Introducing Confronting: O.J. Simpson


The charges by LA police against O J Simpson in connection with the brutal slaying of his ex-wife. Nicole twenty five year old Roz must switch. Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of murder. Dear Mr Simpson. Hello. It's me. Kim ron. Goldman sister. I'm sure it's really weird to be getting a letter from me, but for years, I've listened to what everybody else has to say about you lawyers, the media. But never from you. I'm wondering if you would sit down and talk to me. I just wanna understand whatever can be understood. That's a letter that I wrote to the man, I believe, brutally killed my brother. I was declined this interview, but I still feel that need. Do you remember when I wrote though, letter to the killer, asking to see him, I'm going to try to do that again? Try to do it again. Actor you can tell my excitement is the same as last time. It's hard to hear his concern in his voice, but confronting this part of my life is something I still need to do. I want to confront the fear the grief, the anger the loss the shame. I want to ask questions that have never been answered not only of OJ Simpson. But if everyone involved because this crime, this case this trial is changed us forever. Dearly, we're gonna miss. I'll talk to the investigators argue have stand firm, but he didn't plan any glove and nobody planted any others. That's the flat. Ashli. I need to hear from Kato kaylin, who was thrown into the spotlight onto the witness stand becoming tabloid sensation. So we times I've gotten messages of you should have been the guy that was murdered. That makes you go off a while. I'll talk to the witnesses, who were not put on the stand ones who could have possibly altered, the verdict out of the blue, the Bronco almost hit me. O J glared at me, then he yelled, something at me, then finally the Bronco took off. I need to ask the jurors who have had twenty five years to reflect on a decision that shocked. The world faith changed their mind. Thought I'd be sitting here with you face to face as I always told myself that's not gonna happen. And I want to remember and honor, my brother run by talking to the people who knew him before he was just a name a headline was goofball, but he was also cool and calm and confident. I mean, he had some kind of confidence that I think we all wanted. And I wanna talk to the prosecutors to Chris Darden, and Marcia Clark about what they still carry with them after going through the trial of the century. Tributed to you all night, getting the Justice that you deserve. People every time I get interviewed say, Cheney put it behind. You are you over it. I'm never gonna get over it. How do you get over that? This is a tragedy. This podcast will help me confront my story and hopefully help others who find themselves in similar situations confront there's even if it means coming face to face with a monster. Confronting podcast season. One is brought to you by me Kimball men and school studios division of Glasner, tamed group and premieres June twelve twenty nineteen.

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