Being: Natural


They come everyone before we begin. I'd like to say thank you to supporters at Lincoln. People are often is how do I become happy? I often us back. What is happiness to you? Everyone knows feeling that they call happiness. Everyone knows a feeling that they call happiness, sometimes they call it joy and many times they call it contentment and the piece that buses undestanding bake your word, but I think you know, what happiness means ultimately happiness is the goal of the goals except for one insight missing here. It's not a goal. It's a natural state of being before you have a goal Iraq. Really, quite happy. And then the goal arises in your mind as a desire, then you go through all the trouble of fulfilling that goal to return to the state. You were when you started. That's the two meeting of TSA Elliott's point which says we shall not cease from exploration. And in the end of our exploring where I've at the place, we started from and know the place for the first time, so this should be a clue to the understanding that peace contentment fulfillment. Joy happiness is unnatural natural state prior to the activity of the mind the mind creates the notion of unhappiness, and then having created the notion of unhappiness the mind barks on the journey to cure that notion. Dimitri ending up never being fulfilled. Because happiness is not a notion. Happiness is a state of awareness prior to all notions. And that is why I have frequently said that happiness for a reason is a form of misery because the reason can be taken away from you at any time. But if you're happy for no reason like a baby or a child, then that's called joy that your natural state. Since happiness is that Delcor. I hope everyone finds happiness in the little things communities and important part of all of our lives. And that includes your work community has bet working with and among people who are supportive will enable you to flourish. So I take this moment to recognize supporter of the show and the work. They're doing to bring together people and workspaces that fit. Well, Lincoln has given us a lovely offer. I'd like to share with you butcher job today at Lincoln dot com slash infinite. And get fifty dollars off your first job post. That's Lincoln dot com slash infinite domes and conditions apply. If you found a good match, and this I I hope it's made you happy. But this. There's no so-called happy. However does research into what happiness formula would be. And we'll get to that tomorrow.

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