156 Spotify Passthrough Update and Other Things


The B. It's episode one fifty six of the feed the official Lipson. Podcast the PODCAST. That takes it beyond podcast into keeping you podcast with podcasting tips and Info for the everyday podcast or plus of course taking you inside lips in the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Oh my Gosh Hello I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager over at Lipson so in this episode. You guys we discuss the apple email that was sent in mid-november because that's what we do here we deconstruct yet. Another email that we sent as in we. Lipson to make sure that you get all of the must know information about the spotify pass through changes in stance big thoughts on how to use consumption rate data demographic versus psychographic information teaser promos show notes versus blog post and all my gosh so much more oil and of course stats stats. Stats this time user agent. Ngo graphics but before we get onto the business of the show. Here's how to get on the show. Please send a thirty seconds. Promo to the FEED LIPS DOT COM in really. What it needs to be is exactly what it says. It needs to be thirty seconds or less and be clean as in no profanity. Y'All thirty seconds K thirty seconds. I mean you can get away with like five extra ones maybe thirty five seconds but Tra thirty thirty is good attached to your email and send it to the feed at Lipson Dot com the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show you can always put in a little plug for your show when you ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on any of our episodes and you send it to us as voice feedback again the fee that Lipson dot com. You will for sure listen to some examples when you listen to the rest of this episode. So you record it and you email it to us you can call us also at four one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred eighty four or you can use speak pipe speak pipe dot com slash the feed. Those are all super easy ways for you guys to get on the show. And lastly we also have a long-running blog feature called Rockin Lipson podcasts. So every Monday we highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured on the blog. Email the beat at lives in Dot Com. And that's it. I'll send you all the information. It is first-come-first-served for everything and I just said so. The sooner you get your information to me. The sooner that you'll get in the queue all right and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Walsh vp of podcast relations. At lipson. Who also happens to be my co-host right. After our first Promo of the episode from the Amazing Women and from creatively complicated high summer. Hey and I'm Stephanie. And we are the creatively complicated podcast. That's right every week. We dive into the messing of our creativity. Well summer isn't it really does creative therapy for us. Yeah it kind of is but like we said. Creativity is complicated. It sure is we about consistency process brain frenzy. And all that stuff at creatively complicated Dot Lipson dot com hello good generic time of the day Elsie. Has it go in. Who's going good you watching any the apple? Tv shows yes. I am how about you. I am in Disney plus. So we're watching that. And here's what I think is really interesting about Disney plus an apple. Tv Plus Apple TV when they launched they launched their shows with three episodes so for for mankind for C. shows they launch with three episodes. Disney plus launched demand delorean with one episode. So for all those people thinking I have ten episodes look apple. Disney are just doing one and three which is what we've always said one or three Wanted to three. They followed advice. So thank you Disney and apple for listening to this show for maybe not maybe not but I don't have Disney. I do have the other one to apple. Tv plus and yes. I am totally hooked on the episodes and I love them. I think I've watched them all except for the one about the moon. Roman kind really good. It's really good. That's that's my number. One of my. I watched that I you know so when Monday morning came around. It was time for me to work out. I had all these things to pick from stuff from. Hbo's stuff Applause all this. My workout on Monday was from mankind. That was first. Wow like that. That's the one I have not watched. I watched everything so anyway. All right so now but actually moving on from apples. Who APPLE APPLE TO APPLE? We got an email from apple around thirteenth apple. Sent out an email to many podcasters and well that means time for us to read it for those of you that did not get it or well did not get the meaning of it either way. When I see these emails I think ooh content for the next episode of the feed. So Elsie Do this in the normal traditional way have you read the email and I will interject with commentary and clarifications where needed or where I think are needed all right so here we go. Here's the email though just as a note. Rahm you know. I've read this now so many different times like two separate shows and I actually did my very first instagram live. Because I thought Oh this is like really good. I wanted to test things out now is like Oh this is a really good content so I went on my instagram and turn it on and I read the email and I explained it and it was fun. It was great because people had QNA anyway. I oh that was easy. Okay here we go again do you. Podcast provider below are some updates to help improve the experience for your listeners. On Apple podcasts manage show launches. You can now hide shows while being reviewed for approval this way you can easily manage the launch of new shows directly from podcast connect simply interjection point. Yes for many individual podcasters. Don't do this. This is really a feature for businesses. Businesses have been clamoring for this but for individual podcasters. Don't hide you show. Let it beat in there right away but go ahead but if your business absolutely this is something. Businesses have wanted to be able to hide that first episode and then turn it on. I'll just say this. Seven hundred seventy thousand shows in their apple. Search works on based on shoes. Things subscribe to in and the chances that your show is going to be stumbled upon to quote Mel Brooks. Oh you should have such problems. Go ahead okay. Quote simply select high podcast after submitting it for review. This action will not impact or delay the feeds review process when approved. You can then select untied podcast and allow up to twenty four hours for your show to become searchable on Apple. Podcasts learn more about planning in promoting your new shows on podcast marketing best practices. And that's a hyperlink that they have inside of the email. This is really meant for businesses individual. Podcasters don't hide. Just let your shelby live. Is someone stumbles upon your show prior to your launch date. That's a first world problem. It's not an issue. I understand for businesses. They don't want it to be out there too soon but for individual podcasters. Don't use this feature. Ed discontinued email quote updates to host and guest image specifications. We've updated the aspect ratio of images of hosts and guest displayed on show episode Pages Review. The updated requirements. A bullet. Okay this is where I interject. You are before we read these. There were some reports in the podcast forum boards in facebook and that the specs in the email wrong I have confirmed with apple directly that those reports of it being wrong are actually wrong and the specs in the email are correct again. The email specs are correct. Which by the way do match up with what they ask for for their submission form. So that's why I actually went out to apple and someone said this was wrong Second that's exactly what they're asking for here in the in the promotion submission for him. I don't think it's wrong. So apple confirmed that the email specs right and this is where it gets confusing. This is just per the artwork for your head. Shot not your square artwork for the show though specs did not do not change back to you. I'll see and just to clarify really quickly guys if you WANNA know what we're talking about already we've discussed it at length in the past episodes as well when it comes to have a lincoln a show notes for the past episodes while and maybe even point you to the time code so that you can easily refer back to further discussion on this. Okay here we go quote three. By four aspect ratio size ten eighty pixels wide by ten by fourteen forty pixels tall preferred format. Png OR J. Pang fit the entire face of the person within the image. Do not crop face ears. Orton leave padding between edge of image and the face subject should face and look into the camera use simple non distracting backgrounds avoid typography and logos avoid other faces in the image background. I'M GONNA change the tone here because this is important here if your show page displays a host and guest section and you'd like to update or add images. Please contact US photo. Submissions podcast. Miss also include a signed photo release for multiple images considering including them in a compressed folder or an external link to a file sharing service as a reminder. This enhancement is only available for selected top shows in English. More podcasts will be added over time. Please review and accept the latest terms and conditions and services in podcast connect for your show to be eligible for these features and again as we said in past this is forced to lack shows. This is the lottery thing this will we're talking about. You had to accept the terms of service. But that made you eligible but doesn't mean you're going to be selected and this is just per the artwork for your headshot not your square artwork for the show which again has not changed. You still need fourteen hundred fourteen hundred to three thousand three thousand square artwork that is less than five hundred kilobytes file size. That's the artwork. That's in your RSS. Feed the artwork. We were just talking about here. This whole section was about has nothing at all to do with your RSS. Feed nothing at all to do with what you upload to Lipson or any other podcast host. It's all about apple selecting you and if they select you that's the artwork that they require and yeah weeding. Get an email about this at all. None again going back to the email holiday submission schedule if you plan to release new shows on apple podcast in November or December. Be Aware of the following periods of delayed submission activity November twenty second to December second December. Twenty third to January second show submitted during these windows may not be available within our regular timeframe of five business days. Please plan accordingly and submit any new shows with this in mind. Regards the apple podcast team and they just backed up there. What we had been telling you on the last few episodes that if you want it to be live by January I should have already submitted your podcast to Apple Prior to November twentieth. Obviously everyone listen to us and did that. And no one is stressing out about their show being live on January first excite. Of course someone last week that's admitted on Tuesday and then said to me on Thursday. We're going to do a press release today. I know you're not yet big company and if someone that everybody knows and I was just like what are you talking about? We thought to be three days on my God. No I go you press. Release I go. You're putting it off until at least December ten of minimum my God. We'll see and also just to clarify guys and I know I keep saying I keep harping on this because this question does come up a lot. This is not for your episodes. Okay this is for like a new entire new show an entire whole new one with a narrow. Rss Feed all that that you had to submit for the very very first time in two apple podcasts. In folks when you're explaining the clients here's the simplest definition. Seinfeld equals a show bubble boy in puffy shirt equal episodes. This is about the show. Seinfeld not about the individual episodes correct. Yes so everything should for all intents and purposes be okay with you just publishing as normal. It happens every single year. Everything's Fine. This is just for when you're submitting a new show or possibly if something goes a little wonky with apple podcasts. Only like the directory or something weird going on with your artwork. That's apple podcasts Pacific. They might take a little longer to get back to you as well is what I would assume it. Thank you apple team for sending this out and thank you for giving people a heads up. I know some people were complaining about apple in the apple does a lot for this community and they try to communicate here and again they gave you warning about submitting and it was nice to let 'em to let you know that they don't have do that and apple really does care about this community and thank you guys for sending this out and thank you for the content because people always confused who always gives us stuff to talk about okay all right but now from one email we're moving from like an outside e mail to an end darnell email at least a company email that went out to our peeps. No we were warning people on the show for past couple episodes. We've been giving the heads up. That spotify would be switching to pass through and earlier this week. We sent out an email saying that is so here is the email we sent in L. C. Can you read and I will interrupt or or maybe it will just call it. Color commentary okay cult. Color Commentary Okay we quote. How lipson publishes your podcasts. To spotify is changing to what is called passthrough this week. Your content will still publish out to spotify with the like magic feeling without you. Changing anything in Lipson. If you have the destination already complete pass through similar to what most podcast directories use. It merely means that spotify will serve content from lipson servers instead of making copies and serving it themselves. Commentary Point Okay so this this. This is where you've had an issue maybe spotify in the past where you released an episode in. You said something in the episode. You didn't want to edit it out and then you had to upload new episode co it doesn't update in spotify because they were hosting the file not passing through the request to the file to our server so when someone on the spotify APP hit download or kicked the play button they were pulling that file from the server the spotify server not from the Lipson server and they would take the copy at the time release and that was it. So if you had to make a change the change never got through to spotify users or if you're using our ad insertion tools which Lipson this atmosphere tools for twelve years longer than any other company if you're using our ad insertion tools than the versions with the ad insertion wouldn't there especially for those that were Geo target now they are pass through. Thank you spotify. Before making those changes for okay going back to the email why does this matter stats any stats you had? Before this past through update will remain in the separated spotify section. They will not be added to the overall stats. Once Pass throughs turned on your new spotify stats will be part of your overall stats and no longer broken out. File encoding spotify requires an MP three file however many of our producers prefer to use 'em for a Lipson will be transporting any 'em for a file to an MP three four any show hosted at Lipson who is submitted to spotify regardless of the account level. So don't run out and thank you have to change the format of your show. We got you. We are only trans coding for a files to MP3 for the spotify destination. You can commenter here. We're also doing it for Pandora and deesor but we didn't want to get anything confused in this email so just to let you know as far as spotify concern. We're going to do that now if you're doing them for a. I'll let you continue here reading. Talk after you get through this packer so you can keep creating 'em for a for apple podcasts. Or your current workflow. Bought a spotify destination must be complete. If you want to be in spotify we wanted to allow you as a podcast to make your files available as amphorae out to the world in general but still allow you to be in. Spotify and spotify does require. Mp Three so to do that. This is where lipson destinations comes in. So let's and destinations. 'cause you have a fee just for spotify we can convert your rate. Mp Three four spotify we do that for Steve and we do that for Pandora as well. So that is one of the advantages of having destinations for lipson having the different feeds. So you people. We've talked about before the advantages. Here's a real world advantage of. Why with Lipson? Even though you you WanNa do 'em for a majority of people in the world that would have excluded you to being on spotify if you weren't with us and moving onto a little bit more of the email file replacement and ad insertion this new update fixes the previous issue of replacement files published via. Lipson not updating on spotify since the files are now coming from Lipson when you update a file on Lipson it will update on spotify for anyone using the liptons AD insertion tool this update also means you're ad campaigns will now work in spotify including Geo targeted campaigns. Hey I know people that yes they are. They are happy. We'll spend. I mean we have people that use a geo targeted campaigns not just for advertising but for promoting local events and some of them have good size audiences in in spotify. So now they're happy that those Geo targeted promotions of local events live events will work in spotify as well now the spotify specific stats in Lipson. Ui Last Day was November nineteenth the first day of spotify stats in your main stats November twentieth. So we made the switch over on that day. And someone clicks play or if someone clicks download both will show as spotify user agents. Stats of test. This looked at it works which is as it should be so when you look in your user agent includes both when someone actually clicked the download button in spotify. App OR CLICK. The play button either way. Just GonNa show as long as minute. Data's been delivered. If you or someone that had another service listed as your partner for example your old host or an ad network mid roll is typically one that would hijack in ask the have them listed rather than Lipson. It is possible your show was not set to pass through if you are not seeing any spotify stats in your main stats starting November twentieth. But when you go to your spotify podcast account and you see stats there. That is likely UAE and this is a very small small percentage of shows the majority of shows on Lipson that had spotify. Setup should be good to go now and showing spotify in their stats. If you want to know for sure especially if you're not seeing spotify stats I go to podcasters. Dot spotify DOT COM. That is the euro for your account at spotify for your podcast. If you set it up then click on your dashboard. Then Click your show. Then Click details on this page you will see on the left licensor slash hosting provider. It should say either or liberated syndication depending on one year show is at it. It'll be one of the two if it does not say lipson liberated syndication look at your RSS feed right above there and make sure it is the Lipson feed you are out ending with slash spotify if so update than NTR S. Feed with the slash. Spotify again then click next then you get to confirming your hosting provider and make sure to select Lipson from the drop down list. Then Click next and confirm all looks good and Click Smith if it says slash ARA says you need to go and set up to slash your spotify destination at Lipson and then come back in and change your from slash rss to slash spotify. Gone all that. Good if not rewind or email me Robert Lipson dot com by the way if you email me Robert Lipson dot com. I will be out of the office until December second for when you hear this so just to let you know. Probably better to rewind right now but if you still hit rewind a couple times and still not getting it then you can email me Robert. Lipson DOT COM one thing. We did have an issue on during the switch over is on the twenty first of November. We turned on the unique destination. Code for the file. Url's in the spotify feed this allows for you to see spotify in your destination sets. That is good was not as good is when we did that. The spotify APP saw it as a different. You are L. And then anyone using spotify APP where they had downloaded episode of your show. Their APPS RE downloaded a new version of all the episodes that they downloaded previously of your show. That is how spotify APP works when it sees a change in the R. L. RE downloads. A file at the user level doesn't look at the GOP tax this has caused a temporary spike in downloads. That aren't getting filtered. Out is the simplest thing we can say because as they are from a stats. Filtering point of view legit download request. Just note if you look at your Lipson stats and you have a decent percentage of spotify users from November twenty first to around the twenty four th you will likely see a spike in spotify downloads. After that it should really roll backed being things should be normal after that note before we switch the URL's in the spotify feed to include the custom coach for spotify. There was a thirty six hour window where I could compare stats and what I found was. The download percentage for spotify was pretty close within point three percent of where it was for spotify downloads in the old stat. Part of it for the same day window the week before and right in line with what we expected to see We'll know more for sure at the end of December but it looks like how spotify was reporting numbers in the past. It's pretty darn close to how we are filtering out for the IB numbers now on our side. So if in the past you had an additional thousand downloads per episode on spotify going forward you should see pretty close to that extra thousand downloads now in your main stats from spotify user agent in if anybody has any further questions or you are seeing a conversation somewhere out there in the social media world or whatever your you can share a blog post. We put up a blog posts. That isn't quite as in depth as rob's is here in terms of the technicalities but you can very much share that and it'll just guide you to be able to email support if you have any further questions and now moving onto another e mail. Hey Rob I see that. Lipson in spotify will soon have passed through year. Would you then recommend that podcasters? Still claim their podcast on spotify. Or would this step from the feed episode. One fifty one be redundant. Now thanks for your knowledge. Love the feed with you and L. C. regards. This is from Mary. Hi Mary you can still claim your feet and spotify. Just make sure that you I submitted via Lipson slush spotify destination and when claiming you enter your feed for spotify that ends with slash modified. Do not enter those slash. Rss Feed you are out. Spotify does give some extra stats such as percent completion demographics of listeners. So definitely you wanNA claim your feet. Just make sure you are using the spotify destination in claiming the slash spotify feed. And don't worry folks all these special destinations we have you. Can if you ever decide to leave. Lipson you can go in to that destination. Go to advanced and you'll see a place you can put a redirect we don't holding anybody hostage regardless bad reporting out there. That's not the case. So you have full control of your show and your feed at all the destinations and again WanNa make sure we do things right for you in. That is how our system is set up moving into another email. Hi Rob reaching out to the resident podcast expert. You Oh my God Rob Bell podcast episode consumption rates. Is there any platform that measures consumption rates besides getting into the apple podcast account in curious? Is there any industry stat surrounding the average podcast consumption rate for example? What should people aimed for as far as consumption rates go seventy percent seventy five eighty regards and are all right only apple on spotify? Give this information. Those are the only two that share consumption infant. They are also the two biggest so really. Those are two good enough. It's going to give you a good feel for what your shows doing what I tell people to look at is go around. Ten percent of the way into an episode and what percentage of that audience is still listening prior to your Outra or ninety percent of the way through the episode. If you're outdoors less than ten percent of show if you keep seventy to seventy five percent of that ten to ninety percent transition. Dad is a good trend. I sent a screen shot to them for for show that went from eighty three percent consumption about ten percent of the way through to right around fifty nine sixty percent. Right before the outgrow. That show kept seventy one percent of their audience over that period and looked at a lot. Different shows some whole ninety ninety five percent through that some fifty so it really just varies. But if I see you know when I look at the shows that do really well have good numbers that I consider probably really good loyal audiences that seventy percent seems to be in seventy seventy five percent seems to be a good number to shoot for to get above that great. I mean absolutely singing the praises if you're below that look at where people dropping off and you should be looking at where people drop off anyway and state this. The most important reason for looking at how people are consuming. Our show isn't even to report it to others. It's so that you can figure out what people like in your show. What is it that you've been talking about that? The audience likes and and what don't they like where they leave is often a good indication of what what you're talking about. That was driving away so kind of look at what your audience does and doesn't like to understand what you can do more of now. There's certain places where they don't leave you see that flat line figure it out and extend that in your show. We have a voicemail Li. Do here we go. Let's hear from Neil good generic time of the day rob and Elsie. My Name's Neil. I'm the host of the snooze button. Podcast show focused on sleep and insomnia and trying to help people cure their sleep issues. I got three questions for you one. How granular and dependable is the DEMOGRAPHIC INFO? That's coming back from various stats. And what do you think about using that data to inform content for example spotify tells me that more than half of my audience is female and more than half are between thirty five and fifty nine. What about tailoring content to that demo or is the data not necessarily accurate enough to warrant that question to what you think about releasing teaser? Promos on a per episode basis like a thirty second spot released a few days in advance to promote the next episode question three. I'm a one man band so in addition to being a new dad again and doing a morning radio show in the fourth biggest city in North America. I'm running this podcast. The really was only supposed to be a place to share the research that I'm doing for an upcoming book that I really don't have time to write so in your experience. Which of these too time. Consuming things is likely to have the biggest impact on building my brand and my audience. Pick one one comprehensive show notes in time codes or to recycling my podcast content by turning my interviews in two blog posts on my website excited to hear the answers. Sorry to jam in three questions in such a short span of time. But I really appreciate you and Lipson Dave Jackson and all the work that all of you are doing. Thanks a ton. I appreciate the help thanks. I'M GONNA go through the three questions. Here and try to address them and Elsie paying in because some of these are opinion at best So one was you know how granular and dependable demographic info coming from spotify. What do you think of using the data to tailor to those cutting demos? I am not a fan of trying to tailor content to audiences you may have based on demos in most cases. Podcasts are psychographic matches. Let's say you have a show about communion reading because well we've not used that one enough exhumes. Does it at all matter if your audience is male or female or something else. I mean doesn't matter about their age not at all. I mean what matters is they are interested in Chameleon Breeding. And you best target your content for that topic lasting you want to do is say. Wow my audiences. According to spotify females between the ages of thirty five and forty five. I better make my next episode with a twilight theme not GonNa Work for you. Chameleon Breeding podcast. Sorry not going to do it. That might sound like a silly thing. Exactly don't worry about your demos if you're a show that psychographic based now if you have a comedy podcast. That might be a little different. But most podcasts again our psychographic. Don't worry about your demographics. Question to releasing teaser. Promos absolutely if you can and have the time and can make them really interesting but make sure it is interesting for your target audience and not misleading. Saying Your Promo for your next episode. You'll have a cure to baldness. That would pique my interest but if the episode winds up being all about collecting cabbage patch dolls and how to cover up their bald heads. I might not be so happy with you that I tricked by your Promo and chances are those that care about cabbage. Those would not have cared about during this anyway for your. Promo say what you do do what you say. San Interestingly which is hard by the way I'm GonNa tell you now. It's getting interesting. Promo is not easy. That's why I said if you can and you have time and you can make an interesting but not everybody has the time and the ability to make an interesting promo. Yeah it takes. It takes a little bit more of an understanding of what the overall art of the entire episode is about right because there are some of them that are really easy. Sort of like You know if it's a narrative type of storytelling show then you'll know what the next episode is going to be about because it's a story that you're building on if it is an interview show you really do have to figure out what the entire conversation is about and one of the key things about that conversation of why you should listen in like thirty seconds and sometimes the conversation is huge right. You don't know what it is when it comes to creating them absolutely. I think rob nails it in terms of if you have the time and the to put out something good. Yeah do it. You can actually even add it or pendant to your episode. Meaning the one. That's coming up next like you could even add it to your own episode as a teaser within your own stuff as to what's coming up. I think that that's a great way to do it. And if you make it you know a minute or less you can very much use it on twitter and on instagram and it would work fabulously so it. In in that respect it's actually quite great for any of that stuff. It's time and resources to do that. To be able to call out and and be able to have something that is evocative for somebody's ear to really catch on. It's it's that's the hardest part. I don't do it because it is not something I feel. I have the talent to do. They just know my my my capabilities and I'm just like I don't know how to do that each week. I mean I would spend probably half the time I spend on my podcast trying to come up with a sixty second. Get so overly anal into it. Going to be good at Cabbie Great. It's gotTa be wonderful. It's kind of interesting. I spent all this time and I just know I can't go down that rabbit hole. He had an okay next question which gets better. Roi For time spent on a comprehensive show notes and time codes or recycling interviews into blog posts on website. Okay this is definitely opinion area here. It would depend on how accurate you want those blog post to be you can pay. Tammy for eighty five to ninety percent accuracy at ten cents a minute for so for six bucks for an hour. You get a transcript. You can copy paste into a blog post and at the eighty to ninety percent accuracy. And if that's okay then that will be the best for time spent because it's about a minute extra work. It may take ten minutes for the whole process twenty minutes. But it's about an extra minute of work but if you want greater than ninety nine percent accuracy you're looking at four hours of work minimum to get act that accurate for an hour. Two point someone might actually WanNa keep reading it. I mean it really depends on what is about. I mean if you're not accurate remember this. If you're not accurate eighty five ninety and all these words and things start getting crazy in your idea. Was THE BLOG POST? Was going to be something. People read. Not just fresh. Ceo Eighty-five Ninety. Percents ain't GonNa do it? That's nine hundred words wrong on that blog. Post comprehensive show notes and time codes would be a lot less work than than a ninety nine plus percent accurate blog posts for the better. Roi and again. It also depends on your topic as well. I mean comedy podcasts. Transcripts isn't that much value in that comedies. About timing it's not gonNA relate but a more niche topic like an interview talking about the future of biofuels that would have much more value as eight ninety nine percent accurate blog post. It really truly depends on your audience. the majority of show notes time coated with a lot of thought into them. They're really great for if somebody's new coming onto your website it's just get a peak their interest right. It's GonNa Pique their interest to WANNA listen to the show that's usually what tends to happen They're usually as reference so I use them for somebody who's already a fan of the podcast or if I'm a really huge fan. I never go to their website but I do remember. Oh my gosh. They covered it on episode. Whatever I need to go back to the website to refer back to these things that they've talked about in the past when it comes to a blog post that is going to be used for. Seo or better Roi. I would be a lot more. Strategic about that in terms of Roi of the investment of your time to craft something to be able to create a blog post that is strategically written to reflect the best content of either one of your episodes that was like jam packed full of amazing staff. Or maybe a compilation of your latest three interview shows or three topics where you outline your point of view your leadership your thought leadership in the space of whatever it is that you're putting out there things that you really want to bring attention to and sprinkle in a couple of like lovely players in there because you can actually have. Maybe a compilation of three that are dealing with the topic of ice chocolate. Ice CREAM TYPES. You know and like that's what you've covered. And now you can have three players in there and refer back to the other episodes. That would be awesome. Because what you're creating when you're doing that. Blog post is your creating it for somebody who wants to read something and they will stay there and then go. Oh there's a podcast about that. Let's go check that out so it really is just an invitation to really expand on whatever it is that whatever you WanNa do. You don't have to do that every single week. That's a lot. It's a lot to do a really good blog post where you pull out the key. Whatever insights ideas all of that from something unless you have a team? Obviously that's working for you and doing all that up but yeah it. It has to be very specific for what you want to do and you have. And here's the catch here just because you write this lovely bought blog post does not mean people are going to read it at doesn't matter how good it is and so there has to be a like a promotion for the blog post to like marketing and all that so people won't know that you wrote this amazing blog post if you get promoted it and that takes a lot of time so it depends. I would do it like once a month or maybe once a quarter do a rea- work my butt off to write the best blog post ever and then promote the crap out of that one great moving on here. We've got a promo number two from the Mandal. Lor Complicated Prophecy not agree. It is a time of restoration. The Empire has fallen and the New Republic begins to establish peace throughout the galaxy but in the far reaches of the outer rim lawlessness and corruption still exist alone gunfighter emerges join cyber ren and Div Islam as they track the adventures of the mandatory. This is Amanda Lor. Podcast thank you. That's one. I'm subscribed to sleet well. He talked about the Mandalari in earlier. I really like it I. I'm liking it. I'm liking the theme. The feel of the show. Disney's doing a good job with it. I can't wait for the next two episodes. That's cool very nice. We're recording today tonight. When the kids get home from school we'll watch because they come out of Friday. Believe and we'll be watching tonight. Well there you have done the don rights but now moving back to apple because we cannot not speak about that. A new sixteen inch pro has just been released. Oh my God. Yes apple released in the end. Apple claims it has podcast quality. Mike's and we all in podcast insulting were gonNA. Did you have to go there? I have a new macbook pro ordered the new sixteen inch future episode of the Feed Likely Episode. One fifty eight. I should have it and have it set up by. Then we'll do some recording with the podcast quality Mike's in the new macbook pro. There was air quotes there. Kinda SORTA had to order the new Mac Book. I was really. I mean I really love my fifteen inch with the SD card slot hdmi slot port. And all that but my battery says service battery now and the terms off the laptop right around fifty percent charge apple to apple and they said Yeah. You need to get this replaced asap and they need to. I need to send it in to get the battery or place in. It's GONNA be like two weeks to get it up on battery. So yeah when when the new MAC book was like okay Yeah no choice. I have to upgrade. In any case it will be interesting to hear how good said podcast quality. Mike is or is not an. I'm sure we'll have lots of caveats. Only do test it like. Don't use this unless you absolutely positively have to use it and how good it is. Fans could still kick in at some point. I do like the eight terabytes of storage which mean I know I will never have to remove files from my computer again which I have to do right now all the time because I'm running out. My one GIG is just maxed. I mean if I look at my hard drive and I have more than twenty GIG available at any given time. That's a lot. I am looking forward to not having to manage what files day on my computer on which I have moved extra hard drives to make room for new recordings. That's crazy and then you're going to be you know in Dungle town. You will be in dangled town. I already went off and a couple of Gondal. Usb ONES and I'll be testing them out in talking about them probably on the feed Not to be out today. I O S Yeah I have to order a whole bunch of these little ones. I already ordered one Dongo. That had gone my backpack that has an HDMI board and a bunch of other reports. That will be needed. It's like never ending. I broke down and I'm moving from pickup truck to El Camino still pretty. It's it's camped out. It's a pimped El Camino but it still an outcome you know. It's not a pickup truck. Yeah it's gotTa you have to have all the stuff everywhere and you know most of the time. It's not an issue. Except when you're like Oh crap the connector the connector. Yeah that's ex- so what I've started to do is now. I have a USB. Because that's the one that I would need the most. Especially when I'm around I try to carry one of those in everywhere all my bags so if any for whatever reason I am in need of recording something and I'd like you know I have one inside of my External my make you to you that I carry with me if I have to record outside of the House and stuff. I always have a little dungle in there because I'm GonNa Forget it. Forget it I'm not gonNA be able to connect to computer I no Mysel- okay so moving into another email. Hi Rob. I live in Rome Italy. But my podcast editor lives in San Francisco in. We're having trouble. Finding a way to send raw on edited podcast episode files to Him in San Francisco. I'm really hoping that you have an idea on how to do this. Because I've searched the internet and haven't found a thing I'm wondering. Is there a way for me to put the unedited file on Lipson and then give the editor access to my lips and account so he can access the recording and do the editing? I'm really at a loss here and everything on the technical side is quite an uphill battle battle for me Thanks a ton and this is from Wendy. So Wendy my guess is your raw files af or maybe you're doing the garage band file and it's less than two gigabytes and file size. That's what I'm going to guess. And if so then you can use one of my favorite free tools. We TRANSFER DOT com. If they are over that size you can go to the paid version of transfer that allows twenty gigabyte file size sending. But that's right there. That's a solution for you that that's what I use when I'm transferring big files round and it works great. Yep there's a lot of people who use up for sure I have set up I mean and it depends so if you want to do it for free and free and easy and you just you know do the transfer thing we transfer is absolutely awesome. You do need to have you as somebody who is outside of the US. And I don't know the infrastructure inside of an Rome. Upload speeds are usually the issue for a lot of people download sometimes as more optimized and Upload Upload current issue. I've never noticed speed ish now because you flick away you google fiber thousand Gig never mind. I'm sorry I got so. Usually upload speeds are but we transfer actually you know does it in terms of slow speeds the reason that I use dropbox for this is because it can keep running in the background. And I don't have to be like on the browser and like there's been times when I've closed pages and I've in the middle of uploading and I forgot that I was doing it in. Oh my God I have to start over like all that kind of stuff when it comes to dropbox. It's fine so I've done that. And that's the way that I transfer files to John. Our producer four. She podcast. We have a shared file. And all I do is I just dragged those files up there anytime. We're finished then those start to go there. Those yeah those two I think. Solutions are possibly the best ones that you're going to get for us. Thank you all right so we have another little bit of news here kind of sort of what do you think about this rob your? I saw this on the inside podcasting newsletter US newsletter podcasting. I'll read the news. And then you comment okay. So here's what was in the inside podcasting newsletter. We're going to have a link in the show notes. In case you guys when I click through here it is quote yesterday I stumbled across the unofficial news. That apple has hired Emily Auction. Schlager think. Sorry I know that's very card. Sorry if I missed mispronounced. Your name Emily National Geographic's current director of podcast and an ex reporter slash producer for NPR. According to a source the move is the quote. I have many content hires for them in the coming weeks and quote. This development appears to support a story Bloomberg published last summer. Which claim that apple plans to bankroll original podcast? To fend off. Rivals and quote will be interesting to see. I mean this was one of those things. Apple won't confirm anything and in in till it's after the fact and it's you know at their leisure so we'll we'll see what happens With emily and she gets introducer she just part of the team is trying to help curate. Better I mean there's a lot of new content coming INSIDE APPLE. Podcasts teams always. They're always looking to feature different content so hard to say what she's being brought on board for Ben sources inside apple the end it sets such a misnomer covering apple long enough. I know sources just means that. Someone's speculating sources. Never Yeah you never know so all will stay tuned but alas that was interesting. That was interesting all right so we have a worse will email of the week. Rob Shall I continue and read? Okay here we go hello APP name. Redacted is a smart podcast aggregate or that carries content based on interest mood and commute duration. We'd like to become one of Lipton's distribution channels let's habitat for details name redacted so. I had a call with these folks and their APP was one where they use. Ai To pick your episode solicitude so you WanNA listen to the feed. Tough one of your own. Good luck with that. They went the far side of things on recommendation making it as far as I could see impossible to pick shows and episodes you know you wanNA listen to so yeah. That call did not go exactly how they were hoping and no they will not be Lipson destination anytime soon. Too many come into the space not at all understanding the space. But I'm sure they. I- subroutine algorithms are top-notch the results probably much out all right while then but we now have a voice mail message here to listen to their is Robin Christopher here in the UK a weary for Banal. It's about podcasting if you can't say idea podcast called well it's the Russian instituted blind over here in the UK Tech Talk. Podcast is a weekly focused. And that's hosted certain platform audio boom. I'm not involved in hosting that one up publishing episodes to the platform. But I also do a daily podcast dot dot which is an echo demo. Podcast all the skills and things you can do with the ECHO and we're up to episode one thousand in eighteen at the moment so yep daily for coming on three years now and I used put being as my platform purely you know by chance. I came across that one and it's not very accessible as a blind person. Now the DOT dot podcast isn't about blindness is just about the echo so it's for everyone but the platform amusing. I'm because it's my podcast uploading that every day and not very accessible. I've looked into anchor. The website and the APP are very very accessible but is not what I need is oriented towards recording episodes on the fly and the desktop website is as well. It's just weird so anyway I'd love to go over to Lipson and my question is is the platform accessible. Would I be able to sign up? Okay ACCESS DASHBOARD. And upload new podcast six extra nickel stats and stuff using my screen reader. Which is JOE's by the way is lipson accessible to blind people and let me get back to this. Doctor Dot podcast. These episodes don't record themselves like slow. Hi Rob thanks for the voicemail and the questions and per those questions I went to a team to get their feedback that they deal with folks More so than I do especially in these areas. And here's what crystal had to say. She said we have a number of blind users who use our system successfully though some have had to find alternative depending on their screen reader. Jaws is pretty good. It is a bit of defacto standard for publishing some users use the interface some will use FTP to make it a little easier. But that is more of a personal choice. Lipson five is being designed with accessibility in mind from the beginning. Our Support Team can work with them directly if they have any trouble along the way so robin. I hope that. Answer your question in if you have more questions please. Email or support team directly supported LIPS DOT com. They can help you move over your current show and get you going in our system and answer any questions. You have about accessibility and again. When Lipson five comes out next year that will be built from the ground up with accessibility in mind but right now it is usable. But it's not where we would like it to be. It's not one hundred percent accessibility wise but we do have blind users using lipson right now. Okay so are really quick. Update BOSS. Jock. Junior has a little of an update. They have updated Their software gain control for compatibility with more USB MICROPHONES. And so if you guys want to check some of that stuff out at over to boss. Jock APP DOT com sweet sweet and now we have an an article from the Hollywood reporter and if the people covered this too and I guess you know let's say congrats I think to the last podcast on left which struck a deal to go exclusive on spotify. I'm not a fan of the exclusive type deals. Let me state that front. It was not revealed. How much less podcast on? The laugh was paid but considering that show gets more monthly downloads in all of Gimblett network reportedly got for their share all their shows combined at the time of their purchase. And Gimmick I two hundred twenty million I hope the folks at last podcast on the left got at least in the eight figure range if not then I guess congrats to spotify for the great deal again not a fan of going completely exclusive for all your content but someone offers you eight figures. Yeah you'd be crazy not to if they only offered six figures are low seven figures then yet definitely not so much when a shows that's is saying again no idea much the deal was for just complete speculation and just comparing look Emma got and and their numbers and Gimblett numbers were based on hosting place that inflates their numbers so But it was an interesting article. I mean it's really. It's really well written piece of journalism. You know what I mean there's contacts there's information there's Li- deals being drunk starts to good article again. I'm not a FAN OF OF CONTENT. Going exclusive on one platform. I think to me that I don't like that I mean congrats. You know to the folks that lasts podcast left You know if the money's there you and I'll tell you this I'm I am a fan of taking the money if it's stupid money but if it's not stupid money then be smart. You know. I've said it before it was Luminary House Luminary Office stupid money. Take it But you do have to think long term as well people go behind luminary get very tiny audience. Spotify the bigger. That's for sure. Yeah that that is like I think that. That's one of the biggest things that I see there but let's keep moving on. Oh my gosh we have a thank you shout out. Hello Right. Yes thank you marco. Thinking we're such boy. You should have seen this. I know we're very like low. We're very like how do you say we celebrate quietly in our corners? Happy Dance Happy. Dance in the dark. I like just hey. This is so cool. Okay Marco was talking about talking about stats so it was very Meta and just a warrant. Everyone listening we will not be updating stats next month for November stats. Which with the switch over to spotify going pass through mid month in spike from that I do not believe the numbers will be accurate for number per my reporting or for November. From my reporting we will pick back up the advanced stats reporting at an aggregated APP reporting for December numbers when we have a full month which will get reported in January. That said Tober numbers. Were fine and we'll get to them next but next month. Maybe I'll do something I was talking to. Lc talking earlier. I thought maybe we'll try to do is. I'll look at the raw numbers from October of twenty eighteen and compared to the raw numbers of October. Twenty nineteen and see which platforms had the most percentage growth in the most raw growth year over year? In and give maybe kind of an update or give you something in the stacks. I know you guys had that stat. junkie fix thing that you need and I don't want you make you Jones or anything around the holidays for all that stuff absolutely in a really quick shout to Ryan Gray for alerting me to the ATP episode. Thank you anyway so great so here. We go the last of the episode in clear. Focus in clear. Focus a weekly podcast about exploring trends in consumer behaviour. Branding I'm creative in clear focus. What's working in digital media and how to measure marketing performance produced by Advertising Agency? Bigeye in clear focus. Inspiring case is an practical tips from industry leaders for unique perspective on the business of advertising. Six Greg now to our stats stage did and I will get into the country breakdown and this is for October downloads. Not including spotify for the time and to these numbers will change once we when we do these again for December. These numbers percentages will change because spotify will askew down the US percentage and October the US number was sixty three point. Eight percent and that compares to sixty three point four to September Canada was number two at five point five. Uk. At five point to Australia. Three point four Sweden two point nine Germany two point four France two percent Japan point nine Brazil point nine Ireland point seven and then. Spain is also point seven than Mexico. Netherlands of South Korea Denmark Norway New Zealand India Russian Federation South Africa China. Round out the top twenty one again. Things will change in these top lists. Next time we give this and I'll get into a little bit more and how those change and here is the spotify country breakdown for October again. This'll be the last time we do the spotify only breakdown next time they'll be mixed in the US where we said before it was sixty three point eight on spotify is forty six point three percent than the UK at six point eight Brazil at six candidate five point three Mexico at five point one Germany. Four point six Australia point to Sweden at three point five Netherlands at one point four France at one point to Spain Colombia both at one percent and then rounding out the top twenty are Ireland Norway New Zealand Poland Denmark Italy Philippines and Argentina. And that's the same exact top twenty as we had for September. Just the order moved just a little bit at the bottom of moving now to the aggregate or APP part in platforms a mobile downloads for October. Moved down a Smidge to eighty four point seven four percent of all downloads in October. Going directly to mobile devices versus eighty four point nine two in September computer downloads. Smidge to fifteen point zero six and home voice. Attendance plus set top boxes. Were at the same point. Two percent in September. It's basically the same. Its benefits may. That really hasn't changed percentage choice. The IRS to android ratio in October went down to four or officials. Say to four point zero to one versus three point eight to one in September so up just a little bit again. That probably had a little bit to do with. Iowa's thirteen rolling out mobile aggregate or APPs not from bonafide stitcher or from Apple. Move down a bit in October. With fifteen percent of all downloads versus sixteen in In September and the big dog and aggregated APPs is still apple with apple podcasts. At an itunes coming in at fifty eight percent of all downloads rock tober remaining below that sixty percent line number two spotify thirteen percent gain. We'll see where that is come December so in January when report. We'll see how much of a change that is on that thirteen point one overcast and stitcher came in three and four basically the same two point. Four percent cast box at two point. One five Google podcast at one point nine podcast addict that point seven percent and podcast at one point three that rounds out your top eight and that is everyone above one percent except for those apps that never picked their user agent names in or ones that don't want to talk about them And they combined for about four percent ones with names and under one percent. Our pod being player. Fm podcast Republic Pandora downcast. Eight cast tune in radio. Breaker deesor tenor pod pod Kicker Himalayas arse Radio Castro radio public eye catcher luminary bullhorn impact cruncher. So yes. Castro is above luminary even though luminary as thirty million dollars and then there are many more that come in less than point zero two percent and don't really warrant mentioned also in the near future It'll be really interesting to see how the switch over changes things I'll I'll try to do good comparison and then then in January will get a little bit more into that and that really rounds up where we are on the stats so If check your stats. If you heard a user agent that was mentioned here you don't see them in your stats. Go check that application. Find OUT WHY. You're not in there. That's the reason we give you these numbers you're not seeing overcast. Do not see in spotify. You're not seeing cass box in your top. Ten Top fifteen user agents. You need to figure out. Why if you've spotify is not your top. Fifteen is probably 'cause you're tech podcast. It's just don't ditch the tech podcast. It's good they're just not doesn't fit with their demos. All right so Where have we been? I was in a Promo for the podcast movement. Sessions Season Four. That's coming out here very soon and speaking of promos and we weren't talking about promos before and all that stuff they did a great promo like fantastic promo for the entire season just with little bits of people's voices. I'll have a link in the show notes for you guys to listen to that so And why not subscribe while you're at it because you know we have to listen to the entire thing because he did an interview with me while I was podcast movement this year. So it's GonNa be it's GonNa be Great. It's a great. It's a great promo- if you want to hear good promos anyway. That's where I was in other places but they haven't come out yet. I I wasn't anywhere but Rob Greene was at digital Hollywood in California November twelfth to Fourteenth. And we had there and people stopping by. Thanks for everyone. That stopped by talked to rob where we're going If you're in the Kansas City area the necks Casey Pakistan. Meet up will be January ninth. That is a Thursday. This time they had the room booked on me on Wednesday. That'll be six. Pm Central Time. Thursday January ninth and it will be a presentation all about editing. Calm there be ready and go to meet up dot com slash podcasting Dash Fifteen. If you WANNA find search meet up for Casey podcasters and you will find our meet up. There will also be digital Hollywood event at CAS en Las Vegas in January podcast movement evolutions L. A. February fourteenth to sixteenth. We'll have a booth at that event of people there so see quite a few they are. I personally won't be there because it's my wife's birthday and Valentine's Day and we're going to be traveling inherited but anyway that'll be my first podcast. They missed him sabotage. Get over when I'm on the beach. The National Religious Broadcasters Show Nashville February twenty five starting then we'll be exhibiting an. I'll be attending and look forward to seeing quite a few podcasters at the event. Few people already pigmeat said that they'll be there. Pod Fest Orlando March sixth to eighth. I'll be key noting that event One of the keynotes and Lipson is a gold sponsor and we'll be exhibiting the US they're really focusing on a lot of folks there at that event Hubby Fun in Orlando in March and AB. Las Vegas late April and of course podcast movement. First Week of August. We have some other events will get into them here. In next few episodes a little bit more from the other ones will be at and please come out to these events Say Hi we'll really do. Try to get on the country. Shake hands do fist bumps in as always if you have an organization or vent and need someone to speak about podcasting just email me Robert Lipson dot com. We've quite a few people that can help out on that front and we are working on twenty twenty schedule. Now actually pass you want so if q one event might be really but we'll see q two and on for twenty twenty is what we're planning now and actually just applied to speak at content marketing world. Again that'll be October next year. And we'll see how good a sense of humor they have. Lc My session. I titled It That committed was podcasting. The one form of content marketing that you don't feel like you have to take a shower after doing God. Maybe a little too much time. Maybe we'll maybe we know when when I submitted boring titles they didn't pick when I submitted. If you're not podcasting your fracking moron. They picked it but they changed. The title No they left. That WANNA left. They they this year they changed it. It was something else. Yeah it was. If you're not if you're not podcasting y you can hear go home that they okay all right so I figure they're gonNA change the title. Why not just go with podcasting one form of content marketing that you don't feel like you have to take a shower after doing it? Which is so true when you do a podcast for your company. You're not apologetic. Your enthusiastic is a big difference. Just say Jillian. Excitement also podcasting. You can't lie. You can't lie when your podcast. It's pitchy patchy that's I mean. You have an hour. You don't have to be patchy it's not like an email blasts racing thirty seconds. I got ten seconds because someone's attention. I got a pitch pitch capitulate podcast like I don't care if I pitch. I want to build a relationship. I want to get to know you. I want you to know me. It's having a conversation here so different so we'll see if folks a content marketing world have sense of humor. They seem to have in the past. They don't like boring. It seems boring. Titles well good. Well Yeah and that's the yes that's never a good thing anyway. I think we're done okay. Yes we are. We are done all right so we will be back though. We'll be back in December this December the last month of the year. But please email us your feedback. Which is we're always open to. That is what really runs the show. The Feet Lipson dot com the feed at Lipson DOT com. You can download. Our APPS are free for both IOS and Android and you should search for the feed or Lipson in those APP stores. And you'll find us totally download from there. You can contact us directly from the APP. You can even call us on the phone directly from the board or you can call four one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred eighty four four one two five seven three thousand nine hundred eighty four and you can leave us. A voicemail doesn't go you're not GonNa talk to me You. You will just leave voice my own. Then we'll answer it on the show which is always like a really wonderful thing and of course you can always attach your voice to an email and send it over and we will be looking for those and hope to talk with you and a couple of weeks and I do believe. Y'All I'm putting myself out here but I think that we are going to have a lovely little Thanksgiving special the feed episode. That's GONNA go out on the fee just for funsies and just for love and joy and and that's coming up here so it'll it'll be okay and we'll talk with you guys and a couple of weeks.

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