mean, they're getting better. Every time I watch them I go, you know, that's a little better from Tampa. It's a little more this little more bath and and the whole narrative the Tom Brady isn't good anymore. I just it's weird. Tom Brady's made some throws this year where I go. I mean listen to Tony Romo. Literally literally Tony Romo was talking about that game going. Yeah Brady's made some throws to see where you go. I just got some believe it's an unbelievably good throw now. There's only four games left for Tampa. There. You have a bye week week 13 coming up. The four games are played for Tampa Bay are Minnesota Atlanta Detroit and then the Falcons again for week 17. So right now the Buccaneers are going into their bi-weekly have time to watch film make adjustments, you know get healthier and currently if the playoffs happened today. Tampa Bay would be a wild-card team. I wanna remind you guys the Super Bowls in Tampa Bay this year. And if the playoffs started today the team that Tampa would be matched up against is the Green Bay Packers. Remember week 6 when the Green Bay Packers lost to Tampa Bay thirty eight to ten went and bought smacked Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. I remember that and so I would not entirely count out Tampa Bay just yet. They were just really competitive against one of the best teams in the NFL Kansas City. They lost by three points off the Buccaneers keep making progress every time I watch them. It's a little bit better. It's still like frustratingly not quite there. But every time I watch Tampa Bay, it's a little bit better every single time and change this answer 9 and two all the attention is on New Orleans. But honestly if I'm a Saints fan, I would be hoping that my team doesn't play the Buccaneers again in the NFL playoffs because you beat them already twice this year. The last time you beat Tampa Bay by the way, New Orleans embarrassed the Buccaneers. And it's hard to beat any team three times in one year, but especially when they're angry after getting embarrassed last time you played them. And the Saints also struggled to push the ball downfield that Drew Brees. So call me crazy and I have no problem. If you want to call me crazy, but the Buccaneers could surprise people in the place. I know when they're going to figure it out. I think it's simple I really strongly believe that at some point. Tampa Bay is going to figure things out play cleaner and and make progress and just get over the hump and play really good and beat some really good football teams. And I don't know if that happens this year. Maybe not till next year. I don't know but they have a ton of Firepower. They're getting better. They've got a great quarterback. They've got a solid defense of good coaching. I just everyone wants to be the coach everyone to hate on this and people love to hate the Buccaneers I think part is cuz they have Tom Brady. I'm I'm not a doubter. I'm still I don't know when they're going to figure it out whether it's this year or next year. It could be next year. They needed a season maybe to figure things out. But every time I watch Tampa Bay, they get a little bit better make a little bit more progress. And so If I'm in the playoffs the last team I want to play is Tampa Bay. They're so unpredictable. They've got so many good players. I I just think man if you especially if I'm a Saints fan ago, man does our team match up very well with Tampa Bay and you might you might feel confident the Buccaneers. You beat the crap out of them. I understand that but if I'm a Saints fan I go the last thing I want to do is Page Tom Brady in the playoffs with Mike Evans Antonio Brown Chris Godwin Rob Gronkowski, like it's endless the amount of good players they have and they've got some good Defenders. I just think there's enough Firepower there with home showing Improvement every week that at some point. The Buccaneers are going to be very very dangerous as an NFL team. Okay on Sunday on Sunday the Patriots beat the Cardinals 2017 and look twenty-twenty has been weird here covid-19. And good football as a result stands out even more because there's so many bad games being played and bad football everywhere and teams look unprepared and I have missing key players and it's kind of took all year and I'm glad we have football. It's better to have Messi football than no football. But again good football when I see it I go. Oh boy. It stands out way more now. And the Patriots defense played some really good football on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals Bill Belichick's doing a really good job this year at keeping the Patriot Way along that discipline. They're known for the Patriots quarterback Cam Newton. I don't we're day. He was 9 4 18 passing only 84 yards two interceptions Camden New Jersey now is best registers running the football. He's not been particularly sharp this year part of that's cuz they got no weapons. I understand that but it was a weird game where New England was actually outgained on offense by over a hundred yards. Am gonna had 298 yards total total offense. The page is only at 179. The favorites also, they lost the turnover battle. They they they were just turnovers inefficient football some bad throws some weird stuff happened. Like I was not impressed with the Patriots offense at all. But the Patriots still won the game and why is that because of their defense their defense was awesome and the patrons got a goal-line stand before halftime where the hell'd Arizona out of the End Zone on a fourth-and-goal from like the 6-inch yard line that was impressive and the Patriots defense looks so well-coached and I walked away going man. Bill Belichick is giving a masterclass right now. I'm in coaching and discipline and I just I think Bill Belichick actually might be just enjoying coaching this year cuz there's no pressure. I mean the pressure's off expectations are low. It's dead covid-19. So he gets to just have fun and I think he's the kind of guy who likes working. He likes the chess match of football. So every time the page is a played this year. It was fun is watching them. What's their game plan? What are they doing? How are people executing? I think Bill Belichick actually a guy who I think truly loves football. It's just having the time of his life to be able to be carefree not worried about the pressure of winning and just doing the best he can I think actually loves it and the mind of Bill Belichick against Kliff Kingsbury was so much fun where they kept anticipating what the other one would do Zone coverage and then a scream would come and just back and forth back and forth. What is the other guy? You knew how am I going to react and anticipate what their next move is going to be? and I just Again, the page words were so disciplined on defense. You can call a great game and it's the coach can do all the right stuff at the Players off to execute and the players did they'd know big mental errors guys are actually getting at a high level. They're in the right spots. And this game was just a reminder to me that the page where its culture was still in place the Patriot ways still there and down to get more Talent this offseason with a a lot of salary cap room to spend they probably need I think they need a new quarterback. But this game was a reminder that New England's going to be back at some point out. There's a couple of things to Patriots defense did that. I really really liked watching a couple of times on passing Downs. They only had sometimes one or two guys, even in a three-point stance like the two nose tackles depending on what said they were off and and the rest of the linebackers and DBS and everybody would just be kind of walking around pre-snap like just just walk down to safety of linebackers Milling around if these Edge rushers just Hanging out and they'd be walking around intermingling and what that does it reminded me. A lot of the Steelers defense actually, it's what that does make it hard for the offensive line to know who to block who is the mic and what are the mic is we call it for 54 and then he moves out and he switched places and now it's the other guy and it's it's really confusing to make any kind of calls and you have to do a lot of Zone and stuff on the offensive line off and I really I just thought it was so impressed with the way the page was kept getting pressure and you know disrupting Kyler Murray by getting constant pressure because of that confusing front they were running off and then unsure passing Downs. Like there was a third and three for example where this kept happening a lot on short passing Downs where they're new. Hey, they're going to throw there an empty set and caliber would take the snap and be looking at direct and and if he looks left the guy the defender on the defense of line of left. We just start jumping just jumping up waving his hands around trying to get into the passing Lane while the other side rushes and one of them was tipped up in New Jersey. Something like it's really funny to watch the play where you watch this grown man. Just jumping swinging his arms all around and Kyler face not really trying to sack. I'm just trying to wait for the ball to come so we can knock it down and gain entrance also found a way of generating a free rusher off the left repeatedly where what they did is they lined up and both a gaps and a defender in both a gaps over top of the kind of read between the guards in the center. See a gap and then they tend to rush through through both the B gap between the left tackle and the left guard and that outside of left tackle in the C Gap and every time it happened was the left guard would cover the a gap the the interior defensive lineman. The left tackle would cover the B Gap and it left the C Gap wide open. So people just kept coming for free off the left side and this happened repeatedly, every time the Cardinals ran an empty said was what the page would call and they kept doing it over and over and over again generating pressure in Arizona didn't answer. They kept not they could be leaving themselves vulnerable to a guy coming free off the edge of Kyler Murray and I'm like wow. Are you not doing anything about this? It was very weird. And I think a lot of it was because of the confusion Upfront for Arizona anyway, and so I just walked away from this game going. Look the Patriots have really no offensive weapons of a quarterback who's struggling who's been subpar the best threat from Camden disability to run the ball. But the Patriots culture of discipline is still there. It's still in place and after they reload my whole take away from this game is man at some point New England's going to be back Bill Belichick is coaching his butt off. I think it's not getting recognized a lot the things he's doing and I think Bill's having a lot of a lot of fun actually and I I on paper you go back to England should not have won that game, but they did and why do they do it? Cuz if discipline and Bill Belichick coaching and I just go man, I think that bill has gotten this far in the air and it's still not getting respect he deserves for how good of a job he's doing in New England. All right. I'm going to take a short break away into Eternal to ask Zack. What are the questions about today? Let me find I don't have them up. I need to get my phone. I'm going to take a short break. I will be I will be right back. All right, we are back over doing very very well. It is time for ask Zack my favorite part of the show in case you don't know how it works you go to patreon.com forward slash Zach shomler. You give a dollar a month again $12 a year. It's very minimal. But a dollar a month gives you access to submit questions on Patron and you can't give more if you want to please do it literally home my rent but a dollar a month gives you access you send questions on patreon now, if you submit a question, I do not guarantee to read it on the podcast my only guarantees. I'll get every single question with my eyeballs. I picked the top cut off to read as many as I can to the end of every episode now, I'm trying to do that every episode. I like doing it that way better and I want to start to John know what am I know actually, you know, what I want to read first is a there was a fun interaction on patreon in the chat where Bobby wrote in with an impossible question. You said what's up Zach? I know this may be a bit of a challenge, but could you say one nice thing about the Jets? I need something to keep me going and these historically dark times. So I don't have anything positive to say about the Jets game franchise. Maybe that Adam gase is getting fired. But that's why I want to read email Taps reply you said changes coming and that's a good thing. I guess. It's totally true. Like I can praise the Jets other than to say like well hopefully things change and smile like through my teeth. Hope like MIT Wallace & Wallace and Gromit one of the characters goes like A big like T. Smile Bobby. I don't know. I don't have any answer for you, but I'm not upset of best changes coming and I guess that's good now John writes in and says hey Zach one last question. If it's too tough to answer then you don't have to walk the holidays are typically times of joy for family, but it's but for some it's not and it can be a tough reminder or lonely. What was your first Christmas like about your brother? So you may not know four years ago. My little brother died almost five years ago now, February 8th, 2016 and Monday, honestly, this is weird holidays have never been a big deal to me. I actually my first Christmas without my little brother like it was weird, but I wasn't living at home. It wasn't like I was sitting at a kitchen table without him. I didn't it wasn't like a sense of he wasn't there. You know what I mean? I didn't I actually didn't probably probably handled better than you would think the day there was a hardest for me. Without my little brother was when I got to 100000 subscribers on YouTube and I was very excited was like a big like one of the highlights of My Life as a big freaking deal so pumped and that's the moments. I miss my little brother the most jobs like the highlights where I'm like man, I wish you could see me now where she could talk to me now like when I get married someday, it's going to suck my brother's never going to see me get married and never going to see that moment. We were so close and I think if you could see me today, he would love the show. He would love you guys. He'd love hate Ronnie love all of it. And I think he would he would love what I'm doing and feel I think I think he'd be proud of me. And so Yeah, holidays. I want to answer cuz holidays aren't I'm not I don't really like holidays. I'm kind of neither here nor there. I've kind of made my own family and my own life where a lot of the family I would consider them family is not blood relatives there people that I've I've chosen and so that's way more meaningful anyway, so that's who I hang out with on holidays anymore. I don't I don't know but I know that the highlights of my life the best moments of my life for the ones I miss my brother often the most always kind of in a dark way a little bit tainted with man. If only he could have been here only could have seen that and that's that's on a new John Luke writes in He says hi Zach love the show. So here's my question to you your local wizard approaches you and proposes the following deal. You will be followed by a crew of Mexicans soccer commentators who will do play-by-play with their signature Augusto enthusiasm of your daily life for a week. If you can go the whole week without snapping out them. He will reward you with enormous wealth the wizard will home. He also realizes this is quite a difficult Challenge and offers you the possibility of inflicting. This long week was week-long. Kerfuffle upon your most hated enemy. So do you do it off if you don't who is the Pro or son-of-a-gun you're going to be sending this torment to? Jean-Luc course I like the thought of like he's drinking and he's drinking any stricter gun. He's done. Like I don't know what they would do. But like, you know the boss know what they would do in my life for that. Like there's a fun thought that I can't say on this show. I'm sure there's like some moments where like they would honestly I don't think it'd be that annoying and I think it would be annoying after a while. But I read this question when man sounds like an easy way to get rich. I like I mean, it'd be weird you'd give up your privacy. Like I imagine they're watching you shower like they're always they're right. They're always be around and you have no privacy for you for a week people yelling at you. Like I've been doing the show and this these Mexican dude speaking Spanish. It would just be talking behind me to make no sense and be like, look it's a week of this so I can get I don't care. So if that was if that was ever a possibility, I could handle that no problem because it's like well the reward is worth it, right? I I think I do way. Like I do way harder things to get rich, you know, I mean like I would happily way harder things if it's like, hey, if you do this one thing you're incredibly wealthy afterward you mean I'd buy property in Hawaii. I keep doing strong opinion Sports to give them a wealth of the use of Hawaii and that's what I just I want to live in Hawaii. That's what I want to do some day and I absolutely I would do that now. So yeah if I had Mexican dudes yelling Spanish and i e r as if they were soccer commentating my life I could do that and I think no problem. It'd be annoying and again the Privacy part to be the weirdest part of that but I whatever like if I know I'm gonna get wealthy after wage. Yeah, I'll do I'll put up with it and I don't really have any enemies. I don't really wish ill on anyone. So there's no one I would also like if it's your enemy and you give them that do they get the money to you know, I mean like I did not know that I wish on anybody and I don't know that I wish on anybody. So I No, no, I don't think I would give it to anybody. I think it was take for myself and say mad given that money when it's over Carter says where do you think Detroit should send Stafford? So this is not a lot of people been asking about this. I chose Carter's here cuz Carter's was the most fun to answer where A lot of people are saying where do you want staffer to go? That's how I this question says Where should Detroit send Stafford? So I want to see Matthew Stafford go to like Pittsburgh or New England because that makes sense cuz their home team trading to the AFC. I'd love to see him in San Francisco with Kyle Shanahan the be amazing like watching Kyle Shanahan coach Matthew Stafford with that roster. Oh my gosh you defying. But also the Lions should worry about anything other than themselves. So where should the Lion's trade Matthew Stafford? They trade him to the highest bidder. I mean whoever gives you the most and the biggest Haul is where you send Matthew Stafford. We're about yourself. Whatever the highest amount of draft picks of the best players. You can get that's where I should send Matthew Stafford who cares if it's anybody as long as it's probably not a team in your division, but you tried Matthew Stafford anywhere that people are giving you the highest amount of stuff or does that make sense? That doesn't I don't think Detroit has to worry about is it going to work for Matthew Stafford? They need to worry about is going to work for us. What are we getting in the deal? So that's what Detroit needs to worry about themselves not about the rest of the NFL in this move and a lot of people kind of seem to be forgetting that as they send me questions and DMS. It's I want to live in a fantasy world of where is Matthew Stafford going to go? I'd love to see him like again Pittsburgh New England San Francisco, right? That'd be awesome. The reality is he's probably going to go to some crappy team that like that the the Cowboys right? That's not even a game. They're the same during the NFC as well, but he's going to go to a team. That's kind of anti-climactic probably and that's unfortunate. That's all honest. I mean maybe goes maybe the Jets trade for Matthew Stafford something like a trial like a team or like a team or we are grown. I would love to be proven wrong. I'd love to have Matthew Stafford go to a team where I went. Yes. I'm so happy. That's an amazing trade. I feel so good about it, but I I don't know that that's actually going to happen. I don't have a lot of optimism that we as fans or going to get the trade. We are hoping for with Matthew Stafford Kenny writes in his life back, and you could only keep one of your five senses, which sense would you keep and why would it be site? So you keep watching film or did we taste so you could always have the Glorious Taste of Chex Mix hitting you just buds. Well you work, let me know he's as for me it sound as a musician if I lost my hearing I would go insane. Thanks Kenny from Kyle. Thank you Kenny. Love you. I appreciate you dead. So what sense would I keep so I got my question before maybe saying something like what did he lost one of your senses, right? I'm losing one of your senses is way less of a big deal to losing four four is a big deal. So the five senses our site with your eyeballs sound with your ears hearing smelling stuff with your nose that's taste with your tongue and also probably part of your nose and touch with your hands and with everything right every nerve ending that can touch and feel so First of all, if it last four of my five senses, I have no idea how would make money I feel I could be kind of useless where I guess that's maybe the question. Am I am I paralyzed with like, can I just see can I move like can I touch stuffed up? I can't feel it. Can I still drive a car? Even I can't feel anything? I don't know cuz with my if I had eyeballs, so I would keep my eyes right my our eyes are actually I think kind of underrated as a defense. They're so important to so valuable and we treat them kind of like crap. I think it you have to really value your eyeballs and keep them healthy and wear sunglasses and protect your eyes right at all cost. We're very took valier. Like all right is going to be the forever. Well, if you lose your eyes, there's not really it's one of the few things your life. If you lose it, you actually cannot replace it like at all. You're just not you get two eyes your whole life and that's that's pretty much it off. We should actually a little bit more defensive of our eyeballs, but can I If I talked like if I lose four of my five senses, all I can do is see things right? Can I still talk? I just can't hear it. Like and then could I do my job if I couldn't hear myself? I don't know at least I could at least even if I couldn't do a podcast anymore if I could still talk cuz it was found. You wouldn't know how what page you're hitting should be hard to know what you're saying. But if I could get a sentence out, at least I could communicate with the world and operate a little bit or I could just always see if I have no feeling can I still write and stuff with paper? I don't know cuz I can still see on the paper like what I'm writing. So, I don't know. It's a confusing question. I know that if I could use my eyeballs and I could still use my hands wage and feel what I was touching of my hands. I'd be able to watch football I'd be able to do a lot of stuff I'd be able to I can play video games I can read now. I don't want to lose any sense of value my senses. I'm very happy. I will say if I could give up one or two. You can take smell most of the smells. I smell are terrible. Anyway, like cat poop smells horrible. I don't need to smell that ever again. And if I lose the bad smells I may lose a good smells. But how much do I smell something I go. Wow. What a comforting smell. Usually what I notice the smell. It's negative not positive and you can even taste. I mean, let's be totally honest. I bet I would lose weight. If I couldn't taste anything. I probably would stop eating for pleasure and comfort so I'd probably just eat way less. I probably only way to survive. So be eating it'd be more robotic and more out of Duty and sense of obligation. That would be cuz I want to eat cuz it's fun. It's probably good for me. I'd probably lose weight. Actually if I if I lost my sense of taste and if I could just you know here see and touch then I could do my job watch movies play video games. I don't need smell or taste really at all to operate as a pretty functioning like I like tasting things right, but I think if I if I never tasted again, it would probably just make me healthier. So I I don't know I'd miss food and probably let me lose weight and gain, I just it's an interesting thought like site is my most valuable. A lot of people can operate site is the one thing they've lost and they're fine. I don't want to learn how to read Braille. I don't want to do audio books. I love watching movies. And if I could watch a movie, I thought that'd be awesome. So but definitely if I if I couldn't keep eyesight then I'll definitely keep hearing cuz then you can listen to podcasts and movies and listen to audiobooks. I mean and I don't know I just as long as I I would want to keep us like a sense that would allow me to still be entertained. My whole life centers are an entertainment. I love entertainment and that's what I would want to do have left final question Laden rights and he says thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So there's nowhere no guide. In fact if anyone listens to this question like hey, I want you to talk more about X Y or Z like feel free to write in more about movies or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whatever like if you hear me say something you're like, I want you expand on that right in I'll do my best to do it, but generally about the Mars. About Universe. I love Tony Stark. I think Tony Stark's a great character well-written compelling. I thought Spiderman was great like Tom Hollands awesome and bring in Spider-Man things more fun. And I like the whole sequence from my two. Favorite MCU movies are I think Thor Ragnarok is unbelievable. It's so funny. It's actually if there was one thing MCU movie alone and forgetting the rest. That's one that one in black panther are probably the two they could stand alone the best. I love the director of Thor Ragnarok taika. Waititi is from New Zealand. He's phenomenal. My second. Favorite MCU movie is Black Panther. It's a really great movie. I'm sad, you know that the Bozeman's gone. It's going to be terrible. Marvel's cool. It's not my favorite. I personally I agree Narrows my favorite superhero Batman's great. I I do like dark and gritty mostly but I will say what the MCU nailed DC can't find the right tone. They're all over the place. MCU was like, here's our Niche. We're fun. It's a good time. It's light-hearted and being fun is keep people like fun movies. And that's with the MCU really is it's not dark and gritty it's just a good time. I also I loved end game. I think that that to part was it to was it for the Avengers movies were awsome. Like it was just a good time at that Professor Hulk and end game like Professor Hulk resolved fat, I guess that's fat for and Professor Hulk together in that, you know, they're playing fortnite. I thought it was awesome. I really enjoyed that a lot. And then again I go back to as I think around the MCU like I come back to Robert Downey Junior Robert Downey Junior was just so great as Tony Stark. He's the face of that franchise dead. And I already J, man. He was a great Sherlock Holmes. He was a great Tony Stark and I really I mean I'm sad we're not going to get more Tony Stark. I mean even the bad the mid I think the second Iron Man movie is probably the most weird and not as compelling. But any one of those movies you sit down and watch you get sucked into an Iron Man movie like that. It's so good. It's so interesting and Yeah, that's all I have to say by the MCU unless you ask me a lot more but I think who plays vision? I was watching some movie recently where they actor played Vision. I don't think it's Paul. I don't think it's maybe it's Paul Bettany, but I don't think it's Paul Bettany make it is Paul Bettany to replace Vision has been in a couple rolls and I went. Oh, that's impressive. Wow. Yeah, I think it may be this Paul Bettany. I don't remember Paul Bettany from Guy. What's his in? I think he's in The DaVinci Code. He plays like that priest guy who was like an assassin. He's in what's that Margin Call? That's a good movie. Zachary Quinto. I'm just rambling now, but I guess I got to go. I love you. I appreciate it. Hope you have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow. Got to find episode tomorrow. I'll do NFL predictions will do all kinds of stuff. My name is Akshay Kumar. I'm going to guess not take a break. I'm going to go. I'm going to go edit this podcast and I watch more football tonight. So I love you. Hope you have a great day. But bam we are by the way as you're listening to this know that it takes me about four hours to get it uploaded. So I'm in the middle of watching the Giants Bengals. I'm going to be watching I want to watch the Bills Chargers game tonight. So as you're listening to this do be aware. I'm watching football this very moment. Love. You. Have a great day, but I'm bam we are done.

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