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Be Positive - It Will Come Back To You


The show is proudly sponsored by trying to call DOT COM. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to call dot com where there's a bunch of free content that you'd have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city. Click Register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now. Get everybody welcome to the try to cope crypto show today show's really about <hes> listened to with the markets and more to do with you your influence and your actions words and online <hes> community suppose what you do online and what you do around people. The reason why I say this is <unk>. I've watched an Bain involved with a number of different events <hes> but the thing that really stick with me a little things but they made a huge amount at the papal. You've always also heard the story of the person that was told at school. You'd never amount to anything. You get teaches at a telling you that you're not good enough. You can't do this. You can't can't do that. We we don't hear it all the time. We tend to hear those stories. <hes> from entrepreneurial people people that in a modern dyslexic for example the couldn't read or write the with the class clown. If it for me certainly was the class clown school for me wasn't something that was more than just a bit of fun really I.. I wasn't too wants to go to high school once fourteen fifteen sixteen according to realize that you know I was going to sail on my own path and I had the confidence to do that and <hes> you know. I'm certainly not suggesting I want be suggesting that the market is the flunk through but turn that sort of how I was now. I do remember a few instances where teachers side. They look like colby that worry about you know you're. GonNa be fine but you can't be influencing other people to be like you did not simply. Not You playing around in school and messing around school and doing what you do. You'll probably be fine. You will be fine. I was running businesses and stuff and there were signs that from the early the stages that I was going to be an entrepreneur and do something different with my life but not everybody's like that but take you told me that I could and gave me the caveat that I need to be responsible with my actions for the friends of my peers around me that stuck with me. Okay really stuck with me. Now what you say at a certain time in somebody's locking have fan affect on them I get the message is a little time people sending me messages because look. I do have a big audience but it doesn't matter about the size of your audience. It's about eppink positive when if you can you can still be positive if you're giving criticism to criticism doesn't need to be seen as an attack now some people when they get criticized they will instantly on the defensive and that's okay. That's payable reacted things in different ways and everybody's got their own way of doing things but. The important thing is to try and always remain positive okay. I say attack sat there. I've had a taxonomy personal attacks on me. <hes> sang all sorts of things and they're really negativeness good evening war. Orthodox back from me. They typically don't worry me too much. It takes quite a bit to <hes> to get to me <hes> but there's no need to be negative. If if you support people you help people you create a group around. You and you can all grow together now. Most people that are listening to this podcast right now will be in there you know slack groups or telegram groups or in facebook groups. You'll have an opinion out there. People will read what you say. You'll have friends that you speak to asking asking friends things like. Are you okay. That's an important thing that could be that right question. Of the certain time of their life could change their life could save their life to just the same as being overly negative or nasty or you know being really rude to somebody online. You might not feel like it's anything but to them. They might read and don't forget when you write texts. Do you know being facetious. It doesn't show up and takes being sarcastic. Sakai's of really doesn't relate very well to posting in text so be careful be positive and see if he can help people move because I'll tell you right now because I get a lot of joy doing what I do hear the comments that I get people hitting me up in facebook personally personally said look you've changed my life already takings or sometimes even something less intense which you know some people will just say listening to your show today made me. A happy something as simple as that makes me happy when you share positively you tend to get that positivity back. If you attack bay you share negatively. You'll tend to get at the back. Lav is funny. What you sort of <hes> push out onto others is what you receive back onto yourself so don't forget that you're there to support people around you. Don't have to help everybody but if you put your hat in the ring to comment on something or to have an opinion about something think of how you can phrase that in a positive way as as I say can be criticism they can even be something that you're not happy about but if you react to things in a more positive white more positively comes back to you making you feel better and when you feel feel better that comes back into that positively looting. I talk about with trading about having routines about being in the right mental head space. It's much easier to be in that route. Mental head space if fuel feeling good and away to feel good is to help others to feel good so give and give back and don't forget that what you say. Mon- I don't mean much to you but it might mean a huge amount to the person that you're saying it to be careful. They positive and let's help each other grow have a great day boffin. This show is proudly sponsored sponsored by tried to call the DOT com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take kickoff autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to COBB DOT com where there's a bunch of free content. Their feud have a look at and of course if you're interested in having me come to your city click and register for the live events coming up and filling fast have a great day. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now.

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