How good is a blindfolded Rory McIlroy?


I would look at Boston. We'll Tom and look at this stuff that they pose to some of. It's like such quite quite amusing and stuff like that. That is what we need to get people until turns and again the goal is to be your boys. Congratulations on all that. You're doing as mediocre as it is at the Laci this year very much thinking so I don't get that people together. Thank you frank dump butter knife my wed the newer younger hitting her Barstool Sports Tigers had the three factor one fusion. We welcome from Barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show. Four players intimate Barstool sports Thursday. Happy Thursday Frankie up because it's it's Wednesday recording four Thursday but you folks are listening on Thursday November twenty first a week away from Thanksgiving. Love thanksgiving fantastic. Wait for Thanksgiving. What's your favorite thing having What's your what does that mean? I'm not going to get into it with you. Know Trent's not a big what's the what's the big family person. No I love my family quite a bit. has changed. You're not a big what it has changed for me. It's you know I don't go home for the for Thanksgiving at all so I sorta like hang out when you go home. Hold because it seems to love your family. I love my family again quite a bit. Most people back home for Thanksgiving. I think it's crazy a little bit for person who I mean. I don't have that much money so to fly home a month before. I'm going to be there for like a week. That isn't that doesn't make sense to me so like I just. I don't go home anymore. I just go over the holidays. The man lifetime about you don't like that is just what it is. That's like a home financially. Doesn't make sense but yes I guess I guess that's that's what a better thing to spend your money on holiday with your family trip point. I feel like it'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel. If I'm trying to get home on Thanksgiving and Christmas so I just prefer to just hang out for Thanksgiving and then it makes the anticipate anticipation that much more. When I finally see my family who my love a whole lot when I finally see them in December favorite favorite side dishes that from the Turkey with your favorite Thanksgiving side dish the gravy. Just like the mashed potatoes and gravy and getting that gravy. All over everything just cover the stuffing covered like Vince. Vaughn kind of stuffing I duNNo. Just regular stuff stove-top right. I mean all don't act like this isn't like a question the next question for me. I've never I don't even start a huge debate. Like do you like like a homemade with all the goodies. Innocent people cranberries and all that stuff. Or do you get the stove-top stuff premade story made you take it out of the box. You put it in a little fucking positively. I don't help too much with the cooking. So whatever's easy. I have no idea what they do. I know that I just go by wayside. Brining you Brian. It which was cool But I don't know much so if you want to do the easiest route that's fine. I'm literally GonNa Cover the whole point and gravy I love. I love deviled eggs. Do you guys like all good agree. Those are gone like within the first ten minutes of our a little red powder on top of that so Paprika Paprika. Whoa I know how things are made deviled eggs by yourself in the morning? No no but I know my sake anything. My sister does make them So I know how they're made but I don't make them No. I don't make anything. I can't be trusted in the kitchen. You know what else thank you never know. How many roles like how important roles and bread are to a meal until somebody one year somebody who was in charge of the world? You know we do like You you divvy it up. Yep what what's the word. I'm trying to think of you allocate. Okay no no you hold on. It's not outsource. No there's word it's I know your responsibilities on there's a word for it's not dictate not it's not even a sign it's I'm trying to think you not relegate not regular delegate delegate delegate delegate different items to Difference Okay family in one year somebody. I'M NOT GONNA name names and our family just didn't bring enough roles. We have a gigantic family. MOMS wanted twelve kids. My Dad's WanNa six kids. He's a huge family and and one. I didn't bring it up rolls on your so. You know like three or four. People just didn't get roles and it was you don't realize how much how important that especially take half the role you break it in half and then you you dip it through and slide it through the mashed potatoes and the gravy. That's kind of lying around on your plate. One time. My aunt put water chestnuts. That's in the Green Bean casserole and it was. I thought it was going to break out. Normally she makes very good green bean casserole green beans and the Castro part of it again. she put water chestnuts which they don't taste like anything and they're just simply like for a crunch people. Were not happy at all. We're mid Western folks. You and you start to church things up. It does not fly keep it simple just put just put butter in it played aheads if you received a delegation or someone told you you had to bring something what would you bring no no you delegate purposely otherwise everybody brings the same thing. You don't have a meal. They tell you exactly what you have I would. I would just tell you buy I would buy. That's that's what I would hope I would get the receiving of of Adel Find. I would have to legitimately date someone for a couple of weeks. Who Cooks make them figure it out? Yeah bring that and then I mean I don't know how else can you know just by premade. I will say I used to be able to make this little briefing. This little achieve plate. That was fantastic bree you can't you get these like you get these those like roles that you roll up yourself but they're kind of like pre made at the supermarket. Yeah pill that yes you put that on the bottom. Put the two top. Then you cover that with Jelly Brown Maple Sheer Sugar and then Syrup on top and then you enclose it to him and then you just put that in the oven. It's actually very simple but it comes out tasting like Pillsbury Eh. Doboy sure little. Don't top stuffing and fried collie flowers. The answer for me I will say Green Bean casserole is good call. That's the top fried cauliflower. Like it's popcorn. Somebody nails greencastle can really stand out among the meal right. No water chestnuts. We're not GONNA have a new show on Thanksgiving right. We'll have a new show Tuesday on Thursday right so happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving when we're just GONNA do is transplant on Tuesday again. But you know I want to get people in the mood. Correct correct we. I think we just did. I think people are GONNA be jazzed. Up shouted spring offspring also presenting sponsor for the year I'm playing golf when I go home for Thanksgiving. I use Supreme Golf to book. That teatime. My my boys we got matches lined up already. A lot of chirp going on in the group tax only get to do a couple times a year so quite excited I think a lot of places in the country. You can get away with some Thanksgiving off. Nowadays I really do and you should be using supreme dot com slash barstool. Use the APP to go find him if you are traveling home maybe if you're A little bit of a transplant plant. You move to a different city. I've been home in a while or not. Sure which courses are are open which courses are hop popular right now with the rates are boom spring golfing. Everybody else K.. Tee off golf now motherfuckers. You heard about. They're all under the spring off umbrella so anybody who uses one of those other apps you are just limiting yourself. You're taking like this this huge pool of tetons and you're just limiting yourself to a small section of it which is dumb so don't be dumb go get Supreme Golf. He can do the whole thing. You're welcome spring off dot com sash. Barstool we love you What do you guys feel about people who are Into Christmas already seen some people like posting instagram's stories and stuff and they're like they're like living rooms are decorated for Christmas. Sure I'm incredibly into Christmas. Love it love it. Love doing it in August. I would. I like to give Thanksgiving to do Thanksgiving thanksgiving then. You turn it right over. I love Christmas Trent. I don't know if you really do love Thanksgiving. You're skipping over already. Yeah yeah no I see it as a mere speed bump on the way to Christmas. Okay okay so I think the boom off home star wars dude. You know the fall autumn kind of Nice thing. I don't like Thanksgiving as much as I like Christmas. I don't even think gets on the same. It's in the same stratosphere in the same bucket now wow I don't. I don't agree with that. I'm with the two folks on my left. which are horrifying backstory backstory? Everything about. It's just oh Christmas frank shows up again Christie. I really do that. This is about birth. and You you know rejuvenation. We're just about life about Friends and family Thanksgiving is a horror story. We don't turn it's it's about the lights it's about Movies it's about the music that's right and it's about the way it made you feel. I don't celebrate Christmas Christmas because of its like religious background celebrated because culture has turned it into an iconic month long celebration of just being with people and being merry and happy and trying trying to basically stave off winter and act like. It's all good time and we're all happy that the next four months are going to be miserable job and I'm all into that. So here's the one thing that I'm upset about this year is that we are and it's crazy because we're going to Australia and it's going to be the trip of a lifetime but we're going during Christmas in New York like we're missing. All of Christmas and New York hadn't even thought about that missing the entire thing the whole will build up. We're going to be in eight hundred degree weather in Australia. It's going to be awesome but like if you were to take that trip and put it in February or January where after all the Fund had happened. Now now you have nothing. It's just an abyss of coldness. And then you go to Australia. It's great we're going in a time in which we want to be here. You know what. I'm saying huge miss by the President's Cup to the magic when we got back from New Year's and they went to Australia chosen like a month or is it had to be well. It doesn't make sense because the PGA tour schedule okay. This this is like when they're not playing so they kind of got to do it now. You're right I have a lot of things on here I want to talk about for are still your trip. I didn't I hadn't we're going to miss every Christmas party every every single one. Oh yeah now. Ugly sweater parties. There's also a pretty cool part to wear like when we get back from Thanksgiving then. We're just basically off until like January January because we're in Australia Office for sure right cool which is really cool and one of the perks here parcel support. Is that whole time for like a couple of days before for Christmas starts until January second. We're just off every year young which is magical fan. So that's those are the positives. So those are the positives will. Yeah we all know you get fucked on this. I can never uh my friends go back to work on December twenty six. I just don't understand how that that's possible. How's IT matters? I sent my brother up about next week. I'm like yeah. What's your schedule next week? He's like well. I work Monday Tuesday. Here's a Wednesday and Friday and I was like wait what I'm off like. Almost the Arthur large extra week for us I gotTa look at my calendar pretty bad work from home days and author world. The world works on Christmas Eve. Cafe Maple so the problem in sales to trying to get your contracts in before the end of the year like if you're China Chase someone down in there on the holidays first of all tough chase down second off. You're probably just going to you know that sales coming in his. If it's a decent incised deal you're not looking for like one approval. You might be trying to track down like six different checkoffs. I guess we are moving forward with these people so to factor that in. It's just not going to happen. So riveting Steph so yeah sales reps we'll be chasing signatures going through the end of December but very cool stuff Talking about I've got has withdrawn from the President's Cup do injury. I think a lot of people saw this coming. He slipped on like some concrete car. pather whatever when he was I believe in Korea Korea so soft to say all the time. It's just a tough injury. Well he had come back from an injury right then he re tweaked flipped on concrete. Always it makes me Giggle a little bit not me on concrete. I mean to wear cleats. You'd be kind of the reasoning. Is I know it could get guys on like NFL. Who elect would run through like an and hit the concrete part around like the field and like Mesh it up to? I'm just saying it's like off injury. It's like you slipped on some concrete. I don't think it'd be like that at all I do fall. No I'm not saying well people falling pretty damn funny. It's hysterical people coming out of the ocean when the Clip No. I'm not saying I would have laughed at Brooks kept going fell. But there's a decent chance because it's like people fall on ice. That's another thing we're going to miss him one trillion walking around New York City. You just see people fall on ice. That's just funny funny. And then when obviously obviously comes back around and I'm GONNA fall probably a bunch but when you see people fall fall. Last year I fell on ice in but I mean. There's that little gap when you walk off the sidewalk that collects water right. There were times when you're like jaywalking. sprinting across the street or whatever you start to wiggle a little bit. I lost my complete complete balanced. One time he came out under the and landed on my back all years ahead man you got to be a scene. Cracked the ice cracked cement. The subway holtzman his. It's been a few years like like like Lurch said since I fell like feet out from under me and like hit my head but always have a few stumbles during the season. Yeah Codeword I stumble more going upstairs. I'm very bad at going upstairs stairs. I always clip my foot on top of one of the last stairs all time. Nice not related. Nope you catch yourself. But I don't go fully down but I do that quite a bit but I don't fall on ice. I don't know who you guys are on. I'll tell you where humans I think it's it's you know it's pretty common to fall on ice ground becomes much slippery. That's their see people. Fallen is all time. Uh No but that's sort of it's sort of like Ooh it's an event when it happens you're out you're going to miss out on that. I know two weeks. We're GONNA be in Australia. We got a lot to get to Australia. I want to talk. Around the Brooks Capco thing really quickly rickie Fowler is in Brick Scott Boras out. You know kids. We obviously tried to make some pushes for kids Whole bit on our show a couple of shows ago about kids I think fifteen four and two career match play record? He won the WGC DEL match. Play this year in Austin after losing in the finals last year to Bubba Watson so clearly he's a bit of a bulldog out there in the In the match play circuit he played in the president's up to two years ago and was phenomenal. He's out there with Phil. They're shaken a bacon. He's boys everybody got the most votes as like the top guy. You want to be paired with randomly out on the PGA tour. Because he's a guy's guy they love him he's tight with everyone on the team. You would think Kevin Kisner would have gotten a pick. He drives the ball straight. He putted great. These are huge qualities and team events because they become about staying in the whole making. Sure you have looks birdie especially in like four ball where you got two guys trying to you know make pots alternate shy. GotTa make a big ten footer for par to keep the thing going. He's very good at that but I will say kids been kind of playing like shit lately. He over in China His last round. I think like Patrick reach out like sixty five in kid. Shot like seventy six and then a couple of days later. They picked like captain's picks for the President's Cup and it was like twenty to take and then now They take ricky over him. Kiss as we mentioned. Think finished tied for like seventy six this past weekend Mike Kolba. So I think he'd he'd be playing lights out. Had He had a couple top twenty top tens in the last few events that he'd been out combined or the other things we listed. I think he'd be a very. Are you good shot. We're having gotten one of the you know. Five captains picks that there ended up being but But no he did not get it. Ricky Fowler is in so so that's the squat Nokia's his bummer. Sad will be down there. I don't know how much access we're going to have We're GONNA try to get as much as we can try to mix it up with the players will be around around. The President's Cup will be in Melbourne will be You know we'll be all over. We're going to be doing a lot of different things in Australia. That's the next part of the trip that I wanted to get to our next part of the show that I wanted to get to. Who is Australia now? I WE'RE GONNA be there for about two weeks. I spoke to my brother yesterday and he was going on and on about how dangerous it is. He's like no. It's like everything there could kill you. It's like you don't I don't think you guys understand that I was like well. What do you mean? He's like well the snakes he's like there's just more. Venomous is dangerous snakes in Australia than anywhere else in the world. If we don't have a great track record of avoiding those don't have the North Carolina trip we don't have a very good rate. In general for Weber wanted one area where they could be he said sharks There's great white sharks all over the place. There's Bull Sharks Qilya Saltwater Crocodile. They're the biggest and most aggressive in the entire world. spiders enters the spiders there. I guess are like extremely dangerous. They're extremely large line. Like I might hate spiders more than I hate snakes six and then absolutely and then one of the other concerns the Scorpions apparently few like leave your shoes out at night You gotta you gotTa empty those things before you put them on the next morning because they'll be a scorpion in your shoe waiting for your little foot to go in there. I heard that that's a protest. Although so I started doing insane upon learning to my apartment After having this conversation on my walk oh my brother is just was googling a google dangerous. Australia and the first result was Australia's infamous for its dangerous animals with more deadly snakes than any other country worldwide. It isn't surprising though sharks spiders and snakes get the majority of bad press it is actually an awesome array of predators and venomous critters. That have earned Australia. It's fearsome reputation so then I was looking at like this list of top thirty most dangerous animals. Australia says the inland type TAPAN is unbelievably elusive. It says It's usually in remote locations. This role location is one reason. There have been no recorded deaths by this species. Thank God even. The one byte contains enough venom to kill several human percent. Chance is that one has us make a a run in with an animal that you know it gets a little touch and go. Though there was a four higher than you are foreplay kaffa kangaroo urges attacking a foursome on the golf course. And then this one on the bottom it says rigs you will definitely see a ton of Kangaroos. Australia just looked it up there. Twenty five million people in Australia. Uh and fifty million hangers Shit is double. The amount of kanger is and people to to one. People say they're like squirrels there. Yes to like you're going to see a kangaroo. There's there's just like squirrels. You're going to see them running around all over the place. The last two times we've talked about Kangaroos on the show one. The guy got into a boxing Hudson and the second one was just talking about was the the one who ran up on a force of guy tried to sway his golf club and he went down. Do they regularly attend boxing events. Like how do they not square up to people someone. Dm Me that like usually like the female ones will agitated and run after you and then if like the male lazy large kangaroo like notices this is that the females like in an altercation he will like join in and it's good night then then it's over you're GonNa get stopped to get the size difference or males can be murdered by kangaroo if they if they want to what I will say it'd be great for content if we got attacked by kangaroo yet we just have to be ready for that to happen like it'll be funny afterwards but we might have to come with some sort of plan some sort of like formation that we get into and it's like hey it's kangaroo time there's one one run down the fairway right now. I'm just saying we will. Large male kangaroo can be six foot seven tall blue six seven when you're walking talking to you six seven arms bouncing actress Shelia boxing the belly and it's like not even noticing. Say This I don't have to be faster than the kangaroo as you got to be faster than the three of you clowns. That's all I'm pretty. How fast you think it? Kangaroo can run on know how fast you can run twenty eight miles an hour forty miles per hour forty four miles an hour. I mean why Frankie Trent comfortable down. The comfortable hopping speed is sixteen miles an hour comfortable. That's like full speed. Forty four miles. An hour can be attained by over short distances. Forty four should we measure our top. Stay they can go down. The tank can sustain a twenty five mile an hour hop in run for one point. Two Miles we're fucked dead. I mean he's going to catch beat beat the and then and then once he gets on me. He's going to have enough time. You gotta be a plan. You're getting attacked like I don't know somebody come in with the tackle detailed take picture kicks. Kicks Could Punch. I'm not that worried about the character for the hands and then would come. The Red Kangaroo from Australia lightning-fast double kick that can tear you open from sternum to the top of legs. What they do you want on enlightening speed of eight hundred fifty? PSA should put a beggar engine in the golf cart. Just saying we'RE GONNA walk is watch a few videos and what they do is they'll sit on their tail and kick with their legs so they keep themselves up and they kick themselves up and else it's going to be like one of those. UFC clubs squared up. And the guy. Just fucking side kick kick you right in the head and the guy just died not even going to see it coming. Yeah I might have to change a thing are we're gonNA have a running or all. Are we all going to get back alive also for reference the fastest man in the NFL tyreek Hill. His Max speed the season twenty three miles per hour. Yeah they can they can i. Hi actually miles per hour. This thing goes forty four chased by a think about those clips on planet Earth about fast food. Lion's going so my brother. I was telling me that they make and we have to choir these. Let's go back to the snakes. They make like snake armor that you can put on kind of like socks on your legs that like if they bite you. It won't penetrate through your skin. I'm getting done so I think we all need to show up with armor armor chain link. Yeah I heard that yeah. We should get chain blink balance on the on the on the tee box to if we all did chain like we were saying this. Imagine what we would sound like. We'd sound like Like the British army coming to all evil night outfit tonight. Thanks for aspirin not that fast. Okay too big and gang but I they got some str. Bigazzi is going to take them twenty feet a fast twenty miles an hour. I'll take the over on that. I'll take thirty to thirty seven. Oh ooh draft going thirty seven miles an hour. That's a house maximum sprint. If you've watched drafts fight that's scary. Watch their heads at each hit each other with their next. Yeah it's actually do. They get like tort with lagging. It's just new they neck we won't we won't bogged down the show right now with Dra- fighting commentary take we will. But it is. It's one of the scariest things I've ever like. You don't expect them to be fighting like the way that they do because they're herbivores right religiously Z.. Trees and these things lose to fight each other. Oh my God look at that. Look at those heads. Can you believe that. That's a missile coming at you. That's like you would think that's not how they fight. I don't know how I thought drafts would fight. But they just swing their heads at each other. They look like those things outside of Like walking talking I used car dealership Except they're like on a mission. Oh that was a direct hit. How else would they fight right? And yes if that thing goes down you get back backup. Yeah draft trough sleep right. They have to get down but some creatures like sleep standing up. So what. Are we playing in Australia. So that people maybe they you can tell us like what kind of animals they have on those courts so I was going to say this because I want some advice as well booking a golf trip in Australia is very difficult. First of all. They're sixteen hours ahead. So I'm I'm trying to coordinate with some folks their shot to Ben Ak- go sti who's big listener to the podcast. Who's been helping me out? Great how were in pretty good shape places we are lined up so far. Bu Gone gorged on Tasmania which has two courses. They have lost farm in the dunes. Were playing there It's legendary of the whole place. It's in these dunes on the water that's going to be. The place. Looks Outrageous hilarious hilarious. How good on the water looks like? I don't know how to explain it. The other one's closer to may own in Australia Australia. Yes the other one's closer to Melbourne that we're looking at and again we want some advice or any courses that I'm not listening that we have to play that are like publicly. Accessible let us know but Saint Andrews beach the dunes kings would peninsula which I think just went through a long renovation just opened up and then the one private that we have on the list is Kingston Heath which is supposed to be one one of the most iconic sandbelt courses this stretch of Australia's famous the sandbelt for the type of golf and the golf courses. The conic the epic golf courses that are on this stretch in in Kingston Heath is like up there at some people rated the best course in Australia. One of the top two or three courses in Australia. So that's the only private that we have on the list because naturally wouldn't try to play as many public Srikantha can that other folks could book in play experience. Well if they go Barwick Woods is another one that we're contemplating and they're also trying to get at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes owns which are on King Island which is like next to Tasmania and his smaller island. That's supposed to be legendary. I'm trying to work some contacts there but again anybody. If you've got any Recommendations anything from the courses that I just listed that's like a glaring omission. Let us know. Because we don't know anything about it. Trying to like Google you come up with these rankings and a lot out of him like you know fraudulent rankings because of They people just pay for him and all this BS so trying to cut through all that I got some help on the ground. That's currently what we're looking bourboule. I think we're just out like we're on. Tasmania feel that is like international waters. Anything could happen rules in. Tasmania way to just like you know how far that is from where we're sitting right now. Tasmania couldn't be more different than New York City. So far away from where we're sitting actually met a guy lives in Tasmania that owns a beef Turkey. Farm that I'm trying to sync up out there. What what a friend of mine? What do you mean a friend of your house? How's your friend He married a buddies sister. He lives in Tasmania lives in Tasmania. They have a beef jerky farm over there. I'm trying to sync up with them but again it's like it's tough stuff to like readily communicate because every time you send a text you Kinda lose. Electrically farm was that mean I mean. I don't know I'm not about to explain. Explain that well I imagine a They grow the creatures and they killed them and then you have beef jerky set correct. That's correct there's probably a little process but yeah that's it. That's it's the gist. That suggest that would be my jerky. Come from can't be right right. I Cows I looked at the Tasmania already think that is. I can't be with them. The swim happy right ten. No let's see the states is what three thousand miles across ten thousand miles. You are right on ten ten thousand thousand miles away from Tasmania right now. How does that make you feel Frankie? That seems short. Okay ten thousand miles. I was just you gotta realize the states are about two thousand thousand miles across. It's about two thousand miles per stig about like a six and a half seven hour flight from L. A. to like New York and then you're doing that five times dumb and dumber here. Ten thousand three hundred sixty six miles. It's really far. I think think we fly like six and a half hours to lax. We have like an hour layover. Which I'm not I'd love to me is like to go to another city in New York state? It's it's like four hundred miles right like to go to buffalo right now. It's like four hundred miles so like to me. Two thousand across the two thousand across the states. Yeah that's probably right. I don't know that it's four hundred miles to Florida to washing your New York City right now. Three hundred seventy-three Dayang. Your Line is from Florida to Washington so the longest line you can draw across the states as two thousand eight hundred and two miles. It's like the way you measure a TV. I see okay ten thousand miles a lot of miles. That's all I'm saying. It's a ton too far more than I've always you guys were thinking. I thought you could have said one hundred thousand miles out of that right. You're not great with these. That's like how far the moon is. Okay another thing. Physiology has any recommendations on like a meet up in Melbourne like a venue. That would help as well thinking about on Saturday. And the President's Cup doing like watch party because that's the day when there will be a morning and afternoon sessions because the president's cups different than Ryder Cup they do. Thursday and Friday do one session that five groups and then Saturday they due morning and an afternoon session so it'd be like match. Play Golf all day long dude if we get a decent crowd for a meet up in Melbourne Australia. I don't know what I'll do. That's what I what did we we talk about on the show or I'll meet three people or three hundred thousand. Don't know yet. Okay I will say based on the number of emails we I think we're GONNA have to one the guy walking in like. Oh may maybe I'll be all stuff also mixed the Texas and the beauty of that is then we just leave. Yeah we should go unless unless you Australians will surprise me and you she has I mean you show up in droves droves. Here's the thing is Australia's of huge golf. Aw Continent country and we are podcasts. I think we have a pretty damn good showing Melbourne's a very big city so I think that there's a chance we get a lot of emails from Australia Willia- but I like I can't tell that's like one hundred percent of the people from email from Australia remailing us or you know if that's like a normal representation and there would be a lot more fence then also I think there'll be a lot of Americans down there because it's presents come true not a ton. I think it'd be a good amount if you told me that. Two hundred Australians. Listen to our episodes. Every day I'd be blown away. We go on our instagram. You can look at your insights and Australia's the fourth largest country of followers on instagram. It goes United States. Make sense sounds. Canada makes sense United Kingdom. Make Sense Australia. Wow okay that makes them feel like we hope that number could be in the thousands and also also we can just pick a bar that's usually pretty popping grabbed the five stories that are in there. Take a picture and be like look at all the National National International. I like that idea a lot. You got new venues in Melbourne. We don't know anything about it. Let us know European tour this week race to Dubai winner gets three million million dollars at the DP world tour. Championship fits the People's Euro Golfer. We Love Fits Guy. We finally grabbed a European guy and he is our man. I always see fitzpatrick. He looks at my in stories. What does he just think? What does he got to think like this places like what I am? I put such random shit on the come in one time we had a great conversation with them and then on my ancestor yesterday. I'm my heads up against the wall. I'm trying to do the chair challenge in the middle of the office. He's got to be like. Why couldn't you do that do you do it no? I haven't tried but I think I can. I don't think there's any men can't do it. Women can what could be the science behind that and so the challenge. Okay so basically. There's the thing going crazy on the net it where if you put your head up against the wall leaning over and you take three of your ninety degree at a ninety degree angle and you step back and you're leaned over if you pull a chair to your chest you you you are a male you cannot then just stand right up okay. Here's the difference in. I've watched this incredibly close. They don't lean their heads against. It's the wall you do know they do. They barely do the differences. This you're pushing your head against the wall and trying to following directions even when you watch Redo do it. Her head was just very slightly touching the wall so there is no. She wasn't using any of the force in their head to know how to do on his something. Do Center of gravity which I know Oh producer Angie just send us a text about it but a lot about that and to women's feet are smaller so they don't have to go far as back so they don't so the angle isn't as bad. Those are the two things that I've heard. So what. So you have to go three of your feet lengths away from the wall. That's the way it works. Yes and then you stay in that position with your feet together and tried to then you have to. Somebody puts a chair like on your chest basically and you have to try to stand straight up with you. Did this in the worst possible missile spot. Because you didn't Head against the wall with the foreplay thing on the wall and that was the worst attempt I've ever seen for. Yeah that was that was like this is a podcast tried the same thing. It's just not gonNA work. Peter Millar Peter Malaya's made holiday shopping easy for the Guy Chair thing for the whole entire show in your life Look were lurch came in. Today's got these green pants on and he said that they were like sweatpants. The most comfortable thing he's ever worn and they he actually has a real life real world job reaction. She has to look decent in where professional things so. He's wearing a pair of pants that look professional that look classy but feel insanely almost criminally comfortable right lurch. That's correct and those are more pants outlook there. People ask me all the time like which. Which one should I get? I've talked about the I think think there'd be sixty six five pocket pants. The setting are another ones that I like. They're a little bit thicker for the fall. The quarter's EPS the earth is the classic. 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Get yourself some Peter Moloch. I derailed your European tour conversation. European tour The race to Dubai Fitzpatrick. Yeah you know I think the he having you know like he resides in America now plays a ton of golf in America and he went to college for like five five seconds in America that I think he knows barstool better than we think he does. Fair I mean otherwise a key him seeing the original video and having his caddy. Go up the Frankie and then like knowing who we were and all that think. He's pretty into it. I think he listened to the show now too. Oh great so I think he has a pretty pretty good at what what the Hell's going on. Hey Fitz go good luck this week buddy go get him go get him fucking play. Play great out there Dubai. I've been to that golf course that they're playing in Dubai. Why I think you've told that story early on on the show? This is a weird thing man. It was like five years ago. Yeah I guess that's right twenty thirteen. I think it was like five or six years ago and A dating this girl and she worked for a consulting company so she would be unlike several week projects in different places around the world. She's on like a five week. Deal in and Dubai and she was like Hey My company will either fly me back as part of like when I'm on consulting or they'll pay for air quotes significant significant other to come out and visit cover the flights give you like per diem every day. That's Uber come out for a week. I was like fuck. Yeah I do so when I was out there. It happened that this tournament was in in town and you can get tickets for us. Gays European tour dot com your email address. They would just give you tickets. It's like Holy Shit. You're in Dubai come. It's like hitting me. Can you believe that I'm here or there and the guys would just walk right by and it's crazy you know. It's it's similar to some vegas courses where it's like this perfectly green manicured golf course with a river and a creek running through it and then you're just in the desert right We skyscrapers the background. And we're not very cool but I've been to the golf course The Burj Khalifa. The tallest I think at the time it was the tallest building in the world. I don't know if it still is. It is so tall. You couldn't get it in pictures if you couldn't get the whole thing. You legit couldn't do it. It was so surprisingly tall to see this thing. Look Birds I've seen it I've J. Khalifa like Mia and like who me porn-star now I know she fox on camera retired casualties. It's like just like you know what Beth thing up. It's just it's a stunning raise as I building. And then they've got the whole area. Around they got like they do kind of like the Bellagio with like the Fountain Fountain. Show every minute or every hour thirty minutes or something like that. So it's two thousand seven hundred and twenty two feet tall enough to put that in reference. It's a thousand feet taller than World Trade Center one. Why because that's one hundred? Yes I think you're right. Yeah again seeing. This thing is so surprised. Ler that's mind blowing. It looks fake when you see and realize wait. What does that so so So anyways that's going on European tour Only top five players in the standings the race to Dubai stains can win Burger. Tommy fleetwood Jon Rahm that crazy person. We talked about a lot Shane Lowery Matthew Fitzpatrick Roy came in at number six or just toffee can't win But it'll be there. He's performed very well golf course. He said that he could play this place. Blindfolded folded is one of his quotes in his interview this week play the golf course platform. WHO said that? I'm sorry Roy mcelroy Rodney Mack do it. What only maccarone friends who approve you betcha? He can't prove it. Roy that'd be great video Eh Do it and do it with us. Do you think he could beat US blindfolded via like a caddy pointing him and everything. Yup Hip could doubt in my mind. I'd hope not but yeah probably I'm just I'm just saying I don't know although like I don't know that blind guy can if he was lined up at of course that he knew where he said he said Yeah. I think he'd beat us. Took them outside. Hold it yeah I think yeah we did like a practice all feel like yeah but he. I think you are seeing like seeing where the ridge czar. Naw stuff like like not just a caddy being that you have to hit it. How many times is the caddy say? You have to get it over this bunker jonker and leave it to feed on Miss Green and he knows the course a knows that he's like one hundred and fifty two feet off the green is going to be. He's not gonNA the Green he's not going to be off the green that much hits the ball so perfectly from the fairway like yard. You gotta you gotTa just clear that bunker on the right like you gotta look at. Don't you just tell them the yardage I think he doesn't hit like Roy doesn't hit one hundred fifty seven yard field shot. He just. It's a fucking nine. He's a roach is what he does hit right on. I don't know man. I think it's crazy to think that he would play well without seeing the be real. Shame with us. That's what I play. Well I think he would beat US Yankees just one hundred twenty big. I disagree again. Still in the ballpark. You still in the ballpark taken a Jimmy. I think he shoots like a high ninety or a hundred might be like like. What are we talking about Brad? Ninety three it's a no brainer. I think he could. I think you could play pretty well we might have to. We don't have contact with Roy we might jt. He might be. You GotTa get this question. Why should play blindfolded if he rips the I want you to let go? But that's a problem he would he would hit a lot of fairways and Greens. But I think like the Obviously the PUTTY and getting the ball in the hole be a battle getting the ball in the hole downright impossible. You can't sit but he's just like dude you're lined up perfectly and you have to hit like like a two foot. PUTT so hard. Yeah can't see harder for sure you know where you're going but the blind guy but you do you have academies really well right go. He's used to those circumstances but being blind. That's the here's a Roy wasn't allowed to practice. And you just have to the first thing. You put a blindfold on. It's his first time doing in it. I don't think he ever I'm thinking finished eighteen holes. It'd be I think he does really yes. Come on man to he just takeaways visual king. He's just build this perfect muscle memory. Swing step at the nursery has no idea what's about to happen and US. Put a blindfold on and Frankie on that swing ever blindfold. I don't think in a way that doesn't make it interesting. Like fucking like I don't know speed would look at the whole and then sometimes like on the putts and this now he would mix it even more so like seeing where your target is. But he's not looking at your taking away. What Rory does right when you look at the whole? You're taking away. What Rory does which he looks at the ball yeah? I don't think why does seem if we we've up on. The team were like blindfolded. He first of all be like what's happening and then second. I would rather you be if you buy bulletin. He hit three hundred thirty yard. Missile right down. The Middle Muscle memory is huge. That's what they're doing built on you. It's less about vision and more about being able to do the same thing over and over and over appreciate your vision for all. It's definitely part of it. For what for everything. No you mean like the ball and getting that field and then seeing that and like you're staring at the the ball the whole time you hit it I think taking that away and him missing by a sixteen centimeter or whatever. The CASE IS I. There would be an adjustment period. I don't disagree with that but I think once he's like all right. This is what it's like. This is what I have to do. I think he's seventy percent Roy mcelroy. He's looked down at the goal. That white golf false sitting on a T. millions of times. What's the difference between one and the other like nothing so like that is not a circumstances? Don't matter it's like muscle memory that's based on his vision of seeing the ball and then having swing that combines his vision with his athleticism half of that is gone. I think first time there's and why is it just changes it and looks at the whole. He's not looking at the ball it's not like he missed it so the berries something practices. It's like his. I think that's the worst now now. And it's the worst comparison the world and it's something does it's like what he chooses to do. I think fulls looks but what I'm saying is you're saying he's abandoning the one thing that we're telling Rory's going to abandon which is like looking at the ball. He's abandoning he's still able to drain ending looking at the ball and looking at the whole Roy looks at the hall to see where he's going to put speed. No I'm I'm saying right now. Rory look at the ball and looks at the whole. We're telling them you can't do either of it. Speed looks at the ball then looks at the whole and Putts. The ball is no comparison at all. Yes there is because it's not like he's meeting the same as Roy. Bean blindfold is because the argument that he's making is that like all of your coordination and all that stuff goes away and you fail because you're not looking at the ball like usually do what I'm saying is like speak doesn't look at the ball and some of his putts and he just not miss hitting the pipe straight like you usually do is the key word. He's saying speed usually looks. The whole issue is what he does. If you took away that from speed usually does he mix it up sometimes just looks practice. He'd rather be a little bit of learning curve. But I think if you took that out Roy wouldn't just just be like a fucking baby deer like who doesn't wanNA walk like he'd be fired I think he'd be able to his muscle. Memory is coordination all that still there. He knows what it looks like the look down at a golf ball. And and he can just envision Asia and his Ed in muscle memory of what like like not only on the whole. How's it going nowhere? The Guy just tells them they're talking ten. It's like a ten foot. Putt you gotta hit it six. I just it'd be super interesting. I'm not just I I. I'm a little bit on both sides of it now but I I think full swings are different different. Also when you're talking about speech when he doesn't look like Dole full swings there's a lot more going on than when you're much more going on I think the full swing is where he would have the least issue really. Yes because has the putter you're keeping like level and on that same like the plane is much flatter the plane when you're obviously full swing is. There's just so much more we're going on that. I truly amazed. He's not looking at the plane of his swing when he swings. He can switch looking at the ball which is keeping his whole body level in my eyes. But maybe that's wrong. I I don't know weed. Nobody knows why we're talking chunk. So many balls. He hit the ball so often he wouldn't he just I. The first swing would say a a lot but I guess like so do we. And he's still way better than we are. I think he'd beat us. I don't even. I don't even think it's close. I'm with you I I I ultra. Yeah if you give any of these guys anytime practice obviously they. They're elite. I mean they have just as a normal range on you have to just to make Italy's little and then you give them twenty minutes warm up rain session and you're putting revision. Jesus Christ you take vision and he just shoots eighty five like he's just it's crazy to me at love. I think maybe the most impressive thing about being in Spicy Roy Tiger couldn't do like no. I don't think anyone can do five. Roy was joking when he said it but he thought about it. He's like I could do this blindfolded. Yeah I think he I think yeah if you would have to abandon the rule of like a caddy can't line up if his caddy. Yeah I know now your aim perfectly hit like four football. I think he could do it. Basically you let academy the is in the new lead do everything you're is normally do. And then he can only swing and you'd have to let him like as he's he's over the ball like addressing the ball you'd have to let them touch the back of it with his club real quick or something so he knows where it is yeah to have to be a little a little But like I even with those things like I think he. I think he'd be old. I think it'd be pretty fucking good. That'd be I would love to see it happen and action or or at least maybe we could ask him if we get him on the show that you really think you could do it. Yeah I mean I wonder like if we blindfolded kids. I don't know I don't know how good he would be. You just don't now if you've been thinking about your home security. There's no better time to get it then right now because starting this week simplisafe home security is giving four play. Listeners exclusive deals for black. Friday simplisave. Almost never has deals like this. 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SIMPLISAFE DOT com slash foreplay. So offer ends on Cyber Monday. That is Monday December. Second so go before. Then simplisafe dot com slash foreplay to get these amazing black Friday. A savings simplisafe dot com slash four. Play all right. We need to find somebody to do this. I just WANNA see could be way off. Could be on. I texted because I love getting Whitney going sometimes just explodes it catches so I texted me. Said if if rory is blindfolded and was able to be lined up by his caddy do you think he could beat me in a golf match and he he goes. Wow Fuck I'm going to guess no but I think it would probably be way closer than we all think. Okay all right somewhere in the middle. Yeah to me what we're saying when I said me okay. So he's probably thinking like you'd have to shoot like ninety ninety five somewhere in there. Yeah he'd have to play Bogey Golf. Yeah you gotta you gotta you gotTa play. Bogey Gal blindfolded blindfolded with no vision for four hours four hours nonstop. Don't take the blindfold if you're too blind. Can't take it off so that would almost help them. I don't think you take it off to get get acclimated in and out might be worse right. Maybe you frustrating. Oh my God I now I really WanNa see. It happened with someone you should fury. I mean I think if he was allowed to take the blindfold off and look at the whole like on the TV axe. He'd be significantly better. I think that matters at all off the tee like you just hit it in a direction with their driver and they hit it dead. Straight troubled got no SANTRAC. It would be. I don't know saying they're they're so good looking at the ball means nothing. No I'm not I get that like like the has a look at the ball man. He takes dividends in like certain CH- shape shots or ways. They hit the certain type of the they hit the they look at the ball such so much differently than we they see it like every dimple like they. I'm just imagining him. Trying to get out of a bunker which is a fried egg. I don't know how you get on the bunker. Yeah I mean that's you know that's something the ship over bunker like what you see understand. I don't think you get that stuff so like address that if he's going to hit a forty seven yard shot hit it fifty to the bunkers. Just nowhere in play. So if he's not in any of those pieces of trouble like his swing his ability to dial island yards and distances the way we look at bunkers and like water shortage agree with that. I'm saying if you're Pinehurst and you have a huge amount in front of where you have to get it a certain amount of feet. I think that's more of like a day. Look at it. Go on the Green. They observe where they're gonNA have their landing SPA. It's not just like your caddy saying hit twelve yards in and I'm gonNA line you up. It's like you have to legitimately look at where the fighting movement of the Greens are like a right frank. I know what you're also kind of you do that really well. He's playing a match against you know this has to do that better than I. uh-huh I'm saying that I have the advantage of looking at that and I can knock it up there. He has no idea that that's even happening. I don't care what the caddy says. Oh there's a huge amount of for any of you it's going to dip thirteen feet to the right to be a stupid. I don't know if that means anything to him. He's gotTa See I don't think it does. I think his caddy would be like. Hey I know like we don't usually deal. The art hit a thirteen yard like high shot with some chatting. It'll be perfect and I think he's going to be better at that than you are even blindfolded. No No. I'm with you on the No side but I think like Theresa's point there I mean I think the caddy could tell element if he was lined up properly. Potentially he hits close enough to where you're in. The area. Hit Your thirties pimp. He's standing there blindfolded. He's got. He knows that he can stand in there. Like feel it with his feet. He takes like ten little practicing. move up right behind the ball. Perfect and then he just pitches it up there. Like I'm I'm not saying perfect every time but like he doesn't have to be a PGA tour players has to be better than like you or me or like even close on those because it's full swings. I think you're going to be pretty fucking good. I think the pot I wish we could do it was re we know. PGA Tour so we could say it might not be Roy. But it won't be rory but I think somebody like they're all like it's all in that top level I I think it really matters. Four plan at Marshall's sports dot com. That's how you submit from the galleries. We got a couple of these that we're GONNA get to really quickly. Mark says a question topic. So you have to ask when you interview. Pros is what was their handicap right before they turn pro. I heard the boss man had a plus ten I will. I'll say this Phil Mickelson posts his scores. Yup You can go. You can look up on gin you go to Arizona type Mickelson and Phil Mickelson will pop up. Because ause he's a gambler. He plays in so many club. Events in the courses they belongs to Whisper Rock and all that that he has to hold a handicap index. You can't just guess. And and his index is a plus five point six handicap index. Now when I played against his is essentially kids and Brownie and we all it is essential because we were really negotiating for matchplay. I was a course eight. I believe and I was getting fourteen so I mean kids. Basically played to a plus six probably more like probably like basically a plus six handicap index. I lost five and four. Now I will say I didn't play particularly well a stretch especially that stretch. I ended up shooting eighty four. I believe But I beat Brownie. One Up Scott Brown. WHO's very similar to kiss? He's won like nine million dollars the PGA tour. I beat him like one up so I do think that like those numbers were pretty damn accurate around like that plus five plus six area for kind of like a top thirty the if top forty guy in the world but it is a crazy thing to think about and I also think like in anything golf like the consistency is really what kills you like. What I realized was like any hole that we stopped on where I didn't get a stroke? It was almost shocking. Wait what am I gonNA do right because you lose lose the whole. Yeah because you think your head like they're making par Birdie no problem in your head like I'm getting fourteen. Oh my God but then realize no I need no. I need all the shots. They don't have them. I'm like fuck. Yeah this is just me out here. You're against you down three and a half kind of starting the match and then you're playing those fourteen holes in a sense. I mean like betting on I would probably say like you might Parwan Napier. You push one you lose the. Yeah Yeah Yeah it was. It was just like it. was you realize to put so much pressure on you. Because he's going to be in the Middle Fair when he's going to have ten or fifteen feet for Birdie on every hole par fives. Five's he's going to have a tap in Birdie on every hole the way kids was Chirpin you to like. If you pull the drive kids would just announced what's going to happen for the rest of the whole and then that happened that would make me lose my mind and also adds pressure to every shot because I step up to a drive in a buddies match and it's really thoughtless kind of like I know my target angle. But I don't really think it gets the drive isn't putting much pressure on me. The second shot a little bit more every kind of shot. It adds anything can happen but if I pull the drive on one and he was like he's in the rough like you can get up to here and then you know. Maybe it'll chip on at best. He makes a five now. He wasn't doing that. Lurch what you just put in was a bunch of question marks. He didn't do that at all. You didn't say maybe you'll hit it there. You might right at best. No no no he said you will hit it there. You will not get down you will make a five. That's like what he was doing. which is dramatically different than like? Yeah you could go here. which like the way we play? Golf is a textbook on inconsistency in our own minds and like unpredictability. We have no idea he just knew. That's like very different to us right like we all go up and it's like okay. I'm planning it's Frankie in a match. We're standing that T- like I might go right. Left Down Frankie Michael Right left up down he might make double. I might make par. We could go the aware. I have no idea where it's just new right because I was just minimizing that as much as you. Can you know what I mean like. You make it so like you know what's going to happen for the most part Yup worse case scenario you make a bogey or double tools that he was wrong and the rest of them was spot on like where exactly what was going. Ah You'll miss the green from there. You can't get up and a bogey at best and then I'd make bogey he'd make a Birdie and you'd be like one down that's just what happened. Part of the fun is the unpredictability ability total. I might. I wonder if that sort of like when he's like I kinda got. He's figured out but he knows what's going to happen. Yup Pro match-play event. Obviously he's a millionaire. So it's like that's a pretty good trade off but the unpredictability for me. Kinda keeps me coming back totally. I always like I got one of my buddies scratch. And he goes out and shoots between like seventy four or like sixty nine every round he plays. I always think it's got to be kind of boring and we talked about this show maybe years ago now whereas like not like going going out there like the good shots for a guy like me feel better than a good shopping. I like the guy you know because it's like Holy Shit. That's what he's supposed to do right. It's like ooh. Oh yeah so so. There is a difference the same feelings like being a fan of a team that wins a ton of championships or team. That's been on a huge drought right like when like Yankees were on their Third World series. It's less exciting. Writing is like when the cubs won. Definitely yeah like when the Yankees one through four out of five years in the cubs went one hundred ten years jake sitting over there as a fucking Bama homer every Alabama championship was better than the last. And I don't believe that like you're technically not like the first one had to have been the best everyone all the Boston four. It was better than the other ones. Correct two thousand nine was awesome but like like the comebacks of the way like to comes in the beach. Georgia you know like all like there's always a good storyline. The only game. That really didn't have a good story. Line like Alabama Notre Dame but there's no better storyline in like we haven't been here before we're experiencing. I mean the blues had Never WanNa Stanley Cup in their history and we had resigned to the fact of like all of our sports radio. Talk Radio all of our group. Texts are buddies. Always like they're like this is why they're not GonNa win it again. Like when they start with a shitty star be like here. We go to blow up the team again. We're fucking ten years away from having a chance. It was always like wait. We won the on. They were playing the Bruins me as a selfish like fan of a team. That has won anything. I wanted the Bruins when because I was just more used to that feeling. I didn't want a team to have that feeling a new team. You know what I mean. Yeah because 'cause they almost they're stealing what's supposed to be you're correct. I was just like Oh the Bruins win all the time I'll just I'll just I'll just experience that again. Yeah that's a familiar feeling. You know what I mean yes I feel same baseball like dude. Everyone keeps saying like Oh the red sox yankees this huge robbery like I. I've lived in a time where the red sox have won multiple championships. Let them have another one. If if it's going to be the Yankees the Yankees lose to another team and the Red Texter. If the red SOx played the mets I. I don't want the mets to win. Because I live with these people I I. I like experience there like I watched them watch their team lose. It's fun to me like same with the Rangers. Get that from an islanders perspective because you wanNA taste the Bruins is familiar and you don't want another team to experience what you want your team to experience but then from a Yankees perspective you've won multiple championships. I would. I would think you would be like Oh cool. Like you know Kansas City one. Yeah that that I am. I said incorrect if it was the meth versa. Red Sox a team that like is that I like to hate. They hate one team. That won Catan team. That my friends. I've never even witnessed like that just being from Long Island and then the true mix more never happen. Keep the red sox like I want that. But in fact they've won but you'd still prefer like your rival Red Sox win over the mets just because you live with these people I love the work I would never meet a red sock fan of my life Because you never know yeah fair enough. You wouldn't have day to day. Interactions with this came into my argument that the day to day livelihood and robbery avary between islanders and Rangers was bigger than the Canadians bruins. The history of the game and at the game and canes and Bruins is the biggest robbery of all time but like when I go to school or work and stuff I am in the mix with fifty percent ranger fans. Fifty percent with my girlfriend is a ranger fan. Her Dad's arrangement. I'm not dealing like people with Canadians. Nations we don't see it the way you see. We like you know. In areas players is bigger for us. I mean it's just incorrect but incorrect. It just depends on where you live personally. Just don't care you live in Jersey grew up in Jersey. Yeah Okay Long. Island's I mean. I don't know what that means chanted pop infra since one thousand nine hundred thirties. You don't remember what it means. Okay so then just now we check the what nineteen forty. What Martine Forty for? Like seven here so you can start the nine unfortunate again. My point being a like on long island where it is. That is New Jersey's Islander Fans New Jersey. That's why you would like you grew up with more flyers. You grew up with fires down levels organization Asian. Well we're not hockey or POD. John is having lost since October. Say this country and like affects the Boston Montreal internationally watching the game one hundred percent I do I like French. There is a deep like right like at least with like islanders right now. We're like American New Yorkers and like there's a certain degree of what's deeply rooted. It was like fucking french-canadian Montreal. People versus like Boston like Americans think there's like a deep-rooted. I agree agree negative connotations to that I agree when the game is happening. The rivalry is more amplified and deeper when it comes to just more historic and booing during the national. I think like on a regular Tuesday when neither team or playing. I'm dealing with Lurch and I'm dealing with people like you know what I mean like final Burger Marina Marina. They haven't heard about from a Montreal Canadian's Fan in seven months. They haven't played them yet. They're not dealing with them. Nothing islanders haven't lost him over eleven. I live with people that try and tear me me down every time we also asked for the back. That's like the Rangers lose it. And that's why I think that's why I think it's bigger on a day-to-day basis we're constantly jabbing off season. Everything Islanders unders were making bets. You know what I mean like. I just don't think Boston France interact with haves fans as much I. Just don't you're seeing some of the bar every night single. See somebody rooting for the Rangers goal. You chirp yeah I get back to when we went to that bar just four drinks. We were in the middle of a rangers bar. That was my hell like like a red sock fan. You were in a night ranger. A bruins fan doesn't show up up to a bar in Boston and just go to a fucking Canadians bar. That's just doesn't exist. There's rangers bars in my town. It's crazy you know what I mean so the handicap system. Yeah whatever I do think that I think. PJ toward proser prior around a six. That would be my guess Phil again. Plus five point six index. Good for him keeping handicapped. Bless you to Jake Jake. Your Sneeze Michael Said Love You. Recap of the pioneers trip. If you have four days planned for a golf trip in that area with your buddies would you recommend doing three day package tobacco road or doing any of the pinehurst resort packages what I would say is this you know tobacco about twenty five thirty minutes away from Pinehurst. What I I would do is I would do a day at tobacco played thirty six holes? One of my biggest regrets that we didn't get to play tobacco road twice now on these trips. We're doing something you know. We're we're really. We've focused on the content. Hate that word with the content and we're doing all kinds of filming droning and we're trying to get such a professional production value in covering that round that we couldn't do thirty six day. It's impossible we're doing interviews and all that one of my biggest regrets. I'm a trip is not doing tobacco twice. I think it's such a unique crazy easy golf course. They don't love when we say that. But it is crazy. Mike strands like it's a crazy. Golf course the design. But it's actually incredibly playable not that long if you learned earn where to hit it and you get over the visual intimidation. It's a very playable. Golf course the ball on the opposite of like Pinehurst number two there's Turtle Greens the ball rolls off. The green on tobacco road would like a lot of the Greens are kind of bowls funnels. Where if you hit it like thirty feet left of the pain in Pasadena Roll all the way back to the whole and like cool stuff like that So I would love to play so I would say they go to tobacco road to thirty six holes there and then go to Pinehurst out so you have to play one day you should do pinehurst number two in the afternoon to the cradle with aks going to give you as a mix of getting your absolute teeth kicked in by Pinehurst number two. It's one of the great most iconic championship venues in America toasted three. US Open's Donald. Ross Ross you gotta play number two if you go to Pinehurst and then you get the exact opposite in the afternoon which is like you take three clubs out there. There's music playing speakers literally intellect the trees in the wood. Would and you hit some. Somebody might get close to home one. There's GonNa be a lot of birdies lot of drinks. It's going to be the total opposite. Experience GonNa leave you feeling like okay. I made a couple of birds out of time and then and the next day. You GotTa play Pioneers Number Four. You have to do that So those would be three days right there. You Got Thirty six at tobacco road you drive you stay at Pinehurst for a couple of nights makes you go the brewery the new brewery. They opened up like a year. AGO is really cool. Makes you eat at the Carolina. Hotel had the The Ryder Cup rooms where we ate in got great food a cool scene in there. He got kind of walk around the area. And there's a couple of other pubs that are like the one we walked into regis were too late for food but like you chip into the fireplace. Place that weird five five that when we were there had weird vibes told us we gotta go there. What was that called? Pine Crest Pine Crest in Pine Crest in. But I heard that's very cool. I think we just caught on a really weird. It was like no one in there and the place was empty. There was like cat. Food laid out on the floor. Everything was it was weird vibes and then so. That's three days of the trip. which is tobacco thirty-six six pioneers number two in the cradle afternoon and I would do pinehurst number four and the cradling afternoon again and then on day four go play on the golf course? I mean they got. They got literally ten golf courses. They're view crew include the cradle. I love number eight but I've heard a bunch of the other ones are really really good as well And that would be the way that I would do. Four days. There you guys agree. I agree and roads carts too so thirty six holes there you can take a cart And you'll be good to go. The ones that are worth going there can love tobacco really really really cool place more I think think about the more I realize I enjoyed it. I couldn't agree. I was going through the drone footage last night tax andrew Going through the drone footage we drone the hell out of that place and going through the footage was it felt epic just looking at footage of that drone coming up over all the different undulations in the dunes in the mountains was so cool so I would do thirty six holes there. You can rip around in a cart like we said and it's very playable. I think even from the tips. It's like sixty five hundred yards so it's not that long I think it's very playable but it's visually intimidating. One thing that is troubling. Like if you hit pretty good shots. You're fine is when you hit like you know like if you for example like there a couple times chunked a wedge hitting from eight yards out I chunked a wedge that went like sixty yards and I was just fucked right. You're in like or a Dune like that. You're just not supposed to be and it's like have you hit that wedge like a decent contact even even you'd have like twenty feet for Birdie at worst. Instead of in this horrific Dune I make triple which psych. That's just how the golf course so I think you gotta do that. That's the way I would do. The trip I think that's it that's all we got. We have the bar so classic is up next. I think Frankie got into well. You're going to hear this kid rock. Oh speak in great works at the I t one the fucking bar so classic. Congratulations Rocko. I'm happy for you. Seem like a good kid but the islanders were down to work in. This isn't a hockey pockets. But I have to bring us up. Islanders has had set history last two days the only team to ever come back for multiple goal deficit five minutes in the third period period. Back to back games ever. NHL History craziest craziest comebacks on the road. I was in Philly. They're down three nothing. At the time I get a tweet from this Rockefeller. It's it's like the second period allies are getting pumped and it's like. Hey Frankie great game. If the islanders come back I'll literally give you five thousand dollars out of my barstool classic winnings right right and like I just scrolled by whatever fuck you Rocco like trying to hit me down. What half an hour forty five minutes later? The win the game I go back to look for this. Kid's kids tweet immediately. I'm searching Rocco Hashtag Barstool classic everything. I'm trying to find skip. I find his fucking account. I'm looking through his tweets tweets replies got so I D M M like hero. Did you delete your tweet at me. And he just sends me back a smiling face and now that infuriated me. I'm more whatever response so I tweeted Out Hey rigs your winner legitimately offered me five thousand dollars if the odds of come back. And they just came back and won and he deleted the tweets. He's like soft as baby shit and He like he's like yeah like it was off to whatever I'll like donate five grand all this stuff. I Dunno whatever I want the money I said to him I do not want your money. I just WanNa Tara. I want to tweet at you. Want people to look at your profile. Mega Sky got murdered. Frankie put his gooch on his nose. Like that's what I want like doesn't want that like like I want. He didn't want it. So bad Rocco flashing that Grendel around with Rocco smack my gruntal with some powder you know like just fucking weird man fucking ankles ears. Just come on Rocco. Just get the job done. And then we're gone frankie ankles ear lobes Borelli he just loves slashes so next up you actually have varsity classic champion winners. This was well before this will happen. But Rocco and Anthony. They did when they won. And Ten grand actually told story about how they had been in a couple of situations before as the as a team and big tournaments they really wanted to in and blown it and so how that was like very badly on their minds is their the eighteenth hole to win ten grand in the Barstool classic and all that so it's fun chat with them and they do great work like we mentioned they worked for the I T officially. That's their gig. That's what they do. They teach young kids how to golf and there were focused in like raising money to do so and help out around different golf courses. I do really really cool work Those two are up next sports packages on cable can cost a fortune as you probably know many times. They don't even show all the Games you want to see that's why having expressed VPN is an absolute must for any sports Fan Express. 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We have Anthony Hoffman. Rocco's Grillo not screw with several. Oh I think he's also the S. E. so we just came from the engraving. We had our boy allen which was a legit like throwback from the nineteen fifties engraving of the trophy and he he went all the way through. About how like never spells his then he just spilled Rocco's name wrong called him. I called I strive for sure So you guys want obviously the Barcelo classic ninety the classic Would you do I mean what would you do after has any. Does anybody even care. I did people. That's funny as we walked out. We both looked at our phones and I didn't. I think that many people were found this thing but it was ridiculous. Is that right at a buddy of mine. WHO's a high school teacher was like dude? I had the live leaderboard on like on the classroom all day. I'm like on the whiteboard streaming with the kids. That's amazing that's follow this We've gotTA last year. The first couple events we were iffy about doing live scoring because live scoring as people told us is typically typically in a like rookie. You know tournament like we were doing first time. Doing whatever is usually more detrimental than it is helpful because people fuck it up and don't do it right and therefore you have people relying on like the wrong information so luckily ended up getting into point. We brought these golf status guys in and learn that they had to be on site and basically overseeing shing everything and when they did that then the scores are pretty accurate. But you they were the pros at every course like you. Have you guys want to do live scoring. That's cool but usually when people do it you get like people just enter. Scores wrong and airborne is way off but if people were following I guess we gotta do it every year. I mean I've had people check after a couple of people are entering in their phones. That's when it really screws up. That was the key and we because we did a couple of venues where we had people were supposed to enter them themselves disaster and I don't blame people like when you're playing golf tournament you don't WanNa be like on some sort of electronic whether it's the car or whether it's your phone like that game he kept telling me all day he's like Get off your phone on my putting score and dude. They usually don't do it. The Bluetooth speaker onto has worked for the first half filly yup very good. Pr For the BARSTOOL. Classic incredibly incredibly good. I can't I was telling we're talking with Erik earlier. Nardini our CEO. And I was like we got lucky. That our guys that one or not he. I mean 'cause Barstool following parcel classic personnel type of people that play have no fucking clue who could be could have been anybody and then I get to tweet time instagram. All time going are champions are actually really guys how long you've been at the I t So I've been. I think I just got on full-time this year. But I've been coaching teaching kids for three years. Now so talk to us about your guys jobs about what you actually with. I t what it's all about all that So my role with the I see. I'm a program manager so what we do is we let coordinate nate like different programs around the city. We work with different golf courses whether it's public private semi private Disallowed kids to get access to the course pretty much using our life skills and Curriculum to deliver the game of golf. So we we go off as the vehicle drive all this stuff. which is I mean you play off right right pretty much forever? I mean aren't a lot about yourself. You get frustrated get upset We have some core values that helps these kids really developing a good people in the community so a a lot of kids have never played before and then they come in they. They've really be obsessed with it. I mean off the Bat. I mean kids at Kinda a struggle right away with it. You know. Everyone's dollar doesn't like it but we kind of intertwined like it's not all off it's more or less you know trying to keep these kids kids active in just come back to the claims so that we can implement in our core values we have nine core values respect honesty integrity perseverance. So we try to implant implement all these core values while we're teaching these classes if even if it's a fun game of Tic Tac Toe while your partner Chapman so we try to keep them as intrigued intrigued as we possibly can probably like focused on short game stuff where it's more fun like putting in chip because people can get away with that versus what you have to take a full swing. It's like a in season. Like I say the word yourself and we check swing right there. I heard earlier. That wasn't a check so but I mean we. We work with schools around the area. We bring them over for a field trips and everything like you see crazy. Stances like people have no idea what this game is like. We work with inner city. Kids at it's this is a new step of life for them so it's just getting them into the program like giving them the chase. Get these opportunities that we offer them. It's pretty cool so I I E for you guys were you guys involved with it coming up birds. You just decide to get into because you wanted to teach kit like where did that come from for you to be like. I WANNA work for the first team so we actually played for Roman Catholic African Highschool and our home course was worn Elaine golf club so we actually they were based out of I or the first. He was based out of there when we were in high school. And now all that we kinda grew up and the program director that worked there when we were in high school found the opportunity to contact us in trying to get back to come and work for them and it so happened to be that we both kind of grew up playing golf together. And we who who doesn't WanNa work with our buddy what I mean. So we talked he got on a nice thank. You got to come work. What else that sounds? Go on and it's been it's been great ever since then so we. You guys were telling me at the championship that the day a of the Classic Championship was guys biggest day at work. And you just weren't there a dollar one and we were like man how we weren't don't inventory but it's whatever we were actually what we were doing was It's our biggest fundraising event of the year. So we have all of our board members over you know big fundraising people that come into this coffee outing and they just do their pockets. which is awesome right so we raised over two hundred twenty thousand sauce participants at speak to them? And it's like yeah we kids in our program and people are crying out in the then. Here's pretty cool. Yeah about the allies you guys have impacted and all that and then people are like. Oh my God I'm so emotional. Here's all my money so you guys can keep doing a lot of great events a lot of a lot of good We're we have a very good word aboard. Backed us with everything that we've Kinda WANNA do more taken over our second off course and managing our second. Of course what's up tomorrow taken over golf course or what you guys said that. There's a bunch of city courses in Philadelphia and they really have struggled like Muniz. Yeah just municipal course is owned by the city but leased out to different management companies okay. Couple management companies came in struggled We when we took over one lane. We weren't there. We were obviously in high school. I think at the time so Just making improvements that of course given opportunities that kids in the neighborhood So we've grown that golf course into a pretty sustainable place you know like the management companies couldn't really do that right. That's a lot of stuff. You gotTA gotTa do tender Loving Care Right. So you're teaching kids golf. You're teaching them core values and core values and all that. You're you're raising money and you're like managing off course Tana hats so winning golf tournament. That's as good a bit. Our staff are safe has a juggle good amount of stuff that goes on like. They don't really see what we do every day. So that's pretty cool. That's very cool. Good for you again. Interested it makes me look better and we get the biggest of the year to come play so you love me no next year scheduling wise won't be there again. You're making this qualify. I is when you made a good point about the Stanley Cup. Thank you you don't get to be in. The playoffs. Won The Stanley Cup. Same deal same situation. So how'd you find out about the worst classic. That's a funny story. And so I remember seeing happened or I remember seeing you guys posted balances me so I screamed twitter and once I heard gold members had the first I bulk member right away. I was like we're getting in this sedan. Use had the it was to be determined on the location of the Philly right spot so I kind of backed off on a little bit forgot about it. I'm working at the bar one night and my body goes joe the borstal classic. They're I'm having that your your place in my place. He's like film. Might not so I call it a pop. I think it was like one thirty. I bartended another place in northeast Philly. So he's working behind the bar. I'm working beyond the bar. I'm like what do you want. I caught him on six hundred dollars in paint it now so I put us in. We're applying for Tan grant and as bad as trophy so we gotta go and so yeah. The trophy is the coolest part. You guys were saying that you know the ten grand cool but like the trophy. Is that things legit. I was hoping is filled with a grain of cash. But Yeah I Let's hurry finance. It's yeah it's really not my call. Fortunately I don't run the finance department. I wish I I did this week. The hundred hundred bucks. It would have been preposterous So yeah for anybody who doesn't know that was the first twenty four hours it was only we open to gold members in order to register and then after that I went open to the public and after a win open to the public. It's all out in two days but the Philly stop and think the second New York Stop. We're not done yet because we basically I mean we put this whole thing together in an insanely short period of time. So when we went public blah blah blah. Sorry sorry about who didn't know that background So then going into your home track Vilma was I would say by far the the trashy of all of the venues that we had which for Philly is perfect but it really was unlucky. So what I heard and we talked a little bit when it happened on the show show but essentially They're only two courses on our whole toward that. I had not been too and I believe I had not been to like this year. I've been all of this year and those two were obviously Philmont and then Whiskey Creek which are down in DC and phillies very difficult to book because as you guys know really all the top. The public courses are not anywhere near downtown filling and then otherwise. Then you have to get on one of the privates which like I don't. I'm not really entwined in that scene very well so it was tough to get on. The privates were struggling to get a Philly stop. philmont actually reached out to us. They're great to work with And they're like you know we know about the We'd love to host it and we're like yeah great. We asked people again really cool layout usually in great shape and on that and then I guess you probably know more about Iraq. I knew but I guess like even up to a month before the tournament they're saying like the Greens and all that were in great shape and then they just like I lost him. Yeah it was I mean I've been there for three years and now has today been my. It's my last year this year. I'm moving on but I I mean the years I spent there the course when it's in great shape it is like one of the best layouts up there so you bike when I when I heard it was great and then I think right around after July got real hot. I think we had the hot spell right. And it just went way downhill. Everything burn out. I don't know what it happened. What they struggled like like Justin told you that with the power? It's it's definitely a big battle during the summer because it just eats everything else. That's around it. And I think seventy five are closed. Eighty percent of our Greens are POA. It's very tough to maintain them And obviously it's it was as a source sore site to your eye when you walked up but like justice. Had I think once you got out of course it was fine. Nothing was wrong with it most. Oh stealing was bad correct. Everything else was pretty good. They were unlucky in that like the worst. Visual parts of the chorus were the three different holes. You could see from the clubhouse and were everybody was congregating for like two hours before we teed on so it was just like wait a second and from my vantage point it was like okay. We decided to charge everyone across the whole tore the same exact amount of money. He's three hundred dollars. A person six hundred dollars a team. So it's like I don't want people to see this video. Come out from Whiskey creek or from Wallace Tin and like all these pristine St and then they're like why pay the same as those guys and I'm out here and this is like dead and this and that so we said like fuck it rather than risk it and risking negative vibes from anybody they got screwdrivers gonNA give everybody like one hundred dollars back and this that and you're right. playability was fine and most of the places on the course it was completely find it was really a couple of holes near the club. House looked awful. Ten eighteen pondering look putting knows like. Oh my God totally okay. I can see two holes and I can see the putting during and they all legitimate or worse Than Immune Bentiu. We're in trouble here so I got a little bit of a bad rap because of that I feel like But having said that like the course wasn't in phenomenal phenomenon shape stretch of the imagination. But it's your home track. Would you guys finish their came tied in second tied for second. Yeah we were kind of pissed off about that. Yeah we struggled early and then the rain delay we truly hartselle servers and made a couple of birdies going back out and finishing second and so we were happy about all. We wanted to get a liberty. The national legal. That's what was the preparation like for like the quality. Where you guys because you guys playing a lot of tournaments try to find his many obviously many amateur sure events as we can right now? We're considered professional professional Shiite. Congratulations turning pearls. Yes I should have party turning broke but yeah we want a lot of local events around the around Philadelphia and and try to venture out for. US vents amateur events. It's and I don't even remember how we prepare for this but we had a couple of tournaments before in the previous week leading up into it. We had like three or four tournaments that week coming into it so it all really kind of workout for us to prepare and get ready for it. We play a lot of golf either a lot. So it's like that week was like applying three tournaments is like a check swing this is also And then like same as liberty national. We've had a couple of tournaments enough to that. That sounds like good preparation planning tunnel leisure around pretty much when you get the chance to play. You're playing tournaments hidden balls in the region stuff. So how does it stack up like how what was the what was similar. What was different for the classic vs on the tournament's Tabby just a whole setup that you guys are awesome job like the qualifier film? I was John. I mean we got to meet all you guys bar drink during the rain delay. That was pretty cool. That was like liberty nationalists top tier. I don't think there's anything I think it's more or less like like the amenities that you come that we came across with with you guys like when you go to. US Shave and kind of tournaments kind of like our scorecard. You're saying off minutes along right now now and you come in and say hey guys doing anything. Here's this here's that we've got to pick our own balls on the range titlis or Calloway School Tom. I said Yeah that was that was a plus I mean just from I mean every other thing you can think of it. Just that's what exactly what you want when you went to the classic. Yeah exactly what it was and it was interesting because like you. I mean I've played a lot of different terms as well I live for. I've played I've played way more like member gas that have you know like USGA qualifiers. If I remember I have played in the football qualifier like it is you kind of role in its pre robotic. Here's your scorecard. Ut off at whatever age fifteen and that's it and good luck And so it was you know the goal is to try to capture more of like of member guest but serious tournament type vibe. I have have a couple of drinks have a good time. There's like a little banquet if you WANNA call it that afterwards you shoot the shit you might meet a couple of people and like have a good time and exchange numbers become golf buddies or whatever but also like I want people to care about golf and I think that that was probably the most surprising part to most people outside of myself was how seriously people took the golf. Well you pitch it and held away. He said it's America's member member guests. Oh and I was like all right. There's people out here serious and then there's people here to just meet some people and that's all time drinks and stuff like that and there were a handful of teams on each probably extreme extreme end of the spectrum thereby handful teams at each that had zero intention of playing golf golf once. Whoever meets you guys yeah me? I'M GONNA get drunk a day off work which is totally cool. You're fine and thereby handful teams. Who took it too seriously who were like bitching cameras like you know? Taken the range range session a little too like whatever which again is like that we want and most people were in the middle. Where like you know? Yeah like me and my partner. We've been going to the range for a couple weeks trying to play some good golf. We're also going to have some drinks and hang out. So hopefully that's what and you guys obviously experience. Hopefully that's what we're able to convey over to. Yeah I mean we I mean obviously also has a I think nowadays kids don't have that competitive nature anymore fire to go out and want to win and I think me and him playing throughout high school together and continued on to other events as partners. We've continued to always WANNA win. It's not that they have to compete against each other parts. Like I'm sure it's tic-tac-toe I'm trying to whip up even care. How upset were you that he got the shine? Right in. The playoff didn't really matter. I know I was confident. Here's a little never got a good call your like our partners in the harbor and I yeah. That was my worst shot of the day. I'll give that I had I mean there's there's a good moment on eighteen where you hit a rock on the green and Anthony immediately had the putter head off. I was caddying apex yet. Good good shot good shot get in there come on now. Let's say within a millisecond. It's about him. He would do the same thing for me. So it's like we play together a stout SEC. Yeah we flow. So it's just it's just like clockwork when we're out there playing together and if he's not as funny I don't even know if even if we're not right on point that just works anyway time. So you guys showing up to liberty national you guys. I believe we're only getting one. Shot each rounded up fifty fifty percent handicap. So you guys are. You both went up to twos. I think course twos fifty percent you get one The shot seven under the inverse eighteen homes. That's that's fucking good golf. How well did you guys? We toured up like blackout conor. Goff sorta yeah. We don't really well. We started on five and antilock brakes. Oh Man I didn't know that. Yeah so the water all down the left was I looked at this and I'm like please don't be that's how you start your I and I had one down the middle that got and my heart like I don't remember that swing button on the next one rip on there. It's kind of a Birdie. Yeah and it and then we we kind of we got through. I guess they they said it was kind of like the stretch seventy nine yup and we. He missed I think to four or four foot birdies five took off. Yeah we all four feet missed it. six hundred one to like three feet missed it. Now we're like Oh good you go. He birdied seven and then I got to hop on it which yeah. Yeah so that was. And that was the par-five par-five bunker and he got up and down the next I went to like an inch. So tap that in for Birdie then off from their recruiting at that I think he birdied to rather than I want. Often Birdie three in a row Bertie here and there and it just kind of it just it was kind of like we got the whole. Every time he got up to the agreement was like are. We got like a three footer for Birdie like just a tap into this is easy you know Kinda just got crews it was. We got to the playoffs for inviting for shots are caddy looked at me. He was like the second hole number. Seventeen I hit a little right and I walked up to me and I'm looking at it and I'm in the rough in them. I have no idea how this he's like. This is your first Show from the rough all day. Eh Mike Holy Crap. What the Hell is that? Well yeah and he didn't miss a fair world and it's usually the way I'm usually the scrambler get up and down. He's down the middle so it just worked out in that favor you did miss on eighteen. You missed the family. Missed the whole quiz so when you were in the Harbor Harbor Harbor bound. So let's go to the playoff. You know I think he had a one shot lead going into the playoffs. Sixteen is a quirky little. What is it two eighty or something like that a hell of a job you you got changing the pins off a little bit? Change the pens. But you don't see very often changed the pen so anybody out there. Listening doesn't know. The format was eighteen hole shotgun and then there was a cut cut essentially top four teams and ties made the cut and then they went off of sixteen Based on whatever score finished eighteen holes at so you guys were seven hundred. I think through to eighteen holes at seven under one team at six hundred ninety two teams of five under and So sixteen is like two hundred eighty yard par four. The pen was like Middle Right in like a bowl. I ate everything fall to it. The second time around in the playoff off-day moved it front left on like a Knob that is essentially. If you drive well I'll let you guys talk through it because both of you both took irons off. The team What was the thought process? And what was the. Were you guys. Like how confident were you going into the playoffs. And how we're how it was the thought process behind planes sixteen. How the weight was tough? So we've isn't waiting train a little bit but we had our methods we had some truly heart seltzer so smart yeah But when you change the pens that really changed our game plan a lot because like the first time around we hit different. I had a different club and like you still had to in the first time around but it just switched up things and I wasn't confident I hit driver. He had a big banana slices. Yes and the two thousand feet and put on the green so and I can't really hit that slice of this pin right now so hit the to arn it pretty well then he on a little left. Yeah we talked about it going up and he had driver and I might do. Put that thing back in the back. He's like Nah I got. I'm like no you you hit driver a slice cut driver back to the back of the Green. You're not hinted at Penn now should I had three or to earn and like driver and he was like dude. Just hit to arm. I'm like it comes up short. You're just shipping up to an easy not an easy penn.. But you're chipping up to pin. You can control from thirty forty yards. We're not you know we're not Frankie thank you. We don't blade are wedges. Every year we had it gets to the show and then like I have we both have. I decided to arm but my to orange bent down thirteen degree. So it's three. Would things wrong. Yeah it goes I mean I had the ball pretty far but it probably goes out there like two eighty trying to like saw something off on it and so it actually worked out chunk it club and headed fat kind of worked out there because you were like pin high on the back con- escape. I no clue how that got there. 'CAUSE I'm like we're he's probably in a bunker somewhere like short shortsighted myself and I think usually is put a video of some of I think four pipe up of me Chris crispy hitting that little bump up into the hills save the and that solidify once we got on. I knew I was making that. And then I think The guys that were at set. We're we're in the group. What else they during the pot so they were on of? I was waiting on my. There's women isn't it. They drained it in front of you so you retired for like sixty seconds. They're still just stepped up. Bom No problem. Keep moving we. I mean we've kind of been in those positions before especially in some events where once once we eighty eight mile. I'll tell that story but so seventeen you know you guys. You guys both went a little right but he ended up. I think rocky a pretty good spot. You had like twenty feet or so for Birdie uh-huh back side to the other guy. I can't remember his. You had a vicious outburst brutal. Yeah Oh my God to tie the lead need Williamson was his last name. Yeah he was a Super Nice Guy de God. Forbid that happened once for US I thank God in previous prevent that one hundred percents goes right in the one hundred percents on us so then we get to eighteen Hof Goes I put one in the harbor in the harbor so now I thought I made a great swing Attitu- I looked up and I'm like that's manages all right sal back it up so you got one shot lead in in the championship and your partners in the harbor offense what are you. What are you thinking? You're not well I think at this point going into it. I went to so zone then and I mean I was. I didn't even know I had a partner at the time. Once he went out. I was like there's no partner here out of focus on yourself. Yeah so I kind of just focused in on. I didn't look laughter right. I was looking at the ball and at the car and ready to go so I stepped up and I made almost like a terrible swing. Felt like it coming down down at it but when it hit the face and went on the air I was like. That's perfect so let's walk this down. That's walk this back. Yeah Yeah it was. It was not so because they postpone out there and I remember I remember hearing God. That's that's deepened. I'm like all right here. We go. You Ain't GonNa get me on this one so I had to step up. I just think and in swing as far as you can and don't go right. Don't go harbor so worked on it right. Got It out there. We got to the fairway and and I think what we have one thirty five in the again they switched depend on the Front Yup Front and was in the back right. which is it that back pain was tough earlier earlier? Really not that trump him missed four now until. We're not gonNA talk about that so looking at this. I Seen Day. They hit their second shots in looked like it. Looks pretty good at the pen. And and I like zipped off my little short left in the French and I'm thinking to myself and my God I love this shot one thirty pitching wedge choke down the club and just hit. Don't believe don't well just hit so I hit it and once I hit I knew it was perfect and everyone was screaming. Sits sets a and that thing had some sauce on it serious. That thing played as as perfectly can think of put up behind Penn at least fifty feet in zip the back to for seventy feet Then get into the partner or get into the green. I'm thinking aren't they don't really have easy if they make this. You know I'm not messing but we got to the point. I was like okay I just need to but and like I said we've been in this situation before where I've nine point anything. Yeah this is all me. We were torn before around or I want to hear this when we got the championship around. It's like a big a big event and Ross qualified Thursday Friday. You play two rounds of match. Play Saturday Saturday. matchplay and then Sunday semifinals and championship. She's so we get through everything some crazy rounds and then we get to seventeen. Were down one. We're now we're we're. We're all squared on seventy one seventeen. I made a birdie on seventeen get the eighteen. We both down the middle. We both he hits one on the green like the perfect spot like there's no flat spot on the screen and it's like ten feet straight uphill no movement. I'm in the bunker. I hit one out to the green. And I'm like like in the other guys line where he's putting par Birdie or something like that rock is like pick it up. What am I gotta par? PUTT I mean if I make this it's like you release some stress off you pick it up. I'm like you're not giving this guy a line on anything so I'm not trying to get any advantage and the next thing you know it's John I'm like all right. He missed his Birdie. PUTT on my God. We've got to Iran the same exact. Oh No we had liberty Nash on Eighteenth Green Liberal was the first thing this is nightmares all over again. So no way I ran this by like five feet five feet and now it's coming back. It is a slippery slider fast as this table. And he he's in his pocket. Pick it up and I guess are blessed with Mr Nestor Parliament. Now just to lose the Hong Kong till playoff. We're GONNA play off and we lost the second hole and it starts at this point literate down porn. They make Birdie on to lose the championship. Classic Scott like eight feet or whatever it was you and I'm like holy. I remember this look looking for him I please. I know discounted them like already displeased. Got Two points there. Even I want to make it so bad I just. It doesn't matter if you make the pot and you still win or youtube on you. Know I was like he got. I think I put it by like a foot and a half. He's like take your time. Okay I got it makes me nervous it was privy. I don't think most nervous shot I had was on sixteen to the playoff. 'cause like again that weight was a little while and then like it had me thinking though I take this to take that so that was that was my nervous shot and eighteen eighteen just kind of like I said zone down. I was in in the zone as you could say I walked everything down. I kind of look like a little douchebag but are you kidding me. That's that's that's what you it should dream like. You're walking down. Eighteen you throw that club into the slot and you're walking the ball on the Green as me your cat. He's pulling off your head cover. Yeah that's great. I didn't again. I didn't know about the history so that makes things when I go back and watch it. I'm going to be a little queasy. No no but I mean you you you got to. I will say too. I thought in my head with how much kind of like swagger you had at the time I was like even if Williamson or whatever. The guy's name was right Williamson. No offense them. Sorry for just saying I miss Greg player if he makes Rocco's making I was just like I don't think it really matters. I didn't think he was GonNa make if he does. I still think Rocco make because you had like six feet you've been playing lights out And I think that both groups starting with Birdie on sixteen was like Oh we're going to school and we were talking before about how I didn't want that didn't want but like you'd prefer not have to like twentieth handicaps win the whole thing because then it becomes like we've all seen before like San Bagger member gas that Oh yeah and it's like how come their handicaps to that high. There's no way they shot this or that they're being like Oh. I played a career around. And it's really sketchy instead. You guys are both like one or two handicaps. It's like well. Those are the guys that are supposed to win the tournament. Those are the best players players so that made me feel good. I think fifty percent really helped that a lot. That was perfect totally and anybody who bitches about that. My reaction to it is like if is the number one complaint is like well that that really favors the lower handicaps. And I'm like well you should be rewarded and having advantage of your better at something. I can't play this game. You got to be better totally totally. Anybody can have a chance. said it's fifty percents of urine eighteen anti cab. You WanNA plays a nine. You have a chance. You can totally getting some strokes but if anything it's going to reward the best people who should be rewarded because they're better simply may WANNA be better planet B boys well. Congratulations thank you. You got this trophy right here until well I probably until March I think around March where we're going to start next year's tournament so guises until then and your name will be on forever. Thanks to Alan. Thank God it's corrected. It was wrong I kind of wanted it to go on. I'm telling you I'm looking at it. And I've seen a May do the MIC. That's an aide that's not reich a come on out after all that you guys I imagine it'll be at the phillies stop next year. Yes you have a lifetime exemption into the tournament not into the championship. We'll take it despite your efforts to have a feeling you qualify again next year hoping so but we'll see all right. Anthony Rock appreciate it. Thank you you guys. Thanks for coming in

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