Ep. 8 What the Filicide!?


Weirdo he keep bringing up friends. Call during happy hour. Then this is the podcast for you. Welcomed happy hour gets weird so just like a low soothing. Mine is only Jeff Bridges. Actually I love Jeff. Bridges just told me the dude I fucking well. I love that movie like if I could get away with walking down the street with what he his wardrobe in that movie like you wearing a bathrobe constantly having white Russians. Yes I seriously I would it pretty much as the life. There's really nothing much better than not getting dressed in being in kind of drunk all the time. I I just have this deep need to wear bathrobe all the time. cozy right. You feel like people need to wear robes more. We should bring the road back. We should bring the dude look back. Well I feel like people would be happier if they just wore a robe is they would just feel cozy near who is not happy when they're cozy. We're already halfway there. Because we're wearing sweats. Oh I am fully wearing pyjamas. Today I've been wearing stretch pants every episode except for one. I'm one of those people who like I believe in you dress. Nice feel Nice. I mean. That's a super. We're simple way to put it. But I was like to dress put together because I feel put together otherwise I just might my life would totally this faulted shit in just the of disaster. If I dress like the dude my life would be like the Dude I. I couldn't dress like the dude and have a together life life but I get it. I always thought you're supposed to dress for the job you want. I thought you had to wear stretch against a podcast I think so. I think that that's a rule. I think it Israel zero there will now thorough guys. Didn't know this happy hour gets weird. Make them thanks for joining us. Words Awesome Awkward Day. We say I'm Cathy. I'm tiffany and this is our podcast. Have era gets weird word haired we get together for happy hour and we have drinks and we talk about all the weird shit that weird. The people like to talk about this week. We are drinking spiked coffee. Who is pretty good? It is pretty good it is pretty good. It has moved cream on top and as always we will post our drink recipe and pictures on instagram. Happy hour gets weird. pod Is there instagram And I like how you were so humble about the whip cream tiffany made the whip cream homemade by the way and it really is delicious. Just I could eat just a whole bowl of this cream. It is a very very good all right well. Now that we've talked about our drinks Amadou Dude. Would we want to get into into it all right of so just a little a little disclaimer. We are talking some pretty lead heavy subjects this week. We're doing true crime episodes. It's going to be a little bit heavier than last week. which was bigfoot pun intended Taller? bigfoot episode was definitely later than this one. Yeah this one's going to be heavy so we decided tiffany and I decided to kind of at the top of the heavier episodes. We're just GONNA start calling them top shelf episodes right Yup not as our warnings if we say it's top shelf episode so that means triggers it. There's going to be all kinds of triggers so this week we had planned on doing a family family when family kills family and we both ended up on true crime cases where the parents harm children so by the accident. I didn't know that we were GonNa both end up picking parents. Yeah we did so. This is just like a trigger warning we are going to be discussing child abuse in graphic detail. Tell so just a little heads up if you are going to be triggered by that. Please stop listening. If you're not going to be triggered like that anyone anyone here about these true crime cases. Please keep listening well. Now that we have our top-shelf warning yeah let's go ahead. You go first. Yeah let's get into it all right so before I start I Actually I have two things. We have new mikes so. We hope that it sells better. Oh yeah one more really stepping it up in the world. Yeah I also wanted to say something that I have meant to say after an episode. We've we did previously A lot out of the episodes we do touch on religion and how we roasted. Oil is in particular roasted analysts's parent. Yeah Yeah I mean I I. I don't know how that came off. I just want to say that I hold the no judgment against any religion or person who has religious beliefs. I hope that none of our episodes come off as like disparaging people of faith. I'd like I know that people that actually know me I wouldn't have to say that too like they would know that I would that I would never judge somebody's you know religious beliefs but it's kind of hard because we're in this weird situation where strangers could be listening adding to us and I just want to make sure that people know that we're not no judging religion or anything like that now unfortunately really a lot of the episodes that we do the people use religion as an excuse or a reason to do horrible things. Yeah and that's GonNa come up in in what I'm about to talk about. Yeah so I felt like I should say something. Yeah you do you really. Yeah as long as you're not hurting anybody yet you. We don't really long if you're hurting. Somebody yelled if you're just you know living life being a good person doing whatever you WanNa do in. Yeah no didn't here. We just happened to be talking about true crime cases that involve people who exploited religion to take advantage of other people in that friends is not okay in my book in any way. No Okay so now that we've done so many disclaimers in you guys are like. What the fuck can you talk about your stories Let's get to it. All right. You go go went okay go pick My sources are CNN. Murder Pedia on medium article by Delaney Marlet and a little bit of the a little bit of the Fresno Bee fifteen years ago. It crime crime shook the city of Fresno California years of horror culminated in a tragedy that still haunts the city today. Discussing the crimes of Marcus. Wesson Insert dramatic sound effect done. That was good. That's exactly what I wanted. So Marcus. Weston was born on August twenty second nineteen forty six. I didn't find that much about his life before adulthood. All that I pretty much found it was which is like it for me. One of the most interesting parts of cases like these people that do shit like I'm always interested to is it was it nature or nurture or both and I think that that's the thing that people are trying to constantly trying to figure out like how much of nature how much pressure because some people can handle so much stuff and some people are like can handle nothing before breaking many frontal lobe head injuries. Before you start. That's true I this guy. I don't know if you had a head injury but I'd like to give them one. Yeah yeah the one thing that everything say was that. He grew up in a religious household with the strict father. Other than that. I don't really know much But I think by all accounts he was a kid. He ended up joining the army and was stationed in Europe up and there was no news. No bad stories about his time in the military after his stint in the army he moved to San Jose in Europe yet he was stationed in Europe. I believe he was editing. I think he was a medic. Maybe Transylvania after a stint in the army moved to San Jose it was nineteen sixty eight in San Jose he moved in with a woman named Rosemary May Tarinah Rosemary always. It's a full circle. Everything is a full everything's connected and Rosemary had an eight year old daughter during this time Western claimed God was speaking came to him. He was in his he was in his mid twenties. This is not going to be good. This is why disclaimer He was in his mid twenties by this time in he and Rosemary had awesome together also soon after living in this household western to begin telling Rosemary's eight year old daughter Elizabeth that she belonged to him and that God wanted them to be married. Oh God I'm already flick fully enraged at I Mike Two Sentences in I'm Mike I can feel the veins like looking when Elizabeth was fifteen. She and West married apparently what her mother's blessing man they were already having sex. I think she might. I have been pregnant when they got married. My what would terrible terrible terrible parents. The the mom was like. Oh God told you okay. We'll chill western. Lesson ended up having ten children with Elizabeth his stepdaughter. Yes so they were because he was never technically married to her mom but yeah the stepdaughter. Yeah okay by porce sweet baby so she was. She had pretty much less than like her entire life like she met him when she was eight. And no this was pretty much all the mom knew to okay Also this is just so like irony in the worst way Elizabeth sister. Her sent her seven children to live in the Western household. Because she couldn't properly care for them. I believe that they were getting molested at her household so she sent them to live with Western. I and Elizabeth Wait Rosemary sister or Elizabeth says Elizabeth Sister Elizabeth is the step daughter Elizabeth daughter Yes Elizabeth. Mary had another daughter. Yes but Elizabeth Elizabeth is Marcus West wife in this whole story okay. Rosemary's out of it. Okay so yeah just like hanging out the living room or she still staying there living there. No I think they like moved out. I believe after they got married so so there. I'm so sorry I I decided to get this straight circuit understand so wesson met rosemary yards. Mary had an eight year old daughter. West wasn't married the eight year old daughter when she was finishing kick Rosemary Rosemary Yes what man. Elizabeth had a sister who sent her seven children to also live with Elizabeth and lesson. Today at Seventeen gives there at one point. Yes yes. Please give monster mutually condone first Brady Bunch. Yeah it's horrible odd Over the next twenty years. Here's the Western family lived in existence of isolation secrecy and horror all at the hands of Western so nominee get into a little bit of just their life. Okay Western never had a job living instead off welfare until much later on when his children could be sent to work and then they would give their money to lessen the large family. And I'M GONNA use the word family but this is not a family. The large family moved from place to place to avoid suspicions. Shin's they lived in a boat for a few years. More Western would always keep the kids like under the the deck whatever. which can you imagine? Seventeen kids living on a boat. They lived in an army surplus tent in the Santa Cruz. Mountains without running water for it's like twelve years. They also lived in an abandoned school bus for awhile just situations like that often. They scavenge for food from restaurant dumpsters. Yes the children weren't allowed to attend school and they relied on Western four all of their edge. Not the scenario. No so it's I can't seriously so awful Westerns Colt teachings as with most things built on bullshit are like really hard to follow. Oh okay okay. He's Kooky crazy besides your own life. Evil yes and a piece of shit. He's also crazy perfect. What a great actor Imbo so his? He started teaching his family a perverse religion again using that word very loosely based off of Christianity. Eddie and vampirism. Oh Nice yeah if you heard it you heard it right. So maybe he was stationed in translating. Maybe he was yeah. I'm his his sons were given beatings over the slightest infractions. One Son told a story that he took. A spoonful of peanut. Butter was beaten every day for a month his daughters autres and nieces were molested from the age of Eight. He told them it was called loving and would make them better women. Oh my goodness that that is yeah. It's this is one of the worst hake stories to twist love like that and and they're already living in squalor. They're starving to death. They're totally isolated and being sexually abuser tariffs and totally brainwashing. Told that that's how people love each other. Yeah Wesson also so separated the sons and daughters so that they wouldn't have feelings for each other according to weapons daughters so he like really. I mean what. I don't even think that at some of the sons were aware of the abuse that was going on because they were like completely split apart Western married several of his nieces daughters when they were young teens. In these like fake bullshit ceremonies where they put their hand on a Bible and then he'd give them a gold ring and he would read from the Bible like Multiple Times a day. Interpreting passages like you know twisting them so that it would pretty much support his disgusting agenda Yeah. He taught them that God was losing and followers and that it was their job to make more of God's children in the it like played into manipulated perfectly so that his is molested daughters was seraing on an incest was like serving. God Yes what they needed to do and he said Oh God. He said things like that incest. Incest would make like a more pure person. Okay why a Sicko he would say things. Like God's children are becoming extinct and you know we have to make for the Lord. They never had a chance. It's really sad but then he also said this is why this is part of the thing that was really I mean and the vampire. Thanks obviously confusing. But he also let claim that he was God later on. So it's like a first. He would talk about God but then he said he was gone so it was really. I don't know it's just. I started questioning Fan. Yeah so then. He's like God but he also claimed that Jesus was any apart and that's why they both have ternal life also like vampires are super real so that makes sense. Yeah what a crane. It's like he watched interview with the Vampire one day and was like wait a minute I know what to do. That's southern go uh-huh fucking got hate this guy so much and he gave himself a vampire. He gave everyone a vampire named but his own vampire name was j Jay Vam Mark Suss pyre which is jamarcus. Herb was Jesus Marcus and vampire. Dr Mixed together idiot are literally wrote. He is such a fucking idiot. Like seriously come up with a better vampire name. He's a fucking idiot it. He also believed that there was power drinking blood but I didn't find anything that said that he necessarily drink blood. I mean obviously wouldn't put it past him but he just thought that that was another thing with vampires ars that he was kind of obsessed with side from all of this weirdness his His children waited on him hand and foot. I mean they lose lazy to yet he he thought he was gone so they were pretty much afraid to not do everything he said. And another thing that really pissed me off because like so many times children were Hungary and like later court trials. They talked about like there were times where all they had was raised to eat in like being hungry. Food was a big deal to you. Know when you don't have food food is a big deal. Yeah Wesson eight fast food whenever he wanted and was over three hundred pounds when he was arrested. So these children that were constantly focused on food and starving. He was second fine just like one more thing that really makes me hate him. A couple of daughters even with all of this brainwashing. They they did try to leave when things became too unbearable. Yeah one was found by Elizabeth. The MOM and brought back one daughter who just spoke about about leaving was stabbed in the chest by Western but survived so she just told him that she wanted to leave any stabbed. Her and one girl did get away by this time. The children of the family had grown. The boys left home but the girls at them lead. Yeah but the girls stay the boy. The Boys Swirl naturally let people leave when he let the boys leave I think because he had no use for them. Yeah and I'm sure that he probably couldn't beat them anymore. Once they were grown. Yeah the the girl stayed and they were still heavily. Under the control of lesson that family moved to a building in Fresno California wasn't sent some of his wives to work to support them and and they always returned and gave their money to weapon. They bought antique coffins. It was said that they bought anti coffins sedan person and pink. Why would they actually bought? Yeah vins it was said that the children the children that Marcus and his daughters and nieces had together a little children that were there at this point slept in the coffins because the building that they lived in was unheeded and they needed to to stay warm. It wasn't a house. It was like an office building or so so I sorta mcelhinney in house of four. Yeah A- building a horse yes. The girl's Western had married. Believe they were happy to be with. Lessen the control Western had over. These people cannot be understated understated a fully brainwash. Yes they were fully bring much. His family truly believed that he was God that the outside world was evil and that death would be better than breaking up the family really. I can't like I can't even imagine how horrible this whole twenty years decades of abuse and brainwashing and horror and it's just awful will in two thousand and four Safina Solorio and Ruby Ortiz. who had previously left their children fall fathered by Western in his care? Return to get them. The women had heard that Marcus was moving the family to Washington state and they wanted to get their children back before then. Western refused to release their children. The women's female relatives that have remained at the house. Lessons other wives called Safina in Ruby whores and Jesus said they should bow to their master their like yelling at the cousins who had tried. You know we're trying to get their kids back. Yeah why the change of heart all of a sudden a Safina in Ruby called the police to come help it was you. You know this huge thing. They're yelling at each other. Neighbors were gathered around watching this this whole thing because there's obviously a scene. It was a huge thing. There's so many people. Yeah at this point you know a win heads heads in. They start out with seventeen in year having kids to their head to be. Yeah so the police came to the residence followed by Swat. They were aware that Western had a gun in the house. Full of women and children as police getting into position shots ring out west and walked out covered in blood and surrendered. No the police. He's found dead inside Piled on top of each other mixed with clothing you know what I know of this theory that I didn't I don't I've never like re looked at opera. Read anything anything about it. So he's still alive. Yes Oh that bastard. So the police walked in and there was this pile of dead children and women Um the room was lined with coffins. All of them were shot through one. I it was seven children into young women. There was Sabrina Western. Who was twenty me? Five Elizabeth wasn't who was seventeen Isabel West. who was eight Ethan Western? who was four sedona Wesson who was one and a half marshy western who was a year and a half also God and JV Western? Who was one? Oh my God it's really have be really this was I. This story is GonNa stick with me forever so awful. It is the worst mass shooting in Fresno's history in the scene was really traumatic for first responders. Yeah just awful. I can't even imagine at the trial. Western claimed his oldest daughter that died had pulled the trigger before taking her own life but even if she was the one that did it. I'll only would a piece of shit. Yeah even if she was did she acted on lessons. Orders and years of mind. Control troll right so fuck you Marcus Wesson. Some surviving family members also spoke at the trial. Some of them actually in favor of lesson because the control troll was still that strong what his original wife. Elizabeth Elizabeth was offered immunity for testimony. What Elizabeth Western claimed blamed on trial that she was unaware of the abuse but considering their cramped living conditions in the fact? That Marcus was preaching was preaching these beliefs that seems impossible like she obviously knew but at the same time she met West when she was eight years old so I consider her a victim as well. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea of not protecting your kids. But if that's literally all that you know your entire life yeah but you know I just feel like I'm GonNa maybe take an opposite. Stance I feel like victims turn. Abuser became be I the way that you know at eight you have you know. Eight years of living in non abuse. you know. Apparently we don't have anything. I'm saying. Otherwise it she was abused before that the I mean I just feel like at that point. See what makes me think that is. She's lying about it. You know what I mean like. If she didn't think it was wrong she would say like why just thought that was our way of life. She made a comment in the trial. Something like according to the paper's the way we lived was wrong but but for me it would be like well. I just thought that's how everybody's family was like. I didn't know different. But instead she's showing like deceit which she knew it was like arden known anything about it. But how did you think the girls were getting pregnant. Then people They said that it was artificial. Insemination when you're living in a tent. Don't yeah seriously go because that's free out of a bus 'cause I yeah it's I mean. I don't believe that she didn't know either. I just think that she was also abused in under control. The whole thing is just awful. They're yet his office. You know it's lose lose. It is awful. The trial testimony was really really bad. Jurors relate like crying. The I bet that would that the terrible case to be the western children's spoke of meetings sexual abuse years of other behaviors. A story was told told about Western. Beating the legs of a woman will baby because it was crying yes. He was Coty such piece of shit he was confessing was convicted of nine counts of first degree murder on June seventeenth two thousand five and also found guilty on fourteen counts of forcible sexual assault on the sexual molestation of seven of his daughters. In Nieces West was sentenced to death on June twenty seven two thousand five but we of it right in in California. There's no longer a death. The death penalty the least. He's never getting out since then. Westerns attorneys have filed motions to dismiss the murder charges against Western. Because they claim that it was Sabrina. Now who did it not lesson. But it's like fuck you that you're staying in jail. Yeah like I. If he were ever to be out of jail out that would be like such a horrible miscarriage scared of justice. Yeah I don't even know the point of trying to throw out the murderer when you're in jail for Fourteen Council of rape and Malaysia will rate so it has taken many years for the western children to realize that Marcus Western is not God and that his teachings were evil and self-serving they are truly survivors. I wanted to end the story on kind of a higher note So awful so I found this article written by the Fresno Bee sixpence before the mass shooting. One daughter had escaped mentioned that Yeah she lived with a brother in secrecy okay. Her first day of school began at age. Nineteen my goodness. I know this amazing. After receiving the shocking news of what had happened to her family. Gypsy stayed focused on her goals. She worked she went to school and she raised a daughter that she had with her boyfriend. And two thousand eleven gypsy Wesson. A survivor graduated -aduated from Fresno Pacific University where. She received her bachelor's degree in business. Half Gypsy congratulations. Yeah so she. She went through all that and then worked her way through college and got a degree when she had never been to school. She taught herself how to read at home like with help from older sibling. Miss that that is such a Liga. Silver lining inside of this terrible terrible awful disgusting story. It is the worst store in the world and I was so happy that I found that story about gypsy. Not because she deserves all the praise even. If it's just from our little podcasts. Go Gypsy about stories. Awful so go have a drink of something. I guess you need it. I need a drink after that. Oh my gosh that's great. That's just such a terrible story. Those poor kids this poor kids and the women too. It's the story in the world it. It's it's pretty bad. Pretty much worse. Gohmert hits hits heads bad. You're welcome thank you so much it feel like well. It's not GonNa get any better okay. Are you ready for my story. Can we just talk about bigfoot again. I talk about all Dandy okay. So I'm aw I'm doing this story of Sheila and Susan nor were killed by at the hands of their mother Theresa recent nor who is the absolute most evil person you know Wesson and Theresa Match Maiden Health Pretty Much I could you imagine if they knew each other. Oh God the world would burn so I got God. I'm going to do something a little different this this Usually we do a bunch of research in writer own essay. But I'm actually. I found an essay on murder. Pedia of all places and it's called mother knows best. The story of Theresa Jimmy Cross which is her maiden name mm-hmm by David Laura and I'm GonNa read his essay because I feel like it kind of sums everything up in a in a good way. So this one is brought to you by David Laura Right. Let's hear it and I got a little bit of tidbits here and there also from doc wikipedia and this was actually a evil lives here episode on. Id Channel. It was such a good episode. Yeah I love that show. Yeah me too one of my favorites shout I mean could anymore stupid. I'll think okay that's my cue to just start. So this is mother knows best. The story of Theresa Jimmy Cross by David Lohr on the morning in July seventeenth. Nineteen eighty-four forty-five-year-old. Mabel Harrison was driving on California's highway eighty nine when she noticed a bright light illuminating the woods woods concerned that a fire had broken out. Mabel decided to investigate from her vantage point on the interstate Mabel wasn't sure what she was looking at but as that she made her way down the rocky slope to get a closer look a permeating stench stopped her alarmed she ran back up the incline and flagged down a truck. Robert Eaton stopped his truck. He saw Mabel waving her arms when she told him. There was an unusual fire burning at the bottom of the hill. Eden grabbed his extinguisher during the two headed toward the source. After eating douse the flames and the smoke began to clear. He enabled discovered what appeared to be a charter human corpse. As soon as the reality of the situation hit him. Eden ran back to his truck and reported the grisly discovery authorities on a CB radio emergency services personnel already surrounding the area by the time Tahoe city detective Russell pots and Larry Adams arrived on the scene after looking over the gruesome sight. Pots requested that criminologist Michael sags and Plaster County. Sheriff Donald J nunes be brought in within an hour. The four men were taking soil samples in photographing the area. The body was badly burned and the lower portion of the victims lake was detached in online next to the body. The left arm was propped up on its elbow in the right arm was extended at the victims side. The only part of the body not burned was the left left side of the vixen victims face. It was obvious the victim was female. Her breast although severely charred remained remain visible in all investigators collected more than thirty pieces of evidence which they found on or around the body among the items. Catalogued catalogued a green toothbrush. A pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans by yellow black scarf. An under wire size thirty ready to see bra from JC Penney and black onyx bracelet disposable diapers a pair of hoop earrings and several miscellaneous articles of clothing after finishing the crime scene. Investigators dubbed the body Jane Doe Number Four eight seven and three slash eight four in sent her to plaster county morgue less than two hours later. Forensic pathologist Dr a v KUNA conducted the autopsy. The victim was between eighteen and twenty two years old five feet three inches tall and weighing approximately hundred fifteen eighteen pounds. The body showed signs of abuse and there were two puncture wounds discovered on the victims back the discovery of an ovarian tumor indicated the J. Dole had suffered a severe beating at some point prior to her death. Physical injuries were life threatening but the immediate cause of death was smoke inhalation relation which means it she was. Oh my God following the autopsy Jane does fingers were removed instead Sacramento for print Meg zillah maximum Mac Sula Magdala and mandible were removed. That's okay they. The upper and lower jobs were removed in case. Dental records surfaced Investigators have few clues to go on in Berry very little hope of discovering Density of Jane Doe Number Four eight seven three slash eighty four and in fact it would almost be a decade before were they found out who she was so awful. It's terrible. Doing numbers correspond with a number of Jane. Does they have. I don't know but it did. The last two numbers were the a year. Okay that she was found so does that. I was just wondering if there's any part of it was like honey Jane does. We'll have to look at it. I don't know yeah. That is something to look up. I hope it's not so. Yeah that would that would be horrific. So David wrote this essay based on two books. Mother's Day by Dennis McDougal and there's another one later in the essay that he named also Yep according to the nineteen ninety five book. Mother's Day by Dennis. McDougal Theresa Jimmy. Francine Cross was born on March twelfth. Nineteen forty six. Her father. Jim Cross was an assistant. cheesemaker at Sacramento's Golden State Dairy. which by the way is a fucking kick ass job? I think I would love to be a cheesemaker. Do you eat it. Why would I I would be? She's Sampler and in her mother Swannee Gay Cross worked at a local lumbered happening swannee. That's a tough one year it's S. W. A. N. N. I. E. Sweney is wanting no matter weighty matter how you slice it that's a tough name pirates name Teresa had an older sister Rosemary. Are you joking. I it must be popular name in the in the sixties seventy Ortiz Forties nineteen fifty to forty four but rosemary born forty four in two oversteps step siblings William and Clara tap step children were from Sweeney's first marriage which unexpectedly ended with the death of her husband in nineteen thirty China. The Cross family prospered over the years. And by the early fifties they were able to move out of their small Sacramento Bungalow and purchase a large large house in Rio Linda. California which is just north of Sacramento Nonetheless their happiness was short lived near. I'm sorry but both however stories are both northern California as well yeah and parents. Yeah we run this. We're fighting. We are. Yeah we're Doman. Don't visit here if you're not from I'm here. I guess is the moral of this story. She it's in the water. Watch off ten. The cheese there nonetheless. Their happiness was short lived and sometime during late fifties. Jim Cross fell ill with Parkinson's disease. He could no longer work and was forced to quit. His is cheese making job. That's awful. I know is really sad. Following his diagnosis. Jim fell into a deep. Depression often took his anger out on his children. Komo according to friends of the Family Theresa was a loner an had always been jealous of her sister Rosemary. If they weren't fighting over a neighborhood boy away they were competing for their mothers attention. Theresa was especially fond of her mother in outsiders felt that sweney favored Theresa Over Rosemary. In retrospect the afternoon of March Second Nineteen sixty-one probably affected them more than anyone could have imagined. fifteen In nineteen sixty one Theresa was Escorting her mother to a local store that day when her mother suddenly collapsed as Theresa. Hell the woman in her arms sweney breathe through last breath and died. Her cause of death was congestive heart failure here and on March sixth nineteen sixty one. sweney cross was buried at sunset lawn cemetery so when she was fifteen her mother died in her arms. Yes so I mean it's like making you know little pieces of the puzzle. I think are kind of starting to fit together. Not Excusing her. Terrible awful evil behavior. Yeah now I know this story so I already hater but to me. If you lost your mother at a young age that would make me see. That would make me want to be a better mom. Because it's like you want to be the thing that you wanted to happen. You were growing up kind of situation like be the person that you looked for when you were a kid. I completely one hundred percent agree with you. So soccer serious. I don't know no oh seriously following. The death of Mother Teresa fell into a deep depression from which he never fully seemed to recover without swain's income. Jim Jim Cross could no longer for to keep the family home and was forced to sell it bit by bit. Every piece of Security Theresa had known was taken away from her with her life hyphen disarray Theresa Latched. Onto the first man. That walked into her life. I believe back Clifford Clyde Sanders was five years older than Theresa. When the two I met at a mutual friend's house within weeks the young couple was in love in discussing marriage whether Theresa actually left Clifford or simply wanted security in her. Life is anyone's guess regardless on September twenty ninth nineteen sixty two Theresa Jimmy Cross became Theresa Jimmy Sanders shortly shortly after the wedding Theresa Drought Junior High School and the couple moved into a one bedroom. Apartment in North Highlands district of California. It did not take long for the mayor to start going downhill. Teresa was very possessive of Clifford. Kept him on a short leash. The middle schooler alert was the Bossy one on July sixteenth nineteen sixty. Three Theresa gave birth to her first child. Howard Clyde Sanders Sanders? Things seem to settle down for a while but eventually theresa reverted back to her old ways. Howard was unhappy in the marriage in a hit not and and had it not been portrayed a second pregnancy in the spring of nineteen sixty four? He probably would have left her there. One bedroom apartment was too small for another child and the growing family moved into a small White House. Just outside of Sacramento. While Theresa N- Clifford's marriage had its ups and downs. Tempers came to a boiling point on June twenty. Second Nineteen Sixty four robin spend the day with her and the baby. Clifford went out drinking with his friends. Ans- by veteran twenty like do a blatant him. No more issue's not even left to go. Right baby possessive. Why live it's on your last fucking nerve fourteen? Teenagers are super crazy anyway. Yeah but she was she on adult by this time. Yeah I'm a really. Do you know by her second kid. She like yes she was eighteen. She was eighteen so like bi is also like not the best decision to make. You know like what happened. Family time you know and the baby sleeps at night so why not go out. And I don't know a NYC ninety days later later that evening he strolled in drunk and theresa boil over she berated him for neglecting his family and wait wasting their much needed money. Abu Abu which by the way is not okay yeah. Clifford was in no mood argue and he ended her tirade with a single punch to the face. Oh Shit Theresa went it to the police station. Nevada an assault and battery charge against him but when it came to arrest him she refused to sign the papers in the charges. Were dropped according to the Nineteen Nineteen Ninety five book. Whatever mother says by Wensley Clarkson? That's the other book that he used as a reference US ours. Clifford had a huge argument moment which research on his birthday. July fifth nineteen sixty. Four Theresa accused him of infidelity at. He decided he had enough the following day clifford packed Tis bags and told Theresa that he was leaving unfortunately he never made it out the door. Oh Shit Theresa went into a rage grabbed a rifle and shot her husband in the back Clifford stumbled or shot her husband. Clifford stumbled backwards and fell dead. Gold today lived in Galt. Take time go police chief Walter Fro Lynch was the one one of the first officers on the scene quote. I grabbed a gun to make him keep from hitting me in it. Went off and quote. Teresa said Clifford's body was lying face down in the doorway of the kitchen and only opposite opposite end of the room. Ferrallonthebench found the rifle leaning against the wall Fritsch arrested Teresa in transported her to the Sacramento County. Jail Baby Eighty Howard was taken to stay in the care of one of theres's relatives the headline on July seventh nineteen sixty four in the Sacramento Bee. Daily newspaper announced murder. Charge guard is due in gold death. The first paragraph read Deputy District Attorney Donald. Dorfman said he planned to file a murder charge. Today against eighteen year old Mrs Teresa Lisa Sanders of golf in the deer rifle slaying of her husband Clifford Sanders twenty three was slain. Yesterday morning in the couple small gulp home. They had to say small. Aw like the house was also kind of a fucking mess so you could appointed up before she shot. That would have been great yeah. Investigators reported afforded. The bullet apparently grazed off his left wrist and lodged in his heart. Sushi shot him for facing him from across the room on August. This fourth nineteen sixty four to recent entered a plea of innocent by reason of self defense in a Sacramento courtroom. Retrial was scheduled to begin three weeks later in judge. Charles W Johnson's courtroom deputy district attorney. Donald Dorfman wanted a first degree murder conviction and on August thirtieth nineteen sixty four. He began his opening statements to the jury. Dorfman accused Theresa murdering her husband in cold blood and insist she can cough to the allegations of self defense. In order the despair herself a prison sentence the murder endorphins opinion was committed because Theresa suspicions that her husband was committing adultery afterwards Teresa's attorney Robert Art Zurich argue that Acted out of self defense. It was only protecting herself and her unborn child. So she's pregnant at this time. Yeah so super. You're sympathetic right and you have to think too again. Not Excusing her future behavior or or killing her husband. I personally don't think it was in self defense. I think that she killed on myspace in cold but yet in a rage but she's has almost one year old she's eighteen eighteen years old and she has a baby on the way and she's on trial for the murder of her husband and she we already know. Will we already speculate that. She's emotionally disturbed still from the death of her mother. Yeah so I'm not surprised this happened. Yeah but her actions are definitely inexcusable. Ten the jury probably felt so sympathetic towards her because of her age and her situation. Yeah closing arguments begin. September twenty first sixty four door from repeated his opening statements hands and accused Theresa of murdering her husband out of jealousy quote. This is clearly premeditated first degree murder. He told the jury quote. Not every murderer can look like the witch in Snow White. She's eighteen and pregnant. That doesn't overcome the fact that she maliciously shot and killed her husband without provocation on September timber. Twenty second after deliberating for one hour and forty five minutes the jury found Theresa Jimmy Francine Sanders. Not Guilty men was dumbstruck by the verdict whether he realize it at the time or not the loss would eventually come back to haunt him Yeah so I was found to have no alcohol in his system. During the summer story was ally yet. He wasn't in a drunken rage. Oh he was not got. It was the morning after his birthday he had gotten up and was like fuck this shit. I'm Outta here and she's like if I can't have nobody will. She's fucking witch Lynch. Yeah there she gets way more. It's pretty sad that killing her husband is the least horrible thing that she's done in the story. Yes it's usually. That's the end of the story. But this is the beginning at the beginning of her story. Buckle up buckle up people God all right this this work goes gets downhill. It goes downhill from here. Why it gets worse? After earning her acquittal Theresa regain custody of her son Howard and moved in with family friends she was forms pregnant. Her marriage to Clifford had not been happy but at least it provided her with a sense of stability Ludi and belonging now at just eighteen she was alone ag again. Desperately seeking stability to cope theresa turn to alcohol. Begin drowning her sorrows at at a local American Legion Hall. It was there that she met a style Lee Thorns Berry. An army veteran who had suffered a debilitating blow a two years earlier. When a swimming accident left him quadriplegic nonetheless thornberry's disability didn't seem to bother theresa and the two began dating now is still actually? Seems like a really nice guy through a lot already. Yeah on March thirteenth. Nineteen sixty five theresa. Lisa gave birth to Sheila Gay Sanders. Even though the child was not his thornberry doted on her entreated her as if his own deeply in love with theresa that he suggests that they all move in together and live as a family. Theresa agreed at a few weeks later. They rented out a small apartment in the beginning thorns berry enjoyed the living arrangements points but his feelings begin to change when Teresa started treating him as a babysitter rather than eleven interest with the relationship already. Rocky things came to end a few months later when thornberry discovered theresa was cheating on him with his best. fucking friend cheese Yeah like stone stone cold bit she such a fuck and then we'll wait the worst part in this. Okay listen to this. Following a heated argument theresa packed her belongings along with most of thornberry's belongings and move the fuck out and he's a quadriplegic so he's like. Excuse me do things. Yes Yep my best friend basically. He raised her daughter as his own. She took her kids way took her and took his things. She's such a fucking shortly after the break. With a stall Theresa set her sights on Robert nor a private in the marine incor- The to begin dating and within a few months Theresa was pregnant in the began discussing marriage in February nineteen sixty six nor was shipped off to Vietnam Tom shortly after his arrival nor was on patrol when a stray bullet struck him in the shoulder. Injury was not serious but frightening just the same. After a brief stay day in a field hospital he was back on his feet in patrolling the jungle again but just weeks later nor was again shot this time. The bullet hit him in the side but barely penetrate skin. Earning him another brief stay in the hospital. His luck was running out though a few months later while walking across the bridge in the middle of nowhere what it auto. It's suddenly blew up shrapnel. It editor shot twice and then he blew up yes and he was married to Teresa. This is the unluckiest man ever. Marrying Theresa was the worst was actually the worst part. I'm sure he was like shrapnel. Shnell that'd be met my way. Yes doc ID married to the devils agee very much. Chappel from the explosion ripped through arms and legs in the explosion back to the ground. Luckily nor her for no there would be no more close calls wait. He survived that yes. They had to make the three more kids together. Yannis arrive and then after all. He's still has to go back. To Theresa Yeah. Yeah he's like please don't bomb it. I did nothing. He's like I can still do it. I can still do it. His latest injuries earned Huma trip stateside and he spent several months recovering at Oakland Naval Hospital by June nineteen sixty. Six Theresa was seven months pregnant in ear to settle down with nor on July ninth. Nineteen Sixty six young couple drove to Nevada and exchanged vows in front of the local judge. It was Robert's first marriage entries is second both Regal Eager to settle into their new roles and rented a small apartment in Sacramento to maybe she just like wide open spaces and she just frustrated with every species. Abbas tiny 'cause everybody has always said that their houses were small in all the articles they lived in a small house they lived in a small apartment like maybe she just maybe thanks. Small houses a nice way of saying that they didn't have a lot of money. Yeah I suppose. Two months later on September twenty seventh nineteen sixty. Six Theresa gave birth to their third child of Girl Theresa name the Child. Susan Marlene northern learn. Less than three months. Later Theresa was pregnant again three months after Susan. Yes shed on September Fifteenth Nineteen Sixty Seven. She bore Robert his first son. William Robert Nor a second son remember that name it will be on the test. As second son Theresa's Fifth Breath Child was born on December thirty first nineteen sixty eight keeping her older half brother in mind. Theresa named the Boy Robert Wallace nor so. She's at five at this point. So we have Howard Sheila Susan William in Robert Robert continued to serve serve in the military so he was still he seems like a great guy he actually I think he was. I think he was. I'm sure you probably had awards. From so many times of being deep shot and blown up to Robert continued to serve in the military but his diminish abilities left him few options and he was forced to work as a burial escort. The job wasn't without its perks but often I don't know what the fine the per- notices it boggles seeing all the antique coffin. Okay here it often reported Robert to leave his family. unannymous notice that was the perfect okay back in chiming halfway around the country. fucking Theresa Disliked Roberts New job and regularly voiced her opposition just as she did with Clifford she began accusing him of infidel Tempers often flared and Theresa took her anger out on the children. According to Dennis McDougal McDougal author of mother. Stay book the The book. Mother's Day Theresa would often punish them by forcing them to sit on the floor without moving if they budge an inch moved and I should become angry in slap them. Whenever that didn't work she would lock them in a closet or four speed them until they were ready to collapse so she was a very specific type of abuser? She would force feed her kids but also starving kids as punishment Sushi force feed them sometimes and then she would starve them. Sometimes and in the episode of Evil Lives here. They said that she they would just be in their room and she would come and be like why are you talking about me. You're laughing anatomy behind my back. And that would send her off in a spiral and then she would start chewed. Make them all the kids. Come down and sit in the middle of the living room floor still still for all night long or she'd wake them up in the middle of the night until your math legitimately what she met. I don't think she had mental illness on diagnosed an entry mental illness. You don't think she was on any hard drugs alcoholic and she was. I remember hearing that to the stores was she. She would to keep him up all night and just like bizarre weird shit by June nineteen. sixty-nine Robert could no longer take theres's allegations and sudden outbursts. Leaving his children in behind he packed up what few belongings he had and moved out to a certain retaliated by filing for divorce on grounds of extreme cruelty but a few weeks later they reconciled and she dimissed dismissed charges regardless as much as Robert wanted to make the marriage work. It was far too late one year. Later Theresa again file for divorce in an ironic twist judge Charles W Johnson the same Kazeem bucking judge edge. No fucking that resided over Theresa's murder trial granted. The couple divorced on June third. Nineteen seventy two months. Later Theresa gave birth to for Sixth and final child. A girl she named after herself Theresa Marie Nor following the Divorce Robert tried to visit his children. But Theresa did not want anything to do with him and repeatedly denied him the right to see them. Robert eventually gave up in remarried which it is sad it is sad. It's really sad. Those kids really needed him. Theresa didn't stay single for long. She was looking to mingle suit she. Soon Begin. Dating a railway Grail way worker named Robert Poem in Nineteen Seventy one they married and shortly after purchased a house in East Sacramento to outsiders. They seem like a perfect family. But before long history began to repeat itself and Teresa began trading Ronald take possession rather than parter just as she did with a stealth Thorn Sperry. Teresa began leaving her children at home with Ronald while she went out and party party. Eventually she stopped coming home. Altogether Ronald was convinced that she was seeing another man and filed for doors on September. Twenty seventh nineteen seventy two you with judge Charles W shots again reciting. The divorce was granted like what the fuck is. Only one this in this Dallas are only one touch in Sacramento criminel. It's pretty bad when you could like play drinking game. Just saying his name in this episode of crazy is he literally only judge in the Seventies in Sacramento. I guess with her newfound. Freedom Theresa spent the majority of time drinking at the American Legion Hall in Rio Linda. It was there that she met fifty nine year old Chet Harris the copy desk editor at the Sacramento newspaper. The to seem to hit it off well and were married. August third nineteen seventy-six just three three days after their first meeting three days. She must have like this magic vaginas made out of gold and it's gold and let yes. It's crazy it's three days. Yes in why does show is go to. The Legion is up the place to go on the American A it was immediately obvious to theresa that she had made yet another bad mistake shortly after moving with her new husband. She discovered that one of his favorite hobbies. Abe's with taking photographs of new women. Totally consensual by the way consensual nude photographs. Okay so that's not really that bad. In fact. His bedroom walls walls were covered with that. He wanted to read them. All paper. someone to do little news okay but if you were the girlfriend would you really want to walk into your boyfriend's room or husbands room. Whatever and it's covered in making women wallpaper stat would be live? I've made a mistake. Go on that one that it should have actually looked at your wallpaper before we got married. There's a Lotta Pussy here. His office it was seventy only got. It was yeah wallpaper control new target DOT com. He wanted to reset opposed for him but she refused. While Theresa may have hated her new US her daughter Susan grew close to him and by all accounts. It not in a weird way. Okay in like father other daughter kind of way. Yeah I mean it could have been weird but nothing nothing so I read said that it sounds like he. I mean sounds like he's popular popular too. Yeah Hutter Susan grew close to him in. The two would often spend hours together working on Jigsaw Puzzles and discussing mythology. She was a Weirdo relationship between her daughter. And Harris Anger Theresa while she wasn't particularly close to any children she she didn't feel that anyone else should step in and try to assume her role on November twenty second nineteen seventy six two months after the marriage began theresa file for divorce with judge. Charles Johnson once again presiding so the same fucking judge differ like Hey Bischoff yes. Please take shot during the Or you're GONNA see Judge Charles Johnson. Because he's the only judge left yet the world. The paperwork became final on December seventeenth thanking seventy six like. This guy was even worse. Warnings of Johnson's last court appearances and he retired two months later. This divorce. If Theresa was on AH cliff verging between sanity and insanity this last divorce sent her over the edge she really ramped up. After this lizard surfaced her fifth the fifth divorce she was married six times in. This was her fifth divorce following her latest divorce. Therese's children notice a remarkable change in her behavior. She started to end and this was about the time where she was abused. Say Yes. She was abusive like she wasn't that bad. No no she was that she is when it really became detrimental to their lives. Because she didn't have anybody raining her in at this point and she Donahue a berry very deep dark place in her life and alcoholism she is scary. She started Cardi to drink even more and began putting on a great deal of weight. Her attitude became worse with each day and the abuse towards their children's severely increased quote. When we were kids? My Mom beat the shit out of us a lot. Her daughter Terry told Dennis McDougal the Madonna McDougal years later. And he's the one who wrote the book book One of the books if we quote if we hugged her mom too much it was like who are we trying to convince what's that we loved her. She loved us on the other hand. If we didn't hug and kiss and tell her we loved her then we didn't love her and we were evil children. We we were demon seeds that had been given to her by Bob nor and quote Jesus by any these court children Brin Larry Older Brothers William and Robert agreed quote sometime around. When I turned ten she started becoming abusive real short tempered Williams said quote? She stopped going out seeing friends at all on any level. She got rid of the telephone because she didn't want anyone calling. We weren't allowed to have anybody inside. The House. Should have a fucking phone. Oh she got rid of it quote. When I was growing up I hated the Brady Bunch because I knew that nobody live? I like that said Robert Will. I knew that because I knew what my family life was like. Nothing could be more different from the truth than that bullshit. TV show. I grew up in an insane saint asylum basically. But what's worse is we didn't know it was insane asylum and quote. I can you imagine just the trauma that these psychological logical physical trauma. These kids lived through like it's no devastating. No it's awful. It's the more Theresa Theresa drank the crew as she became on one occasion. She even through steak knives. Our children okay so on Wikipedia or maybe on murder pedia another pardon murder Previa. She would come home and if she didn't throw knives that our children she would fucking lick them in the kitchen in front of her kids. I don't know what is more terrifying G- walking into the kitchen and seeing you're crazy ask mom licking steak nine. You know. She was all like fuck enamored with their hair. All crazy crazy inner island or running into the Lickin state night yeah. She's all sloppy in buffalo years ago. Oh God terrifying 's gross. This episode is like more scary in our holy that themselves. I guess we should have done this for Halloween. 'cause we've the this is the worst of the worst we really should have really ended up from from bigfoot. Yeah during another one of her Benji. She grabbed Terry by the arm and held twenty. Two Carol pistre Piss pissed pistol to the girls head. Oh my God. Four months afterward. Her daughter suffered tear it for months afterward. Her daughter suffered terrifying nightmares a home like as if the mental torture wasn't Enough Teresa started beating the children on a regular basis forcing them to take turns holding each other down while she administered blows from above. That is so fucked up to it's like fucked up. She's doing it and then to pen them against each other like that in which he would say is if you don't hold them down your getting the beating. Yeah so they were forced to definitely theresa eventually got the idea in her head. That Chester Harris had turned her daughter. Susan into a witch. It's it's not know where the idea I came from. I'm thinking because they talked about mythology. Maybe she got it twisted but Susan began taking advantage of it and would use use it against her mother. She would regularly say that Harris was going to initiate her into his Colt by flowing her in the name of Satan so Susan would like egg her on and it was probably the only way. They're Mama Lever. The fuck away was five minute self-defense. Yeah it was her only self. Susan was able to like your fucking idiot. Obviously I'm not a witch. She were doing puzzles. You dumb ass fucking puzzles to Susan. I think thought that it would scare her away and kind of like spare her from any kind of abuse that it really just. Oh it Rampura it ramped up. The story didn't seem to spare Susan any abuse. It should begin suffering. The worst of reese's glows eventually. Susan ran away from home. Her freedom was short lived and she was eventually picked up by truancy officer and placed in CETERA memorials Psychiatric Ward during her. Stay at the hospital student. Susan Toll Counselors about her family life and regular a beatings when confronted with her daughters allegations Theresa claim that her daughter was lying and suffered from mental problems. No one questioned. Her and Susan was turned over to her mom cheese knowing question. No one questioned her once back home. Susan is in received one of the most severe beatings of her life. Theresa Don a pair of leather gloves and struck her daughter repeatedly afterward she forced the other children to join in. We had to pass the quote. We had to pass the gloves around one to the other and hit Susan in the stomach for what she did. The family by running away in everything Robert recalled to Dennis McDougal years later I had a hitter twice because I didn't hit her hard enough the first time. And at this point Theresa didn't want her daughter running away again so there's two different versions in this article. Recoil in this essay it it says that she would handcuffs. WHO's into the bed and forced the other children to take turns? Keep Keeping Watch over for her and then in lips here. It said that she handcuffed her to a table like at the kitchen table. The base of a kitchen table so it. It doesn't really matter what she was handcuffed to. She was handcuffed and forced to stay in the House night and day. It might have been both love it. Yeah it was there from one to the other probably West School was out of the question and Theresa did not permit her daughter to attend eventually. Theresa's his torment broke Susan's will and she was allowed to sleep alone in unshackled. Eventually the fear of another serious beating capture in line in one thousand nine hundred eighty you to theresa got a wild notion that Susan was putting spells on her forcing her to gain weight. Susan denied the allegations but her protests fell upon deaf ears and theresa flew into a violent rage before any of the other children knew what was happening. They heard a single shot right now. Susan began gasping and felt the floor blood poured out of her chest. She was writhing in pain. Theresa had shot her own daughter with a twenty two caliber pistol. She had once used to threaten Terry after a brief pause Theresa ordered the children to carry their injured history to the bathroom in place or in the Tub Theresa did not want the police involved so unbalance with out of the question. The bullet had not passed through Susan's body but it was too deep to remove from open. Wounds Theresa decided to leave it in been patched her daughter with ause and bandages. While she's in the Baptists and for the next month Susan Sisters looked after her in the bathtub. Terry and Sheila took turns feeding and bathing her and eventually Susan fucking recover she recovered and she was able to rejoin the family from out of the test. So fucked in November nineteen eighty-three Theresa. Inner children moved into apartment in or Sacramento things. Were back to normal quote normal. What air wherever thaddeus normal for them for the trees? I don't I don't I don't know but then in July nineteen eighty. Four Theresa Gotten a heated argument with Susan in stabbed her daughter in the back of the Pera scissors yet. God that's not even a sharp easy thing to stab into somebody. It's it's crazy. The injuries were not life threatening but serious nonetheless. Susan was getting tired of the daily abuse and a few weeks later. She asked her permission to move out so during this time and I got this from wikipedia Theresa had forced Susan into prostitution to support the family. So Susan was going out. She was a sex worker And she was making money and then bringing that money back to the family to support the family because I think theresa was living on some kind of disability and it just wasn't enough to support the family. She had made Susan after she was she recovered from the gunshot. She was forced into sex work to reset so she asked permission to move out. Surprisingly to recent agreed lead but there was one. Stipulation Theresa wanted to remove the bullet that remains lodged in her daughters back. Susan reluctantly agreed. Need a few days later. The surgery began. This is awful. Teresa started the operation by giving her daughter a handful of Mela real. Oh capsules and a court of hard liquor the concoction worked and before long Susan was completely unconscious. Theresa then receipt Retreat in exacto knife from the medicine cabinet and ordered fifteen year old Robert to cut into his sister's back. Retrieve the bullet Theresa Bar orders from overhead as he made the incision before long he had cut through several layers of skin and muscle tissue and then using his fingers. Robert searched searched around inside the wound until he filing located and remove the bullet. I think by this time William the older brother and Howard the older brother they are in doubt yes. The next day Susan woke up in horrible pain no obviously Theresa gave her antibiotics an IB But the medicines didn't seem to have an effect and she kept getting worse after few days is turned yellow and she could no longer control her her bowels. At one point Terry notice black marks on Susan's back which he later concluded were from internal bleeding as a result intrusive truces last beating on July sixteen nineteen eighty four to duct tape Susan's mouth shut bound her arms and legs. Afterwards she packed up. All the girls belongings into trash bags in order bill. An Robert to put Susan in the car. They drove south on highway at eighty nine. So she called William who is bill in this Essay she called William over because he wasn't living at the house as you made them come back and show made didn't come back and help take Susan's body takes his his body. They drove south on highway. Eighty nine and eventually pulled off the road by square. Rake Bridge which bill and Robert were then ordered to take Susan out of the car in character down to the creek. Bed Theresa brought down garbage bags and then doused everything including Susan in gasoline and struck a match now in this. According to the books it was Susan that did it but according to evil lives here it was one of the boys that did it so I don't know actually Dow string gasoline in lit on fire. There's two to different two different accounts of that either way. It was in the orders of the mothers. Let's say it was her. Yes yes that's a good point. Everyone made their way back to the car and no one looked back. Things around the nor house remained quiet and Sullen during the weeks following Susan's death. But eventually Ashley Everything went back to normal so I'm thinking they're normal for their family was regular beating is in constant rage and screaming and so oh during late spring ninety-five Theresa decided to supplement her small-state assistant income by having Sheila work as a sex worker. So she may. Susan work is a sex worker and then when she was twenty Susan had been murdered in eighty four so been a year almost so she sent that she would to work as a sex worker. Sheila was horrified at her mother's plan but she was also not going to disobey because she saw what happened to Susan when she disobeyed before long she low was bringing home hundreds of dollars a day and Theresa seemed almost proud of her daughter. She she eased up on the daily beatings and she was allowed to go. Come and go as she pleased in a twisted sense becoming a sex worker occurring force into sex work like set her free essentially a sex slave william more freeing than living in her home. They'd be Theresa's daughter in May nineteen eighty five. She lives freedom was brought to a sudden end. Theresa suspected that her daughter was pregnant and it also accused of having a venereal disease which theresa claims she got from her daughter by using the same toilet and I don't even think she ever narrow disease. I knew also I can't get them from a toilet seat. I also think she just was had a yeast infection probably probably she was beaten black and blue before being unhugged tied in locked in a tiny closet next to the bathroom it was excruciatingly hot within the closet. But Theresa left strict orders to the other children. The door was to be kept closed at all times and they were not permitted to give her any food or water now. Terry said that she slept she a beer at one point and She would bag bag to come out of the closet she quote. She wanted she to confess. Terry said years later quote. That was mother's way beat them until they confess. Sheila did eventually confessed but therese accuser lying and the punishment continued the the third day of she was incarceration family. Her allow thump coming from the closet and it was a last sound that they heard from Sheila three days later three days later so they heard a noise and three days later they opened the door they discovered she was decomposing body curled up in a fetal position like to apparently she had tried. Hi decline some of the small shelves in the closet. They weren't strong enough to hold her way in. She came crashing down. That was dumped that they heard Theresa the grabbed an old cardboard box and filled it with blankets and pillows. She ordered her two sons. So she again called William Back to the house who wasn't living in there and and in the evil lives here. She blamed hoping one hundred kids brainwashed. Manipulated Nathan if they told on on their mother that they would also be killed they will be killed but they thought they want the police. The police would think that they involved in the murders and that they would be going to prison. Yeah I I mean they watch their mom kill two other siblings so they thought they would either be killed by their mother or be blamed for the murder right if they told right in a treats grabbed an old cardboard boxes walks and filled it with blankets and pillows. She ordered her two sons to play. She was remains inside carried out to the car. Everyone did as they were told and eventually they were driving up interstate eighty towards the truckee airport along the way Teresa spotted a small field in decided to pull off the road. She ordered the boys to unload her sisters cardboard casket get in toss it in the weeds. A few hours after the box was dropped off. Elmer Barbour was making his usual rounds at the Medicine Creek Creek Campground and stumbled upon the homemade casket. His curiosity got the best of them. Any lifted the flaps of the box open when he saw what he saw inside would prove to haunt him for the rest of his life. Almer quickly notified the Nevada. County sheriff's department and within hours the area was swarming with investigators gators nonetheless. They were unable to make a positive identification and there were very few clues to work with. The victim was dubbed Jane Doe Number Six six zero seven slash eighty five and her cause of death was listed as undetermined. Theresa was extremely paranoid annoyed after she lives staff and became concerned that the closet contain evidence which might someday implicate her in her daughter's death so on September. Twenty twenty nine nine hundred ninety. Six Theresa packed up all the family's belongings and order Terry to set the house on fire using charcoal lighter. Fluid Terry Douse as the floors in struck a match before climbing out a side window regardless traces intent neighbors immediately noticed the fire and the local fire department was dispatched. The scene there was little damage done to the home and investigators had no doubt that the blaze have been started deliberately but nothing came out of it. Nothing came from that fire and as far as the neighbors noticing. Anything there The neighbors said that they kept themselves and they were never allowed to go outside and they didn't see they didn't go to school. They didn't go to the doctor. They didn't go to the dentist so nobody in their life was able to even realize they were missing so nobody. They didn't know anybody outside of their family so nobody no friends. No extended family neighbors noticed that they were missing pitching. They're both of these cases are big lesson in. If you see something say something. Thank yes if you see a kid that if something doesn't feel right or seem right it's not gonNA hurt anything to call somebody who can do a wellness check on a family right because if those parents aren't doing anything wrong that's fine. They might get a little annoyed. They're not gonNA know who said they get more than annoyed. They get pissed. Yeah but they're not gonNA know who sent them. It's not like they're going to say. Oh Oh they do they do. They say you're not supposed to they're not supposed to be a mandated reporter. I I there's a lot of jobs that have required mandate reviewers and I will report things because it was my philosophy that I'd rather be wrong. Yes yes that's what I'm in a rather how the appearance speed upset than have you been have me be complacent into For Child Abuse. which ought have you not say something like this happens? Yeah I totally agree with they a lot of the Times. It's mistakenly slipped. They wouldn't say a name but they would say where unknown the parents would be will fuck it. Who cares what people are mad at? You see something say something and I've had to report multiple cases and I just had to say like Yawn. I would rather take a rage filled parent come at me then not say anything anything totally. That was more important to me. So yeah if if something doesn't feel right please report it. It might save a life. Truly Theresa's racist children were all grown up by the time she went into hiding Howard. Twenty six wanted nothing to do with her William William Twenty four year old William moved out. He wanted nothing to do with removed in with a girlfriend. Terry Teresa's namesake also. Left her mother. She was only sixteen sixteen the baby so she was like I'm sixteen. I have no life skills but I am out of here. She actually used Sheila's identification Shen and she was able to pass herself off his twenty one. Theres's only remaining child nineteen year old Robert Wallace nor her was. That's the only one that remained with her is robber. I wrote that to the second to the youngest weird. Yeah he eventually. The two of them eventually moved to Vegas together. I mean it says things were going well in the beginning. Bet like they were never really going well on November nineteen ninety one in November nineteen ninety-one Robert desperate for money walked into red's place a bar in North Nella on North Nellis Boulevard in Vegas pulled out a gun and and The details remained sketchy but in the end the bartender was left dead at the foot of the bar so cheese. I I don't know what happens. I duNNo. Investigators arrested Robert for the murder and he was later to sixteen years of jail. Sixteen Burke Theresa was nervous about all the attention and a few weeks later she fucking ditch robber and moved to Salt Lake City in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty two terry who has since married so tears. Her youngest daughter was watching an episode of America's most wanted while none of the cases related to her family. They inspired her to do the right thing and she contacted Nevada authorities police Sergeant Ron Para Nevada County California sheriff's office received the call Kerry told him that years earlier her mother and her two brothers killed her sister by dousing her gasoline and setting her afire. God the next year. She told them they killed her other sister and dumped her body in the mountains para was a treat by the young woman's unbelievable tale decided to interview her in person. Okay so this was a second time that Terry had reached out to law enforcement the first time she did. Nobody believed yeah The the following day Perea I think Perea met with Terry interviewed her for several hours. He took notes and He took his note to the district. Attorney's office and a task force was assembled to check out the story. Investigators soon discovered that the Jane Doe reports in all the the details terrier given them head had fallen into place on November Fourth Nineteen ninety-three investigators filed felony charges against Theresa and her two sons William was found in a Sacramento suburb where he worked at a warehouse in live in a peaceful neighborhood investigator. Soon learned Roberts previous arrests and found him in Nevada County jail. Neither of the boys were interested in talking to investigators but both eventually relented glinting confessed to their involvement in both sister's death. Five days later California. Investigators received a call from Salt Lake City authorities telling them to reset been tracked down by a driver's license application in. She just been arrested five days earlier for Drunk Driving Sergeant John Fitzgerald of the Plaster County. A sheriff's office flew to Salt Lake City and headed for the address listed on traces license application. Just before nightfall. He knocked on the door and surprisingly thinly theresa answered without hesitation and then was arrested. Investigators acted not a moment. Too Soon Theresa was aware of the investigation. Chan was in the process of packing her belongings. Shed back at the police station. She refused to cooperate in request. A lawyer Tracy was charged in the torture slayings every two daughters daughters and arraigned in a Salt Lake City courtroom on November Fifteenth Nineteen ninety-three according to the articles in the Sacramento Bee. She was extradited to plaster counting the following nine month arraigned before Superior Court. Judge j Richard Cousins and Charlie hoping it was going to be the same judd I know right and charged with two accounts murder two counts of conspiracy to commit murder and two special circumstances multiple murder and murder by torture charges which could result in a death sentence. I didn't Theresa pleaded not guilty. fucking crazy bitches where am was remanded to the Sacramento County. Jail the same day judge cousins. Order William Robert Nor prosecuted as an adult Robert eventually struck a deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against Theresa in exchange for a lighter sentence. One Matt later all charges against him except a single count of conspiracy regarding Sheila's death dropped when theresa learn of the deal. Robert made with the District Attorney's office. She decided she did not WanNa take her chances with the death sentence and she offered to plead guilty in exchange for her Lights District Attorney John Mara Mayra agree on October. On October Seventeenth Nineteen ninety-five Theresa Chart Changed her pleaded guilty during sentencing. Judge William R Ridgeway characterized. Therese's crimes callousness beyond belief. I mean that's a fucking understatement and sentenced to two consecutive life. Sentences Theresa will be eligible for parole in twenty twenty seven. If she lives to see it. She'll be one years of yes. She's eligible for parole never quavering quaintly crazy Robert who was still serving out. His murder charge in Nevada was eventually sentenced to three years in state prison. The court ordered the sentences run concurrently with his nineteen ninety. One Murder Sentence William was placed on probation for his role in the murders in order to undergo therapy. The kids were really not not at fault for those crimes. No they weren't So fucking crazy bitch are never get stuck in jail prison. I hope so. Oh I hope she. Doesn't you know poor. Those poor kids poor Susan in poor. Sheila it's just really sad and that is a story of a murder. That's a case of Sheila in Susan nor the murders of Sheila Susan or at the hands of her mother. You did a great job so sad. I mean I didn't write that. Ah I just I just read the essay by now but that's really awful so now get this. I have a connection to this case. Personal connection to in this case are ready to have goosebumps over your entire body. Yes do it can't do it to me all right. So in in now this was in northern took place northern California the Sacramento area Well in nineteen ninety four. My biological the mother was out dancing on my God on Sunrise Boulevard and guess who she met fucking guests. Who William fucking nor the guy that was in the evil of here? Yes Oh my guess so my aunt and my mom were out doc. Dancing it William. was there with his best friend. This is nineteen ninety four. Looks like right after. Oh he was going through the trial Oh shit at at the time we got all right so my mom goes out with her sister. My Aunt my aunt sees this guy. They have immediate sparks. His best friend is William nor are there. They're together so my answer stating his best friend. My Mom starts dating William Nor my God for a few months during the trial. Cut A for a few months for a few months. I thought it was just one day. No they dated for a few months ago so could even date somebody what he's going to trail wasn't he stressed rest out. I don't think he was on trial. I think he was just mother Andrea just he was already a waste to rotation and therapy. I mean that's fair that he would be sentenced to therapy. Fuck knows they all needed after. That is so crazy. Yeah E. seemed on the episode. So he seemed like such a normal poking dude that I commented other people like how could this guy to see like a normal sweet guy. Pay That which of a mom so I asked my mom. I said mom what what was he like. And she was like supposingly normal. She said he was funny. He was nice and he was by all accounts. Talk seemed totally normal except for one thing. She said that he was detached very detached. He felt very detached from any kind of connection. Won't when it's probably like a coping mechanism that he's learned right. I only make sense. Yeah I'm sure it that's just another a a hate to walk away with just detachment from admission shit. That's like what we were talking about before like the nature versus nurture thing. It's like he went through all of this and grew up almost a great guy. And Guess What Cases William Nor will she said called a will nor was the the last guy that she dated before she met my Stepdad. Oh my God and she said the only reason she stopped talking to will nor was because my Stepdad. Who she eventually married was like were boyfriend and girlfriend? You know like the thing. So she said years ears Stepdad. Hatton a swooped in William Down Yeah that's the sound of my mind blow. Those are actually our very high tech sound effect. That was getting a good for him for overcoming all of that. And then you know the living a good life yeah. They're still friends to this day. I say props to these kids. That are survivors. That's the story is really about about. I mean friends on social media. I don't like hang out or anything that's still friends but I mean can you believe it. No I can't that's pretty amazing and can you believe it. No that's pretty amazing and I'm happy that you ended yours on a higher note. Yeah because these are some down man. By all accounts accounts it seems like Terry has moved on and is living her life. Robert obviously is in prison. He might be out by now. I'm not sure he had sixteen years in was serving his time on consecutively because he was a lot more involved in the day to day. With Theresa Than William William had like left the house as soon as he could get any. Obviously Robert Never lefter. Yeah Yeah So. That is our first top shelf episode and that brings this to the end. Yeah I talk show episode. Sorry you're feeling depressed. Gosh let's let's raise. Maybe maybe you're not feeling depressed. Maybe you're feeling like you've just learned to more new true crime cases. Maybe we hope we taught you something. I think what taught you is. Don't fucking trust anybody. You cannot trust anybody not even the people that give you buy you know. We don't have a lot of a great lesson bump today's episode. That's right we do. Actually I think we do if go through gut. If something doesn't feel right go with your gut if you see something. Do you want to do our little raise. The bar speak. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I have a bar that that was recommended by a friend. It's called Devers Irish Irish pub is in Sacramento and it looks like they have a lot of really cool l. m. punches that you can get in the morning from ranch. Yeah they look cool and they also do a bottomless bottle service memo. Oh says for thirteen dollars on their Sunday brunch. And what right so I'm gonNA check it out. Jam Bottomless mimosas. Hell Yeah it looks like a great place so check it out. That's our bar this week. Davita tears and that's it in downtown. Sacramento yes wow I'm GONNA go watch Disney plus now. Let's watch Disney movies forever. Because I'm never going to be able to sleep again after the meeting binge on Disney turn this during the day around it seriously what we need. I know I'm GonNa Watch forty eight hours of ducktail do you Wanna I wanna say you're slow. Our slogan will our mantra. Yeah because don't forget to what is it hydrate meditate and last but certainly not least masturbate cheers to the to that this is.

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