Hello and welcome to the podcast of all things kardashian. I'm jessica jordan. And i'm marcie jaro I am exhausted by this family. I mean you know. There has been weeks where i have not wanted to devote our precious time and energy to this. I was four upset to do it this week. I was too. And i. I thought about i thought about saying no and putting up a message that said we boycott these people at least this week and they do. They are undeserving of our time. And our brains and our empathy and thoughtfulness and compassion. And like this was. This was the week that i was very embarrassed about this about voting time to people and and their lives. Because they feel like monsters. I will say if their last season weren't on the horizon. I would probably dip out one hundred percent one hundred percent and like they're testing us close to the finish line and look but here was my justification a. I love to see your beautiful face. Yes happy to see you. This is the you window of the week. I get to see my friend. Who i love and i miss. So that's number one by a mile to. I think it's important to talk about what they did this week. And if our listeners wanna hear it. And because i have a lot of thoughts and i know you do too. And i think it's really important to analyze them and i think we've used this platform to cut them a lotta slack to understand him. Understand them to give them a lot of grace. One other people have not also think it's well within our rights to to be mad and embarrassed and enraged by their choices which have continued even through every night. Yes yes boy. So this isn't going to be a we love card ashton's one so just f y you or not in the mood to hear any criticism of this family. This dip out dip out now. This is a good moment to dip ryan. Save yourself so. I mean it also dubs hills in in terms of catching up you and me in our regular lives and where this stuff actually bleeds in. Because as it goes for myself i am tired. I'm really stressed. My anxiety is at an all time high. It just hit me today. My meds are working hard. it it's daylight savings. It was dark when the four o'clock hour. Today i was upset with that. We have a world changing election in two days a day from when you guys will listen to this. And we're in a huge horrifying kovic spike as we stared down a fall or winter. I know oh. God even just thinking of the num- what's going to happen right every thanksgiving it's it's this is a really challenging time. We s this is really really really and while we're experiencing it. There are so many people who are like. what are you talking about. You guys are making a big deal about it and that feels it. It's such a crazy place to sit. Where you're like am i am. I insane Experiencing so many different realities at once and it is the most trying feeling like we have people. We know who have are having lake. You know weddings cancelled and having to stand on a corner to wave at their friends. That's what i. I went to a a wave wedding today. Guys i read just drove by and wave at the bride wearing a mask and a wing dress. The friends whose children triggered treated from room to room in their own and not not a kardashian style mansion. A person's home in a ranch style house. You know this is. This is a period of just like so much like a deep loss and creativity and empathy and optimism in the face of so much so much uncertainty a word. We're all sick of hearing but yeah it's it's just it's very real it's at the it's a it's it's very real for everyone right now and so so all that to say that's where i'm sitting as just like a person you know like my parents have truly talked quite seriously about leaving the country the depending on the outcome of the election which could be a lot of bluster but you know what i mean. Trudeau said he's looking for four hundred thousand new citizens like i can't blame them would go to scotland right. Probably go see my sister in dubai. Good emily if you're listening and they didn't tell you that i'm sorry With either coming your way this is your niece nephew. Earl there And then yeah. Possibly to scotland although the although europe is now seeing this massive spike and lockdown on its own two right now so but they're locking down right exactly and when my parents point is largely that they feel i mean they're in their mid seventies and that it feels like a a true health risk to stay And that there's a lot of you know there's a lot of fear behind that conversation but point is i'm very lucky i am. Btw her father is a scientist who worked in the medical late yeah industry for. He's he phd's and chemistry. His friends are the ones working on like his friend runs. I think pfizer. And it's like he didn't invent one of the machines that they're using they use. My dad is a is. Phd's in chemistry his his expertise in what's called mass spectrometry and mass trumpeters or used largely for for At for drug testing the breakdown of proteins at the smallest level the smallest pieces of Of chemistry and so Companies use them the olympic season for drug testing Their machines used in those fields. And so this is his realm. He's not just like this. Year is on the brink but really smart people. they're really smart people And they're really scared. Really really scared. And i you know. I can't really blame them. It's also a whole piece. That's like really tough. You know where A lot of people have a way worse but my dad chose to become an american citizen and he like really in this really fascinating way like loves america more than any of us like he learned a lot to take a citizenships has this is true of everyone who takes us citizenship test. Like it's always very funny. He actually understands the us government and all of our history much better than all of us because he has you had to learn it and he really really likes loves it and chose it and like is has always been sort of america obsessed in our is like like he loves america like chose it and moved away and lived his whole life away from his family. And i think that's what's always so crazy about people who like want someone delete leave. It's like they love. They love america. He loves it so much more than the than the three of us were like. Okay dude and he's so smart and he learned everything about it and he is constantly schooling us and he is so proud and the day he became. A citizen was like one of biggest days in our family. We threw a huge party and Anyways it's like so it's a point is is that it's it's it's really heartbreaking to watch somebody Who who's journey has been that like b c such disillusion to the point. That you know may may leave So so there's a lot bigger lot bigger heartache. But point is it's like it's not on all of our doors. Yes really intense ways. We'll get through together but as it relates to this podcast start island the start at the fortieth birthday so that was. What was that monday skies. This week has held so long. I don't even in the midst of all of is kim. We knew him turned forty. We talked about it. We toasted her last week. She triggers and pretenders were happening. Here yeah at all. We were fully. It was a full ruse because a post went up that then obliterated the internet because what kim did and is that she posted. I guess we should. Should we read the post. The forget okay roaming pull it up Because this it hit everybody on a work day. Hit everybody in a way that no one was prepared for anyone saw. This young girl was five days ago by the way so forty and feeling this was. The post is picture. The main picture is kim with Khloe rob kendall courtney on the beach on the sand with palm trees and people behind them forty and feeling so humbled blessed. There is not a single day that i take for granted especially during these times when we are all reminded of the things that truly matter for my birthday this year. I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. Spend it than with some of the people who've helped shape me into the woman. I am today before covid. Any is truly appreciated. What a simple luxury. It was to be able to travel and be together with family and friends in a safe environment after two weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine. I surprise my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time we danced road. Bikes swam near wales. Kayaked watched a movie on the beach and so much more. I realized that for most people. This is something that is so far out of reach right now so in moments like these. I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is. Hashtag this is forty comment. Kris jenner best trip ever hashtag blessed. How did watch movie on a beach. Get in that little list. I don't know it is watching movie on a b. to that high up on the list right people do that at like hotels like camp people at camp watch movies outside. It's it's outrageous. It's so out of touch with what with what everyone is going through. And the timing of it is so bad with like like we were saying the holidays right around the corner and we the projections of what the covid Numbers are going to be like. I would be like her doing it. Of course she's gonna do whatever she wants but the way that she posted about us was it. So like marie antoinette. Let them eat cake. However most people fell into that camp which was like look. Is kim kardashian. Able and rich enough to fly have all her friends get tested in quarantine and fly to a private island in tahiti like Should she can cheat. Who cares yeah. Whatever it was the post it was the need to let us know the need to show people like that level of privilege and luxury and the it was the showing people that it happened. Was i think what like in raged and offended people so to their core Is it was just like fine. Go do it but why do we have to see it. Why does it have to be thrown in our face and not just that. That was the first post it went on for more pictures. More photos more photos. There are one two three four five six seven eight main to to the main instagram posts. It really feels. As if that. She's like i i hear you. I don't give a fuck. She doesn't give a fuck. She had win after this became like an internet thing she posted and because everybody like it became. It became a whole thing. People would post pictures from like movies. And whatever and copy the copy and just pointing out the lake out of touch -ness of it all and like And she posted another one. That i was like truly waiting for like an embarrassed apology post. I truly thought she might be like i hear you. I don't i was thinking. Yeah but her. Next post was now that i have your attention dot dot this is a reminder to vote six days and it's a another batch of photos unlike its this. This just likes it like embarrassed me. Oh it embarrassed me so much for her for us for us. Says there's because i'm sure you had two people. Were texting me like yeah. I got kim's post. And i was like i know this is not a i. Don't it's like the worst parts of this is like how much news people want to send to be. And i don't want it like i do it. We do our little bit of homework so we'll usually find it but sometimes i'm just like they're so bad it's just so bad it's so like it just doesn't one so many people who still cannot get tests easily there you know i also not all the tests are accurate and maybe an incubation period. How do you know those people really isolated. There's just so many factors and also we know you're constantly having nannies and people like that and your home who probably live with other people who are in homes like yours because they don't get to live the life in the ivory tower that you have and so the risk there. It's like this. I don't know it's just like there's and we've seen movies. We know how this goes. We'll in like people pointed out. You know that so. It's a private island in tahiti and it's called brando i think is the resort. It's called marlin. People figured it out pretty easily she says she chartered a full jet. Like with the lay down beds and stuff down beds for like eighty people or whatever it was An was a. it's called. The brando resort in tahiti that marlon brando's private island that he owns so they're owned own and i guess he because he's dead. Yeah see i was like maybe his his family sons and i'm not sure but And everybody always go this alone. I think was estimated at like one million but yeah it's thirty five luxury villas and so she chartered an eight seat crystal cruises jet To fly there on her birthday and yeah the luxury villas our gopher about twenty thousand and night and have private pools. And i mean god i am it. Sounds like heaven on earth Nobody's nobody disagrees with that. But a big part. Sorry i was going to say is that a lot of people pointed out like about the staff you know like there's you know people were pointing them out in the backgrounds of all photos that they all kept posting. Because it wasn't just. Kim it was courtney it was kendall. It was all family posted in posted. Implicit i i told you and chris. This is hugh. Chris got trish. Who's our chris. gardiner. Enter kris jenner I muted all sisters this week. I just like after this post went up. I was like. I mean it went back and i would like peek at them but i like i just was like i cannot just like have these thrown at can't look at more bikini photos as this week went on what people were pointing out in the background of these images like all the staff wearing their masks and gloves and like it's just such a rough look. It is that thing of like we're fabulous. Keep your germs off of us sort of thing. I just it's also like why couldn't you give them health screenings if you're getting them like maybe it'll help the island out like the people who work there. I don't know it just made me so grossed out but these people are just wasting money. They're just throwing it away because they don't know what it feels like to want for something the idea that they can't have something right now. They are not. they're not used to it. They will not do it. Just won't do it and they have to let us see it as saying that like it's the seeing it it's the forcing us to consume it and it and and and acknowledge it and believing that we want that and it's like this. It's so funny because like you know we we. Obviously i love their crass consumerism to appoint. It's a part of why. I defend them and i like. Hey that's their deal. That's who they are. And why. I love housewives and like i'm on board for like voyeuristic watching of like richer people than me but there was something about this in this moment when every one of us is like sick to our stomachs with like what is happening. What is the future. What is what is the next year of our lives going to look like this like just drop these into like everyone's faced fall so cruel at continued all fucking week and then the weird juxtaposition of the episode that they had this week. Where it's like. Give me a break. So we'll get to that. So then so chloe appears on ellen lick a few days later and this was her response when ellen brought it up which made me laugh. Very hard this phrasing. I haven't heard a lot about it. This is about the photos and people and the memes in critics of the trip. I haven't heard a lot about it. But i did hear that people were upset that we all went out of town out of town. Funny way to phrase tahiti. I don't really know the extent of it but this year is a frustrating year. I get it. i think. There's so many frustrations going on for everybody but also it's her fortieth and this is something that you really wanted to do for us. It was such a nice thing we felt so safe and we did it in the safest way i could imagine when doing it was such a beautiful experience and i want him to focus on how beautiful was and what she did for everybody. Just do it in. Don't tell us about it like do what you want because you clearly don't care but don't like the messaging is bad it's bad messaging. Wealth is just so toxic. You just really see it. Break these people's brains and then there was speculation about like kylie. Didn't go kylie definitely did not go. She definitely did not go and did go. Because courtney posted a picture of johnny riding a bike. It looked as if she was teaching him how to ride a bike or something very funny. It's like just kind eight from the back but e so like everyone is there be. I know kelly some guys doing. Oh i know. I wasn't there because sorry i wasn't look at your articles. I should've pulled up kylie. Wasn't there because she's been participating she said. You want me to quarantine isolate myself for ten days. I'm not doing that kim. Don't care. I don't care you think you don't care wait till you see me. Go girl kylie. Don't care she said. I will be in vegas at cardi b.'s. Party at anyone else's party. I want to go story me. Mommy's gonna be back. Leader vice does not care. There was like a funny blind item on that great account. You know the show more do more. That is now minute session. And it was about how kim and kylie or fighting. Because oh okay because kim is like judgmental of the way kylie spends her money and i was like so she wasn't invited to the private island takeover. Yes because she's bad of how kylie spends her money. These people all need to be truly. Kim is bitter and jealous. Abbott cannot stand any criticism. But i i was like i love how because the trip became so passe. I was like how funny that kylian up like walking away looking like better than an ongoing When it's just like no she just gave fewer fucks than any doesn't like. She doesn't care about her sister. Oh on that team account. Though there is a khloe kardashian thing was there are asking about assistance. Oh yes i saw this and it was khloe treated her assistant extremely well. Nameplate necklace using laurel shoes all sorts of seven etc until the assistant boyfriends stole from our which i think we saw a few seasons ago was in an episode. Yeah so apparently. She was so good to this assistant and assistance from like. Hey girl. I'm about to ruin your life. I thought of a way. I could be a terrible person in a hurt. You also waller talay about things that i found everyone. I hear you loud and clear bruce. Lii did not die onset. Your confidence is always use strongest card. Marcy and if anyone's listening by has for a long time just always notice. How quickly i i never. I believe marcy to my core and i always will. I was like absolutely this is true. I should come clean and say. I'm often miss remembering thanks to bruce. Lee died of a brain. Dima was possibly caused by reaction to prescription painkillers sad anyway but definitely not in the same fashion that his son later died. The only thing that matters is the come clean and we always do it when we get called out. We have no problem. We've had years at this point. We set a rapper's name wrong. We made up some some. We make up a lot. That's part of our freedom. We got the mics. We got the mics sirs power in this world. Is we get to decide. Marcy made up a beautifully tragic story. Other honestly bay should think about rebooting that father son death backed up rebooted. No good on you. Speaking of oh god what transition segue so then. Everyone is barely cut their breath from the horrific barrage of tahiti grams. and then. What does kim have next for us. On this week of assault week of social media assaults on her followers she posts a series of videos of a gift from her husband. Canoeist who has rebooted to use the term robert kardashian senior in hologram form so what we see is a live showing of film footage filmed of viewing of a hologram of robert kardashian. Seniors speaking in current times to his daughter. Kim kardashian west on her fortieth birthday and i don't know what else to say other than everyone who had any shred of their mind left. Lost their collective minds over this. This was what. I got more text about than than tahiti. I mean after. I thought it was so strange that her fake fortieth birthday party had so many videos of him and like the she got up the car and heard his voice. I was like oh. I get that. It's very nice but it's unnerving then to like up the any and reanimate dead person. Put him in three dimensions with a hologram and then like using very like modern technology to take his voice and use his voice and then make a script at konya road scream witch. Connie says that whenever you here which means fart when there's a big fart that's me nor is a little fart. That's also me what that's that's like desecration of the corpse in my mind. I read robert as you see your would take. The who is a lawyer would take this man to court. This is sue him into this headline this headline pto. Or we're at listen. This is the headline vanity. Fair ran kim kardashian hologram of her late father calls konya the most most most most most genius man in the whole world and then this is the sub head. The digital rob kardashian senior also danced to quote who put the bump and praised his eldest daughter's decision to become a lawyer. I mean it's wild. Blew my mind cause you know konya wrote the script and was like an. I'm a gene like it's such a narcissistic truly like like in a family full of narcissists. Like who's brains should be collected and studied for years to come konya can dunk on them. All it's fine kardashians. I mean i mean and here's the thing. I saw people in the like the facebook group. The credentialing facebook repeat talking about like people who'd lost parents and like what this would mean and like i truly understand that like i don't understand i. I haven't less apparent. I'm i saw people talking about like i would have loved something like this. And and that's meaningful in an important but i think that the script whelming like feeling of it all in this week of all weeks i don't i. It is obviously very thoughtful. We know how much robert senior in the loss of their. Yeah like we understand. It is incredibly thoughtful gift. It is very con- yeah it's just this idea of like that. There was a scriptwriter that there was a body double that it was like that the work behind it is so according to tmz konya worked with a production company called kaleida with a k. To create the hologram and quote spent a lot of time in the studio poring over old video and audio robert to bring the vision to life in a. I was used to finish off the project which started in early. September and kim was clearly touched. It was more just like the overwhelming ness of this family. I was just got nothing. I'm just out of i'm out. I'm out tapped out of this family for this week. Marcy there about me. It wasn't over didn't matter the veil is spin guys so it was halloween all the same week. This is all the same week we processing this. It was halloween halloween. And it's also kendall's birthday. Yes classically kindles birthday. Oh this every year handles birthday falls on. Hold on wait for it. Actually november third. Oh so this is very i guess. She doesn't have an election night party but she always does a halloween party for her birthday. I guess she just that's more fun for her since she does tend to always have a halloween party for her birthday now. Let's talk about the pros. I though jess yeah. She dressed as barb wire. costume pamela anderson. This family loves do pimlott yes She looks amazing. Incredible as panhandle should plucked her eyebrows. Go blonde because it worked for her. It really really worked. She showed us the costume early. And it was amazing and she turned into a little like a go vote. You know In the photos and she in kylie also did acute matching costume. That was very fun. That was a throwback to which i was like they redid these costumes from when their kids and i and it was very cute but then i was like also. What are these causes. I don't know what they are. I don't know like kids sparkle. Yeah your attrition. i was like cute. And then i was like what is it. What are they did this. So then i woke up this morning and what happened on saturday night here in los angeles. Well actually. This was teased on the same gossip. Site ma that she was going to have this party. I saw somebody Blind item was like. Kendall's going to have a holiday or a halloween party not socially also so. The bay said that the kim was going to go to the island. Yes you're right you guys. This is you know we're not being by but it's a great gossip site d. e. u. x. Like oh do the number two and french and me momoa me get any doom wa wa. It's great there's a lot of kardashian gossip go check it out. I've been enjoying it but yeah so it was tipped so kendall through party. Kennel threw a party a party burns. Kendall jenner threw herself a twenty fifth birthday party at a a rooftop bar Even though the city of la has had said had mandated that residents gather no more than like two with two households. Whatever we don't know the mandate but the six feet is is still to be in effect but because this was on a rooftop. I guess that was why this was deemed. Okay but it's not look like an outdoor party to me. You know they were inside. They were absolutely inside. Nobody had masks. Basically we had stars like sweetie doja cat the weekend winnie harlow. Justin bieber Jason smith jaded smith wearing an oxygen mask. At that seems distasteful little distasteful. Some might say and then kendall blowing her blowing all over that cake. I mean while a staff member holzer cake. She is fully an a mask and leaning no the staff members in a mask. She doesn't i just wanted to clarify because gone. No masters holding her giant cake while everybody stands filming. No masks and kendall leans forward to blow out her candles a thing. We just need to let go of guys. I didn't blow out candles on my birthday. You should just hold a candle in your hand and blow it out. And i would offer. My parents lit a candle and then i turned and blew it out facing away from them and turn back and kept it not doing it and so she just had a big fucking halloween party. Kylie was there. Everyone's inside everyone dressed up. They showed people showed. There was a on the invite. It said no social media. Take all the photos you want. But please don't post on social media of any kind. Obviously that's not what happened. I would highly. How highly was immediately posting. Kylie's kylie posted all night long. 'cause kylie doesn't care or like them he does not care now. This was interesting because it was after like other celebrities. Like ariana grande day. I forget who else lake other celebrities posted stuff about like. Don't go out. Don't go to parties dress up at home. Like trying to send like responsible. Messages. You know. I don't know this one. It's like somehow this like tip me the fuck over. I was just like we have friends. It's not about us. It's just like we have friends whose kids are trick or treating in their living rooms. It's like what it would have meant to dress up. And of course everybody would love to have halloween. And it's just like to know that five feet down the street these. I don't like us up. I don't like the smell of plastic. So either mercy. But i see humans and see it in the middle of of this moment again to see it and i was just like that. I continue to be outraged that i continue to be surprised. It's like a clearly. The through line is me and not understanding like the socioeconomic breakdown of the war. Like i mean what we live in. But i was just like. I'm fucking sick of these people. I'm sick of them. That's what it is. It's just such utter classism and its like does just gross to see such blatant disregard for like not only rules but how could affect any other person because yeah we already seen what happens if they get sick. A doctors come to their fucking houses and they can text and they can text doctors on their phones doctors on their phones. We don't do that. Somebody brings them food while they are quarantined in one of the many rooms of their mansion. The waiter at the party does not get that kind of treatment and maybe doesn't even earn a livable wage now and like so that justin bieber and kylie could kylie could wear her like her her uniquely made just for her terry mugler fucking snake costume out like a whole staff had to like staff a party and i'm just like fucking over it over the show. We do have to talk about kim's costume. Though i like by. I've had all week. I checked before bed and i was like i saw those like first of all those decorations goodbye. I hate that spider house with all my call. My guts i was like. Hey if you're going to a great this actually makes your house like warm for the first time that's true. It was like such a such a big improvement their outfits. I was like i. i'm their kids. I'm legit tariff too scary weights. Well i she did the carole baskin. Oh yes okay. I thought you were talking about the new ones from last which also seems a little distasteful. Because they're they've reopened the case because they do believe carole baskin definitely killed her husband like it's been reopened by investigators because of this. So it's like you. I guess she does like to get people out of jail. Listen a bat signal that represent her eventually but this like the thing that she wore to. Kendall's party it's like this. It's like a red gimpo outfit. Zippers over the mouth and is it is truly terrifying hate it. It's like custom. Whatever beaumont or something. I don't know it designer. Like she tagged and i was just like i hate. I hate this halloween. I hate you guys. I hate your costumes. I eat you this week. I hate you hate you. I really hate this family this week. I know hala wean. I know they love dressing up and most years. I really look forward to it. Like i know. They have all the money in the world and they can make like beautiful dream costumes. Come together and it's like very fun. And escapist i just didn't i didn't with for it this year. People are suffering so much this year all over the world. people are suffering but it's to like new levels and to just be so clearly not a part of our society in a way. It's like yeah this is you're right. You're absolutely right. Like i tweet it. We have to vote them out about kardashian's like we have to vote. The car dash them out. You guys like you want to save them money on taxes who flock we literally cannot. They are like at a loss for how how their money. I looked at kim's decorations. The spider house. And i was like i feel like this was her and mindy weiss being like. I don't just something. Just here's a blank check. I don't know i don't know. Just fill my house with some shit. It's halloween and it was like. I didn't mind the decorations that much honestly best thing. She's done that's the least offensive but it was an again. It made the house look better. It warmed it up completely absolutely worn this hallway. Perfect for a haunted house. Yeah a big white nasty museum. House that yeah. It's a blank canvas for horror. I just was like these people who are terrorizing us. I felt terrorized this week. Like i truly was like leave me alone. Leave me alone go like a go join whatever like you and your private society of wealthy to exit regular society like you're not part of this get out of your not welcome. Yeah just it. It just felt very heartless all of alice's the word fully heartless and like to people. I'd like i think specifically hits you an i in these moments like not like boohoo. But it's like obviously we we desperately wanna give them the benefit of the doubt. We always i always stand behind like the reason for the podcast and the fact that these are like business women. It's a matriarchal family. They have lake. They are out gamed the game in terms of their own success and longevity and like i have nothing but respect on so many levels and it's why we say here every week but like am i absolutely channeling all meetings -iety into how much i am. How distasteful. I find them a one hundred percent maybe just like totally flipped. I mike listening to taylor. Swift and being like she's like you know what do they call him. A swift boater. What are we call. Her fans is just like i felt at this week. Like people with text and be like. Oh shit well what do you think. And i'm like they're bad. What do you think. I'm gonna i'm gonna go to bat. I'm gonna fucking push back. No they're bad. They're bad or bad this week. let's. I will always hope they can redeem themselves. But if we're going off the ended before me in this week they need to redeem themselves. I think they need to slink away and go to whatever price they can just be rich be rich and i don't wanna see it anymore. That's just where i'm at where i'm not interested in it. I ask frankly. City corny is now the most interesting one to look at And it's not because she's a good person but her body looks the most normal. And so i think courtney has the best buck because they posted pictures of like everyone like running in bikinis courtney's. Yeah she looks like at least somewhat. She still has a body that is outside the reach of most normal human beings but it looks like an actual body that could exist in the human world without like major surgery tired of the anyways. I don't need to dig into them physically. I'm tired of their actual even just shapes. You know like the way these like these round wild hips. Like i'm just sort of like. I'm just i need a break. You need a break but should we so so then. We have two in the same way that they are. Terrorizing us a social media. We have to watch them for them in this episode. We're trying they ask us to feel sorry for them and do we. I simply do. Not into this ludicrous episode. Yes yes so. I watching this. This week was truly like just views. It was just a mixed messaging. So we started off at scott tells. The of scott and kim schools are shut. Down gavin newsom It's not yet declared a state of emergency. That comes later. But kim is like what am i going to do with the kids for a whole month that i'm like there's no way i thought maybe at first maybe but with the information we find out there is no way possible. She is taking care of her own. Children give me a bray game break. Don't buy it don't end it. And then she's like what if people go out of the country for spring break as kim. What if people are selfish enough to go out of the country possibly getting other people sick and then possibly bringing illness back here. What if kim what what do you think about that is that what could that be like. Just like how did they air this this week. I production trying to take them. I truly was like it's what it felt like was it was like they were such agree gis monsters this week and then to watch them like basically the truth of it which was like maybe they gave a shit at the beginning of quarantine but we are one hundred percent watching the trajectory of them at least pretending to care back in shape role and then being like by cut cut to october and these people are like well. We're tired. i just realized this is just like a a little like snapshot of what america. Like half of america's like -solutely genuine concern disneyworld like it's not a private island but my bank. It's wildly more dangerous. yes. I know people. I saw people on instagram. Like friends of friends. That went this two weeks ago. And i was like what the with their kids on a on the best day possible. Disneyworld is gonna get you sick. I used to work there guys and made me a fanatical hand washer. Oh because Because there were so many people coming from different countries. And i'm being exposed to things that i was getting so sick in the first month. Like just always getting something and i became a real fanatical like and to this day. Like if i walk outside and don't touch a thing. I still need to wash my hands because it touched the air. It really did broke my brain in a way that i was like. Yeah there's just people from all over the world so like it's germs. Bacteria have ever encountered before and so make sense anyway. Disneyworld has not part of this episode. I'm so sorry. I will go back as soon as i miss. We all wanna go. I wanna go. I wanna go to disneyland Yes so we find out chloe's really sick. She's in bed. We also find out the scott always since cookies to khloe when she said. Why won't they just be together. Really a love story. I mean what can constantly in the background did. You see the fake headlines. This week there was like a million gray scott. Disick arrived to the party. And it's like there's not one picture of them near each other you use dark backgrounds and co like made a composite of the two. I love this attempt to make us think scott's like ever dating anybody. I don't care but i was like. She's very that name. Sound young to me. Let arenas baby. Oh is that who that is not gray. No no i. I don't like that at all. It was it's not true. But that's like their headlines. If you don't click this. We need to stop the headline game in america. It's really broken us as a society. Yes we're broken anyway. Keep going black and white cookies. I also don't want wanna give this episode of our its due diligence. Because i'm so resentful but we'll live through it but then khloe gets in bed doctor. Visit dr boris doctor. First name those people. You can't trust yes that is. These are actor doctors also. He wasn't wearing any form of glove. He's just like i. i know. At that moment. we didn't know how bad it could be. But the timing of it. I knew when i was going places like it's weird like shake hands and like that was when we were elbow bumping people but you would think a doctor and he was like. Oh my wife's a teacher a doctor. it's fine it's like you fool. You are who you and then of course i love nothing more. I mean it. It does shift over the episode. But chloe is meant to be deathly ill has full glam. I know she's splitting some horror makeup artists at risk. May maybe she's doing it herself. I don't know but whatever it is it doesn't help me feel sorry for her face of glam also brisk rockers. Like if you wanna be really safe. I guess you could isolate away from your family. I was like this is such. I mean it's it's so you're like listen to the doctors also. None of them knew what they were talking about back. Then so it's like really hard. I know there's so much like it's almost reckless in this way of spreading misinformation. Amy like this. I said it last week episode should all have like pop up this. You're right you're right. You said that it's like it. Just is so rough like i because it's just a different time but he gives her the nasal cova tests. He doesn't think it's corona virus haha jokes doc Boiler your bed. Dr near bad at your job i guess dr boris worse. I mean noticed in the rest of the episode. They weren't calling dr be. They were calling dr a best eighteen. He's be team. You know you get them when dr as too busy at the icu. With all the dying coverted patients. I like i like this group. Were just this map. Can't help it so them. Right kim's pale hal's talking about medicine. Balti and chlorophyll t. I was like what did you notice that when they set the tea down in front of kendall it was someone else's hand and then they never showed that person. I know because it was famously. The kardashians have pale hands compared to the rest of their body and this hand certainly of an african american woman. Okay not in the scene not in the scene. Get i good i was like i guess it's fine but why show that like why. Show the by show the cup. I'm so curious. Why the editors do what they do. I feel like they're trying to send us. Message are some a lot of times they are. Yeah it's like there. Sos signals help us help us. You know bad. Things are happening blink on in miracle mile like because it's such a weird shot to be like. Here's this t being put down by clearly. Someone who's not going to be shown like you didn't have to show that at all now and you can often. It's not hard to cut something like that out or put what they term they would use you know punching which so you go zoom in if you wanna cut stuff out of the edges But no they didn't so but we learn not only is khloe sick but yes also say. He has quarantined himself. He hasn't eaten in a day. he's he's gone full howard hughes locked oftener room. He's not eating. Thank god though right. It just seems like he is fully locked down in this room. It sounds like those. Like i touch store knobs in this how i'm clorox personally. It's me it's nobody else. it's no help me. And he came from my coming. It's just the flu and i was like. Why would you think while there's a pandemic that has flu like symptoms that it's only the only thing pa in that moment. in time. she was also she. Sounds like the biggest damascus. She's like oh no it was just wyoming and then she's like and that's it well then paris with me. It's very funny. Because oh kindle was like oh wyoming. It's five inches and then paris before and kendall starts washing our hands. Yes because it's just like see you guys have literally jets headed by the way the only person i know personally who got covid my friend in new york got it in paris Because it was europe was like teaming. Yeah yeah no. I look i. Kim is like corona so rare. I don't think that's it as eight of fast-spreading pandemic that's what that's why you left. What it's so. Yeah you're right. It is rarer and it's getting less rare by the minute it's so crazy. How much kim in all her confessionals keeps repeating that. She's like watching the news. She is like glued to the news and like all their actions. Tell me like i know. We didn't know a lot and we still know a lot and they're still. It's very difficult to pin down. It's been very difficult. But it is very rough. And they give us by airing these episodes and showing us at the absolute peak of dumb ass nece in terms of how they're handling it. It's like i don't feel that bad. Judging them they don't have to put up these episodes. You know now the real like a fun part of the scene is when. Chris says the tea is. She's like oh they're like you don't like it. She's like no. It's just the five i was like. This is what happens. You teach older people lingo. They don't know how to fit. It's a i. I was like chris. Shut the hell up. It's not a by. It's a cup of nasty t. I'm sorry i'm coming for all also crispy like kim you have to feed yay you behind rambled eggs or bone broth like oh here. And then they kind of like float the idea of lockdown. They probably got a text message from sharon stone. Like everyone else. It was like this weird thing where like celebrities were like trickling down to like be celebrities and they were passing it around. And i was like awesome. Yeah i my god. Sharon stone told you. Don't tell anyone else clearly. Also celebrities to Sorry can i kicked cat's tail but they're it's going to be a locked up in kennels like but what time to get food like they'll give you like a day to get food like i was like how did very funny watching these of touch humans. Try to understand what's happening in the world. They live in so then we have march thirteenth happened. In the city starts shutting down the the filming crew suspends filming inside their home so they have set up their walking them through how to set up cameras in their own house so we have key inside kim's house and she's setting up so many ring lights can only do so much. It's a can't throw light that far. Also it's already an all white house like there's yeah it's just. I love watching him. Try to do this. Yeah and the directors like getting frustrated. She's like i drew a diagram. No i actually thought this was really great. Editing and it showed us a lot of information like we were learning about. You know film production Well it is so funny to the idea of like this family has been doing this for so long but to see what they understand and have absorbed. And haven't you know like it's just. That's the moment like kim even knew to be like well. How are you going to get the facetime on camera. She's set that up behind your back and she's out of you won't the other camera and the directors like no. I know exactly but actually they weren't able to do it. So kim right was actually right. She's the better dp then this producer because they couldn't not and also we see the cameras guys. It's fine no one cares but so we close really sick. She's having migraines she's throwing up. They she gets tested but they don't know when the test back. And she's like it's just so unorganized. Sounds like you bitch are you. Guess what it's like for everyone else if it feels on organized on your end in your realm guess what that was like for everybody trying to figure it out like in your bedrooms in dodger stadium. No one got that kind of treatment. I mean that's the whole thing is it's just like it's seen ever seen of like i see. That sucks like close really sick. She can't see your kid. That's really scary. But again like they earn. We're never acknowledging like they're in the biggest houses imaginable. You don't it makes me think of like the like shutdown like seeing colton. The bachelor was at the beach with his girlfriend. And she got stung by a stingray. As like why are you out of fucking beach right now. She has to go to the hospital during a pandemic. Because she got stung by a stingray like such a dumb injury to have such a dumb thing to have exposure yourself. Especially when like. We're like our icu. Fill up or the research scared and then we find out. True is being taken care of by. Tripton is a god among men. No one has ever been. No cheater has ever been better than in the world than he is his own house. Still which. I read this week because there was a real estate update which i don't give a shit about but you know chris and chloe are sold their houses and they just bought two new houses in hidden hills but cr- tristan's been trying to unload his Sense like early summer and can't sell it so but at this point tristan still has his house. What do you think that is the constant need to be moving. I wish i knew. I mean like i assume. It is just Obsessive consumerism and you were better like i forget that. For most rich people their houses are like also big pieces of technology. You know and the best newest technology and that probably that's a big part of it is that they like you know safety security updates like i don't know i don't know why can't they just sit in a nice mansion like everybody else used you back in the day and just have your amazing mansion for your life like they play this lake. Shell game with their houses. And it's like and remember. We covered that. Chris sale because that was a really shady one where she sold it to the heiress. From cody cosmetics. Who has bought out kylie cosmetics and is probably going to buy you. Wbz anyways you know who it is like very like we're talking about this in like larger themes and the trading of houses in like how they're so involved with the fast fashion of their world like they're doing fast real estate. Yeah i mean. We can't really fathom what like that kind of market is what marketplace's because it's so far outside the realm of everybody's existence but lake absolutely. I remember learning about ellen that that's how ellen had actually amassed the majority of her wealth is that she was ahead of like celebrity home flipping by mail and starting in like the more like early august. She started like buying And pert and like oh and flipping. That's why they sell their houses so often. Then you're right yet that that was like they live for two years. They don't have to pay the same taxes and they use it makes easily because people want to buy ellen's house so it's not just that they can make fat like hundreds not hundreds. I'm sorry i'm so stupid. And thinking in terms of people they can make millions of dollars in and it seems. But i think to your point like to me that seems like so much work to update your family and be moving constantly and like but i think that the financial gain is so high like if you look at how many homes ellen has bought and sold in like twenty years. It's insanity because that's like what her real businesses like. Her talk show is completely secondary to real estate. It's crazy You know it's obviously not but she makes a lot of money so i assume that that's just for them. Yeah they're banking on all these stupid businesses at the end of the day like they can pocket. Probably you know fifty million. Don't understand these hoarders. They're like hoarding money. Like it's gonna go away like honestly she has to have a private jet fly. All of her friends to a private island or else by that money is like shh like she has to spend a certain amount of money a year. it's maybe there is some tax reason. Maybe baby i just like. It's insane so but yes so so. Tristan is at his house. He's got true but then seems to be coming over in like playing with true outside and all these were very like light scenes right like just like getting information like we have chris and corey calling. Mj but mj's like. I don't know how to use a thermometer on my forehead. You know just use the thermometer on my forehead and then she's like microwaves kills germs. And they're like ha ha. And i was like actually. That was a thing early on that. The doctors did tell us the. Do this in the Really sorry for chris because she misses all her family. She misses her mom. She's worried that. I'm jay z lonely. Then we see that. It's tristan's birthday. Khloe has to call in 'cause she's still quarantining. The whole episode is just like khloe laying in bed. Yeah like we had the classic hanson's keiko yes cake. He's in the fees. You'd i tell you know you're back in the good graces when you get a hanson's cake and then we hear a bunch of nannies talking in the background because tristan's not taking care of true. Nobody is taking care of themselves. Like is the hardest part like we see you know. Close like eating off of a little food tray and it's like who brought that and he brings in knocks the door than i way and mike no he. Maybe he brought it to you. But i don't believe he's in the kitchen kitchen like making it up no and like and like maybe. They've wanted to keep these people employed and it gets. I don't know but it's like it is just like that's the part that drives us so crazy. It's the for our forever hashtag of show the nannies. It's just like these. People are not surviving this and experiencing it on their own this episode corentin day three so we find out. Chinese still quarantined in that room. She's pretending like she's taking care of all the kids by herself and i was like. There's no way this possible because you just left babies y- you left your two youngest children with a man who will not leave his room. And as you think deathly ill you live North chicago in psalm. In that house alone while you took saint to levies no you have help. You have help just say you have help and rude is it to pretend to be rationing food. Give me a. There's so many people who had so much food insecurity. It's in the same with like the hand. Sanitizer is it's just like i'm gonna steal this like it's funny and this was like genuinely scary like it was it was a genuinely scary period for most people didn't know if you look literally be able to wipe your own asshole guys have gotten us to the. You've you hear us being like they're not fun anymore. they're not fun. it's not fun. And maybe they'll comeback but right now so then in the middle of it. Something real happens which is maliki goes into labour. Yes and we have this like if felt really manufacturer to me so that we would like you know understand. Why khloe wasn't there and it was all about like poor khloe. She couldn't go. Oh no i think it was. I thought it was totally narcissistic of her to be like. I need to be there. That's what i'm going to go. But i didn't even think it was may factored. I was like who in their right mind would think a sick person should go to. That's what i we manufactured in the sense that she forced the storyline because she thought it would look bad. She was like oh melita flew out for my pregnancy. I have to be seen forcing myself to try to be there like for me because all of us as normal people are like of course. You don't go absolutely not. That is not how that works. Your ex she she. It's fucking ov- it made her look bad. Though i was saying. I think it made her look bad. I think she thought it was going to make her look like a true friend and trying to get get her way in and it's like no it's not a value. Emily carr's being very funny though when she calls her like. I wanna take a shower. My keep moving in france and she like we have to see chloe like ask the doctor she can go and the doctor's like no you snow. I'm dr not the fake when you had come on your show. Oh that's not how it's working in hospitals right. Now you wanna tic briefly. Just checked dr boris. And he doesn't he's not rated very well. Oh interesting. Yeah i guess. He looks good on camera. But All right so we have. Our officials stay at home orders Krizan korean that dog guy. That dog big. Yeah i know this scene. I was like it's very interesting. When rich people feel powerless. The quote. I wrote that thing that she said something about like about how. It's interesting that we don't have any control. Yeah and it only lasted for like a month for them. Maybe but not even but like it was weird. That's like as a. Yeah that's weird for you right. She's like it affects the way we're eating. I was like yeah because you don't have assistance running out every day to get your food because they just literally can't write a guy. Those times are so crazy here in california because we were like. Do we have to prove that. We're going to be an essential worker to leave our high. Hi tim get area. I know just from walking is coming i. It looks like a ghost. It's like she's got a mirror behind her guys. So i just see like this black shrouded figure walk by should not be jogging in a black hoodie. He's got bright red shorts mobile possession Yeah we it is really interesting watching them like juggle this like control piece of it. Because they're like well but and then what we do know what happens is that they do get to do whatever they want they do. Bend all the laws and rules. They do exactly what they want but in this one little sliver of the moment before they've met with their you know whoever their business people are let them go to paris over the hell they wanna go there like weird. This is yeah. Weird for us. This or life to seem with kim being like me and i'm sleeping in either. Give the guest room or in a fort by that. But then i was like well at least seeing the kids. She's like i'm baking mac and cheese but the kids were actually legitimately cute to see is. It's very funny. If you follow norway's black book she's always making fun of chicago. Calling your mr mrs personality. Because she so like deadpan that phase and that baby truly like has never had an feeling ever. She's just all she has. The dentist is she's beautiful. Fagan's for little doll hollow. Kim being absolutely tickled by making mac and cheese. I feel like i'm in college again. And she was like. Oh my god saint to you like it. You don't even like mac and cheese and it's like it's from a box. Listen kim. I mean i know this is a huge thrill to be anywhere near children around the when they're eating but let's just relax. The kids are being very cute. They're like it better because everything's better when mommy does it think oh my god. Someone taught you well. Yes there's nannies are like yes. North is gonna be like a cult leader one day. You can tell she's really got it in her where she's like. Yes mommy you are the best. And she's like whispered in saint dear. This is how you get her. She's full-blown narcissism play into that. Got it yes. Thank you northey. So meanwhile is getting a lot lot lot worse. She has her she's shaking. Her hair is sick. Scherer hair got sick. I loved. I loved that short. Curly mess of a hair. It was very like meg. Ryan and when harry met sally just gimme some thick bangs and loved it. It was such a natural. Like i love on look. I also know why she doesn't wear it because what she wants us to hear is. It's not her. it's not her now. I think a lot of women could wear and look great with the maybe like young and kind of like that east side vibe about it. It's not hip enough to do it. But no she's like she's a nubian queen is what she's trying to be funny. I saw that too. It was like oh hi. Kuroda brought out a new hairstyle and so she we find out. Connie has corona khloe has corona. She has this very dramatic. Confessional gap camera made me truly. Ll where she goes like. Let's all get through this and then like looks in the camera and is like may god bless saw. I ain't nothing ever made me feel like we're about to turn a corner for the worse than that moment of television and it felt like not. They're not they're time line in our timeline. She is foreshadowing. Make god bless us all. I was like this is ominous. It was always like out. She thinks she's in a movie of like this. Is you know. Yeah this is the big seen before like ellian invaders or something. I was just like relax. Your fine yeah and then we have. Chris being said because she can't be there corny and kim facetime and he's like wait. So did you guys take her to the hospital. And kim's like we tried to theaters told us not to co- love cedars don't care we have look beyond say has her baby here. We don't really care. kim. I also next thing i wrote was i love close michael jackson here i was like what is this short blond hair in my notes. They're frustrated. I thought this was very embarrassing. They're frustrated by on the news. They see this. Spring breakers are going out and partying and they're frustrated ask so it was just the aired last week that was filmed in august. Kim as like why are people at bars. It's like they're like oh they did one thing. They're like making new another thing and then we'll do another thing and then we'll do whatever we want all the time. It's amazing you're like watching them. Be us for a sliver a sliver. They actually are us and then like i mean how. I can't even imagine what it's like for them to watch. They don't watch these but like like no they watch them. Oh bay watch they live tweet they lodge they defend them so i need them just being like what nobody's listening and then cut to now but that's the deal and then we get this like kylie subtly. Wow she's like this is crazy guys. Here's my tips on how to stay inside. I have a mansion. Have people waiting on you. Hand-and-foot irene have a bathtub not everybody has a bathtub kylie. It was so the like just the the parade of tone deafness. And i remember kylie posting something about this and people coming for her but that like this comparison of a pandemic lockdown being equivalent in her mind to hiding her pregnancy from tabloids. She's a dumb idiot. I was like no kylie. it's not the same. it's not the same. it's not the same at all. I can't stay inside because they have to work for assholes like you. Yes exactly and like this idea of like just this patronizing tone of like a twenty two year old being like look guys. I hate to break it to you. But i already did. This is so easy it really felt like they're like we have. No kylian. is episode kylie. Will you film something. And she's like got it got it. I know he's likely what this is like for. Everybody right here. Let me make sure that my face is twelve shades darker than my part and then we get this lake. Zoom lynch would know kylie. We we got chris. Kim courtney scott khloe kindle even pops on hanno cubs highly. Doesn't like she doesn't need them. She doesn't need them. She doesn't care and we get. Chris crying she misses. Mj scott is in palm springs. The courtney and the kids just and the cutest family being very cute. They're not looks great year now. They look great. They seem really happy. Then we get a bit of a palm springs house. Swap and chris is now in palm springs and she's got little. Mj on her scooter. She was very sweet she. Mj out of her condo and nice if jay fought at the hallway. Then though i was like did. I hear this wrong. Then did they start talking about turning that house into a hotel. Yeah and then mandatory to we 'isolation so that you have to charge them for the time. I like the apple pay. I need credit more to mj. For where this comes from the we can probably get a lot of money for this house. And i was like what what what you need. I know you're joking but stop man. Mj's come a long way from that little candle shop in la hoya humble roots And then we have cloy face having with gem melita about meeting as an. I'm sad i was. Everyone said we weren't there. Bob and i love how close like basically says i'm happy that could use wasn't also led the room. That's funny she's like. I did kind of make me happy. I mean not really but you know they also didn't like a dj. And i really amy. You're happy that maliki had less support in the scariest thing in the world. The only that made me feel better. Is that nobody could do it. If i can't do it nobody can. Your twin sister was forced to be excluded. Like me a person who wanted to come there. When i was sick kadisha stupid. You should've worn a pregnancy belly and dolan gown and pretend like that was you could asia and then you hide under the bed. Where are you thinking or is he crack this case. If anyone should be able to speak on in there could be you get to take advantage of being twins in hide in the hospital and nobody can tell who which one's the pregnant this year. God do a labor slop your dummies beyond belief. And that's what's up. But i do think khloe told us who she was in that moment. She said if. I can't have it. I'm glad you didn't either. One hundred meg. God bless us all make. God bless us all tim so this was a tough one this week. Me feel better right now is that i'm looking at honey across the room asleep. I mean just one little chubby nipples. As pop down nip slip slip. She's about seven inches. Long little popped out happens to the best of us especially during quarantine tabs on all that. I mean how many people have to be caught without pants on and jerking off sometimes and it will only get worse. I feel like we will only continue to hear more stories of this as people get like lazier and less cautious and just like whatever i this this whole lake past he will forever. But it's been an enlightening decade about how much men have to pull their wieners out in front of people so weird. What an impulse to not understand and just put any. See back what you would. You would be willing to lose what you would be willing to let crumble in order to just get your dog out for in a moment. It shouldn't be out with it out. I mean i. Just i ll. It's yeah we don't we don't understand. And you'll find some women who liked to flash like. I have some people in my life who loved to like do a little like boob flash. But it's way fewer and far between me body and funny and like racy than i feel like sexually gratifying. Probably like a sexual well. Yeah 'cause boobs don't do in orgasms so so it's like about like yeah like but anyway we'll see what happens. Thank you for this. This was a tough one. And i am glad we did it. I i know we sound bitter and we are so. This is just what's happening. I hope you hear the full one to one of our bitterness completely acknowledged but also. I'm proud of us because i truly like was resentful about high. Almost almost texted you this morning to be like. I don't know if i can do it but they do. Then it was like the more i thought about it. I was like. I wanna talk about like why i'm mad. And what what i want. People to hear us be mad. Because i don't like you know we. We get all kinds of feedback and sometimes it is about how we're like sycophants and sometimes it's about how are too hard on them and it's like at the end of the day. I think if. I'm really proud of and we talk about a lot. Is that like. It's not any one thing you know. I yeah that we are hard on them when they deserve it. And i think we fawn over them when we are loving on them and i think it's pretty deserved all the time and not. Everybody has to agree. But this was a stretch that i was like. Yuck yuck they nasty can't wait for their show to be over yemi to we'll figure out with next. Okay guys. in the meantime we love you. Were here. We released new episodes every monday. Check out our website. Kardasian dot com subscribing apple. Podcasts please rate and review. Check out our twitter and instagram lake. Our facebook page. Email is at kardashian. Edgy dot com. Go vote if you haven't if you haven't voted you can go and person bring your mail in a handed to them. If you don't have it asks for provisional if for any reason you turned away at the pull you say you have to give me a provisional. It is my legal right. You tell them that. I don't know the number. You're supposed to text if someone is intimidating you at the polls but i put in our show notes in our show notes. Be prepared it. May it's really need divisive out there. it's really dicey. There's a lot of like wild things happening in the news. A lot of protesting. Legally they cannot do that. And you can report it stay safe. Make sure you got your game plan where some depends or whatever case you have to t- you can send them pizza to the polls. There's a couple of different ones i wish gets in porta-pottys to the polls but you're not allowed to leave the line. Right get those depends baby That's crazy these are crazy days. Please stay sane and safe. Were here And we hope we can provide you even with our bitching about this family with even a small window of distraction. And what's going to be a really stressful week. Take care of yourselves self care. And that's it. Thanks so much for listening to kardashian it.

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