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It's important to us that, you know, we're a public media podcasts. What does that mean? Well, it means ten things that scare me as powered by public fears and public funding donations from listeners, like, give us the freedom to make something unique. That's right. You make this possible. And as a thank you. We've made something that we hope you'll be super excited about a ten things that scare me original album, featuring music and themes by Isaac. Jones are sound designer. And it's yours when you make the donation of sixty dollars before June thirtieth. This is your chance to say, yes, I want more of that be the foundation of our next unique thing. Go to tempings podcast dot org slash donate. Or text ten things two seven one, oh, one make you donation now. Listener supported w in Weiss studios. Number one. I was like, probably like eight years old. When it came to me that one day, I have to die. I used to sit there and ask God, like why am I living died. And I think at that age, I was questioned in God, I was questioning everything, and I think my mother told me she loved. I don't know if it was them, but I know remember she told me she loved Jesus more than she loved me. And I'm like. Loved is more than you love me. I'm real. We don't know if that was real. You know that's the story. We don't know if that was true. That could be a story you in love with a story more than you love me. Number two. Tight wool sweater with serve inside of it. Number three. 35-millimeter negatives. When I was a key. I had this dream. Does dream. I was the only one that was in color. Everybody else was a negative. My mother, she had a afro like one of those ngelo Davis afros back in the day, and her whole afro was like this seat through thing is will see through everything about her. We'll see through everything about everybody else who see through, and I was the only person that was actual picture. That was in color. So they were all, whether they were being friendly or not. They were coming at me and. Oh man. Number four. Be imported over about a police on a dark street, scares the shit out me. The night I was arrested I was shot by the police. We were about carjacked is due and everything we was a to new, we didn't do. We left we've done back in the car and left. And we got to maybe about good mile or two away, and we got pulled over. And when we pulled over the guy that was driving crashed. So now this time to get out and run. So we, we sewn as we exited the vehicle to run the Manhattan beach police department fired forty-one shots at us. I was shot in a chess, my friend firming little, he was shot five times in the back and he died about our later. Number five. Active shooter in prison gun tower. Number six. The California three strike law. I feel the law itself needs to be repealed. Number seven. Trouncing doing prison transport. So you're handcuffed to your waste your ankles, shackled and you're in the back of his van. Inside vans, in the bag is a cage. Always describe it as it's a tuna can inside of tuna can. And you say any sip light. If this van crash and fall into the water. This officers not going to rescue me. And then being his van BSO heaviest is going to the bottom. Houdini can get out of this. Number eight. Being stamped or keeled in prison. Total of twenty seven years altogether. So I've seen a lot of people die in prison. You know. And I just never wanted that to be the end of my story. Number nine. All in the alligators. I used to watch phases death and we me and my partners, we always talk about certain things and faces the death, and this may be some shit. I shouldn't have been watching. One was a guy was pairs shooting and the Windstar blowing. And it blew him into the middle of alligators pit. Are they told that dude up? Number teen. You get out of prison. And you're oblivious to a lot of stuff this going on out here. I had went down to LA when I got out, and I talked to one of my partners and he was he was he always, he always been talking about hooking me up with this rapper nipsy hustle. Which he tried to do when I was in prison. A week later. It's done me that I heard he was killed. So that was like the first time I really paid attention that this real out here steel. My, I've been going twenty one years, you know. So just getting out and here that was kind of. Real out here. My name is Arlene woods. And these are ten things that scare me. Airline woods is co host and co creator of the year hustle podcast which just launched its fourth season. You can find ten things that scare me on Instagram and Twitter at ten thinks pot. You know what scares me? Even my waffle maker on. What are you scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot ahrq? Well is to be like, well, if God was really here, back in, or, you know, why don't you make this apple floating talk to me like back in the day.

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