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hello everyone. Welcome to nineteen twenty three main street home of the daddy daughter. Disney traveled podcast. We are your host. Might bella brenick. And i'm amelia bell graddick and today we're going to be talking all about disney's beach resorts and we're talking about disney's i guess. Would we call them their real beach resorts all around the world. Not their photo. Beach resorts at their feet resort feats resorts like that fo- beach and we're talking about places like what disney's beach club resort would be there features are and just a little bit of background. I remember when we talked about the wave pool that was in the lagoon and outside of the polynesian and dick nunez the emad surfer who turned imagine near and when they first opened disneyworld he thought disneyworld had to compete with beach resorts in florida. And that no one would wanna go there because there wasn't a beach so they created beaches and they tried to do surfing. Didn't really work but then later. They added the pool at typhoon lagoon yet and of course they added the beach club resort and tom along they deign has a real sand bottom. But it still wasn't real and when we say beach resorts i guess. Let's put it this way in front beach resorts well all right. Well we'll get into that. So there are you may or may not know three count them three actual disney beach resorts not associated with any theme parks. And we've talked about one on this podcast in the past if you're planning summer vacation hopefully we're all going traveling this summer and you want to go to a beach resort and you love disney. We're gonna give you three amazing options for disney beach resorts and i'm putting them in my personal preference order. You're probably going to agree with my order. I would imagine start with number one. Most important will go first. Okay and that for me is alani lenny desire lani resort and spa in co alina. A wa who hawaii i do you say that. So he no or lena that. So co lena is the little town. This is a true beachfront resort in hawaii. In this episode we're going to focus on the beaches because we're talking about beach vacations. We will do more in depth on the resorts. We've already done one about our number two which will get to momentarily. But if you there's nothing really. That beats a hawaiian beach. What do you think jonah blank blank. So the beach call. Lena is you fly. Into on her lulu. And it's a really short drive right. We definitely rent a car. And i'll get into why that resort alani is right on the ocean in this really upscale town called co alina and it's a little bit of an interesting beach there because it it's very sheltered. They have storm break. So it's not very good for surfing but if you're one of those people that likes to think the ocean is a pool that has no currents at all. This might be for you. Yeah it's of funny. Because i learned somewhere along the way in my travel life that most of resort hotels on islands even barbados in that they build the hotels on the quiet side of the island. But we love waves right. We like big waves. So we'd always have to do. When i was surfing and barbados. You gotta go down to the super bowl's on the other side of the island but all the big resorts are on the calm side. If there is one and co lena's the whole point is sort of like that but actually there's four lagoons dan this strip of land in their man made so they did like you said they built breakwaters and they're sort of like a c shape. It's almost like a donut with a little cutout which is open to the ocean right. So there's water comes in. They are open to the ocean but yes. They're very calm. They're pretty large. I don't know. I don't even know how big they are. But they're big. It's not like people. Yeah and you can rent boats and sailboats. And a few things in there it can take a lot of people and then there's other upscale resorts at the neighbors of alani and there's four of these lagoons and you can walk along the waterfront the rest of the waterfront there sorta rocky so that's probably why was undeveloped in the past and then disney came along and somebody figured out. Hey we can make nice beaches here if we put these little lagoons. So it is a true. Hawaiian beachfront resort. You can swim in the beautiful pacific ocean. It faces the sunset which is really nice. But if you're going to hawaii and if you're going to alani in particular there are many other as ing beaches on oahu. Don't always need to go in a volcano. Guess you don't need to go. What is oh. Amelia wrote a song as a kid going to hawaii in volcano which would be the big island of hawaii not on oahu. But if you're going to oahu and you're going to alani it's a beautiful beach Franck resort will get into all the rest of it and another episode because es cell using storm along. Bay is a good waterpark. Alani puts it to shame. But we're going to save that for a future episode. Pure here for storm. Along is now an official disney waterpark. A resort it sort of water park for among resorts compared to any other pool. That is you know typically pool with a slide. It's pretty much a waterpark. There's a lazy river there. there's a beat anyway. we're not talking about disney's beach club resort. We're talking about disney's true beach resorts on the ocean. But if you go to alanine. You're in hawaii definitely rent a car because there are some amazing beaches around the island and we have three favorites. Yes when we were there and the one one is why of course the north shore's famous the banzai pipeline. Wia me a base of drive to that beach. Any of these things are an hour to ride real easy day trips to go to the beaches and then i call the surfing beach surfing. Beach is kylie loa beach. If that's how you pronounce it pronouncing these the lower something. It's just back on the way back towards honolulu about halfway. There may be and yet. It's it's a real true. Hawaiian bichon little campground part. If you wanna take surfing lessons there it's great. There's great lessons there. The waves are consistent. It's a true open. Beat quite amazing. Little kids surfing. Yeah amazing little kids. Maybe we'll post a picture of usurping on that beach as part of this social media for this episode so that that one's really close great spot to go surfing and then across on the other side of the island is kahlua which is a really cool little town right on the water and they have a really neat beach there too so chi loo beach the north shore and kellyanne lower beach. I think that's how you say it. I may be saying wrong but you'll find it. Those are three awesome beaches. Plus you do have a beach rate at your resort. A nice quiet beach like amelia said. The water's warm there. It's very calm tons of beach chairs. it's it's fairly large semi circle shape. Check it out on a google earth map and you'll see so that is out of ninety eleni hawaii and then another one we talked about. They will be disney's vero beach resort. And i don't know this might actually be my favorite beach if we're talking strictly about the beach hotel. I'd have to say personally. I prefer the air disney's vero beach resort beach than the alani beach lie because it is truly wide open to the ocean. You can't even serve there either. You can on windy days. We have seen people surfing there. You can definitely bougie board there quite a bit. But i'm going to get in just like we did with lonnie there's other beaches nearby but at vero beach resort the beach is you know you're just on the coast there on vero beach so it extends hundreds of miles but there's rarely it's rarely what i would call crowded. No sometimes in the mornings we go on beach walks and watch the sunrise and get bitten by no see'ums. We talked about that in our verbiage. Episode. this is what. I was alluding to earlier if you want to know. More about. The resort in the area listened to that episode a few back but the beach itself. We didn't really focus on and there is a beach house. there where you can rent watercraft sailboats. But you can bring your own boogie boards and you surf and you're within range of bringing a surfboard. It's your subject to the winds really. It's wind driven surf there. It's not nash. Natural surf break but the beach itself has filled with tons of shells and highlight to look for shark teeth. It's weather dependent so days. It's actually quite calm other days. It's very rough. So i liked that personally. I like those open beaches. I wonder if you could go to like a restaurant down the way because there are restaurants down the beach if you walk far enough if you could go from those restaurants and just walk all the way. Back with a keycard. Yeah that'd be interesting. I don't know if there's any. I think the beaches public property in florida. I'm not quite sure so you might be able to do it. Yeah if you walk well. Let's talk about that. Just like in alani there are other beaches now personally like i said the vero beach beach itself. Course there's the turtles on that beach etc. But i love that beach sometimes it gets seaweed but hey it's a beach sometimes there isn't it really depends on the year. I guess in how the ties. What's storms have been out at sea and all that sort of stuff and i was watching the net flicks pirates series that just launched and because there's a pirate theme to the hotel. It was pretty cool because they talked about. When piracy was forming in a lot of it was in that area. Nasa was the home of the pirates in the bahamas but they said the biggest sinking ships of treasure. Was i think eleven ships in this spanish and they all sunk in a hurricane rate off the coast of vero beach. They said it's not reassured. So of course. The pirates went crazy descending on that to steal all the gold. But that's right. Oh so. This is the whole area. It's a really cool area and definitely check it out but there are two other great beaches in that area that you can go to like you said so if you go south. It's the town of aero beach. The actual proper town resort is north of the town which is good because it's not as quiet. Are it quiet. Not as busy but there is a beach there. That's the public beach for the town. It's way more crowded so you can check that out because we like to do go to some restaurants in that area but the one we really really love highly ration inlet state park the sebastian inlet beach just north of the hotel. You gotta drive. get a car. If you're going there you'll want to rent a car in is. It's so nice because it's a paid beach and they have waves there too. It's that's where they're surfing because sebastian inlet is there and there is a natural break. There's appear as well so you pay like i don't know ten bucks or whatever to get in but that keeps a lot of people out so it's the beach there is even more empty than vero beach resort and it's actually sort of a nicer beach if he can believe it's a bit bigger and there are some awesome waves. Yeah so if you serve you'll be closer to the pier but if you just wanna go boogie bodyboarding. It is awesome there. There's really good waves. We love going there. I wonder if you could camp at that state park. I'm not sure if there's camping there. There is camping. Like i said back in alani at the colella beach. There's a campsite there. Some of the locals camp there so but that's a good question that would be something to look in. Sebastian inlet sebastian state park camping. Yeah check it out because it's a really cool beach highly recommended so disney's vero beach resort. It is true ocean beach in disney style. And it's definitely a really good place to go if you wanna disney beach vacation and we go there in the summer and in fact i would recommend for all three of these that we're gonna talk about go in the summer. You wanna go. When the when the oceans are warmest disney does not have a california motions. Get cold yeah. The oceans well cold lake warm ocean so put it this way in the summer. You're looking at oceans in the eighties. Usually so really nice and warm. I mean i personally don't mind cold oceans but most people don't like to swim and sixty degree weather then. You're one of those people. I mean you'll jump in it but you don't wanna stay in for very long for the douay ocean. That is one of the benefits of the man made lagoon beach at alani a he. They don't heat it but the sun heats it because it's like it's heated because it's cut off sort of from the ocean and it's pretty calm and it gets pretty deep out might be fifteen feet deep of yeah like it can get deep. But it's it's a nice peach it's kid friendly. You can walk in. Whereas i would say at vero beach you know. All beaches are kid friendly. But you're gonna wanna pay more attention especially if there's waves there there's no riptide or undercurrent at the alani resort beach. I must jammed in california. Yeah we'll there are there are there can be riptides and there's definitely undercurrents in vero beach and especially at those other beaches on awas who but watch the signs. There are signs. And i'll post when this week from hawaii in particular believed the signs when they say dangerous. Rip them not just there for cool special effects or not there for your instaphone imaginary liked to put up signs. Although they do they do disney. Loves a good sign. So do i actually but take care at those open beaches in vero beach in in and in on oahu in really anywhere in the world but just pay attention to the signs but they are marked so the thing is the alani. Beach is very family friendly. It's rarely are there waves. There would have to be a pretty windy day but just outside that break there are some pretty big waves so of course you can see them and you can walk out to the rocks. There and supreme need to watch the. The rocks are a nice spot for photos to and there's a part of the rocks just south or towards honolulu. Climb will not you can climb them. And also when the tide goes out tide pools so you can see little fish get caught in there and there's a so you know be don't step on known step on them be good to nature but it's really not killing animals in the sand. There's all sorts of little see life trapped in there and it's really neat to watch so really great. This is what you get on the authentic beaches of these resorts as opposed to the good disney beach. At disney's beach club resort wonder what people would do if they put a crab in storm along bay. I'm sure there are. Oh a crabs in storm along bay they might think it's a crab them while they're probably just run away but you will see those definitely unbear- beach there's tons of beach life in vero beach including cells shells and shark teeth. Which i love finally writ like round actual spiral shells that are fenwick shells and all sorts of real shells. So get out there early on the beach. You'll see people as well with their mental tells metal detectors. Please don't be a metal detector burson but unless you're the one who lost something you wanna find it. You know where you were sitting. But i digress. So those are two alani and vary beat top to both excellent choices both great for summer vacations both really good hotels that are fairly large but they do book especially alani which has reopened and then there's the third one it's a bit of an odd duck a bit of an odd duck. I would say oh. That's why i did a accent for that. This is disney's hilton head. Island resort sc in beautiful south carolina in hilton head. But there's a bit of a twist to this resort first of all on the beach. It's not technically on the beach. It's on the water but it's not on the beach so first of all hilton head vero beach and alani are all disney vacation club resorts hilton had in vero beach are fully disney vacation club resorts and alon is half and half. Yeah alana's naughty naughty. Maybe that's a hawaiian word. I don't know but alani is a bit of both having said that you can stay at any of these with as well. So they're not exclusive to disney vacation club members. But it just means that you can you can if you want. Get a room with a kitchen and stuff which is always fun at a beach like a vacation to have that extra option and they'll have outdoor grills as well so the fish you can assists or steaks or whatever you want to make any kind of food but hilton had yes so hilton. Had i guess disney when they built this one could not get beachfront property at least not the size they wanted. So there's inlet there and the resort hotel itself is built on the water on a waterway and it's sorta lake port orleans in a way the way it's on the water like riverside so the hotel is unhealthy net island but and it is on the water but it's not on the beach however they do have a beach house. Can you count dissipate resort. I think you can so what they did. Is they got an amount of land on the beach atlantic beach. I believe it is right on the ocean there in south carolina so wide open beach just like vero beach not as warm but pretty warm can be pretty warm in the summer but it's about a mile and a bit from the hotel so they do offer a shuttle now the beach house. You can walk. Always you could walk in. There's also bike path of walkman combat. Yeah so you can rent bikes and do that and what they did. If you've been to disney's vero beach resort. you'll know what i mean. Or if you haven't i'll explain this. But essentially what it's like if you've been very beach resort is. They took the pool area and sort of the pool area. There's like a little sore room and they took that and that whole area is what the beach house is. Oh so you go from. There's also pool and everything at hilton head island at the main hotel which is on the water on the rivers inland. I would call. It might be called a river inlet. But it's it's ocean but it's probably brackish or freshwater by their around the resort but then on the ocean front there is a whole building. And you know there's a restaurant there's a bar there's a blow this change rooms and then you walk down to the beach on the little boardwalk just like at vero beach resort so i have a feeling they took that idea and just sort of built it there because they could only get enough space for that portion so it is a beach resort. And you can go to the beach. It's just you can't walk out of your room and walked down to the beach like you can add alani or vero beach resort can but it will be quite a long walk fair enough. It's gonna be. it's just over a mile. I wonder can you fish on these beaches. Yes yes you can. We often see people especially malaria innocent. Animals they don't necessarily first of all if they're eating them. It's cool and sometimes it's just catch and release but we do see in the beach in particular when we go on our morning walks. There are definitely people surf fishing casting off the surf out there. I don't see. I haven't seen a lot of the matchy catching fish but we have seen a few. So there definitely is fishing on those beaches and there's fishing on the river water inlet also at hilton head island. Okay yes it can rivers is better. You can fish off the dock. It's well you've done that although you didn't like it when once you actually caught a fish felt very bad for the first so i'm nice kind hearted and we catch and release. So the fishy went back into the water. Now my question for you other than swimming although actually maybe that wouldn't even be your answer. You don't like swimming. What is your favorite thing to do on any of these beaches. I like beaches in the morning. So i love getting up in the morning going down on the beach when you often come with me if not every day in when you. Don't you leave me a nasty note on disney letterhead by. Did you walk without me to get up for the crack of dawn and go down to the beach when there's not many people on it. I like getting sunrise photos. I like you know looking for shells and just sort of walking along the quiet beach in the morning before the you know beech daly beach. Tanner's come along. And so based on that i'd say your favorite beaches probably zero. Then i think it is. There are also sea turtle nests at hilton head on that beach but not as many as vero beach that i've seen yes so over for if we're just talking. My favorite beach added disney beach resort. Yeah one hundred percent. It's the beach at disney's vero beach resort even with the no see'ums that do not exist in hawaii and i don't know about hilton had because they're typically their first thing in the morning or later at night in hilton head. We wouldn't be doing that because ellen's getting up at the crack of dawn to walk a mile on. Maybe we should do that the next time we go there now and just tested out or let us know any of you locals in hilton head in that area. Do have no see'ums on that beach. Do we need to be prepared with all of all of our combat gear for no see'ums when we if we want to make a sunrise track along the atlantic beach. But yeah i would say that for me is my favorite. What about you. You've got the alani cove mugune. You've got the vero beach beach and then you've got the hilton head beach which is more of a late morning beach for us. Just because we have to travel the little route. I think my favorite beach is probably the alani beach because you can swim in that ocean. 'cause it's more like a pool is like a sort of. It's like a natural pool. Yeah i like that because it is. It's pretty natural. But i also like the very beach because you can hunt for shells in the morning and there's not as many shells in hawaii. Yeah that's true because of because of that little inland. And even i noticed when we went to the other beaches there were some shells. We weren't there in the morning though. Yeah but normally like if you go to at any time of the day here are millions of show. I mean along the whole beach There's always massive sort of washed up areas with thousands at least thousands and thousands of shells. That's where i look for shark teeth whereas alani in the manmade be sandy area. Because it's not it's protected from the driving ocean. There's no shells there or very few. You can find a few few go along the other areas but even on the ones on the north shore. And that it's not i don't recall as many shells lonnie and even though you didn't answer my question what was your. What's your favorite thing to do on the beach besides swimming. No it's the morning walks. That's my favorite thing to do. That's what i said and hunt for shocking and hunting for shark teeth. See that walking out. Walking is your favorite thing to do when you go on a beach vacation or just. I would say hunting for shark teeth then. That's my corrected answer to suit yours. What is your favorite denver shells on ding for shells. So i mean swimming. But that's kind of audience wilmington but you know what because it's calmer at least swimming in that one as much like a pool. It is like a pool so if you dislike pool if you want real ocean water that's calm and warm you are going to love the lagoons money and then if you like me and you prefer wide open you know a bit rougher surf. There's plenty of places to go all around. Awas who the three of my favorites i listed earlier and the the lost beach is also on that island as well the beach whereas lost this lost where the tv series lost was filmed is just a up the other way from alani. I totally know what lost is quite a drive though. So what or you can go on a boat or yes we went. Well we're going to save all of those for our alania so today we just want to focus really on if you're thinking of travelling again coming out of this pandemic and you want our beach vacation and you want disney magic with it you may or may not have known about alani disney's vero beach resort and disney's hilton head island resort. I go alani and pick hawaii so there's a long way to go. I just think it has the most disney. it's more. It's the most dignified in my personal. But here's the thing. Hilton head island is very small. The resort disney's hilton head. Island resort is very small and books up quickly so if you are at all thinking about that check right now immediately as the show because it could be booked up if it's open it's open but i'm sure we'll be open for the summer. Vero beach does a little bit easier to get into but who knows this year right. They're talking about a travel search. Who knows anything who knows anything but there may be a real rush alani also books up quickly so devouring travelers. But i would recommend any of those three if you wanna real disney vacation and you don't want it. There's no parks there. It's just disney magic beach style at all three of them and all three of those have their own sort of cool vibe bureau. Beaches pirate oriented but not crazy smelling urine. Pirates of the care ride. It's subtle alani. Is of course hawaiian. And he'll head is like a nineteen forties. Vibe surf sorta win that area. I started to grow up as a popular area for tourists. So all three of those are great and if you did not know about disney beach resorts. I hope we've wet your appetite. Lots of information online saying yes to wet your appetite all right. Let's go that. Let's go with that so we hope you enjoyed this episode and we're getting excited about getting back to the be we're gonna hit one of those beach resorts for sure ourselves this summer. Yeah fingers crossed so follow us on social media at nineteen twenty three main street. We'll be posting lots pictures of all three of these this week. So join us. Check it out comment and if you're locals at hilton had let us know about those. No see'ums on that beach first thing in the morning i really wanna know that we have disney inspired designed to nineteen twenty three main street dot red bubble dot com s including fiftieth anniversary. So check us out there as well. 'cause we know that's coming up right. Thanks everyone for joining us again. We truly appreciated. We love your feedback and we hope you have adjectives a over.

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