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O. s. t. a. costa sunglasses dot com costa to see what's out there. Hey guys this is a major league soccer special. I know first off. I didn't call it the m._l._s. which apparently apparently day from bruce talking soccer would fucking crucify me for but we wanted to change up our content a little bit <hes> and this is a bit late for posting thing it was supposed to be our saturday special and actually record this late last week with tom from the m._l._s. aces <hes> thompson awesome guests. I honestly don't know fuck all about major league soccer said m._l._s. again. God damn it. I'm getting better. I'm trying guys. I'm a big. M._l._s. guy big major league soccer soccer guy. <hes> we talk about how teams are doing on the east and the west. We talk about playoff system. We're talking about pro relegation. I try not to annoy tom with the typical. Oh questions. Tom was a great guest. He really crush it so i'm really excited for all the fans of the show who are major league soccer fans <hes> mena trying watch some more. I doubt martin is but you know that's fine. Yeah i feel as though we have a lot of people asking us is to cover this. We also have a lot of people talking one to talk about syria bundesliga lolita. We're gonna get to that and we're gonna have guests who knew that shit better better than we do because our knowledge stuff is it's good but i think we can do better so thank you guys for sticking around. I think this is a thirty. I five minute episode probably longer now since i've been just fucking jabarin on yeah tom's awesome and i also do a quick shoutout to j._d. <hes> he is a part of our discord channel known as drunk uncle he came up to boston from lancaster all the good meats and lancaster and amish and and <hes> with his wonderful girlfriend aaron <hes> and we went out and got the hang out and get fucked up together because he is drunk uncle and hell hell my own held my own at the cubans fucking slimy est bar in the down part of what does that downtown the downtown part of ball. I can't even even remember what the fuck downtown was anyway. That was awesome. I just want to say again. It's been so cool in this fucking show meeting really cool people who like this show and getting to meet them in person especially through the discord that now almost has fifty people. It's a big chat room. I don't mean the plug this but this is how me j._d. Actually got to know each other so it's kinda sick <hes> he's a massive liverpool fan <hes> really really just good dude back to discord just geeking out over jaydee eighty watch out aaron and it's a really cool place where you just hang out with some guys and we just talk soccer. We got this new hot. Take tuesday in there <hes> i us and it sounds lame but it's cool. It's cool and we talk about soccer beer movies. I'm just a bunch of guys who didn't were there other people to talk about soccer in your town some people in the mid in west california people who wanna talk about beer and getting fucked up and you know talk like actual soccer and school man all right that was was my intro. When i start this show i say welcome to the saturday. Special goes so suppose saturday what the fuck ever tuesday major league soccer's played one more game since then. I don't think it's changed that much. <hes> toms the man shadow at m._l._s. aces and <hes> enjoy the show love. No no no <music> welcome in the lads podcast is a saturday special and we're talking to molest guys as you know i'm a huge. M._l._s. guy been to one game this year. I watched like two games on t._v. So so obviously i'm obsessed with the m._l._s. but you guys have been asking for more. M._l._s. coverage and you know. I'm gonna give you what you want. All right and i don't know funchal about it but i got a guy here. You're who does his name is tom. He runs the m._l._s. aces pod tastic. Follow me on instagram twitter at emily's isa's. He's the absolute shit. He is is the man i am today like hey man. Can you come on the show. You sound fucking gray and he was like yes sure so tom <hes> without further ado thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having me on. I'm here to persuade you into watching at least an extra. M._l._s. gain maybe every month. We'll start that that's why you need to work me. Slow man. You can't just throw it all my face at once. I'm going to hate it. You gotta like carter like a car salesman. Start low and then get a build up. You know what i'm saying catching me on a molest transfer deadline day so she did all right. I wanna hear more about that because i don't know about that yeah so all right tom <hes> for starters. Tell people about your show why they should be listening why they should be subscribing right now. They listen. They should pause this shitty show. Go listen to yours. There's a little background about your <hes> with your background. Wish soccer in general so i'll give the quick rundown. Don't pause the show. Don't pause you we can multitask multitask <hes> but so m._l._s. aces. I started this whole thing back in twenty fifteen for m._l._s. cut up back then <hes> this kind of started as a blog and a twitter page for me just to learn major league soccer learned soccer in general because at i'm wasn't big into soccer. I would like every other stereotypical american net called you know soccer every bed word you know up and down the fucking book <hes> so that was kind of just wanted to learn. Kinda wanted to just get thoughts out there in the best place to get thoughts out. There is to go on twitter tweet. Something and you're fifty people saying stupid so you know kinda short. That's what put on living the northeast to. That's completely what you grow with every single day <hes> so kinda started there then in twenty seventeen. I was just like chuck it like. I want to do more than just tweeting out to do more than just writing about it. I'm gonna talk about it so i started the podcast then and we've been going so this is our third full season now of doing on the podcast covering major league soccer and everything like that but <hes> we recently recently just expanded dropping a website. M._l._s. ace's dot com. <hes> dropping weekly picks now. That's the newest thing that we kinda just added this week. Legit <hes> added. Another podcast called the full press podcast where my other co-host jason and sam they <hes> they are big european soccer guises wells also they wanted to on top of talking about major leagues accurate talk about european soccer and <hes>. I'm a fan of european soccer. I don't have a club. I don't have any ties anything the thing. I just no less than them about it so it's also kind of the running joke of that podcast of. I'm trying to learn european soccer just as much as talk talk about it every single week so we have a lot going on <hes> but yet follow us on any social media and i'm always willing to answer a comment a tweet whatever and you talk some shit along the way all right now my first question is before even gin m._l._s. what isn't molest question but what drew you to m._l._s. compared to all the european soccer <hes>. I guess some very pro american kind of guy. I don't know <hes> after what was whatever world cup that was back in twenty one wealthy working. I meant yeah <hes>. That's how good i am right now. Twenty fourteen. I really just i. I really got document that one the people as hanging out with at the time and you know my my closest friends still today really big into soccer where i wasn't <hes> and just for me personally. I wanted to see what america has to offer. Soccer was <hes> they might friends now. Completely aren't one's a big enter meal on fan ones that big manchester united fan <hes> on so they didn't give a shit about american soccer. I was like let's just see so. I got into american soccer that way <hes> fifa obviously everyone gotten sacrifying glenview who i feel but <hes> i don't know i kind of just just roomy. I wanted to see what american soccer was. <hes> <hes>. What would you say is is the biggest difference between that and the european town all right well. Besides talent is like you know if you go to like italy they pride themselves on the defense. <hes> england is about tough ingredients league. Please the beautiful tiki taka league. One is a farmer's league and then buddha's league is just by munich. So what is that. What is the <hes>. What's is there a certain style or certain thing or is it just how it i wouldn't. I mean look. I am the first person to admit that m._l._s. in american soccer isn't seen talent level of of european soccer nowhere close right <hes> but i will say that my biggest draw it's m._l._s. and who and to american soccer is that it is set up for anyone can win and that is something that no other league in europe no other watchable watchable league in europe can say you watch a game in england watching game jeremy watching this being wherever you wanna watch you pretty much say before the game who is none win that game before for the game by how many goals whatever you watch 'em molest game and it could be a one nothing victory of the team. That's least amount of points in the league over the team. Most pointedly i mean this is a little different with l. A._f._c. kinda running their thing but it's it's absolutely the parody of major league soccer the reason why i absolutely love it yeah. I think we've kind of gotten away from parody with the other european top five leagues. Obviously you have p._s. G monopoly monopoly on league buyer munich bundesliga barcelona for the most part. I mean just say barcelona has a monopoly on lita and now you're kind of seeing it own you bet it doesn't syria and you're now seeing it the premier league with man city so if you're looking for a t- a different team every year and you wanna stay like you know your team might i have hope and configure their shit out. I think maybe would you say the m._l._s. is the route to go. Yeah i mean. I think that there's obviously down points. The major league soccer and the way the roster's rules are set up but roster turnover is pretty big every off season <hes> the obviously i think every single me that's changing. Were money's getting invested. More people are getting signed to longer term contracts but big moves happen gained changing and season changing news happen every offseason were were players are moved and more money's added and etc and it's just if you wanna find team major league soccer that may be in your market meeting not your market or if you just know that at the end of the day for the most part they have it shipped shot. The win shocked me per class. No i love that and i love parody. That's why you know. I love the n._f._l. Of m._b._a. seems to be having a super parody year next year. Immune has been golden state in lebron for the past decade but you know that's that's why liked sports having parody because it gives hope when there's no hope than why do you watch <hes>. My first question is why is it that all i see about m._l._s. L._s. is lottie brigandage on my feet like it's never about anything else but it's just live is there are just because latin is lying or is it because <hes> the m._l._s. uses. They're probably their biggest stars <hes> pretty much that m._l._s. in i've said this before. M._l._s. needs to hop off slowdowns dick. <hes> is absolutely lutely. Just not saying the bad player obviously not. He has sixteen goals on the season. He's sitting third right now. In <hes> you know the golden boot race. Law founds sounds an incredible player even at his age right now major league soccer. He's a game changer. He can score when he wants but again. That's my critique is that he scores when he wants and he had a hat trick in their biggest rivalry game of the season but he has a show up against a majority of teams was out. I think it's just lockdowns the most marketable name he is the the most media recognizable face globally right now for major league soccer <hes> but by far i would not call him the guy i'm on building my m._l._s. roster around yet and it seems like he's talked a lotta shit about the m._l._s. few one like marketing him so it's like what the fuck occur you doing. M._l._s. but it doesn't seem like <hes> why are you like pushing this guy ford when he always tried to know his ticket back yes you you know the ferrari and fiat v._i._p. Comments the him saying that you know he does so well because the piece of passing the pace of the game so much slower here and blah blah blah like again. I he's not wrong like that's the that's be completely honest. He's not wrong that he is so much more talented than many other players on the field than maybe ninety eighty five percent of the league. He is so much more used to a faster fate pace of play but why keep marketing the guy that all he wants to do is just char chore trish. Every single time can in front of them like yeah. I just think it's really counterintuitive but you know. I guess it gets more clicks. It's click and you know that's what our fucking societies about now so i'm going to move on to actual m._l._s. What has been some of your favorite stories obviously the ones. I know about like l. a. f. c. atlanta united are starting to find some more form <hes> minnesota. F._c._c. has been very exciting with like their fandom. I feel like the phantom is what talked about it a lot about <hes> m._l._s. now to like atlanta selling out seventy thousand people stadiums and stuff like that but is there any stories that you'd like to talk on that. You've talked about on your show so i think one of the more <hes> overlooked stories of the season and one of the more overlooks evenly you know i fell talk about on the show is is the philadelphia union <hes> thank you. They came in around what twenty twelve twenty thirty team somewhere around there and they've never really gone out and they never really signed a big time superstar. They've never really had a a playoff chance a playoff run. Whatever it may be philadelphia union. Go out this off. Off-season assigned marco faubion for track frankfurt in the bundesliga okay fantastic keys. The mexicans are national. We know him here in concha caf <hes> you know he's an absolute absolute game changer. We we know what he can do. He comes out and he's injured. He suspended. He doesn't actually play when he's on the field as actually produce recent weeks he's been finally complete before he had two goals and an assist last week an absolute crazy game to them but the union come out right now sitting first place in the east <hes> not pulling pulling in l. a._f._c. in the west but they're still sitting. I believe they've been the most consistent team in the in the eastern conference where no one wants to be the best team in the conference but a thirty he seven thirty seven goals allowed forty six goals for the been just doing something all season long that they haven't never done in their in their <hes> in their club's history before so the union right now are my biggest story. They are my best team. In the eastern conference themselves england's encountered compete even over my new york city at sea but the union just absolutely are under under talked about story the season in major league soccer as a philadelphia union fan living in philadelphia. The pass has three years recently moving to boston. I actually got to go be in the press room. Got the d. a. upfront in central with all the players jimmy and has a fellow ginger. I love jimmy as have a great stature is a great coach like you know presents themselves very well so i'm a big jimmy guy. That's awesome just so great to see a team that <hes> you know it's always been kind of like the end of joke the button of a joker so long to be doing phenomenal. I mean there's also a lot of great youth players as love through their academy right. He's entrusted the centre-back for them. Is i thank you know easily. One of the best young upcoming players in the league that may be is overlooked the same exact time which is crazy to me <hes> brandon aaronson matt riyal at left-back these guys are either starting or playing you know very quality not substitute minutes for them or fill in minutes when you know when the roster turnover each week is needed so the union at lake. I love what they're doing. <hes> i love what they're doing from an organizational standpoint from performance on the field standpoints though you know i think a good on them so i'll just start with the east who else in the east. You said you're in new york city f c fan. Where did that come from was tear. Low was a frank who was it. Who was it tell me it was that of you. There you go so so i was like before when i want us when i was first getting into soccer and everything has versus the m._l._s. and all that stuff i went to a few red bull gains <hes> and never ever really kinda never did it for me. You know they were in a different state and i am a new york jets fan and stuff like that so i get that sorry against it but they weren't a different state day tough to get to <hes> i dunno just just something didn't feel right about it and the newark city they're coming to town. They have frank lampard. They fear low avid via on the admixed this group coming in at the time and time mix was the shit use the next big fucking midfielder those things around for the us men's national team right so i was like okay okay like i think i'm gonna go city all the way <hes> you know like they play in yankee stadium. It's easier to get to than red bull arena. I love the light blue <hes> <hes> you know i'm all for it. So city was my team and this season you could also argue that they are the best team in the east plead the least amount of games a major league soccer <hes> dealing with some constant injuries and i think that a few games that they had every single choice starting eleven player on the field they've shown they are the best team in east because they had a bear top scoring that treat the out on the wing. The guy is absolutely incredible. The of the best defense running with a little three fi i to action <hes> jean sans one of our youngsters u._s. Men's <hes> youth international guy he's playing. He's transitioned from the fence initial there centreback. He's playing out of his mind. I think he has a real shot at a going on with all right anyone else in the east that you're liking that could possibly have a shot at the title title <hes>. I think you have to talk about atlanta. United <hes> the whole top down martino to frank bore thing hasn't gone over as well as i think thinking aleniated was hoping but they just have way too much talent on this team to to even ever considered to count them all llosa martinez up top scorers goal after goal after goal <hes> p._t. Martinez the south american player of the year last year he's kind of beginning to find his form julian gristle these guys that you need to watch if you wanna watch an exciting game of major league soccer and especially an exciting game and exciting team in the eastern conference you're gonna go out and you're going to go watch land united they are electric and may kind of me back into the m._l._s. love and also having atlanta united podcast on the show and like you know they are just so fun to watch in their fans are so passionate. It is really cool. It has a very european feel to their fandom which is really really cool. I'm going to switch over to the west so obviously l. A._f._c. is running away away with it succumb. Why why why are they so good. Is it bob bradley. I mean he is a legend swansea legend. Why is l. a._f._c. So good is it just because availa bela will what what's the juice that pumping two cm l. A._f._c. has somehow just manipulated the roster rules to you. Just somehow seemingly have a top five player at every single position on their biggest. Issue is is a true striker. Stryker is a true guy to play up top in the middle that rumors right now. They have found that guy in a in a you're a uruguayn youth international go be that number nine into play inbetween carlos villa the rossi and speaking of those two players availa right now is your m._l._s. m._v._p. Front runner with twenty two goals and thirteen assists assists in twenty two games. <hes> diego rossi on the other side of the wing has thirteen goals and five assists in twenty three games. It is a scary attack when those two running at you <hes> and then in the middle my two biggest. I think impact is outside of those two have been mark anthony k canadian international. I'm kinda plays a little bit of an eight on gets up into the attack when he can. I think he's much better with the ball feet than many people would give him credit for and then edward edward at two esta <hes>. He's more of the number six in that midfield. He plays a little bit more defensively but the balls he puts threw up into the attack and the the the lines that he can break week with with stellar ball's going up the field. I think that you know this team is stacked every single position and it's absolutely crazy. What bob bradley has done. He's molded l. a._f._c. Teams play lake barcelona. He's baywatch barcelona tape every single week and i think they are the closest thing that we may see we we may ever see and we've ever seen to barcelona in major league soccer. Wow that's you know that's pretty awesome but you do know. Barcelona sold older style from arsenal but anyway i will say <hes>. It's just like night and day with them. I went to the new england revolution l. l. a._f._c. game last weekend and new england revolution are finding foreman bruce arena. I think they won ten games in a row tom something like that. <hes> something like that. I i think it's before they're before. They're lost this past week. I think it was like ten or eleven games in a row so they went on a nice street but like watching that game live you could just tell that elliott was just the better side like through and through. I mean the scoreline two nil not that crazy. I think it was a final score. I i was pretty drugged by the end of the game find. I think it was just watching it. I was like new england revolution or playing well but elliot c on another level. Is that how itself throughout the the whole season pretty much yeah. I think what is just l. a._f._c. They have three losses on the season. <hes> hum one coming on over hattrick which like in a rivalry game like that stadium you gotta do exactly what you can't control laws like that and the other one was a mid week game where a bunch of <hes> you know second teamers whatever you wanna consider an m._l._s. second team playing and i think their third loss was somewhere similar similar to that so l. A._f._c. hasn't really ever looked like a crappy team against many opposition in in major league soccer at this season <hes> they're a step above and beyond everyone else and kind of your reference to the new england revolution bob bradley is our bruce. Arena <unk> has completely turned around this new england revolution seen without adding much besides <hes> gustavo from club tijuana league mackie's he he was the only move. I think the rosa made to bring in this transfer window <hes> and he's been electric. Don't get me wrong. He's been fantastic striker in you know a guy probably probably the best striker since i get taylor twelve in you know <hes> clint dempsey. That's been on the team so what bruce arena's done has been absolutely fantastic and the the you know the <unk> undefeated streak. They've been on this fantastic but they still are lacking talent in so many places that the reds are kinda. Just i like them. I think they make the playoffs but i don't know how but ceiling is. I don't know if the ceilings that high you think coaching like definitely made a difference i think the mindset of coaching like the only thing that changed honestly was route serena came in and they signed a designated player striker that was end. It's not like gustav oboe has been a has had a carlos bela's lot on ibrahima the impact on the team he scored goals but he hasn't had that superstar amazing impact so i have to say bruce arena who is a veteran of this league and knows what he's doing in this league as changed the mindset is kind of medium remolded some of these guys. The plane betters <hes> all right well. I'm going to transition back to the west <hes> obviously big names that people who aren't that familiar with m._l._s. molest they know about the seattle sounders about the portland timbers. How are they doing are they are. I haven't really heard much about them. So let's throw the sounders. They're kind of trending trending in a downward direction for me. <hes> started off the season haas they were up there with l. A. c. and d. c. united was pretty hot. Start the season as well but some summer action came into play. They lost nicola darrow. They laws raul ruiz de as candidate. We're going to go play in copa america. <hes> jordan morris it has not really found his form at all <hes> sensing towards a._c._l. What two years ago now and in the middle of all that their captain center backchat marshall retired hired midseason. He just was too many injuries even step onto fields. I think that was just an absolute huge low to them <hes> and then most recently this past sleep there one another centreback romano or as discussed suspended for. I think ten games because he got found with a p._d. On his system so the seattle sounders is falling apart a little bit to me. <hes> i think that when eagle the darrow and raul ruiz gomez and these guys are on their game. There are fantastic team but i'm just i'm not sold on them right now. At this point of the season but going to their rivals the portland timbers they started off the season. I think it was twelve th street road games <unk> as <hes> as their their part was getting renovations to finish up the season and they went on a twelve game home <hes> streak playing at home and they absolutely absolutely toward up during that time <hes> there up on the up and up they signed designated fire striker brian fernandez who has been an immediate impact he he has been one of those guys that comes into the league scores it like you know more goals than he has played games <hes>. He's a guy that defenders don't know what to do with end end besides this game last week against minnesota united he's been unstoppable and he's been a guy. That's clearly also changed. This jeans played on the wing. He's played up top. He can do anything and also having diego. Larry play behind him doesn't hurt at all either. Yeah i mean they're just staples in the m._l._s. Am i wrong like these are like the teams that people think of i think many teams like when you're thinking m._l._s. right now from from a person that may not know major league soccer. You think l. a. galaxy aleksey think seattle sounders you think portland timbers <hes> maybe d._c. United but i think those are the teams you think okay <hes> so big picture our vow wow what half way through the season we're approaching. The latter half cracks were going into week. Twenty three or about nine weeks left until the playoffs okay. Why offs the first question. Do you like the playoffs system compared to how the european leagues do in terms of top point earner wins wins the titles and do <hes> <hes> and that may not be a very popular opinion for people who are fan of european soccer. I i liked the playoffs <hes> i may be. I don't like the way the playoffs is structured and and how many teams make it in everything but i do like the playoffs system all right well then the follow-up question <hes> do you like that. There's no promotion relegation and let me before tom before i get into it. I'm coming from a european background and most people listen to the show mostly follow premier league and european soccer but we've got a lot of guys as well everyone on that. I talked to who follow mostly merely <hes> they say like. I can't believe they have a playoff system. I can't believe they don't do promotion relegation. I'm here to say tom. I'm about the very open. Look you so. Tell me like promotion relegation and also do you hate getting asked that every five seconds <hes> no. I don't hate getting us every five seconds i can because i think it's an interesting point talk about. I do want promotion relegation within major league soccer in u._s. Soccer <hes>. I do think that it will happen the venture really <hes>. I'm not saying anytime soon but i think it's necessary. I think that there's a place for it in soccer no matter where you're looking globally <hes> i just i want. I think i think it's important. I think it should be here. I don't know how realistic it is. I think that we have such a fear as soccer federation that we're gonna have a receipt of the old a._s._l. We're gonna gonna have a repeat of all these soccer leagues at a failed due to money and we also have owners that have paid millions of dollars to get a major league soccer team that frankly don't wanna get promoted relegated into a second division and do. I understand their point of view. Yes i wouldn't want to you know however many million dollars it is against into major league soccer right now. I wouldn't go play in the second division either if i didn't put money into the team but then on the other side of that. I think that it's a risk owning a soccer team. I think that you need to know the risk of owning a soccer team and yes you can put one hundred million dollars whatever it may be to get into major league soccer but that doesn't in your job is done that doesn't mean you just get to play major league soccer. The rest of your life may funny though yeah you just can't <hes> coast by a single all right did it now you guys like there's actual like really high highs and cookie really lulu so that's refreshing because i talked to a lot of guys because i am an m._l._s. guy and and they're all like no promotion relegation. That's just not our game. We do play. Also you just do things different here in america but that is kind of refreshing to hear that you are for promotion relegation allegation but like my point is always. I don't think it's ever going to happen like you're saying. The owners are gonna be like. Are you fucking kidding me. Now pretty much lately league mackie's they have have playoffs and they also relegation a widely you can do it. It's it's it's it's a realistic thing to have. Both if that's like the argument we have playoffs and promotion allegation like you can do both it just comes down to the money and the owners aren't gonna do that with their money so my next question is i'm gonna move away from m._l._s. for not really <hes> because when you started the pie said you're being red white and blue ron swanson budweiser american and i love that love having a patriot on the show so tell me. Are you a big fan of watching u._s. National team unfortunately a saying so what are you thinking of the recent new coach a gregg berhalter you know obviously unfortunate not making the most recent men's world cup in two thousand eighteen but have you seen growth with his new team with the new mckinney's kenny's postage. I thought it was a fucking crime that josh sergeant wasn't in a gold cup or whatever we don't have to talk about that. But what are you making of the current u._s. U._s. men's national team and where they're going. So how much time do you end up home. I cut i was not the gregg. Berhalter wasn't my number one choice for <hes> for head. Coach mine was oscar pareja former f._c. Dallas head coach current club tijuana head coach <hes>. I just love this system that he created with esi. Dallas is and i felt that it could have been something useful for the men's national team but i'm not completely against gregg berhalter. I'm against some of his ideas and some of the things that we've seen lake liken this most recent gold cup final <hes> why not have tyler boyd the guy who you brought in on a fee for one time switch the guy who was absolutely electric through the first four games of the gold cup. Why do you have him on the bench to start the game fine but then you sub in a left back over a right winger when you're down one nothing in a major major competition final okay like it's just examples like that make me doubt berhalter but then on the flip side end may be just as like a new york jets new york mets new york knicks fan. I'm just very pessimistic about sports teams <hes> but on the flip side of that i i do try to look a little positive. We have christian pulisic. Who's the playing for chelsea right now and i think he could have a really monster season in the premier li which is crazy even thinking about an american doing that <hes>. I like like where we are with weston mckennie. I think he's a much better player than <hes> starting chalco midfielder i think he could you know move up the ranks especially after this season <hes> i think josh sergeant like you said being left off the u. Twenty worlds yeah the u twenty world. It cup roster being left off the bolts cup roster. Why <hes> makes no sense to me. We have sergio desk playing. I actually have all these youngsters who you know. I don't wanna be that guy. That's like oh so much potential blah blah blah but we have so much potential that it's it's hard to overlook and if you're not excited as the u._s. men's national team fan about all these guys playing major minutes or signing two major clubs then. I think there's an issue in also got timothy way. You know oughta young talent all over especially moons lita so my probably my final question to you tom. What about the narrative that all these young american towns. I need to leave the m._l._s. They need to go find a true potential in europe and that's the only way they're going to flourish and you know find out how good they really are. I'd argue that that statement statement is true and not true of the things that time <hes> i think for each case is different. I think that for a guy like weston mckennie coming up through the f._c. Dallas system he was obviously out playing the s._e. Dallas system caught the attention of people in germany came up is now playing for salko in in that case leaving at m._l._s. but having your starting m._l._s. lead you to being a top player for our national team lead you to being a starter for for wounds leah cooperate operate but i think there's also cases of a paul areola where he was playing in mexico kinda not really playing going on loan to other league mckee's teams getting shot with dc united playing absolutely out of his mind to major league soccer and was gregg berhalter starting left wing choice for for the national team in the gold cup and for previous games up until that point and obviously yes there's a there's a much different talent gap between paul arriola woah and weston mckennie where their potential may be at the end of the day. I think western than i think multiple degrees weston's is much more but for each player it's different. I think that we've seen the growth of major league soccer and if we want to have a guy like tyler adams played two years year impress and go overseas the europe. I'm completely for it. I don't think that are starting eleven for the u._s. Men's national team should be all m._l._s. guys but it shouldn't be all guys playing in europe as well. There is a a an advantage to having us have starters playing in major league soccer now and i totally agree. It's one of those finicky things well yeah but they're gonna actually get starting starting time over here and get better if they go to europe. Sometimes these guys don't get the starting time and they kind of fall to the wayside so i think it is an interesting conversation in that it is exciting seeing these young guy a lot of them in the bundesliga now in the premier league again not that we haven't had a great americans in the premier early the final last last question. Tom has the m._l._s. moved from the stigma or stereotype of a retirement league for these old players in europe. I'd like to hope so but i think that there's that's that stigma is still there for people who don't pay attention to major league soccer that people that's stigma is still there for people who the only thing they ever see about major league soccer is a wayne rooney's in the league ebrahim of inches in the league and those lot don scored a hat-trick last week are s players are not blocked on our wayne rooney. Are they very good. Are they absolutely dominant ballers on the field yeah without a doubt but you look at carlos bela a mexican international. A guy came over year arguably in the prime of his career. You look at all these young south americans that we have developing implying absolutely incredible minutes major league soccer you look at all the young americans we have like a paxton comical. Who's shouldn't be on f._c. Dallas next season because f._c. The dow should sell them for a ton of money this next on this next off season for major league soccer so it's not a retirement league. If you think it's a retirement league it's because you're not watching arching games and paying attention to the league and that's my final statement on that are at tom. I feel called out but that's fine. I'll call it outdoor and you're and you keep calling the v._m. List it's just major league soccer. Oh god yeah <hes> dave from bro. Solving soccer would throw fucking sit. I had been <hes> my bad had. I apparently i'm probably gonna get shit for that. I've been told many times all right. I know tom is major league soccer. I will not call it the m._l._s. anymore thank you it's probably out of everything. You've told me i feel so much more informed about major league soccer. Thank you so much. You've been an absolute last as a guest before we go. Please tell the people at home where they can find you in. Check out your work on your website and your podcast so you can find us on all your podcast. I <hes> i tunes spotify all that m._l._s. aces and full press podcast. You can find us on twitter at emily's ace's at full press pod instagram. M._l._s. molest underscore aces and and if you want to forget all that just go over and m._l._s. aces dot com we have blogs the videos we have a little description about everything you can donate and be part of the boys the hold is we'd like to call them so go over there and check that all right well tom. You've been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on lads. You're the fucking man. Thank you for having me some feel too <music> yeah.

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