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Great News there's a quick way you can save money switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent more on car insurance go to GEICO DOT com today and see how much you could save on good morning you're I mean nationals manager Dave Martinez was asked about Sherzer perhaps pitching in game six or seven as of right now and I would leave Stephen game five matchup between Max Scherzer and Garrett Cole but something happened we found out on Sunday afternoon match sherzer would not be able to start and he walks stiffly into the interview room at Nationals Park and talked about what he's feeling physically when I woke up this morning I was completely locked starring a game six and and if need be if you know depending on where we're at if if Mexico come in out of relief he comes in he's too all Jose Arcadi great job in his rookie five scoreless innings and he got the backing of Alex Bregman Houston's got the bases loaded with one my neck right now that's all pinched up so I mean I'm just hoping that the doctors are right and that something could be possible for game seven absolutely the World Series is headed back to Houston because of what the answer is accomplished in three days here in Washington Saturday Houston drew even in the World Airport in Houston so I think we can qualify Yes oh yeah of course and I know people love baggage claim Monday so I had to get the people what they want that's what we do here eh he said that when he woke up on Sunday morning he couldn't even move his right arm is pitching arm you've got a cortisone shot on Sunday which is why there is hope in the nationals organization that he might be able to pitch in game seven if necessary he talked about game seven they think the cores shot in there am for Alex Bregman and the Astros lead eight to one here in the seventh inning and showman dub is not just a muscle spasm that you know when you're talking to doctors here the nerve that's in Vac baggage claim Monday the baseball tonight podcast Monday October twenty eight thousand nineteen on buster only tried Farkas producing back in Bristol and Troy I'm not even just three and a half hours before the game. Aj hinch was weighing the decision to start someone who had like sixty five innings in the outfield during the year is Garrett Cole the nationals and when Joe Ross got through the first inning and it was a huge cheer in the Ballpark in Washington because they knew that he was stepping in and it's all jammed up thankfully and from doctors says as long as I have motors no none this coming down my arms or anything you don't actually a whole muscles that surround your neck just completely locked up in spasm and so for me it became impossible to do any menial tasks whatsoever if we if we go to game seven Max game seven so with all that is the backdrop Joe Ross stepped in to take Shire's place on the mound in game five on ESPN radio to the Astros won on Saturday evening the series to all turning into a essentially a best of three moving forward and we looked so much to the the Left Center for Alvarez and the move for the Astros pays off his very first at bat has he hits a line drive the left side urgency basis He was the underdog going into this game in the second inning he faced your Don Alvarez who his starting this game was an uncertain the white zone voting and loaded up passengers only no parking in the white zone chilly at a baggage claim it is I take this and my hotel in Washington DC and I'll be making my way to Houston but I will be in a baggage claim later in the day at Hobby appears and he just stood up and he took the homerun off his belly dropped his pick that up and he saved the beer's what do you think wow that is meant that should be call that home run. I don't know if you're watching television but fans stood up as Alvarez is ball carried over the fence and he had a beverage in each hand I believe they were Chops Chevron the oil one and a fly ball hits a deep left field this one is deep and it is gone that is a Grand Slam Caro- two run homer in an early to nothing lead for Houston in Troy now you can expect absolutely respect the choices of the fan charisma going back Moore resnick John and it's gone hits out to left center field hinder aching ball hit high in the Air D. to laugh field and it's gone about ten rose d. back into the seats Carlos Korea has Centerfield Day game today was gained five Joe Ross on the mound really that was the end of hope for the nationals in this game the nationals dugout through that whole commercial break that followed they were screaming Atlanta especially after Ryan Zimmerman walked victor row bliss was at the plate and on that last pitch to Zimmerman his well Garrett Cole and his catcher first row of seats and the nationals or on the board it is four to one so for nationals fans in the ballpark there was hope on ESPN's top place that's impressive it was impressive top of the fourth inning Joe Ross was still on the mound and this happened to me the old the nationals dugout has exploded and Lance Barksdale the home plate umpire but the inning is over in double the Astros lead it is now Ford Dan Schulman with that call on ESPN radio joining us here in a bit Garrett Cole was on the and there is no doubt about this one George Springer with a two run shot to left and a little more insurance for the Astros now leading seven to one Barksdale from their dugout in the top of the night denning George Springer provided the coup de Gras and the three one on the way fastball crank took deep left field on for Houston and he was outstanding caring shutout ball into the bottom of the seventh inning chew and a fastball hits deep left center field deal with any seriously any long term damage here it's just a you on the sensory pinching the nerve and neck in the trash does win again they come to Washington down two games to none and they just mother the nationals three nights in a row and singular it goes Zimmerman three to strike free tall and now raw blaze can't believe it he thought it was high now Denardo and Cole coming off the it doesn't matter how many games you lose unless you lose for you always got shot unless you've lost four and and so that's what we believe in these games yeah I mean I think we responded well we had a challenge that we needed to me and we did the world series about trying to collect four wins I thought I executed really well tonight made a lot of good pitches I think we counted three mistakes and then get away with two of them and got away with one marteen Maldonado they thought that it should have been a strike three they didn't get it this is what happened with robots with three balls and two strikes whole sets the whole one win away from the World Series Championship Dan without reference. Of course Chris Singleton is broadcast partner so right after that final hour well paid off here's the to one and a swing and a fly ball to deep left center off the end of the bad gone a line drive home run spoke with Garrett Cole Guys Lose Games wanted to the world series you come to Washington you win all three Guanzhou score them nineteen to three senior team he's especially in a series against a quality team like the nets so we're not gonNA take anything for granted it is nice to go home you know I don't really WanNa talk about a second game I'd like to wrap this up as soon as possible and and we've got Justin verlander on the mound and that brings a lot of confidence to our clubhouse but there guys pretty good too so we're going to have to bring our best after a long flight we have a day off tomorrow we'll be ready to play on Tuesday but our but our confidence levels were going home to play in front of the one of the best crowds and Burland against Stephen Strasburg Astros Manager Aj hinch declared what he wants in game six we know how quickly things can turn where momentum can shift in you know a little bit of a cushion and somebody fresh gonNA come in and pick this up because that's what postseason baseball is all about so focused on keep making quality PICCI's and we just try to keep the same process that we've been keeping all year you know just keep one foot in front of the next answer the bell did you feel about how you executed tonight neck take informed hours I can really helps aside independence being alleviated or alleviate the pain from that neck nerve and then you know just live on the corners all night making a lot of quality pitches kept pressure on on my thought attention at seven o'clock this is one hundred miles per hour fulltime tencent I mean our bullpens been pretty lockdown wasn't going to give into Zimmerman wasn't going to get into robots there knowing that we had easier than that but Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you're 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talked about the teams villain mentality when they hit the road will it it doesn't it doesn't go close I mean I think we played really good baseball the last few days and we're just going to keep our same process we're here playing game six of the world series so we're GONNA fight we're GONNA finish this thing before we laid off Dan Schulman one of the best aspects of butcher boxes how can longlines and crowded aisles at the grocery store and like their beef chicken salmon pork and scallops you know the Turkey you'll be serving from butcher box was humanely raised Khameini didn't get a call to Zimmerman three two and then got a call the next three to you guys are one win away from winning the world series but how considering how this series is gone how close is it yeah we got three months to to rest and then show up against string training so let's get our swagger back let's play let's play with passion let's play like we wanted and came with steak at came with chicken and of course it 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last three games we really play like we won the championship and we gotTa Win One more game in game six in Houston on Tuesday night it'll be justice we're we're looking to do that again here's nationals manager Dave Martinez we had our backs against the wall all year long nobody thought we could we're going to be here riches it feels like a regular game these are serious serious of the season we need to play like it we need to to give everything we got and then in off this here's our we're going to be exhausted interest doesn't get the credit he deserves and I guess when your name is Joe Smith they think you're you're just another guy named Joe Smith but you know they're really good down in the bullpen and even though they don't have in Washington Alex Bregman it wasn't quite as long as I think is earlier trip around the base was twenty eight point seven seconds but he knew that home run was hit with that we we definitely playing in front of home fans but I I don't know I think we played the villain pretty well as well I think you know if I have a lot of conversations and when we went to Chicago who we think he is and what they got out of her Keady in game four was great and you know that bullpens really good it just doesn't get a lot of attention because we'll hit that would be the Houston Astros at this point yes they are who we thought they were it's very appropriate to come to Washington to outscore them nine Ryan Slam on Saturday and Carlos last night pointing up the stands EZE rounding the bases they absolutely walked all over Washington whereas can get you or the catchers can get you it's it's one of the best lineups that we've ever seen one through eight internationally park one through nine in an American League Park Bob houses and you heard the words but they didn't really feel like they were genuine like there was really belief behind them I don't I can't think of one player on the he said to Jose Altuve Jose we need to get our swag back we need to go back to having fun and pointing and doing all that and man we saw some of that and these three games in themselves and you know and I've been together and we both been in the clubhouse together and how many times did you hear them say before game three hey all we gotta do is take two eighteen to three A. and let's start with the three like to only allow the nationals to score one run in every game just so impressive Garrett Cole is in total domination by the Houston Astros in games three four and five in Washington the middle of this world series and I was thinking about this on our drive home from of a lefty Aj hinch has a lot of options and You know when you look at their lineup you know springer can get you or correa can get you or Bregman can get you were last night in team who doesn't feel confident to and you know what like they haven't been at their best Tampa Bay took him to the limit and they didn't hit very much against the Yankees but they're still a and you're right the this is the team that won one hundred seven games this year and I love it Carlos Correa told reporters after the game he told him that when they were flying from Houston to Washington Janki teams I covered how that experienced by the third year became weaponized like that became a real thing for them but there was no panic in any situation because they've been through every enough that with everything they've been through here they are still on the brink of another world series championship they're just a great team yeah and and I you know I was I think back to the I remembered something that happened before the game yesterday tell the story about George Springer when you walked into the Club House yesterday so you and I it's kind of a long narrow hallway they did and and what I was impressed about and you and I've been around the Astros a lot in recent years and we know they've been champions before and we know how good they are is they're unwavering belief limits area to the media and he turns around and comes out said George and he goes yeah and I said what are you doing like looking for some good Mojo by wearing brand New Jersey and he just went yup the other clubhouse when we walked into the nationals place I was trying to think back this last night I can't remember a pre-game announcement that was three let's just get it back to our place or hey we've won four out of five a lot this year and it didn't feel hollow like there are times when you and I have said and managers offices have been before game six tomorrow night and you know what Bregman fell back and had an offer for maybe he's wearing Springer Jersey in the clubhouse but it's it's an interesting group and Bradley's and interesting there's the food room where the players go on one side of the visiting clubhouse and then the main area of the clubhouses and we're kind of waiting in the hall we're GonNa go talking with Aj hinch and a few minutes and springer walks postseason scenario and they always held that confidence and you see the same thing the Astra's now you talked about the personality as you were talking I wanted you to in addition to the group because he's the quietest man in the room but the impact that he's had on springer has been extensive and I love that you know springer's got enough kind of little boy in him that solemn moment when he told us and you know again he said listen Joe Rogers pitched well in game three and he made some good starts down the stretch and yes all of that is valid or shocking than one we got from day Martinez were into his office and we're told and this was about four hundred five we're told the Dave is going to tell us something but we're and kept on walking and that's exactly what he was doing and he loves Bradley Looks Up to branly and two for three with a home run and I'll bet you anything that he's wearing a brand New Jersey into the food room and you can't help but notice firstly he's you know he's in a Jersey like three hours before the game and it's a brand New Jersey so he gets his food and I don't want to bug them that's awesome but it wasn't Max Scherzer and and truthfully the way they Garrett Cole pitched maybe it wouldn't have mattered right maybe Houston wins the game anyways but it's just such a shame you know you're like me we re for the story we root for the good game and part of the story was coal insurer and it's just too bad from a team level from a story level but most need the momentum can change in the short series it's certainly not ll possibility that Stephen Strasburg could outpitched Justin verlander right we saw that already in this world series and I still worry about the last three or six or nine outs or will they need to bridge the gap to get to do little and Hudson and Hudson Yeah and if you're sitting with the nationals now I guess you have to hope that the cortisone takes effect because it would be something and Aj hinch talked about this after last night's game back in DC on the way here from the plane I was studying to him hopefully we need to get our swagger back that we were getting hands and we're not even get hyped up I mean we're we're we're scoring ron he can put on another players Jersey and think that's GonNa help them like that's a fun part of this Astra's deem as well Oh unbelievable it was a very different experience pre-game in that she has ever pitched and he wasn't able to do it and all you can hope for is that he's able to come back in some role in a game six or maybe a game set game five that was an absolute stunner and look you know Dave Martinez he's a positive guy he tried to put the best face forty spinning it ahead and talking confidence about injury this year and overcame a broken nose this year and has pitched out of the bullpen and the play offs this would have been the big start of his career the most important game in to walk into the room with a single sheet of paper that has been very large Font Garrett Cole is the best pitcher on the planet are you interested he was out there a long time in game five that's one thing that would concern me if I were nationals fanny through more pitches in that game then he's thrown in any game this season and it was in a game when they were losing I'm too and if you had that moment and if that quarters on works on Sherzer what a Willis Reed moment right that we would have in a game not allowed to repeat it or tweet it or tell anybody about it because in official announcement is GonNa Come twenty-five minutes later that masters would not be able to start in having to get one last shot at it you know getting out rooting for either team but to see one of the games great stars in great competitor is not able to perform disappointing and it felt like Hudson was out there a long time it was completely out of gas now they've got an off day to day but will he be at one hundred percent effectiveness in a game six if they need them and you know how important and they've gotta hit they've got to get more than a run or to offer lander and and they're capable of that but they've got to get a little bit of a margin for air because Hudson has been so Strasberg's gotTa be good but not only does he have to be good he's gotTa get deep into the game like you can't be five innings of battling good it's gotta be seven innings of good they need it and they may need to hold some not wholesome guys back but they need to have some guys who as fresh as can be if they're going to win a game seven and you've heard the stories that's not necessarily with Garrett Cole I don't think this off season thinking I'd nice checked every box right yes I think he just needs devolve on a personal level for Max Scherzer who is you know even better than I do has been one of the great competitors in the sport over the last decade plus and overcame back and and he's remarkable he really is you know to do this in the on an American League team to to Face D. H. all the time during the season as he has wchs every the competitiveness he checks every single box in game one was a blip the only that he's had in the last five months assures her you know who knows right this could go as you know a thousand different ways and it's not beyond the realm of pills P- possibility Stephen Strasburg could outpitched Justin verlander but it happens every year it seems like once or twice during the world series and you understand him nationals fans are frustrated because clearly that last pitch Jio Ross I thought that was punch on the Chin for the team what do you think oh there there there's no doubt about it it was the word that comes to mind is solemn like it was eighty five million dollars a year two hundred forty five million dollars he's going to blow that David price record out of the water considering how well he's pitched and considering that the first number it's to a game seven I think air coal sitting down on the bullpen right or walking down there after the sixth inning or something like that you don't WanNa take anything to chance and what if the world series but it hasn't had that epic moment in a game it hasn't had the walk off for the ninth inning comeback or something like that maybe we're destined to get it late in the game seven who knows John Middleton the owner of the Phillies Garrett Cole is GonNa do so well this winter I kind of settled in my mind I think he's GonNa get seven years about one Scott Boras takes his clients into free agency he puts together these books right these stats in these notes about the players almost to sell the players ended in game seven in the ninth inning with coal insures around the mountain in some sort of you know it's high gamer a crazy situation may this series has been very interesting trying to compile a robot umpire or anything like that you saw the video I'm sure of the All Star game where they were the player was kicked out for doing it is something else and just watching it's the pitch mix and it's the command and it's the late movement and it's the power you're right he checked and it feels like there have been four or five six you know fairly agree GIS MRS each and every game I I'm still not yet on board with with you know the all I'm not quite ready to go there yet I think more testing needs to be done more improvement needs to be done but that having been said there there has been some inconsistent then if Max Scherzer able to take the ball for for the nationals and even if he couldn't take it as a starter you know it could be a Sanchez to according to in his age is a two teams that will invest in them you know what was kind of unfortunate though it last night was I hated all the conversation around the strike zone today about how in the world series of managers are always considered to be geniuses or idiots in last night when he made the decision to put your Don Alvarez I'm a factor man that's why he's making the big dollars and I'm playing straddle Matic Baseball Dan that was a great decision exactly and listen he'll make and the member of the game before when we were I we wasn't arguing he was just upset the the human empire kicked him out because he was unhappy that the robot empire punched him out curb all that looked like it was low but obviously according to the road was crazy like you're putting a d. h. out in left field the one of the biggest games of the year and he cited the fact that gear Kohl's more of a strike out guy and maybe wouldn't be as much no nobody can expect perfection but I think we have a right to expect a little bit better than we've seen in a couple of the games or the world series I was joking with Aj hinch use the exact word that he said but he was like eighty what are you doing yeah Blah Blah Blah and so aj firstly he doesn't miss anything as you know buster like he doesn't miss it or actually before yesterday's game before game five we were talking about game four and he really kind of jokingly made fun of himself for taking out or Keady and I can't agency there have been some Mrs in the World Series and last night like the nationals were angry last night really really angry and and you can understand why and and lineup and he was still uncertain about it when we met with him about five fifteen whether or not he was gonNA follow through and play Alvarez in the outfield but he makes the decision to put him in I gotTa tell you we forget that because of the wound up a seven to one game but if that had been called correctly they bring the tying run to the plate in the eighth inning and who knows what might have happened it it it sure it bothers me but I'm part of the plate also there's a delay like there's just like that you know quarter second maybe half second delay when the robot umpires in place before you see the strike call I mean and you know that already Merano the owner of the angels has been watching the World Series and frothing and Hal Steinbrenner the owner of the Yankees has been watching and frothing and the turn to roll bliss was a ball I hate coming down to that what about you yeah I do as well and if it's both four they bring the tying run to the plate in the eighth inning and then to be as great as he was in the playoffs again other than game one of the world series he's sensational he's he's in his prime and you talk about a moment like if if delayed once again for your thirteen purposes please listen to the baggage claim Martin Baseball Tonight podcast with Bossier only doing this and it's great like he totally tells us what he's thinking he's never defensive as at all he's really smart and I think also though but he doesn't he doesn't trick and when we ask them a question and we're so lucky to have this kind of access before the world series well we asked him a question before the game he says okay here's what I'm thinking these are the three reasons the and dot com slash pod center baseball tonight the PODCAST apps some some humanity in there in AJ hinch some and hopefully the you know the front office in above has acquired some or at least a little perspective in the aftermath of this I'm really curious if on Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter that the Astros win the world series what the post game ceremony will be like well on Fox because you know a lot of this stuff more often than not he knows what he's doing all right let's put a bow on the Astros PR disaster over the last week Stephanie Epstein reporter feel like either internally or from Major League baseball like there needs to be a little more disciplined here this was this was a horrendous week but also for Major League Baseball with his big signature event his his actions have been terrible and he's been such a phenomenal Jeff Llanos presence in that because in the past you'd always have the general manager talk but he's been an absolute disaster not only for the Astros in the last it's this left and right they really did and they heard a lot of people they try to discredited reporter and I hope they learn from this you know they've always retracting that infamous Monday statement that denied her report on former assistant general manager Brandon Todman yelling at her and other female reporters in the letter I think there could have been a little more meat on the bone and even this one it was very short very to the point but I this was a positive move but I still feel wrote we were wrong and I am sorry that we initially question your professionalism we retract the statement and I assure you that the Houston Astros will learn from this experience Dan God I hope the Major League Baseball Fox or a major league baseball on ESPN they'll have a conversation about that what that will look like on the victory stage I'm really curious about nine say oh sorry I was Gonna play you but they switch pitchers and now I'm going to take you out and he didn't have the heart to do that to your Don Alvarez and that's not out of the analyst so this came too late but they did it and I'm glad that they moved it forward yes this was a step in the right direction it was so you know h as right you can be a genius one day and you can be bombed the next day in the court of public opinion but he's he's GonNa be viewed as a as a smart guy relation it it'll be taught in schools of like marketing and public relations like as how not to handle things going forward because you know they they met no other choice right now and and that's what it feels like with the Astros had this been the first statement from Houston on day one then that would have been a positive thing thing that makes it a little bit easier is in Houston so at least it's not like there would be thousands and thousands of people booing in yelling at the time the world series only apologizing because you got caught like you should have apologized right away because you should have known this was wrong you're you're only doing this because you really have no it to us if you'll remember he said Yeah Garrett Cole strikes a lot of guys and they're mostly right handed batters and I don't think they'll be able to pull them but then he said at the end but also can you go up to interview does you know is a very analytical clinical kinda cold organization it's all about the facts it's all about winning bottom line it's all about winning but again you've gotta have handbook that's out of the human handbook and you know what getting him some at bats in game five probably will make him a little bit better of a hitter in game six rather than sitting for so many days so microphone in that moment does that make sense I am as well and I wonder if those conversations have been had or will be had in the next twenty four hours internally or not I think one the manager for the team they are where they are because decisions he made in building a baseball team but in the last week it's been such a mess I'm kind of curious to see if he's given for sports illustrated on Sunday tweeted a letter from astros owner Jim Crane in the letter krantz saying that he is apologizing gap seen on behalf of the astronauts station that's you know something that we may find out if they win the world series it feels like it would be unprecedented to me if they were to exclude a member of promise way too late and after way too many missteps and you know it's Kinda like when your kids do something and like is apparent here saying to them okay but you're on a member of the management or ownership team of the organization that wins the world series but These are complicated times we live in his you know and I I will see theis presented that's a disastrous pr disaster for them but you're right I wonder if rob Manfred and his people and Fox and they're people in the Astros if they've had that Congress see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be jumping into the numbers valuating millions of leases I wrote a column on Sunday talking about what I think is an extraordinary challenge in front of him because he's walking into a front office it with a group of people he's never worked home yeah that's that's bookie you know what's really scaring missing out on Geico for help with homeowners and renters insurance gyco makes it easy to sink but doc great you're not sticking around the bar is just getting started a week call today in with before and he has this unbelievably accelerated timetable under which has to make these really difficult decisions Houston travel safe travels to my friends I'm pretty sure I might be hunt what makes you say that the furniture is levitating on the ghost oh great okay we got a couple of two before we get to your list today I'm bloom will be introduced as new baseball ops for the Boston Red Sox all the while not knowing if any of those guys are going to be able to contribute much in in two thousand twenty as you move forward because of all their injury histories and I feel like and I actually had rose Ann Ambos Paulin keys Honcho on the show get up he tells us he's the head Honcho Himba how you doing this morning gentlemen how is everything now garner the beginning of the greatest postseason run by any pitcher in the modern era Madison Bumgarner who dominates him wildcard game they get knocked out and the next year that if you get one of them wrong three years down the road and might end up costing your job down the line I will say this I think he like you said is a brilliant executive but it was looked at Detroit to see how tough it is to recover from a Dave Dombrowski to time as general manager he did a wonderful job building winners in both locations but the Oh seasons in two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen when the regular season ended I thought the pirates were the best team in the National League but in fourteen they run into Madison general managers say this to me recently that you know you may not want to be the general manager of the Red Sox now you might want to be the guy who follows this general manager that's they run into Jake Arrieta at the back end of the greatest second half of any pitcher in history of baseball they get knocked out in the wild card game again We saw the Kansas city royals yeah he's going to be bloodied hi MS is I think he's terrific front office executive for nothing great things but let's face it whoever has his job it's ago the Neal Huntington out is general manager of the pirates I look back at his time now with Pittsburgh and you think boy what could have been like they were gotta be bloodied by the really difficult decision that's fair to say that the decisions are extremely challenging you mentioned five or six of them and you can't even afford to get one of those wrong those are all such big decisions they're not to trade bats what do you do jd Martinez de just right out these three contracts the veteran pitchers David Price and Chris Sale and Nathan Bloom is going to use in Boston but the media and the expectations of the fan base makes that place really challenging obviously having the financial resources is a benefit but fan base has been really unhappy there so I understand why the incoming president would want to make a change at general manager what he thinks so do I. V. Those two games both were in Pittsburgh that also comes with the curse in in the accelerated time lint and all the challenging decisions like you mentioned I'm bloom thirty six years old and news broke a few minutes the Andrew Freedman another guy that came from Tampa has done in in Los Angeles office he's not he's not want to world series there but enjoyed enormous success and I think that's probably the model that a free agent or before reached free agency and then of course the Chris Archer trade which at the moment that went down people other teams texting me essentially saying so many I wonder ads Cincinnati by two hundred five this is Hembo win the world series there the one where the rings they got to have the parade the pirates on the other hand a small market team they didn't have the parade and let's face it the last two years at that time in both of those seasons with the way they were using defensive shifting the way that they were they were you know measuring their their pitch framing they're so far ahead of their time the book hundred percent all right let's get your notes the first about Lance Barksdale who strike zone was a real topic of contention on the field in the seventh inning the wake if you will that that he left Detroit made it so challenging for them to rebuild now that they're still the very beginning of that even though he and he's been fired from his next job so we saw how the wild card format the wild game ended up dooming them in both in both of those instances because like you said that you could have made a very reasonable argument they were the best team in the national in Houston favor further Barksdale called five strikes on pitches that our model gave less than a twenty five percent chance of being called a strike for context on that number defined by a lot more ugliness and the last two seasons than anything else with with the cubs on you know sort of ascending during that time in the cardinals now have have done so and even the reds now they've really been sustain that because of how fast the game speeds up and unfortunately the division has gotten so much better around them and this is just an opportunity for that organization to hit the restart button because this year is that two years they traded Andrew mccutchen the most popular player in the franchise they traded Garrett Cole to the Houston Astros because they know that coal wasn't GonNa signed with them there's games dating to last year the longest streak of its kind in the history of the fall classic routines had won six consecutive games three times previously in the world series further the I five aims of this series have been decided by twenty six runs that is tied for the second largest run differential through five games in world series history only the nineteen sixty series between the pirates words what are the pirates doing and now todd glass now and you know the other parts of that most of those guys like card games sort of proved to be their undoing but those two trades in particular will really sort of be the nail in the coffin from the Huntington dot time in that position even though I think it should be remembered for a lot more good things than bad and if you're wearing it to hide thinning hair you may not have to anymore you may not know this but sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five sixty six percents the Yankees produced a more lopsided result in games one through five and Garrett Cole was absolutely dominant last night as I was talking about with Dan Schulman he is last night he had a day to forget behind the play or have some numbers to put behind it he missed four calls on to strike counts most by any umpire in a game this postseason three of those is the third largest gap of its kind in the modern era Randy Johnson was plus three forty in two thousand one in Sandy Koufax was plus three thirty five in one thousand nine hundred sixty five in forty nine innings but that number is even more staggering when accounting for his walk avoidance Cole has struck out three hundred fourteen more batters van he's walked me to forty five I talked about that with Dan seven years thirty five million dollars a year what do you think I was gonna say eight for two eighty I'm taking the over only four of those were called in Games one through four of the series combined and you've got a couple of world series auditees the road team has won seven consecutive world baseball sort of chronicles that and I thought it was a really good read and showing just how far ahead of their time they were in the advanced nature of their front office but at the other you know it's so challenging loss and you don't have to take snake oil pills or gas station counter supplements because hymns offers prescription solutions backed by science no more waiting that sounds pieces in Tampa and Garrett Cole has since struck out like six hundred batters and they got really you know fifty cents on the dollar for them so I would agree with that as well not only the begin with because of some challenges that they have and they don't spend any money that's not going to change anytime soon so if you're a pirate spends is you have to buck up for the next few seasons pardon the Pun the last which today right now while supplies last see website for full details and safety information this would cost hundreds of dollars if you went to the doctor or hair loss skin care and other wellness supplements for men thanks to Science Baldness can be optional hymns connects you with real doctors and medical great solutions to treat why two guys turned a weird solutions do nothing when they can turn to medicine and science the solution for hymns dot com a one stop shop wow okay he's GonNa get paid like no pitcher ever had and semi those numbers because as always I'll steal them when I go on checked every box goes into free agency including the playoffs buster gear Cole has recorded three hundred seventy three strikeouts this season in two ballpark people waving red towels the Red Sea parted and there come the nationals as they have for weeks now in their navy blue alternate unit warms and it certainly seemed a little bit I don't necessarily say it's off brand because navy blue is in the mix but in their big moment on the biggest stage at the biggest time in there review and prescribe you what you need and then the products will be shipped directly to your door order now my listeners get a triumph of hymns for just five dollars world series you're GonNa wear your classic uniform well as we all know players are superstitious and the nationals have been on a roll himse go to four hymns dot com slash buster that's F. O. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash buster for him dot com slash lapped and I understand why this is a time for fresh clean start but there's GonNa be some really dreary days ahead for a fan base that yearning for a winner and that's that's already a group that's really packed out stadiums roams or awkward in person doctor visits and you can save hours by going to forums dot com so easy just answer a few questions a doctor the red which seems a little bit appropriate considering what the national has been wearing yes absolutely and buster and choice we kind of fear into cap talk mm sane at Liberty Zane who says the uniform team wears has absolutely no impact on if a team wins right butts can agree it was a bad idea I gotta tell you at the world series this weekend we've talked how you did the Washington nationals logo I went to the team store and I got to franchise history to come out in anything other than read just to look a little weird to me so I mean how that doesn't happen very often rhyming typically get to the area come alive their their team in the world series for the first time in franchise history and it's a sea of red everyone on that platform and in those trains wearing red get out to the I did take note of the fact however thinking historically as we always do the first alternate uniforms ever worn in a world series actually after they lost game three if they would change back but I think given how players are because like hey they got through the wildcard game they got and they stick by it so they've been doing it the whole playoff so I figured they're going to continue doing so even though they shouldn't today turn bad ass black uniforms with giant N. A. Y. so there's a long tradition of this yeah I gotta say and I was thinking about that different nationals world series caps in your honor and I was very proud and I told people that I was waiting in line with some of the fans were there and they're like are you nationals fan I'm like do do they decide to throw something off do you have to stick with this the whole while through and you know every once in a while you'll see club do this we're here for this world series I was down there in the district and I I have to say I took metro out to the ballpark was a great thing to see this nats to wear blue again after losing two straight yeah and he makes a good point and I really do wonder and this is a player question for when the time is right you know at what point I don't think there's any turning back now regardless of the results that we're witnessing today you actually bleacher tweet along those lines we did yeah ship gamesmanship is a very critical piece of this puzzle as well exactly all right let's get to this week's quiz well here we go. This team was the McGraw's black-clad New York giants in the first game of the nineteen o five fall classic the Second World Series in modern history the giants come out in these what I would through the first round they beat the dodgers right and then they absolute trust the cardinals in those in those uniforms there's no chance of where anything other than it was it see the twenty fifteen royals or d the twenty eleven cardinals most recent team to wear a White Jersey while clinching thanks litter boys before we get to this week's cap talk with Todd Radim let's talk about that baseball cap many of our listeners may be wearing right now listening to this podcast you say wow you're now you're confused me a little bit and now I'm beginning to doubt my thing but you know what I'm going to go with my initial instincts and that would generally responsible for this kind of thing so we'll we'll see what happens I do want to note the fact that the Astros also have navy blue alternate uniforms and there was some conjecture nope I'm getting these caps because one of my best friends designed this logo right here so he got the allred nationals cap and then I got the blues there was some conjecture that the astros were going to get out there and they're alternate blue uniforms therefore forcing the nets to wear gray Washington road uniforms did not happen games and they're out there in the navy blue uniform which great bodily I mean they really they're very very classy but but everything is dictated by luck and prior to game one of the world series home team gets to choose the their uniform the road team has to follow suit with something that's properly contrasting and I have the trick answer I'm curious to see if troy has it I have a gut instinct on this call what are you got the final quiz of the year a trick question up since Josh went out the door but go ahead troy I mean for some reason I'm just picturing the royal storming the field in their white but I'm not that confident they just turned it on turn on the jets hosmer coming around third at Citi field in New York so there you go see here's here tide here's what I had in my mind and I don't know why todd would trick us I yeah he doesn't need to consider although we've been better than Josh like clearly the performance has been steps I recent one to wear a White Jersey while clinching the final game of the world series was it a the two thousand thirteen red sox was it be the twenty twelve giants final out of the World Series Twenty Thirteen Red Sox twenty twelve giants twenty fifteen royals twenty eleven cardinals this feels like a trick question I think I'm todd thanks as always for this quiz in all year you do such a great job and we get such great feedback every time you're on everyone loves your stories your integrity the whole thing busted that's the kind of company he's keeping obviously it's too soon to do this but if you had to throw a number into mid air as to what you think will be the clinching number two Garrett Cole this off season what number would you get tradition of this and a very long season that's about to come to an end all right I had an opportunity to go up in a blazing glory but instead I'm a loser again see the San Francisco giants in two thousand twelve todd you're both losers why appropriately enough in those navy uniforms on Tuesday what do you think I mean I think they're going to at this point what they've been doing I you know we all know as you said baseball players are superstitious and I appreciate it my friend buster and troy thank you so much and just very briefly I want to give a special shout to your guest hosts during the season Tim Baseball but we had a long time to do that and most of all a thank you to all of our listeners who I love hearing from them on twitter love meeting people you never knowledge afterward he didn't really know if they'd be able to turn around but he just figured he'd say it so he could come steinbrenner down sure enough the games three four five in Atlanta and twenty sixteen in their Royal Blue Alz also not exactly what people probably envisioned for one hundred eight years or whatever it was so anyway long question here from Jason Emeco Jason Meco some guys have extreme high velocity while having mechanics where they drastically short on the ball Garrett Cole and Lucas well I think in what will actually happen to probably two very different things and as we all know also You know the the starting pitchers I know where people are GonNa say hello so thank you let's have a great conclusion of this world series and a great offseason tweets I plus our final he is a seat of eroneous nature leading my because I knew that the red sox had one at home I since bringing in a team to DC the learner family have famously only kept managers for two to three years including Matt Williams Dusty Baker during the winning years does this embarrassed the twenty thirteen Boston Red Sox who won the world series at home first time since nineteen eighteen and troy just think about the two thousand fifteen royals remember and we're thought it was kind of a trick question because in my mind I had the giants wearing their home whites in Detroit and that was there was a seed back there that clearly one game six to win the world series that's what it feels like could happen here in game six on Tuesday now it's certainly wild here we go at Kayaking Smith Bust men in the world series at home few of the learners to not extend Martinez no I don't think so and yeah they got blown out and these three games outscored ninety Jack I don't know what this means yeah that's what I don't WanNa hear it he's trying to pronounce names but what Martha wants no is what's up with this homefield curse in the postseason yes the three but it's no shame to lose to the astros the Astros airy monster team a legacy team day Martinez done a good job I think he's totally safe stor chief executive of a weekly cuisine draft cards work can be seen on ball all across America all around the world and tie learn everyone does things differently the final one this morning from Amy Shelvin and Amy Arshavin buster and troy is this the worst world series umpiring or have there been others that are just bent others have been just as bad and I can remember specific situations where stuff popped up and interject passan wrote a piece on Espn Kerchief and Sarah Lanes You guys of course making it all

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