Bernie Sanders Narrow Path, Your Stimulus Check, & White House Death Predictions Wednesday April 1, 2020


It's Wednesday April first. What Bernie Sanders seizes a narrow path to victory how to get your corona virus stimulus check ace APP the White House's dot predictions for Covid nineteen why we all may be wearing masks soon what Maine is doing to slow the spread of Corona virus, and what president trump is doing to worsen climate change efforts. Welcome to Robson podcast for I, bring you the latest Progressive News and politics, ten minutes or less I'm Robert Cunningham. Thank you for tuning in. Let's get informed. Senator Bernie Sanders is in no rush to exit the race for the Democratic nomination for president. He appeared on late night with Seth Meyers on Monday night, and when probed on why he staying in Bernie confidently answered. We're about three hundred delegates behind Biden has twelve hundred. We have nine hundred. There is a path he then went on to add. It is admittedly a narrow path. Further than that Sanders said I would sell you, seth that there are a lot of people who are supporting me. We have a strong grassroots movement who believe that we have got to stand in order to continue the fight to make the world know that we need Medicare for all that we need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage that we need to pay family and medical leave. Joe Biden has enjoyed front runner after a massive win. South Carolina that propelled him to win a majority of the states after that including Super Tuesday's one, two and three. Wisconsin is the next state to vote on April seventh, but they are facing multiple lawsuits to delay. Most states left to vote have postponed their elections to May or June in some have even gone to mail and only like Wyoming. The IRS released new information earlier this week on what to do to get your stimulus check as quickly as possible. They say they'll be using your two thousand and nineteen tax return. If you've already filed that or two thousand eighteen, if you haven't however if you didn't file taxes for Twenty nineteen or twenty, eighteen to be eligible for the stimulus check, you have to file a simple tax return. This document will include basic information such as status number of dependence and bank information, so the government can send the money. The IRS stated low income tax payers, senior citizens social security recipients, some veterans and individuals with disabilities who are not required to follow tax return will not oh tax. As far as what type of check you'll be getting, NBC News says the following payments up to twelve hundred dollars per person with an additional five hundred dollars per child under seventeen will be made to us. Residents with social security number who earn under seventy five thousand dollars. The amount decreases by five dollars per every one hundred dollars earned after that zeroing out at ninety nine thousand dollars for married couples, the phase out ranges, one hundred fifty thousand dollars, one, hundred, ninety eight thousand dollars. President Trump said the US facing a quote very very painful. Two weeks Tuesday night or the White House press conference officials projected between one hundred thousand to two hundred forty thousand deaths from covid nineteen. The. US has more confirmed corona virus cases than any other country in the world with over one hundred eighty four thousand infections. Touching on the importance of the mandated social distancing, we're seeing across the country Dr Anthony Fauci said. We have to brace ourselves and the next several days to a week or so we're going to continue to see things. Go Up F-. Ouchi. WHO's the director of the National Institute of? Infectious Diseases went on to say. We cannot be discouraged by that because the mitigation is actually working and will work. CNBC reports that earlier Tuesday the CDC released preliminary data, showing that people with diabetes, chronic lung disease, heart, disease, or those who smoke may be at increased risk of developing severe complications death. If they get infected with the corona virus president trump said of the one hundred thousand to two hundred forty thousand death projections that they are very sobering, and when you see one hundred thousand people, and that's a minimum. Dr Anthony Fauci. The Nation's top infectious disease expert and member of trump's corona virus task force, told CNN that they are looking into community. Wide Use of masks quote the idea of getting a much more broad community, wide use of mask outside of the healthcare setting is under very active discussion at the task force the CDC. Group is looking at that very carefully. The current government advice is that most people don't necessarily need masks, so found his comments are in contrast to current governmental guidelines, and a source tells CNN that the current supply of masks wouldn't meet the ongoing demand. Public Health. Officials have been warning the public for weeks not to stockpile masks, and now some hospitals have short supplies of those same mass. Man became the latest state Tuesday to order residents to remain home. During the coronavirus pandemic, CNBC reports main joins thirty other states implements stayed home orders during the pandemic, and this mandate goes into effect at twelve o one am on April second, and will last until at least April thirtieth the order prohibits use public transportation, except for essential purposes and essential businesses must limit their customers and maintain a distance of six feet apart. Residents may leave their homes for food, medicine and exercise purposes. At this time for John Hopkins University, Ban has three hundred three cases of the coronavirus. The trump administration is trying to curb governmental efforts to fight climate change yet again. axios says the trump administration has made weakening eliminating climate policies enacted under Obama a priority over the past three years. The most recent rollback targets a twenty twelve rule that called for annual emission standards to increase by five percent per year, weakening it to one point five percent annually. Per CNN, the administration suggested Monday that the rule change would result in new cars costing approximately one thousand dollars less. Former President Obama. tweeted a rare condemnation of the Act Tuesday citing Los Angeles Times article addressing the decision quote. We've seen all too terribly. The consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can't afford any more consequences of climate denial all of us. Especially young people have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall. That's offered today. Thank you for tuning in. If this show brings you value, be sure to share with a friend and let them know they should be listening as well. Sources for today's stories are in the description of this episode and your podcast APP or at Song, podcasts dot com slash episodes. Rob Song. PODCAST is ready for you every morning by six am. Tomorrow with more progressive. News and politics have a great rest of your day.

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