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Previously on the tony kornheiser show. Yeah now they've done very well under him. I have to check to see how many times they made the conference finals. But gordon hayward would opt out four million dollars in your hand when you got injured two years ago. Yeah i know. I was here as well. Yeah he's been his whole story with the celtics has been icons on the floor. Yeah so expulsion catch up. Yeah spy it. The tony kornheiser show is on now. I don't bleed for gordon hayward he just made one hundred twenty million dollars from charlotte. He's going to play from michael jordan and he's going to go play with lamelo ball you know people have moved around nobody consequential moved right. Nobody really consequential has moved yet. But gordon hayward is relatively consequential certainly could help charlotte. We are going to do shows. Monday wednesday and friday. This week we will do a show after thanksgiving and the thought behind it is a. I have nothing else to do and be. You'll hate your family beyond words by then and you'll be afraid that they're going to give you the virus so you may as well listen the two one. Five showers in the forecast. Yes so i can't play can't teatime can't get a tee time at columbia cannot get a time because there is a conspiratorial. I mean i don't wanna sound like the president of the united states current president united states and talk about conspiracy theories but it seems clear to me that a small cadre of people have gone Through vpn probably and they've gotten the ability to get into the system and book all the good times now just all data system that we have access to but the times seats taken. Yeah because we got one the other day we got a time the other day for three twenty four. It's dark at four thirty. Three twenty four means you play four holes. It's just ridiculous so luckily we were able. Steve rose and i were able to get out earlier. Michael's here you can hear his voice. I wanted to read a couple of emails. This is from mike. O'brien in boston formerly rivera. This is a couple of weeks ago. So the news is old but the he said i had to fly to fort myers to be with my mom because she's getting is surgery this week so that was a couple of weeks ago. We hope that went well. Needless to say. I'm not excited to fly but was excited to see my connection was in dulles not reagan as i was hoping but it was dulles which is such a generic airport. But that isn't the point of the story being in dc. I was so excited to where my chatter t shirt. Because i figured i'd get so many. Tk salutes and people coming up to me reminiscent about all the good times. They had chatter even though apparently nobody went there. Because it's out of business while all buying water at hudson news a guy came up to me with his son and said you listen to mr tony. I said yes i do. I love hearing his hot. Sports takes tyler. Who had long hair when he played for the wizards man looked at his ten year. Old and said give it to the man. The ten year old handed me a small box of walkers and gave me the salute and lychees. Arenas dad said this is the garbage. He gives out for halloween. You'd figure that. Espn money he give out. Full-size payday bars. Wonderful emailed as is this. This is from stephen. Coleman yesterday was my first day at my new job. It wasn't too bad. Considering i had to tell a work from home. After twenty years military service in the united states air force officially retired on november first with all the trials and tribulations covid nineteen has brought many people this year. What idiot retires during the global pandemic as a longtime listener to the podcast. Pti crazy stories from bambi at the little house to china sink. Your phone to the cadillacs got me through many rough days both home and abroad. Thank you for many years of entertainment into many more in the future by the way had some assistance. I need some assistance with my fantasy bowling league. I didn't know there was such a thing i have. The number two picks. Should i go jake or butter. F- or don barrett. Sean nash and jason del monte or too shabby either again. Thank you sir. I'll take your answers off the air or more jason del monte Or more of the cornhole experts. Yeah we don't we don't know this at all so anyway let's do some. Nfl bunch of great games. Yesterday the the kansas city chiefs game and i did not stay up for the end. I believe the kansas city chiefs are the best team in football You could make the case that right now. The pittsburgh steelers are the best team in football. Both of them are in the. Afc a lot of the really good teams seemed to be in the afc. There is much more compression in the nfc. The worst teams in the nfc have three wins or four wins the worst teams in the afc have no wins or one win so the disparity in the afc from top to bottom is greater but the better teams. I believe her in the afc. Andy reid now. Nineteen and three out of a by and he had to win late and the reason he could win. Late is kaz patrick. Mahomes as the best player in football and pretty much has been since he became a star in the first half and have this is what the third time andy reid. Nine nine and one in kansas city is that right. i think i just saw it on the news. Well i mean andy reid. Nineteen and three out of a bye week. That's a big game. The raiders are better than you thought at the beginning of the year. The raiders beat them in kansas city. Took the victory lap in the buses. Angered andy reid. maybe And and now the chiefs came back. But the raiders covered. Chuck todd in the middle of very bad week. One and five jeff ma three two and one but chuck todd one and five at the moment got beat on green bay green. Bay's a three point game. The green bay game. Aaron rodgers takes him down. The field takes one shot in the end zone doesn't get it gets the tie and then his receiver. Fumbles like on the second play of the overtime and indianapolis winds indianapolis pretty good. I apologize for my scratchy throat but indianapolis is pretty good at this point. I think better than we thought. Philip rivers so i know chuck todd hays. Philip rivers. Did a pretty good job. Follow that a real quarterback. Did you notice at the end of the game. Where aaron rodgers was talking to. Philip rivers and philip rivers is much bigger than i thought. He's gotta be. Could you look philip. Rivers is c. Six five or as aaron rodgers. Five ten at this point because he seemed to tower over in the way my son towers over me. That was a really good game. Packers colts the chiefs. Game was great. Yeah six five to twenty eight. He's a big boy than i thought. Yeah he's bigger because he doesn't throw big he throws smalley throws side army throws patriots and Texans good game interesting game to watch cam. Newton cam throw at deep anymore. He can't they look like they're going to be out of the playoffs. Falcons and saints. Everybody was wringing their hands about tatum. Hill including me. I mean i really thought jason james winston would start all tastes. Some hill did was be great. I mean the that shuts everybody up and again the one thing i did say on. Pti was look. I thought jameis winston would start and he would get better. I said the reason. I thought he would get better. Is because of sean payton. Because i think sean payton's a genius on offense. And so i said but he's he's now. Yeah i said if sean payton is going take some hill. I'm going to withhold any criticism. Till i see what happens in the game and take hill was really good. Surprise where the rushing touchdowns right. He's a good runner. Yeah no no no. He's a very good runner. he's got. That's those are seventh and eighth rushing touchdowns in his career. he'd only thrown twenty passes in his whole career. He threw three more passes yesterday then in his whole career. The cowboys vikings. That was a terrific game. Cowboys win much like the washington football team. They are three and seven and a half a game out at advance. Dallas week apparently. Yeah we didn't have this. Giving neither michael. Nor i knew that that was this thanksgiving game at dallas. So that was good. Eagles brown's the eagle stink. I their offense scored for the first half they're just tear carson wentz. I mean you just have to say to yourself boy. Oh boy did. Did they have thrown good money after bad. It's just not. it just doesn't seem to work. Oh he did win that super bowl. Yeah no he did it. The other guy exactly and titans ravens. That was a really good game. I now once again. you're asking. The question is lamar jackson incapable of winning big games. Tennessee came back in that game and in the overtime hand into the big board. Use hannah tomb. See what happens did you did you like. I love that game. I was so. I was watching a lot of that red zone and i feel so bad because at the end of the game. I'm not gonna lie. I took the boys out to play. T-ball this is going to go for a ride. And i see a neighborhood neighborhood kid and when you have a kid around the same age you always start. Engaging he's wearing jackson jersey. And i'm like did you see that touchdown pass to a andrew right at the author marc-andre the tight end thirty one. Thirty one yard that romo explained so well as to you know like okay. If he's not a neat you're going to throw it out just to keep it safe. Pretty turns them around some going into that. I'm so animated and his mom just looks goes. He didn't see over time. Did you should like. We had to get out of the house. I'm so sorry. I was so the other thing i wanted to say was what made me feel. The worst was joe burrow Now i don't know what it is if it's if it's an acl or it's something but immediately if you go back and football for say the last ten twelve fifteen years and you think of carson palmer at cincinnati and other heisman trophy winner. Who looked so good and then in his first in the first few minutes of his first playoff game got an injury that he never really got over. Cas cincinnati can protect them and it doesn't look like they can protect joe burrow. And i think joe burrow's really good really good and he goes out and he says see next year on a tweet so he knows it's bad that made me feel bad was not a dirty play. No the field strikes again not a dirty play at all by the way when when washington wears those particular uniforms and i've seen them where those over the years once in a while. I love those uniforms. The burgundy sort of really solid color shirts without a lot of a demi left t- also keeps growing on you in growing like it. I mean i got a text the other day from a friend of mine said when are they going to change the name and i said why why why would they change the name. Why would why would you give them a nickname when it's always going to be compared to forgive me for saying this redskins and it's never going to be well liked in the same way that that was. Why wouldn't you stay with this where it has a very old timey look to. It doesn't it. Does i just wish it was established. Twenty twenty and the ever forget. Yeah it looks. It looks pretty good. I've thermostat issues in my house. That i don't wanna talk to you about at one point. I wrote a note. I wrote this particular note to open the show. With which is you have to fire. Adam gays right and then they just got back in the game at the end. The jets covered. Jeff ma one on the cover and they covered because the charges took a safety right. What did they win by that. Was they won by six. So that's two points. What was that. What was the spread in that game. Nigel nine and a half. they would've covered anyway. The jets have covered anyway. So jeff ma was three into twenty four twenty eight and three. Reginald finally had a winning week. He was two and one half good for monkey but he's fourteen and nineteen shows. Chuck todd chuck todd on thursday and lost every game yesterday. Lost five yesterday. And he's got the rams plus three and a half against tampa bay tonight. He could go one in six chuck. Todd won the week. He needed to win. Yes yes he did. That was a couple of weeks ago. Anyone still riding high so we will get out of here now and when we come back michael wilbon will join excited wilpon. He's very excited about northwestern extremely short. He's really so let's get out of here. I'm tony kornheiser. This is the tony kornheiser show. 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The defense was by. Terry was crying. I pray to poster this. Is dan sleep sleepless. Risky dream of trubisky our coaches and our cubeys. All one big Buffo it's all been downhill since the super bowl. Craig herring kramer evans. Kate mcmahon in mississippi canada town. Last cheer for was a lineman called the bridge as you do bridge. Nick foles latest exploits. Just more halis hair michigan avenue. Great dan bern playing michael wilbon with a song every single name. he is familiar with. But i'll get to better times early on northwestern wins. Michael is sitting here. I said i watched the whole game. He said you might as well be a donor at this point. You care so much about north western that had to make you ecstatic ecstatic because north wet because kansin came in with an offense that looked tremendous. And you shut down. That kid mertz totally. Yeah tony by the way. The song is hysterical. But the person is sort of exposed himself. When he said that they weren't buying single-tier. I sorta you sorta as tight as it was otherwise. So it's ninety nine percent net. Line makes me go up not chicago there man. Don't you can never say not buying single. I know but it did. It unraveled because of that. It's like oh no no. No that's one of the magic names. You can insult every quarterback forever and he did. That was brilliant. But you can't. You can't touch single terry. So now Yeah tony as you know. I thought wisconsin was overrated coming into the season. I didn't like look. Do you know there's a great stat. And i'm gonna get it wrong too early for me to be trying to juggle stats but North western is like four and three against wisconsin wisconsin three or four against north western over the last seven years against everybody else in the conference. Wisconsin is like fifty something in three. We have beaten wisconsin more than the rest of the conference in the last seven years. Yeah heard that stat on during the game. And i was or maybe it was big ten network layer when i was watching so much. I reveled it. That's the greatest birthday present was. My birthday was thursday to that saturday birthday. That saturday win. That's that's you know. It's one of our signature wins. Particularly game was on. Abc and most of the country is in the three thirty time slot to p north. Western's i used to be in the two three thirty time slot after national game. that's alabama. that's george michigan state at. Usc is not us and to win. That game. that way on national television is just that you know and to be just basically blanket as you mentioned just. i mean. i wasn't a job. Twenty seven seventeen seven job but as you know the big ten of ten point win can be. You know. I mean it could accurately be crushing. And it's sorta was for wisconsin. Defense has been crazy. Good points in the second half in five gangs two points total. So of course now tony. I'm already terrified. i'm i'm. I'm i'm worried about michigan state. This week because michigan state has had a week off and our kids. Tony we we. We don't we. Don't do well in the lead position. We don't do well favorite. And i'm thrilled that we're eleven but part of it. We're ranked eleven. I texted you yesterday but now now we're going to be favored to win the final three big ten games until the dynamic tony that we you know we all really handle historically that will so. I'm terrified about that now. But yeah. they're wisconsin game. That was a. That's a high that that's a lifetime highlight circumstance and win for us so we have our great endear mutual friend david israel who also a graduate of northwestern and i i emailed him about congratulations on the win and he said don't get crazy. Ohio state has forty five four and five star recruits northwestern has four four and surely ohio state. Yeah yeah i'll come into. That new building went up that you saw beautiful lord. Yeah beautiful building and so ohio state will certainly be favored. There's a long term. Play though. And i need to ask you about this. I told you yesterday. I would ask you about this. Your coach pat fitzgerald was an academic all american at northwestern. He's done a great job at northwestern he has more wins than anybody ever there. Maybe he hasn't put the program and the map in the way that our par- seekin did but he's been a great coach. He has always rumored to be going to either notre dame michigan if those jobs are open and one of those jobs will be open soon. Jim harbaugh will doubtless leave a michigan. One way or another. But what david said and this is the and i know. You don't want him to coach. Notre dame or michigan because it's college and its lateral. What what if. The bears job opened. What if the bears job open then. They went to the local kid. What do you what what you couldn't say. No could you know. I don't think he can't make you. Can i mean pat fitzgerald grew up like i did in the place i did you know. I think i've written several times to check the mileage. I think my house up. My my parents grew up in ninety. Two miles from south bend. Pat fitzgerald grew up. Like i dunno eight miles south of me. He's like eighty four miles up southbound. I don't know whether fits. Hey you either. You grew up. We grew up either adore notre dame. And you you just adored it and you wanted to go there you that resistible or you hate it. And so. I don't know if it comes out. And let me tell you why he's never going to notre dame first of all things got a coach and they're going be college. No names like casting about for coach now yet so i said to yesterday. How much do you think the salary of the coast. I was stunned when you wrote this to me. I was stunned at how much money brian kelly makes it. Notre dame absence twenty six seven million dollars. Maybe i would have thought it was at least six or seven million dollars. I looked up one point. Six six seven million dollars. You wanna so low makes right now. It's over three three. It's twice as much as kelly almost to pay if if what if what is published is accurate. Let me just say that if what is accurate three point three three point four and so i don't know what i gotta be. The highest paid coach in the conference. I mean they will get there if you don't have already there. Maybe he's already there kerr. But but but michigan is michigan. Turning on the the the bloom is off the rose. I mean i. I don't know that. I don't think that the michigan job is so great. That path is look. They're gonna cau- they're going to call us and say we wanna talk to pass this joe. I told you last night. I would say that michigan hike eat dirt. Give you permission to do anything. You're nothing anymore. So that leaves notre dame. Would you take. would you take fifty percent. Pay-cut no no no. You wouldn't know no so now you raise you raise this thing. It gave me an china the rest of the day. You put me on the phone yesterday calling people because it makes sense and david's idea. Yeah it's david's idea. That that i started calling people with ties to both chicago northwestern bears and basically the reaction was. Yeah yeah i've been fearing this. The last filling like twenty four hours forty eight hours two weeks. Whatever and i don't know tony. I feel the bears to me. Need the fire nagy. I've i've been. I've been following northwestern football system mid seventies. Maybe a year to before i went there when i knew i was gonna go to north western. So that's forty five years. I've been there ten years longer. Thank you know. I mean i just have And so so a lot of these people they have that relationship with it. I don't know. I don't know the bears at the top of the tree are smart enough to call pat. I don't know if they understand what the bears need right now. They don't often have guru. You know how that worked out. Mark trestman how that worked out matt nagy. They don't need a defensive guru. How that workout. Dave wants that how that work out john fox. Although worked for lovey. They they don't they don't. I don't know that they're smart enough to understand. They need to see they need. They need fitzgerald. They the guy who can be the face of that thing and electrify town but also coach and so pass not just a northwestern. He's chicago guy. he continues bears. That's who he is. So so you know i look. I'm terrified of michigan state minnesota illinois right. Now so i you know. I'm stopping the train. Just short of hold on let pat jump off but if the business smart. That's that's you know what. I don't think people you don't you. Don't lose names. You don't recognize ted phillips and the know people who involve the running of the chicago bears in the name of the houses. And i don't know that they're smart enough to understand he could be the guy now that right now like at like if we go to a second big ten championship game in playhouse. The i don't care what the result is if we go there and a second time in three years. How many times michigan been lately. Last three zero would be correct. And by the way harbaugh you know how long i wanted kharbatha costa bears. I do i know that. yeah so. it's the irony is inescapable for for people. Like me and for david israel and for the folks so i don't know i i'm afraid of the big ten west right now so i'm i'm not counting chickens but yeah you put me in a panic yesterday when when you relate that and I i mean. I'm proud of where they are i to we got. I told you at the beginning of this year. We got sunday players and it is interview with. Espn on the field afterward. Fits said almost that sentence he got guys who are going to be all americans we got guys. We're gonna play on sunday. That may not be a big deal even say at merlin but we have sunday always something else. Yeah we we we oughta graham. We got a greater quarterback in the history of northwestern than either the the how eight they don't have anybody like grammy history so we have. We have sunday people but not the abundance. We have now man. And so i if we can just get through these next three weeks until house they. I'll take whatever the result is for the how we get. We get to the nfl briefly. I just wanted to bring up this one thing. You're not on the show. You took the day off friday. Which is fine when the announcement was will not the announcement when it was reported that tatum hill and not jameis. Winston would start for new orleans. I was skeptical. I think everybody was skeptical. What what tempered. My skepticism was my feeling sean. Payton really is an offensive genius over a long period of time. I think he knows what he's doing. And i think if he chose this guy over that guy. I was going to wait and see. It turned out to be a very good choice. Did not taste them hill. The saints again look good. They looked good. I thought the entire volume over the discussion was over modulated. This like he didn't say he was sending james winston to bermuda tasting hill. Who who has played in that system some for years. So i thought that the whole discussion was just sort of overwrought overly dramatic and just like stop you know and so i thought where he started with been fine. He'll bring in the other guy if he needs to the winston play any snaps. I don't think so i'm not. I mean i was on the red zone. I didn't see it. I just want i have now at the point. Th the the the overstatement of everything that happens in the nfl. To the point. Where i'm now root for everything that everyone else is talking isn't talking about. So you know this awarding of the championship trophy to tampa bay. What i've seen them get beat by forty bears like. Don't tell me that. Don't tell me that this is the the seven or eight patriots or whatever it was when they went now because it really looks like if you're paying attention it really looks like pittsburgh in kansas city are above it really see they don't. They don't seem bay. I don't know but i think is interesting. Tonight is interesting. The sunday night and monday night have have some heft to them. Because i wanna see what you know t to tampa. Tom does because he's had to. He's had to embarrassing losses. Tom brady doesn't have that no orleans coach coach at all. So let's see what they're going but Yeah tony and and by the way. I made the mistake i. I even said last night watching the kansas city game. I know you asleep. And i said okay. If the raiders is coming here and be kansas city. I want to hear everybody's excused this morning on every network covers. Football raiders. look good. They look good and they had the game. Wait the other guy is the best then. Put the raiders are better than we thought the raiders. After four weeks after ten weeks there are a lot better than than we thought he really good and i. they aren't kansas city. Do you want to see them in the afc championship game. I don't know no you know. And so i thought man. There's there's some intrigue there which we didn't think we had And maybe new orleans. Wow if new orleans. Look i don't expect him to win convincingly every week but wow i don't think breezes coming back come on. The dude has ten fracture. Honey fractures can you have in your ribs without being in a car accident and seven car pileup so a lotta ribs. So why this notion that drew brees. Somebody had a great line on radio. Yesterday i was out. I left my house for like four minutes the entire day. You gotta get subway sandwich and turned on some radio and somebody said you know if for jubran. I feel fine. I'm gonna be back soon. I wanna hear somebody with dr in front of his name saying now. 'cause i ain't by it. He'll be back soon they put him on. Ira he's gotta miss at least four to six the no. He's not going to see you later. I'll talk michael wilpon. Boys and girls will take a break back. Forty will join us when we return pat forty of sports illustrated. I am tony kornheiser. This is tony kornheiser show. This is the ben shero. Add now. I know that i've been corrected and not to save in shero vin sarel but i save in chair because i think they want you to save in chiro. This is the black friday cyber monday week. So that is going on right now. Until the second of december it's fifteen percent off sitewide twenty percent off to more twenty five percent off three hundred dollars or more free shipping on all orders and the discount will be applied for everyone meaning. No coupon code will be required. Be sure to say up to twenty five percent off so you're going to get a code. Anyway that says tony but even if you blow it you're going to get the whole thing. 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And eli minnesota up in the north woods minnesota and there was nothing to do any line minnesota but write a song called. Eli minnesota are. The album has just been released. On friday which coincided with band camp fridays in which the website waves its revenue share and gives that directly to the artists. That's very very nice Michael if people like the alice winds trio of the great dan bern one send in their music. How did they do send us your music. By emailing it to jingles at tony kornheiser show dot com. And really as you know you can less anthem voice. You can listen to this music without me. Talking over it. At the end of the podcast. Pat forty of sports illustrated joins us. Now there are million things to talk about to have come up immediately. We're going to talk about so many games being lost the corona virus but to have come up immediately and because dabo sweeney had his fifty first birthday on friday and then on saturday got angry at florida state. Let us start with that. Sweeney is is saying. This game was postponed because of the virus. It was not. The implication is at florida state was gutless. And didn't wanna play them. Does that hold water for you know. It really doesn't now. Here's something we're going to be running into. I think increasingly down. The stretch of the season is who still wants to play. And who doesn't who. Just you know trying to come up with reasons. They don't want to play. But in this instance. I mean clemson flew to tallahassee with the player who was positive who was on the plane who was interacting with all his teammates And if that's the case of order state. I don't blame for two statement saying no. We don't feel great about this situation. They may also feel great about losing sixty five or six but legitimate concern on on their behalf. Here at this point. Yeah so so is. Sweeney is is he looking for headlines or is he. What is his motivation in this so i thought well first of all. He doesn't want this to be seen as clemson was responsible. Taking a covid positive player to They didn't tell hassi. And and also the the kid practice that week and you know it's like hey what's glimpse but then also you know. I do think that they're feeling very much. Yeah florida states ducking us. I mean clemson as florence. Thank for to stay mates. clemson This you know dallas wean has yet take the virus terribly seriously. You know in any form or fashion. It seems like they get him to wear a mask on the sideline but if you remember going back this was a situation one of these guys. That was The most concerned about things going back to two spring. No i would say that. Gundy and sweeney are sort of the anti Tooth squad in terms of the virus whereas nick sabin Who for you know on a lot of levels. I find him a phony but he's he's been good on this hasn't he. He's worn the male time. He's been good. Yeah no he's been very serious about it and that i don't know i mean it may be legitimate concern. Maybe hey we don't play football without mass. So we're wearing masks. You know. I don't know but yeah gundy and and dental i would say i. I'm not general devils. Quite going to the point of of taking up per se or o. a. n. but But otherwise i would put him in the category back in the spring. Certainly of all this just a hoax. you have a piece out on auburn. I have not gotten to read it but since he wrote it. You can explain it to me. But if i understand it correctly it basically says yeah. The end is near for this program. Yeah yeah and this is the thing with this program is that you know. They were given they were. They were involved in the federal investigation of college basketball. Back in twenty seventeen and the whole thing you know went underground and then they were given an double notice of allegations in january and refused to acknowledge it. Basically just wouldn't say it existed with say yes wouldn't say dow And left their fans and the public completely in the dark under the assumption. Everything's fine everything is fine. Is the problems here and they all of a sudden. They're imposing a postseason ban on themselves. Which do if everything is fine So this is a clear indication that what's in the notice of allegations from the ncwa is major at is serious and could result in a lot of penalties in auburn is trying to be clever here by saying well. This season going to be a mess. We're not going to be that good so we'll just take our band now and everything will be fine. And there's even a quote from bruce pearl that says we'll get this behind us. Well it's not really the way it's gonna work. I don't think that thera potential penalties out there that could last for a lot longer than one season he earned bruce pearl himself could be Very much impact but one of the good things about bruce pearl is that he's so great on tv that he'll get a job he's really good on tv. Yeah what about the other. Two big name schools that we wait for kansas and arizona. Yeah kansas sala definitely they don't open and said hey here's where we disagree. Were fighting it. But here's what we're charged with. Arizona has acknowledged receiving a notice of allegations that they haven't released it yet Both of them are major. Major cases. kansas's much further along. We're not sure exactly how far along but You know that one word. We're getting closer. I would think that that but still nothing. I don't think that comes out will affect kansas for this basketball season and certainly not arezzo for this basketball season. Not lsu probably not louisville maybe nc state. We'll see there's so many cases that are up in the air all right. We've let me get to the corona virus issue People that look at the nfl see that they play all the time. People look at college say. They are canceling postponing right and left here. The difference. one of the obvious difference is that the. Nfl can afford to test their people every single day because the money that they bring in is even greater than the money that the colleges bring in and it is more concentrated. Money what are we looking at with college football. It seemed like almost half the good teams were postponed this week. Yeah no that's the second week really in a row. Actually percentage of postponed games keeps going up. This is like we four in a row where we've had a steadily increasing number of games postponed. And you know we've already had to postpone for this thanksgiving week here so it's going to keep happening. I mean it's you know this is what happens is you. Try to drag this mess of a season to the finish line. You just have more and more places where it just like the rest of the country virus numbers are up. And you know a lot of this is contact tracing for people who've been around others who have tested positive but you know that's responsible way to handle it if you contact tracing have eighteen guys that are caught up in it will or you're probably not gonna play this week and You know college. Football is the conferences are doggedly determined to get their tv inventory. Get their number of games up so they can get checks from the tv networks for almost a full season so that's really the course year. The question is a you know. How many how far can they make it and we get to the actual end of the season. I think we'll probably can. How many games are people are gonna play. I don't know and then how do the players feel about this. I keep coming back to that. You know. I mean if if the athletic directors are going to be honest tony they still in the locker room and say look you all their tv inventory and we need you because that's what's going on. That's what's about. you is young man. It is bill our pockets with the usual amount of cash to run the department. And so we need you to play in these games that you really not may may not care that much about you. Have college kids right. You have college kids. who are athletes. They are not athletes on the level of bringing in money the way football players. But what do they say about their campuses. And what do they say about pushing football like this. Yeah well it's interesting actually. My my son had georgia's finished He's getting his masters degree now. So he's he's not practicing her involved You know georgia's situation is very different than stanford where my daughter is and You know stanford is such lockdown and has been the entire time there are no in person classes. There is nobody really on campus other than workout. Like she goes to the pool. She swims. she goes away room and she goes back to her house. And that is They have had been able to have to swim meets. They they i mean but they're both against california where you just get on a bus and over the counter. The towel comes to do It is been extremely extremely limited. I you know. I think that they look at the football situation like well. If that's what they've gotta do fine You know i don't. I think that you know. Obviously my daughter stanford they wanna swim. They want to compete. They want to practice. But i think they're also very understanding that the things have been extremely extremely limited in terms of what they can do. Because that's the way it is. That's not a money producing sport in the way that football's a money producing sport and these kids become lab rats. When they go out there we're going to have a college football playoff. I don't know how it's going to go in the time period. They wanted to go. Are you more of a believer than i am. And that you know. I i just think given what we've seen. There is a strong wheel to get there to have a playoff inhabit. Right on schedule and on time so by. Golly you know what we're putting on a show or gonna put on the cell. We'll see how many people can play. But i think that that there is a dog determination to have one so. Yeah i think we will I it's interesting one thing. I did pick up a couple of weeks ago. You know most of the schools if not all the schools in the playoff. We'll be east of the mississippi river and as usual there will probably be a collection either in the in the south. They don't really really want to go to the rose bowl they don't wanna get on a plane and flaw the way to los angeles for a game that say you know clemson and alabama could plant atlanta I don't think that the they'll be able to overturn the college football playoff structure. But there's you know for once in the history of college football. Nobody wants to go to the rose bowl. What about college basketball will it happen. What does that mean. They're starting on wednesday and there like nine million games scheduled that day like starting from and tone to a And they've got these big events in the mohegan sun and elsewhere and it's like why why didn't you just push everything to january conference these in the answer of course. Tv revenue tv. Yeah and i think they look and say well the nba not playing. Here's a chance for people to watch us. And while i understand that desire. I'm not sure it fits with the reality of the situation. And i think if you've talked to people like around college basketball coaches administrators players like. There's no way we're getting half. These games played. And i think it's just gonna be. We will be absolutely numb to the news of postponements and cancellations in basketball within just a few weeks. I mean i understand that. Rick pitino to a lot of people as persona non grata. That doesn't mean what he said is wrong. He's one hundred percent. Right isn't he. What am i doing yeah. I think that there could be a lot of merit to what he sang You know. I think starting a season right now is incredibly problematic and difficult and that it would have been better to at the very least. A scaled-down season starts in january. Maybe it's still ends in march but maybe you extend it and play more demet. Okay i mean. I would be open to at least exploring that but starting now It's got it's going to be really difficult. I mean scott. Drew is the coach at baylor. They're you know the one two three in the rankings depending lankans. You're looking at coaching their first games. He's got the virus and you could go on on on schools that are dropping out players that have it coaches that have it games. That aren't going to be played and that is just going to be a daily theme in a sport where they are trying to play hundreds and hundreds of games amazing. We'll get back to you on this. I'm sure very frequently. Thank you pat. All right my pleasure tony. Thank you pat. Forty sports illustrated. I- what it's the pros are different than college. It's just different. They didn't sign up to make money in the same way. We'll take a break. We will have email and a jingle when we return. I'm tony kornheiser. You'll listening to the tony kornheiser show. If you'd like to buy a soup define there's a place that you need if you need a new one do but you grant. It's been decline in the log onto e. k. Was the he every. Show little the skews own. You'll save a lot of send raises joe arrow. That is wonderful. He's a really good singer. It's all the no he's really really good. That's lovely night. So you wanna do the bethesda beta in my head again. Yes not you obviously very good. Yeah love them. You will as well for the location. Nearest you in the dc area just go to bethesda bagels dot com and then head on. We got the bagel sandwiches today. We're very happy you be will be as well when you head on. So nigel always song in here to see if i can identify him and now he goes the first thing i remember. I was lying in my bed. I couldn't have been more than one or two. This paul simon song and then he goes. I remember there's a radio coming from the room next door and he goes and my mother laugh the way some ladies do not mother. I wouldn't expect you to know this. It's my bubble left the way i can do. It's the grandmother. It's the way some ladies. It's late in the evening with the music seeping through. It's great song Thanks today to michael. Wilbon pat fortieth sports illustrated. Thanks our sponsors venturo and butcher box remember. You can listen to us on apple podcasts. Spotify google play radio dot com. If you get the show to i tunes please. Leave us a review from kenny ray. Fort walton beach florida. So michael needs a background photo for his peleton. Shirley sad picture of michael on ponies. Somewhere if not how about luca on horseback from sue meyer in ponte vedra beach in florida. The home sawgrass. Your discussion of michael's new fitness regimen on the peleton may be incredibly curious about his peleton. Leaderboard name nice owing on expect him to divulge it and his cycling anonymity but i did consider several possible options. I do wear white. Sailor dose starter. What the effort. We doing here me undies reader. Riding to the refugee sending new jingles. Pinehurst number two. Do you know who i am. I just hope leaderboard name is not michael. Kornheiser high five michael savage ponytail. If you see me on the peleton leaderboard. Dan fits in philadelphia. Michael sela bet golfers to for two unscrambling save other golfers nine for nine scrambling saves both are tied t one on scrambling for the rounded one hundred percent but which one is actually in i for scrambling guy who's playing well enough to only be two for two or the guy hitting all over the place but somehow gets up and down everytime nine for nine. Let's go for the two for two. I didn't know there'd be math on today's show though but you think it's the to for to think so is he's playing better given the nod. He's hitting the ball. Better from steve table in fort smith arkansas. Recently my son brought home some homework for his introductory introduction to philosophy class and he has for some help there was a bonus question which red foxes to rabbit a steel as the blank. He said he knew the answer. Had to be some form of metal weaker than steel. But which one irony asked copper aluminum. I looked at him in that loving way. Only fodder cannon. I said you're a moron. It's potato of course. It is a the potato after brief back and forth and bond hearing the source of my knowledge agreed to use that answer a few days later he called. He said that was wrong. As instructors said literally any metal would have been counted correct but sadly potato was not even an alloy. Was there for wrong even worse. His fellow students have taken a kalyan spud. And tater salad stick liberal. College professors are destroying this country from scott mcclellan in bethesda maryland. Five out of nine jaffna's happy with five out of nine versus kip ximan. I know you're an english major but that's a one win difference on the other hand i'm still paying off. Debts made on kipps. Winter forecast last year am awaiting this year's forecast from kipp but also interested to hear jeffs finale. Our new york the subaru owners. Think they're so high and mighty and care about the environment and a children's so much more than everyone else. Not so fast you hippie. Granola eating posers. If you really cared about the environment it'd be like me. You wouldn't even have a car if you really cared about your kids. You'd be like me and not actually have any kids. In order to avoid avoid overpopulation. That will inevitably destroy the environment and the earth that your children will inhabit boom. How's that logic for you. Bet they don't teach that at hotchkiss. Whatever other second rate prep school. You went to because i write. Prep school phillips exeter or at a long island public school like i did. You'd be able to afford a nicer car than a subaru. Eat it from mike. Roseberry state college pennsylvania. In the two weeks since i ratted out the peace subaru license plate. I've come to realize the real division in our country is not red state versus blue state. It subaru drivers versus those of us. Who want to see subaru drivers strung up by their to bet and boiled wool cardigan and dumped into a giant. Yeti coffee mug filled with boiling. Come buccio if i've pronounced that correctly. In your opinion what big ten school produces the most super drivers per capita i feel. It's a dead heat between michigan and northwestern williams. College has to be the national leaders. I'm pretty sure. Just put your diploma in the front seat of forest that you drive away at graduate. Shutting boden has something to say about that grows borough state college One more austin portland maine. I'd like to offer subaru drivers a reprieve and get back to what we can all come together on making fun of cilicia. I wanna walk this weekend. I saw a car with a weather cover over. it usually would know what kind of car was underneath. But the car covers. Said tesla i thought about asking if eliza has a car cover like this and uses it but we already know the answer to that. If you're out on your bike side everyone is always do wear white. Jesus am i speaking chinese. The do lamented vani. Buddy came the last exciting thing we had was the bridge on jumping up the michigan avenue bridge while the pack and aaron rodgers brett farve and bart star. We had rudy buke. Bobby douglas carter. I still have nightmares. Can can thompson. Larry rate struck. I'm waiting for payton fumble Drug dome try to comfort me. With butkus shane mack. I'm still recovering from kent. Mix and judge live. Jack walter scorns and of the fridge job. Then the michigan avenue bridge the eighty five bears like anybody cares since then we've gone nowheres. Who should have had more hardware. Surely were still. Try buddy ride. The defense was fine. Single terry was crying. I pray to my poster of luchman every night but sleep seems kind of risky. I might dream of chip bisky. Our coaches are. Qb's all one big kerfuffle. It's all been downhill since the super bowl. Shambaugh dave craig perry kramer evans. Kate mcmath tiresome in mississippi town. Last thing we cheer for was a and called the bridge up as you get an attitude. Rage nick foles latest exploit just more halis. Errative jumped ahead of michigan avenue a few Consume

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