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Telegram April fourteenth eighteen sixty five President Lincoln in the face of a treacherous and dangerous enemy. Please do not expose the nation to the consequences of any disaster to yourself. I implore you to exercise caution Edwin M Stanton Secretary Secretary of war evening Mars President Lincoln. How's your health well enough Sir Landy? Did you know made you accurate bend in iron poker a pardon me sir. Why would you ask such a question? I have seen the man Ben five higher poker's one right after the other right over his arm. What is this the order you issued Mars? You don't want me leaving the white the house without security detail. Well No sir if I may you're right. Sir Mitch accustomed from time to time being right imprudence is unbecoming of a precedent the new have decided not to attend the Ford this evening. Uh No no problem is already have my tickets plus. I think it will do the people some good to see me out in public enjoying myself given General Greg no longer ten. I should still like a competent guard by my side behidn since he can bend pogue rovers arm. I thought major would be the man what is this an order of my own for major record. You know where to find the major. Why not deliver it yourself chain of command? The majors interest occupied this evening Sir along with the rest of my department. We haven't a man to spare all not one MR president as you know tonight. General Sherman will be advancing on one of the last remaining rebel strongholds major accurate will be passing along important dispatches to and from the front between multiple regimens all across the Mason Dixon. We have a perimeter to defend a curfew to enforce thousands of seditious prisoners was under our watch. You're in the city. My men do not have time to go to the theater. My answer is no no I suppose if anyone wants to me on just have to go through through Mrs Lincoln I my health is failing me. Ellen has implored me repeatedly to take the day after Richmond fell. When I handed ended you my resignation you asked me to remain by your side till the job of reconstruction was done and despite Ellen's wishes I obliged to you I thank you for? I cannot do this without nor are you. In the face of a dangerous enemy is <music> over with respect sir. It is not please do not expose the nation to the consequences of any disaster to yourself my promise the first lady Sir what about my order you have no military escort you must remain at all Mars sometimes with rules one must well do like the major does with his iron poker's. 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That's the one you're listening to right now also add free and in addition to that supporters get transcripts annotated by the writers with more fascinating historical detail a free copy of the original score to eighteen eighteen sixty five and special bonus segments that dive deep into our characters history and motivations in their own words as read by the cast but I hope the best perk becoming a supporter of the show is that you will be helping US create the next chapter in our audio storytelling. There are so many stories to tell from seventeen sixty five to two thousand sixty five and your support is critical to our success so please go to eighteen sixty five podcast dot com and become a patron help us continue our work bringing history alive by going to eighteen sixty five podcast DOT COM Secretary Stanton given that general grant is unable to attend the performance of our American cousin this evening. I show require additional security to accompany my party to the that's enough <music>. I cordially requested the services of Major. Thomas Sincerest regards president. I said that's enough. Are you going to explain yourself. No one can know about this major. No one mm-hmm not now not ever Hanmi that order will not openly define me now. Why didn't you grant the requests? I demand to know yours is not to make demands of me son. You knew he was dangerous if you knew they were rebel agents in the capital of course I knew everyone knew why didn't you send me because he doesn't listen. He never listened took the air nightly to know that alone strolling about the streets of the capital in the wee hours of the morning. It's a wonder they didn't get to him sooner. I didn't send you because he had no business being in a place like that because he is the president because I hope fear might persuade him to better judgment. I've been there Sir I could have done something. If it is the will of Providence I die by the hand of an assassin. It must be so his word <music> begged him not to go fuse me so I refused him. You have to come forward. I am not responsible for a man with a death wish getting what he wanted. If you won't I will you would betray me. I'm trying to protect you. I'm trying to keep you out of shackles. If you come forward now you can claim negligence and then resigned resignation than the MONTOC prison <music> people deserve to know the truth sir. Do you know why I have this office major while you're standing here. Today is my second in command secretary seward recommended you. Yes yes yes yes. That's a story but it's not the truth. The truth is president. Lincoln ordered my predecessor Mr Cameron to prepare a comprehensive military report for Congress Cameron front-load at that report with a recommendation to arm captured Slaves Lincoln knew it would ruffle too many feathers so he struck any mention of arming slaves before sending to Congress but the original report still found its way to the press on edited. Mr Lincoln was furious and Mr Cameron found himself in early retirement. The truth is forced that little tidbit into the plan in the first place and when Lincoln pushback I ran the article on the paper Cameron. He fell on the sword but I received a promotion and we used used Negro slaves to put those rebels on their backs. Sometimes major echoed the truth doesn't matter at all. I won't help you cover this with Lincoln. Gone who will hold the South Accountable <music> Andrew Jackson the cowards and the Senate of the sectarian bigots of the court there is no one left major only this office in those command. No one else knows it was about this new secretary soared after I left the office that night before the attack I dropped in on them. I mean to vent my frustrations. Can't he be trusted sewer tonight ally stand from me. If you do this Sir if we do this we're vulnerable. You better be absolutely certain that you trust seward because a piece of is he can educate US book trust him same as I trust you. Trust me then hand that order. So have you seen this gentleman from the New York Daily Tribune quote the southern rebellion is dead as the spirit of the white man in the south not since the capture of Jerusalem by Titus. Has there been such utter ruin the planting season swiftly passing on improved leaving large sections of the country exposed next winter to the horrors of actual famine the farmers will not plan so they're afraid their lands will be taken from them by the bureau is a man of Freemen won't go near a plantation for fear of Rian slave damn mess we gotta get this. Damn thing nipped in the bud and faster laxton just returned from Virginia. I'll let him fill you in on the details. Thank you Mr Stanton. Mr President Famine is not our most. Pressing concern what in the hell could be more precious than than famine violence against the freemen Sir it's hell on the ground. Mr President held for the Union men trying to maintain order in death to the Negro who dare step forward and demand his freedom. We have to do something so Mr President. The people of the south need to know where they stand clarity will assuage these tensions grant people general amnesty. We've been down this road before wells. Those lands belong to the free those lands belong to the plantation owners in the south. Mr Stanton's reconstruction plan is a recipe for one thing and one thing alone more bloodshed. Let the Negro prove himself man by man and state by state president. If I may go ahead Mister Langston the Negro has already proven himself primarily on the field of battle where he fought bled and died for American liberty. I recruited those men hundreds of them to fight in the war on a promise that on the other side there would be justice. I we must have unity without of justice. There can be no unity. You're right about one thing MR wells a disenfranchised populace is a recipe for bloodshed bear that in mind when you consider the future of the Negro people at about the poor white Sir the the poor whites in the south. Where do they fit into all this? You See folks come from North Carolina and Tennessee. They don't own any land. They have an oppressed anybody. Their homeland has been tone to pieces by this vile vile disgusting war your family and friends coming home in pine boxes by the dozens and four what there's no forty acres waiting for them no mule neither now. I'm sensitive to the Negro struggle. I am in fact. I don't think anyone is more sensitive to it than me. I just don't want us to forget about the poor whites in this conversation. We haven't forgotten them. Sir The benefits of the Freedman's bureau are for all the people of the south black an white that includes schools hospitals food clothing and most importantly land. I wasn't aware that region briefings Mr President you'll learn all manner of things and surely the president can be forgiven for overlooking mimmo. Oh Mr Stanton heavy large the head Mr Langston heavy lies that got him head indeed Sir from what I understand. You're in a mire of President Jackson that's right. I got a picture of old hickory hanging on my wall at at home right above the fireplace best damn president this country's ever had in my view a true champion of the common man though not the Indian yes well. It was a difficult time in our history Mr Langston and this isn't did you know I have any blood in me Mr president is that right. Yes my father was white. My mother was partying the Negro. So what does that make you confused Sir you now. THAT'S NIECE LAPPER MR president hundreds of years from now. How do you think history will remember Andrew Jackson? I suppose that's for them to decide who viewed as the great a father of the Democratic Party in the champion of the common man or the traitor who went back on every promise this country ever made to its indigenous people Mr President. I think you could be greater than Andrew Jackson Ever was plus. You have an opportunity to succeed Jackson failed you can make good on this country's promise to the Friedman and provide for the common down south. If you do that Sir a hundred years from today it won't be President Jackson hanging above the fireplace a future presidents it will be stanton. Yes Sir deploy more troops to the south immediately. Yes the President I'll lean on the provisional governors down down there. Make sure they're enforcing the law and supporting the bureau heck you Mr President get those negroes planting straight away now. It'll be all gentlemen. Who's the dough face now? You're growing a beard as well. Would you hold my breath weld on Mr Langston family want what is it don't make an enemy of a mercer Langston. He's the president whatever we hope to accomplish whatever good hope to do. It'll be decidedly more difficult to the stance against us so he <music> in eighteen sixty five is sponsored by away. If you travel much you know it's often the little things that make it easier. The tiny details the thoughtful planning and Small Mall conveniences that turn a business trip or vacation into something worthwhile and enjoyable when looking for improvements a great place to start is with your luggage. 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That's a way travel dot com slash 1865 Promo Code eighteen sixty five for twenty dollars off your next best suitcase among discerning reasonable people the question must be asked why has Andrew Johnson not publicly announced his plans for reconstruction perhaps waiting for marching orders from the very man with whom he colluded to secure the Office of the President Jefferson Davis you think of Lincoln was sitting in the White House those vultures in the press would do him this way. It's not fair. They are the way they treat me well. I don't think any other president in the history of our country has been treated this unfairly. There's more sir the union be damned. President Johnson is concerned with one thing and one thing alone his popularity below the Mason Dixon awesome. Lei already hail back. When I was a senator in Tennessee I spoke out against a session for God's sake doesn't that count for something it does in my books people down South threw rocks at me wells my own people? Call me a and e the to- Mr President. If you don't announce a reconstruction plan and soon they'll call you worse than that and I promised I'd wait for the tribunal to conclude before moving forward Stanton's tribunals at Trojan Horse Mr President and was waiting inside Negro Suffrage Fridge Stanton succeeds in proving this conspiracy you will not be able to partner South Not Davis not the confederate generals and not the plantation owners if they're not re admitted to the government and soon the black vote will become the law of the land and if that happens you will never ever see a second term suggest. I'd do fire Sir do it now before the tribunal is announced publicly once it's under way you will not be able to know Mr President if this tribunal succeed made stanton the promise wells. I can't go back on it now. Why what does he have on you Mr President? I have to let this tribunal run. It's cost. Let's leave it at that. Perhaps there's there's another way I understand you're in a very precarious position on the subject of Amnesty in between a rock and a hog places what I am I pushed too hard on amnesty alienate the north but I don't push hard enough. The South burn earn me at the state and reach across the answer strike a compromise with the opposition the radical Republicans don't WanNa compromise on amnesty the moderates will if we capture their support. You won't need the radicals at all. What about Mars? I don't think he's who's interested in a compromise. Either suggest we deliver Edwin Stanton Trojan horse of our own. Tell me the truth now. Gentlemen what do you you think of my suit a handsome suit expertly terret thank you Mr Whales Mr Langston. It's fine suit Mr President not so sure some interesting right about it stanton then. What do you think I don? A suit is a suit to me Sir yes but what do you think what's your opinion of. I have no opinion that's first Mr Langston. Did you know Taylor in and is one of the world's oldest professions and suppose that stands to reason Taylor's been there from the very beginning of time cutting and sewing in him in the way to civilization sir. Why are we talking about Taylor and we are talking about Taylor Mr Stanton because you are talking to a Taylor well you know I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth? Hell my parents couldn't read. He didn't have a pot to Piss in save a ramshackle log cabin my daddy built with his hands. After after he died my mother sold me and my brother into indentured servitude and I'll tell you something this delay extant slavery's hard. There's no doubt but indentured servitude ain't no walk in the park. Neither I ran away as fast as I could and I never looked back see when my father died I was very young. My only memory of him is the suit he was wearing the last time I saw him strange first thing to remember I guess but ever since I've been working my fingers to the bone trying to recreate that suit while other kids were outside in the creek I was inside fussing with my mom is so in Kit. Learning the art of the Taylor taught myself how to read and write by the time I was seventeen. I opened my first tailor shop. By the time I was twenty two. I was the mayor of Greenville Tennessee how and look at me now sitting here in the White House the most powerful man in America Mr President if there's one thing I've learned from all my years as a Taylor. It's this when something ain't right. It's always it's best to make an alteration secretary. Welles thank you so for that lovely introduction and the end the debate between us on the issue of reconstruction always comes back to this. How will treat the south with leniency or punishment you know? So where Mr Laxton and I stand ups we can meet in the middle after Langston. Would you do the honest I do. Solemnly swear and presence of Almighty God that I will henceforth faithfully support protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the Union of the states thereon a loyalty oath any southerner who signs this will receive a full part and their land full party Mr Stanton that includes the restoration of confiscated land Mr President I have in my hand a directive from General Howard this order will initiate the process of resettling the Friedman. The bureau is ready Sir. All we require now is your signature. Tell him the risk whales the president and I have identified certain classes of individuals who will be exempt from pardon confederate EH officers government officials plantation owners and the like their lands will belong to the bureau. How does that sit with you? Mr Langston Mr President with respect to the intentions of your proposals areas of provisions here that grants you the right to pardon persons belonging into the accepted classes. That's right in fact unless I'm mistaken. This document says you have the authority to pardon whomever you like president and I both feel pardons should be liberally extended win warrant then. This isn't a compromise at all it gives you caught blocks. It's no matter the result of my tribunal. It's a good deal stanton. A good deal for the poor whites a good deal for the Friedman and a good deal for you. I'd like a moment's gentlemen. Give us the room Mr President Mr Langston. Yes leave General Howard's directive on the President's desk. Please of course Mr President. We had a deal sir. Don't get your Dander Up Stanton. This is a mighty fine compromised. The moderate Republicans like it Democrats who like it heroin secretaries suet wakes up. He'll like it too frankly. I'm surprised you don't what's to stop you from abusing your powers apartment what's to stop you from denying the Friedman their land in true nothing that we don't have a deal. You and I are something of an arranged marriage stanton. I didn't choose news. You and you didn't choose me. John Wilkes booth thrust us together when he pulled the trigger on that baby. Derringer is any successful marriage as Mrs Johnson likes to say is built on two pillars trust and love now concede loves out the window between you and me but I still have hope for trust. Mrs Johnson says the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Will you trust me. What do you suppose Mrs Johnson Jose About Trust? When I tell her of a Star I beg your pardon Mrs. Stanton to say trust takes six years to build moments to shatter in a lifetime to repair unsure Mrs Johnson agree and don't like the turn? This conversation is taking wife to say nothing of the press. I wasn't born in the woods to be scared by now. Stanton you blow on me the press I reckon I'll just deny it. Write it off as bogus news might be able to spend a yawn the press to stave off your ruin might be are you able to concoct some fabrication to preserve your marriage. When I tell the attorney general you asked me to obstruct my investigation into John Wilkes booth on your behalf? There's not a lie in the world. Save Your Presidency recency you Lou I've not been clear with you Mr President so let me be clear now. You will not send this proposal to the attorney in general you will not move forward with amnesty in any form until I say otherwise you will do precisely nothing. We clear say <music> so I know you understand all we clear. We're clear good aside the directive aw thank you. What am I supposed to tell Welles tele whatever you like? I need a legitimate reason for not moving swollen otherwise it'll raise suspicion in the cabinets divided on this issue it split right down the middle. Everyone's made their views known but Mr Sewer Tell Welles. You'd like to afford your secretary of state the opportunity to voices opinion mm-hmm fine a no. You don't see this way right now Mr president but I am trying to protect you. You've got a peculiar way of showing it. Well took control. Uh well resonant will not be sending the order to the Attorney General. He wants to wait for secretary seward away in before moving forward. What was add what he wants or? Is that what you've convinced him. He was Mr Wells when secretary seward wake see if he wakes up yes god willing at that time the president will make his decision. If you have a better course of action to propose posed go propose it. What do you have on him? I know you have something only. I don't know what good day Mr Wells. He changed his mind is. I just like that just like that. What did you say to Mr Laxton? No matter how desperately wells may try to load the pistol of leniency neither he nor President Johnson are in a position to pull the trigger assure you go. The DOT says wanted the president's signature. Now you have General Howard no the good news. I'll send word to the provisional governors right away. There's a famine coming Mr Langston. Let's get those Friedman unsettled. Wealth is right is me you have something on suffice it to say when it comes to swallowing down the poison you and I aren't the only ones drinking from the vile aw come on the doctors to see. Is that today the whole no sentimental just a doctor. Come in forget forgive me. I don't know I'm the one who should be apologizing for making you meet me here would have come to your office but as you can imagine quite a lot on my plate my pleasure thank you for accommodating me. Thank your wife's hair. She is a very persistent woman. Yes that is one way to put it on hoping this will put her fears to rest. Where where do you want me having seed wherever you like? I'd like to begin by asking you a few simple questions to establish a baseline for your treatment yes of course how. How are you feeling better? Your Life says otherwise my wife is a worry wart. I'm perfectly fine. Your medical records tell a different story to the fits. Come and go some worse than others but on the whole I'm getting better every day. Your wife says the coughing fits are as violent as they've ever been each important you answer honestly Mr Stanton. are the rich getting worse yes. Are you sleeping through the night. I've never slept through the night Gavin cat. Oh I do not have any cats heather. No no how often does your wife does incessantly how regular argue bowel movement. It's a relevant question is I'm aware you doctors are obsessed with my regularity. Do you know how many animals I've had had in my lifetime. It's just stand your doctor. You tell me how is it meant to remedy my breathing condition as I said I'm only trying to establish a baseline for your sat with men like you my entire life. I've answered these exact same questions more times than I have. Fingers is to count on a memory to hold my wife's. Aren't you my records yeshe and read them. I have writ then. Why are you wasting my time? Call on me when you have something useful to offer at your wife called on me because I devoted my life's work to the study of your condition in all my years. I've rarely seen a case of severe as yours. If left untreated your condition will kill you. Come in message message for you. So what does it say. It's confidential for your eyes. Only I will take my leave. Mr Stanton doctor may call on you in a few days time. I'd like to discuss my alternatives. Now you know where to find me. You See Myself Out Gentlemen. The note delivered this Mr Bell moments ago this to stanton per your request request. I'm writing new confidentially with a report on the condition of Mr seward seminar detail to seward's all no one gets inter out without my permission especially President Johnson yes Sir and bring my carriage round straightaway. I need to get over there before Johnson catches catches wind of this catches wind of what seward is awake in eighteen sixty. Five is an airship production starring Jeremy Schwartz has also featuring Lindsey Graham he infers j Michael Tatum are group's Elliott William Jackson Harper. David coffee created by Stephen Walters and Eric Are Chila directed by Robert McCulloch written. I Stephen Walters executive producer Lindsey Graham Co Executive Producers Eric Chila Robert mccullum Stephen Walters used can sound signed by Lindsey Graham to find out more about eighteen sixty five go to eighteen sixty five podcast dot com or find us on facebook and twitter at eighteen sixty five podcasts and if you're a fan of the show please consider supporting US become a patron at Katri on dot com slash eighteen sixty five podcast new.

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