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Tamra Judge & Betty Gilpin


Welcome to the bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of watch. What happens live with me. Andy cohen her name is betty and her party. Kelly wanted to reduce vicki to rubble ovens. I would tamra judge and betty gilpin. Andy cohen live in the clubhouse a national day with two guests who are bubbly sophisticated and probably very funded funded brunch. Please welcome house voice county in new coder takazu resident camera jaw. She's an actress who wants wants said gee basis or characters off real housewives so does that mean. She has to legally split oliver emmy nominations with erica jane season river show glow on netflix. Now it's betty guilt pan solutions by the way all the emmy live and the love of your time you cited to be here with a real life house way so excited and i really do yes because i feel like i play a lot of women women. Women and a lot of actors are supposed to be like girlie girlie like hide behind a ukulele and self loathing and they're always kind of shoulders back. I've entered the room and think i'm fantastic. Yes it is all over bar. It's betty's glow co star whose character is a female impersonator who does lies so barbara and evita. Please welcome kevin. Cahoon very talented very honored honor to be here want to get started very excited all the o._c. Housewives will be at bravo con. That's going to be really exciting. Go on sale next week. We met bronwyn doctor deb. Her hair is amazing. We love dr deb. Wow highs giving me betsy johnson right. I awesome thank you for bronwyn bronwyn grace. He's amazed us really great like a full packet speaking of packages in the audience we have to we got shannon before and eh you were here last week. Everything so great with you in the boyfriend yes we we are. Everything's good. Everything's good heart is back to normal back to normal back on my bike and i'm happy out. How maybe it's all the c._d. Also now c._b._d. You have c._b._d. Empire so yes all right. Well your questions for camera and betty. You're coming in but before we get to those here's what three things i am obsessed with tonight. I so far this season. Emily's husband shane has been studying for the bar but here's what he has exactly raise the bar. When it comes to being an attentive father or husband watch this. I want your thoughts after us shane and i have i've been married for ten years or marriage. Slow bumpy right now. This is so nice so i think shane might come. Maybe so we'll see hey allen by everyone. This is getting the degree of harassment. I'm supposed to call the how's it going. Okay she and forget it and i just deserve a little more respect and taking care of the children. I'm hosting a birthday party for your parents. This is a lot going on what reaction i kind of how bad for her because i feel like okay you're studying. You can't take one hour out of your night to be with your parents at a birthday dinner celebration. It was painful to watch. I feel like we've all dated that guy but when we were seventeen new spoke to us all go okay second here he watch on tonight's o._c. The drama between kelly vicky continued with kelly calling the oh gee of the the o._c. Pig and then using cameras barbecue as another opportunity to roast her take a look delays here the nice pig emoji that she did about me saying i know well regardless. You don't say that to another woman kelly. Can we talk. I don't really want to talk to you you. You're my god. I don't know i don't tie with. I have nothing to say feelings. Raise your affordable luxury. I care about you so sorry to hear of course i did. Do you have done to me you your daughter all right. Here's here's what goto w._w._a._f._l. T._v. for are now tro w._w._a._f._l. Dot seaver seaver our full brought to you by metro which is do you think kelly should compromise and here vacate out yes or no. Yes should kelly here her out yes yes. Yes yes yeah by the way your house looked really good in that club. The audience says no. The audience says she should not here vicki out. This is very hey okay. All right. Finally ungloved betty plays one of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling so i thought i would take her get her take on some gorgeous ladies who are less into body slams and more into slamming pedo greasy. Oh here's what it's time for the ladies of bravo the gorgeous ladies of bravo also known as glob betty. I'll give you pairs of bravo liberties or sent to face off in the ring. Okay you tell me who would win. In the ring. Starting with kelly died and vicki wilson who would win in the ring terrifies me. I feel ice in my tailbone screen. I don't know why i'm afraid of you. Please don't in the hands okay. What about lou versus arinda who's going to win. The race is going to win in the ring needy or cynthia area nina. Who's going to win in the ring frankel or singer tough call. Oh gosh i'm gonna go with franken wrinkle. I feel and jeana keough mariah okay. What about melissa versus theresa oh else i feel like theresa would do a tree pose into a table flipping. Yes there you go into table flipping. <hes> renna versus is kim richards. Oh gosh kim. Richards is one of the main housewives day based characters on. I i gotta go with really thank you very much for. I want to talk to you. But what is it about. What do you see in kim richard or what i mean. There's a lot to see cameron yeah. I guess she's always got like like a. She's always like half an appear one and a half in a whole world a magical place your one eta magical place camera number one question for you tonight going around and around on twitter. We talked about this a little bit before the show set that fee vs seventeen test hammer about her son's son ryan's tax with sarah that he posted <hes> calling <music> your daughter a name what's going on calling her daughter name their daughter her daughter. I don't know i i haven't read the tax now. Shared america tends to go on social media and posts all this stuff and delete it okay. I'm not buying into it. You're not buying into okay. Kelly dodd had <hes> tonight. I don't wanna hate shots that i don't wanna hate on the trace amigos. I wish them the best. They hate me. It's sad good luck. Shannon said i could really keeps bringing up the trace amigas like she's. She's intimidated by us. It's kind of crazy all right. Let's go oh to elizabeth from north carolina elizabeth what's going on. Hey andy cohen. I love your suit tonight. You look hot as usual. Well thank you for dinner. Did you have a pink suit on. I've flown on pink suit. It was so hot. I have yeah so i loved. It loved it. Where do in <hes> miss tamra. I would love to know <hes> you'd be this great relationship but is there anything that she would do that. You would absolutely just draw the line in the sand and say i'm done. I'm over with this. What would you do to make you you know. I don't think he will do it. At this point. I feel like we're at a really good point and our friendship but i think if you go after my family right whatever that's that then you're done okay. Let's go to ashley from florida for betty. What's your question absolutely hey of questions for betty. I heard you were in a play for relieve for banner. Pump role. He's still any java. She like <hes> so laura lee who was on a season of venda one-season <music>. She and i did a play together in two thousand eight. Laura lee is a juilliard trained brilliant actress and it was a play where a bunch of actors came in and did a bunch of scenes and then she came in and a scene at the end and every night we'd be like yeah. I guess that's not a good audience. No one's laughing and she would come on and the audience would erupt really she's brilliant and so it was way before. Jack's dumped her after an a ending television. Did you die when you saw yeah that yeah i was. I was freaking out. Yes camera. Felicia jay wants to know if you think kelly's anger towards vicky is justified because of what vicky accused her of love well. I feel like like kelly has accused so many people have so many horrible things and she plays the victim so ellen be emailed betty. Did you watch beverly hills this caesar. What did you think of camille at the reunion. I i've taken a break from beverly hills. You have yeah we're on oh. You're on a break right. Okay okay. That's all right austin from kentucky a austin. What's your question hi. My question is for tam kamron because and i say i know you're in cali aren't cool now and i know you posted about being fat for vicki emotion as did i so how for music inside ride with your party well because you'll have to watch the entire season to see where it's at when kelly i support kelly probably ninety percent of the season rhyme her biggest supporter when she accused kelly dune cocaine i was there for kelly i was trying to navigate through all that so so and then kelly stabbed me in the back are right <hes> rock and roll <hes> wants to know betty. Please tell me glow is getting a season for the firm your mouth i. I don't know i sure hope so. We don't know yet though they don't tell the puppets anything. They don't tell the public. We can't be trusted. The big hit show proper asu all right now. They work with gina davis on global next week so see another genus has vicki's lies are in a league of their own. Here's a sneak beat. You gotta start doing stuff that you don't have to apologize. You said horrible things about her. I'm really really bad time right now and i called you and then i and i appreciated that <hes> her up and say i'm jill honor another jailbird command clearly. She has zero respect back for me because i've seen the text and she's lying right to make all right. Let's go to tiffany from fort lauderdale eight tiffany. What's your question. Hi andy how great gary awesome daddy at the question for you okay so so i know you're a big fan of benepe roles and so i was wondering which wedding of venom kohl's cash would you attend and also andy. Can we get an update on your day possible caboodle. Oh the gentleman was so sweet last night. I mean he's he's too young and in another city but i was very sleet and i love his voice. No someone called in last night from austin and asked me out and it was very sweet and i was very titillated. I have to tell you i feel like i was at all of their <hes> weddings because they're instagram's stories right and i'm on on a group chat at a vendor paroles group chat that should be published in freud monthly so it's very beautiful other actors or friends of writer joyal royal who's been a guest bartenders. Yes yeah in two other actors. Yeah well let me and we're really interested in production of streetcar named desire with jack's as stanley law as stella and stuff has blanche. It has to happen that happen now more than ever that that now more than ever obviously <hes>. Let's go to and from chicago for tamra judge and what's your question hi andy tamra. My question question is kelly has been super critical of the women's look so far this season you think it has anything to do with the fact her new beau. It's a plastic surgeon. Good good question is he making her hypercritical of everyone's looks. No kelly's always bashing. Everybody's looks from one okay. <hes> tamra rene alex davis one wants to know what is your relationship with jeanne now that you to our neighbors neighbors jeana keough. Does we got gina jada right yeah. I haven't seen genus gino. Is that her name tina. I haven't seen her moved to koto alright all right guys on into vicious battles while wearing nineteen eighties costumes so i wanted to lead into their ven diagram overlap with housewife or wrestling life betty you channel your inner liberty bell and read some lines to tamra will then guess in each line was said by a pro wrestler or by masters notice outsides okay betty. The lines are right here on prompter and i read them as liberty. Okay great read them all right <hes> okay <hes>. I'm better than you like. You like to hear that. If you don't put i was at a house whatever wrestler housewife it's actually a roughly you out. It was rick flair. Okay okay very good if that touches me. It's going up your ass okay. Is that a housewife or a wrestler housewife. That's four sir. Hey you mess with my man. I'm gonna break a bit she here. Is that a wrestler or a housewife how that's nikki bella wrestler. What's crazy. Okay god. You're the biggest piece of trash i've ever met in my life breath housewife or you know what it is stone called steve austin but that won't you grow said yes okay next up. Okay okay. I feel completely responsible for unleashing beef that i did not realize needed to be chained up so tightly. That's that's a wrestler that what is your close star person aydar. Okay yes one more up when i got <hes> what i got to say to you is that you are yesterday's news. You are irrelevant. I'm afraid to answer house why it's a russell kelly when she to rank these housewives from missing the most to least on the show alexis gretchen heather dubrow committing them the most to least i miss heatherton bro the most okay i would say lexus the metal gretchen the lace tokay betty billy texted. You're the worst audition you ever had in hollywood. Oh gosh wow there's a lot there was one <hes> where we were all testing for a pilot four of us girls and all day long testing testing testing what with this many people in the room and they were like okay by getting the elevator vader four of us got in the elevator three of our phones rang hello voice standing elevator doors open and one girl got off and it was like the the doors. They made us to her and none of us what what was terrible on. Don't trust the b in apartment. Oh my god the neighbor all my god. Has anyone ever told you you look just like jodi comber from killing many minnea- it signed for moslem today goes to the new line of limited edition star wars inspired barbie dolls featuring this fierce female darth vader forget luke luke. I am your father. Vader barbies new tagline should be luke. I'm your leather daddy tonight's president trump for spending basically all day today tweeting tweeting and posting tweets about last night's viral video where chris cuomo lashed out at a man hatling invested trump spent so much time talking talking about chris cuomo today ir that putin called him in the secure line and he was like just checking. We okay channel rebellion. They want more drama than the real housewives then go inside salem with the official podcasts of days of our lives join us for new episodes every other monday as we take a look through the hourglass show recaps behind the scene stories and exclusive interviews with the cast updates inside salem has a five star rating on apple podcast so don't miss out you sure to listen and spread for free wherever you get your podcasts <music>. Oh we're year with tamra and betty the and now you have an and betty their tamra got her tagline and tattooed under- underfoot faith family fitness your favorite tagline that you've had all these yeah it is s. Hold on mine of yours. Is you had a really good one. I've had about your rents asks miami yeah yeah and i had some. I had some ass ones this season you are but this one is really good but i'm trying to remember what my favorite one was of viewers. You had a real sassy one a few. I have one about religion that i love. There was one about yeah anyway the first with outdoor workout class and you're wearing the little hat normal new girl to weight's go betty busy emailed. What's been the worst injury you've gotten from glow full on concussion really yeah yeah. It's a broken she did. A man landed on my head crazy. Yeah the rest of i wanted to live live to show yeah and my body makes cracking sounds like thousand-year-old pony falling down the stairs. It's not great. I have have just been reminded of cameras tagline. That is my absolute favorite. I am pint-sized baptized and i it i think on your other foot you should write pint-sized baptized highly or or that's a good tag. I mean like has gotta admit that's a great again. How did we ever move high conic. Let's go to sue from wisconsin johnson as to what's going on well. I'm listening to the show. I don't get the after show out here. Do it's on the internet okay. What's your question. I wondering about cameron eddie <hes> always the sex life going on now that she's been married seven years yeah how's the sex is still great. You both look great still banging like what do you wanna now. How often like it's kind of weird to go any reports six hours ago yeah tonight permission than we now okay. Let's go to belgian from oklahoma right right yeah. Hi my question for betty. If there is a season for glow who would be your dream dream guest star. Oh gosh well. We've already had gena davis. I mean tamper judge humor josh. I'm initialing friends cut <hes>. Let's go to heather michigan. I love a french cut. Hey heather handy question. My question is for tamra and betty gum. I was wondering with vicky not not doing the show anymore if you could replace her with a housewife from the past. Who would you choose well so uh-huh yes. She's very much a big part of the season. Yes and i think you can replace vicky. She's the o._g. Though see yes you can't replace her. Let's go. Jason bourne his kind of boring boring boring question. Yes a andy first of all. I'm very disappointed at bravo. Comm got sold out the more tickets going on sale next week thank you we'd we wanted three tickets but if you can make more dhabi awesome awesome okay i also wanna clarify this except for going to bravo con. I don't have anything to do with the planning of it or or anything so i've been getting a lot of tweets from people we you saw andy. What do you do. I participant. I'm excited about it. I'm a booster sure. I can't wait anyway question. We are all excited. We're all excited. We'll try to get there and i'll get but anyways might question is for camera and by the way shannon we love you in the audience <hes> so camera now let you living coda to cause a what is it like having vicki as your neighbor and did you get a casserole. Whoa from her for good question. I've never gotten a casserole. How far do you live from her. Well kinda causes kind of it's a huge. It's like the the biggest gated community in the yes. We're like well. I ride bike and it's about fifteen miles around lee yeah it's kind of a community to ride around so vicki's about three miles from okay and i really don't see her in the neighborhood. I'm yeah yeah. No i mean i still say twice. I'm delegate it. Your double gated delegated double gators. Oh i just liam kardashians are w._b._z. In alabama's the main gate to go through and you go to another to get outdoors all right. I want to have the and betty and thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live monday through friday at four p._m. Eastern time make sure your subscribe to have a great rusty or night.

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