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From ABC News this is perspective this week stories and why they matter I'm Cheri Preston. Coming up the Republicans make their case and Donald Trump makes his case for another four years. I profoundly accept this nomination for president of the United States. Pro Athletes Walk off the court and off the field following the police shooting of another black man let me and black black kids. We are terrified and bracing for hurricane in the midst of a pandemic. What's more important to get away from the storm? Home Dying and. Everybody's leaving. All ahead on perspective. This was one of those weeks where it was hard to keep up violence erupting in another American city following another police shooting to protest shot and killed by a seventeen year old accused of crossing state lines with an Ar fifteen style rifle and opening fire a category, four hurricane slamming into the Gulf coast, the pandemic making evacuations even harder and in the midst of it, all the Republicans laying out their case at the National Convention and the White House for why they think Donald Trump deserves another term. Built the most inclusive Adamy. Effort we will have law and order on the streets of this country for every American of every race and creed and color for the first time. In a long time, we have a president who has called out Washington. Sepulchre. CRECY and they hate him for it. Let's begin there in. Washington. ABC's Alec Stone tracked all of it and where president trump's speech capped off the week. Sherry is a fireworks were exploding over the Washington monument on Thursday night capped off a truly unusual two weeks of conventions both parties figuring out ways to hold a convention rally their bases get hours of radio and TV time, and to do it all while dealing with the pandemic for the Republicans this week most of what went on here in Washington was behind the gates of the White House and at other sites the love it was live it was mainly produced program but earlier in the week in Charlotte the real work of the convention. got. underway. Back. It was a much smaller crowd than anybody had imagined a few hundred delegates coming together to vote on party business into officially nominate president trump you remember the Democrats did the roll-call across America the Republicans did more traditional roll call of delegates in person casting their votes. Great State of Iowa fully sends full send unanimously all of our votes to renominate you to lead our country America under God for four. More, years, Mister President, and Mister Vice President. You're Rehire and as they were renominated, president trump and vice president pence making a surprise appearance the president giving along mostly unscripted speech we have to win. This is the most important election in the history of our country. The president claimed if he doesn't win a November election was rigged making unsubstantiated claims about mail in voting cut them doing some really bad things. In two, thousand sixteen let's see what happens. We caught them doing some really bad things. We have to be very careful because they're trying it again and with the president renominated the focus in turned here to Washington, kicking off the week of speeches. melania trump on Tuesday night acknowledging the country is dealing with doing something nobody else is done during these two weeks. She didn't blame the other side our lives have changed drastically. INVISIBLE ENEMY COVID NINETEEN Swept across our beautiful country and on racial equality. Acted on the racial unrest in our country. It is a harsh reality that we are not proud of acts of our history on Wednesday night vice president pence speaking as Hurricane Laura was slamming Louisiana violence was unfolding in Wisconsin never saying Jacob Blake's name but reacting to the violence, the violence must stop whether in Minneapolis Portland or Kenosha Thursday night bringing the big moment president trump's speech on the South Lawn of the White House. This is the most important election in the history of our country and then all around the Washington monument fireworks shooting on. It was a week heavy on the message of law and order as president trump was deploying federal agents to Kenosha to deal with the unrest there these were by no means regular conventions, the parties though seem happy that they pulled them off in the millions of people tuned in each night but with Cova nineteen, still a threat how they're gonNA campaign from here. Nobody knows Sherry. Let's break it all down with ABC News, Political Director recline you say in your note, the ABC News note the politics note that you right were you better off six months ago than you were four years ago interesting take on where the Republicans are trying to make their argument during the convention this year. Sherry, just tells you a little bit about how difficult the argument is Mike Pence said rather awkwardly this week. Make America great again again, and that's just difficult to get to people's heads around and I think that's one reason why the Republican convention took the that it did making that kind of bank shot argument is difficult. So the parallel argument is look the other guys way worse and that's why a polarization and kind of getting people to retreat to the partisan corners is a priority for this president at this time and. That's the way he took the fight as strongly as you did to Joe Biden if you were to watch the Republican National Convention this week. First of all, you would see have seen a lot of American flags and second of all you wouldn't have heard really much about what's been going on in the marches for social justice in Kenosha Wisconsin, the hurricane, the pandemic there was mention of it, but it wasn't front and center kind of the things that we heard during the Democratic convention it was a much different tone and. I think the president used selective reading and often rewriting history to tell the story of his presidency and of what the presidency would look like what the country under Joe. Biden had meant for instance, condemning the protests in Kenosha. Wisconsin but not mentioning anything about why they were happening not even Saint Jacob Lakes name so that to me was one of the many areas where the President Republicans this week glossed over the inconvenient facts and tried to create a narrative draws selectively on real events. The president's speech, it was a stark. Contrast to the Democrats when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris came out with their matching black masks still keeping distance at the white. House, hardly anyone was wearing a mask people looked like there was social distance, but there were a lot of people there. I. Think the perception that the president is trying to portray in all of this is that the the were on the other side of the pandemic that were coming through it that life back to normal and you know he creates in his in the way that he puts together events. Throughout his time in politics kind of an aspirational feeling as jarring as all the sites and sounds were and would have been under any time to use the White House south. Lawn like that. It became more jarring to then see the the lack social distancing the lack of masks and the activities that would suggest that yeah. You know what there is nothing going on in this country that you have to be worried about what about using the white? House so many I mean thoughts. About that, it certainly violated ethics guidance to use a a setting that use public resources in any way like that it may have been illegal It's one of those things Sherry. Where someone I, think told the president this was questionable idea once it was raised in and then he touches the hot stove anyway and there's nothing that can truly be done about it. They'll be investigations but ultimately, he got the pictures he wanted he got the events he wanted and there's nothing or. No one that was able to stop it. It's really clear that that choice as an American voter could not be more different this change anyone's mind. Yeah I think there's a there's a myth that persist in this country of the of the decided voter and you know I I haven't found many of them. They certainly exists not what the election is about. It's about motivation is about getting your side excited and and underscoring the stakes and think the intent was really changing minds because i. Just don't think there are enough minds out there to get changed. How bad do you miss being in a big convention hall with the crazy outfits and the balloons and the confetti and everything else you know some of my fondest memories as a as a journalist maybe just as a person have been in in the bowels of these conventions I remember you know being in cramped sky box with Sam Donaldson eating a bad hotdog inbetween take some chicken fingers and a diet coke and. There's there's there's not a clamorous life to get up early and go through the security sweeps and sweat online but there is something about being there the energy, the life, the enthusiasm that only comes at a political convention it can't get recreated no matter how you try to consume these things I do hope that four years from now. Sherry. We're having this conversation in a faraway city where people are actually there to wash politics and action take care recliner political director at ABC News. Thanks so much a good week Sherri as of this weekend, we've got a little over two months to go before the election. Much of what happened in Kenosha Wisconsin this week played out on phones and on social medium there was the initial video of the shooting of Jacob Blake ABC's Ryan. Burrow who was in Kenosha this week starts us off the video shows the black man walking around police to the driver's side of his car walking by the white officers who have guns drawn as the open the door shots are fired. You appears to have been captured by someone across the street Kenosha police confirm the man was airlifted to a hospital in serious condition blake with survive but his family says he's paralyzed from the waist down. The shooting people took to the streets of Kenosha a city of about one hundred, thousand midway between Chicago and Milwaukee and once again, the protests were caught on video and distributed online this catcher by BG on the scene. With. Blake's father and mother spoke on Tuesday. Sun. Seven Times. Like he didn't matter. But my son matters I noticed. A lot of damage. It doesn't reflect my son. Or my family on Tuesday night protesters hit the streets again. But this time someone else to to a seventeen year old man named Kyle Rittenhouse armed with an Ar fifteen style rifle had driven up from Illinois police say and positioned himself amid the protesters Rittenhouse told blaze TV he was there guarding a car shop and was armed with lethal ammunition projecting from the citizens Adversary by. person in the crowd an hour and a half after that according to criminal complaint Rittenhouse can be seen running across parking lot turning to face a protester now described Joseph. Rosenbaum and shooting him Rosenbaum did not survive in Kenosha. ABC's Alex Perez describes. What happened next protesters tackle him to the ground. His next victim Anthony Huber tries to grab the gun attempting to disarm him with a skateboard but he shot in the chest and killed another protester gauge Gross Kreutz is shot in the arm on the scene were also caught on video yelling at police that people have been shot. But rittenhouse still armed with that long gone walks right up to police with his hands up and walks right past them. They do nothing. It's not until more than twelve hours later that police announced he's turned himself in across. State Lines Illinois. All Week sports stars were speaking up the Lakers Lebron James People get taught him. You say, but we are scared as Blackie and American. The New York met Dominic Smith Margo to the to their family. Owned it see it happen to my kids clippers coach Doc rivers became emotional. We're the ones getting killed. We're the ones getting shot rhythm wants. Deny. To live in certain communities. We've been home and. All you do is keep a fear. It's Mason. Why we keep loving this country. And this country isn't that US back in Milwaukee Bucks refuse to take the court for their playoff game. The bubble they were followed by those in the WNBA and major league soccer and the number one women's tennis player in the world they me Sokha refused to play. ABC's Ryan Smith is a legal analyst for ESPN and ABC News and Co host of ESPN's outside the lines he talked about all of it with perspective. Producer Eric Malo we've seen activism in sports before but I want ask you how this is different and why did it mostly stop the sports world this week this was unlike any day in sports history. This week was a combination of something that had been going on for a while with the NBA related to George Floyd's killing. When it became time become into the bubble, there was a handful of players that said should we? Actually be playing this might overshadow what's going on in this country and ultimately players decided to play. But when Jacob Blake was shot and that video dispersed in everyone saw it. You saw few NBA players including on the boxing should declaring and I think that led to a discussion especially with the bucks of saying, Hey, we got to do something more than wearing shirts kneeling during the national anthem and speaking out because we Want, more change and what we're doing right now is it working there players who are grieving and not as focused on playing sports at the moment and there are those who say who are responding and saying you know this is their job. I can't take this time off at my job, and then there are those defending the athletes saying, well, this is their brief period and they're taking time off they're gonNA come back but. What do you get the sense athletes are saying, do they feel an obligation to play through the grief or is it sort of split I? Think there are a number of athletes that do feel an obligation to play they see it as part of their job recede as part of what they love to do. But I think there is a critical distinction that exists between people who are saying, maybe we shouldn't play and others criticizing them for. I think that what is hard for some people to understand is that for a number of black athletes, the shooting of a young black men in their community is like shooting of a family member is like a shooting of someone who could be their brother their son. So when Jacob Lake was shot so brutally by an officer tugging his shirt when there seemed to be so many other options to achieve whatever police wanted to achieve in that situation I think there were a number of players and still. Continue to be a number of players that are grieving as if they lost a family member, and so I think when I see other people say and I think when athletes the other people say this is your job and she'd go back and play. You don't know what happened yet I. Think they might be missing the point of imagine if this happened to someone in your community that you care for doesn't matter well, imagine how hard it be for you to resume doing what you do at a high. Level, we've heard a lot of high profile sports figures say they want open up a dialogue and there people asking who do they want to open up a dialogue with team owners, league executives, politicians, or is it more general? Anonymous targeted isn't more mixed I think they're still trying to figure that out I. think there was a sense among many black athletes want to have this discussion that things are changing. Maybe things are getting better. My voices being heard then this happened and it felt like people really. Understand what we want to say it's like asking somebody to form a coalition and have a mantra and a business plan in four days I don't think that's going to happen. But I think the problem is there are a lot of other people out there who are expecting at the Hafer that takes time to come together. Then there are others who are saying well, George Floyd was killed and others have been killed wire some athletes, those sort of trying to figure out what they want to do about it. It's a work in progress. Now, in terms of who they want to talk to I think we're seeing definitely a groundswell of black athletes wanting to change laws wanting to speak directly to politicians and wanting to have a conversation with America about getting people to understand why this isn't just another incident of killing an were protesting and you've heard us, and now let's move on on the show that you co host outside the lines talk about societal issues intersecting with sports a lot and I I'm. As a journalist and a person of color how has this moment been different for you? Personally something about this moment has made it very hard to do my job in many ways I. Think we're all trained to be unbiased world trained to try to bring about both sides and I stay focused on that I'm talking about it does feel personal what happened to George? Floyd? It does feel like this could be made as could be my son. So it makes it hard to be able to have discussions from a variety of different angles, but also to get people. To understand why that is for. So many people I think that's part of the journalists obligation. It's not taking a side. It is trying to explain as we're doing this conversation why athletes and others are having your feelings that they're feeling. If you look outside looking in, you would say there's a large portion of the society that really hurt him in the same way that people are hurting in other ways and we've got that here those courses of society. It's a journalist job to try to bring out all of those stories. I think what we're seeing is a renaissance. Evident every athlete is feeling that they can be passionate and outspoken about what they believe in part of the narrative about then can be beyond this sport they play and I. think that's just unique in history. We've always seen athletes here and they're doing different things, Muhammad Ali, obviously all down history but we've never seen a groundswell of support from all athletes even some willing to put their careers on the line to make these kinds of statements and I think that's a positive thing for society that was ABC's Ryan Smith Legal. Analyst for ESPN, ABC and Co host of ESPN's outside the lines with our producer here perspective Eric Malla on Friday tens of thousands of people showed up in Washington DC to mark fifty seven years since Martin. Luther. King Junior's I have a dream speech but she gave August twenty eighth nineteen, sixty three on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the speakers included Martin Luther King. Junior's granddaughter you Launder Rene King. Her Father Martin Luther King the third and Frank Nitty sends ball for walked from Milwaukee to Washington to fight for. Racial. Equality. Today. Coming together. I, ask you to pledge as my father John Lewis did to get into good trouble and do it nonviolent. Seven hundred fifty miles from award. He was causing twenty four days here because we're not gonNA stop it to get change. Coming up riding through the eye of Hurricane Laura on perspective after this. From ABC News. This is perspective this week stories and why they matter I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up teachers getting ready for a school year like no other that I. The country experiences some of its biggest tropical storms around this time of year. This is about the time that Hurricane Katrina struck in two, thousand, five followed shortly thereafter. My Hurricane. Rita. This year it was Laura barreling its way up the Texas Louisiana border leaving flooding wind damage and overall destruction in its path. ABC's Jim Ryan is covered dozens of hurricanes for us here at ABC News and as usual he was there for the worst of this. Four storm with winds clocked at one, hundred, fifty miles per hour. The category for Hurricane Laura is the most powerful storm to strike Louisiana coast since eighteen, fifty, six as measured by wind speed here in Lake Charles trees are bending over at right angles and debris is racing through the streets writing on powerful gusts and smashing against the sides of buildings. The wind was pelting the sides of Gyms Hotel on the storm surge was rising. But this time he experienced something different scream of wind and the banging of debris against the sides of this building the hotel itself was creaking in the wind. Now it's all. Stop it suddenly very quiet outside as I look at the radar APP on my phone it's clear I mean the eye of the hurricane for the people of Louisiana Twenty Twenty hurricane season presented a new challenge evacuating amidst the pandemic Jim Ryan was also there as people weighed their options staying put or taking their chances of covid nineteen ordering constituents to leave their homes is never a step that government leaders want to take. But as the skies darkened and the radar images showed a massive red donut taking up a large part of the Gulf of Mexico Galveston Mayor, Pro Tem Craig Brown says he had no choice. In extreme dangerous thing and so in a parking lot east, of Houston. Buses were loaded with evacuees, headed inland to Austin San, Antonio. Even Dallas. Fort. Worth more than two hundred fifty miles away. Evacuees had to ask themselves. What's more important? and. Everybody's leaving storm comes against the backdrop of a pandemic that killed tens of thousands kp George, the county chief executive in Fort Ben says that with or without a hurricane twelve in nineteen still here, and it is affecting our communities and we need to be cautious on the ground evacuation orders must take novel coronavirus into account in everything they do. Social distancing everyone has to have a mask. We're doing temperature checks and similar guidelines were imposed on the shelters where those evacuees were taken despite the strong warnings in dire predictions and despite the ease of finding transportation out of Lora, strike zone some people still refuse to leave is an agent obese. This would you deal with neighbors are planning on staying also so we'll just be altogether and help each other. The best we can Jim Ryan ABC News Lake Charles Louisiana. This is why these evacuations why this storm matters with. So many Americans out of work there's been a lot of concern about paying rent and mortgages. The city of New Orleans has a large low-wage population they faced a lot of job. Losses and other hardships during the pandemic hundreds of renters have received eviction notices there and local advocates and officials say we should expect worse as the hurricane season really gets going Emily Benn for is a lawyer and CO founder of the Vixen lab a covid nineteen housing policy scorecard. She spoke to ABC News about millions of possible evictions taking place across the country the United States is facing the most severe. Housing prices our country has ever seen approximately thirty to forty million children and adults are facing eviction right now to put this in perspective in the entire year of two, thousand, sixteen, three, point, six, million addictions were filed. One third of Louisiana's population is African American in New Orleans it's nearly two-thirds communities of color at extremely high risks and addiction even before the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal Report of this. Week New Orleans is one of the most susceptible places in the country for mass evictions. Louisiana's ban on vacations during the pandemic expired in June and the grace period for a separate federal eviction moratorium just expired this week. The mayor of New Orleans is asking for donations to raise money for tenants who can't pay the rent since forty four percent of the state's rent. A residents are considered housing cost burden. And Louisiana has some of the lowest unemployment benefits of any state most tenants move out voluntarily when receiving an eviction notice and if they don't the government will step in. Over the past two weeks, there's been a lot of discussion about how different the national political conventions have become as a matter of fact, over the past four years, there's been a lot of discussion about how different the political parties have become Donald Trump has reshape the Republican party and Fox News has had a lot to do with that. Brian stelter is. CNN's chief media correspondent. He's out with a new book on the relationship between the president and the network. Now, a lot of people say that CNN has transformed just as much as Fox has in the exact opposite direction. I asked him about that when we discussed his book this week this book about Fox News or is it more of a about President trump? I think it's a book about the trump vacation of Fox and the Fox vacation of America they go hand in hand. But what I think is the untold story of the trump years is Fox's influenced. So so I would say this is a book about how Fox has changed and how Fox has also changed trump You know at this point I'm not. Sure where Fox ends and trump begins. One of the things that you talk about your book is that when Roger Ailes left Fox, it was almost like a rudderless shop. There was really no one in charge and a lot of the insiders you talked to at Fox News. We're saying we're not sure what's going on at a Tori Lee. So what you've found out What happened with Rodriguez in two thousand and sixteen decades of abuse was exposed because Gretchen Carlson sued ails brought his abuse into the light other women came forward and testified his harassment and assaults, and of course, he was forced out of his job. He died a year later and I thought interviewing sources of Fox. They would say good riddance we are so glad he was finally removed but. Instead, a lot of people there said at least he was in charge at least he was a strong leader. Yes he was a bully, but at least he was our bullet there's been a leadership vacuum at Fox ever since hails was forced out by the way. That's else's fault because he never groomed a strong successor I definitely put that on him as well as the Murdoch's with the point. Here is that trump was able to fill that leadership vacuum? He basically had star at Fox. News say we always produced the network for an audience of one Roger Ailes and when Ales was out, we started to produce it for Donald Trump instead. So there's still an audience of one but now it's trump. Let's talk about the relationship between Donald, trump and Fox News when he goes on the. The morning show Fox and friends in the morning. You know he he just basically blows up all the programming that they had planned because he'll stay on there for all the time I remember the first time he did that during his first year in office and we were here in our newsroom listening going. Oh my gosh she's still on he's still on a and that was Kinda like. Invitation to just keep doing that in some ways I'm glad Fox just gives them the time because we get to hear what trump is really like on the phone. This is how he talks with his friends and his advisors like Sean Hannity just rambles and rambles. Privately. He's a run on sentence. One of my favorite quotes in the book is on page two, hundred, Fifty, eight it's from faulk staffer who says when I was working on this person says when I work on Fox and friends and I know that trump is booked in the eight am our I don't bother working on my assignment for the end of the hour because I know that trump is going to talk until the end of the hour and then trump doesn't show up that person's like Oh God I gotta fill the segment. What am I going to do? What about the relationship between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump? It is a is a key relationship to understand the trump presidency because trump. Programs Hannity Show, and Hannity Helps Produce Trump's presidency. But I think this actually does a disservice to Fox into the country because Hannity feeds misinformation to trump and then trump feeds at right back to the rest of us for example, exaggerating what's happening in Portland and Seattle this summer it's not that these news events don't occur right? It's that Hannity blows them out of proportion spins them to be life and death stories, and it all plays into the presence law and order narrative. I think if the Hannity and the other stars of Fox were presenting more nuanced, more helpful, more accurate information then maybe the president would benefit, but instead he actually gets hurt when they try to help. Eight this is kind of your book, but is CNN what has happened to CNN because a lot of people will say that CNN. is now opposition news where it's taking a clear stand against president trump the exact opposite of what Fox News is doing. I would say Fox is unique in the news world because it is State supported. TV, it's not literally state run TV right but it is state supported because it's the favored network it promotes trump and trump promotes at trump sometimes lashes out at the news anchors because he wants them to be even more supportive but it is. Unprecedented in American history to have network in a president. So close I think what has happened with? CNN, and to some degree with all the other major networks is that we've been pushed into a position where we have to fact check. So aggressively, and so frequently because there's been so much confusion chaos and misinformation that's been coming from the trump White House it's not as if I WANNA. Go on TV and say the president lied today I still feel a little bit uncomfortable saying those words but when the lies are told dozens and dozens of times and he's been corrected so often At the point you have to call it what it is I I think what's happened with CNN and the trump ears is we're trying to call it what it is when Donald Trump was running for president. There's a lot of people have said if he loses he's going to start trump TV where plans for that that you've been hearing now now you know depending on what happens over the next three months I say at the end of hoax, there are billionaires standing by help ready to help trump, bankroll, a media empire, his own I had insiders say. To me things like trump wants control he wants trump TV. But of course, this has been talked about for years and has never come to pass right now he has web shows to promote his campaign but not many people are watching. I. Actually Think Fox, is bigger than trump at this point and if he were to lose the election and go off and law network I, think he would find it to be a very difficult thing to do. But look there is fear about inside. Fox? One of the stars they're said to me trump is like Fox's Frankenstein. Him. He's out of control and nobody knows what will happen when he leaves the White House CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter on his new book hoax Donald Trump Fox News and the dangerous distortion of the truth. This week, the CDC quietly changed its tune. Their website now says people who don't show rotavirus symptoms and may have been exposed to someone who has it don't need to get tested. It's quite a shift from the messaging. We heard the past five months and it concerns Dr Sheesh. Who heads up the Harvard, global health institutes about half of all spread happens from people who don't have symptoms and the idea that we're GONNA stop recommending those people get tested it will make the outbreak much much worse. Oh I. Think we're all baffled by this decision all this is something teachers have been thinking a lot about a schools reopen and. They in their students reenter classrooms earlier this summer are Brad milkey spoke with Florida fourth, Grade Teacher Meghan. Hanrahan. About reopening schools she was very concerned about reopening plans. Now, she's back in the classroom. She spoke again this week with ABC's Brad Milkey on our daily podcast start here start with what your class looks like how many students are sitting in there. I have twelve, which is definitely manageable for them to be spaced out about three feet. We were told to space out our desks and stagger them. So for instance, if you have a row than every other one is staggered forward or backwards, and in the size of our rooms, I would say about twelve to fourteen would fit doing that even their supplies are different the situation. With that, for example, I would always have been of sharpened pencils and they would just get up and get one and in order to kind of combat that I've decided to give all the kids mechanical pencils because I don't want them going to a communal pencil sharpener I clean up my area, the custodial staff cleans the doorknobs and the doors and the commonly touched things every day. The students get hand sanitizer anytime they leave or enter the room the school building the cafeteria anything. I've gone through a half, a bottle of hand sanitizer. Are they wearing masks or the kids do have masks on and they are told it? It is required. They're getting more used to it. I think but it is a hard thing to police once they are in a larger group. For example, at recess, we have you know the great level outside together. So the process for that is they can take it off, but they have to be spaced out and you know right when you go outside, we're in central Florida. In August, they take off their masks and then you know they just magnets their children, the younger the harder. I am still not comfortable with it. There are school is about thirty percent occupied with face to face students. I told my parents who live in south Florida I'll. Hopefully. Maybe I'll see them Thanksgiving or Christmas I. Just I don't feel comfortable after being exposed. Are they moments the day where you're like Oh if that kid had Kovic like I've got Cova you're sitting in a room with however many students between ten and twenty one and it math and I look at a student who is just not understanding I'm going to go over to him and help him and manipulate his hand and move his hand on a police value chart. For example, you can't do that without touching were being in contact with their belongings. So yes. So, how are you envisioning the rest of the month or the school year playing out? Yes. So I have no idea I mean. I assume at some point, we'll be back to being virtual if A. Staff member or student. Test. Positive Megan Hanrahan. Thank you so much for conduct. And be well. Thank he ran. Finally this week, we're going to talk a little bit about masks, cloth masks or disposable surgical masks. Blue side out always have to remember blue side out can ever remember that they aren't effective way to stop you from spreading the coronavirus onto others. Especially, if you don't know you have it, you've been told that many times over past five months. But now doctors are talking about the effectiveness of protecting you from not only giving the virus you can be protected from getting it to but the University of North Carolina's Dr Richard Boucher says that's only if You put the Dang thing over your nose things likely started in the nose and the knows basically is purveyor of all viral Il factor Eamon with the ABC News Medical Unit Puts It. Another way people don't realize that are knows has a lot of receptors more so than we have in our lungs in our lower respiratory tract. So you at a higher risk of catching the virus if the virus enters your nose doctor, Boucher says given a choice between the lungs and the lower respiratory tract the virus appeared to pick the knows as a fertile ground. Infection? Yeah. Even doctors get to make puns now and again during pandemics in reality though maybe this will get you to put on that mask over your nose because it really does seem to work both ways wearing a mask if you're infected, are you protect your fellow citizens the end versus also true if you're wearing a mask, you protect yourself. So put it on poet up over your nose. Yeah. We know it's a little hard to breathe nothing about the coronavirus pandemic is ideal but in this case, covering your nose, a little double nostril super receptor in between your eyes could actually save your life. From ABC News this has been perspective. Thanks for listening. If you listen to any of our past shows you can subscribe to the perspective podcast. Give us a review. If you've the time, tell us what you like and what you'd like to hear in the future you can find it on apple podcasts, spotify stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcast. You can also find perspective and other ABC. News shows at ABC News podcasts, dot. COM Perspective is produced by Eric Malo for ABC News. I'm Cheri Preston.

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