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Jose Andes, Mario Salerno


Hi IT'S ELLEN DEGENERES. Welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go the amazing chef Jose Andres tells us about all the stuff. He's doing to help people get food in their bellies during this pin dynamic. He's just unbelievable and Amazing Brooklyn landlord a landlord from Brooklyn. And like if you look up Brooklyn and a dictionary. This guy is the definition of Brooklyn. But what he's doing is amazing amazed Ed for the tenants of his and we go deep. We go in-depth on Andy laster. Ellen's backyard. Ooh Both. I'm I'm married everybody in the second. Everybody hey everyone well. This is really changed. Me because microphones in our face when we do them at work but now we have these like desk. Podcast special microphones like the olden days of radio and it really has changed my whole voice own for those who can't see him. He's now in a high leatherback share with Lily. Throw behind him yes. He's actually sitting upright for the first time in months today and he has some kind of polar bear skin on top of that share. Are you coming from Saddle Peak Lodge am concert of Fo- situation that Lori likes to put? The dog is just the Buffalo tenderloin. I'm just curious I did not kill visit. A little gamy. I know this is off topic with game. Did you see Sarah Palin unmasked singer now you have to watch the clip. Okay let me know watch it. Why well it all? It was so unfortunate timing because all happened at the same time like for home all starts was quarantining in that became the news. But you have to see. I didn't watch it. Oh my gosh I will absolutely watch it. Seems like a logical step from vice presidential candidate to. Oh Yeah maxine brings going to be there next season things don't seem upside-down at all. They seem totally fine. You can host the apprentice and then become president of the United States kids. Anything is possible. Chef Jose Andres my God. Is that true? These little amazing. I love having him on our show. I loved did NBC profile last night on sixty minutes. Now Yeah he was growing that his oldest you. Wow Eddie. Why don't you talk a little bit about? Tell us about the first episode of. Tell us about the first episode of sixty minutes pilot was it like cruiser was Don Hewitt Ed. Can you please tell everyone about chef? Jose how amazing so chef. Jose Andres is A. He's a he's a chef right. He's a highly successful shift. He is Spanish. She is from Spain and he had a restaurant is a lot of restaurants but he had. I came to know of him because he had a restaurant in Los Angeles called bizarre and bizarre. It was just like the M- the world's most exotic experimental Thomas. That's that's really. What a good description and it was. Incr- like you leave going. Oh my gosh has the best noodle I ever had. I went there two or three times each time when I can't it's overwhelming. How amazing it is right. But now he has a much with. The first event was that moved him but he started showing up at natural disasters for the sole purpose of feeding people who were able to get food for themselves providing meals for people who were stranded in hurricanes in the wreckage after tornadoes. You know he was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. He was in the Bahamas after the Bahamas got shredded by a hurricane. He's incredible and now when the corona virus started you may remember the biggest stories when it first started where people trapped on cruise ships right these cruises and they not only weren't allowed off countries and states and cities wouldn't allow them to dock. Yeah they were just didn't want him or they didn't know what to do and he got a there was a princess cruise ship. That was not. I WANNA say it was by San Francisco. I may be wrong with I. Think up in northern California. He went up there with his team and he was feeding passengers on this ship. Most of whom were really sick and since then. He's just been everywhere. He has dedicated his life in the last two months to getting to keeping his his staff working and to getting food to people who need it. He's he's just like an angel. I don't know what exactly when he began taking on these missions of feeding people who were under served during a real times of crisis. But he's been doing it for the last couple years and it seems like he has figured out the math of how to make it happen. I if I look at the problem and go oh my Gosh. I know they need to eat and I can't think of how to make that happen on such a scale and he seems to have figured it out and he's he's just a blessing like he's a godsend to people it's like it takes the thinking out of it and he goes. I'm just GONNA make food like I'm GONNA make meals. I love cooking. I love food and there is a way you know. He specifically said on sixty minutes and there is no food shortage. What we need is to get the food to the people who need it. And that's what he's doing and he's he's brilliant at it like in addition to that. If you're GONNA be that kind of like an angel on earth you should. It also doesn't hurt if you're if you happen to be in addition to that a phenomenal show guest. He's just like funny and fun and energetic and loves to drink and drinks and it just warms. Ls assistant says. He was as he was doing this and started his daughter to open a bottle of champagne. And he he he's just lovely. And here's a little bit of Jose Ellen on the show I love you so much. What is art? And that's Andy in the background. I'm not letting him in the House. Because we're we're you know so. He's in the yard on the almost good Spanish man. Yeah Lebron all right Jose. You are always always helping. You're on the front lines. No matter you in Puerto Rico you are in the Malibu fire in Montecito you. You're always helping and now New York is hit so hard. Tell me what it's like out there because you are on the front lines. Listen a right now. The people of wasn't kitchen. We are in more than seventy cities. We are not only the United States wearing the Spain wearing Colombia. Venezuela require reunites on. Let me tell you only Washington DC. When you go around you see that all of the southern homeless are now going back with her shoulders. Because they're afraid of the southern utterly homes. They need help because the people who were providing for them for different reasons are not able to do so on organization language central kitchen or others have to step in those other than need our love now more than ever. Hospitals adult is saddened. They need help goes they have more work is more people more both. There's more nurses working putting seven and they need our help because sometimes the kitchen What's kitchen the men and women and many organizations we're here who or those? Voters nurses five indies war. The least we can do this. Folks like me is being there feeding anybody that needs of hours of our help and showing the plate of food is the beginning of a better tomorrow all right now. Let's talk about the Brooklyn Landlord. We're calling in what we do at the show. Is We give everyone at title so he might have a name. It's in my name is okay. Let's Salerno you know what I call them. I think of this guy. We're going to learn about it shortly. Do you remember the Restaurants Salerno? We used to fuel as we were getting ready to launch ellen. Yes yes and the guy who arms make a place called. Yes we used to. We used to walk the walk over folly building. And then we meet this guy we meet this guy from Brooklyn New York Right Salerno so our producer. One of our one of our actually car hogen really her. Name's Carl Hogan Leonardo. We riccar Hogan she saw this guy unless you saw news story on him or where she saw but the way after she saw him she was like. We've got to have this guy on the show because he in addition to running an autobody shop really garage mechanic businesses father started like sixty years ago they also happen to own a lot of apartments they have one hundred and some tenants almost two hundred tenants they have if and he went around putting signs on all their doors saying no rent for April. You don't know it it's not do don't you. Don't pay me back down to do. It's just you are rent-free about that relief. Think about that relief for those people that that is like a godsend for anybody and he to look. It does not strike me as a person who is like wildly independently wealthy. He's just doing the right thing. We ask them why. I'm apply play a clip of it because his personality jumps off the zoom and he said because of the humanity it's humanity. That's why but what we're going through his like nothing any of us had ever seen and it's the right thing to do that's what And we just we just love that about him and he also told us that his if he calls his wife during the Ellen show from the garage. She yelled him in. Here's a here's a little bit Pam Oreo. Were you fantastic? How are you fine? Thank you for having me on it and you really look terrific bear? Thanks Andy is in the yard. I don't let him in the House. So he's out there socially distancing himself from me I hear that there's a sign that says be kind to one another. It's at right behind. You is that they're all the time or did you do that for me today. It's there all the time and be kind to one and and that's the only thing right now that we're not having social distance in from right now that's a good thing that's a good thing. You are in incredible man stories like this are stories that we're going to remember because this will this will come to an end. This will pass. Who knows when but the fact that someone like you you have eighteen buildings. Two hundred tenants and you told all of them. You don't have to pay rent. That is a lot of money out of your pocket. What why did you? I mean a lot of people struggle with that decision. I did that not only humanity but these tents the mind like my family and they were struggling Tough Times and to me. It wasn't potted a money. 'cause that's irrelevant to human life and I had attendance. Come to me crying. Tell me they couldn't afford nine even put a meal table so I thought it all lay after the first in a second ten game an ice says listen to me. I think to myself. It's easier for me to tell him on a wave the ramp I want them to make sure they have food on the table. I WanNa make sure they could take care of them. Roommates end their neighbors and police. If we could pass this on to someone who needs a little extra help I would really appreciate. That guy was amazing. What else what else is going on. Another amazing we have on the show quite regularly nowadays. Is You know stop it. Tell the Nice People. Yes so we were talking to our director yet. There's one position that you like to stand when you stand there and actually looks like you're a tiny little genie popping balance head. No one really enjoys a ideas. Stand right there. Well I don't anymore I've been told talk position our director or it was me over but tell everyone why you've stood with Hugh stood versus where you would like you to stand down when I'm breathing well. There is a very hot sun. That's happening there and I'm coming home on finding the last few weeks with very read back of my neck So I try and get into the shade but that apparently is not a good place for me to be so I'm trying. I'm trying to work with everyone to be in the right place. I also have a hard time in case anybody notice. I have a hard time standing. Still get you. Don't really stay in one place. Let's say when my when my wife wanted to destroy the plants behind her wife watches it. She goes. It's a little distracting. Sometimes when you move and I'm like he's been married to shootings on of you walking around because the camera doesn't move right so the camera shooting Allen doesn't move so you walking around some movement in the shot I think you've been terrific and a lot of the interviews when Ellen is included you for you to ask a question. I think you have asked. I think you've asked really smart. I think he's and I think you have brought really interesting perspective to some of the guests segments and I know Ellen likes it and I certainly enjoy it. I'm having such a good time with it just because I'd feel blessed to be able to get out of the house a couple days a week to shoot these shows to have drive to her house into very safely do it. And as we've said before we are doing everything in our power to get these shows on the air so we can get everybody staff and crew paid And we've been successful at that and and I'm happy about that and and I'm having a good time. I'm having fun. Sometimes people say to me. You hate being outside do you. And I'm like I love every second of it. It's sort of the perfect role for you because Ellen does not require you to pay full attention and we're still in the we're still knows. I'm not capable Mike the moment so I like the moment where we're watching the monitors and I see Andy's monitor I see Ellen interviewing guests and I can tell that Ellen is leading to question that she would like anti to ask as that's happening. My phone will get a notification that India has just tweeted so we know he's clearly I can see them out there on his phone and he may as well be at a coffee shop like memory that there's a show going on us Mike. He and he's tweeting. And then what do you think Andy? I will say this. I WanNa say something in the studio for whatever reason I really do. Not like to be surprised. I don't like when they come to me when I'm not expecting it for some reason part. Maybe it's because I'm only getting out of the House two out of seven days. There is something I'm really liking about. I don't know Kevin torturing the I guess would be the word I would use but some of the things that the writers and Kevin Surprising me with at least it gives me makes me I get such a kick out of Ellen saying I left something for you in the bushes and the note should have when you have wandered off somewhere that you're doing your thing that she has seen that as an opportunity to go and physically play something in the bushes like laundry. Thanks to read I just. I know she gets a kick out of like all right. He's not around like out. Put that there and then you had to a it's been Yeah it's been interesting. It's it's such an interesting way to do shows. It's obviously very challenging. Not For me. But for all the Everything involved in doing it. But I'm grateful that we're asked me to go through some of the stuff that we've had him do out there. What's become a family? Favourite here is watching without sand. Sound is not necessary of me jumping on a giant blue ball going to stay on top of it. The blue balls. Oh good one of my favorite lines of the week. It's on the good grass a man. Yeah Yup a little clip of you try to mimic twitched A. So perfectly on his balls. Yep IS ANDY. I'm his he quit. Twitches a master of his balls. What are we even talking about? We're talking about There's a ball out there and ate. Dc Yes I did see that okay. What does that or so what? I couldn't watch. Which was you're gonNA roll it really fast away from you and then you're going to run and jump on it and try to see how far you can roll. Yes but I try to stay on the ball and try to roll like Superman. Try to fly off the ball practicing all right. Yeah all right all right you can also sit on it when you get tired but I think you should okay all right you like sitting on a big blue bowl one more time whereas it's on the good grass going down with us The next let's see. I think it commercial Allen Anti did live commercial for Native Organic Deodorant of Soda. And here's a little inside baseball. We did that integration. Because and he doesn't wear stinks so we thought getting paid Wasser. We could send some to his house. Yeah why not have to bring it up and when you're in the DNA. Makeup of Andy. You also have to put it on your back. In any way I have hair. He gets the wide world roller. I hate you just for still hate now out there. Thank you for doing it. Thank you for showing has who we love. Just like bring so much coolness I love having twitch twenty I look forward to being back in the studio and back my stool in my old role. But I'm enjoying this Azam as it happens to be back with all the writers and producers and my got an audience since like walking in rehearsal. Camera Gaza Kevin. Have you thought of this idea is like I just missed? The whole Parisian show is such calm. There's so much broderie their netflix. All better when we're together that's really. The goal is to get back to that as quickly as possible as quickly as everyone will let us do that. Kev. Would you say that the The addition of Andy to the one with twitch like if you know twitches the cool factor and the blank factor. Andy is the spontaneous fact. Jeff thank you Kevin. That could've taken aback. That was a hanging curve about whatever we eat twitch pop up like you don't know if Maddox is going to be there with them you don't know if the baby is GonNa be with their with the with him you know because life is going on and and I love seeing glimpse into into his and see what's going on. Can I talk about our boss for a minute? I can you please. I've always been impressed. I've been impressed for as long as I've known her. I was impressed before I knew her. I'm unimpressed by everything that she does and everything that she brings but last week she was so moved by watching the news and seeing people lining up in certain cities. Seeing people lining up to half to Get Food handed to them into their cars and how long people were waiting to get food and not knowing when they got to the front of the line whether or not. They'd be food there for them. Allen and Porsche donated a million dollars to try to help feed people and they and they had already made donations privately without selling leasing man and then and then she was like you know what. I don't like to draw attention to myself but I WANNA try to inspire others to do the same because this is unacceptable. What's happening to people? And so she imported donated a million dollars and it was because her heart was breaking watching what was happening to people on the news and she she does so much on the show and she does so much every day to try to ease the burden net regular people are going through it just it was just the greatest gift. I I was I once again. W proud of what she does. Finally I have been so devastated by seeing all the people lined up waiting for food. Every time I see those cars and those people I- I cry. I can't imagine what it's like to be sitting for hours and hours waiting to get food and hoping there's going to even be any left by the time you get there. It's it's heartbreaking and it's overwhelming I've already given to To some of my favorite charities including direct relief because so many people need buddy but today portion I personally donating one million dollars to meals on wheels. No Kid Hungry and America's Food Fund. I usually don't talk about my personal donations at something. I keep private but I'm really hoping that this inspires anyone. Who's in a position to help to help? Because there's a lot of need out there awesome. You know she. She's changed the way all of us look at life like she's you know she's. Can we also talk about the all in challenge? Sugar so the allman challenge. I think this started by Leonardo DiCaprio. And and Steve Jobs as widow Llerena. Yeah I didn't know I didn't know how to for no reason Powell job and they are challenging people to create experiences that that people can bid on. I think it's twenty five dollars. It's like buying a raffle ticket. You buy a raffle ticket for twenty five dollars and you could win apart yet in. A Martin Scorsese movie. That Leo DiCaprio is in and what I love about. It is that ultimately. It's twenty five hours that can get you that part and it's not. It's not like you have to win the Fancy Experience and Leo Challenged Ellen and Allen said what if I auction off a chance to co host Maestro with me. Thanks for challenging me. I like a challenge. Which is why I tried to put genes on today while the elastic fans. Really you get used to those. So here's here's what I'm offering us. Someone who donates at least twenty five dollars will get the chance to be my co-host for a show you'll spend the day at the studio learn how we produce it. You'll get to be next to me when I do. The monologue helped me interview some amazing a-list celebrities and finally Andy will drive you home. That is thanks Dante. What see WHO's Co hosted the show will Jennifer Aniston has co hosted the show Justin. I think maybe Justin Timberlake as maybe a shower like real deal. Big folks have done this. And for twenty five dollars you can get a chance to co host the show with Alan. Now you can buy as many twenty five dollars tickets as you want but it only takes one ticket to win and you can win a chance to co host with and that money. Also all goes to American Food Fund to help America's people who need it yet. America's Food Fund started by Leo Jose Andreessen a couple of others. And it and it's all about getting food to people so it goes to direct relief. It goes to feeding America. The it's it's it's incredible and just for Indigo yes. I'm GONNA do this. I WANNA be a part of this and I want to offer the biggest possible thing I can and then on top of it. Yes I just WANNA throw in a million dollars yes. I can't I can't stop the feeling of I want to do more. So yeah that's the challenge to go look forward the Hashtag and you can bid on it and you're not bidding. Actually all you're doing is contributing twenty five dollars if you can obviously and then you can host With l get to work you get to work with Ellen but then you get to also spend the day with us. Exactly which swing by Bennie. Hydro say whenever these things happen. It's people like Jose Andres Leo DiCaprio. They always step up. Always buy them all personal friends of mine so that the minute they reach yes. I'm on board well friends. It's that time where we say subscribed today on Apple podcast or wherever. You're listening to this podcast right now. Don't forget to watch ellen weekdays for even more listen Thursday because we have everybody. Thanks for it by the pressure. My upbringing I win. I win Porsche on your favorite.

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