UN Chief on the release of the updated COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan


Six weeks ago the global coffee nineteen pandemic began to eat some of the world's most fragile countries. I asked governments to step up for the world's author vulnerable people in a spirit of solidarity compassion and for site. The response was prompt and generous. We now have more than half the two billion. Us dollars we asked for United Nations. Our NGO partners at achieving results. For those who need it. Most water and soap are being delivered to vulnerable. Refugees hospitals and clinics are getting support life saving information campaigns are reaching millions of people and the Global System of air links eastern sporting medical supplies and equipment to someone ended in twenty countries worldwide. We are ramping up to seven hundred flights months for cargo and besseges my message to the simple. We have made a good start now. We must built on it. We need six point. Seven billion dollars to protect millions of people and help stop the virus from circling back around the globe. Humanitarian aid is not just a moral imperative it is a practical necessity to combat the virus if covered nineteen rix faulk in the Buddhist classes. We are all risk. I heard your strong continued support for this appeal thank you.

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