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Introducing "Wind of Change," a new podcast from Pineapple Street, Crooked, Spotify, and Patrick Radden Keefe


Hey Everyone Ronin here about a year ago a colleague of mine at the New Yorker. Patrick Radin Kief took a break from his job at the magazine but wouldn't tell any of us. Why Patrick is an incredible reporter? He's covered drug cartels financial corruption. His book say nothing about the troubles in Northern Ireland. Just won a national book critics Circle Award for him to take a year off. That was a big deal but he added crazy story. He wanted to pursue one. He'd been thinking about for a decade. It was a big secret and we only knew the Vegas details. Germany Cold War. Cia HAIR metal turns out. Patrick was making a podcast about this story. And now we all finally know what he was up to ten years ago. Patrick heard a rumor that one of the most popular songs in rock history was actually the work of the CIA. It was propaganda. The rumor was so wild he had to get to the bottom of it. Patrick is such a reporter and this show is one of the craziest stories. I've heard there's so many twists in so many discoveries and also screaming nine eighties rockstars in tight leather pants. The show's called wind of change. And it was produced by Pineapple Street studios my partners on the catch and kill podcast along with crooked media my partner in other things. We're GONNA play the trailer for Patrick's new show here. If you want to listen to the whole series it's available right now to binge on spotify for every other platform there will be new episodes each week. Truly it is a show. America needs right now. It is fun it's escapist but it's also really revealing about a fascinating moment in history so listen to the trailer here and then go check it out when change from Pineapple Street studios crooked media and spotify. I WanNa tell you the story of a song. It might just be the most influential Song of the twentieth century. The story starts in Moscow at Lennon's Stadium and the summer of nineteen eighty nine for decades rock and roll had been all but banned in the Soviet Union because the Kremlin saw it as a threat to communist control but now the biggest heavy metal bands on the planet. I'd come to Moscow for an unprecedented concert. Motley crue was here and skid row Ozzy Osborne Jon Bon Jovi and these guys like this office a ban from West. Germany called the Scorpions according to rock. Legend the lead singer of the Scorpions. Klaus Mina was Su inspired by his experience in Moscow. That after the concert he wrote a New Song. It was a power ballad called a wind of change us. One listen a became the soundtrack to a revolution that was sweeping Europe. The Berlin Wall can no longer contain the East German people right around the time. The song the Berlin Wall fell Soviet president has been removed from power and there are tanks now in the streets of Moscow two years after that the Soviet Union collapsed. So you could feed as the wind of change in the wind of change was an anthem of progress and freedom and hope and it went to number one on the charts all across Europe. My name is Patrick Radan Keith. I'm an investigative journalist at the New Yorker magazine but for the past ten years. There's been one story that I can't crack and keeps taking me to the most ridiculous places I I heard it from my friend Michael. This song had been written by the CIA to insert into the Soviet Union. To encourage change. Could that be possible that the CIA could have collaborated with a German hairband to read a power ballad that ended the Cold War and somehow kept the whole thing secret? Ever since. That's what we want to figure out the investigation will take us from? Cia headquarters in Virginia. To The rock clubs of Leningrad to the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow. We're going to bring a Russia sauce. Pretty guys crunchy guitar. Gigantic pair sequins story involves George H Bush. Nina Simone Ozzy Osbourne Boys Pretty Bad Lonzo. The DOOBIE brothers crew a bunch of ex-spies I went to This is off the record shirt now. Back on the record and grown men who lovingly modify children's figures and just what apart Z. And of course a little ban from Hanover Germany that formed fifty years ago and went on to change the world wind of change part podcast investigation from Pineapple Street studios and crooked media spotify and me Patrick Radan Kief. Listen on May Eleventh.

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