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The following is. And welcome the wreck extra views right here on wild talk radio DOT COM, he's rock I'm Lindsay and we're back with yet another video game review from our very kind friends over at e. a. and day Y'all today we are here to talk all about UFC four fighting gays. I Love Fighting Games. Could beat the crap out of people had so much fun. That's him. What what it's such a guy thing I mean I know it's not just a guy. That's a guy thing to say, but it is. It's fun you take at your question and that's what funny games growing up were like in between mortal combat in the street fighter, and now you'll see like they're fighting games but would you say your aggression was ruthless? Ruthless aggression. You happy. Yeah. Okay, so breakdown down what you of C four is your traditional fighting game that you expect from UFC you have your traditional modes exhibitions and what have yous. You've your career mode where you work your way from being an amature all the way up to winning the championship and Beyond and creating a hall of fame career. You've obstacles along the way like in every career mode, you go build all your stats up you gotta start very low and then work on your skills and everything like that and in a world where we're surrounded by. Life happenings, you have online mode, we can set up matches with your friends and. them all around the country all around the world you have great Internet connection you can just. Have some fun as it were. There's multiple types of. Online modes to get into and then. You got my two favorite moments one stand up in Bang or staying bang as it's called where you're just fight in a backyard environment the. Cage in the backyard there are no submissions you fight fight till you're the one left standing then Oh, there's knockout mode so I've mentioned already Moral competitor fight, right? uh-huh. This has like a hells demon environment. Okay. That's cool where it's knockout only you can only win by knocking out your opponent. You get any little special like mortal combat style attacks or just you just you're just normal fighting, but you just beat on your opponent until you knock them out, which is so much fun because it reminded me of a moral combat street fighter thing where you just go and it's it's I believe it's best to out. Like in Mortal Kombat. We into rounds and who are if. You got knock them out. You train their power bar until they're dead it's like. To me that's so much fun. I had a lot of fun going modus. Pounding on people and it's like, yeah. This is the game I remember. So so those are the modes in the game which gives you a lot to choose firm. They're pretty good handful collection of characters in this game which you know you like they even brought in like Tyson fury in this game. It's fun is fun. You'll see legend you current. UFC. Fighters I. Mean you've run the rousing in this game, which is cool PUNK for wrestling fans in this game still because you know what? Is Technically signed to the company is a playable character. So there's there's nothing wrong with Mr Pronk being in the game there's nothing Nothing wrong with it at all but you've got a wide selection of characters, which is you know give you multiple options whether you WanNa go in the knockout no, the regular mode, her you know standing. At I mean you know you can. If none of those satisfy, you can create your own character, right? Yeah. You create your character like like always you get you know your traditional you know sets of hair and everything like that. It's it's pretty much what you expect. You get you get. Basically, build your fighter in grow your fighter. As you go, you know you're in different skills as you go and you create as you. Go through your Kermode, you earned that X. P., which is always keen. All these Games is you're on your xp but bill your characters straight up simple man. and find there's like it. It hasn't changed much from previous games. So that's good for people who played Yahtzee to you'll see three it's pretty straightforward. You you get your look together boom. You're done, I? Mean there's only so much you can do for. For for looks because you're limited by you know what you'll see actually does because if you know as you'll see fighters these days sponsorship deal. So you're you're only limited amount of color and sermon looks because you know you're basically using like we walk and stuff like that as you made year. All right. That's pretty nice. And graphics the game pretty solid it's pretty solid. Any. Ea Sports Games the graphics are always pretty solid, pretty realistic, and that's all you can really hope for Hey realistic graphics. Those are important. They're very important. What is also important controlling the game? Yes. That is also equally as important the player experience being able to control your characters. So how is that? So the basic controls our basic trolls you just smash hit X. X. Y. A. B., you have combos and. Why the US your trigger buttons, your very basic controls. Now, what they've done this year is they've changed some of the take down and submission systems which I thought was a lot better. Well, that's good. Yeah. Because I learned throughout playing with. Three I wasn't great at submissions like I was. Okay but it was a lot of are going back and forth back and forth, and you you really you really struggling throw it does at least for me burning it going through all the details and stuff I was able to learn how to transition from hold the hold a little bit better in. Than in the past because in the past was very luck oriented this one is like took a little bit more skill and a little more practice on it, but once you learn it once you learn how to get the holds on and transition from old hall and tap out your opponent. It felt much more natural I guess better way to put it. which is good which is a good change from from previous ends. We're like, okay you just have you get lucked into locking down your opponent and then your opponent screwed this. Okay. This fell a little bit more like, okay. There's some give and there's some take with it. So I like that. So overall thoughts, it was fun. It's a very fun. Game I. Mean I haven't tried out the online modes because I haven't had a chance to. But if you have friends who you WANNA play with the probably very very, they would enjoy the game very much is the best way to put it. They'll enjoy the game and you have a lot of fun. It's it's worth going your way get because it's It's fighting games and you don't really expect much from fighting games because you always know what you're getting. You're getting the chance to as Lindsay. Lindsay. Didn't like at the beginning was beat the crap out of somebody because you can. It's not that I don't like it. It's just it's I'm going to be perfectly honest. It is not my jam fighting games or not my jam but I respect that they're your jam and there are a lot of other people's Jam Right? Like I completely respect that but they're just they're not my thing. Never have been, but you know what? If you like the game and you think it's a great game and you think people should buy it everybody go by it. On car buying through your Microsoft where PF store now it's available. Now you'll see for from EA sports get it. So I think that does it for us? What do you think that those before she falls all the social media platforms greatest show also at while Tarpley twitter facebook dot com slash while talk radio never at fault. So twitch twitch that TV such to your life. Suffer Rock. I'm Lindsay Ward. You've been listening to the rack extra reviews, UC, four edition right here on Talk Radio Dot com, and we will be back very soon with another review. So till then

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