#449 - Apple gets hacked, & the vanishing of Jon Prosser


Hello Mac. PC and I'm headed to the future. The future, really yes MAC throughout human history PC's have had to deal with freezing crashing error. Messages I need to know. If we're ever going to work the way we should, so I'm going to the year twenty one fifty. Wow, that's amazing. We'll good luck. I hope it works. Greetings. I'm a MAC PC. Future PC have they figured out of fix our issues are they figured out how to make a stable and his hassle-free as AMAC. Future Pros. That inches that question. Welcome to? Best thirty plus out conversation. You're going to hear all week long. I'm your host during the today. His parole officer says if he keeps up with his recent recreational activities. He's definitely going back to slam. Pack. is here on a very cloudy Smoky Room? We enter entertaining. No the rug. His new single sil- Nahra from Saigon has reached number twenty. Three on spotify is top Asmar tracks the managing editor of Gold Mac Louis WALLOPS. Can have to that right now. Put It on repeat in the background. We have a relaxing day. Do you get the Joe Louis Cya from? Saigon. See. I don't know how do. I don't know who gave me that joke. By the way it wasn't. It wasn't an original somebody on twitter. Somebody on, twitter gave it to me, but it was a long time ago, so why? Plagiarism appropriate. For my own humor chest and I'm going to tell people that I created the joke all right, so we're doing a little experiment this week I. Don't know if this is GonNa work. If you're watching this on youtube then, thank God. It actually worked. We're we're trying to video, but as you would imagine, it's a lot more challenging than we thought it was going to be. An almost no preparation for this. Maybe maybe forty I missed our yesterday. And now we're trying to do it, and it's Kinda working so hopefully everything works out, and if you see it on, Youtube will then Hallelujah it worked, and if not, then we'll keep trying to troubleshoot it, but we're tinkering. We're taking. I'm going to try and see if we can get some kind of video element ready for the show or working for the show, and if not, we'll just do audio only in abandon all hope, but we've got a Lotta stuff talk about this week. Well a lot, maybe exaggeration. A little bit exaggeration. When you say a lot, you mean absolutely nothing. We've got some stuff talk about this week and I think it's relatively interesting, so we'll see how this goes. We're GONNA talk about Apple's twitter account getting hacked. The initially it wasn't just apple. Of course it was a huge hack on twitter that affected everyone's account including apple, and this was like worldwide news yesterday. It's really fascinating. What happened, so we'll talk about that Lewis is going to tell us about what's new in apple news and try to convince us that people care about apple news still. Is that I realize that was the brief I thought it'd be party. Could be part of the spill. The right man for the job. Because it feels like it's dying, doesn't it? It feels like it's dying. Head feels like it's a Zombie living on. Yeah, so it feels like it's dying exactly. Well I guess to say that it's dying is to imply it was ever alive. It exists. They have one hundred eighty million monthly users, don't they? Come in two thousand five? Twenty five million was through the number they. Last week that's not paying though because that's only half the cul de sac kids. They've got to have goals to reach for the stars. I. It's it's going to be tough to get up to those cult. AMAC levels, but that's why apple I heard this going to be trying to hire you on as an advisor to figure out how to really make things run smoothly, absolutely. Yeah, so let's see here so you're gonNA. Be Talking about all of that and I lost. My show notes here. Who Else? What else do we have? No, that's my spotify page here we go. Wow, that's fast. Oh! Yeah, well I've got like eighteen windows open right now, trying to figure out what the heck is going on, so I have I have a feeling that's going to be happening episode and we have time we'll touch upon an apple glass developments and some more controversy around the last story, because this is probably one of my personal favorite stories of the week, it was mark Gherman reaction to the to the story out of the blue. So we'll touch upon that before we dive into all the fun. Let me say thank you to squarespace for supporting this episode. Should I bring up square spaces website? Let's let's let's just go to squarespace DOT COM. Watch this. Bum Squarespace.com. Ford Slash cast if you need a website, if you a business if you're a student and you want to build a website that shows just how creative just how skilled you are building websites, this is where you need to. Head is where I have my personal websites, and they're not giving me squarespace I use it because it's just so gosh. 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If you like what you have your trial, you can use code. Coke cast at checkout to get ten percent off your first order at squarespace.com. Ford Slash cast in the offer code to us is cold cast. Look at that transition. Booth just GonNa say just take a look at us. Just just take a look at us. I'm sure you'll all agree. There might be questions about the content itself accuracy. Sure is it interesting sometimes, but is there a better look group of people reporting on the Apple News each week now that's looking podcast around man. Best looking apple podcasters in the ecosystem I'm sure you'll agree. Don't even come at me with. Gruber. Gruber Kerman. They're far below in the list far below in my humble opinion, okay. Let's let's dive right in here, so we start with this hacker story since this was like worldwide news yesterday and affected apple, but also affected. Everyone else who had a blue check mark. On twitter yesterday and I think this is actually an unbelievable development I know it's a text story, but it's also more than tech story because we'll touch on wine just a moment, but if you're unfamiliar with what happened. So I'm going to dive right into the story. Apple is one of the many companies and their people who had their twitter accounts hijacked on Wednesday. A hacker found a way to post. What seems to be any account indicating that it's twitter itself that had been hacked so not apple's own individual accounts. All the posts pointed readers towards a bitcoin scam. We said we're giving back to the community. We support Bitcoin and we believe you should too all. Bitcoin is set to our address. All bitcoin center address below will be sent back to you doubled. It affected a wide variety of people including. Vice President Joe. Biden, Bill Gates Warren Buffett Jeff, Bezos Kanye, west, apple and more. What's crazy is is I heard that when Joe Biden heard that if you would. Donate Bitcoin, and it would be doubled. He was asking people on his team how he could send Bitcoin to himself Louis. Yeah okay. I thought that was a good joke that. Implied that he looked at twitter. I find or no. Okay. Let's see here. Apparently to prevent malicious posts further militias post twitter has blocked many accounts from posting. This is over now. They reinstated. Everyone's account. Unconfirmed reports indicate that this covers every verified account on the social media networking service. It's a very appropriate way to say that Lewis I have to say so. It's all over now but. This bitcoin scam ended up on Apple's account. They ended up locking out all the blue checkmark. Seven was wondering what was going on, but the crazy part is this. What else do these hackers get? They could. Probably it seems access to people's DM's. They could probably read all their GM's maybe even download their conversations or something and one of the things that I was thinking about which I think. Think is really crazy. Is How much of a national security risk this could have been these? How come yell trump? His account wasn't a tax. It's a good question. I heard that his account had additional security measures around it. That's what I heard though I'm not sure if that's true, but if it did that would make sense right because you don't want someone hijacking his account and tweeting. We've declared nuclear war on China missiles are currently in the air which they could have done from any of these accounts that they controlled and imagine if they had tweeted something like that from all these different high profile accounts, and maybe even controlled lower uses accounts. Start retweeting this information. You can see how devastating. This could be for not just the US, but for the entire world this could have created some kind of retaliatory situation where another country thinks were attacking them. Because all these media outlets are reporting on it and nothing is actually happening and I was thinking. Is it just me or does this seem like? Some kind of severe national security threats thoughts Lewis Leander. Well jumping once Y-? I thought leander. Was GonNA start. View. How polite both? I mean you think about this is like You know Skynet right the terminator situation. I it's it's kind of scary. What you just said is. Oh you know all these news organizations that report because that's exactly what happened like God. Trump tweeted this. It'd be the headline on the New York Times in about five minutes right? Yeah, because it doesn't matter if it's true or anything else, it matters if somebody tweeted her, says it so yeah, that's a little bit frightening and. Analogy what happened sky, funny robots took over. That was the exact same. That was the exact same analogy that I thought of us the exact same one all of a sudden. This whole network becomes active and just start doing things on its own. You know what I'm just something happens and then boom in next everything's over. I mean I don't know to me. It just seemed like. To think about all the I mean think about how central twitter is to the the sort of. Flow of information and news in our society right now. It's Kinda crazy that they didn't have something in place to stop this from happening. I mean I e. the report that I was reading is saying that they think that an employee gave these hackers access to this tool well. How is it even possible that some dumb ass? Employees twitter has access to these things I mean. That's it even even that you know okay well. They're getting the bottom of it. We'll heads pretty frightening. Right pretty frightening. How? Apparently easy, it was for this to happen. You're absolutely right I. mean you know actually I mean? If trump would have tweeted that I, think people would have just. Said always joking, but I mean who knows I mean. It's a little bit. It's a little bit weird that it would be that insecure. That's a good point and that'd be like Apple. You know like how Apple Con, unlock your iphone four you, you know because the the encryption is end to end. Apple doesn't keep the keys I mean that's how that system should be. Shouldn't it should be like silo D- The only person that access to that person's tweets is that person? Yes certainly not you know some. Twenty three year old kid out just out of college. WHO's You know working his first job at twitter and they'd be funny. That's wires. Funny. If I took a trail of trump's accounted to the impending nuclear war. Reading about this, it reminded me that if you years ago, somebody at twitter deleted trump's. Account. I forgot about that. It's like. Come on gals. Maybe that's actually why. They why. They weren't able to take over his account. Maybe they did. Put in place some things, but like honestly shouldn't everybody have that I mean? They make the scammers do no. I heard one hundred thousand, and so some of that, too. There was a there was a link yesterday that you could see that particular bitcoin account like thermostat like in the old days for. Three more donations and we'll hit one hundred thousand. was actually kind of pathetic though, wasn't it? You know it wasn't given the number of accounts. They hats and high profile they were. You know they didn't really make that much money. Those a lot of complaints about what a pathetic hack it was mean. If you managed to hack in. Can you come up with better than this? It's so transparently fake and stupid, right? That's what I was thinking to who actually would. It doesn't mean, are you? Are you kidding me? And you know Inheritance. Send me some money. Kind, of thing, you know, it's just wasn't a smart. Wait a second. You gotTA email from a Nigerian prince two. Ex Yeah you know the one about the the gold mine where they have. All the money was being held and especially. In that to. QUIT! I sent that guy like thousand dollars via paypal, but with strangers he completely stopped replying to me, and he said that he was GonNa Reimburse me a hundred thousand after that, yeah, well still waiting to get my email back from him. I'm starting to think that maybe. It might be a scam. Whole scam is and I think I mentioned this before. Is They specifically? They specifically were in a way. Where it's, it's it's written in such a way. Where if you respond to it? They're trying to lure N. people who maybe aren't the most smart people to Moron filter. Actually it's a reverse moron filter can. They can tease more money out of those people so they right away. Where if you reply? They know they're dealing with the more. So it's like Oh. This guy replied to my email where all the punctuation is in the middle of words, and they're to send me this money will. Clearly this person might be we'll. Let. You know that maybe that's that's a really good point. Maybe this stuff is targeted right. You know like it's actually very cleverly targeted so that the kind of busy would send money, but then again bitcoin I mean like you know who has bitcoin accounts I. Well, so do I and completely I feel like everyone invested six grand at the at the height, the HYPOC. Fervor. And it's crashed and it was like look is coming back. I think it's not worth one hundred sixty dollars, but it like. A thirty or so they me and my brother, both did drunk, Christmas or something we will get some bitcoin. Three granted I put in three grand. It wasn't a good listen. I'm hoping that one day it'll come back. I finally just got out of bitcoin. Actually I just as a test rather dive in with six grand I was thinking I'm looking to test this out so I. I invested one hundred dollars and shortly thereafter it plummeted to like thirty dollars in value I'd probably invested right when you did actually and it two years, it took probably two years to get back to my original up I think. Think it's so volatile, it moves around so fast you you're literally have to check it every day, and even even multiple times a day because it moves so volatility or so so dramatically every single day, but eventually got it got back up to like ninety two dollars, and I was like. Yeah, this is this. Is it I'm not I'm not wondering longer well. You do the whole better than most. Yeah I, mean I only lost eight bucks. Yeah, he did all of us I. Only Lost Ted or eight percent of my investment, instead of one hundred percent or an eighty percent. I guess from my thinking. I was like I really want twitter to be an independent company. I think they should be able to do their own thing. But when I see stories like this and twitter is such a major platform for American political speech, and for politicians and stuff, and if their accounts are vulnerable that that moves it from. This is just a communications platform this is. Is something that we all use to speak to each other to? This is a serious national security risk. Does the government need to get involved in this? In some way? I don't know I don't know, but it does seem crazy that some low level employees or employees at twitter can help packers, which has the story as it is right now, help packers break in and have an. Came say have a high level account where they can basically just do whatever they want over twitter. It seems crazy. I mean. Everybody's working from home drinking. You Know Day you know Yeah, sure that sounds cool. You give you ten. Thousand argued tool, sure they. Promised Him some money. Don't you think that's what as what I read? Is that Yeah, they? They gave the person some money or Paid them to do that, so yeah, we're hitter. I say they I saw a bunch of people. Send that still looked at their accounts. You Know Blue folks I heard that to. Hurt some of Amar but I heard. Most of them are reinstated. Yeah, yeah I don't know I I would know because I don't have a blue checkmark and. I. Don't know how you get one. Neither do you Katie which is? Killian House one. Howdy Killian get one. Lewis. That he knows get to know somebody. You've got to nose grease. Typical right like so trustworthy twitter Oh. Fantastic open platform, and it's just all about freedom of speech and. Well we I got I got content years and years ago by twitter employees. Saying Hey, I can Blue Checkmark oh. Do you guys if you like? And what? I I know he was offering to do and I I was like I was just bad. I don't think. I was really noncommittal about it anyway. Now I'm kicking myself. What you said you said. He was going to get us all see I. Don't know why it didn't follow through company. said. Yes, sure go ahead, but then nothing came came of. Can see the fourth email. Leandra, did you still want? Are you sure you didn't want to do this? You know fourteen. Precisely others, but you blew it I would do literally anything for a blue checkmark. I mean. Anything literally. Behind you well, we can make a discussion. We can talk about details you talking about this carry. All the way, we. Be Talking about this guy. Right here got their. Hands on. Let's make a deal twitter. Let's make a deal Jack Dorsey. The deal. Jack Dorsey would try to strike that. That's probably one delay would make. Okay so yeah. That that tweet yesterday that was the first tweet from the at Apple. Right? Good Point. Yeah, the first one ever. 'cause apple. Apple Twitter Account, but they've. Never used it. That was the very first one. Larry. Okay. Let's move on. Let's see here where my notes. Let's go back to my notes right Lewis I'm sending them back your way, and we're GONNA. Talk about there was a an update t apple news and you're going to tell us well. What's new and apple? News and Maybe why anyone will actually carry about this about these states? Actually, this looks pretty cool, so I'm. Actually. pooh-pooh and no poo poo sorry. Go ahead. Apple released I O. S., thirteen dot, six Wednesday, and You know great whatever we knew it was going to bring Audio versions of Apple, news plus stories. You know the the paid version of its news aggregation service, but an apple also rolled out A. Daily audio show called Apple News today. On the free version apple news APP and it's. Especially seven minute podcast that anybody who has an apple device or you know it's right there available, in the Audio Tab and you know it's. It's very very similar to things like the New York Times daily, or whatever and if even use like Alexa right, you say Alexa. What's my daily briefing right? It'll did tell you whatever so or Siri whatever although this is a A. Whatever. Woods whatever. It's all the appropriate for this story though. It so I don't know if you guys listen to it. No, no, I haven't either okay. Join the I. I've I've listened to. Both. And It's it's a you know exactly what you'd expect. Right? It's it's a seven minute thing it's. Kind of sounds like a cross between our and like. If you ever run an airplane, we had those audio channels. He actually stumbled across the Disney channel or something like that. And you hear these really upbeat chipper people talking about things. They do a quick on listenable. Because it's so, it's just it's. It's an odd mix of it's. It's not. Super Boring like NPR. It's kind of up with people but it's also you know I, it's it's really. Like they have to hosts Shumita. Basu and Duarte Geraldino and Honestly, they could be like I right I mean. There's there's it's so processed and. Just kind of smooth inert. And it almost sounds like you've heard those things where they have like a robot. Creating a persona almost sounds like that. It's like really kind of Chipper, and it's like the sort of you know the kind of like. You know energetic Yeah, that kind of stuff here and there. And it's all like delivery with little ambient music in the background. I mean it's. It's definitely not my style. Okay, it's not I don't I don't enjoy that aesthetic of like. Everything's very smooth then. But you know it. It's also the other thing about it is. It's pretty metamucil. Don't stop talking about Apple News plus you know it's been basically a daily ad for Apple. News plus they talk about. The the service, they they they they very good job of saying okay. Here's what we're GONNA. Talk about today. It's this this story or these two or three stories on this one topic and they you know very clear about citing their sources and quoting from the things and. You know it's okay. It's you know if you want a little seven-minute daily podcast, you know you can play it in car play. You can play it on your phone. You can play wherever I think even added to the latest version of Mac os I download that yet, but Anyway, you looked a bit silly segment on there. She goes I'm I'm going to call this segment? Yep, that sounds about right I mean we'll see if they do that again tomorrow, right? Yep that's about right. That's a real bad segment, damn! It's just. It's Kinda to me. It's a weird mix of like cicely chipper delivery and sort of hand-wringing about really serious stories, and it's really truly. Did a lot of solemn more. Dramatic audio swells, and that kind of thing so I. I don't know you know day too right i. mean it's I. Don't want to art or not. Then I mean it sounded very professional, actually the probably spending hours and hours getting this altogether. There's not A. You know it's not in Beta they it's. It's fully formed synthetic newscaster very perfect, very. Just very. It sounds like NPR point. Oh, yeah. Obviously. It sounds like a younger npr you know like An. AMBULANT NPR delivery that just put you right to sleep. This show doesn't have to possess that this show, has it. Doesn't. It doesn't have are rough edges. Rough edges. Diplomatic Way to put it very. Very frayed frayed edges for sure the other thing. The other thing that they added like I mentioned the they also now if you're news plus subscriber, which I don't know, I was for a while, but I wasn't using it so I quit ten bucks a month. If you pay in that and you're getting access all the really good, you know high quality stuff. You can get. They have I think. They said they're gonNA. Have Twenty a week of these. Audio stories that they call them and and it's. It's basically a voice actor reading magazine Stories, you know magazine stories from fanfare. Essence wired things like that and it's A. Of Weird I mean I I almost figured they would have the actual journalists that wrote him doing it, but no, it's it's voice actors, so it's like an audio book right so if you want like an audio book of a seventeen minute news story read out to you five. That's Hilarious, because remember when we had prosser on, and he was saying he got his start with Chris Pirillo and he got bored working for Chris. Pirillo because Chris. Parrilla basically did the content that you're just talking about. He would just sit there and read articles to people while live streaming, and he's like this is like the most content of ever seen in my life, and now apple's literally doing it. Yeah I. Mean You know this? This is separate from that Apple News today thing I mean to two completely different things right. I mean those those Apple News. Plus audio stories are. Very very much like audio books Thing that they added yesterday was local news, so you can site and. They did this was of crazy? Oh, yeah, and five five different places San Francisco. The Bay Area I'm sorry. That's just should be one Houston Los. Angeles and New York. And I went and tapped I still have from using the Apple News App I. Still Get places where I can't get where I wanna be i. in fact I I made a mistake of tapping. You know like it has all these previews of those Apple News plus audio stories I made the mistake tap in one of those and. I couldn't get back to the the free version is just a constant like you. Do you want to subscribe to check it out? So you. Just use your. Face ID to pay God I don't want to. Go Sir, please please don't WanNa pay really need someone to pay. Yeah, like I. I'd love to conversion on it, but so I did finally I shut down the APP and I made my way back in there and I. I finally found a little button. The taste of the local news thing for San Francisco. Do you want to follow this channel? Yes okay. Okay fine, so I now I am following the local news for San Francisco, and I go to it and it stories from San Francisco Chronicle and SF gate, and You know some other stuff down a page I don't even know what it was, but it mostly. That's mostly what it was. And I tapped him one of those headlines for the chronicle and says. Sorry this is only available to us plus okay useless to me. This whole thing is useless to me. So that's when you have comcast man. You're looking through or apple. TV does US I. Guess to and you're looking through content and it's like. Would you like to watch this movie, so you click on it and it's like Oh, you need subscription to that. Show it to me I showed. that. It's available to buy tunes. I I really hate that I wish there was a mode that you could turn on so only showed you content that you could watch. Per The subscriptions that you already have or things that you ready, I don't want to be advertised constantly on my Dash, you know. Absolutely couldn't agree more. Okay, amen, let's see here before we move on I. WanNa give a very hardy. Thank you to linked in for supporting this episode. Let me tell you something. Small businesses. They have unique needs. And despite the current uncertainty, one thing remains unchanged. It's important. Have the right people on your team. Look at this crack team. Look at content. We're able to produce because we got the right people on the right seats on the bus. You think we'd be making content like this of Aleksey. Heath was here. Get outta here when your businesses ready to make that next higher lincoln jobs can help by matching your role with qualified candidates so that you can find the right person quickly. Lincoln the most active community of professionals with more than six hundred ninety million members worldwide can. Can you even count that high? No way that's not even possible Lincoln jobs screens candidates with hard and soft skills. 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When Your Business is ready to make that next tire, find the right person with Lincoln jobs you could pay what you want and get the first fifty dollars off. Just visit linked in dot com slash cast that's linked dot com slash cassie. Get fifty dollars off your first job post terms and conditions do apply. Did you say? Did you see the new feature where you can tell people how to pronounce your name I did see that that's pretty handy. Something that I would probably use all the time. Yeah I. Don't Know If. Well undermining to use it. Yeah, I need people. Mess up your your name winter! Time I guess Leandra ankeny especially genie's the worst. That's. County. Yeah, because Leila poor still to this day. 'cause you leander Cahaney. He needs. A strong H in they're not sure. Why does that? But that's neither here, nor there okay, let's. Let's talk about some controversy and let's talk about some potential new apple. Hardware will probably wrap this story, but this has to do with apple glass. This has to do with the. And this has to do with John Browser by the way. Every time we anytime. We talked about Gherman. I've learned that his little speiser out there. Sending him the little clips. Hey, did you hear that gas talked about you and so he'll tune in so mark. How's it going? I know what you're little. When you're little, people sent you this clip, but here we go, so apple's big supplier is already making trial lenses. FRAPP glass Foxconn has reportedly started trial production. On polarize semi transparent lenses that could be used for apple glass according to the information. Do I story somewhere I sure do? G's Sh you guys. I I'm telling you. Let's see here. The Friday. Payroll report says the lenses are between one and two years away from entering mass production. The information says this timeframe fits apple's acquisition of ACOPIA. Founded in two thousand. A Konia originally pursued advances in holographic data storage, and it pivoted to augmented reality headsets at the time that the company was acquired by Apple. They had about two hundred patents related to whole graphic systems and materials. Okay! Now here's where it starts to get a little bit more interesting, okay? In May. Apple leaker. John released a video with alleged details about the apple glass project prosser claim the glasses will start at four hundred ninety nine dollars plus charge for prescription lenses, if needed, they will not feature a front facing camera, but will come with a sense of scanning process, said the glasses will display information inside both lenses that work via gesture controls. And he said, and this is where things got real spicy. He said that apple was planning a Steve Jobs heritage edition modeled after the founders co after Apple co-founder around John Lennon style spectacles. He gave us that little scoop on an episode of Castle when we had him on I. Don't know. Four five six weeks ago. And I think he was just trying to give us something like. I don't know I'm not saying that. I don't think he was saying that. This is definitely something that apple's doing I think he was saying I've heard. This is something that Apple's working on. It could be a project that will never see the light of day. It could be something that they're prototyping, and we have no idea and probably will never know unless they actually release it. But at the time Mark Gherman came out, and all this story is totally bogus. You can't believe this story this this for this story is pure fiction. I was like okay, we'll see what happens. You know I'm not married either one of these. Any one of these sides. If it happens great, if not, that's fine. We were just reporting what John Prosser reported, but my favorite part about the story is just I. Think it was yesterday. What's the day today? Loose? Quick? Hey, how? Hers Day July Sixteen guests. This was two days ago, so so this the store that I just read from quarterback came out I, think on the tenth, and then randomly out of nowhere. On the fourteenth. Mark Gherman comes out and says PSA reminder that apple glass leak. It was complete fiction. From the glass name down to the Steve Jobs haired addition no chance apple uses the name of that failed product for their own album glasses. And then all his minions in hair all. Doing a circular back PAT party. and. The responses are really funny. I don't get it. What does he mean? Say No chance. Apple is the name of a failed product for their own AL glasses I think to depose Google Glass. GOTCHA SEE I. Yes so. So I just thought it was entertaining that that mark just can't let this go. He had to come out of nowhere. In fact, one of the one of the replies in here I. Don't know if I can find. It was like. Why are you reporting about this now? In the midst of or out of the blue? You decide that you're gonNA. Come back and start reporting on this and marked. Didn't say thought it was really interesting that that mark felt compelled to come back clapback about this out of the blue. It's still bug in the fact that we reported on. This is still bugging him. He just can't handle. It was interesting. This whole time. What information story I mean wonder that come out on the tenth I think. So. There's a four days later I don't know. Maybe you know. He hadn't got around to scrolling through. Maybe. That's what I was thinking. Maybe he was just replying that story, but sake. The information to it's kind of weird, too. I mean like this. This thing is supposed to be beyond prototype, but the production line is one or two years. What will you know physical one one is like a huge window is now. That's not very precise at all, but If. It up, I mean production brand doesn't take long. If it's beyond. then. For production, and then getting ready for production I mean like I know it takes. A couple of years get some production lines would often do it in parallel so while they're working on the prototypes know they're going to be serious about producing this thing they're also working on. The production as well you know so they can bring it. In, so they don't. They don't do it. You know one step after another generally stettinius -ly the trying you know like You know to make it that to maximize time so anyway. I don't know that that struck me as we couldn't that be what's happening is they're starting to try to ramp up their production line at the same time working prototypes and trying to figure out how this? Yet but. We're giving them a couple years to do that kind of like a long time. That does seem like a long time. Well, you would know leander caney having written the entire book about this exact same thing absolutely. But maybe the trick it, you know, maybe this is maybe this is exactly right. Maybe the trick produce you know. Maybe it's. Working out all the kinks in the you know in the production line, you know the the. A ton of work, you know the I think on behind. The scenes is unappreciated by difficult by tricky. To Do to get rights. That, you know the rim of wasn't there? It was like January right launch next year early next year. Well, it depends on who you listen to I. Mean in this story recording Mark Gherman, saying that they're going to arrive by twenty, twenty three, which would fall in line I ended up with the information story. Right where they're going to be full years away. Maybe they're just at the beginning of trying to get. The production line ramped up I. Don't know I thought. The reaction was funny I. was like it is it? Is it amusing to me that this story makes him so mad because it doesn't make makes him so mad. What the person respond to it? No, so what a great segue leader! Purpose I. Assume Okay. I was going to say no. I was actually looking through this whole thread to see if prosser was in here and he's not, and that was the other thing that I wanted to bring up. Is the disappearance of John Prosser now this is something that we've talked about before, but John Prosser has completely disappeared from from public life like he just has completely. Well. He is not tweeting anymore. He is not. He's not well. He tweets occasionally I. Guess, but his his youtube page I'm trying to speak and pull this up at the same time, but his youtube page. They're not putting out videos anymore. The last one they did, it was the ar glasses, and then that was it, and he put out an episode of his podcast recently about. A month ago, but other than that he's completely disappeared. He's completely disappeared. Now. You might be thinking well dude. Why don't you just reach out and ask him? What's going on right? Because we had him on the show, but I've reached out to him. He's ghosted me to not replying to any of my tweets at all anymore so I don't know what's going on with John. I'm actually a little worried about the guy. 'cause I really liked him. He seems like a really upstanding guy, really nice person, and he's gotten incredible personal story and I kind of wonder if maybe apple got to him. Him You know he did something apple reached out, and he's getting in trouble with Apple's legal team. We know that they were after him then. We know that they were doing an investigation by after them I mean they were doing an investigation trying to figure out who his sources were. Maybe they approached him and asked him to stop doing what he was doing, but he tweet recently where someone asked him if he was coming back, and he said yes, eventually so I have no idea what's going on, but John Foster has completely disappeared in. It's so bizarre because channel was growing so rapidly his. Attention he was you know. He ducked out on top in the, and he was just getting all that attention craved and. Obscurity for all those years, no one wants his videos all of a sudden. You know they they were right. He was again. We did a profile on him. Other people did stories on him. He was invited all these different podcasts. Yeah. I'm no accused at the height of his His fireman influence. Yeah, exactly he was getting a lot of hate does well I mean there's a lot of Criticism own of because like online. It's already personal and. Rude and nasty. That's kind of what I think happened. I think that may be on the nastiness. Just got to him, and he was like yeah I'm not GonNa do this right now or maybe? Apple got one of his sources or something and so. I said as his US right? Yeah, yeah, he did say that, but you know with John You can never tell when he's being serious and when he's just making a joke so when he said that I don't know if he was actually. I! I don't know if he was being serious or if he was just saying that to be funny or something. But Yeah He. Joke, doesn't it not? I don't know like I didn't get it. I didn't get it either I. didn't either I hate to admit that, but yeah. I don't know if he was. Fun then. You can still there yeah, although. Cute awhile so it might have been. I'll give you. That's my point because basketball is not an right, so he's not. Going to see an ball season. Normally see on the sidelines of the Warriors Games. Yeah well, he's something's happened soon. Maybe we'll see him again. Well, that's my point, maybe maybe Tim. Cook found out what he was doing with John Prosser. What I'm saying. and. He's. Down in the apple HQ torture Dungeon. It is strange that John Prosser has almost completely disappeared from Internet after having been so prolific and having so many. Scoops and people constantly criticized him for not being accurate, but. According to the website, apple track in fact. Let me see if I can just pull this apple track dot org, I think. Hit a great record. Yeah, he had a pretty good record. Yeah, here, it is so let's see. Can I bring this up so according to apple track which they had a great idea to start tracking people's. Actual scoop records. They rate him pretty highly. He's he's I. Think he was right below. He just dropped. He just dropped yesterday. He was right below mark, Gherman and now he is a little bit lower. Paper Roll Nice Nice, but even seventy eight percent. That's pretty good, so it's not like he's out there reporting stuff. That doesn't happen all the time you know he. He's getting most of the stuff right now. He doesn't have very many actual scoops. Gherman has a lot more scoops according to apple track. Yeah John Has Nineteen and Mark Gherman has three Oh five. It's a very great pondering picture, right? It's like the. Oldest two records remarks you know. Years of. Like really solid. Track record. Yeah exactly John Hasn't been doing it very long. He has had some really good scoops sell my point. Being as people constantly try to write John off as just being a fraud. He's not a fraud. He's definitely not a fraud. He's had some great scoops. He just is he hasn't had longevity like like Gherman has but any case. I hope he's doing well John. If you're listening hope, you're doing well, you're welcome back on the show anytime. We could talk about what's going on. We can not talk about what's going on. We can just be pals and just talk about technology, and I hope that you're not locked in Tim Cook's. Revenge Dungeon right now, being whipped and tortured for all your. Your Crimes Against Apple. I think that's it. I think we should go ahead and wrap it up there. What do you guys think? Okay well. Hopefully this video experiment was pleasurable for you guys. Hopefully it's actually on youtube. All Seattle Stop the recording. How good it? Actually it is probably end up doing more stuff like this in the future. We're trying to work it out. We're trying to work it out what trying to see how it goes, but that is all the cast we have for you guys this week. If you want to come, reach out onto at Air Fund your F- win leaders at Elkin. Lewis's at Louis walls this the the best thirty plus minute conversation here. All week long new episodes the cast come out every Thursday, the government for listening and we'll see you guys. Next time. Jose Luis, little UNCANNY. I'm used to not see and you. Will See me do it. Yeah, maybe I should put like A. Like a whole cast extra. that. You don't have to see me. Rattle off down hole and. Yeah we need to have some kind of like hero commits a picture of audio. With his shrill with muscle likes clearly oil. Focus, on my face onto it and. I know that sounds weird sounds a good plan. I know that seems like a weird. Give to go see by thought that that might be. Fabio? She took a tower. The stars of these open us tourist and in Beverly Hills and So on the street and say yelling at him in front, he ran away. Jogging Run away from women all the time. Imagine being Badio. Everywhere you go, it's like people just want to grab your packs and shake him around. They the goose. Goose Agos Yeah Leander. We hit on a goose. We've talked about this story before. Do you remember when he was on the roller coaster and? and. The fates collided and he got hit in the face with that goose. My. Stroke right now. You guys don't remember this. Phobia was on a roller coaster. I don't remember where and I think he was on his way down, and as he was on his way down a frigging goose, or duck, was crossing paths with his face, and literally exploded on fabulous face, and he was covered with blood and feathers. Well, it's. You gotta go look this up. I was GONNA. Look it up right now because it's one of mankind's greatest epochs. Oh goodness roller coaster. Popular Roller Coaster. I, don't you? Have video of it. Ninety nine hundred five year warns of Roller Coasters Dangers. Okay they're gonNA pull this up. This is this for the after show here. What's the story called for? Fabio warns of Roller Coaster. This is a youtube video. I can't access after, but there's. All kinds of videos from March thirty, nine, thousand, nine, five gets hit by goose, writing something on. Youtube video. I need a regular story a lot. You know what? It's been twenty years since Bobbio. Kill the goose with his face. Really. Who those we'd women with him. Oh my gosh. Yeah! I think they were just fellow writers. In these Togo. That's a good point promptly outfits. Girlfriends his Fabio's girlfriends squad. They just with right everywhere he goes. Look look a happy. That girl is who's sitting to his left. She's so jubilant he's being. That goose with his face. Actually. Actually have videos goose? Just the bloody aftermath asks to bad yeah. I don't think so, this is. Let's see what what year was this? This happened. Yes, this is before the era of. Of people carrying cell phones with them everywhere. In Georgia. Isn't it? Says Williamsburg. Virginia. Okay Wow. Yeah. Let, be We go and I. Mean since Disneyland is reopened now. Maybe you're around there and reenact this. Over needs goose. A camera. Wig. Pack. You've never seen someone going to roller coaster. Come back with a blood soaked face. Someone's coming, so it's not like you're going to immediately sued. Deduce what happened and say Oh, he hit a goose. I mean my I guess would be like. Oh we had a nose. Bleed or something right I mean cerebral hemorrhage. It's a Gillian that that goose beaked in like kill him. You know get laws in his face, and it's a little bizarre. How unfazed his his friends are! You know? Yeah, look. The lady behind him has blood splattered all over his face, but he. Does face that is the expression of a man who just got hit in the face by Goose That's the exact same facial expression. I would be making. You can see as a giant wealth on his face. On the right cheek, yes, right under his giant bruise that could've made him go blind. If that would've been an inch higher or a half inch higher, he could be blind he. He'd be wearing an eye patch today. The baller story though. How did you get your eye patch? Someone hit me in the face with goose. Well. If you look at the, there's a camera on the front of the Cherry comes in. They will fill no. Footage through that. We're GONNA find that video. Supressed but not today. It's called Apollo's chariot. That's why this giant publicity stunt Yeah, this is like the maiden voyage. Dressed up, and that's why they have the video camera. Is a publicity stunt. It's one of the most genius marketing moves in Mankato. Released the footage maybe. Probably, 'cause. He probably bit answered. embiid its head off right. He. He's screaming. Like a girl. Could barely hear. Chris Douger. Imagine that. Good, you know we got to let people know about this. No. This you must destroys a food forever. Remembered this good gun while it's one of the greatest stories of the last fifty years. So, how did you I mean? How could you not remember when a male model hit a and kill the goose with his face? Coaster. So Basel nods remember.

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